Cum Denial Phone Sex with Tamra

Hey, horn dog. Have you been cranking it for a while and want to indulge in some cum denial phone sex with me? That continuous build-up brings you closer and closer to cumming and then denying you repeatedly forcing you to wait in anticipation of an amazing orgasm. That constant building that takes you closer and closer to climaxing, just to have it continually denied, leaving you to wait for an incredible orgasm, will make your balls so red and tight for me. To prevent you from twitching and cumming too quickly, I believe I should tie you to the bed, just in case. After you are all strapped down, I can have my way with you, licking, sucking, and stroking your cock until I see your balls stiffen up and look like they’re about to burst over and over again. Just let yourself lay there, your balls and dick throbbing so intensely that it’s making you want to blow everywhere.

Cum Denial Phone Sex

Every time I edge you and deny you that much-needed orgasm, it feels more intense and incredible than the last time. I want you desperate and damn near incoherent. I know cum denial phone sex might feel like torture for a bit, but it’s also what makes it all the more exciting and you must finally confess that it feels so fucking good. The fun part for me is seeing how long you’ll last before you lose control and shoot that cum fountain unable to stop spurting again and again until your balls are completely drained. I need to watch your body tremble once I allow you to finally orgasm. You’ll feel it throughout your whole body and then you will be addicted. I promise by the time I am done torturing you with cum denial phone sex, you will understand why it makes you cum even better and harder. Just leave the cum denial phone sex call in my capable hands.

1-888-662-6482 and ask to talk to Tamra

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Jennifer

Domination isn’t always about pain and abuse and yelling and cruelty. Domination can be sweet and teasing and tormenting and a just a bit of wickedness. Sensual Domination phone sex with me might change your mind about what being Dominated is all about. When we kiss and I push you up against the wall, pressing my body into yours, my long nails on the back of your neck, I feel your cock getting hard between us. I can’t resist feeling you through your pants and giving your package a nice firm squeeze in my hand. You need to know who is in charge.

Sensual Domination for your brain and your cock

The satiny blindfold over your eyes as I whisper “trust me” in your ear. My hot breath tickling against your neck. Lightly dragging my finger tips along the inside of your arm, feather light touches tickling just the hairs. Stripping you naked for my appraisal, you can feel my eyes on you and your excitement is evident. Guiding you to my bed and pulling the rest of your clothes off, I then bind you to my bed, spread eagle, using silk ties for your tactile pleasure. Tying your cock and balls into a nice little present to ache even more for me.

I get a little more aggressive, lightly pinching your nipples (are they sensitive?!) and then a little harder as I feel you squirm underneath me. Leaning forward and letting my breasts rub over your face, my hard nipples on your lips as I tell you to suck.

My hands touching every part of you, scratching the insides of your thighs, my hands on your balls, not yet touching your cock because your pleasure won’t come (cum) until after mine. I step away and watch you breathing more heavily as I ponder my next moves. Will you feel the heat and smell the sweet of my pussy over your face? Or ??

Now is when the fun starts, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Jennifer for Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

So last night I am minding my own business. Doing some humiliation phone sex calls you know the usual small dick stuff. When the phone rings and I get greeted by “Hi Princess! You know who this is?”

humiliation phone sex

First off obviously he has called me before cause he is greeting me with Princess its that or he has read some blogs and knows I am a full on humiliation princess. So I am like who the fuck is this cause like for some reason all you horny fuckers like to do that you know who this is? BS. The answer is no have no clue who the fuck you are.

I wanna say Sorry only cause that Canadian DNA in me makes me wanna say that but underneath that is my full on bratty princess mode going ya so not fucking sorry on that one, Eh?

He starts going on about who he is cause like I am not about to say ohh ya know who you are. When I dont. Not the game I wanna play. So starts telling me about how I humiliate him. Ya figured that part out cause its like my thing I do.

Well long story short I clued in who it was. hahah fuck did I remember he is the one who is always begging and I MEAN begging to fuck my hot princess pussy. Course you know what that means? Full on tease and denial with a massive dash of humiliation phone sex cause like I would spread my legs for a loser like that. Please!

Actually thats a lie. I would spread my legs just to show him what he aint dipping his dick into. haha. Wicked? Maybe! But its how I love to be. If you cant handle it then you best not be calling me.

