Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Zoya

If you want erotic hypnosis phone sex, I am right woman to seek. I have been practicing witchcraft and various Eastern medicinal practices, including hypnotherapy, for many years. Yes, I have some clientele that come to me for such treatments with no sexual associations, but I have many subs that love hypnosis built into their BDSM sessions! It takes things, mentally–spiritually, to whole new level!

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

Many people struggle to remove themselves from their past trauma or insecurities. Erotic hypnosis can easily separate, allowing person to feel unhindered and free in their sexual explorations. There is no judgment. No shame. Only pure freedom of body and all senses. The Druids knew this. The Celts. Many cultures dating thousands of years back. You Westerners amuse us Europeans because you turn noses up at many practices that been around much longer—and they stick for a reason! Because they work! But then over time, Westerners will change and start to embrace such things but act like it is something new! Print it on cute t-shirts like new kitsch ideas. So silly to me. But no matter. These practices are here on Earth, regardless of origin, for all peoples to use and benefit from.

This is very tied in with tantric sex, heightening your senses and fusing together your physical body, awakened sensuality, and the spirit—and with sex—melting this into the same of another person as well! The energies inside from this intimate process leads to MIND BLOWING ORGASMS–trust me! I speak first hand but also from point of view of witnessing this in many others! This is not one and done process. This like …magic muscle. You practice, strengthen over time. Make experience more and more intense each time. Almost like spiritual edging. You can even practice on small scale in every day life with mindfulness. Look up mindfulness exercises. These will help you be more receptive to hypnosis and responsive to the erotic experience it has to offer!

I hope you will call me! Some of this can be journeyed solo, but some needs partner, and much easier when you have experienced teacher and guide! It’s also so erotic to build such intimate connection over the phone, but it is very possible. Sometimes quicker and easier than even in person. I am looking forward to embracing journey with you! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Zoya for erotic hypnosis phone sex.

Blasphemous Body Worship Phone Sex with Delilah

I am one blasphemous bitch, and to prove it you, I want you to use blasphemous body worship phone sex to tell me how I am your one and ONLY God. Then I expect you to return the favor and prove it to me. Can you step outside of your religion’s comfort zone and tell me that you worship none other than me? Can you renounce your faith to whatever deity you’ve chosen to devote your life to? There’s only one way to find out, but if anyone is worth that level of body worship, it’s me.

Blasphemous Body Worship Phone Sex

No other god is going to get you off, and no other god will let you see them from their naughtiest angles. My body is heavenly to look at, and as hot as hell, baby! I deserve blasphemous body worship phone sex devotions from anyone happy to find salvation in seduction and enlightenment through eroticism. Well, I really deserve the most supreme body worship in general, no matter who you are. I just want you to tell me that my body and my existence elevate me above any of the deities humans worship. It’s not a lie.

I really don’t care what your religion is. I should still win the holy war between your balls and your brain. They all belong to me, and they all need this sexy-as-fuck body of mine. It’s time to get down on the ground before me and prostrate yourself. Once I feel you’ve shown enough reverence, I just might let you lift your head high enough to kiss the tops of my feet. If you do that to my satisfaction, then maybe I’ll let you kiss my ass.

All you need to do is call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Delilah for blasphemous body worship phone sex and prove you deserve to be allowed to enjoy even that much of my body. Have a prayer of devotion ready for me when you call, and you might even earn the privilege of full body worship. Just make it good!

Phone Sex Slut Quinn

Don’t you ever think that some chicks were just born to be cock loving insatiable sluts. I think I fit that description. Ever since I started getting plowed, I have always been on the hunt for some deep dicking. I guess that is why I became a full-time professional phone sex whore. I love what I do! I get to combine work and pleasure and fuck, it is the best thing ever. Of course, I have absolutely no limits at all when it comes to our hot and nasty fun together. I live for steamy role-play scenarios. I can be everything and anything you need or desire….any fantasy….any fetish…no matter how extreme or kinky. We are only limited by our imaginations and you can best believe that mine is way out there when it comes to getting us both off. I know most women out there don’t satisfy their men — hell, they don’t even want to be bothered with it.

