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Coed Phone Sex with Sasha

I’m a shy coed phone sex girl, so when one of my classmates asked me out on a date this last semester, I was so nervous. He’s older. In his 40s, but was finishing up his electives for his last semester. We had Jazz History together. I love older men! I’ve been watching him all semester, and always made it my point to sit next to him in our small class. He was always so passionate, and so vocal. And when he approached me with his salt and pepper hair, I got so wet. He asked me out to this Jazz club off campus. I said yes, and went back to my dorm to find skimpiest dress that I had, because I was going to show him how this kinky coed rolls. I picked this hot pink spandex strapless dress. It accentuates my tits, and leaves very little to the imagination. I didn’t wear any panties or a bra.

coed phone sex

I arrived a little early to the check out the scenery. It was nice and mellow. Dimly lit and laid-back. The perfect place for us to get to know each other.He was at the bar, sipping a scotch & soda. We sat at a table, and I can tell how turned on he was by looking at me. I’m 19, so I couldn’t drink, but I got on the dance floor and showed him a few moves. We sat back down, and got a little touchy-feely. His cock was so hard for me, and I let him play with my pussy while I stroked it under the table. He whispered in my ear, and asked me if I wanted to go back to his house. I said yes. We immediately started making out when we got inside the house. I sat him down on the couch, got in between his legs, and pulled out his big, 9 inch cock. It had big veins, and a nice mushroom head. I started sucking his cock, while he moaned and played with my tits. He was really enjoying himself. He told me to stand, lifted my dress over my hips, and he licked my clit nice and slow. He sucked and licked my pussy lips, and fingered my tight, wet cunt. This older guy knows how to treat this kinky coed! I shivered and came while gripping his salt and pepper hair. My juices dripped all down my legs, and he licked it all up like a champ. He told me that that was all I get for now, and that next time, he was going to fuck my brains out. I’m waiting. This kinky coed wants more!
Stay tuned.

Tell me your sexy story. Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Sasha for coed phone sex. You won’t be disappointed.

AIM: KinkCoed_Sasha
Yahoo: KinkyCoed_Sasha

CBT Phone Sex with Blake

Hey fellas! I am Blake, a blonde bombshell with an excessive need for control. Do you know what you need, baby? You need to be my pain slut. I recently had a caller who was very disobedient, so he had to be punished. Instead of waiting to cum like he was told, he did it anyway. Can you believe he disobeyed his Goddess? I know, me either! He was a very naughty pain slut, just like I know you are, aren’t you? Don’t try to deny it, I will find out! Just like my caller, you really enjoy having your cock and balls tortured. You know they belong in the control of a superior woman. It is great entertainment and an extreme turn on to see you all tied up. Seriously though, you look so pathetic I just can’t control the giggles that want to erupt! I really do believe that CBT phone sex is an art form because there are so many methods that can be used to cause pain and torture.

CBT phone sex

What’s my favorite way cause you pain and torture? I have several favorites, but one of them is to tie your cock and balls up and make them my puppet. *Evil laughter* Having that much control is like having your hand in the cookie jar. I love that I own you, your cock and balls are my property! Oh, how I love to have control over your cock and balls. After all I am a woman; that makes me the superior species. Disobey me, and this is what happens to naughty sissy sluts!  How tight will the rope be around your cock and balls? Will you barely feel it, or will it be so tight that you get blue balls, literally? You like that, don’t you? Your shaft is rock hard just thinking about CBT phone sex with me!

If you are anything like my caller you call me because you want more than just vanilla sex. Your significant other doesn’t know about your pain slut fantasies or our CBT phone sex sessions, now does she? So many ways to show you who is in control. Just thinking about it makes my tight pink pussy creamy wet. Our sessions will continue being so hot, you will be coming back for more to feed your addiction and the pain I cause. When I’m done with you, you’ll be crying for more! I know you want to know what else I’m going to do to you, now don’t you? Just give me a call to feed your pain addiction and ask for Blake when you call 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u
Twitter: @bubblyblake4u

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Eliza

Just because I am a smoking hot barely legal coed, doesn’t meant that I don’t like to get kinky from time to time.  And what I have learned about being built like every man’s wet dream, is that I have a lot of power over certain men.  I often like to use that power for tease and denial phone sex.  I like to make a man edge until he is a babbling idiot, pleading with me for release.  And I don’t mind using extreme or unusual means to make that happen.

tease and denial phone sex

Tell me, what is more painful — seeing me naked sucking a huge cock or seeing your worthless dick locked in a cage where you can’t get to it? I know, both! That’s right, you will be standing there in the corner looking so stupid and pathetic with just a cock cage on as I please far superior men and get pleased for hours. Aren’t you jealous when you watch me as I am slowing sliding my lips up and down his long shaft and he looks over at you with that “wow you really are pathetic” look.  Especially when he  grabs on to back of my head and pushes that dick down my throat. How emasculating it is for you when he slaps you across the face and grabs you by your hair drags you over to me only to push your face next to my cunt, so you can watch him put that real man’s cock inside your of me! We both laugh at you! I know that must be the epitome of humiliation but you must learn to deal with it when it comes to tease and denial phone sex.  Humiliation will become a new and exciting part of your life.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Eliza

