Strap On Phone Sex with Emily

Some of you who are curious about having your ass played with may have gone as far as to stick your own finger in your asshole while you jerk off. Others may have had their partner stick their finger in while sucking your cock. But how many of you have had a woman bend you over and fuck you with a strap on? I want to hear all about it, so you should just go ahead and get on the phone with me for some strap on phone sex. You probably have all kinds of fun stories to tell me about how much you love a strong, dominant woman fucking your ass. Do you have a regular real-life Mistress that you serve on a regular basis? If that’s the case, then I know you are going to be able to entertain me with your stories. Are you up for that?

Phone Sex

But maybe you’re someone who has thought about what it would be like to be fucked with a strap on but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Why is that? Are you a scaredy cat? Do you worry about what it would mean if you give in to the pleasure of having strap on phone sex fun? Like, if you enjoy it too much does that mean you’re gay? It seems like that’s something you should call me and talk about, don’t you think? I for one can’t wait to get you on the phone  so I can hear your thoughts and also, more importantly, give you mine. I’m here and I’m ready to tell you how I’d fuck you with my strap-on cock, both mentally and physically. All you have to do to make that happen is get on the phone, dial 1 888 662 6482, and ask to talk to Emily right now.

Ignore Fetish Phone Sex with Spencer

I know you want to talk to me, but I really don’t want to talk to a loser like you. You can most definitely still give me a call, though. But it won’t be like other calls I get. I think what you’d be perfect for is ignore fetish phone sex. You pay, my phone rings, you tell me that you paid to be ignored by me and then I put the phone on mute and go on about my business. If I was watching TV, I’ll go back to doing that. If I was fucking my boyfriend, I’ll go back to doing that. But you will never know what I’m doing because I won’t be saying a word to you after you tell me that you’re paying me to ignore you. You don’t deserve to hear my voice or know what kinds of things you’re missing out on, loser.

Phone Sex

You don’t necessarily have to be quiet when you call me for ignore fetish phone sex, but I won’t be listening to anything you have to say.  You might as well talk to yourself because you would get more of a response that way. Haha. But be careful what you say because you never know when I might pick up the phone and just listen to see what you’re doing. I think the chances of you embarrassing yourself are pretty high, so the chances of my listening in randomly are pretty high, too. But don’t be mistaken, me listening to what you’re saying is not the same as me listening to what you might have to say. You’re probably too stupid to know the difference in the two, though. Get on the phone with me right now so I can ignore you. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to be ignored by Spencer.

Anal Phone Sex Fantasies with Gretchen

I have a really big confession that I would really love to share. I love and crave anal phone sex fantasies with you guys. Are you the ass fetish freak for me? I don’t ask for much, I just want you to be satisfied. I can be pinched and hurt a little bit, as long as you are satisfied. I will do anything to make you cum, and I do mean anything. Tell me, naughty boy, what do you crave? What makes your cock hard? Would you love to watch me masturbate with my butt plug in my ass while I use my favorite vibrator on my clit? I will do whatever you tell me to do.

Phone Sex

I like to show off my hot body so that you can cum. I will prance around in lingerie while you jerk your hot meat. Make me feel a little bit of pain as you grab my ass hard or pull on my hair a little. Baby, you can even Choke me. I enjoy it when you fuck me up the ass while I scream for you to give me more, come on nasty boy cum in my tight asshole. Tear it up because I like a little pain for your pleasure. Pull my hair and I will scream with delight as the little bit of pain it causes will make my pussy meow with delight. I will make your wishes and fantasies cum true. I want to be your dirty whore that you can use and take your fantasies out on. You can do whatever you want with me because I will be your hot cum whore. I want you to use all my holes

Call me now for some hot anal phone sex fantasies at 1 888 662 6482. You will be addicted to me.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Harlow

Maybe you’re not the kind of guy who usually goes for foot fetish phone sex. I get that but hear me out. Surely, you’ve seen a woman’s feet before and thought about how pretty they were. If you’ve had that thought, then you’re just the perfect guy to take a walk down the path of foot fetish fantasies. If you’re new to that kind of thing, then you’re probably going to need a sexy woman like me to give you ideas about what to do. Don’t worry, I’ve had many foot fetish phone calls and I’ve had my fair share of real life experience. There have been many men who have worshiped my gorgeous feet. There have been many men who have fucked my feet and shot a load of jizz all over them. Do you think that’s something you’d get off on? Do not knock it till you try it.

