Fetish Phone Sex Girl Kassidy

Its mid June and this sexy blonde should be wearing nothing more than her bikini but Mother Nature is being cruel and I am having to wear a bit more clothing than I like. Which did have me sitting here in my tee, panties and knee high socks some what pouting but then I realized for a few kinky men out there you would probably love knowing your fetish phone sex girl is still wearing what you love the most.

fetish phone sex girl

So why not take advantage of this rather chilly weather and dive into those wonderful fetish fantasies of yours. Be it boots, stockings, leggings, and panties. I am sure there are a few that you guys miss when the hot summer weather comes around. Well this Canadian bombshell is in prime November weather right now haha. I kid you not its 50 degrees with a wind. Course saying that I have zero issues getting naked and wearing nothing more than a pair of silky thigh high stockings. After all I am sure we will be warming me up with the right fetish phone sex fantasy…. Right?

Mind you I am all for a role play that will have me whisked off to some tropical local and having me wearing that bikini if you so desire. Maybe sitting upon your face? Honestly, today its one of those anything goes Monday as long as we just get down and kinky.

Come to think of it perhaps I should of started with that hahah. I am blaming the lack of binkini time.

You can reach me for a wicked fun fetish phone sex call by dialing 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Kassidy.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Tamra

Now that Autumn is around the corner, its time to break out my nylons.  It is my favorite time of year and I get a lot of attention when I wear them. I think stockings are one of the sexiest things that woman can wear. They feel so silky smooth on my flesh and they make my legs look so smoking hot.  Do you have a kink for stocking fetish phone sex?
Call me and we can explore all the sensual pleasures of fucking a long-legged stocking fetish phone sex slut like me.  Look at my legs.  I know you’re dying to glide your hands all over my thighs and calves, feeling my silky stockings against my creamy skin.  It’s like I can hear your thoughts, right? Go ahead and touch them all over.  Rub your face and your cock all over them too.  I just know how deep the craving goes with stocking fetish phone sex.  I feel my sexiest when all I have on is a pair of stockings and heels.  I get so wet!   What if I walked up to you sitting on the couch and started rubbing my stocking covered foot all over your dick?  You’d be in absolute Heaven I bet.  Feel my soft stocking covered toes and feet gliding up and down your cock and over your balls.
I bet that you might get so hard you’d rip a hole in my stockings so you could fuck my ass and pussy…ramming your dick in me while you run your hands all over my legs.  It would be a purely carnal reflex. I know you’re hard now.  And I’m soaking wet!  So, give me a call and let’s make each other cum sharing our stocking fetish phone sex kink with each other.  I’ve got black sheer stockings on right now waiting for your call.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

Summer is here in the southwest and my footsies need some extra special care and attention. Now is the best time for guys who have a fetish for bare feet and sexy foot fetish phone sex. I had one of the most amazing pedicures yesterday at a brand new spa; I just know the tech had a foot fetish when I could see his small boner thru his pants. Something about the way he tenderly held my foot, the gentle massage of every single toe. Not rushed at all. Not only did I leave with soft and pink painted toes, my panties were soaking wet!

foot fetish phone sex

If you gave a pedicure like that I’d let you lick my pussy until I came in your face. Maybe more. After all if you have gone to all that trouble to make my feet smooth and sexy you could be rewarded with a bare foot job. My toes wrapping around the head of your cock. My foot rolling your balls around. Teasing you and taunting you until you start fucking the high arches of my feet. I know you want to see your cum squishy between my toes. It will be even better if you lick each toe clean. That’s it baby, suckle on each toe like it was a little bitty dick.

It’s not just my bare feet that I love guys to take care of. My feet are just as sexy in a pair of sheer black silk stockings. And heels. A stocking fetish. Heels and shoe fetish perhaps? Stockings in heels or bare feet in heels? You can worship my legs and my stockings while I tease your dick with my other shoe. Touching the pointy toe against your cock, I see you getting harder. My last foot fetish boy friend loved to cum in my shoes and watch me slip my bare feet right into them. I didn’t mind because I made him take me shopping for new shoes all the time.

I’ll indulge in all your fetish desires – shoe, stocking, and foot fetish phone sex.