Phone Sex SlutSo many of you come to me complaining that she never sucks your cock or lets you fuck her in the ass, or she isn’t adventurous and refuses to try new things. Well, that’s why you have me! I’m as dirty as they get. You need a professional phone sex slut like me to help you fulfill ALL of your needs. What’s your fantasy? Are you into golden showers, gang bang, CBT, bondage, bukkake, threesomes, bi, extreme or fetish kinks? I can go on and on! See what I mean? I have NO LIMITS! Look I’m a skanky Ho and I know it…and I love being a dirty, trashy whore! Use me, let me use you, and unleash ALL of your secret fetishes on me. I guarantee you that you will never be more satisfied in your whole miserable, blue-balled life!

Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Quinn

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Shayla

The phone rings and I hear your breathy whispering voice tell me how bad you want to be a good cock sucking sissy, starting out our hot cock sucking phone sex session. Such a good sissy you are, dressing in your sexiest nighty with those pink panties coming in and kneeling your sexy body at the edge of the bed. There in the dark in your most quiet, soft voice, “Can I please crawl in bed with you and suck the big black cock you just had cum inside you?

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

I pat the bed between me and my gorgeous black bull of a hubby for to you curl up and start gulping that already hard cock, while I reach down and caress your pantie clad ass, just grazing your silky covered taint with my fingers. I gasp when I hear you gulping the head of the cock down your throat gulping and gagging and swallowing all at the same time. Hearing you gulp and gag is one of my favorite things about our cock sucking phone sex calls. Other than hearing you call me ask to show me what good sissy bitch you are and the need in your voice when you ask to suck the cock I own, it turns me on how long you can go during our sessions.

I wonder how much more of this big black cock you want? If you want more you’ll have to ask for it. I know you want it all the time, more and more. All you need to do is call and ask me. So what are you waiting for? You know you want it now, you want to kneel before me and ask. Feeling me caressing you and telling you what a good cock sucking sissy bitch you are is something you crave every minute of the day. So call me now for sissy cock sucking phone sex.

Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Shayla

Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex with Zoya

Religious blasphemy phone sex will always be personal favorite to me. And while in my Chamber, I’ll really give you a reason to worship! Why kneel at your sad little wooden pew in a church built by men to manipulate people into believing in gods and religions also made by men—for money—for power—using FEAR and GUILT as sharp weapons! All in name of “love.” Ridiculous. Tooth fairy more believable!

Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex

In my candle-lit “church,” you’ll find none of that nonsense. What you will find is my body, real and in the flesh. You can touch me. Smell me. Taste me. When you run your hands down my breasts, I will be like marble statue. Chiseled to perfection! All these statues of the world, whether crafted to be worshipped or for art and to be admired in museums, who made them? Mukhina. Michelangelo. Rodin. Kandinsky. List goes on, but you know whose name not on list? People’s invisible gods. Jehovah. Yahweh. Allah. Whatever they make up. And I don’t care whether you engage in blasphemous acts because you too find it all absurd (maybe like some shock value?) or maybe you superstitious but the taboo or the fear of eternal damnation really does it for you? It’s no matter. I enjoy it with you!!

Dismiss your superstitions, or embrace them, regardless—here I’ll be. Gifted to this Earth solely for your worship and adoration! With my slender finger extended, pointing to—yes, you may know this one! Or its name alone may make you SO scared. What a little bitch religion makes out of people. But yes, there in before you–my LUCIFER chair. Waiting for you to be strapped in. Maybe this will make you feel better? Once strapped in, you no longer in control, so anything that happens…not your fault! This is fine. Have invisible man god in sky strike ME instead. I probably enjoy it!

