Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love, no I crave big cocks. The bigger the better. Therefore I love small penis humiliation phone sex. Laughing at your tiny dickie makes my pussy wet. Hey there tiny dick loser. Look at my hot body. You know you want me. But guess what? You don’t deserve me. I am way too hot for you, LOSER. That’s right, my Pomeranian has a bigger package than you. Hell, my clit gets bigger than your dick when a real man is working it. And you are correct, you are not a man. A man has a cock, not a clit stick. A man makes a woman cum, not squint and laugh. A real man can get it up without the help of a pretty blue pill. A real man can fuck a woman all night long with minimal downtime. A real man can fuck in any position because his dick won’t fall out of my pussy. A real man can cover me in cum. A real man can give me something I can feel.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I do not understand women who say size doesn’t matter. Size is the only thing that matters. I can’t wait to laugh at you; reject you; make you beg and plead; dress you up; force you to suck cock; deny you; humiliate you; maybe even fuck you in your back door pussy. If you got a tiny dick, you better not call to fuck me. Access to my hot holes will be denied to anyone with less than 8 inches of solid meat. Know your place loser. And that would be being my sissy, my slave, my cuckold, my pet, my bitch, my fluffer, my clean-up boy. You know your tiny dick won’t please any women.  Call me now, You know your little clit is hard right now. Let’s get our small penis humiliation phone sex session started. I can’t wait to talk to my little sissy.

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CBT Phone Sex with Jennifer

When you call me for CBT phone sex you should know exactly what you’re getting into. They don’t call me a Sadistic Bitch for nothing! Teasing, tormenting, and torturing your cock and your balls and listening to you cry and beg is truly one of my favorite things. When you feel my body pressed up against yours and my hand feels for your cock through your pants, you only think you know what’s on my mind.

I’m a big fan of binding your cock and balls and making them ache and throb for me. Pulling on your testicles and wrapping a wide leather strap around the base of your balls keeping them tight and pulled. I’ll wet the leather first so as you become accustomed to the tightness it gets even tighter as it dries. I could even pull your balls apart and separate them for added tension. My panties are getting wet just watching your balls turn dark red and purple. When you get too loud you are going to love that I’ll take my panties off and stuff them in your mouth. A little bit of tape to keep them in.

CBT Phone Sex ~ Making you hurt

It’s supposed to hurt, that’s why they call it cock and ball TORTURE. My hands slapping your cock or perhaps you would prefer my penis whip? Will you hold still or do I need to tie you down? Little tiny clothespins over the head of your cock. Feeling my riding crop whip them off one at a time. Birthday candles and hot wax. Heavy bells hanging from your balls pulling them to your knees and making music at the same time. Plastic wrap and duct tape. Sounds for urethral insertions. Making your cock and balls hurt and ache and making you cry and beg for me.

Oh, and did I mention I’m quite the fan of ballbusting and castration too?!

Cock and ball torture with Ms Jennifer. Cum, explore my Sadistic side with your masochistic needs when you call for CBT Phone Sex. 1 888 662 6482

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Jennifer

Domination isn’t always about pain and abuse and yelling and cruelty. Domination can be sweet and teasing and tormenting and a just a bit of wickedness. Sensual Domination phone sex with me might change your mind about what being Dominated is all about. When we kiss and I push you up against the wall, pressing my body into yours, my long nails on the back of your neck, I feel your cock getting hard between us. I can’t resist feeling you through your pants and giving your package a nice firm squeeze in my hand. You need to know who is in charge.

Sensual Domination for your brain and your cock

The satiny blindfold over your eyes as I whisper “trust me” in your ear. My hot breath tickling against your neck. Lightly dragging my finger tips along the inside of your arm, feather light touches tickling just the hairs. Stripping you naked for my appraisal, you can feel my eyes on you and your excitement is evident. Guiding you to my bed and pulling the rest of your clothes off, I then bind you to my bed, spread eagle, using silk ties for your tactile pleasure. Tying your cock and balls into a nice little present to ache even more for me.

I get a little more aggressive, lightly pinching your nipples (are they sensitive?!) and then a little harder as I feel you squirm underneath me. Leaning forward and letting my breasts rub over your face, my hard nipples on your lips as I tell you to suck.

My hands touching every part of you, scratching the insides of your thighs, my hands on your balls, not yet touching your cock because your pleasure won’t come (cum) until after mine. I step away and watch you breathing more heavily as I ponder my next moves. Will you feel the heat and smell the sweet of my pussy over your face? Or ??

