Foot Worship Phone Sex with Irelynn

Would you love to caress my dainty little feet? Do you just want to feel the softness of my arches and start digging your tongue in between my toes? Do you just want to have foot worship phone sex and just massage my feet? I like talking about my feet because I like to take care of my feet. As a result, I do like for my feet to be worshipped. I know how to make you suck and lick my feet. I can mash my feet against your face at the pool and just start walking all over you. I’m a reasonably small person, I won’t weigh that much, but not like it matters. Since you love my feet so much, you might even take them if they are stinky, nasty, or dirty and I’d still make you worship them!

Foot Worship Phone Sex

That’s right, I could see you accepting my feet in such an objectionable state. I like my feet clean, perfect, and desirable, but we all are human beings, aren’t we? Our feet get gross from time to time, and I may beckon you to clean up my feet. Heck, I may make you get down on your knees and give me a pedicure. You can paint my toes and use the board to wear any calluses off so that my feet can go back to being so perfect again. You can trim them up too, just so that you could inhale the scent of my toenail trimmings.

Did I say you could stop? You still have to rub my feet and loosen all the stiff muscles! I’m a little touchy though, you better get a good grasp on them so that I don’t kick you in the face! Unless that is something you may want, ha ha ha. If what you desire is foot fetish fun, you should give me a call for foot worship phone sex! You know you want to, so just pick up the phone and smash in these numbers. 1-888-662-6482… Or you may shoot me an email at or follow me on Twitter @IrelynnIs!

Bratty Phone Sex Princess Bree

Hell ya its fucking spring and this bratty phone sex princess is beyond happy. Well I mean I would be happier if your fucking wallets were opening up going here princess let me spoil you and get you new shoes to slip them freshly pedicured feet into.

bratty phone sex princess

No seriously my toes even though they have been pampered like all winter long cause lets face it a phone sex princess is always looking after her body even these cute adorable feet! Come spring I am more than happy to show off my tootsies and be like ya you foot fetish freaks drool over them. From a distance though.

Gawd like I would let you drop down in public and like them. You might think that and this bratty phone sex princess might let you like them in some wild foot fetish fantasy but come on now. In public that is a totally different thing. Like I wanna be seen in public with a loser like you. Well I mean not within a 6ft radius of me. Will let you follow behind looking at my ass and my sexy legs and well pondering how hot it would be to lay down in front of me and letting me walk all over you.

Yup thats enough mindless fantasy land for you. Time to open that wallet and pick up the phone. Then I can really have some fun with you. Yup I am wiggling my toes right now just thinking of what fun I will have with you.

Ask for Bree 1-888-662-6482 is the number to call to reach this bratty phone sex princess and her oh so adorable feet!

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Delilah

Man, you are pathetic, aren’t you? Dirty little worthless piece of trash that you are, you belong at the feet of every woman you come across. You know it deep down in your sad little balls, and that’s why you’re here, looking for some real intense foot worship phone sex that truly puts you in your place. We both know that exactly where you need to be is right down there, looking up at me, with only my feet at eye level for you, reminding you of your true worth. Dirt. Lucky dirt with the opportunity to worship my gorgeous feet, as long as you know how to bow down and do it right. Do you? I doubt it.
foot worship phone sex
Right now you want nothing more than to be down on the ground, your hands moving all over my feet, your lips touching them, and your nose smelling them. You probably don’t even care if they are dirty or sweaty, as long as you can get your perverted hands on them. Well, first you have to get your perverted hands on your phone so you can call and ask for foot worship phone sex, but once you do, you may just get really lucky and get some attention for your dick while we’re at it. Maybe. I mean, I am a bitch like that – the most important thing is that my feet get the attention they crave, right? That’s why it’s called foot worship phone sex, not dick worship phone sex, dumbass – because my foot worship needs are the needs that get met first. Your needs don’t matter nearly as much, and you know it, and you like it that way.
My foot grinding on your face. That’s how foot worship with Delilah goes. The question is, with or without my heels on? Call 1 888 662 6482 and we can figure that out then, bitch boy!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

Summer is here in the southwest and my footsies need some extra special care and attention. Now is the best time for guys who have a fetish for bare feet and sexy foot fetish phone sex. I had one of the most amazing pedicures yesterday at a brand new spa; I just know the tech had a foot fetish when I could see his small boner thru his pants. Something about the way he tenderly held my foot, the gentle massage of every single toe. Not rushed at all. Not only did I leave with soft and pink painted toes, my panties were soaking wet!

foot fetish phone sex

If you gave a pedicure like that I’d let you lick my pussy until I came in your face. Maybe more. After all if you have gone to all that trouble to make my feet smooth and sexy you could be rewarded with a bare foot job. My toes wrapping around the head of your cock. My foot rolling your balls around. Teasing you and taunting you until you start fucking the high arches of my feet. I know you want to see your cum squishy between my toes. It will be even better if you lick each toe clean. That’s it baby, suckle on each toe like it was a little bitty dick.

