AB/DL Phone Sex with Caroline

I just love my AB/DL phone sex callers. Anyone who naturally brings out the Mommy in me is going to find a special place in my heart. I just can’t help but feel a tenderness, a kindness for those callers, even though I also often enjoy humiliating them for their need to interact with and quite often wear those diapers. It’s like having a big man baby that you feel ashamed of, but knowing how weak and useless he is, you also can’t help but want to protect him from the outside world. That’s why I enjoy the connections I make with my AB/DL callers.

AB/DL Phone Sex

AB/DL phone sex callers are an interesting group of guys. Most wear diapers, this is true, but not all of them. Many that do wear diapers like to be more than just adult babies – they like even more to be adult sissy babies, wearing pretty little frilly girly things, including girly diapers. They all want to be babied by a MILF like me, but they especially love the humiliation of wearing those diapers, and wanting to be seen wearing or buying diapers. I’m all here for that, sugar plum.

One of my regular AB/DL phone sex callers doesn’t actually wear the diapers, although he’s in the diaper lover category of AB/DL. He loves stroking his hard cock with them while I give him his dose of verbal humiliation for the joy he gets from diapers. I guess no matter what the fetish is, there will always be many different ways that people approach that fetish, and that makes my job extra exciting!

I’m dying to hear your AB/DL phone sex stories, so why don’t you give Mommy Caroline a call at 1 888 662 6482 today, sugar plum! I can’t wait to take good care of you!

Adult Baby Phone Sex with Naomi

If you’ve been reading along, you’re probably aware that I have very little patience for pathetic losers. Don’t be a cunt around me unless you’re prepared to be treated as such, and by the same fucking token, don’t act like a huge man baby unless you’re prepared to pay the price. That, my little chick-a-dee, is what adult baby phone sex is for. Because you need a strong woman to remind you who the fuck you are – a crying, whining, bawling, whimpering, begging, man baby. In simpler terms, you’re a man, and you need a fucking pacifier shoved in your mouth to shut you the fuck up, don’t you, baby?

adult baby phone sex

I’m sure you’ve acted like a big baby recently. Most men do on a regular basis. God forbid your pathetic asses get a common cold…sheesh! I can’t with you…I’m sure you fucking need adult baby phone sex so you can have a Mommy put you in your place and treat you like the big baby you are. Make sure you’ve got a fresh supply of those diapers I know you like to stock up on, and all the trimmings that go with them. Baby wipes for the mess you made, baby powder so you can smell fresh, and some diaper rash cream. Don’t forget the Vaseline, so you can keep your bottom moist, and also play with your pathetic little pee pee while I call you out on your sad immaturity.

If you act like a baby, you sure as shit should be treated like one, so be careful little one, or I may even decide you need to wear a bonnet and a onesie. They make them for babies your size, you know. Well, I’m sure you do know, which is why adult baby phone sex is exactly what you’re looking for!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Naomi for adult baby phone sex, and follow me on Sharesome @NaomiNastyQueen

Fetish Phone Sex with Quinn

I am not your average MILF. I love fetish phone sex too. Yeah, I am mature and most men would love to fuck me, but I have a lot of freakiness in me. Vanilla is fun and all, but not always my style. Once I learned to walk on the wild side I found that it suits me very very well. That is why I love fetish phone sex so much.

fetish phone sex

I have always said, I will try anything once, twice if I like it. And I usually love it! Fetish phone sex can be so many things. I know just how to take care of adult babies, CBT, BBC, feminization, humiliation, shrinking, the list can go on and on. I usually hate labels because I don’t like to be pinned down to just one thing when I have found that I want a taste of everything out there. I just don’t believe in limits when it comes to sexuality. I work hard and my hot and sexy body deserves to feel pleasure from my head to my toes and every place in between. If you are adventurous as me, oh I bet we could have a crazy kinky time. Maybe you just want to try something, I am your bitch for that. I talk to you about what turns you on and hold your hand while we explore it together. I want to make you cum buckets and I won’t stop until I do.

So let’s get this party started — grab your phone, your credit card and call me at 1-888-662-6482 for fetish phone sex and we can push our boundaries together.

