Bimbofication Hypnosis Phone Sex with Fern

Geek girl Fern here, and I’ve got something fun and geeky to chat about! There’s a really cool branch of the transformation fetish called bimbofication. It started as a fetish art form but eventually became a fun and sexy role play theme. What began as cartoon characters with exaggerated sexual characteristics and insatiable sexual appetites is now a role play scenario in which one or all of the players becomes so hypersexed that he or she can think of nothing else, thereby becoming a bimbo. Pretty fucking cool, huh?

Hypnosis Phone Sex

So, what if we explored this realm not with a simple bimbofication role play, but with bimbofication hypnosis phone sex instead? Think about it – if you’re ready to let your mind go so you can bimbofy, why not let it go completely and give me control of it? With bimbofication hypnosis phone sex we can take this transformation fetish to a new level. I can get you to a place where you feel yourself physically transform as your mind focuses on that one thing, the ONLY thing you need to think about. Fucking.

Hard, soft, dirty, sensual – it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is sex. It doesn’t even have to be you that gets bimbofied. What if in your bimbofication hypnosis phone sex session we made your wife or girlfriend the bimbo? Imagine what kind of fantasy world I could bring you to where your wife fucks anyone she can, all right in front of your eyes. If all she can think about is fucking, she won’t even notice if you’re there. We can send her body through the exact transformation you want it to go through, then send her off on a huge sex spree.

Where does your bimbo fantasy go? Let’s give bimbofication hypnosis phone sex and try and see how close we can get you to that fantasy! My name is Fern – just ask for me when you call 1 888 662 6482!

Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex with Delilah

Where are all my religious blasphemy phone sex freaks? I could get nothing but religious blasphemy phone sex calls all day and still feel like I could take more of them. I mean, I live on this fucking shit show of a planet. I have eyes that see and ears that hear, but most importantly I have a brain that can process what’s going on, and what’s going on is that the big man on a cloud is a fucking piece of shit…and I’m not afraid to say it.

Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex

At this point I’ve decided that he’s nothing but a weak cuck pig anyway. Seriously, for all the shit talking I do on religious blasphemy phone sex calls, I should have been smited at least 666 times by now. Apparently big sky Daddy is a chicken shit, or he would have decimated me by now. Maybe where the good book says man was created in his image, it really meant all the beta bitches out there, and the reality is the big man is actually getting off on me insulting him. I mean, so many of my callers enjoy that – even dudes who claim to be “alpha in my daily life” (honey, please with that shit) blow huge loads when I tell them how pathetic they are, so why can’t the divine dickhead above enjoy it too?

Fuck God. I have a lovely strap on for that, in fact. I bet he’d love it too.

What do you think? If anything I just said made any sense to you, then we need to enjoy some religious blasphemy phone sex together soon. I’d love to hear your take on the fat fucker in the sky. Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Delilah, the nastiest temptress sinner around!!

Phone Sex Fantasy with Tamra

I just love being your naughty phone sex fantasy girl! I know you can appreciate the no-limits role-play slut that I am. You can’t imagine how wet my pussy gets when I hear you moaning and breathing in my ear while you stroke that dick as I give you detailed instructions for guided masturbation. I know it drives you crazy the way I edge you and tease you until you completely explode all over yourself. Take a look at my crazy hot body. Just think about taking my pink nipples in your mouth…my supple breasts hanging down in your face as I’m rubbing my pussy against your dick. You know you want me to just slip it in and ride you. Tell me what you want baby, no matter what it is. You won’t shock or surprise me. I’m your fantasy girl, remember? I can be anything you need. I want to fulfill your every kink, need, or desire. Anything your heart and prick craves I want to do for you…and to you.

Phone Sex Fantasy

Do you want me on my knees? Wish granted! I will raise my ass up in the air and let you fuck either hole you choose. Just promise me you will hammer my cunt hard and deep! Oh, I love that baby! What else do you want? Do you want to watch me suck your dick all the way down my throat draining your balls until you get dizzy? Mmmmm I can do that too!! I want to know every dirty kinky thing you’ve ever craved and then…I’m going to be the phone sex fantasy girl of your dreams and make every one of them cum true! Don’t let another minute go by where you are denied your true desires. Call me toll-free @ 1-888-662-6482 and let me rock that cock!

Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Zoya

How can you gaze on these pillars of perfection without craving leg fetish phone sex? If you want me to be giant, consider it done. Slide down my legs like strip poles and be my filthy slut boy! If you think you are big strong man, think again. One kick from my heels will leave you knowing just who is in charge here! But if you pay homage to my goddess body and divine female spirit, then I may reward good behavior. I may trace the outline of your dick with my stiletto heel…and show appreciation by letting you lick around my ankles and up my calves and further up my thighs…

Leg Fetish Phone Sex

If you are good, I even let you put pantyhose on me. I will smile as you drool over my long slender legs slipping into the hose like silky skin. My pussy will bead with cream as I see your dick rise to attention as I shimmy hose up my waist. Then you will be gentleman and hold out my heels of power as I slip my feet inside. My feet look graceful and delicate, but I tell you—they are more than meets your eyes! They are full of FIRE and PASSION. They can stir love in your heart, lust in your loins, or turn your world black if I choose to use them with wrath! As quickly as they can slither over your back like a seductive snake, they can come CRASHING DOWN on your chest and trample you to the floor!