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Femdom Phone Sex with Emily

Femdom phone sex is something that comes very naturally to me. I know that it can include a lot of different fantasies and fetishes, but one of my favorite things to talk about when you call me is strap on play. Do you have a strap on fetish? I bet you have already been fucking your ass with your finger for years, but you’ve been so scared to go out and buy a dildo, so you haven’t been nearly as satisfied as you could have been if you’d just given in to your desires. But that’s what I am here for.

femdom phone sex

I bet you daydream of a hot woman like me just pounding you, don’t you? I won’t start out hard and fast, but you can bet it’s going to end up like that. The more excited you get, the more excited I’ll get. That’s just going to make me want to fuck you deeper and harder. Toward the end of our strap on fuck session, I’m going to fuck you so hard that it might even be a little uncomfortable – but in a good way. Don’t worry. You’re really going to love it.

I think it would be really fun for you to get on top of me and ride my strap on cock. Sit your ass right down on it and bounce on it. Trust me, you are going to need to learn to do that. Eventually a strap on will not be enough for you and you’re going to need a real cock – and those guys are going to want you to be able to ride them like you’re a freaking cowboy.

It’s about time now for you to get your phone and credit card and place that call to me. Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily for femdom phone sex.

AIM: Redhead_emily
Yahoo: Sluttyemily

GFE Phone Sex with Bella

Are you a single or lonely guy? Maybe your married and your wife doesn’t show you enough attention or maybe she’s just not the woman you married years ago. Well I would love to have some GFE phonoe sex with you. Have you ever had an experience like this before. If not, its okay, I’ll talk you through it.

GFE phone sex

So, you will be calling me several times a week. We will get to know each other. Your name, where you live, what you do for work. You and I will become extremely close. I’ll know all your secrets and your fetishes and desires and you will know all of mine. You will find yourself getting closer and closer to me. Calling me more and telling me you love me. Going through role play’s an talk as if we were right beside each other. Wanting to hold your hand, cuddle with you, give you lots of love and kisses. Letting you know I love you so much and can’t live with out you. Oh wait, you always want to make sure you spoil your lover. That means, really nice clothes, purses, shoes and just money in general. How can you be in a relationship if you can’t spoil me? That’s right sweetheart, I would love to have lots of expensive and nice things! Each and every week. Let’s sit down and talk about how your work day was, how your week is going, what your plans are for the weekend. Then we can make passionate love and get to cum together! I get super excited when I think about this! Ready for this experience and ride of a lifetime with me?

Give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Bella for some amazing GFE phone sex! I’ll be waiting for my phone to ring darling!

Panty Boy Phone Sex Freaks with Bree

Fuck Ya! Its Friday!!!! This bratty princess is spending her Friday morning laying in bed in nothing more than panties wondering where are all the panty boy phone sex freaks are?

panty boy phone sex

Dont act all shy now. You know the minute you heard I am still in panties your cock twitched and your perverted panty boy brain just got that itch wondering did I sleep in these panties? Are they cotton? What cut are they?

Oh hell ya. I now how your kinky brains work hahah. Not my first rodeo with a guy with a panty fetish. Yup shocker right? Your thinking this bratty princess cant possibly know how to handle MY panty fetish. WRONG!

The fact that I am 21 will only add to the level of humiliation you will feel. Making you beg for every details that you crave to stroke too. Making you admit the fact that you are a kinky panty sniffing phone sex pervert. Haha.

Ok so like we both know your a panty pervert but its so much fun making you openly have to say it aloud. Hell  ya. Makes me wet if you say it beyond a whisper. What can I say your humiliation gets me excited.

So like I am saying panty boy phone sex freaks you need to grab that phone and call me so that I have no reason to get dressed. Be a shame to have to change out of these super cute panties. Oh wait did I give away that I have been wearing these panties for a bit?? Maybe. Maybe not. Have to call this fucking hot bratty princess for the full panty details. Yes I know I am a bitch but trust me that is the part you gonna love about me.

Panty boys just call 1-888-662-6482 ask for Bree. Anything Goes!!!!




Fetish Phone Sex with Ariel

Hiya there boys! Welcome to the world of Miss Ariel, your favorite barely legal fetish phone sex dreams. Do you have an intense need to worship a superior woman in argyle socks? Do you always end up at the bottom of a beautiful woman’s feet groveling and kiss them? Do you have a thing for strong, intelligent, superior women that wear cable knit socks? Well all you have to do is call ME so I can make you kiss mine during our fetish phone sex call.

fetish phone sex

I can tell by the sound of your voice where you deserve to be. It sounds so puny and small. I mean if we are going to be honest here we both know you belong at the bottom of the inferiority pecking order food chain, don’t you? Even girls younger than you are more superior and more intelligent than you are! I can understand why you would have an obsession for superior, intelligent, and beautiful women. I know I can show you, your place. I mean I am beautiful, I am strong, and I just love to wear cable knit knee socks. The thought of you kissing my stocking covered feet makes that itty bitty clit grow during our fetish phone sex call, now doesn’t it baby?

