Financial Domination Phone Sex with Quinn

Are you the kind of loser who says you want me to be really mean and abuse your wallet on financial domination phone sex? But then you wimp out like a pussy bitch and expect me to be nice? Well, that’s your problem. Not mine. I see it as an opportunity to show you what a worthless worm you are. Well….maybe not completely worthless — your credit card is worth something to me, at least. So get it out and pay up like a good little cash pig and then thank me for owning you like no one else can. Yeah, tell me all your secrets, so I have ammunition to use against you in case our situation needs to turn into a blackmail thing. I need to keep you in line so that I keep that money tap flowing in my direction. Yeah bitch, make it rain all over me. I would hate to tell all your friends and family exactly what a sick pervert you are.

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Actually, I would LOVE to. But you need to pay for the privilege of keeping my mouth shut so you can enjoy your boring normal vanilla life. I view your money as my money. I am just reclaiming it. So pay up and start transferring all MY money where it belongs. This is why I get total pleasure out of blackmailing your nasty ass and milking you of every dime! So you just be a good boy and keep this findom phone sex Mistress happy, and I won’t spill the beans of what a freakshow you are. But you are my financial domination phone sex freak show and I plan on ruining you. Yep, every dime you earned will be in my accounts in no time at all. And your pathetic excuse of a cock will be hard the whole time!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Quinn

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Irelynn

Every week, you work so hard for your money! And for what? To use it on yourself to purchase materialistic, useless crap that you’ll likely just throw away or give to someone else? Yeah, screw that. You don’t need to do that! With financial domination phone sex tactics utilized by Lady Irelynn, I will transform you to live frugally! You will be so charitable, generous, and attentive to my wants, that yours will no longer be as important anymore! I will be sure to budget out your absolutely necessary needs and ensure you have the means to survive. Because without your survival, how am I ever going to be able to use you as a human ATM machine? That’s right!

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Your amazing monetary tributes with be used to maintain my way of life so you will be worshipping my goddess nature. I routinely get my hair and nails done, and sometimes I need a wax. I like to go clothes shopping, so your tributes will provide extra supplementation for this as well. To supply your goddess with tributes, it is essential that you understand how to use our tips page so that you can give me a tip. I need new things all the time and I must maintain my figure. Your tributes will also be used to pay my monthly gym membership fees. This goddess is worthy of not having to pay such extremely high fitness costs. I go to the gym several times a month and I’m always surrounded by sweaty, smelly, slobs so I need to be paid for having to even endure that…

What are your expectations? Specifically, what are your needs? What are you expecting out of this type of financial domination relationship with Lady Irelynn? Do you wish to help me get pedicures so that I may continue to adequately maintain my beautiful feet and my toesies? Would you like to consistently buy my breakfast every morning and get my coffee? I live out in the country, it is a burden on me to maintain my vehicle to even run to town for simple errands. Then, when I need to go out of town, gas prices are absolutely terrible to attend 6-month dental appointments! You can help this goddess offset the costs and relieve me of these expenses that are just burdensome nuisances! With my special financial domination phone sex tactics, you will be sure to live your dream of being a long-distance wallet for your goddess!

Lady Irelynn understands your need to be frugal and give your funds to a more worthy human being. You’re not high maintenance! Fortunately for you, you’ve met Lady Irelynn, who is! 😊 If you so desire to engage in financial domination phone sex with Ms. Lady Irelynn and turn your dough over to me, then you must give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 and request Lady Irelynn! Before you call you must be familiar with the tips page and how to use it since this feature is mandatory to be involved in financial playtime! Allow me to fulfill your dreams today! You may follow me on Twitter @IrelynnIs as well! Remember, I want you just as much as you need me!

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Velvet

Everyone knows that you can pay pretty girls to talk to you. And that is a much different thing than financial domination phone sex. Being a finsub means you want to make a sacrifice. Working hard and forking over a portion of it to your financial dominatrix makes your cock twitch. Do you desire to surrender your spending money to your seductive and superior money Mistress? Well, I’m here to tell you that I very much enjoy dominating your finances. I appreciate that it’s how a pay pig like you worships and shows devotion to a superior being. You’re thinking about sending a nice big fat tip, right now. Aren’t you? I just know you get a warm rush when you send an extra big tip to your Goddess. It wraps you up like a warm blanket and then ripples of excitement reverberate through your entire body. Think about it right now. Think about surrendering your wallet to a superior and very deserving female.

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I’m an experienced fetishist, femdom, and findom. I’m available for all types of financial domination phone sex. If you crave just a quick wallet rinse or a more intense draining that’ll have you nervously wondering if you’ll be able to afford to take your girlfriend to her favorite restaurant this weekend. Oh and for you big boy spenders – you should know that I am always look out for my next whale sub. I love marveling at you poor little things caught in my wicked web. What are you willing to sacrifice for Me?