Now is when the fun starts, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Jennifer for Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Savannah

Honestly I dont care about your Thanksgiving plans and how stuffed your getting on turkey. Sure you could blame my lack of enthusiasm on the fact that I am Canadian and already did the Thanksgiving thing in October. Really it just boils down to being one kinky bitch and I would rather have you gobbling down on something other than turkey. Yes my dirty mind would rather listen to real life almost moment that happened to you or create some wicked fantasies around you gulping down a hard throbbing cock in a cum eating phone sex role play.

cum eating phone sex

Sure it could be your cum but we both know that is not exciting enough or really dirty enough. This is no limit phone fun and the idea is having you exploring your secret sexual fantasies that only google knows about haha. But dont worry I can keep better secrets than Siri. I mean granted I might tease you on the phone about being a cock sucking whore (wanna be or actual) but hearing those words come from such a sexy mouth gets you excited and that cock of yours dripping more than ever.

So why not put down that turkey leg and grab the phone. You can pick your favorite cock sucking porn to watch in the background personally I think you hearing those slobbering, gulping near gagging sounds would be rather motivational for you. Give you some gang bang vibes which I am all for having you take a train today.

Oh and I am not buying that OMG shocked expression. See that little sly smile that is creeping over the corner of your lips is giving away how much you love the idea of a cum eating phone sex fantasy. To be on your knees like the cock sucking whore you are.

The number to reach me is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah and we can get you gobbling down some hot sticky cum.

Body Worship Phone Sex with Whisper

Now there are  many areas on my body you can worship. For I am sexy from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet but we both know the area of my body you wish to pay extra attention too. That spot you wish to wrap those lips around and adore during a body worship phone sex fantasy.

body worship phone sex

I mean really its the spot on my body you keep trying not to look. Those shy eyes glancing down every so often pretending its my breasts that draw your eyes down but its so much lower than that.

My cock is where your interests lay. Dont worry baby its where I want all your body worship attention to be as well. For this cock of mine has been craving some attention. You of all people know masturbating only gets you so much pleasure but someone’s mouth. Hmmm now that is real pleasure.

Especially someone who is eager to worship that cock and make it explode down their throat. Yes just the idea of fucking your face has my beautiful cock starting to create a wet spot in my panties. Shame really for those precum drips should be on your lips.

What are you waiting for this is the perfect time. For I am here my cock is ready and well you are most curious what it would be like to talk to a shemale and indulge in a body worship phone sex fantasy. Yes we can call it that baby instead of a cock worship one for I know that does make things easier for you.

Just ask for Whisper when you reach the dispatcher 1-888-662-6482

Phone Sex Slut Ava

I love the guys who surrender themselves completely to me so I can turn them into my phone sex slut. I feel like a real goddess when my callers obey me and do everything I tell them to do. Imagine I have your husband on my phone dressed up playing with his ass and doing things that you would never imagine your husband doing, whenever he calls and ask for Ava, just know he is about to be my little phone sex slut. I find it to be fun when the guys get dressed up for me. Most guys like pretty pink dress, thong, wig, stocking, and heels, some of them really do look like a princess. The right mistress like me can make you look like just about anything of your choice.

Phone Sex Slut

You would be surprised how much of these guys enjoy been my little phone sex slut. My favorite caller is a married man who loves to get dressed up and call me, I would instruct him what to do on our call while he plays with his cunt as he calls it. He would buy all the toys that I told him he needed to be my little slut. Some wife are really clueless, can you imagine the amount of toys he bought to be a good slut for me, and his wife has no idea he has all these toys hidden in the house. For you to be a good little slut you must listen and follow all the instructions given to you by your mistress. My phone sex sluts can be as nasty as any other slut but to their family and friends they are the perfect gentlemen, but these are the guys I admire because they live a double life like me and I am the one who gets the fun side of them. There is nothing sexier to me than when a guy plays with his ass and cums.

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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Quinn

So honey, fess up. Do you have a tiny dick? You have probably been trying to hide that tiny thing for most of your life, but it is time that you confess your shame to me. If you think about it, I am the only one you can really talk to about it. You can tell me the total truth and I can help you realize and accept your true place in this big cock driven world. I bet you never please your wife or girlfriend…ever! Neither does my hubby. That’s why I punish him with small cock humiliation phone sex. I make him call me from work so I can berate him for having such a small winky. I send him pics of my pussy, sometimes fingering myself, sometimes stuffed with a big dildo. And I make him look at it while I tell him what a loser he is for not having a normal cock to fuck me with. I’d be better off fucking his tongue if he was good at eating pussy.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

When I’m super horny and really frustrated with him, sometimes small cock humiliation phone sex is not enough punishment. So, I force him to be my cucky bitch. I make him kneel in front of the door with his hands tied behind his back, and every guy who walks through the door gets to fuck his mouth to get them hard for my cunt. Hubby is becoming such a good cock fluffer for me. How small is your dick? Do you get to watch your wife getting fucked by strangers while you helplessly sit there unable to stop it? That really is the best punishment for a no-dick loser husband. If you have a teeny weeny then you need to call me and I’ll show you what small cock humiliation phone sex is all about!!