It’s not just my bare feet that I love guys to take care of. My feet are just as sexy in a pair of sheer black silk stockings. And heels. A stocking fetish. Heels and shoe fetish perhaps? Stockings in heels or bare feet in heels? You can worship my legs and my stockings while I tease your dick with my other shoe. Touching the pointy toe against your cock, I see you getting harder. My last foot fetish boy friend loved to cum in my shoes and watch me slip my bare feet right into them. I didn’t mind because I made him take me shopping for new shoes all the time.

I’ll indulge in all your fetish desires – shoe, stocking, and foot fetish phone sex.

Call Jennifer 1888 662 6482

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Georgie

I’ve gotten many compliments on my body in my life, but any time my feet are the subject of your affection, I can’t help but get all hot and bothered. I love getting my feet pampered with the idea that one day my cute, pink toes will be in your mouth. I know you’ve thought about it, too. How about some foot fetish phone sex, just me and you?

I got a pedicure today and got some spicy red nail polish put on my toes for the holiday season. The red would look really nice against your skin. I know you want a taste! I want to lean back and trace my toes over your body and watch your reactions as I skim your skin lower and lower. I love watching your cock twitch with anticipation. You want my arches wrapped around you so badly!

I’m talented with my feet, and that includes my ability to stroke you fully to release with them. I’m looking forward to watching your balls empty all over my bright red toes and silken ankles. It wouldn’t take much for me to get you right on the edge, of course, but when it’s foot fetish phone sex, I love to draw out that pleasure.

I want to keep my pretty feel wrapped around your swollen, throbbing shaft for as long as you’ll let me, teasing you. Let me squeeze you tightly between my feet and spread every drop of precum I milk from you on my arches. Maybe I’ll even let you lick some of it off of my toes. I love the feeling of your hot cock juices dripping down my feet. I want more!

I know you want more, too. So call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie and your favorite foot fetish phone sex!

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Harlow

My feet are, put quite simply, pure perfection. That’s why I get so many calls from guys for foot worship phone sex. They want to clean them, pamper them, and take care of them in every single way. That means financially, too. I have so many guys who love to pay for my pedicures and shoes. I mean, it makes total sense to me because I’m a Goddess and that’s the kind of things a woman like me deserves.

foot worship phone sex

I also deserve to be able to do whatever I want to do to you with my feet. If I want to get my feet really dirty and make you clean them with your tongue, then that’s what you will do. If I want you to lie down in the floor and let me walk all over you, then you’re going to lie down and thank me for giving you the opportunity to be walked on by a Goddess. If I want you to give me a pedicure, that’s what you will do. I might even be nice and let you pick the color if you behave well enough. No matter what way I decide to make you worship my feet, it’s going to be a lot of fun for me. And you’ll be blessed by being able to see, touch, and taste my perfect feet. You know that you don’t deserve that kind of blessing, right?

I can’t wait to tell you all about what I’m going to make you do when you call me for foot worship phone sex. I will decide on a case by case basis, because every loser is a little bit different. But don’t worry – I know what you need more than you do.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow for foot worship phone sex.


Foot Worship Phone Sex with Naomi

With Queen Naomi, foot worship phone sex isn’t just talking all sexy about getting a pretty little foot rub, baby. Hell no! It’s about keeping you down at my feet where your pathetic fucking ass belongs! That’s right, cunt – you need to be on the floor, at my feet, with nothing else on your mind except how to best serve my superior black ass!

foot worship phone sex

Do you think you can take care of my royal feet the way I deserve to have them worshipped? I’m not sure you can handle it, bitch. I guess we’ll find out when you call for foot worship phone sex, but the fact is if you’re calling me for that, it’s going to turn into so much more than foot worship. Don’t forget you’re worshipping at the feet of a true bitch Queen. You’ll probably need to be told how pathetic you are while you take care of my feet. If you fuck up and rub them too hard or too soft, I will most likely just shove a foot in your mouth and fuck your face with it, stretching your mouth out and making sure you show me how much you like the way the lotion on it tastes! And you’ll love it because it will taste so much better than when my feet were dirty and I had you lick them clean!

I don’t think you can please me right, twerp, so you’d better put your all into the effort! If you try hard enough to impress me, I might reward your efforts with some of the nice, sweet, girly foot worship shit you like. I might let you kiss and suck my toes, and if you’re a really devoted puppy dog, I may even wrap my toes around your pathetic dick and give it a thrill. But be warned – you will have to beg for it.

