BBC Phone Sex with Irelynn

I should tell you that I’ve had a lot of BBC in my life… So it makes sense that I would love having BBC phone sex! A black stallion fiercely owning me from behind is what I desire! I need a long, thick, black man’s cock to please me! To begin with, when I was in college, I would be at the clubs almost every night, talking to all the hot black studs. My tight little body would convince them to take my body like a rag doll whenever they wanted. Then I would want them to discreetly fuck me behind the club. I just wanted that huge, throbbing, cock pounding my pussy, with my body against theirs. Finally, I wouldn’t care if they creampied me in my pussy, the juices would just ooze out onto my panties as I put them back on!BBC Phone Sex


Do I want to have BBC phone sex with a hot black stud like you? Give me that cock and stuff it in my mouth. Then I’ll wag my tongue out for you with a big smile on my face. The anticipation of you spraying that jizz into my mouth or onto my face for me to wear like a champion. I can engulf a huge cock down my throat! And I would be drooling, slobbering, with makeup running down my face from the flow of tears. My cunt would be pulsating with pleasure. Next, I would want you to take those big man hands of yours and run your fingers through my long hair. Lastly, just start ramming my throat, causing me to gasp for air. Just imagining this, my pussy quivers and begins to get moist, I love a rough face fuck!

In case you were wondering, I love it in my cunt, my mouth, my ass, I’ll take it wherever, you could rub it on my tits, my feet, and my hands. Anywhere else? Just use your imagination! Give me a call baby and ask for Irelynn at 1-888-662-6482!

Ignore Fetish Phone Sex with Delilah

Ever hear of ignore fetish phone sex? Well let me explain, but if you find you like it, then this is the last bit of attention I’ll give you. Some of you are worth having full conversations with, some of you are only worth verbally humiliating, and then there are the lowest of the low – the guys that only deserve ignore fetish phone sex. In other words, you’re simply not worth talking to, so when you call and tell me that’s what you know you deserve, that’s what you’ll get. I’ll keep you on the phone, but I’ll go back to doing whatever it was I was doing when you called. Even if you try to talk to me, I’ll just pretend you don’t exist. Chances are you aren’t that worthy of my time, yet you still want to be reminded of that. If you know that you’re that pathetic, then give in to the shame already.

Ignore Fetish Phone Sex

Of course you might be that other type of guy that’s into ignore fetish phone sex – the type of guy who simply gets off on eavesdropping. All you want is to call and hear what I do when no one else is around, or even better, when I have company. If that’s your bag, maybe you should email me first to set it up. This way maybe you can call for your dose of ignore fetish phone sex when I’ve got something interesting going on. Maybe when I have company, male or female. Something juicy for you to listen in on while I ignore you. Honestly, I don’t care what it is. The fact is, you’re getting ignored. Period.

Sound like a thing you’d be into? If so, give Delilah a call and we’ll see how much I can make you feel like a little fly on the wall. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and get ready to be forgotten!

Mature Phone Sex with Porscha

As a more mature phone sex woman I do savor the erotic roleplays that I encounter on the phone. Some times those role plays mimic something in real life and well have me giggling away. Such as a call with a certain someone who loves the idea of being teased by his older neighbor seems she is one that likes to sit out on the deck in rather skimpy attire and well gets him excited.

mature phone sex fantasy

Well much like that erotic fantasy that I had the joy of doing last week, today I found myself in a rather similar situation. Not that I was aiming to tease my neighbor but just sort of happened. Was out on the deck drinking an iced coffee while reading in my bikini. Far too hot for clothes but my deck is not exactly private enough for me to be naked (perhaps next years project can be making some privacy on the deck). As I was drinking away lost in my book forgetting the condensation on my iced coffee cup. Picked it up and had very cold water droplets fall between my breasts.

Ohhh to say that got a reaction out of me. Yup still pausing over how cold that was. Jumping up and well being a bigger breasted mature phone sex woman one should never spring up like that for I gave my neighbor more of a view. My bikini top could not contain all of my tits as they bounced up and down with my quick movement.

Now I could continue on with this story but I think this is a nice place to stop and see where you would take this erotic role play. Would you just admire from afar or would you want to hop the fence for something a bit more intimate?

You can reach myself Porscha by calling 1-888-662-6482


Strap-On Phone Sex with Georgie

One of my favorite views to enter the bedroom to is that of a man on his hands and knees with a butt plug sparkling from between his asscheeks as he waits for me. A gem-based plug, possibly peeking through a pair of sheer panties, immediately shows the devotion he’s got to being my bitch for the night. His back arching at the sound of my footfalls, the semi-conscious action thrusting his ass back toward me…everything about it screams that he’s desperately aroused in anticipation of being my strap-on phone sex slut.

Strap-On Phone Sex

The first guy that I fucked with a strap-on was also the first boyfriend that I was brave enough to watch porn with. We’d combed through some of his favorite videos, talking about what moments turned us on the most. What surprised me, which in hindsight shouldn’t have, was that he pointed out one of the largest cocks in all the clips we’d watched and told me that he’d always wondered what taking a cock that big would feel like. I knew he wasn’t unfamiliar with ass-play (he’d used a vibrating plug with me before), but it was still a pleasant surprise to hear that he wanted a dick up his ass!

