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You have yourself a lovely wife and a happy marriage, right? Well nearly happy. You keep her happy in some ways and your buddy, boss, neighbor (insert someone else) is keeping her happy in the bedroom. It’s probably been pretty obvious lately that whenever she’s not on her period she has a  headache. Now you have a throbbing hard cock and an overactive imagination about what your beautiful wife is up to. You call a woman like me for cheating wife phone sex because the idea of your woman being fucked by someone else gets you ridiculously hot. Well, guess what? I am all about it too. You can roleplay with me being your cheating wife or we can talk about all of the cock that she’s taking while you’re busy jacking off with me. It’s a super hot fantasy, thinking about her being an insatiable slut for big dick.

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Cuckolding and cheating wife phone sex make up some of my favorite phone sex calls. I enjoy the roleplay of it and I enjoy the conversations that I have with men like you. Some of you have very specific fantasies about who and what your wives are doing. I love hearing about the details of your kinky desires. There are no limits, and that means that you can bring me any cheating fantasy that gets you off. I’m a taboo woman too, if you’re into those sorts of fantasies. Gangbangs, swingers, whatever you want to talk about is fine with me. The dirtier the better. No one else has to know how nasty we get with one another on the phone when we talk about your hotwife. Of course, if they knew they’d want a piece of her pussy too, you know it. Call me and confess those fantasies.




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I’ve always had a cuckold phone sex fantasy.  My husband is just not having it.  I’ve begged him a thousand times to let me bring a guy home so he could watch me get fucked in front of him.  And always it was…no.  So what’s a girl to do?  If I can’t have my way with him doing it willingly, I had to take matters into my own hands and force the issue.  I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me, but he’ll get over it.  Last night I invited a guy over that I met through a friend. 

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He’s a tall, sexy dark Adonis and I have dreamed of him fucking me ever since I met him.  I told him about my cuckold phone sex fantasy and asked him if he’d help me make it come true.  He said he’d be crazy to pass that up.  So I had him come over before hubby got home and we were both already in the bedroom kissing and touching and undressing one another when he walked in.  He was furious.  So here’s where I had to be a little forceful.  I had my friend help me tie my husband up and gag him so he wouldn’t ruin the mood with his yelling and cursing, and I made him watch me get royally fucked in every hole for over 5 hours.  It was so HOT. I came so much I nearly passed out and my sexy cuckold phone sex lover filled me with loads and loads of hot sticky spunk.  It was everything I ever dreamed it would be. Well, aside from hubby not participating.  In fact, I still have him tied up in the bedroom because my new lover is coming over again tonight!  And since my husband still objects to this, he’s just going to have to stay tied up until he agrees to be my cuckold phone sex slave!  Either way…I’ll get what I want like I usually do.

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I am fortunate that I already have what a lot of you sissies and cucks want. I have a big black cock to play with pretty much on demand. How glorious is that? Sometimes, of course, he is out and I have to settle for toys. That’s when I get the itch for big black cock phone sex. You guys that love the big black dick always know how I feel when I am without his thick member to play with and get pleasure from. Even the BBC virgins know what a special thing a black cock is and they can relate to not having what I’m used to. If I could I would share, but that is where dildos and imagination come into play. I can tell you about how great big black dick is and you can tell me how you pine for it when you’re without.

It’s rare that I go too long without it. Most of the time that I get calls about big black cock phone sex it hasn’t been long since I have had one of those buried inside of me. Would you like to watch that? I’m an exhibitionist, I’d let you spy on us while he plows into me like a piece of fuck meat. I want you to witness the beauty of a black cock with white pussy. You can jack off while you take it all in. Will you beg for it? Do you think that you will break and whine and plead for a chance to experience the big black cock yourself? I sure hope so. It’s so hot when a white man loses it and gets stupid hard for a big black dick and begs. I bet that he will make you his cock loving  horny bitch.




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There are three different types of cuckolds that call me for creampie phone sex. First off there are those that have been cuckolded by their wives and they’re lucky to get any pussy time at all. When they do it’d filled with another man’s salty warm cum load. The second type of wimpy cuckold that calls me is the one that has a nice girl at home. She wouldn’t dream of being with another man. The loser she is with knows that she deserves better but she refuses to take part in it, or she would refuse if said loser were brave enough to suggest it. Lastly there are the single would be cuckolds that have had some experience with a cuckold lifestyle or those that are so  curious as can be about it. I don’t care one way or the other which type you are.

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Do you fall somewhere in that description of cuckold men that call for creampie phone sex? Do you understand that your place is between my legs sucking away a hot freshly deposited creamie? Good, that means you have what it takes to make my day a little bit happier. See, I have a magnificent lover that keeps my body fully satisfied. I was a mean girl though and now I’m a wicked woman. I like humiliation, degradation, torment and causing suffering. If your dick throbs when you think about being a clean up boy then I don’t guess it’s too sadistic to tell you to do it though, is it? Maybe I’ll coax your ass into sucking it straight from the cock itself.You’re going to end up with it in your belly anyway, why not? Is it that lingering thread of masculine pride that holds you back? I’ll sever it for you.





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My boyfriend loves that I engage in cuckold phone sex regularly. We live a cuckold lifestyle. I don’t just play the part over the phone. He was really hesitant about it when we first met and it took me a little while to talk him into it, but now he loves it. I mean, I just told him that if he wanted to be with me, he was just going to have to live with the fact that I love big black cocks and that I wasn’t going to change my lifestyle for him or anyone else.

