Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love, no I crave big cocks. The bigger the better. Therefore I love small penis humiliation phone sex. Laughing at your tiny dickie makes my pussy wet. Hey there tiny dick loser. Look at my hot body. You know you want me. But guess what? You don’t deserve me. I am way too hot for you, LOSER. That’s right, my Pomeranian has a bigger package than you. Hell, my clit gets bigger than your dick when a real man is working it. And you are correct, you are not a man. A man has a cock, not a clit stick. A man makes a woman cum, not squint and laugh. A real man can get it up without the help of a pretty blue pill. A real man can fuck a woman all night long with minimal downtime. A real man can fuck in any position because his dick won’t fall out of my pussy. A real man can cover me in cum. A real man can give me something I can feel.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I do not understand women who say size doesn’t matter. Size is the only thing that matters. I can’t wait to laugh at you; reject you; make you beg and plead; dress you up; force you to suck cock; deny you; humiliate you; maybe even fuck you in your back door pussy. If you got a tiny dick, you better not call to fuck me. Access to my hot holes will be denied to anyone with less than 8 inches of solid meat. Know your place loser. And that would be being my sissy, my slave, my cuckold, my pet, my bitch, my fluffer, my clean-up boy. You know your tiny dick won’t please any women.  Call me now, You know your little clit is hard right now. Let’s get our small penis humiliation phone sex session started. I can’t wait to talk to my little sissy.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Presley

I know what you’re thinking. How can this younger blonde girl know anything about cuckolding !!! I will tell you I enjoy cuckold phone sex fantasies very much. I love being watched while I’m getting fucked and pleased. Don’t you want to watch us? Fully knowing it’s not you giving me pleasure and making me moan with delight with every push of someone else’s cock.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Sure you do. Watch me get laid by your best friend while his wife is out of town? Watch him dive between my legs and eat my cotton candy pussy. Want me to stare at you while I suck his big fat cock? All you can do is watch, listen and wish it was you on top of me pushing your cock into this barely legal phone sex princess. Will I look into your eyes as I get laid or will I laugh at you with a sweet giggle because you can’t have me? Which do you think it will be?

Are you a cuckold that can’t satisfy your girlfriend or wife? I can help with that !!! Do you have a small cock or a dicky doo and need advice? We can talk about it. Do you have a small dick and need to feel as small as your cock is? Oh I can help with that too. I love dealing with teenie weenie men.I love giving advice on how to convince your other half to have sex with you. Trust me I’m younger and full of new ideas you may not have tried yet.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

humiliation phone sex

Quick question for you guys. Why do you always get tongue tied when asked what you called for? I mean ok I get it your finally talking to a sexy bratty domme like myself and figure you would never ever get to talk to a hot bitch like me but like you act like you have zero clue what turns you on. We both know you been reading my bio for weeks staring at my pick praying someone like me would dish out some humiliation phone sex on you.

Now you finally work up the nerve to call and boom your tongue tied cant get the words out. Tripping over your lips hell half the time you cant even speak into the phone its a mumbled mess. If it aint for the small pecker in your pants your verbal skills or lack there of is the reason you are at home stroking your dick alone. And by stroking I really mean palming that itty bitty thing.

Oh and the other question is when you all ask if I have ever done small dick humiliation like umm WTF?

Dude making fun and humiliating men about their lack of a dick is totally my thing. Like I would be ever so happy to spend the day chatting and laughing at men tell me how small their dicks are. Well I mean not like thats what gets me off sort of happy but like its really entertaining to listen to how excited you get while I laugh and tell you how unfuckable you are.

The last guy that called for a small dick humiliation phone sex call literally heard my laugh and was like thanks thats all I needed. Dude you barely got through telling me the size of your cock but umm ya cool. Have a good day hahaha. Gonna be laughing over this one for a few days now. Now you can too.

Anyways to reach me you can call 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Bree

Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

Fuck Ya! Its Friday and its time to break into some fun stuff like humiliation phone sex cause really nothing is more fun, for this bratty princess, than laughing at you small dick losers. Ya I know truth hurts and well I am not someone who cares about your feelings so get over it.

humiliation phone sex

Its gonna be one of those days where I dont even care what your name is. Just go ahead say hello and tell me the deets on your dick. Size and I was gonna ask the last time you got some but we both know ya aint got any pussy this millennium. Yup boo hoo with some other phone girl sure there are some mature bitches who will care about your feelings and give your micro peen a sympathy fuck. All while saying dont worry baby its the motion of the ocean …

Ya I cant even type that fucking line out with a straight face. Please tell me that shit doesnt work on your fuckers? Probably does you idiots fall for anything. *eye roll*

So consider this your fair warning I am not the bitch you call if you want sympathy phone sex I am the princess you call when  you want straight up humiliation phone sex. No false advertising here.