Phone Sex

Maybe you will end up down on your hands and knees at some point begging me for the privilege of licking on and sucking my feet clean. If you’re still reading this, then that tells me you’re just the kind of guy who will end up as a foot slave, begging to even be able to look at my pretty feet. Again, you might not think that’s what fate has in store for you, but no man is immune to me. You can be pulled in and become addicted to me just the way so many men who have come before you. If you think you can handle me or resist me, get on the phone and call me. I’ll show you that you are one hundred percent wrong. Just get on the phone right now and ask for foot fetish phone sex when you dial 1 888 662 6482. Ask for Harlow.

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Quinn

Are you the kind of loser who says you want me to be really mean and abuse your wallet on financial domination phone sex? But then you wimp out like a pussy bitch and expect me to be nice? Well, that’s your problem. Not mine. I see it as an opportunity to show you what a worthless worm you are. Well….maybe not completely worthless — your credit card is worth something to me, at least. So get it out and pay up like a good little cash pig and then thank me for owning you like no one else can. Yeah, tell me all your secrets, so I have ammunition to use against you in case our situation needs to turn into a blackmail thing. I need to keep you in line so that I keep that money tap flowing in my direction. Yeah bitch, make it rain all over me. I would hate to tell all your friends and family exactly what a sick pervert you are.

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Actually, I would LOVE to. But you need to pay for the privilege of keeping my mouth shut so you can enjoy your boring normal vanilla life. I view your money as my money. I am just reclaiming it. So pay up and start transferring all MY money where it belongs. This is why I get total pleasure out of blackmailing your nasty ass and milking you of every dime! So you just be a good boy and keep this findom phone sex Mistress happy, and I won’t spill the beans of what a freakshow you are. But you are my financial domination phone sex freak show and I plan on ruining you. Yep, every dime you earned will be in my accounts in no time at all. And your pathetic excuse of a cock will be hard the whole time!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Quinn

JOI Phone Sex with Presley

I enjoy mutual JOI phone sex calls ! Which means I like to tell you how to stroke your cock and you tell me how to rub and or fuck my pussy. Sounds hot to you? It sounds hot to me ! I like being told what to do and how to do. I also love to tell you how to stroke yourself for me. We can cum together as we tell each other what to do. I want you to tell me how to rub myself and think of you. Rub my clit nice and soft and than harder and harder until I cant take it anymore and I need one of my sex toys. Tell me how to push in my jelly dildo and tell you how it feels. Compare it to your cock and let’s pretend that it is yours. Should I pop it in and out of my tight pussy? Or maybe I should fuck my fat ass with the jelly dildo. I love being told how to touch myself until I cum and leave a wet spot on the bed. Now its your turn to be told what to do.

JOI Phone Sex

Let me tell you how to hold your cock like I would if I was there with you. Listen to my sweet younger voice tell you how to stroke it from the base all the way to the tip. Can we play with warming jelly or some lotion to add to the fun? Lets play stroke cock, squeeze the balls and other cum worthy games with your cock. We can go until you’re stroking your cock so fast that you’re about to explode. But I would like us both to cum together with our mutual JOI phone sex session. I promise it will be worth all the strokes, rubbing and grabbing.

Who doesn’t want to be told how to jerk themselves off by a younger pretty blonde? Ready for JOI phone sex with me? Call me 1 888 662 6482 ask for you best girl Presley

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Shayla

You tell me exactly how you want my legs spread as you lean over me and whisper in my ear, “rub your clit with two fingers and show me what a horny cum bunny you are going to be for me”. You can call me for guided masturbation phone sex and tell me what you’re going to do to my greedy slut pussy once you’ve decided I have cum enough for you and am worthy of you touching me. Yes, I’m your good cum bunny and I’m going to cum long, hard and loud for you … exactly how you tell me, for as long as you want me to cum. I’m writhing and moaning and begging you to fuck me, please, please, please I’ve been good girl and cum again and again. Please don’t make me masturbate any more, I need your cock in me now. Pleeeease!!!

Guided Masturbation Phone SexI listen as you tell me what a good girl I am being for you and that I am going to cum over and over for you until I beg you to let me stop touching myself and then when I think I can’t cum anymore you are going to use toys on me until you are satisfied with the number of orgasms I reach and then when I think you are satisfied with the number of times I’ve cum with the toys, if I beg good enough you will fuck me until I beg you to stop. To which I just start begging for you to give me that cock and fill me up with your cum. I feel your hand move behind my head, grab my hair and growl in my ear to do as I’m told and stick my fingers in my cunt and finger fuck myself like the good slut I am and cum again, And again. Now, I’m crying because my clit is getting raw and hurts but I’m still convulsing with orgasms for you being a good girl with guided masturbation phone sex … as long as you want!