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The first time he saw me get fucked by a big black cock, he was kind of confused as to what he should be feeling. On one hand, there’s his girl getting pounded by another man… a man who is twice the size of him. But on the other hand, I was having the best time ever and it was super hot to see me being pleasured and feeling so good. I asked him what his favorite part of the whole experience was and he said, very quickly, “Seeing your gaping pussy leaking that black creampie”. So from that moment on, he was hooked.

Of course, it took him a little longer to want to get in on the action. But eventually I talked him into getting down on his knees and getting those big dicks ready for me. The sight of him with a cock in his mouth really turned me on. I love it when a man is humiliated. And then I got fucked by that big cock and he cleaned me up afterward.

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Hi there, I’m Cyndee and I love spicing things up with some delicious choco-cock! I love BBC phone sex and you do too, even if you don’t know it yet. What’s better than a hot chocolate stud to fuck you right? Sure, I’ll fuck white guys, but sometimes you just need to be pounded like it’s a sport and black men get the job done right. They appreciate all my curves and I love being slutty with them. There’s just something about a sexy black stud that brings out your inner slut. Don’t knock it until you try it! I know you’re curious about some big juicy Mandingo dick, and I want to encourage you to find your own inner BBC phone sex slut. Oh, come on, you know you’ve had girlfriends who’ve been with black men and it gets your cock so hard at the thought of them being cock drunk little whores for them.

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Start thinking of that big black monster cock stuffed inside my tight white pussy. If you’re a good boy, I might even let you suck on my clit while his black cock destroys my once-tight pussy. I want to make sure you get nice a view of what I’m letting him do to me. I promise you won’t be able to look away like a scared little wimp during bbc phone sex with me. But you are a little wimpy white boy, aren’t you? The truth is, I would never act this slutty for you. There’s nothing about your puny pink cock, that makes me even entertain the idea of letting you blow your load on my face.

Oh, and I want to hear you thank him for fucking me how you couldn’t. Call Cyndee for bbc phone sex and cuckold fantasies.


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I get many guys who ask me if I like to have cuckold phone sex. The first thing that is on my mind is are you kidding me? I love to have a real man in front of you to show you what a real cock is while I get pleased. Sometimes I think to ask why they like to be humiliated by the presence of a alpha male in the room. I think I already know the answer though. You know exactly what I deserve and maybe you want to see just how a real man works right?
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I will be more than happy to show you how its supposed to be done. Do be honest you are not really worthy enough to be in the room. To show your appreciation I might let you put your tongue on the tip of his mushroom head and maybe shove it down to his balls to make you choke on it. The least you can do is get his cock nice and hard for me. I bet that would get that tiny clit of yours excited right? I know you will sit there and wonder what it would be like to fill up my sweet holes with a hard dick to make me scream to the top of my lungs. Instead you will just have to sit there and play with your own thing down there. We will see how good you suck on that cock to me to see if I will let you clean all of his cream out of me like a good boy.
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My husband has really taken to our cuckold phone sex lifestyle. Sure, he was nervous about it at first, but I told him, if you want to keep me around, then you better get on board with all the big cock I am going to be fucking and sucking. Of course, he wants me to stay. I am the epitome of a trophy wife. I am a hot piece of ass and I look great on his arm. All his friends tell him how lucky he is to have a sexy woman like me for a wife. Well, what they don’t know is that he can barely get it up anymore and I spend more time putting batteries in my various vibrators than actually on his lame cock.

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I finally told him I needed some real cock and he could deal with it or cry about it. So now I have my big cock fuck buddies to come our house and fuck me in our bed. I make sure my husband is involved. Yep, he gets a nice front row seat. I say to him, tell this hung stud I am his dirty whore. I want to hear you tell another man as he fucks me I am all his! You tell him he can use me any way he likes and any time he likes. I make my husband tell all my fuck and suck partners how worthless his penis is and to compare his to theirs. It always makes us laugh. At first he was very humiliated, but now he just embraces it. It turns him on to be a true cuckold phone sex loser for me. Sometimes he even scouts out big cock for me. All he needed was some cuckold training.

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Cuckold Phone Sex
Hello there, Cuckold.
Looking at me and wondering just what I get up to when I am left to my own devices?
You know that I am cuckolding you with big black cock every chance I get, don’t you?
Look at me, why I wouldn’t fuck bbc?
I started with just one, but when it comes to big black cock, one is never enough.
After I had my first chocolate dick, he bragged about this creamy white pussy to everyone, and before long, he was introducing me to all his friends.
I’m the trophy wife of your wet dreams, the one you chased, wooed, and spoiled in every way, and a large part of my appeal is that all your friends want to fuck me.
And I play on that, don’t I?
When we are in bed together, you tell me how many of your friends, co-workers, even your family, want to fuck your hot wife.
What would they think if they knew that your wife cheats on you with black cock?
And that you can’t satisfy your trophy wife where it counts, in the sheets?
And it’s so humiliating that I openly cock mock you, that I let you know in every way that you have a small white penis, and that I’m a size queen.
I even made you pull out your cock so I could take pics and stroke for me next to a ruler, so that I could show my friends how little your cock is!
And the public humiliation doesn’t stop with me telling my friends how little my cuckold is, I’ve been getting bolder, not hiding that I fuck other men, coming home with my hair a mess, make up fucked off, and a creampie pussy.
Oh, did that make your mouth water?
How about I make sure you walk in on me in our bed with a big black cock?
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