Ass Worship Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love ass-worship phone sex. I want you to touch and caress me all over and I do mean all over. When you have an Ass fetish, you come to me. That is because I have a sexy perky round-ass your high-school crush had. You would stare at her through the hallways and any time she bent over. Therefore, I tease you by bending over and showing you what I have under my skirt. Of Course, I deny it but you love it when I do it. That is why you spoil me like a fuck princess. You shower me with gifts and money just for me to tease you until your balls are big and heavy.

Ass Worship Phone Sex

I can’t help it but once I see that your cock is stiff and hard, I start taking my clothes off. “Are you ready to worship me?” I ask while winking. Then I sit back and lift my pretty feet to your face.
Right away you start kissing my pretty feet and toes. Your tongue starts creeping its way up my inner thigh. The view of my cunt has your mouth watering. “Let me taste you” you beg over and over.
“First you have to lick every toe,” I say, shoving my feet back in your face. I have a Foot fetish like you and want you to show me how you will suck my clit. The thought of you licking my ass drives you wild. That is why your cock was leaking for me with every suck of each toe. Finally, I stood up and spread my ass cheeks apart. Like a starving animal, you started eating my asshole.

I just rubbed my cunt and let you worship me. With your hand on your cock, you kept pushing your tongue in my asshole. After a bit more my cunt gave you what you wanted, and you started to get sprayed with my juices. Getting drenched by me is what you needed just like you wanted for so long ago with the hottie in high school. That is why you keep me as your sexy fuck princess. Call me now so we can roleplay our ass worship roleplay baby and cum together.

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Naughty Phone Sex with Gretchen

I am a naughty dirty girl. Nothing and I mean nothing is off limits with me. Let me tell you about the naughty phone sex experience I just had. I have a new neighbors. The husband is smoking hot, and the wife, a tall and stacked blonde, is enough to make anyone cum hard just thinking about it. I thought hard about how I was going to welcome them to the community. One day I went over and knocked on the door. It took a long time for him to answer, and when he did, he was out of breath and sweaty, his hair a mess, and only half-dressed. She came up behind him, in a towel, and she was giggling. I could tell they’d been having sex and I’d interrupted. “I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to the neighborhood,” I said. “I’m sorry to have interrupted what looks to be a very good time,” I smiled slyly winked, and prayed they’d invite me in. I wore something sexy, a pair of short shorts, a tight little tank top exposing my hard nipples, and some high heels.

Naughty Phone Sex

“Come on in,” the wife said before the husband could utter a word. She had that Come Fuck Me look in her eye, and dropped her towel moments after I came through the door. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. She and I kissed deep, sensual French kisses while we explored each other’s bodies. He jacked off, watching us, then moved in to put his throbbing meat in my mouth while she French kissed my other lips. I shook with an intense orgasm. He fucked her while I licked her to a screaming O. We had so much fun. Call me now so we can roleplay this naughty phone sex session together.

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Whisper

cock sucking phone sex

Are you a cock sucker? Trust me I already know that answer to that but just love watching you squirm when I say it. For we both know the reason your searching for a little kinky fun is to satisfy your hidden cock craving desire. So why not just end that squirm by calling and indulging in what you want… My sweet 8 inches sliding past your lips in a wonderful cock sucking phone sex session.

We both know that you love the idea of my feminine body towering over you and then lifting up the bottom of my dress to expose that wonderful surprise hidden behind my panties. Well I have to admit that my surprise isn’t that well hidden after all you try to contain 8 hard inches behind these silky panties.

Just doesn’t work!

Which is why your here to help this sexy phone tranny out, by wrapping your hands and well lips around that bulge and help it go down.

I could be very nice about asking you to slurp back on this dick but eh you don’t seem like the type who will respond well with, “Please baby suck my cock”

I mean if you want me to be all sweet as pie then sure Honey lets play but something tells me calling you names and just giving that extra nudge will have you spraying your load all over the floor.

Go on tell me I am wrong?

Course I am not wrong at all. Truth be told even though I am more sensual in my delivery I do love to fuck hard. Face fucking included.

So let me know what wonderful ways you love to become a cock sucking phone sex bitch and I am more than happy to stroke errr play along with you.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Whisper this sexy shemale is hard and ready for you.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Presley