Call Jennifer 1888 662 6482

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Caroline

A truly classy woman will always know the difference between pantyhose and stockings, darlin’, and for me, stockings are the only way to go. You could even say I have a stocking fetish phone sex addiction, considering how much I love wearing them, and how sexy they make me feel. Trust me, sugar plum, I have quite a collection of stockings, garters, and garter belts, and I make sure I use them! Nothing makes me feel sexier than a gorgeous pair of thigh high stockings and a lovely set of high heels. It doesn’t matter what else I’m wearing, as long as I’ve got a pair of sexy stockings on – that’s how I truly feel like a woman.

stocking fetish phone sex

I know I’m not the only one who loves stocking fetish phone sex – there are so many of us stocking lovers out there, and so many of you horny men share this delicious fetish with me. Whether you get off from looking at a lovely pair of legs adorned by sexy fishnets, or you love wearing them yourself, you have a stocking fetish you need to talk about with someone like me. I want to hear about how hard your cock gets at the thought of a sexy pair of stockings, and exactly what kind of stockings make your cock the hardest. I want to hear about your experiences, like when you first realized you had a stocking fetish, and who was wearing them when they caught your attention, and I also want to know exactly what you did about it! I’d love for you to call so we can share our stocking fetish stories with each other, because I know you have some hidden away that you’ve never shared before. Then we can role play some deliciously naughty scenes involving stockings – you decide who is wearing them, honey bun 😉

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Caroline to chat with a lovely southern stocking fetish phone sex loving MILF tonight! <3 <3

fetish phone sex with jennifer

fetish phone sex

My name is Jennifer, I am a fetish Goddess and that means I specialize in all kinds of fetish phone sex. And by all kinds, I mean ALL! If you have a weird or unusual or freaky fetish, I am your girl. Really, if I am not familiar with your fetish, which is highly unlikely, give me a minute to look it up. Or tell me about your kinky fetish and let me run with it. Now that we have that out of the way … let me tell about a few of my favorite fetish phone sex fantasies and probably the most popular of all the calls I get.

Foot fetish, stocking fetish, pantyhose fetish, shoe fetish, leg fetish – they all sort of go together and sometimes not. Let’s just say I get off on watching and feeling you make love to my sexy size 8 feet. I love it whether you are adoring my bare feet or my nylon stocking enclosed toes. The stockings and pantyhose are so sensual against my skin and it is so very erotic when you stroke my legs in stockings. My pantyhose covered ass belongs on your face and my foot grazing against your cock at the same time. When I hold your face between my silky stocking covered thighs, you can feel the nylon rubbing against your face as you deeply inhale my sweet as honey pussy. Taste me thru the that little white pantyhose crotch panel and feel how wet it is with my juices.

I can’t wait to have you suck on each of my toes like it was a tiny little dick. You will know you’re doing a good job when they squirm in your mouth and against your chin. Dirty or clean, stinky or not, my sexy feet need to be adored by a foot fetishist like yourself. All this and we never even got to talking about foot jobs!

There is no end to the fetish phone sex roleplays we can do on our call, just tell me what you’re into and let’s make it happen.

For fetish phone sex, call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer for all your foot fetish, stocking fetish, pantyhose fetish and more phone sex needs!

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stocking fetish phone sex with jennifer

stocking fetish phone sex

There really isn’t a more sensuous feeling than slipping a pair of silky stockings over my smooth and freshly shaved legs. Gently pulling them up over my shapely calves and my strong, sexy thighs. Watch me reach back and carefully hook the garter to my stocking top and see how they frame my perfect round, tight ass. Imagine my stockinged legs resting over your lap as you gently touch my silky nylon stockings. I love stockings and I love stocking fetish phone sex with you.

Be on your knees as you slip my favorite cum fuck me pumps off my size 8 feet. Kiss and lick and gently rub the arches of my foot thru my stockings as I lay back and you hear me gently moan as you touch me. Run your hands up my thighs and feel my stockings rub up against your cheeks. I just love the sensations of feeling you thru my stockings. Sometimes I love to wear pantyhose because it’s so damn erotic, feeling you kissing and licking my pussy and ass right thru those pantyhose. I have to admit I love men in pantyhose too, the way it holds your cock so tight and what could be better than our nylon covered legs rubbing all over each other?