Since we’re diving into my interest as a financial phone sex dominatrix, let’s discuss tipping. It is my belief that with Findom aside, more men should be tipping their phone sex operators. Had a good time? Tell the dispatcher you want to leave a tip. It’s not hard. We live in a tipping culture, why are so many of you not doing it? Your sexy little phone vixens are providing you with a valuable service, no? Not only do we need to normalizing tipping women for being in your presence, we need to normalize tipping your phone sex operator. Yeah, that’s right. Oh, and if you are one of my financial submissives (finsubs), you will be required to tip the dispatcher an amount with each time you tip me. Oh yes. So get on your knees and get ready to open your wallet.

Are you ready to play a drain game?

Call 1-888-662-6482 ask for money Mistress Velvet.

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Presley

I think most young beautiful girls like me have things given to them or paid for them. I love spending a man’s money. Always have why should I spend my allowance when I can spend your paycheck? I think that’s why I enjoy financial domination phone sex so much. Yes, it’s the gifts, money but I love the control that comes with it all. I have always enjoyed being spoiled by men. I grew up on a farm where we didn’t have much. So, of course, I love gifts. Have you seen my wish list LOL? Wouldnt you want me to have an iced coffee any time I want? Those things are not cheap. See I even have expensive taste in ice coffee 🙂 It arouses you to buy me things, doesn’t it?

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I love being in control and being in control of your pocket makes me smile. Hand over your finances to me and treat me like a royal princess. I’ll take control over your spending, what and where you eat if need be so much more. You will have my loving undivided attention. I am not like the other woman you have called for financial domination phone sex. I’m not a mean girl but I do love being in control and gifts.

I’m naturally addicting so your feelings for me are natural. You want my love, my attention, and me to control not only your pocket but you. We can have so much fun together.  You might get addicted to financial slavery with me. You might find your self looking at new and creative ways to make me smile and giggle with delight, Does fantasy extortion make your cock rock hard and throb? Let me help you cum my handsome piggy.

So if you are ready to explore with me and enter the world of financial domination phone sex call me at 1-888-662-6482. Ask for your Princess Presley

18 Teen Phone Sex with Spencer

I love that my college classes have started back because all the men at school love 18 teen phone sex girls like me. All the professors want to fuck me and I will do it obviously if they agree to give me good grades. And then there are the nerdy guys who I’d never normally fuck, but they can help me with projects and homework (hey, sometimes I have a female professor who doesn’t want to sleep with me, go figure). They’re always more than willing because no girl has ever paid any attention to them. Can you imagine someone who is lonely and probably even a virgin getting to fuck someone who looks like me? I can basically get anything I want from guys like that.

teen phone sex

But it isn’t just men at school who I can fuck to get what I want. I’ve been doing that for a while now and getting whatever I want from whoever I want it from. If I want something in a store, I’ll just wander around until I see an older married man. Those guys are willing to do anything to get into my panties. Their wives don’t put out anymore and I do. All they have to do is buy me that pair of expensive shoes that I want. I’ll take them right into a dressing room and fuck them right away. Or if they want their dick sucked, I’m up for that, too.

I’m not ashamed that I use my perfect barely legal body to get what I want. It works for me and I keep the men in my area happy with this hot bald cunt. Do you want to hear what I’d do with you and for you? Just give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for 18 teen phone

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Spencer

I might look sweet and innocent, but I can be a bit of a brat. I found that out when I started having bratty domme phone sex with all you losers. See, the thing I have going for me is that nobody ever really believes that I can be mean and cruel. I am tiny, adorable, and have the sweetest voice, so I can fool a lot of people. It always makes me laugh and feel so satisfied when a loser says “Wow, I had no idea that you would be so mean.” It always makes it so much more fun.

bratty domme phone sex

I love all kinds of bratty fun, but one of my favorites is small penis humiliation. I mean, what’s not to love about making fun of a loser with a small dick and telling him how he’s just not good enough for you?! I love it when they try to make a case for how they totally could please me, even though their dick isn’t very big. Contrary to what you may have heard, it IS the size that matters. If you can’t fill me up and stretch out my tiny cunt, then I want nothing to do with your teeny weenie. Well, other than making tons of fun of it!

In addition to that, I love CBT, financial domination, strap on play and so much more. I’m getting excited just thinking about all the things I can do to you. Is your pathetic dick getting excited, too? Of course it is, because you’re pathetic and only someone like you would get excited thinking about someone being mean to you.

But you know what that means? It means you need to pick up your phone and call me now! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for bratty domme phone sex now!