When I carefully broached the subject of what other kinds of toys he’d be open to having me fill him with, he was kind of ecstatic. I knew he had a submissive side, but I’d never seen him submit so quickly! He even admitted that he’d been calling for strap-on phone sex often before he met me! And when I finally got the strap-on that I had bought to use on him, I didn’t expect to love being so dominant while fucking his ass. It was exhilarating! He taught me how to peg a good little bitch properly and I’ll never forget it.

So, that’s how I learned that I’ve got a love for strap-on play. What about you? Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie so you can tell me all about how you became a slut for strap-on phone sex!

Voyeur Phone Sex with August

I didn’t even know that voyeur phone sex was a thing until you came along. I know how much you love to watch me; I dress up for you every time now.. And I know how hard you get looking at me pulling toys out of drawers. You know the kind of show I’m about to put on for you – even if you try to hide outside my window. You pretend that I don’t know you’re there. You pretend I didn’t rearrange my space so my bed faced the window. I want you to have the perfect view of everything that I’m about to do to myself.

Voyeur Phone Sex

I always start by stripping for you. I love making you hard just by taking my clothes off. But that’s not the best part. I lay down on my bed, legs spread wide for you and you can see my beautiful, pink pussy as clear as if you were right in front of me. I start with my fingers – making sure that you can see every touch of my clit. You’re rock hard now, slowly taking that big cock out of your pants. How I wish you weren’t just here to watch.

I start slowly with my toy choices – I like to torment you a little bit each time. After all, voyeurism wouldn’t be much fun if you didn’t get a little bit of a tease while you watch. My pink vibrator has a clit tickler on it, and soon enough I’m fucking myself harder and harder as you stroke your dick faster and faster. I’m going to cum soon. We both know it. And when I cum, usually you do too. This isn’t the first time you’ve watched me, but I know your patterns.

The window is cracked open just enough that you can hear me moaning, louder and louder as the climax builds. You have NO idea how much I wish it was that big, hard cock inside of me instead of just a toy. I think about that all the time – every time you decide to come and watch me. And inevitably, I explode into this soul crushing orgasm; legs shaking and panting for breath. I hear you moan too. You think you’re quiet when you cum, but you’re not.

Maybe next time you’ll join in and not just watch me.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for August for voyeur phone sex

Phone Sex Brat Presley

I promise you will never talk to a phone sex brat like me ever! My memaw says I’m full of piss and vinegar. She might be right I’m a wild country girl and I truly think it runs in my veins. I like having sex, being a cock tease, and doing all the things I’m not supposed to do. Picture me at your buddy’s bonfire late at night. Bouncing and wiggling while sitting on your lap. Teasing you with the long neck sticking my tongue in it and sucking on it. You sure wish that bottle was your cock My favorite songs come on and I bounce up to dance with my friends. It truly is almost than you can take. Bouncing my ass in the air. my ass almost bounces right out of the bottom of my cut-offs. Watching my small titties bounce in the bikini top I’m still wearing from the lake makes you have naughty thoughts. Wonder if they would bounce like that if I ever rode your cock.

Phone Sex Brat

Want to take me over and lay me down in the back seat of your extended cab and fuck me so hard that I would walk funny while at work the next morning? Your mind is racing with thoughts as you watch me dance. The fire is dying but this phone sex brat knows your watching me. I ask you to teach me how to two-step away from the others so I don’t get embarrassed because I don’t know how. You being a gentleman offer your arm as we walk over by your truck and duck behind it,

No, I don’t know how to two-step like the other country sluts. But as you turn some music on in your truck to truly teach me you are shocked and excited by what you see. I slipped out of my shorts to reveal I had no panties on all night. Here I stand in the complete darkness with a little glimmer of the fire to show you my petite frame hungry for something more than a dance lesson.

I know people talk. You also have heard that I’m a party girl and love to have a good time. I love being the life of the party and there is nothing I won’t do. Your buddy Randy told you that I play with pussy and have phone sex to save money to move on my folks. You lift me into the bed of your truck and ask me to give you a show,

How can I say no? Some mutual masturbation could be really fun tonight. So as I play with my pussy in front of you. Rubbing my clit and sliding my fingers in and out. I demand you to stroke off your cock for me. I want you to stroke your cock for me. It makes me so wet watching you stand there. But this is not enough for me. I turn over and get up on my knees on the edge of your tailgate and look over my shoulder. I don’t have to say anything as you turn up the radio and climb up here with me.

Come on country boy eat this phone sex country brat. Taste that sweetness. Tastes better than sweet corn covered with butter. I want to feel the pop of the head of your cock in my very sweet wet pussy. Do I need to beg for it? You know you want to fuck me. Everyone else is fucking in the dark right now. Want to finish this hot sex story with your favorite phone sex brat? Call Me 1 888 662 6482 for Presley

Twitter @ greene_presley

Cock Control Phone Sex with Naomi

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention or not, but pretty much any call with Me is going to be cock control phone sex. I don’t take a back seat to anyone or anything, especially not your cock. There are all kinds of calls I can take, but I approach them all from the same direction. Right in front.