Do you have a tic tac kind of cock that is best suited for small penis humiliation phone sex? I bet you lack something in your pants that why you have that huge truck you drive…is the urban legend true? Huge truck, small cock? Listen here I love a guy driving a truck but I expect a nice thick cock when he pulls his pants down for me to suck his cock. To please this hot pussy you need to know how to use it and have a nice thick one if you know what I mean? If you don’t have one well you’re going to be giggled at and humiliation is the next step as you stand there in front of my naked body with that tiny winker.
Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex
Humiliation is so much fun. Normally you send me a picture of your tiny do da and ask me to look at. You love hearing me laugh as I open your photo don’t you? You were not blessed with a good cock now were you? Must have behind in the line when they were handing out the good beefy ones because i have have seen, sucked and fucked a few. What exactly do you think i am  going to feel when I spread my legs nice and  wide for a good fucking?  are you able to do anything with that thing? You might have to call a Dr to see if they can help you with your dicky doo issue because your not getting this pussy. We will have to figure something else out. Do you know what that might be?
You can  read  words like tic tac cock, dicky doo, button cock and  so many more i can think of. But to hear it while your on the phone with me is different. It hits differently as I call you names and laugh. As I tell you how I’m going to tell my friends all about your button penis I know what you’re  doing. Stroke off that little winky while I laugh and  call you names it  gets you off don’t it? Thank god Adam and Eve didn’t have these kinds of issues LOL. I’m sure there have been these kinds of issues since the world began. Not everyone in this world has little cocks. 
Small penis humiliation phone sex awaits you and your little party wiener. Call me 1-888-662-6482  Ask for me by name Presley

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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love to smoke, but only when I am out drinking. I love the way the Virginia Slim feels in my hands like I am making love to a cock and sucking it. That is why I love smoking fetish phone sex. Let me tell you about my recent John who had a smoking fetish and wanted me to take care of him.  I walked into the bar where I was supposed to meet my client. I had on exactly what he asked me to have on, tight jeans, a tight sweater that accentuated my tits, thigh-high leather boots, and bright red lipstick.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

I certainly looked like the cutest hooker you had ever seen. This one had a smoking fetish and told me as soon as I entered the bar I was to light a cigarette and continue to smoke until he made himself known. I waited very patiently at the bar and proceeded to smoke almost half a pack of cigarettes. I made sure that with each cigarette I lit, that when I sucked on the butt of it, I was imagining the biggest and hardest cock I could. When he finally approached the bar he paid for my drink and told me to follow him. I followed him into the elevator and he turned and pressed the button to lock it. He told me in so many words to light up a cigarette as he sucked on my pussy. Even though my stomach was nauseated from smoking way too much, to begin with, I knew better than to turn down a good tongue lashing on my clitoris.

With every ounce of smoke I inhaled, his tongue ventured further and further up my sex. I was in cunt licking heaven! And in an elevator no less!! And I was smoking! The whole thing was one big ass taboo and I was loving it. I must have come three or four times before he bent me over and shoved his cock inside of my ass. He unloaded one huge load of spunk and left me in the elevator panting from lack of oxygen and a complete state of erotica. He put over 500 dollars in my purse and kissed me. He said he would be in touch. I sure do love those Clients who know how to take care of a lady!

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen for smoking fetish phone sex

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love turning a weak little man into a beautiful sissy. Cross dressing phone sex is something near and dear to my heart. I love the idea of taking advantage of a weak and pathetic man. Making him submit to me in ways he never thought possible. Making him whimper and beg on the phone to me like a needy little bitch. Just imagine if you were there trying to fuck me, and before you knew it… the tables were turned. I’d love to take some seemingly strong man and just shove the dildo to my fucking machine so far into him he’s begging me to stop. Turning him into a pathetic drooling mess of man meat, right before my eyes.

Cross Dressing Phone Sex

Just the thought of how good it would feel to fully cripple you mentally because your cock just exploded harder than it ever did before. You and I both know you need to give up some control.
Just imagine coming home from a hard day at your manly job and giving control over to me. You see, I’ve always had this massive fantasy of entering a sissy pageant, making you compete. Telling you to show me you deserve the role you want in my life. Making you the neediest little bitch you can be in the prettiest pink ruffly dress you’ve ever seen.

Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best? Let’s find out! call me now so we can roleplay our cross dressing phone sex fantasy and turn you into my little sissy whore. I can’t wait to cum together my little sissy faggot. Just get on the phone and give me a call for cross dressing phone sex at 1 888 662 6482 – ask for Gretchen.

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Financial Domination Phone Sex with Presley

Younger girls like me love money. Sadly the world doesn’t revolve around trading things any more. It really is a shame, because I just love how i have traded sex to get things for myself before. A nice dress and shoes at the mall, concert tickets,my way into a club I’m too young to be at even though I’m 18. Why should I spend the money I make delivering people their groceries on myself when you can spoil me instead? Spend your money on a cute sugar baby instead when you call me for some financial domination phone sex.

Financial Domination Phone Sex

You can show you love and affection in various ways besides spending your money on just calling me and I’d be more than happy to tell you how when you call me. You can take care of my needs and I will be excited to take care of all of yours. And I do mean all of them. I’m an anything goes kind of girl so you’re going to be really satisfied, I promise. Do you get hard over spending your hard earned money on a princess like me? It’s giving control to a barely legal bombshell over you. You know i can fuck and suck you off but getting my attention means so much more. You know you want me but it really gets you off spending money on a pretty girl. Let me be the apple of your eye, the center of your world and any other cute slogans you can think of.

