BDSM Phone Sex with Caroline

BDSM phone sex accounts for the better part of my work day, and when I say better, I don’t just mean the majority. I mean BETTER. Imagine getting to do for work what I like to also do for fun. You can’t go wrong when you get to do what you love every day, and that’s exactly what BDSM phone sex is for me. I have been thoroughly enjoying all of my visits to the local BDSM dungeons, but I can’t go do that as often as I would like, so every time a submissive guy calls me it’s almost as if I’m standing by a spanking bench or torture table and having a good time at his expense. No, I can’t be the one doing cock and ball torture directly to your body when you call for BDSM phone sex, but some of you are masochistic enough that you’ll just do it for me.

BDSM Phone Sex

Not all of you are masochists, and that’s ok as long as you’re still submissive and ready to surrender to a woman like me. You need to be on your knees for me no matter what, but what I will have you do while you’re there will depend on my mood. Maybe you’ll be face first in my ass, or maybe I’ll be rubber dick deep into yours. Maybe your mouth will have my foot in it, or maybe it will have my big black bull’s dick in it. You know it’s a good night when it’s all of the above. All I know is after a full night of working over a good submissive, all I really want is somewhere comfortable to sit. That could be your face, or you can just become a human bench – I don’t care what you do, as long as you become a comfy chair. BDSM phone sex with Mistress Caroline is really all about doing what I want you to do. If that excites you, then call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for me by name!

Domination Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love domination phone sex. I love using my sissies and showing them their real place. Only real men get to fuck my tight bald pussy. I fuck my sissies, but only with a 12″ strap on. My latest sissy had never had a cock in his ass before, which I found hard to believe because everyone knows sissies are secretly little fags at heart. So I introduced him to my silicone sissy trainer. He tried to resist and was met with a sharp slap to his ass, I told him if he didn’t obey, I would bring in one of my BBC lovers to fuck his ass and make him regret ever crossing me.

Phone Sex

I bent him over and lubed up my strap-on and pulled his tight red panties to the side and started working my way into his boy pussy. Like the little fag he is, his asshole easily took my huge strap-on. I plunged it in and out of him and made him beg for me to plow his ass and make him my bitch. In no time his pathetic little cock was filling his panties with a big load of cum. He was moaning and groaning, saying how much he loved that big cock in his tight little pussy. He was crying saying he wanted fucked EVERYDAY from now on. I called my BBC friend and told him to set up a BBC gangbang with my newest sissy for this weekend! I can not wait to see my little sissy whore get used like the slut she is.

Call me now at 1 888 662 6482 so we can roleplay this domination phone sex together. Ask for Gretchen.

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Erotic Tickling Phone Sex with Naomi

You know what’s the best part about tickling you until you can’t take it anymore? Sitting My fine Queen ass on your face so I can enjoy the benefits of you laughing so hard. That’s right – when it’s done right, erotic tickling can be a thrill for both of us because the more I make you shake, the more your mouth vibrates where it counts. Nothing counts more than My royal ass and pussy, and you’re going to show Me you understand this by calling Me for erotic tickling phone sex and offering yourself up for My pleasure.

Erotic Tickling Phone Sex

Don’t worry, honey – I promise I’ll return the favor and twerk a bit on your face. You just have to make sure your tongue is in the right spot before we both start to shake, but as long as you do that one thing right, we can both get a mind-blowing thrill from a good session of erotic tickling phone sex. Imagine I’m tickling your cock, balls, sides, and tummy, and all you can do is get another mouthful of My ass – don’t tell me that thought doesn’t excite the fuck out of you! You know it does, baby. In fact, you can almost feel My fingernails just digging into the soles of your feet as I pull your legs back while My big black booty bounces on your face.

I wonder how you’d like it if I put you on your back with your legs in the air and proceeded to fuck you slowly with My strap on, all while I run my fingernails up and down your sides and inside your thighs. I want you to laugh and squeeze on My rubber cock while I torture you with tickles. I’m sure you thoughts on ways you’d like to use erotic tickling phone sex to have fun, so give Me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and get ready to tell Me all about it!! Ask for Naomi!

Panty Lover Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love panty lover phone sex. I love watching a guy after I take off my panties and hand them to him. Watching him hold my sating panties to his nose and smelling my cunt juices and licking the crotch. Where are all my panty sniffers at? I want you to watch me take a big thick dick while you’re over there stroking your little one with my sexy-smelling g-string.  I love laughing at your super teenie weenie, it honestly cracks me up how pathetic it is. Your nasty fetish is my gain, I love making you squirm. Licking pussy and sucking dick both equally make me wet, especially when I deep throat that cock straight out of my girlfriend’s fuck holes.