For those ready to call the number is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Bree the hottest humiliation phone sex princess around.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Kassidy

Had the sexiest dream last night. Where I woke up with super hard nipples and a beyond wet pussy. Course the moment I woke up in the dream I was almost at the point of orgasm. The key word being almost. Yes I tried my hardest to fall right back asleep and hopefully end up in that sexy part of my dream but nope. Denied. Much like I have done to a few of you over the last few tease and denial phone sex sessions.

tease and denial phone sex

Am I sorry for that?

Can’t say that I am for this morning when I woke up I rather like feeling my body still tingly with excitement. To have every touch just send electric shocks to my pussy. So its been rather fun to have my own mind deny me an orgasm. Not enough to want to do this all the time but perhaps its time for a little mutual tease and denial phone sex?

What do you say?

You and me both driving our bodies to that orgasmic climax only to pull back.

Come to think of it perhaps you might not be able to listen to me masturbate on the other end of the phone. You might be too distracted by my sexy moans in your hear and my heavy breathing as I touch that perfect spot. That you forget all about your edging and end up cumming.

So do you think you could handle my sweet voice in your ear while your stroking and trying to edge?

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Kassidy and lets find out.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Tamra

So you are into tease and denial phone sex? Of course, you may call me to help you blow your load. But if you are going to edge with me, you better be prepared because I am going to make you drip pre-cum from your cock like a broken water faucet. I want you to be absolutely bursting and your balls a lovely shade of blue. The build-up is SO hot! I’ll teach you how to edge and stroke to get you harder than you’ve ever been and to intensify that amazing orgasm. Not just hurry and bust your nut, where is the fun in that? The way I make you stroke, you will feel your whole cock tingling and your balls too. We’re going to stimulate that gorgeous dick of yours until you blow the biggest load ever. Once you’ve had tease and denial phone sex with me, you’re going to love me forever.

tease and denial phone sex

I will own your cock. Stroke when I tell you and exactly how I tell you to. And when I stay stop…you stop! Just let your dick throb and twitch, wanting more. So that when I do let you stroke again it feels even better and gets you even harder. Just like foreplay gets you all hot and ready to fuck, tease and denial phone sex gets you rock hard and feeling sensations through your body you’ve never felt before. The build-up is key to the best orgasms. So trust me and leave your dick in ‘my hands’ baby. Because you are going to be cumming back for more tease and denial phone sex with me for sure. So pick up that phone and call me at 1-888-662-6482. I’m so ready to rock your world!

Creampie Phone Sex with Bree

Guess what I was doing the other night? Serving up some creampie phone sex!

Sure I could of been out with a few friends at the club but gotta say if I am gonna stay home you fuckers know how to party on the phone. Well ok so like having a taboo phone sex princess to call helps out with your freaky party. Cause ya cant have a creampie cuckold fantasies without a super duper sweet creamy pussy.


So your welcome that I was more than happy to offer mine up.

This one guy it was fucking awesome cause it wasnt so much a small dick let me eat out your pussy cause I am unworthy type call. It was more he loved eating his own cum from a pussy he just fucked. Now that was fucking hot. Like to go from riding his hard jizzed filled dick till it explode and then switching my sweet princess ass right to his face.

Ya thats right from cowgirl to face sitting in one smooth move. Sure he might of lifted me up and helped me along cause he was that excited and didnt want a drop of his hot load dripping anywhere else.

Told ya it was one hot creampie phone sex fantasy!

Now dont worry I know not all of you have a dick that is totally fuckable so it could of been easily me fucking some  hot dude with a massive cock and he lifted my freshly fucked pussy right on to your face.

Ooo pass my pussy around boys!

Anyways that got this bratty princess super excited and ready for some more creampie phone sex fantasies. Like so excited I can barely type hahah. Hopefully this blog make sense.

1-888-662-6482 is the number to call and just ask for Bree the bratty princes with the cream filled pussy.


Taboo Phone Sex with Bailey

Ah, taboo phone sex. That’s what I have been in the mood for lately. I don’t get nearly enough calls from you perverts who want to talk about the darker twisted side of phone fucking. And when I say twisted, I mean it. It’s so fucking dirty that I can’t even write it here. It would probably make some people faint. Okay, maybe not faint, but I know they would be appalled. We will just keep our sexy fun to ourselves. It’s more fun that way anyway.

taboo phone sex

Okay, so let’s get down to business. I want to know exactly what gets your cock hard. I don’t mean just a little hard. I mean harder than it’s ever been in your life. I want it to be throbbing when you are telling me about your nasty taboo fantasies. I want it to be so hard that you start moaning before you even touch it. Mmm. That means you’re going to have a really intense orgasm. The question is – what are we going to be talking about while you shoot that hot, creamy load all over yourself?