1-888-662-6482 and ask for Quinn

Cock Control Phone Sex with Harlow

I’m used to dealing with weak men that can’t keep their hands off of their cocks. The search for pleasure leads you to make the worst decisions with your pathetic dick. You need to hand over your freedom. Nothing good will come from you having the rights to your cock for even one more day. It’s time that you made the right choices and called me to discuss cock control phone sex. Do you fantasize about chastity? I will have you locked up in devotion to your new perfect Queen. It’s your lucky day. I’ll talk to you about what is best for you and your cock, and then take ownership over you, and things will be much easier for you. If you’re not sure if you should jack off or not, you need only ask your owner to see if you have earned any hand to cock time anyway.

Cock Control Phone Sex

Once I take over your cock, the rest will follow right behind. You are weak; you are so filthy. I’ll use my sexy voice and dirty mouth to fuel your lust. You will be powerless to stop me from taking you completely. My giggle makes your balls ache, and my cruelty makes you blissed out and desperate. Cock control phone sex is dangerous with a hot tease like me. You’ll need my praise and crave my attention more than ever before; The desire to please your cock owner is inevitable. You must impress me, spoil me, and worship me. The days when your dick got you into trouble are gone. Now it’s time to amuse me and be my devoted pet. I might be sensual; I might be cruel. What I will be is the overseer of all things cock related. Your cock and your balls are mine, all mine.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow for cock control phone sex!

Bisexual Phone Sex Encouragement with Andrea

Hey girl, how are you doing today? You know, I was thinking since it’s just us girls, we should probably talk about bisexual phone sex encouragement . I know how your mine works when you watch porn, princess! You don’t see a hot porn star and want to fuck her… you want to be her. I know you’ve been secretly watching porn and masturbating while thinking about what it would be like to be down on your knees with some muscular stud dipping his dick into your holes. It’s true. I bet you even get a bit green with envy if the pornstar is super hot, dressed in a killer outfit, and taking more than one cock. How desperately would you like to be the center of attention just like her? Let me tell you a secret: I want you to want to be her.

Bisexual Phone Sex

That could be you, you know. You just need the right guidance! I could turn you into a pretty sissy cocksucker. You don’t have to hide your desire for bisexual phone sex encouragement with me. I want you to become one of my slutty girlfriends. In fact, the thought of pimping you out to muscular guys makes my pussy wet. I want to watch you drop to your knees and suck cock while I rub my pussy. No, it’s not gay…. not entirely anyway. I’m right there with you! So it’s at least a threesome… and if I dress you like a girl and rename you, it’ll be two hot girls and one dude. Just a two hot sluts and a sexy stud with a big fat dick. Yummy!

I don’t want to see you suck just any cock during bisexual phone sex encouragement. I want to see you suck a thick, veiny, nine inch penis while I rub my pussy. Nothing less than the biggest and the best for my new girlfriend! If you’re too scared, I can drop down to my knees next to you and share it with you. Just us two hot babes worshiping a big meaty penis together. What’s better than that? Listen princess, I’m about to make all your hot bisexual fantasies dreams come true, so you better be an eager cock slut! Are you ready to drink all his load for me?

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Andrea

BBC Phone Sex with Quinn

I bet you have no problem imagining a big black cock fucking this BBC phone sex whore’s mouth? Doesn’t it look so good — the contrast of the skin colors as I do my best to get it down my throat? So what do you think? How would you like to help me suck that monster? Maybe you can put him in my pussy and let him fuck me for a few minutes before you pull him out and lick him off. It is so important that you keep everyone clean. My cunt juices taste so good on a massive black cock, I can tell you that. I’ve licked enough of them clean to know!

BBC Phone Sex

Why don’t you pull your meat out and start stroking while you sit back and watch his giant anaconda alpha dick pound my pussy. OMG, there is nothing better than a big, thick black cock! Sorry, not sorry. You really should know that by now. If you are not a black god with a massive dark schlong, don’t even bother to approach me. This BBC phone sex slut only does dark meat. You can watch…but you won’t be fucking me if you don’t have what I want. I will share him with you though. I’ll let you suck him clean when I’m done using him and I’ll even let you get your ass fucked by him if he wants you. I’m very generous that way. I’ll even be kind enough to let you lick his dick as he slides in and out of my pussy. Just don’t think you’re going to fuck me unless you’re packing what he is…a huge, chocolate dick!

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and let’s see if you have what it takes to keep up with me on my BBC sexcapades. Ask for Quinn.

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