Kinky Phone Sex Fantasies with Porscha

kinky phone sex fantasies

Yes I am a married woman. Did me saying that get you rather excited at the possible kinky phone sex fantasies we could be having?

Granted as a married woman the idea of cheating on my husband is a rather fun fantasy to role play out on the phone. I could be your wife out having fun and come home to tell you about my latest sexual conquest or bring him home so that this cheating housewife becomes a cuckoldress.

Hmm what will I make you do as my cuck? Fluff that amazing cock up or maybe its more just have you hold my legs so that I can lay back and being a stunning cuckold queen getting filled by that beautiful thick cock. Oh and if your wondering yes this does get my pussy tingling with excitement.

What other kinky phone sex fantasies can you get into with this married woman?

Well near anything really. Yes I know you have heard it all before but it can range from being that naughty MILF next door that perhaps likes to give you little peep shows while I change. Mind you I am sure there some sexy MILF that you have had one or two naughty thoughts about… Yes I would be happy to be her in a kinky role play.

Well this housewife is gonna go charge up her sexy toys so that I am more than ready for your kinky phone sex fantasies. To reach myself just call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Porscha.

Submissive Phone Sex with Nikki

My landlord came by to fix some maintenance issues in my apartment. As soon as he saw what I was wearing I could tell he wanted a girl who was ready for submissive phone sex. I just finished pilates and was dressed in my yoga shorts and a half-tank top. His eyes kept moving from my breasts and yoga shorts. He was looking at my pussy print through the material and my hard nipples and how they poked through my top. I’m sure he could tell that I wasn’t wearing a bra. It didn’t take him too long to find out I wasn’t wearing any panties either. I showed him to my bedroom explaining, “There’s a leak under my sink and I can’t get the dripping to stop.” He knew I was innocent and maybe he thought I was also a bit naive. Being a college girl I can’t honestly say that I was a total submissive phone sex ditz. I know what some people think about blondes. One thing I can say for certain about me is that I do love having fun! I can admit that growing up I was a bit sheltered but he wondered if I started doing things with boys when I turned 18teen.

Submissive Phone Sex

I knew I was late with rent and owed him money not to mention all the work that needed to be done in my apartment. So when I said, “I’ll do whatever you want and if there is any way I can exchange with something else for what I owe on rent then I’m ready.” In my sweet giggly voice, I walked a little closer to him. The rise in his pants started growing as well. Quickly thereafter I was out of my clothes and on my knees with his dick in my mouth. He wanted to sculpt me into the perfect cock sucker. I knew it wouldn’t end there even if he said, “Nikki, I want you to suck on my dick so I can shoot a heavy load of cum down your throat.” I knew if I was serious about what I owed him he would want much more than just a sloppy blow job. I started licking and sucking his dick like my favorite popsicle. I slurped and ran my tongue around his head then took it deep down my throat. I could taste the semi-sweet bitterness of pre cum drip down my throat. After just a few deep long sucks he was ready to lay me on my back and push it in my virgin pussy. He wanted to turn me from sweet and innocent to a dirty fucking cumslut. He moved his hard dick from mouth to pussy, and my tight ass over and over again. It felt so good and I truly felt like a submissive phone sex slut. He gave me three huge fucking loads of cum.

Before he left he said, “MMMM Nikki, forget about paying me with cash. I need to collect a lot of unpaid debt so just keep that sexy body of yours ready because I will be back for more. I’ll never forget the perfect mix of pain and pleasure of his big dick stretching my tight holes open. I just love telling dirty stories. If you want to know what else happened then call me for submissive phone sex. I’m all yours and ready.

Dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Nikki
X (Formerly Twitter) @PhoneSexCutie

Submissive Phone Sex with Presley

Helloooo! It’s your new favorite submissive phone sex slut. Younger, giggly and cute but truly knows her place. I love when someone knows how to treat a true dirty girl like myself. I’m the kind of petite younger girl that does not say no. I love saying yes over and over again. Then again I love it when they dont ask and just take what they want. I enjoy bossy men who like to tell me what to do on phone sex calls. Tell me what a dirty girl I am while I fuck myself with a huge rubber dildo. Which I might add is bigger than any man I have seen in person. Want to get dirty with me while I fuck both my holes with my double headed jelly? YES!!! Want me to pinch my nipples before I do the same to my pussy? How about a little pain slut play for the two of us? Yes we sure can. Listen, my pussy gets soaking wet from an open hand slap to it so I like things wild and crazy.