I know you are staring at flower inside me and dreaming of flower being you! Good. My Chamber LOVES dreamers. And for SOME of them, it will even make dreams true! Watching men’s eyes become glassy and glaze over as I use my body as a spell, even weapon, brings me much pleasure. It is a trance that no man wants broken, but sadder than when they must leave my Chamber and return to world is the man that has never taken the golden ticket to enter my Chamber at all. They say in life when you don’t have something, you don’t know what you are missing. Maybe. Maybe you don’t know WHAT you are missing, but I assure you…you know SOMETHING is missing. You feel hole. Emptiness. Yearning. Yes—that is problem I can solve. I will dangle golden ticket—now run to me and grab it!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Zoya

Ignore Fetish Phone Sex with Tia

Who wants to be treated in one of the lowest manners when it comes to phone sex? You call in and say you want me to ignore you while I carry on with what I was doing around the house. Ignore fetish phone sex is the cure! You want me to continue doing my everyday routine while you hear me in the background moving around, doing chores, and I’ll eventually turn on the TV and watch a good movie or show. If I’m feeling bratty and really want to tease and put you in your place, I flick on some porn and masturbate. I moan and groan as you listen and I straight up ignore everything you say. The more you speak, the more standoffish I become. Ignore fetish phone sex is so easy and natural for me. Beg for my attention and acknowledgement but pathetic boys like you aren’t worthy of it.

Ignore Fetish Phone Sex

You are lucky that you get to hear me breathe. I stay silent and you address me but I will not give a damn. The first thing you say to me is you want to have ignore fetish phone sex and I instantly get giddy and lose basic respect for you. A grown ass man seeking to be disrespected and belittled by wanting me to treat you as invisible? A waste of space, actually. That gets you off and I view this as full and total submission in its simplest form. During the beginning or towards the end of our call, I’ll ask if you are actually ignored in real life by most women you meet or is this purely a fantasy and you are a chick magnet who has no problem getting pussy. I’m equally curious with either category that you fall in or you may fall somewhere in between.

Come on you pathetic loser! Dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Tia

Cuckold Phone Sex with Simone

Cuckold phone sex for all you tiny dick boys who will never be able to please a woman like me. Seriously, with that puny little dick it’s no wonder your wife is out there fucking real men with big fucking dicks. It is what she deserves. But let’s face facts, it isn’t that your jealous of her big cock lovers, you are green with envy that she is the lucky recipient of that huge fat dick. Especially if she’s getting BBC, you want it just as much if not more than she does.

Cuckold Phone Sex because your wife deserves a real man

Admit how hot you get watching your wife or girlfriend cumming on another man’s cock. Your little boner getting all excited and I’m even willing to bet your tight little asshole is starting to quiver too. Sitting in the cuck chair watching your normally Dominant and bitchy wife on her knees getting dick slapped by that man meat. Is your mouth watering too? I would make you get on your knees next to me and learn how to be the best fluffer bitch possible. Oh you don’t suck cock? Who fucking asked you? Open wide and taste that superior man cock filling your mouth and your throat. I bet you’re creaming your panties right now just imagining all the kinky cuckold phone sex scenarios I’ll come up with.

Beg him to fuck me. Beg your wife’s lover to fuck her. Guide his cock in her pussy and thank him for doing what you can’t. Lick her pussy while she’s getting fucked. Stick your tongue up her ass (or his!) because your pleasure only cums from pleasing them. You’ll be eating her cream pie pussy and her cream pie ass. And just in case you forget your place, get up on your hands and knees like the bitch you are and spread it for her strap-on or his fucking cock. You wanted to fuck didn’t you?

Cuckold phone sex with Simone – what the fuck are you waiting for? 1 888 662 6482

2 Girl Phone Sex with Caroline and Shayla

Why, hello there, sugar plum! I see you have an inclination toward sexy brunette MILFs, so I thought I would see if I couldn’t sweet talk you into a 2 girl phone sex call with these two gorgeous southern dark-haired beauties. Caroline is a hotwife femdom in her 50s who lives in the heart of Georgia, and Shayla is a 40-something MILF switch who lives to be freaky in the big city of Dallas. Be careful, boys – we are both fierce cougars with insatiable appetites. What we want to know is if you can even handle two of us…

Phone Sex

We aren’t just hungry cougars. We can be sweeter than a glass of iced tea in the south while we get extremely sadistic with you. We both love things like CBT and tease and denial, so be prepared to hear “Bless your heart” while you beg and cry. If you’re not familiar with the southern vernacular, that basically means “go fuck yourself.” It’s always said with a smile too. If you enjoy being toyed with for simple pleasure and the entertainment of sexy women, then you would truly enjoy 2 girl phone sex with these two hot MILFs.