Anyways gonna go grab my iced coffee and ditch my jean shorts for something more comfortable to laugh in. Ya I know you wanna know but ha. Like I am gonna tell you small dick losers.

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Bree


Cuckold Fantasies with Presley

In high school, there was a guy that always called people cucks in a fun playful manner. I never really knew what it was but it’s the kind of thing when one person laughs everyone kind of falls in and laughs too. But when I did finally find out from some girls what a cuck really meant I longed to try it. Then I started having cuckold fantasies. Want to hear one of them? Like did I really just ask you LOL I crack myself up sometimes.

Cuckold Fantasies

In many countries, there are arranged marriages. I was sadly paired with an older tribal man. My parents knew the rich old prick and I was to marry him. But he didn’t know this blonde was about to make him my cuck!!

Being blonde and blue-eyed got me a lot of attention from all kinds of men my own age. It’s rare to see a light skin girl like me in a country such as this. Blame my mixed parents I guess. But that puts me in the perfect position to make my new husband my cuckold. And shocking he loved the idea of me with other men from the town.

He liked to watch me get fucked by the guys in the village. Sometimes a stranger would come through and stay at the local hostel and I would seduce them at the local dive just to bring him home to fuck him in front of my husband. He loved it when a stranger came home because he wouldn’t have to ever see them again at the market or in town. those are the guys I would let do downright dirty stuff to me. Let your imagination run wild with that.

Normally he would only jerk off across the room while I was getting laid. One night when we were both very drunk and I got fucked in both my pussy and my ass I made him do something new.

While drunk and smoking from his hookah I laid down in front of him and open my pale legs as wide as I could spread them. So wide my shaved pussy was right next to his hookah pipe. He didn’t think twice and went down on me. Cuckold’s fantasy comes true he was eating my pussy after sex with a different guy. He loved my cream pie and sucked it out. It made me so wet I came in his face more than once. And to my shock cuckold fantasy came true again and he fucked my pussy, He fucked my cum filled pussy.

So I made my arranged marriage work for me and made that old fart with the fat pockets my cuckold. Every month or so I would let him fuck me he did have a nice cock just saying LOL!

I want to hear your own cuckold fantasies. Call me at 1-888-662-6482. Ask for Presley. Let’s talk about yours or maybe you want to hear one of mine?

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Naomi

If you lined up all the little white dicks that call Me for small penis humiliation phone sex, you might finally have enough to qualify for sizeable, but that’s the ONLY way those little white cocks could ever amount to anything. It has to be a group effort, and when you consider the way those little dinky dingles function, or don’t, there’s still really no amount of little tiny dicks that could satisfy a Queen like Me. I’m not only a Femdom Queen, but I’m also a Size Queen. That’s right, honey, so unless you’ve got a minimum of 7 inches (and that’s Me being generous), you’d better be prepared for your call to turn into a small penis humiliation phone sex call.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Fuck, it’s too funny when a dude with four inches calls and says he wants to fuck Me. That’s going to get Me going, rolling with laughter and cranking out the jokes that cum with small penis humiliation phone sex. Choke on it? Honey, there’s just nothing to choke on, but I bet My strap on would choke you while I laugh at you clumsily pulling on your pathetic puny pud. Baby, you know I’m gonna own you if My strap on is bigger than your dick, so be prepared. I’m gonna make your cheeks pink whether I’m spanking your white ass cheeks or making your face blush with shame – either way, rosy cheeks look good on sad little white boys. So does small penis humiliatio – it was made for sad little white boys like you.

Do you think you’ve got enough dangling in front to please a Queen like Me? I doubt it, but you can always call Me and find out. I just warn you – you’d better be able to handle small penis humiliation phone sex, because if I’m not satisfied with the presentation, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The number is 1 888 662 6482 – take the cock challenge with Queen Naomi!

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Quinn

So honey, fess up. Do you have a tiny dick? You have probably been trying to hide that tiny thing for most of your life, but it is time that you confess your shame to me. If you think about it, I am the only one you can really talk to about it. You can tell me the total truth and I can help you realize and accept your true place in this big cock driven world. I bet you never please your wife or girlfriend…ever! Neither does my hubby. That’s why I punish him with small cock humiliation phone sex. I make him call me from work so I can berate him for having such a small winky. I send him pics of my pussy, sometimes fingering myself, sometimes stuffed with a big dildo. And I make him look at it while I tell him what a loser he is for not having a normal cock to fuck me with. I’d be better off fucking his tongue if he was good at eating pussy.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

When I’m super horny and really frustrated with him, sometimes small cock humiliation phone sex is not enough punishment. So, I force him to be my cucky bitch. I make him kneel in front of the door with his hands tied behind his back, and every guy who walks through the door gets to fuck his mouth to get them hard for my cunt. Hubby is becoming such a good cock fluffer for me. How small is your dick? Do you get to watch your wife getting fucked by strangers while you helplessly sit there unable to stop it? That really is the best punishment for a no-dick loser husband. If you have a teeny weeny then you need to call me and I’ll show you what small cock humiliation phone sex is all about!!

