Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Irelynn

Hey there boys… I’m Irelynn, the baddest, most mature, sex goddess you will ever meet! I am so down for anything, that I will try anything once. I am so in touch with my feminity and my sexuality that I am really great at mutual masturbation phone sex. With all of my experiences in this world, I would like to share them with you sometime. *wink* What I like to do first is rub myself, tug on my hair a bit, cup my left hand around my left breast and squeeze the nipple a little bit, not so hard (at first) and then slowly I use my right hand to grab my other breast while this whole time my legs are spread to allow sensations to travel down below. I would then lick my lips as if adding moisture to them and then just give them a little nibble.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Well, I can’t just finish masturbating on this blog… I have to get to work on myself! Perhaps you should join me in the fun! We could have a special mutual masturbation session, just you and I! I bet you would love it, I know I would, I can hardly wait for you to pick up that phone. I want to hear those moans and the quivering in your voice as you get ready to just let yourself go, that would be so satisfying to me, I think. Tell me all about what you are doing to yourself or I can instruct you what to do as if I had your cock in my hand.

We could moan together and orgasm together with my special mutual masturbation phone sex, it will be so hot, I just know it! Make my evening baby, I am so ready for you! Give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 and be sure to ask for Irelynn! You may also follow me on Twitter with @IrelynnIs or email me at

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Tori

Ever since the first time I touched myself, I haven’t been able to stop. If I don’t cum at least a couple of times each day, I can feel it start to build up inside of me. I have a lot of toys and would love to share them with you on a mutual masturbation phone sex call. Playing with myself is fun, but it’s so much better with someone listening and joining in. I love it when I can hear you stroking your cock for me. Listening to you breathing heavily as you get closer and closer to exploding. Are you nice and loud when you cum? I am a very vocal person when I have an orgasm. If you get loud too, that’s the best! Hearing what I’ve helped you do to yourself makes my pussy extremely wet.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

I get turned on very easily. That’s why I always make sure to have some type of toy close by. The best part about living alone is that I can pull down my panties and pleasure myself whenever and wherever the mood strikes me. Sometimes I forget to close the curtains before I start. Oops. No wonder my neighbors’ wives always look so unhappy to see me. Mmm, just thinking about their husbands secretly jerking their dicks, unable to get me out of their heads, it makes me so very hot. I’m going to have to take care of this before I can even finish my blog or else I’ll never be able to think straight. I wish there were someone to join me. Masturbation is great, but mutual masturbation phone sex is amazing!

Will you play with me? Grab your lube, your favorite toy, maybe a pair of panties you like to rub on your cock, and give me a call.

1-888-662-6482, tell them you want Tori

Kinky Phone Sex with Courtney

Its a wet Monday. Literally nothing is pulling me from my bed today. Well ok other than a few things like needing some coffee which happened to be a run to the drive thru lane at my favorite coffee shop. Hey I was even too lazy to wanna make breakie so it was toss clothes on and head out the door for this kinky phone sex vixen.

kinky phone sex

Something about no panties and joggers that get me excited. Bald pussy rubbing up against that soft material. Ya was a good thing I ran out for some coffee cause I returned super wet and excited.

How excited? Lets just say that I have been up for hours and only now are my fingers finally finding time to hit the keyboard and well they are not typing so well. Perfect Monday morning spent masturbating and sharing in some wild phone sex fantasies.

Some of the fantasies were true tales of what guys were up to or almost up to this weekend. Sorry am pretty sure a few were near misses but definitely fun to role play them and enjoy the sticky outcome.

Being a kinky phone sex vixen means this pussy even though its cum a few times isnt ready to quit just yet. Its one of those super insatiable days. So I am hoping a few of you are feeling the same way and eager to jack off to some hot, kinky and even taboo sex stories with myself.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney the dispatcher will take care of the rest.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Olivia

Hey there, all you sexy guys. How do you feel about having a sexy mutual masturbation phone sex session today? I would LOVE to hear you jerk your cock off while I am rubbing my horny pussy. And boy have I been horny lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Sometimes it just hits me and I have to reach down and start fucking my pussy with fingers or sometimes even a big fat toy. It would be perfect if I had you on the line to listen to me touch myself. And I know that it would make your dick hard and then I could listen to you stroking your cock. Make sure you put lots of lube on it so I can hear it. Mmm. That turns me on so much.

mutual masturbation phone sex

What would you like to talk about while we touch ourselves? Do you maybe have a hot fantasy that you want to tell someone about? I hope so because I love hearing the dirty things that get your cock hard as a rock. Every man is different in that regard, so it always interests me to hear what the thing is that gets YOU excited. And if you’re lucky, I will tell you what makes my perfect pussy throb. I can promise you that it’s even more naughty and taboo that you probably imagined it would be. Guys don’t think perfect women like me can be as dirty as them, but that’s just simply not true – far from it, actually.