Get ready to spend money on this blonde 18teen year old and jerk off that cock. I am more than ready to spend everything that you spend on me – you know, all of your hard earned money! Get on the phone and call me for financial domination phone sex with me the cutie with a bootie. Call me 1 888 662 6482 ask for Presley.

CEI Phone Sex with Eliza

Are you brave enough to do a CEI phone sex call with me? Do you ever wonder what it takes to please a hot piece of ass like me? I won’t settle for just anything. Seriously, I am built like a brick shithouse and I always get what I want. Well, what I want right now is to break some of your taboos and see just how much you are willing to do to make me happy. You guys always want us to swallow your loads like hungry hungry whores, now it’s your turn. I need you to be a good and obedient boy and take my cum eating instructions to heart. I know it gets your cock hard at the thought of being my good little cum eater. But I have discovered, all too often, the second you shoot, you no longer want to try it for me.

CEI Phone Sex

You are back to being too scared to try it. Don’t be such a pussy. That won’t work for me. But rest assured, I can help you. It is very simple really. All you have to do is follow my instructions and do exactly as I say. I will be in your ear and walk you through it. You are so turned on in the moment and I will hold your hand until you get a yummy mouthful. Have you ever snowballed before? If only I could take the load in my mouth and kiss it into yours, right? Well, we are just cutting out the middleman here. It would please me so much if you tasted it for me. Just think of how I might reward you for a job well done! I might agree to fulfill more of your fantasies if you did this for me. Are you ready for CEI phone sex? Call me at 1 888 662 6428 and ask for Eliza

Pegging Phone Sex with Delilah

Bend over and grab those ankles, slut – you know I’m not here to fuck around and waste time. I’m here to show you how it’s done, because we both know you couldn’t slam a cunt right to save your life, so you’d better pay attention too. I want you to realize that there’s only one way to use a cock in my world, and that’s with purpose. If your man twat tightened as you read that, then I’m the one you need when you’re looking for pegging phone sex.

Pegging Phone Sex

Do you dream about getting that ass of yours reamed? I bet you try and do it yourself with all kinds of toys, but it’s never the same. That’s because you need more than just penetration – you need a sexy woman reminding you that you’re her bitch while she’s got you bent over the kitchen table, serving up her version of a hot meal. Lubricated rubber counts, especially when it’s fed to you first. Pegging phone sex will always include me pegging your face first. Also, last. Someone has to clean that thing, and it isn’t going to be me.

Let’s make a deal. If you let me penetrate your ass, I just might let you put your nose and tongue in mine. You need to convince me that you’re worthy of it first, but if you do a good job and beg enough, your pegging phone sex just might also include a little ass worship. So what’s getting wetter right now – your mouth or your man snatch? I bet you’re dying to play with yourself and tell me all about it, right? If that’s the case, then dig in your wife’s night stand and find her biggest toy, then call me at 1 888 662 6482 and let’s have the nastiest pegging phone sex you can find!

SPH Phone Sex with Gretchen

Oh, look at that tiny little dick between your legs. It can’t be called a dick more like a clit. I love SPH phone sex. I’m a tough bitch, and I’m going to make you the best fucking sissy around!
If you’re a little whiny-ass bitch boy who needs a real Mistress to put you in your place, you found her. Look no further, I got your fucking number, tiny dick! I’m a dominant, forceful Mistress and demand obedience and perfection from all my little fag boys. I’ll dress you in leather and lace and doll you up. When we go out no one will suspect you’re not a real woman when I’m done with you. And no one will know our little secret, as long as you do what you’re told.

Phone Sex

You are mine now and you will do whatever I say, and don’t you fucking forget it. I’ll take you out and show you off. You’ll have every man in the club eating out of your hands and every woman wishing she was you.  You just remember your place as my little fluffer and clean-up boy, at first. If you’re a good boy and make it past the first phase of training, you’re going to love phase two. This is when I send your hot to trot ass out alone, to bring back your stud for the night. You won’t know it, but I’ll be watching, to make sure you do a good job pleasing your bull. Now that I have you under my control and you know that little clit and boy pussy belong to me. You will be my sex slave bringing home all our fuck toys.  No, you won’t be fucking me with that little needle dick, but there’s more to being my sex slave than fucking me.  You’ve finally graduated and now you are a true sissy slut and you’re loving life in your newfound femininity. But never forget I made you and I can destroy you just as fast. So, make sure you never disappoint or disobey your bitch of a Mistress. It will come back to bite you in your ass. SPH phone sex is now your life.

Call me NOW for our training session so we can get started, i am waiting on you. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen.

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