Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Zoya

If you want erotic hypnosis phone sex, I am right woman to seek. I have been practicing witchcraft and various Eastern medicinal practices, including hypnotherapy, for many years. Yes, I have some clientele that come to me for such treatments with no sexual associations, but I have many subs that love hypnosis built into their BDSM sessions! It takes things, mentally–spiritually, to whole new level!

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

Many people struggle to remove themselves from their past trauma or insecurities. Erotic hypnosis can easily separate, allowing person to feel unhindered and free in their sexual explorations. There is no judgment. No shame. Only pure freedom of body and all senses. The Druids knew this. The Celts. Many cultures dating thousands of years back. You Westerners amuse us Europeans because you turn noses up at many practices that been around much longer—and they stick for a reason! Because they work! But then over time, Westerners will change and start to embrace such things but act like it is something new! Print it on cute t-shirts like new kitsch ideas. So silly to me. But no matter. These practices are here on Earth, regardless of origin, for all peoples to use and benefit from.

This is very tied in with tantric sex, heightening your senses and fusing together your physical body, awakened sensuality, and the spirit—and with sex—melting this into the same of another person as well! The energies inside from this intimate process leads to MIND BLOWING ORGASMS–trust me! I speak first hand but also from point of view of witnessing this in many others! This is not one and done process. This like …magic muscle. You practice, strengthen over time. Make experience more and more intense each time. Almost like spiritual edging. You can even practice on small scale in every day life with mindfulness. Look up mindfulness exercises. These will help you be more receptive to hypnosis and responsive to the erotic experience it has to offer!

I hope you will call me! Some of this can be journeyed solo, but some needs partner, and much easier when you have experienced teacher and guide! It’s also so erotic to build such intimate connection over the phone, but it is very possible. Sometimes quicker and easier than even in person. I am looking forward to embracing journey with you! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Zoya for erotic hypnosis phone sex.

Bimbofication Hypnosis Phone Sex with Fern

Geek girl Fern here, and I’ve got something fun and geeky to chat about! There’s a really cool branch of the transformation fetish called bimbofication. It started as a fetish art form but eventually became a fun and sexy role play theme. What began as cartoon characters with exaggerated sexual characteristics and insatiable sexual appetites is now a role play scenario in which one or all of the players becomes so hypersexed that he or she can think of nothing else, thereby becoming a bimbo. Pretty fucking cool, huh?

Hypnosis Phone Sex

So, what if we explored this realm not with a simple bimbofication role play, but with bimbofication hypnosis phone sex instead? Think about it – if you’re ready to let your mind go so you can bimbofy, why not let it go completely and give me control of it? With bimbofication hypnosis phone sex we can take this transformation fetish to a new level. I can get you to a place where you feel yourself physically transform as your mind focuses on that one thing, the ONLY thing you need to think about. Fucking.

Hard, soft, dirty, sensual – it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is sex. It doesn’t even have to be you that gets bimbofied. What if in your bimbofication hypnosis phone sex session we made your wife or girlfriend the bimbo? Imagine what kind of fantasy world I could bring you to where your wife fucks anyone she can, all right in front of your eyes. If all she can think about is fucking, she won’t even notice if you’re there. We can send her body through the exact transformation you want it to go through, then send her off on a huge sex spree.

Where does your bimbo fantasy go? Let’s give bimbofication hypnosis phone sex and try and see how close we can get you to that fantasy! My name is Fern – just ask for me when you call 1 888 662 6482!

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Savannah

Often times I get asked what is my favorite fetish to explore with someone during an erotic hypnosis phone sex session. Honestly, this has always been such a difficult question to answer for every session takes on its own twist and turn that even if we start out in one spot the person I am guiding under will take it to a different place.

Hell depending on the connection I have with someone will take it to a different place. Yes the more often I take you under and get to know your likes and dislikes will help me take you to a new place so even if we explore the same fantasy or fetish you have, it might never even be the same experience.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Yes I know that is probably not the answer you were looking for but its the truth. Will say some fetishes I do know better than others just cause they interest me more in my day to day life such as tease and denial types of things (you know orgasm edging, cock control, etc).

However, if you have something in the way of a fetish your looking to explore via an erotic hypnosis phone sex session that I do not touch on in my bio then by all means lets give it a whirl. For there is nothing more exciting for myself than diving into a new to me fetish and giving it an erotic hypnosis twist. Have discovered some amazing new hypnotic role plays this way.

As always remember with an erotic hypnosis phone sex session to please allow for more time, especially if its your first time going under a 30 minute session is recommended. Be somewhere you can be comfortable and then we can have some fun.