Submissive Phone Sex

There is nothing fake about my love for being a submissive phone sex slut. I just love being told what to do and when to do it. The spankings you will hear are me really spanking my ass or my pussy. I hope my sweet moans turn you more than anything because I’m enjoying every minute of our dirty time together. No taboo submissive phone sex fantasies are a big thumbs up from me too. Just in case you want to have a hot roleplay with me. Hot submissive phone sex with Presley needs to be on your to do list. So call me 1-888- 662-6482.

Find me on twitter @greene_presley Let’s talk soon!

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Tyra

Cock sucking phone sex really turns me on. I love sucking and deep throating big fat cocks. I’m a cum guzzling slut. Being on my knees, worshipping men and their cocks, sucking on their balls really turns me on. I love being taken advantage of. As a woman I must learn to please my man and be submissive. Whatever he wants me to do I will do it. Any time my boyfriend has a party with his friends I beg him to let me suck their hard dicks. I line them up one by one and let them fuck my dace as hard as they want. I have no gag reflex; they love that their dicks can go so far in my throat. Slurping, spitting on those hard cocks while fingering my pussy at the same time. I wish I could cater to every man by sucking their cock so good.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

“Do you want me to suck your big cock? You want to fuck my tight black mouth?” I would love for you to drop your creamy load deep in my mouth. How about you give me a call and we have a freaky cocksucking phone sex session? A dominant bitch like me needs to feel like I am in power and control everything. My pussy gets wetter and creamier that way. My sweet chocolate pussy is always ready to be fucked after I am done sucking a great dick. All my boyfriend’s friends love to take turns giving me huge cum shots ad facials. I swallow all their load and don’t leave any drop.

“Can I give you the best blowjob you ever had in your life babe? I promise I won’t let you down. Cock sucking phone sex is not enough, I need you now! I want to deep throat you baby. Suck on those balls. Tongue fuck your asshole. A filthy mixed cunt is ready to be treated like a slave. Can I be your sex slave baby? Give me a call. 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tyra.

Tiny Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Blake

Are you tired of the same old vanilla phone sex sessions? Looking to add a little kink to your life and explore a new fetish? Look no further than tiny cock humiliation phone sex. I offer a safe and judgment-free space for you to explore this fetish to its fullest extent. I am well-versed in the art of humiliation and I’m ready to help you tap into your submissive side. But what exactly is tiny cock humiliation?  This fetish revolves around the idea of power play and humiliation, with the focus on the size of your teeny tiny cock.  You love to get aroused by the idea of being degraded and dominated because of your micro cock.  I am ready to help you explore this fetish in a variety of ways. From teasing and taunting to outright humiliation, I will tailor the session to your specific desires.
Tiny Cock Humiliation Phone Sex
You’ve always been a little self-conscious about the size of your cock, but never knew how to explore that in a sexual context.  That is, until you found this website. I will make you feel at ease right away. I know exactly how to push your buttons and make you feel both humiliated and turned on. I will give you an incredible experience and you will want to come back and do it again. If you’re ready to explore your tiny cock humiliation fantasies, look no further. I can’t wait for you to become my submissive while you enjoy tiny cock humiliation phone sex. I am very eager to help you tap into your submissive side, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? Give me a call today and unleash your inner sub and let me laugh at that tiny little cock!
Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Blake for tiny cock humiliation phone sex

Babysitter Phone Sex with Tawny

Babysitting has always been a great way for me to make extra money for fun new things – clothes, makeup and all my pampered princess needs. This is one reason I love babysitter phone sex. I’ve worked with several families but the Johsons were always my favorite family… especially because of my special times with Mr. Johnson. I remember the first time I felt Mr Johnson’s eyes sneaking peeks at my body while I was washing the dishes at his house. I’d just put the rugrats to sleep and his wife was away on a work trip. I could feel him standing there watching me and hear him breathing harder. At first I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it, but over time I noticed him stealing glances at me every time I was there.