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Harlow

Have you ever seen a more perfect body? I didn’t think so. That’s why I am the most perfect girl you could ask for when it comes to bratty domme phone sex. Wouldn’t you just love to be humiliated and/or bossed around by a gorgeous girl like me? I don’t think you stand a chance of coming out of our phone call NOT addicted to me. Everyone who talks to me gets addicted and you will be no different.

bratty domme phone sex

I’ve been asked why I think losers who call me for bratty domme phone sex get addicted to me. I think that the answer to that is pretty obvious. I am beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, and unattainable to losers. That’s why they want me. They know they don’t deserve me, yet they will do pretty much anything to try to please me and prove their worth to me.

When I say anything, I really mean that. I can get a man to do whatever I want him to just by asking. Well, there are times when I have to get a little more pushy with them, but that’s rare. For the most part, they just want to make me happy. I humiliate men who have never been humiliated before and they are so shocked when it turns them on. I also love CBT – there are tons of guys who like a little bit (or a lot!) of pain with their pleasure. I love tease and denial, too! There’s nothing like getting a man worked up and then telling him that he can’t cum. How about a little strap on play? That’s always fun, too!

No matter what I decide to do with you when you call me for bratty domme phone sex, you’re sure to be super addicted by the time I’m done with you. Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

I am going to get really real with you right now. I do NOT need your money. Trust me, you don’t want to get into a financial domination phone sex relationship with a woman who needs money. She’s going to be desperate and it will just be super unbecoming. I, on the other hand, deserve all of your hard earned money. I deserve everything that is in your bank account. And I’m so sugary sweet and awesome that you will want to give me your money. Women like me do not ever have to ask for anything.

financial domination phone sex

So, what are you going to give up in order to give me what I deserve? Are you going to start eating at home all the time instead of going out for expensive dinners? I mean, you’re probably going to have to. I should be the only one eating expensive dinners. You can eat a cheap box of mac and cheese or something at home. I’ll be eating expensive lobster mac and cheese with my girlfriends on your dime.

That’s just the beginning of what you’re going to have to do to be able to afford me. Women like me don’t come cheap. But that’s okay. I know that you will be more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy and speaking to you. Because if you were not paying me, there’s no way in hell I would talk to you if you weren’t paying me to. Why would I? The only thing you can offer me is money.

Are you ready to give, give, give? Grab your phone and give me a call for financial domination phone sex right now. I don’t like to be kept waiting. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and tell the dispatcher you want to talk to your brand new Princess, Harlow.

Phone Sex Brat Skye

Hi losers! I’m Skye and I’m pretty much the perfect phone sex brat. I like to fuck, but there is no way I would ever fuck the likes of you. Why? Oh, I don’t know… maybe it’s because you’re a fat and ugly loser who still plays video games in his underwear while you eat entire bags of chips in one sitting. Gross. I don’t someone like that. Or maybe it’s because you have a tiny dick that looks more like a clit. Haha! There is no way that you could satisfy me with something that small.

phone sex brat

But don’t you worry, loser! There is still a possibility that you can prove yourself useful to this phone sex brat. I mean, you could always call me and listen to me be mean to you about your tiny little cock. I love small penis humiliation so much! And don’t act like I am the first girl to ever laugh at your teeny dick. I know you didn’t go through your whole pathetic life without being laughed at when you have a dick that’s that small. Well, unless no woman has ever seen you naked, which is a possibility since you’re such a huge loser.

Or maybe you’ll call me and tell me that you want to spoil me rotten. It happens all the time, so don’t think that you’ll be the only loser spoiling me. Guys just love giving me stuff. I guess it’s because I’m so cute and I’m so much better than them. They know the only way they are getting even one second of my attention is to buy it.

I bet you’re dying to talk to this phone sex brat now, aren’t you? Well, then all you have to do is call me and pay to talk to me, loser! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Skye!

AIM: Sultry_skye
Yahoo: SultrySkye

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

Listen – I don’t care how much you go into debt when you call me for financial domination phone sex. If you are that worried about it, you wouldn’t be calling me. So if you aren’t worried, why should I be? I mean, not that you being worried would have any effect on me. I’m the prettiest Princess around and I deserve everything. And that’s what you are going to give me – everything.

financial domination phone sex

I hope you enjoy living a very basic life because that’s what you’re going to need to do once you start calling me for financial domination phone sex. All of the luxuries you maybe have gotten used to are going to be a thing of the past. The only person who will be living a luxurious life from now on is ME. But the thing is – I deserve it. Why? I mean, come on. Look at me. Don’t you think a girl who looks like me deserves every luxury that life has to offer? I’m way better than you or any woman you could ever manage to get, so you might as well just accept that and spend all of your hard earned money on me.

And speaking of earning money – you are going to need to make sure you can give me everything I need, so you might even have to get a part time job to supplement. And unless you have paid days off, I better not ever find out that you took a day off from work. If I do, I am not going to be happy because that means there will be less money for me. I want more, not less.

Stop dicking around and call me right now for financial domination phone sex now. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Princess Harlow.

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