Cock Control Phone Sex

That’s right, baby. I don’t play around. That’s your job, as long as I allow it of course. I will dictate when you can touch your favorite toy, also know as your dick, and I will dictate when you should stop touching it. I will not allow you to cum until I am ready for you to cum, and not a second sooner. If you have things to play withI will tell you how to play with them. A cock sleeve, sounding rods, clothespins – fuck, I’ll even tell you whether or not you can use more lube. That’s what cock control phone sex is all about, and cock control phone sex is what I’m all about!

Also, let Me get this message across to you with a little more clarity. Even when we role play just good old fucking…I’m in control of that cock. I may be playing with it in a different way, but even when I suck a dick, I’m in control of it. I fucking own that shit, honey, so get used to it. You want it in this sweet chocolate pussy? You need to ask permission. You know what that is? Yep, you got it – that’s also cock control phone sex. You gotta earn entry to My gorgeous pussy!

You’re a man, right? That makes you think you’re in control, but the fact is that when your dick is hard you lose all control. It’s human nature. It’s also MY human nature to take that control once you’ve lost it. Admit your weaknesses and call 1 888 662 6482 to give Queen Naomi total control of your cock.

AB/DL Phone Sex with Caroline

I just love my AB/DL phone sex callers. Anyone who naturally brings out the Mommy in me is going to find a special place in my heart. I just can’t help but feel a tenderness, a kindness for those callers, even though I also often enjoy humiliating them for their need to interact with and quite often wear those diapers. It’s like having a big man baby that you feel ashamed of, but knowing how weak and useless he is, you also can’t help but want to protect him from the outside world. That’s why I enjoy the connections I make with my AB/DL callers.

AB/DL Phone Sex

AB/DL phone sex callers are an interesting group of guys. Most wear diapers, this is true, but not all of them. Many that do wear diapers like to be more than just adult babies – they like even more to be adult sissy babies, wearing pretty little frilly girly things, including girly diapers. They all want to be babied by a MILF like me, but they especially love the humiliation of wearing those diapers, and wanting to be seen wearing or buying diapers. I’m all here for that, sugar plum.

One of my regular AB/DL phone sex callers doesn’t actually wear the diapers, although he’s in the diaper lover category of AB/DL. He loves stroking his hard cock with them while I give him his dose of verbal humiliation for the joy he gets from diapers. I guess no matter what the fetish is, there will always be many different ways that people approach that fetish, and that makes my job extra exciting!

I’m dying to hear your AB/DL phone sex stories, so why don’t you give Mommy Caroline a call at 1 888 662 6482 today, sugar plum! I can’t wait to take good care of you!

Big Ass Worship Phone Sex with Simone

Take a nice, long look at my ass. It’s the kind of ass that you often dream of, isn’t it? That’s how you found yourself online looking for big ass worship phone sex. The truth of the matter, though, is that the likes of you isn’t even worthy to worship me. As long as you are willing to admit that I will still let you worship me. But you are not ever going to be the one to decide the way you serve me. I will choose everything that happens, and you are just going to have to accept that. Losers like you can’t make decisions like that, so don’t even try. The first thing that I want to do is bend over in front of you and make you lick my fat, sweaty ass. Pull my panties down and thank me for allowing you to even look at me.

Once I’m satisfied with that, you will lie down on your back on the floor. That’s when I’m going to squat over your face and put my big ass so close that I can feel your breath on me. Am I going let you get back to worshiping me right away? No, probably not. You need to beg for it. You need to prove to me how much you really want to worship my ass. Once I’m satisfied with your begging, then the real fun will begin. I’m not going to tell you here the ways I’ll make you worship me. You have to call for that kind of detail. But I will be here, waiting for your call. The longer you keep me waiting, the longer I’m going to make you wait.

Get on the phone right now and give me a call for big ass worship phone sex! 1 888 662 6482 and be sure you ask for Simone!

Fetish Phone Sex with Whisper

Know when you look at my sexy self you must think that cock sucking fantasies are all a shemale have to offer but you would be selling yourself short in so many ways. Yes honey, sucking my cock is one of the amazing possibilities but there are so many other wonderful fetish phone sex fantasies we can explore.

fetish phone sex

Granted your gonna ask me to list them all out and well I would but I am afraid I will chip my nail polish on this keyboard so lets start with my sexy self is up for anything in the realm of fetish phone sex. So if it makes that cock of yours start to twitch then you give me a call baby cause chances are my panties are wet with some precum too.

As for listing a few fetishes that get my heart rate racing there is always sissification. Dressing you up into being the perfect cock sucking slut. Body worship with yes can lead to sucking my cock. Small penis humiliation which does usually lead me to showing you what a real dick looks like namely mine and yes having you lick it some. Oh and cuckolding nothing like fucking your wife and well using your mouth as my personal cleaning cloth.

Hmmm looks like all fetish phone sex calls with me may lead to you sucking my cock. I may have to work on that some. What can I say a blow job a day does make for one happy tranny girl!

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 and asking for the one and only Whisper.

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