Phone Sex

We hear your fantasies all the time, so we know how much you’d really like to be the plaything of more than one sexy woman at one time. These two luscious cougars would also love to be able to go on a cub hunt together. Between the two of us you’ll find a lot of experience and imagination, and since that’s exactly why you prefer MILFs over younger women, this is a call you shouldn’t procrastinate in making. Isn’t it about time you get to play your fantasy out?

You know you want it. You know we want you. You seem tasty…

Call Caroline and Shayla at 1 888 662 6482 and have a total MILF 2 girl phone sex fantasy come true!!

Barely Legal Phone Sex with Presley

I will tell you I started loving barely legal phone sex when I was grounded and during the pandemic and I couldn’t get fucked. But you see this is where I shine above the rest. My super sweet voice, my slutty mind set and a moan sweeter than a peach tea. I enjoy being the sexual plaything, the hot blonde with JOI, phonesex slut and phone companion to interesting men all over. I love it all. I love fun off color roleplays. Bring me your dirty, kinky or even filthy phone sex roleplays and I will play them perfectly just for you. Want me to be the girl next door you’re crazy about but afraid to ask over? Maybe I will come over to you and for a cup of sugar while your wife is away….. Or maybe you both like hot petite blondes. That could rock my world and my panties too. I have no rules about what we can talk about. You can confess your dark secrets and I will share a few of my own with you. Trust me, you’re going to want to hear these.

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I’m a real life country cutie with a nice booty and small bouncy tits that loves to cum on the phone. I am very much submissive but also very much a tease. This is why I know you will enjoy doing a barely legal phone sex call with me. I am not legal for many things but I am for sex and phone sex. I love to hear stories too. What have you done with others or what you want to do!!!! I hope you’re ready to hear me giggle, play with my pussy and moan in pleasure as we talk. I can’t wait to hear your voice and how it changes as you get turned on talking to me and what you sound like when you finally cum with me.

Ready for some hot real barely legal phone sex with me? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Presley. Dont forget to check out my page to see all the ways you get in touch with me.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Jennifer

Domination isn’t always about pain and abuse and yelling and cruelty. Domination can be sweet and teasing and tormenting and a just a bit of wickedness. Sensual Domination phone sex with me might change your mind about what being Dominated is all about. When we kiss and I push you up against the wall, pressing my body into yours, my long nails on the back of your neck, I feel your cock getting hard between us. I can’t resist feeling you through your pants and giving your package a nice firm squeeze in my hand. You need to know who is in charge.

Sensual Domination for your brain and your cock

The satiny blindfold over your eyes as I whisper “trust me” in your ear. My hot breath tickling against your neck. Lightly dragging my finger tips along the inside of your arm, feather light touches tickling just the hairs. Stripping you naked for my appraisal, you can feel my eyes on you and your excitement is evident. Guiding you to my bed and pulling the rest of your clothes off, I then bind you to my bed, spread eagle, using silk ties for your tactile pleasure. Tying your cock and balls into a nice little present to ache even more for me.

I get a little more aggressive, lightly pinching your nipples (are they sensitive?!) and then a little harder as I feel you squirm underneath me. Leaning forward and letting my breasts rub over your face, my hard nipples on your lips as I tell you to suck.

My hands touching every part of you, scratching the insides of your thighs, my hands on your balls, not yet touching your cock because your pleasure won’t come (cum) until after mine. I step away and watch you breathing more heavily as I ponder my next moves. Will you feel the heat and smell the sweet of my pussy over your face? Or ??

Now is when the fun starts, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Jennifer for Sensual Domination Phone Sex

BBC Phone Sex with Harlow

I don’t know about you, but there’s not much I love more than BBC phone sex. Big black cock has been my standard dick ever since the first time I had one. I’d heard from girlfriends that I’d get addicted, but I had no idea just how right they were. My first time was at a bar in the men’s bathroom with a stranger and it was absolutely perfect. I am not going to tell you the details here, but trust me, it’s something you’re going to want to call me and hear about. One simple fuck changed my life in the best way possible. I’m such a size queen now and I won’t fuck a man unless his dick is at least 8 inches and thick. I’m used to gorgeous black cocks. Do you really think I’d settle for anything less than that now? Oh, I don’t fucking think so.

BBC phone sexIf you are a guy and you think about sucking BBC or being fucked by it, do not worry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You know deep down that you are a cock sucking slut and you need to have a throbbing black dick in your mouth more than you have ever needed anything in your life. It’s time to admit that and I am the perfect person to confess to. Get it off your chest so you can get down on your knees and open your mouth. It will feel so good to finally get what you have always wanted – a big black cock face fucking you and a load of cum shot down your throat. Just get on the phone and give Harlow a call for some BBC phone sex fun now! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and make sure you open wide!

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