Babysitter Phone Sex

I have to admit, older men have always turned me on. Mr Johnson is a really cute guy and I could tell him and his wife aren’t fucking that much these days. I decided I was going to take things into my own hands. I started wearing sluttier clothes each time I would go over, no bra, tighter shirts, and shorter skirts. His wife was always away and I could tell he really needed the feel of a tight wet pussy and I was just the babysitter to give it to him. I decided tonight was going to be the night, he finally asked me if I would like a ride home… so I made sure to freshen up in the bathroom and take my panties off before we left.

On the ride home he asked me about school and how things were going, I let him know that I was really looking forward to summer and spending more time with the kids. As he drove I felt his hand graze against my thigh, I tensed with a bit of shock but I didn’t move away and I waited to see what he might do next. He continued to gently rub my thigh and I told him how much I appreciated working for his family and let him know if there is anything at all I can do for him, I’d be happy to help. At that moment, Mr Johnson looked at me and asked me if I really meant what I said, I nodded and looked at him with my bright big eyes and then licked my lips and said, yes anything. He pulled over into the parking lot of a park nearby and then asked me if I was sure I wanted this. I leaned over and unbuckled his seat belt and kissed him more passionately than he’s ever been kissed before.

He moved the seat back and I climbed into his lap, straddling him. We both knew this is what we’d been wanting all this time, after months of secret looks and teasing it’s all finally happening. I could feel him growing underneath me, he reached under my skirt wanting to pull my panties to the side, to his surprise I wasn’t wearing any. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute… craving the feel of his bulging and throbbing cock…let me bring your babysitter fantasies to life, you and I were made for some kinky and naughty babysitter phone sex!

Ready to play? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Tawny!

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Nikki

When he called me for roleplay phone sex he said “Nikki! I was just looking at your pictures on your page and you look like the kind of girl who is sweet, tight and young. Do you like older men?” I smiled and said, “Oh yes I love older men!” Then he said, “What’s the oldest man you’ve ever been with?” I was a little reluctant because I didn’t want him to think I was really taboo and forbidden. But I said, “The oldest man I’ve ever been with is 67.” He said “Well I’m 70 years old. How do you feel about that?” Right away my pretty panties started getting super creamy. I said, “That’s even better!” I couldn’t help if that made me a bad girl, but I could tell he really loved it.

Roleplay Phone Sex

He asked me what I was wearing, and I said “My favorite spaghetti string dress. It’s pretty short and fits really tight around my breasts. I have on my pretty cotton panties and I’m not wearing a bra.” I could tell by the sound of his voice he got really horny and turned on. He started talking about the roleplay phone sex scenario he wanted to do. He also told me he wanted to lick, kiss and suck on my perky tits. He said, “So Nikki you’re walking down the alley and all of the sudden I step outside of my gate and pull you to come in my backyard.” He asked me how that would make me feel. I said “A little startled and caught off guard but I would come in with you.

I may have never met him, but he was my neighbor and an older man. The curious girl that I couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted to do. It wasn’t long after that he had me in his bedroom pulling my dress off. Before I knew it he had three fingers in my tight pussy telling me how good it felt and how he was ready to slide his hard seven-inch dick in me. He slid his shorts down and laid me on my back. I knew his dick was going to really stretch my wet pussy open because it was pretty thick.

He leaned down into me saying “Nikki I love how smooth, tight, and creamy your pussy is for me.” I looked up at him as my body tingled from head to toe. His fingers really stretched me open, so I knew his hard dick was going to even more. He leaned down to kiss me as he pushed his mushroom head inside. His cock felt so good and even though I was willing and submissive I felt like a naughty slut for him. I just knew it wasn’t long until he was going to be shooting a massive load of cum inside of me. It felt soooooo fucking good when he filled me up. What kind of roleplay phone sex fantasy would you like to call and share with me today?