Are you ready for the perfect mutual masturbation phone sex? Do you want to hear what gets me excited? All you have to do to get that and more is to call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask the dispatcher to talk to Olivia.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Shyann

Okay seriously. I haven’t heard from enough of you lately. Seriously dudes, I wasn’t kidding when I said that nobody should have to play alone. Usually that means that I’m there to be your biggest cheerleader when it comes to mutual masturbation phone sex. I pick up my pom poms and cheer you on while you stroke your dick for me. But mutual masturbation means it’s mutual! That means it goes both ways. I like to get off too dudes. Like a lot. Probably even more than your average girl, I’m a horney college co-ed, and expect you all to help me out with that problem.

mutual masturbation phone sex

It’s not fair to make me rub this sweet pussy all alone. You’re supposed to keep me company. You know what turns me on more than anything? The simple act of hearing you jerking off on the other end of the phone. You don’t even have to say anything really, you can just breath heavy, pant, and let me do all the talking. If I know that you’re jerking that dick while I’m rubbing my pussy. That’s all I really need. Just knowing that we’re both playing with ourselves while the other one is listening and getting off to it makes me wet. Like, really, really wet. I love mutual masturbation.

When I was younger, I had this boy that would call me late at night. I always broke the rules to talk to him because when we were talking, I could always tell that he was jerking off. After a few times I just started jerking off too. I mean why should he get to have all the fun right? So I started rubbing right along with him. Sometimes he’d call me, and he wouldn’t even say anything, he’d just be heaving breathing and panting into the phone while he frantically tried to rub one out. I’d do the same thing, just start masturbating. Usually right about the time that I whimpered and moaned out in an orgasm he’d shot off a load and then hang up the phone.

Man, I miss those days. But we can relive them together with a mutual masturbation phone sex call. It doesn’t matter if you are shy or if your wife is there, and you can’t talk. You don’t have too. Just make a little noise that let’s me know your hand is on your dick and I’ll join right in.

You ready? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Shyann and let’s share an orgasm or two together!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Shanelle

I have been so horny and masturbating like crazy everyday. So I thought that I would invite you to come along with me so we can have mutual masturbation phone sex. My clit is already throbbing as I think about it. There are so many ways we can do it also. I have butt plugs, dildos, gags, fingers, and lots of lubrication for my tight holes. You can tell me exactly how you want me to play with myself or I can tell you my favorite moves. I can even tell you how I want you to jack off for me.

mutual masturbation phone sex

All of my holes need to be filled when we get started. A plug up my pretty pink butt to start. Then I can dig into my cunt with my favorite toy that makes me cum so hard. I will have to slide a toy up and down my big tits also. Tit fucking is one of my favorites! A secret of mine is that the taste of my pussy and ass makes me so horny. When I pull out my toys out of them both and shove them in my mouth, I will suck every bit of my wet tasty treat off of them. The only thing better would be if you were right next to me so you can suck on them also. Mmm, that would turn me on explosively.

As you can tell babe my body is on fire so I need you to come and help me tame it. I promise to try to take it easy on you. I am going to go crazy on myself though. Maybe it is the holidays that have me excited. I feel like I need to cum and cum and cum. Mutual masturbation phone sex is calling us darling. Call 1-888-662-6462 and ask for Shanelle.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Ivy

Sometimes I touch myself so much I think I might have a real addiction to masturbating! I do it for hours a day in my dorm room, in my car when I’m stuck in traffic, in a movie theatre when I get bored, but best of all… when I am on the phone! I absolutely love mutual masturbation phone sex! Hearing your voice and the sexy sounds you make as you give yourself pleasure, knowing how hard your dick is as you slide your hand around it and thinking about the ways you could pleasure yourself with my body if you were here with me, it’s almost going to make me cum just thinking about it!

mutual masturbation phone sex

And the best part is that the pleasure will be mutual because you will hear my soft voice beg for your cock and hear me moan and whimper breathlessly as I cum for you! And for a really good time maybe we can helping each other with some sexy instructions! You can tell me how touch my body or how many fingers to use! And if you are feeling adventurous maybe we can even use some toys… you could tell me to fill all my holes, you can hear me slurp on a dildo, and you can hear my wet pussy as I finger myself! It makes me so horny taking direction from a man that knows how to please and of course I will please you in return! I can tell you how to wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it at just the right pace. Tell you to tease yourself and edge your way closer to the final release!