Shayla moans and cums for you, begs you to fill her cunt up with your tongue, fingers and cock. But only if you call and ask for Shayla.

Twitter: @ShaylaSquirts

Strap On Phone Sex with Harlow

Have I ever told y’all about the time I turned a guy I was dating into a strap on cock whore? It makes for a really great strap on phone sex call, but I’ll tell you a little here. He was ALWAYS asking if he could fuck me in the ass and to be honest, he just wasn’t very good at it, so I kept saying no. He was getting to be super annoying with it, so that’s when I told him that if he let me fuck his ass with a strap on he could fuck my ass again. He agreed immediately and made the comment “How much could it possibly hurt?” and that’s when I decided that I was going to show him. He was actually giddy with excitement because he didn’t think it would hurt and thought that after his fucking, he would get to fuck me.

Phone Sex

He wasn’t the only one who was giddy and excited. Of course, when I went to the store, I looked for the biggest strap on I could find. It was about 9 inches, black, and pretty thick. I really wish that you could have seen his face when he saw how big it was, but he still wasn’t nearly as nervous as he should have been about the situation. I was nice enough to use lube and I even got the warming lube so it might make him feel a little better as the pain started to hit him. I’m not going to tell you all the details of the encounter here. You’ll have to call me for that. But I’m ready and waiting to tell you. Or maybe you have your own strap on phone sex fantasy. Just pick up the phone and dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Presley

I know what you’re thinking. How can this younger blonde girl know anything about cuckolding !!! I will tell you I enjoy cuckold phone sex fantasies very much. I love being watched while I’m getting fucked and pleased. Don’t you want to watch us? Fully knowing it’s not you giving me pleasure and making me moan with delight with every push of someone else’s cock.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Sure you do. Watch me get laid by your best friend while his wife is out of town? Watch him dive between my legs and eat my cotton candy pussy. Want me to stare at you while I suck his big fat cock? All you can do is watch, listen and wish it was you on top of me pushing your cock into this barely legal phone sex princess. Will I look into your eyes as I get laid or will I laugh at you with a sweet giggle because you can’t have me? Which do you think it will be?

Are you a cuckold that can’t satisfy your girlfriend or wife? I can help with that !!! Do you have a small cock or a dicky doo and need advice? We can talk about it. Do you have a small dick and need to feel as small as your cock is? Oh I can help with that too. I love dealing with teenie weenie men.I love giving advice on how to convince your other half to have sex with you. Trust me I’m younger and full of new ideas you may not have tried yet.

Love being a cuck? Need some cuckold phone sex to make your day complete then call me 1 888 662 6482 ask for me by name – Presley

Cougar Phone Sex with Fern

With the encouragement of my horny ass husband, I get to fuck all kinds of people whenever I want, but my favorite fuck buddies tend to be the younger guys who are always ready to go whenever I want them to take care of my insatiable needs. Imagine being a hot and horny housewife who always has dick on demand, especially a dick that is in a constant state of erection! My goodness, I’m starting to get that warm, tingly feeling just at the thought of it. I may have to call one of my delicious cub fuck buddies later, but in the meantime, I’d settle for some super hot cougar phone sex!

Cougar Phone Sex

I had the absolute best cougar phone sex the other day, in fact. A super sexy sounding twenty-something called me for cougar phone sex because his girlfriend was proving to be useless in the bedroom. He was looking to reap the benefits of talking with a mature woman who has a little more advancement to her sexuality. He wanted his mind, cock, and soul swallowed up in the soft, warm world of “cougar loving fantasy” as he put it – his fantasy about being with an older woman and enjoying how we let go of inhibitions with each passing year. That poor guy has been craving the attention of a sophisticated and sexy woman, and when we talked, he got exactly that. We talked about the things I love to do, how I like to do them, and how badly he wants to try them but hasn’t been able to yet. I’m pretty sure that his orgasm was so intense that now he’s going to make it his priority to find a hot cougar to play with.

Show me you have good taste and call for a woman who knows what she is doing. Sexy as fuck cougar phone sex with Fern is just a call away – 1 888 662 6482.

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