Or I can chain you to the floor. And if ONE drop of my pussy juice falls to your skin, it will be a HOLY experience—being anointed by a GODDESS. Besides, this could be painfully temporary. Who is to know when the universe decides to revoke its gift and send me back into the heavens from which I came? Leaving behind a chosen few who know what it is like to behold beauty and power and touch…a god? A woman? Same thing really. So stop dreaming about religious blasphemy phone sex. Instead, PRAY. PRAY I am logged in when you summon the courage to call and ask for me!

1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Zoya

Cougar Phone Sex with Shayla

You know I’m your favorite fantasy to jack off to, just like you did in college. I saw those longing glances as you hung out at my house. And I know you are why I started missing panties every time you came over. My question is, did you go in the bathroom and sniff them at my house? Or did you take them home and jack off with them…or both? You know you can’t wait to have cougar phone sex with this long-legged nympho MILF.

Cougar Phone Sex

I saw you eyeing me in the bar of the hotel restaurant last week. Did you see me cross and uncross my legs before sliding out of the booth with my legs pointed in your directions so you’d see my skirt shimmy up a bit so you could see my black garter belt clasped onto my stockings? Did you stroke your 20-something cock that night while thinking about me that night? I’m single now and free to do what and who I want, so call me and lets have cougar phone sex while I call my ex and daughter and let them know I’m doing all kinds of kinky hot stuff with her ex-boyfriend.

Call me now and tell me how bad you want this MILF’s hot ass sitting on your face while she tickles your balls. You know you want to stroke that cock for me during hot cougar phone sex, while I call my ex and yours so they can watch you be my bitch fuck boy. I’m sure they’ll love seeing me stuff my panties in your mouth and lead you around on my leash and collar and then instruct you how to stroke that young cock exactly like I like it. Who needs my ex’s geriatric shriveled cock or the daughter’s spoiled tantrums when we can get straight to all the hot nasty kink we want.

Call me now and tell me how those panties tasted? How that collar and leash feels while I bend over and pull it between my legs, pulling your face straight into my hot ass. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Shayla

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Presley

Love feet? Well fall in love with my size 9 feet !!! I’m sure they will drive a true foot man like yourself. You want to slip off my shoes and smell my socks? Stick your nose between those sweaty sock covered toes until you beg me to take them off for you too? Foot fetish phone sex is the best when the woman you’re talking to can describe with detail what her piggies look and smell like.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

You long to touch the feet of beautiful younger women like myself. My feet are a step above others (pun intended LOL) I have been doing gymnastics and taking dance classes all my life. want to watch me go on point while you stroke that big cock of yours. I will let you even cum on them while I’m on my tippy toes. My high arches, flexible ankles, painted toes, soft heels and cute wiggly toes were made to wanted and worshiped over. You would be very amused at the things my sturdy sweet feet can do. I will let you fondle my feet. Kiss them, smell them lick them and even rub your cock all over them like a good foot fetish princesses do. You can give them a much needed massage with oil, lotion or just your warm hands. Want to see how flexible I am and how I can give you a foot job with both my feet after you love on my pretty feet?

Once I gave a coach of mine a foot job. He loved being teased and stroked with the arches of my feet. And then I used my cheerleading skill and yoga position to bend down and suck the head oh his cock. All while his cock was between my soft, pretty feet. If these do not make a great foot fetish phone sex call I don’t know what does.

I think I proved my point that you need to call me for some foot fetish phone sex. So why not call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Presley

Spanking Phone Sex with Eliza

If you have a spanking phone sex fetish, I’m the one to call. I am quite the strapping gal, and I am able to really get in there and paint your back door red, just the way you deserve. I bet you get hard when you start to fantasize about me bending you over my knee and making those cheeks a hot crimson shade. You really don’t have to be a bad fella to get spanked. Sometimes it’s all about feeling that sting across your cheeks that sends a tingle through your dick and balls. You get a shiver all over your body, don’t you baby? I have to admit my pussy gets wet at the sound of the smack from my belt, hand, or hairbrush. And I love to see how red your bottom will get. Then I kiss your cheeks and make it all better.