With this redheaded nympho you are guaranteed to have a sensual and naughty mutual masturbation phone sex experience! So if you are ready to cum together call 1 888 622 6482 and ask for Ivy!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Harlow

I’m home all day with not much to do. Being a Princess like me is nice, but it can be so boring! There’s only so many books you can read and so much online shopping you can do before you feel like you’re going insane. I get so antsy it makes my skin crawl. The only thing that seems to sooth me is touching my pussy, but even that is not so much fun alone. I want to play with someone who can appreciate mutual masturbation phone sex. Hearing you stroking your cock gets me all excited and my sexy juices start flowing. I’m very much an audiophile, so when you start talking dirty to me I almost can’t hold back. But don’t worry, if I cum our mutual masturbation phone sex fun doesn’t have to end. I’m a multiple orgasm kind of girl. I can cum over and over again if you put me in the right frame of mind. I bet every time you hear me explode it makes your cock swell a little more. In the end, it’ll be you exploding which will probably make me cum again. You make my day so much better when we play together. I’m sure I’ll need a little nap once we’re done.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I like to have mutual masturbation phone sex as often as I possibly can. Every day is good, many times a day is ideal. My pussy just won’t stop yearning for a little more play time. So when you’re stuck in the office thinking dirty thoughts and your cock is straining against your pants, just remember that I’m only a phone call away. Or when you’re working from home and you need a little break, a nice juicy orgasm can clear your head and make you much more productive. Even if your wife is in the house, you just have to sneak off to the bathroom and lock the door. Hearing you whisper and the thrill of you getting caught just makes our time together much more exciting.

If you love mutual masturbation phone sex call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Emily

Hey guys, Emily here. I’m really in the mood to have mutual masturbation phone sex right now. I’ve been so horny lately and I don’t know why. I mean, I’ve always been a horny woman, but lately it’s just been out of control. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting so many hot phone sex calls lately and they have just been getting me so turned on. I love all kinds of fantasies and fetishes, so don’t worry – we will find something that we have in common to get us both horny.

mutual masturbation phone sex

Do you have a roleplay idea that gets your dick hard? I LOVE roleplays and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. I have so many to tell you about, but I want to hear yours, too. Maybe you even have a taboo idea that you’ve been dying to talk about but have been afraid to tell someone. Please don’t be worried that you’re going to offend me. Honestly, the more taboo you get with me, the wetter my pussy gets. Let’s get down and dirty, baby!

I also love when guys call for mutual masturbation phone sex and tell me about real experiences they’ve had. Oh, I have heard some really wild stories and I never get tired of it. I want to hear more. I love fucking my pussy with my fingers or a dildo while you tell me all the nasty things you’ve done. And of course, I’ll be telling you about all the sexy fun I’ve had. I can’t wait to cum with you, baby!

What are you waiting for? Call me for some hot mutual masturbation phone sex fun at 1 888 662 6482 and ask the dispatcher to talk to Emily. I know we’re going to have so much fun!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Jade

Sometimes I get so turned on when I have mutual masturbation phone sex. I think it is so hot when a guy wants to listen to me play with my pussy with my favorite toys. Then with him on the other side of the phone masturbating his cock makes it even more better. They are so many things we can do while we are in heaven with each other.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I imagine you on the phone with me with that hard cock in your hand. You have so much lube on your cock that I can hear you slide your hand up and down and only wish that it was my sweet cunt juice spilling all over you as you penetrate me. But just because we wont be in front of each other it will be almost like we are. I want to have my favorite toy and thrust it slowly on my g spot while i hear you moan and ask me how I want you to stroke on your manhood. Mmm, you can even tell me how you want me to play with my pretty pink pussy. Do you want me to cum while playing with my clit, or while I have 11 inches of cock in me? What will be even better is if I cum pleasing both spots at the same time. Maybe I should insert my cute butt plug I just got so elevate my mood even more. That would make me explode like crazy and you should be there.

We should indulge in some sexy mutual masturbation phone sex. You tell me how you want it and I will tell you how I want it. That will be super nasty and kinky of course baby. Let’s have some phone together and both get off. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade.

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