Our stocking fetish phone sex call will be even hotter if you have some stockings or pantyhose to play with too. It would be so fucking hot if you were to put them on, but if you really aren’t into that, I have ways to let you experience the sensual sensations of stockings and your cock and balls. It’s a much different feeling than just jerking off with your hand. I’m all about tactile stimulation for us both!

Do you have a stocking fetish and looking for a girl who loves them as much as you? Then you need to call me, Jennifer, at 1-888-662-6482 for stocking fetish phone sex

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stocking fetish phone sex

phone sexHave you ever looked at a women with stockings and been so fucking turned on ?   The thought of her silky long legs rubbing up on you .  I never understood why anyone would not want to wear them and be bare legged.  I mean you know you are more then likely  one of them guys that have a stocking fetish , and have done a phone sex call and realized how hot it really is.  Maybe even rub them stockings on your hard cock masturbating with that nice silky feeling.  I have alot of different color but never go without a pair on my leg sexy legs.  Maybe your fetish is stockings, but is it really that you really want to wear a nice sexy pair on your own legs ?  When you call me for your stocking fetish, don’t be ashamed to tell me the truth that you want to really wear them yourself and feel them rub up against you cock and balls.  That silky feeling is so amazing that it makes your cock stand straight up.  If you don’t have a a pair of your own, go ahead and get a pair of your wives, or your girlfriends and see for yourself how wonderful they feel.  I bet once you try them on something else will happen, and I’m sure you know that too.   So why dont’ you call me today for stocking fetish phone sex and tell me what it really is, I mean is it the stockings on my long sexy legs, rubbing up against you ?  Or is it the feeling you get when you put them on ?

Call Shayla today !!



Kinky Phone Sex Girl


I would like to discuss that most noble of vag-tastic expressions, the pussy fart.  The queef if you will.  Some girls are embarrassed, but it’s not like a real actual stinky fart, it’s like a HOLY CRAP SOMETHING SO BIG JUST FORCED OUT ALL THE AIR IN MY VAG OMG happy sound.  You know how your tummy likes to say thank you when you give it good food?  Well, when you give a girl good cock, her pussy will say thank you.  Not just in clenches and love juices, but in a conversation with your yummy cock.  So the thing to remember is NO RELIEF TILL YOU HEAR THE QUEEF. I have some toys and maybe can queef for you, but no promises.  When you call me for kinky phone sex, give me a heads up so I know what you wanna hear.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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pantyhose fetish phone sex

pantyhose fetish phone sex

Oh I know just what is on your naughty, little mind!  You are the kind of kinky guy who loves a woman’s pantyhose.  Sometimes you like to hear the way the sound on my sexy, shapely legs when I cross them and even better when I uncross them.  Other times you wonder how they will feel on your body.  Wanting to try them on, perhaps after sliding them off of me.  Feeling my wetness still on them and then on your cock when you pack your manhood into my stockings.  Pantyhose fetish phone sex cannot get any better then this, with me August.  If you want me to wear them, play with myself in them or make you put them on we can have lots of different kinds of fun.  I know how many uses there are, I can tie you up or bind your package down making you so hard even still to make the struggle between your hardness and my soft hose that you will come to crave.  Gagging you with them is another way to play.  Putting my sweet, moist lining into your mouth to let you smell and taste my tender smell until you suck them dry!  I want to know your deepest desire about the lingerie you start to drip over, oozing pre-cum everywhere getting turned on more then you have before.  Having the chance to explore what you have fantasized about, I know the nasty desire that is on your mind and can tease you with it and satisfy you deeper 😉 Just give in to your urges and pick up the phone.

Pantyhose fetish phone sex is amazing with me, August.  Call me: 1-888-662-6482.

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Dirty Panties Phonesex

What would you do to get into my dirty panties?
That hot little barely legal teen body makes you so hard, and you know you shouldn’t be even looking at me, but that ass is making you so horny!
But I know what really makes you hard!
Digging through my dirty clothes hamper, and finding my dirty, stinky, cummy, pussy juice stained panties!
When I catch you with my dirty panties, what are you doing?
Licking the crotch?
Sniffing my pretty g-string?
Wearing them?
Or running those dirty panties all over your cock?
Rubbing those dirty panties all over your face?
Call me so you can tell me!

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