That’s what you get when you call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Queen Naomi for foot worship phone sex – you need to earn the privilege to touch my feet, bitch!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Poppy

It’s about time these fabulous fucking feet got a proper worshipping from a dirty foot fetish phone sex bastard like you luv. I’m due for my pedi anyway and since it’s fucking boot season I’ve got all this sweaty funk built up on these fuckers. But you don’t care about that do you you dirty fucking bastards? In fact the nastier the better for some of you wankers out there. You pull on your bell-end there wishing your nose was being crushed under the arch of my sweaty smelly paw don’t you now? There that’s alright then if you just throw over and admit it. I’ve got just the fuckin thing for a fucking foot slut like you!

foot fetish phone sex

I call it me Throne. It’s this great big comfy chair yeah? With the legs up just enough for a slave on his knees to reach me poor barking dogs with his eager fuckin mouth innit! And short so me ankles hang over the edges and the slave can get up under them as he bloody well properly should! I tell you luvs my Throne is the perfect place for a dirty bastard of a foot fetish slave to give me wee tootsies a long licking innit!

And maybe luv just maybe if’n you do a bloody good job and suck the fuckin calluses right off my pretty little heels I’ll let you play with my nice clean pretty toes and arches and ankles till you have a right nice cum. After you rub plenty of lotion all over my fresh-licked footsies and get them glowing and soft and just bloody feeling perfect yeah? Can’t you just feel them moving all around your fucking pervy pecker yeah? Oh and I want you to fucking know how hard I get off when you fucking have your cum all over my fucking twat for me to play with luv!

Ring me and let’s get down to the dirty luv! Call me for foot fetish phone sex at 1 888 662 6482!

Skype: Poppy Tart
Twitter: @darklildeviant

Foot Fetish Phonesex with Kimberly

Foot Fetish Phonesex
Hey there, are you looking at my feet in these striped stockings?
Do you like the tease of knowing there’s some pretty toes, sweet and smooth feet underneath my striped socks?
Do you have a foot fetish?
I’ll tell you about my foot fetish if you tell me what you adore about a woman’s feet!
Do you remember the very first time you got hard from looking at a woman’s feet?
I want you to tell me all about it, was it your idea, your girlfriend’s fantasy, or was it someone too naughty to mention here?
I have a lot of naughty footie stories too, and you won’t believe who I’ve teased with my footies!
I love panties, stockings, and pantyhose, the way they all feel on the smooth skin of just pedicured feet, makes you just want to get right down there and worship my feet right through that thin slippery nylon, kissing, worshiping, this foot fetish phonesex girl teasing you by wiggling my toes at you in my open toed shoes, makes you just want to get underneath me and beg for a taste of my pretty piggies!
If you’re on the kinky side, some of the things I’ve done for some of my favorite foot fetish phonesex men is work out in some socks, sweating, in my stinky exercise sneakers, until my feet or just sopping and smelly!
Are you into smelly stinky feet, your cock aching at the thought of being under my soles, begging to lick my feet clean, and willing to do whatever it takes to get my toes on your face?
Either way, if you like smooth just pedicured feet for a sexy footie or sloppy sweaty feet to lube your cock, I’m kinky like that, we are going to have a very sexy foot fetish phonesex session!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Gretchen

My feet feel so good right now! I just came back from the salon after a mani-pedi, and I’m ready for the summer! It’s time for sandals, flip flops, and bare feet in the grass and sand, so it’s also a great time for foot fetish phone sex! My feet feel so soft, smooth, clean, and they look so pretty with fresh polish – a glittery light blue, because I love glitter polish on my toes. I was actually stopped by a man on the way out of the salon who wanted to take a photo of my freshly pedicured feet, all sparkly in flip flops. He said he would be jerking off to my pretty feet when he got home. Of course he did, because when my feet feel and look this good, they deserve nothing less than to be worshiped.

foot fetish phone sex

I love having my feet played with and adored, so I also love when I get foot fetish phone sex calls because it means I can talk about my feet. I want to hear about how much you love the way my feet look, how much you want to smell them and slide your fingertips along the silky fabric of my stockings. Will you rub them for me? Slide sweet smelling lotion all over them, along the soles, over the instep, in between the toes, feeling every bone and muscle, relieving the ache that comes with wearing sexy high heels all the time. Let the smell of the lotion mingle with the scents of Italian leather and foot sweat – breathe it in deeply.

But you want to do more than that, don’t you? You don’t call for foot fetish phone sex just to fulfill the fantasy of touching or smelling my feet. When you’re done sniffing them, you want to lean down, touch your lips to that soft, smooth skin, and kiss my lovely feet. And, like a delicious dessert at the end of a meal, you want to take my toes into your mouth and savor each and every one. I’m so damn wet just thinking about it. How hard are you now?

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen for foot fetish phone sex!

AIM: MILF_Gretchen
Twitter: @MILFGretchen

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