When you see my slutty ass walking down the street, I know that you would do anything just to get a taste of my sweet and perfect pussy. Some may call me a tease but I love it when you watch me, gawking and staring at my sexy booty as it hangs out of my tiny shorts. I know how bad you want me, I do so many things that drive you crazy!  You’re just my panty sniffing jerk off boy, aren’t you?! Sniff and lick all over my hot little garments while you jack off your microscopic dick. You better pay up to taste this delicious cunt… I’m gonna have you licking my naughty slit clean! With a hot-ass bitch like me, you always get the hardcore mind-blowing fuck that you want and deserve. Cum have some fun with me, my pussy is so warm and wet. I’m eagerly waiting to be your little dirty whore. I love playing with men… boys are toys and I love using them!

Call me now for some panty lover phone sex. My panties are wet and waiting for you to call me.


Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Allissa

I’ve never been married, but I still have a cheating wife phone sex fantasy I’d like to share with you. It’s a fun roleplay, if you will. You’re my husband and we’ve been together for a little while. How long doesn’t really matter. Well, one day I come home late saying I’m so very horny but I don’t want sex; I want you to eat me out and lick my pussy until I cum. So you do, being the good husband that you are, you oblige my request. I straddle your face and you see cum dripping out of my pussy. My lips are so swollen like I just got done having sex. I tell you that it’s all my cum and that I’d just finished fucking myself in the car in the driveway.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

This idea turns you on and you hungrily start diving into my pussy. You eat me so fucking good, swallowing up every drop of cum. Not only that but you seem to love how I taste. I do taste different somehow but you can’t get enough of it. You drive your tongue deep into my stretched fuck hole trying to get every drop of cum that you can out of my steamy pussy. That’s when I confess my adultery. I went out to the bar and found myself a big black man to fuck because you just couldn’t satisfy me the way I needed. I explained to you that it wasn’t my cum you were scarfing down like a starving man. It was the cum of the BBC I fucked.

But you didn’t seem to care. You kept on eating me out until I came all over your face. Then you kept licking until every drop of cum was gone. Does this sound hot to you? Then cheating wife phone sex is only a phone call away. I can’t wait to play.

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Allissa

Sissy Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love sissy phone sex. I can see by looking at your panties that you love it too. Look at the sissy panties you got on, they are so messy already thanks to me!  I can see you already getting wet and excited, just at the thought of being under my control. Oh, and let me tell you, this is just the beginning. Once I get my hands on you, you will be begging for more. Begging me to use and abuse you, to make you my dirty sissy slave. Once you’re under my control, you will just do what I tell you to do and when I tell you to do it. That’s what a good sissy sub would do for her Mistress. And you don’t want to be known as a bad sissy, do you? I didn’t think so. Are you ready to submit to me yet?

Sissy Phone Sex

First things first, I see you’re wearing those pretty little sissy panties. But oh, they are not so pretty anymore, are they? I made sure to have you mess them up real good, just for my pleasure. I love seeing you all humiliated, degraded, and turned into my obedient little slut. And don’t even think about trying to resist me. I know all your deepest desires and fantasies and trust me, I will make them all come true. I will make you my little cock-sucking sissy, choking on every hard and throbbing cock I throw your way. You will learn to love it, to crave it – worshiping every inch of it with your slutty mouth. I’ll be waiting to turn you into the sissy slut that pleases anyone and everyone she encounters. There will be SO much cock.

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen and ask for sissy phone sex right now, slut!

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Spencer

Hiiii to all you cock sucking phone sex sluts. Yep, I know that you’ve been down on your knees sucking cock. I also know that you were probably all dressed up in something girlie while doing it. I mean, if we’re being honest, your obsession with sucking cock probably manifested itself first when you put on a pair of panties that you stole out of someone’s hamper or lingerie drawer. It escalated from there and now you are daydreaming about being on your knees getting your face fucked like it’s a pussy. You want to gag on cock, don’t you? And I bet you can’t wait to feel a big load of cum work its way from your tongue all the way down your throat. Well, I’m just the girl to help you realize your fantasy. You probably need a hype girl to get you pumped up to suck cock.