1-888-662-6482 and ask for Quinn

BBC Phone Sex with Quinn

I bet you have no problem imagining a big black cock fucking this BBC phone sex whore’s mouth? Doesn’t it look so good — the contrast of the skin colors as I do my best to get it down my throat? So what do you think? How would you like to help me suck that monster? Maybe you can put him in my pussy and let him fuck me for a few minutes before you pull him out and lick him off. It is so important that you keep everyone clean. My cunt juices taste so good on a massive black cock, I can tell you that. I’ve licked enough of them clean to know!

BBC Phone Sex

Why don’t you pull your meat out and start stroking while you sit back and watch his giant anaconda alpha dick pound my pussy. OMG, there is nothing better than a big, thick black cock! Sorry, not sorry. You really should know that by now. If you are not a black god with a massive dark schlong, don’t even bother to approach me. This BBC phone sex slut only does dark meat. You can watch…but you won’t be fucking me if you don’t have what I want. I will share him with you though. I’ll let you suck him clean when I’m done using him and I’ll even let you get your ass fucked by him if he wants you. I’m very generous that way. I’ll even be kind enough to let you lick his dick as he slides in and out of my pussy. Just don’t think you’re going to fuck me unless you’re packing what he is…a huge, chocolate dick!

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and let’s see if you have what it takes to keep up with me on my BBC sexcapades. Ask for Quinn.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Blake

Oh… I see your little boner barely peeking out of your boxers. Do you really think that’s big enough for me? I’m all about size, and that, honey, is just not going to do! You should at least put on a strap-on and fuck me, because at least then I’d be feeling something! Your hopeless manhood couldn’t please me, EVER! You should have to watch a big, fat, juicy cock satisfy me like you can’t. Your pathetic little pin dick is microscopic, you peasant! You belong as my pet, because your cock is worthless, otherwise. I give you a teensy amount of hope that you are enough, but just so you know, you’ll hardly hear any “good job”s or “good boy”s. So, call me for small penis humiliation phone sex, because I pity your tiny, shrimp dick.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Nothing gets me off harder than embarrassing the hell out of any mini pecker that comes my way. Lots of guys with huge dicks hit me up, I’m talking 8+ inches, and yet my absolute favorite is still small penis humiliation! It just makes me feel so powerful and turned on to put men with pocket cocks in their place. I will only settle for the best in my cunt, so the bar is set very high! You know you don’t deserve to actually be with me, do you? I could fuck myself with a tic-tac, and it would feel better than you, so… think again, loser!

I’m waiting to hear about how insecure, and defenseless you feel about that dwarf dick. Tell me how shamed you feel for bringing such a pitiful wang (if you could even call it that?) into this society like it’s worth something. Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Blake to have a woman even give a glimpse of attention to that nano penis!

Twitter: @blakeblueeyes

Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

So last night I am minding my own business. Doing some humiliation phone sex calls you know the usual small dick stuff. When the phone rings and I get greeted by “Hi Princess! You know who this is?”

humiliation phone sex

First off obviously he has called me before cause he is greeting me with Princess its that or he has read some blogs and knows I am a full on humiliation princess. So I am like who the fuck is this cause like for some reason all you horny fuckers like to do that you know who this is? BS. The answer is no have no clue who the fuck you are.

I wanna say Sorry only cause that Canadian DNA in me makes me wanna say that but underneath that is my full on bratty princess mode going ya so not fucking sorry on that one, Eh?

He starts going on about who he is cause like I am not about to say ohh ya know who you are. When I dont. Not the game I wanna play. So starts telling me about how I humiliate him. Ya figured that part out cause its like my thing I do.

Well long story short I clued in who it was. hahah fuck did I remember he is the one who is always begging and I MEAN begging to fuck my hot princess pussy. Course you know what that means? Full on tease and denial with a massive dash of humiliation phone sex cause like I would spread my legs for a loser like that. Please!

Actually thats a lie. I would spread my legs just to show him what he aint dipping his dick into. haha. Wicked? Maybe! But its how I love to be. If you cant handle it then you best not be calling me.

For those ready to call the number is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Bree the hottest humiliation phone sex princess around.

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