I’m all alone and ready for you…

Dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Nikki

X (Formerly Twitter) @PhoneSexCutie

Femdom Phone Sex with Skye

My name is Skye, and I am absolute perfection. Look at me. Did you ever think that you’d get the chance to talk to a pretty girl like me? Probably not, and I need you to know that it wouldn’t be happening with me if you weren’t paying me. But you are probably so hard just from looking at my picture that you’ll call me for femdom phone sex without even thinking about it. You find yourself drawn to me like so many other men before you, both over the phone and in real life. That puts me in a really fun position. When a man is enamored with me, I can get them to do just about anything I want. I can’t think of even one time where a man said no to me. And I don’t think that you’ll be the first one. You’ll do everything I say.

Phone Sex

Do you find yourself wondering what I can get you to do even thought we are not going to be in the same room with each other?  Maybe you will do something as simple as bark and then tell me what a dog you are and that you are sorry for treating women poorly. Maybe you are a closeted faggot and I’ll tell you to spread your legs and fuck your asshole. I might even suggest that you put sexy panties on. If you like pain, I think that cock and ball torture could be just the thing for us to talk about when you call me for femdom phone sex. Honestly, the possibilities are endless, and I cannot wait to talk to you about them all. Just get on the phone right now and dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Skye, your soon to be favorite bratty domme Princess.

Cock Control Phone Sex Hypnosis with Savannah

cock control phone sex

Now most of you know that I adore erotic hypnosis fantasies. Spinning my web of erotic trance around your mind and exploring your fetishes while your in that relaxed state. However, my first love is cock control phone sex scenarios. Yes I know your gonna be all wait a minute you claim to adore hypnosis but here you are claiming your first love is tease and denial, orgasm edging and controlling cocks. Yup!

If I am being honest I think erotic hypnosis pairs wonderfully with all sorts of cock control phone sex fantasies.

Just think of it as I am guiding you into my wonderful trance I plant those triggers that will have you obeying my every command. My soft, sensual voice taking control of you and your body but most importantly your cock.

With each command you can feel yourself giving me control of your cock. That cock becomes MINE.

If you are someone who loves tease and denial or orgasm edging then putting you into my erotic trance will be just what your are looking for. That extra little spice to your masturbation phone session, if you will. You cock should be throbbing already at the thought of that.

Me controlling your cock with my trigger words.

Controlling your orgasm.

Now before you ask yes we can explore your cock control phone sex fantasies without the use of hypnosis cause that is just as fun too. However, if your looking for that little something extra than consider booking a hypnosis session with me.

Please note that for an erotic hypnosis session they do require a bit more time to get you into that relax state of mind so please allow for a minimum of 30 minutes for such a call.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Savannah

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love ass-worship phone sex. I want you to touch and caress me all over and I do mean all over. When you have an Ass fetish, you come to me. That is because I have a sexy perky round-ass your high-school crush had. You would stare at her through the hallways and any time she bent over. Therefore, I tease you by bending over and showing you what I have under my skirt. Of Course, I deny it but you love it when I do it. That is why you spoil me like a fuck princess. You shower me with gifts and money just for me to tease you until your balls are big and heavy.

Ass Worship Phone Sex

I can’t help it but once I see that your cock is stiff and hard, I start taking my clothes off. “Are you ready to worship me?” I ask while winking. Then I sit back and lift my pretty feet to your face.
Right away you start kissing my pretty feet and toes. Your tongue starts creeping its way up my inner thigh. The view of my cunt has your mouth watering. “Let me taste you” you beg over and over.
“First you have to lick every toe,” I say, shoving my feet back in your face. I have a Foot fetish like you and want you to show me how you will suck my clit. The thought of you licking my ass drives you wild. That is why your cock was leaking for me with every suck of each toe. Finally, I stood up and spread my ass cheeks apart. Like a starving animal, you started eating my asshole.

I just rubbed my cunt and let you worship me. With your hand on your cock, you kept pushing your tongue in my asshole. After a bit more my cunt gave you what you wanted, and you started to get sprayed with my juices. Getting drenched by me is what you needed just like you wanted for so long ago with the hottie in high school. That is why you keep me as your sexy fuck princess. Call me now so we can roleplay our ass worship roleplay baby and cum together.

Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen
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