1-888-662-6482 just tell the dispatcher you wish to book an erotic hypnosis call with Savannah


Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Fern

So the totally horny geek girl in me just loves geeky things that can get really erotic, which is why I love erotic hypnosis phone sex. It’s an awesome way to explore all kinds of fantasies, including fantasy worlds where impossible things can happen and feel like they’re totally real. I love the way erotic hypnosis phone sex uses the mind as a tool to bring the rest of you places your body normally can’t go, so I love to have fun with it and see where I can bring my callers. I mean, of course, I hope to bring you to the most amazing climax I can coax out of you, but where else would you like to go? Tell me. I’m dying to hear about it.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexDo you have a fantasy world where women rule over the land, and you would like to be among those female rulers? How about a life full of big black cock for you and your wife, all day and all night? Maybe you want to become addicted to something naughty, craving it and craving it until you can no longer abstain. You have no choice but to go after that desire because I’ve caused you to be triggered by something in your daily life, something that reminds you why your cock aches and what it aches for. The point is that with erotic hypnosis phone sex the possibilities are infinite.

I’m sure you’ve had thoughts about something you can’t put away. You may have even done something you struggle with. The good news is I can even use erotic hypnosis phone sex to help you deal with what a deviant pervert you’ve become. Remember, I take control of your mind – as long as you’re willing to give it to me, of course – and once I’ve got it I can do just about anything you really want me to do. You just have to want it.

Do you want it? If so, call Fern at 1 888 662 6482 and make sure you’re really comfortable when you call!!

Hypnosis Phone Sex with Savannah

Pondering what to blog, yes it will be a hypnosis phone sex one but wondering what sort of hypno topic to write about. As I sat here looking out the window it dawned on me its a week away from Halloween, so definitely need to have a Halloween twist for this hypnosis blog. But what?

hypnosis phone sex

For an hypnosis phone sex fantasy can really go anywhere. Can help you explore most anything you set your sexual desires on. There is no limit. Its all about enjoying the experience of going down into that enchanting mind space and the ways your body responds.

So what would scream Halloween to you?

Dressing up in womens clothing and becoming a cock sucking slut? For that is definitely possible. Or perhaps exploring something more supernatural in nature. You all know I have a wonderful fascination with vampires so that would be beyond exciting for me.

Maybe its less about taking the hypnotic trance to an extreme fetish but more about exploring some sensual setting like hooking up at a Halloween party. Never knowing who is under that mask. Come to think of it that could be beyond hot and something I have yet to do in a hypnotic fantasy.

Oh man I could actually sit here and type away a few more places we could got but I rather connect up with you and create something special for our time together. Not something generic. Something that caters to your sexual desires. Just know taboo topics are most welcome for a hypnosis phone sex fantasy. Please remember that getting you into a nice state of relaxation does take time so ensure you have at least 30 minutes available.

Look forward to exploring some Halloween themed trances with you soon.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Savannah

Was gonna ask who likes when a woman takes control but we both know the answer to that. You do! Other wise you wouldnt be reading my posting nor soon to be looking at my bio. Good news I am a sensual domme that loves using erotic phone sex hypnosis to take full control of you through hypno triggers.

erotic phone sex hypnosis

If your someone looking to enhance your sensual domination exploration or perhaps a lover of cock control/ orgasm denial, then you really need to give me a call. For I adore combining phone sex hypnosis with sensual teasing.

Its a bit of a rush for me to lure you into a deep state of hypnotic trance and place a few well appointed triggers with in your mind for only me to use when we play. I will have you feeling a deep sense of my control without even laying a finger on you or the need to raise my voice. Extremely hot isnt it?

Well its very hot for me. Knowing you crave the need to obey my every command. The desire to please me. Really you will and the whole time you succeed in obeying me that cock of yours will throb harder than before.

Oh perhaps I shouldnt say that for your probably thinking back to the last time you edged yourself and thought damn that was pretty intense she couldnt possibly have me push that edging farther. Oh but I can!

With erotic phone sex hypnosis you will surrender your cock to me and allow me to have full control over it and your orgasms.

So that leaves me with one question who is up for a hypnotic orgasm edging session?

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah.

Please be aware that with an erotic hypnosis session this is something that takes time and shouldnt be rushed. So I recommend 30 minutes or more.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Jade

Get ready to let go of all your inhibitions and let me take total control of you. Do you know who has all of the power to take you over? You will soon see that once you hear the sound of my voice, I will immediately have you falling deep into a trance. Erotic hypnosis phone sex with me will have you on your knees and wondering why I have you completely submissive to me. Are you ready to let your darkest fantasy or fetish come to light? I hope that you are because I am ready to let it all come out. Just think of me as you sexy erotic hypnotist doctor who wants to help you through every level of your inner being.