Phone Sex

Until you have the nerve to go do it for real, don’t worry, there are still ways to have fun when you call me for cock sucking phone sex. You just need to get a fat dildo to suck on and shove down your throat. It’s probably best to practice and get used to things being shoved down your throat before you try it on a real cock. Guys just don’t seem to have the sort of patience with cock sucking sissy sluts that they do with girls. It’s cool, though, because I know that even if you never practiced on a dildo, you’d still take a cock down the throat like a champ, wouldn’t you? You would not complain and you’d swallow every single drop. Get on the phone and give a call so we can talk more about this. 1 888 662 6482 and make sure you ask to talk to Spencer.

Phone Sex Girlfriend Presley

Are you looking for a sweet and sexy younger lady to be your new online phone sex girlfriend? Well here I am ! I love talking on the phone and enjoying a phone relationship with hot older men. I’m a kinky natural blonde sweetheart that will steal your heart and play with your cock. I love playing with my pussy for others over the phone. It’s something that I think about…ok I think about it a lot. I’m the perfect girl to have a JOI session after a long day at work. Need some mutual masturbation on the weekend when I’m not at school…. I’m your cutie to do it with.

Phone Sex Girlfriend

It don’t always have to be about sex. We can talk about anything you want to. Tell me anything and everything about your life. Vent to me if you wish. Confess your secrets, tell me your dirty gossip and anything you want to tell me. I’m here to listen and I do truly enjoy our time together. No matter what we may or might not do.

Now back to the kinky stuff. I am a very dirty minded girl and love crazy kinky roleplays too. I can be the smart scholar that loves to be the slut of the campus. The nursing student who needs to explore some medical fetishes to be able to graduate. Or how about the naughty sister in law who teases you every time she sees you until you can’t take it anymore. Or I could be farmer’s 18 year old daughter who has something besides her prize winning chickens to offer at the local swap meet. The kinky roleplays are endless.

You can tell me anything. We can do anything over the phone you want to. I have no limits about what we can talk about and do. Yes I am a very dirty dirty girl 🙂 Your phone sex girlfriend is waiting to talk to you. Call me, 1 888 662 6482 ask for Presley

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love, no I crave big cocks. The bigger the better. Therefore I love small penis humiliation phone sex. Laughing at your tiny dickie makes my pussy wet. Hey there tiny dick loser. Look at my hot body. You know you want me. But guess what? You don’t deserve me. I am way too hot for you, LOSER. That’s right, my Pomeranian has a bigger package than you. Hell, my clit gets bigger than your dick when a real man is working it. And you are correct, you are not a man. A man has a cock, not a clit stick. A man makes a woman cum, not squint and laugh. A real man can get it up without the help of a pretty blue pill. A real man can fuck a woman all night long with minimal downtime. A real man can fuck in any position because his dick won’t fall out of my pussy. A real man can cover me in cum. A real man can give me something I can feel.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I do not understand women who say size doesn’t matter. Size is the only thing that matters. I can’t wait to laugh at you; reject you; make you beg and plead; dress you up; force you to suck cock; deny you; humiliate you; maybe even fuck you in your back door pussy. If you got a tiny dick, you better not call to fuck me. Access to my hot holes will be denied to anyone with less than 8 inches of solid meat. Know your place loser. And that would be being my sissy, my slave, my cuckold, my pet, my bitch, my fluffer, my clean-up boy. You know your tiny dick won’t please any women.  Call me now, You know your little clit is hard right now. Let’s get our small penis humiliation phone sex session started. I can’t wait to talk to my little sissy.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen

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Strap On Phone Sex with Emily

Some of you who are curious about having your ass played with may have gone as far as to stick your own finger in your asshole while you jerk off. Others may have had their partner stick their finger in while sucking your cock. But how many of you have had a woman bend you over and fuck you with a strap on? I want to hear all about it, so you should just go ahead and get on the phone with me for some strap on phone sex. You probably have all kinds of fun stories to tell me about how much you love a strong, dominant woman fucking your ass. Do you have a regular real-life Mistress that you serve on a regular basis? If that’s the case, then I know you are going to be able to entertain me with your stories. Are you up for that?

Phone Sex

But maybe you’re someone who has thought about what it would be like to be fucked with a strap on but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Why is that? Are you a scaredy cat? Do you worry about what it would mean if you give in to the pleasure of having strap on phone sex fun? Like, if you enjoy it too much does that mean you’re gay? It seems like that’s something you should call me and talk about, don’t you think? I for one can’t wait to get you on the phone  so I can hear your thoughts and also, more importantly, give you mine. I’m here and I’m ready to tell you how I’d fuck you with my strap-on cock, both mentally and physically. All you have to do to make that happen is get on the phone, dial 1 888 662 6482, and ask to talk to Emily right now.

Phone Sex : Live Fetish Phone Sex