Please don’t worry that I am going to tell you no when you tell me what your fantasy is. I would never do that. I have no limits whatsoever. I am hoping that even though I’ve never said no to a fantasy, you can still push my limits and tell me about a fantasy or fetish I’ve never heard of. That would be fucking awesome!

Come on guys, call me for taboo phone sex. I’m so horny now and I really do not want to have to masturbate by myself. I’d much rather do it with a sexy guy like you. Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Bailey.

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

I am the epitome of a bratty domme phone sex princess. Because I am sexy as fuck, I always get what I want. Life is kick ass when you are are as fuckable as I am. I just love knowing that you horny men jerk your cocks at just the thought of my hotness. But the smart ones know that I am most certainly unattainable, that is without some much needed persuasion. Men want to please me just in the hopes that I might smile or flash a little cleavage. But nothing like that comes for free, I must be plied, so to speak. No, you have to buy me gifts, or gift cards or just generally put me on a pedestal like I deserve if you want to have even the slightest chance at spending some time with me. Even then, I might just tease you until your balls are a lovely shade of blue.

bratty domme phone sex

It will be quite a test of your self control if I make you edge for me and keep from cumming. And I will push you over and over. I want to hear you begging me to let you cum — whimper and moan like the broken bitch you are for me. Your whole body is urging you to blow, but you know that you can’t unless I give you the word. And unless you are ultra obedient and generous, you won’t get the go ahead from me. I want you on edge for days, maybe even weeks. Let’s look into getting you a cock cage so that you aren’t as tempted to jizz. It is just safer to keep your hands off, don’t you think? I am going to make sure that you understand that I am the bratty domme phone sex slut calling all the shots here.

Call for bratty domme phone sex with Eliza at 1 888 662 6482

Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza

Cheating Housewife Phone Sex Fantasy with Porscha

Even though I am married I have never let that adornment on my finger interfere with my play time. Seems those big cock men dont care one bit that I have a little sparkle on my finger. They are far more interested in what cuckold fantasies I have in mind. Since I am rather open with the fact my husband is a member of the itty bitty dicky club.

cheating housewife phone sex fantasy

Now since I know from a few of you cucks that my husband isnt the only member of the small penis club there are a number of you searching for some cheating housewife phone sex fantasies. Looking for that more mature woman who understands she has needs and well your little sprout will not get me to where I want to be. So I really must take things into my own hands. Which is having me venture out into the world to find eager men to fuck my unsatisfied pussy.

Thankfully, I have a few things going for me. The fact that I am older so those younger men are anxious to come running with their throbbing members in hand. The other is that I am married for some reason fucking a married woman is on every mans sexual bucket list. When I tell them we could humiliated my husband even further with fucking in front of him while he strokes his tiny member. They are even more eager to take off my panties!

Course there are days where this mature woman cant get fucked. Its rare but due to schedules and what not I look to you phone sex cucks to help fill in the gap. I do love sharing my cheating housewife fantasies over the phone. Gets me super wet just retelling them.

So give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wish to do a cheating housewife phone sex call with Porscha.

Kinky Phone Sex Girlfriend Courtney

What does a kinky phone sex girlfriend do on a long weekend when her boyfriend is working?

Well its rather simple she goes out and find someone to have some fun with. Oh ya it was a long weekend in Canada this past weekend for those a little confused by that statement. Or maybe you skipped over that fact based on you reading I was a cheating girlfriend and instantly thought damn thats one hot fucking girl!

kinky phone sex girlfriend

Ya I think it could be so even though the week is here I believe the fun I had on the weekend needs to end. I mean bring on the cuckold fantasies of me being your ever so hot girlfriend ready to cheat on your loser ass with some big, thick strangers cocks. Who cares what their names are cause I wont be asking them. What I will be asking them is how big their cocks get and if fucking a guys girlfriend gets them hard.

Hmm guess that makes me one kinky phone sex girlfriend then ready to cuckold your fucking ass.

Now I know maybe your not into the whole role play idea but hearing about my dirty true life sex stories is. Good news I love sharing all the dirty details of what I was up to over the weekend. Every juicy jizz squirting detail! So by all means pick up that phone and let me rehash all my crazy weekend sexapades with you.

Nothing like masturbating to true life sex stories of cuckolding my boyfriend and well you could be my phone sex boyfriend.

The number to call to reach this kinky phone sex girlfriend of your dreams is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney. There is no limits and anything goes when talking to me.

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