Spanking Phone Sex

Now if you are the kind of boy who likes to steal panties, then you most likely will always get a spanking. You know I hate it when you stretch out my sexy silky panties!! And besides if you’re going to be naughty and dress in my things, then you deserve to be spanked! I know you will constantly think of ways to make me whip your behind because you have such an uncontrollable spanking phone sex fetish. You will do anything to get me to bring out my favorite paddle, won’t you? It just turns you on so much!! I can tell because you get the biggest boner while I spank you and jizz a huge load every time. What should I pick to spank your ass next time? Should I try my brand-new riding crop? Call me and ask for Eliza at 1-888-662-6482 and find out what is in store for you.

CBT Phone Sex with Jennifer

When you call me for CBT phone sex you should know exactly what you’re getting into. They don’t call me a Sadistic Bitch for nothing! Teasing, tormenting, and torturing your cock and your balls and listening to you cry and beg is truly one of my favorite things. When you feel my body pressed up against yours and my hand feels for your cock through your pants, you only think you know what’s on my mind.

I’m a big fan of binding your cock and balls and making them ache and throb for me. Pulling on your testicles and wrapping a wide leather strap around the base of your balls keeping them tight and pulled. I’ll wet the leather first so as you become accustomed to the tightness it gets even tighter as it dries. I could even pull your balls apart and separate them for added tension. My panties are getting wet just watching your balls turn dark red and purple. When you get too loud you are going to love that I’ll take my panties off and stuff them in your mouth. A little bit of tape to keep them in.

CBT Phone Sex ~ Making you hurt

It’s supposed to hurt, that’s why they call it cock and ball TORTURE. My hands slapping your cock or perhaps you would prefer my penis whip? Will you hold still or do I need to tie you down? Little tiny clothespins over the head of your cock. Feeling my riding crop whip them off one at a time. Birthday candles and hot wax. Heavy bells hanging from your balls pulling them to your knees and making music at the same time. Plastic wrap and duct tape. Sounds for urethral insertions. Making your cock and balls hurt and ache and making you cry and beg for me.

Oh, and did I mention I’m quite the fan of ballbusting and castration too?!

Cock and ball torture with Ms Jennifer. Cum, explore my Sadistic side with your masochistic needs when you call for CBT Phone Sex. 1 888 662 6482

Cougar Phone Sex with Naomi

Man, adulting sure is hard, especially lately. Everyone needs to do it, but we also need to take a break every now and then. When I don’t want to deal with the pressures of living in this world and having to take care of business all the time, cougar phone sex is the perfect outlet.

Cougar Phone Sex

I’m a mature woman who is expected to act a certain way now that I’ve reached this level of the game of life. I really don’t agree with that, so I do what I can to feel good, no matter what other people say. I know bitches are just jealous when they see me with a hot stud that’s half my age. They may act judgmental, but they’re really wishing they were the ones with a trophy cub opening doors for them and making out with them in public. I confess – that gorgeous Black woman in the dark corner of that restaurant, making out with that hot younger guy was me. I really don’t care if the other women in the room didn’t like it. I was too busy having fun to see that “I just sucked on a lemon instead of a hard cock” look on their faces. The same kind of fun every one of you cougar phone sex cubs loves to talk about.

Fuck ‘em if they don’t like it, baby. I’m here for the fun! I’m not going to waste my time with a cock that either can’t get up, stay up, or get up again…and again. A woman like me has high standards, and when I feel they’re being met, I make sure I give back times three. I’m not sure you’re up to the challenge of meeting my standards and fulfilling my needs, but we can debate that – cougar phone sex with Naomi is only a phone call away! Put it in your contacts – 1 888 662 6482 – and get ready for a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants!


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