AIM: BustyCougarQuinn

Roleplay Phone Sex with Eliza

I love roleplay phone sex.  I do it all the time in my personal life, so you can bet that I am a down to take your fantasy and run with it.  It is so much fun to take a vacation from your regular every day life and pretend to be someone else for a while.  Especially someone who is about to get hella laid!  I want to be your fantasy partner. Let you imagination simply run wild and I will keep up with you.

roleplay phone sex

I know sometimes you are too nervous to tell your wife or girlfriend what turns you on, but you can tell me anything.  I will never judge or shame you.  I think it is important to explore all the kinky thoughts we have.  I have such a sweet barely legal voice that I am a perfect babysitter or school girl.  I can be sweet and innocent or naughty and horny wanting nothing more than to tempt you.  All you have to do is tell me what you want, and you will get it.  And while I am kick ass at vanilla role plays, I can do all the other flavors too.  Nothing is too extreme or hardcore for me.  I love adult babies, bbc, small penis humiliation, blackmail, financial domination — just to name a few.  I can be a dominating bitch in heels or the sweetest chick you have ever met.  That all depends on what you want me to be.

How often in life do you get exactly what you want from a sexy, curvy and dirty minded coed?  Call me at 1-888-662-6482 so we can talk about the roleplay phone sex call you want to do.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Adult baby phone sex for sissy boys


When I told you that I wanted you to be my adult baby I didn’t tell you that what I wanted was a sissy. By the time I had you seduced into being my full time ab you were pretty helpless anyway, so I decided to change you from male to female, at least in appearances. You won’t be getting your hair cut anymore, I want to have you grow it out so that I can play with it and style it. The hair that you will be getting rid of though, you will be getting rid of a LOT of hair. Every bit of your body hair needs to come off of you. I want your eyelashes to be longer in length than any one hair on your body is. You will be so much more adorable once we get that task completed. We will have to get it done by next weekend so that you will be ready for your ab shower. It’s really for me, but the items will be used on you. Most ab’s don’t get to attend the showers, but I want you to see and experience every humiliating aspect of a room full of women focusing their full and total attention on you. You will basically be the guest of honor!

The ab shower will be a good time for me to see how my friends all interact with you too, because I’ll have to pick out some to keep on sped dial for ab sitting you. You can’t stay home all alone, it’s not like you’re going to be taking your mitts off to change your own adult diapers, that’s where sitters come in, and to do other things too, just wait. You won’t even recognize yourself in about a month’s time. Four weeks from now with you spending every night in your nursery, staying with sitters, playing in your ab playpen and being made top wear thick adult diapers will do wonders for your sissy training progress.


big tit phone sex with simone

big tit phone sex

They are spectacular, aren’t they? They are real and they are amazing. I love my big tits as much as you do! A lot of girls do big phone sex but do they have the bodacious boobage that I do? When I put my hand on the back of your head and pull your face deep into my sexy cleavage your entire world becomes my breasts. Inhale the sweet scent from between my tits, it’s intoxicating. Feel how soft and firm at the same time. They are so heavy in your hands and when you start to squeeze them in your hands you see my big nipples instantly get harder and my pussy gets wetter.

Suck on my nipples, baby, be a good for me. I love big tit lactation phone sex calls too. So sexy to sit on my lap and suckle milk like my adult baby boy. Drink your milk like a good boy while I stroke my hands gently on your cock. It feels so good to lay back and let me have control of you while you feed on these massive milk bags.

I get off on showing off my juggs and you will always see me in low cut tops showing off that deep divide of my bosom. Don’t be surprised if your attention also makes my nipples get hard and show thru my top. I love the attention when my nips are like high beams and you can’t keep your eyes off them. I know you are thinking about what it would be like to slide your cock between them and feel the hot warmth of my boobalicous boobs! I get off on titty fucking too, and I have to admit there is no place I’d rather have your cum but all over my big fat tits. Watch me lick them clean and maybe you’ll even have a taste too.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Simone for big tit phone sex!

AIM and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

adult baby phone sex with august

adult baby phone sex

Hello there!  I am August and love to indulge in adult baby phone sex as much as I possibly can.  Since we can do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING  you want to with it, there is a lot of fun to enjoy.  Plus, this is the perfect time of year for it too.  Making sure the naughty and nice are separated and each have their own rewards and punishments.  Now, which one are you?  Have you been good and deserve the a tender touch or do you need a stronger hold?

Either one  or both, actually works for me, but there is something nice about giving rewards every mother loves.  Having a sweet adult baby who needs to be nurtured and helped by a mature woman like me is always a nice treat to exercise my gentle side.  Making sure you are warm, clean and happy makes me feel all tingly inside.  Taking care of my helpless bundle. *winks*  Maybe you made a stinky mess and need my help to make sure you are taken care of.  Or perhaps too much of milk and need me to pat your back until you burp for me.  Awww…that is it!!  Now, I know exactly how to make you feel better.