I get intense pleasure from putting weak men in their place, as I am one of the superior species, after all I am a WOMAN! Be ready to bow before me and kiss my stocking feet the moment I say “hello” on the other end. I am not talking about pecks here, I am talking about groveling at my feet and putting enthusiasm into those kisses.

You won’t be the first inferior man I put into place! Just ask my previous caller “footboy.” *giggles* So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and ask for Miss Ariel when you call 1 (888) 662-6482 for kinky fetish phone sex.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: @brattyprncssAri

Spanking Phone Sex with Winter

My ass is so tight and smooth.  It’s a perfect pallet for a paddle and a spanking phone sex fantasy.  I know you’d just love to have your bright red hand print across my cheeks.  Or maybe a nice belt strap welt.  That would look hot.  Look, I know that I’m a brat sometimes and that you have to put me in my place.  I can admit that.  So when you decide that I need some discipline, I’m not exactly surprised.  Of course, there are only a few that can tame me.  Not everyone gets the privilege of a spanking phone sex fantasy session, but those who are chosen are in for a real treat.  I can’t say that I’m going to accept it willingly, but I know you can force me over your lap and rip my panties down.  That’s what I like about you.  Just make sure that first swing tells me you mean business or else it’s all over with.  I need a firm hand, not some bullshit swat on the bum.

spanking phone sex

Sometimes I cry during spanking phone sex fantasy calls.  I mean, that shit hurts.  Sometimes I beg you to stop.  It just depends on how aggressive you are about it.  My favorite part of the whole thing is looking at my red booty once you’re done with me.  Seeing the scarlet raised skin, places where you may have drawn a little blood, feeling the sting when I lightly run my hands over it.  I’m not going to be able to sit comfortably for a few days, but that was the point, wasn’t it?  I promise that I’ll try to behave for a while.  Maybe.  If you did it right, I may want more.  Then I’ll be a bad girl on purpose just so I can have more discipline from a man who knows what he’s doing.

If you have a spanking phone sex fantasy and a firm hand, call 1-888-662-6482 and get Winter on the line.

AIM:  whitehottwinter
Yahoo:  whitehotwinter

CBT Phone Sex with Arizona

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. You owe me, you pathetic loser! I don’t mean you owe me money. I mean you pissed me off, and I get revenge when I am pissed. This fierce fresh, and fabulous bitch knows exactly how I’m going to make you pay me back, too! By the end of our cbt phone sex session I’ll have you begging for more. More what, you ask? More pain and torture under the heel of my black stilettos. My kind of pain isn’t for meek bitches either. When you call me you best be bringing anything and everything that can cause your pathetic ass pain. The thought of you screaming out makes me laugh! . Be sure to have tinfoil, ice, clothespins, rope, and clamps, and an elastic, too. Nothing is off limits during our cbt phone sex session. If you don’t intend on following my every demand, don’t bother picking up the phone I mean really- if I’m not going to be able to hear you scream in pain, it isn’t worth my precious time.

CBT phone sex

During our cbt phone sex session I won’t hesitate to take it to the next level. I won’t be the one causing your pain- you will. Doesn’t that just make it that much hotter? I won’t have to lift a fucking finger, boo! I love the way the words feel falling from my lips. *giggles* Let’s see what falls from my lips next. I am sure to leave you wondering..wondering what I was doing while you were causing yourself all that pain, boo. You’ll be wondering where I came up with all those evil ideas. We both know that I have a vivid imagination, and it will be put to use to benefit us both during our cbt phone sex session. Want to know what my plans are for you? Just call 1-888-662-6482, and beg for your cbt phone sex bitch, Arizona.

Sissy Phone Sex with Emily

I want to take a minute and talk to all of you sissy phone sex lovers right now. Are you dying to find a girl who truly understands what it means to transform you into the perfect sissy? Well, you don’t need to look any further. I love taking a man who wants to become a sissy and taking him there from start to finish. But you need to be willing to listen to me. You have to do what I tell you to do. I want you to be serious and ready to take action when you call me.

sissy phone sex

The thing most guys have trouble with is the beginning of the feminization process. You’re going to have to remove all of that gross hair that’s all over your body. You might not want to, but do you really think any man is going to believe you’re a woman if you have a hairy chest, back and legs? No. There’s no way. Yes, it’s probably going to hurt a little bit, but beauty can be painful at times and you’re going to have to get used to it. You’re going to have to have a lot of beautification if you’re ever going to be passable as a woman.

I understand that it’s also going to be overwhelming for you to learn to pick out clothes, shoes, and makeup. But don’t worry – you will get used to it. You just have to learn what looks good on you. And when it comes to makeup, learning to apply it will make things so much easier. You don’t want to go out to pick up guys looking like a clown, do you? Just practice and I promise you that you’ll get better at it.

Ready to get started? Call me for sissy phone sex now at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily.

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

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