The moment that I answer the phone you will slowly feel succumbed to the sweet sound that leaves my mouth. You will be thrust-ed to tell me all the secrets that have haunted you for so long. Even the ones from years and years ago or, the ones that you have recently slipped upon. Your trance will be so deep that you won’t be able to help yourself. I will be there to help you pull them out and talk to you about them. Don’t worry at all because I will help you relax and be there to use my psychic energy and experience to help you figure out everything it is that you want sexually.

Release yourself from the everyday stress of life. Relax with me and let your deepest sexual fantasies come to life. Allow yourself to be under my control with all of your mind, body, and soul. Erotic hypnosis phone sex will be here to help you for the better. Just come to me and I will lead you down the right path. Call 1-888-662-6484 and ask for Jade.

Hypnosis Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

Wondering how you can enhance your phone sex fantasy?

Take it to a new level? Add some intensity?

Well I know exactly what your looking for. Some erotic hypnosis. I know your nervous unsure. No idea of what it will do specifically for your phone sex fantasy.

hypnosis phone sex fantasy

No need to wonder or really be nervous cause erotic hypnosis is sort of my thang! Its what I love to do and really love exposing others too. I can take someone who is nervous and put them into a hypnotic trance that will leave them completely drained orgasmically.

Yes I know that is not a word but it is a feeling. The one you know when you have orgasmed from your very toes. Which is what an erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy with me can do for you.

I havent found a particular fetish or fantasy that doesnt meld well with the use of erotic hypnosis. Be it some super natural fantasy to a sensual masturbation session. The sky can really be the limit. All you have to do is be open enough to tell me your particular fantasy.

The rest shall be in my hands. I will take you down into a world of wonderful hypnotic state where your sexual fantasy becomes so vivid its like your there.

Your senses heightened.

Your orgasms intense.

You see where I am going or least I hope you do. So give me a call and let me introduce you to the wonders of an erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy session. Please remember if this is your first time calling for erotic hypnosis that it does take some extra time to get  you into that relaxed state of mind so 30 minutes minimum is recommended.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Savannah

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Savannah

If you were to ask me what my favorite phone sex fetishes were erotic hypnosis of course would take top place. However, did you know that tease and denial phone sex fantasies are right up there?

tease and denial phone sex

For those that have called for some orgasm denial sessions with yours truly you know all to well how much I love giving a man blue balls. Taking you to the edge of orgasmic release and then tugging you right off that edge.


And over again.

Sure if you combine tease and denial phone sex with erotic hypnosis then I am one very happy girl. I mean its the ultimate in cock controlling fantasies. You have my hypnotic triggers embedded deep within your mind. With one small hypnotic suggestion I am able to have you obey my command.

I must admit this does make orgasm edging phone sex calls that much easier well from my stand point anyways. For its like its my hand stroking your cock. Or not stroking it depending on where I need you to be.

Your getting the idea right? How much fun an orgasm denial session would be with me?

Sure you are.

That’s why your cock is already twitching thinking about it. Course I don’t need you to be under my hypnotic mind fuck to have full control of your cock. My seductive charm will have you eager to obey just naturally.

So why don’t you do yourself a favor give me a call and lets make and evening of edging your orgasm.

1-888-662-6482 is the number to call to reach myself for some tease and denial phone sex fun! Honestly, you will be having fun with each and every stroke!

Tell the dispatcher you wish to beg for Savannah.

Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Savannah

For some of us we are out enjoying the springtime weather while I know a few are grumbling about still being all bundled up. Well perhaps its time for a little break with the help of some erotic phone sex hypnosis.

erotic phone sex hypnosis

Ok so it wont have you literally lounging on a tropical beach but hey least we can send your mind into state where you feel like you are. Some tropical role play with a hot steamy sex scene. Like joining the mile high club. The sensation of the jet engine revving around you as your cock is being stroked and worked under that rather thin airplane blanket. Just try hiding that erection under that blanket from the rest of the people in your row. Or are you more the sort who would rather slip off to the bathroom and get it on with one of the stewardess. I mean they do want to make your trip extra enjoyable right?

Come to think about it maybe I am in need of some erotic fantasy that has us drifting off to some where tropical. A hotel room on the edge of the beach with an infinity pool over looking the turquoise ocean. While we both engage in all sorts of erotic fun. Definitely be a swimsuits are optional sort of situation.

I think some erotic phone sex hypnosis escape is definitely in order today. All I need is for your sexy mind to send into a deep hypnotic state so the fun can begin.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah your hypno tour guide.

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