Then again, there are those who are more of a handful and need a more discipline oriented care taker.  That really gets me going!  Are you on the naughty list this year?  Maybe have not been so good and need a spanking??  Perhaps you are just aching for a punishment because that is what you really crave.  The loud smack of my hand on your bare bum.  Some even like it on the front side.  More pain really means more pleasure.  Which kind of adult baby phone sex really turns you one?  I want to know all about it, so give me a call, I am August and I am always hot and wet.

Phone: 1-888-662-6482 and ask for August

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

adult baby phone sex

adult baby phone sex

You are such a cutie pie!  Hi there lil fella, I just love adult baby phone sex because having a grown man I can power and snuggle keeps this vixen satisfied.  Wrapping my arms around that sweet body and feeling you nuzzle close to my cleavage gives that fantastic tingle down my spine and other places as well.

Did you make a stinky for me?  Oh, don’t cry my angle, August is here for you.  I can put you into a warm bath and make you all clean again.  Then it is time to put your diaper on, make you feel so dry and fresh, just like my precious one deserves.  You are going to like it when you are in a diapy again and I swaddle you in a blanket for what comes next.  You know what that is, right?  It is feeding time of course, you silly one.  Working up such an appetite you have, my guy is hungry.  Holding you up to my perky bosom really makes me feel happy and full for you.  Seeing you get so happy and then when you start to suckle, starting to get full and knowing you will soon get sleepy and we will have nap time.  I think that my be my favorite, holding you close and rocking you to sleep.  Those sweet lullaby songs I know you love.  Soothing you to feel safe and happy.  Adult baby phone sex is soft, sexy and satisfying with me, August for the hottest AB/DL kinky play you can take.

1-888-662-6482  and ask for August for adult baby phone sex

AIM/Yahoo Messenger: augustishotnwet

adult baby phone sex

adult baby phone sexWelcome home my sweet adult baby.  I love it when my callers have an adult baby phone sex fetish!  My sweet, soft and sexy voice will make you feel like you are a sweet adult baby in my arms, or even better, sucking on my nipple.  You can tell me each and every desire you have had.  If it is real we can indulge in it all over again and again and again. Or if it is fantasy that you always wanted then we can grow it, change it and make it better beyond your wildest dreams.  Sometimes if you are naughty, you might be punished, but then again if you are good you can always be rewarded of course. Tell August all about that thought and desire that makes your dick fly hard every time it crosses your mind and you love to jerk off to.  Now, think about how much better it will feel to share that kinky mind of yours with a sweetly twisted girl like me.  It’s crossing your mind right now, isn’t it.  Knowing how much better it would feel to have those words you crave in a voice that make you shoot your load so hard you have to go to sleep and I will be there to tuck you in, anyway you want.  Adult baby phone sex makes me so wet! I can picture you and I know exactly what I want and need for you to do to satisfy my deepest urges.  So call me and we can cum together, because August is here for her special adult baby!

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for August for adult baby phone sex

AIM/Yahoo: augustishotnwet

Sacrilegious Phone Sex

College was where I got introduced to big cock.  I don’t advertise myself as a size queen, but bigger is definitely better.  Sorry, tiny boys.

No, I love sex more than I love big dicks, so I’ve fucked tiny ones too, and during taboo phone sex, you’re as big as you want to be, anyway.  But I’d never had an enormous cock until coming back to the dorm to find my roommate getting plowed by the biggest thing I’d ever seen.

I just dropped my keys on the table and stood there with my mouth open.  She wasn’t faking her enjoyment at all, and all I could do was watch.

I’m by no means the type of woman that thinks that small dicks have no place in the world, I believe that all boys serve a purpose, that purpose is to please me and make me happy, whether they do that with their tongue, fingers, cocks or sex toys, as long as there is a valiant effort give me the sexual pleasure that a goddess like me deserves, there’s usually an orgasm or two in it for the one delivering that pleasure to this phone sex cougar.

Wanna be that devout Biancanite? Time for sacrilegious phone sex?

Call 1-888-662-6482 and tell them you want to try to satisfy Bianca


Yahoo ID: sinfulbianca | AIM ID: sinfulbianca

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