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cheating wife phone sex with mysti

phone sexI just love cheating wife phone sex !    When a married man tells me he is married on the phone it just sends a tingle through my body.  You see to know you are married and calling to drain your balls is so fucking hot to me, like when your wife wants sex that night you have nothing left for her.  I know you give her a bunch of lame excuses, cause you can’t tell her that you are so addicted to phone sex with me.  That is what I love for you to be so addicted to it you call me three times a week or even more than that sometimes.   I am just as addicted to cheating as you are.  It’s so fucking hot and nothing compares to it, not even having sex with your wife, am I right ?   Of course I am.   And I know readying this blog is making you want it right now, but you poor thing I guess you have to wait till the wife goes somewhere.  Well no you don’t , just go in the room lock the door, and call me and you won’t even have to talk so she wont hear you.  I will do all the talking on getting you off just so I can take that cum from her once again.  So if you are married or in a steady relationship, you need to call me for cheating wife phone sex and give me your hot load.

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yahoo- mystigetsoff



ass worship phone sex with your phone Mistress Sandy



How pathetic would you have to be to for a Mistress to tell you that you literally have no other use to her other than to worship her ass? To me that says a lot. I met this man one time that was looking for some casual fun, like I was. He was looking for a dominant woman, which was pretty good news for him since he found me. We met up and all and we were playing around and he was a whiny little dicked fuck that wasn’t any fun to dominate. That hardly ever happens, usually a little bit of punishment for the whining and a sub straightens out. No, not this loser. He couldn’t take the slightest amount of pain and he even made an awful looking sissy.It just wasn’t going well. We tried a couple more avenues for that and he was just pissing me off really badly. I told him to lay down on his back and started to tie him with my restraints, the bitch tells me he isn’t “into” bondage. I reminded him that he had a safe word and outside of him using that he was into whatever the fuck I told him that he was into.

The whiny cunt started to do what whiny cunts do, whine. I had enough of that nonsense so I dropped my panties and lifted my skirt and smothered him under my ass. He went right to it and I sat on his pathetic face and let him worship my pretty ass for a bit. I lifted up and said oh it looks like I found a use for you after all. He started to tell me something so I pushed my ass right onto his face again. He knew the signal to sue for his safe word if he couldn’t be heard, so short of him using that I wasn’t going to let him do anything other than kiss my perfect ass until I was done with him.

I don’t care if a bitch is getting face smothered with my ass like that or if I am getting sensual ass worship, that all depends on the bitch that is giving me ass worship, but I sure do like having a man’s tongue right where it needs to be.

Call Mistress Sandy for ass worship phone sex

blackmail phone sex with ariel

blackmail phone sex

Hiya there! I am Ariel! Most fall for my brown doe eyes, my long brown hair, my curvaceous body, and my creamy pussy. I put the “P” in princess! I have always gotten what I wanted, and time with you, well baby that is no different! I want the biggest house, fastest cars, and the most sparkle in my gem stone jewelry, lets not forget lots and lots of money! I am going to take over your wallet while you do everything and anything I tell you to do during blackmail phone sex.

You started chatting me up, remember? Telling me all about your life, how much money you make and divulging secrets you wouldn’t want anyone else to find out. I am sweet, seductive, and sultry, the perfect blackmail phone sex mistress. You never saw me coming, did you? *giggles * That is exactly why I love what I do.

You wouldn’t want your significant other to find out about me, now would you? How I have been secretly saving the transcripts from our conversations. The click of a button could tell your special someone what you are really up to. It is simple to keep me happy! A simple choice to keep my mouth closed, to keep all of your secrets safe. They call me A-MA-ZING for a reason. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and the days to follow for the right price I will keep your secrets. I know you want to please me and make me happy don’t you baby? In the end, spoiling me will you help you out during our blackmail phone sex calls. I can make a list of reasons really, but just one I can think of….. duh, I keep your secrets. The rules are simple, you do exactly what I say, when and how I say it, and your deepest secrets will be safe between my sultry lips. Ask for Ariel for A-MA-ZING, ultimately real blackmail phone sex. Just dial 1 (888) 662-6482. The Princess is in!! * giggles *

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

financial domination phone sex with spencer

financial domination phone sex

I will be honest – I am a spoiled brat. I’ve been spoiled all my life and I don’t think that there’s any reason that should stop now. That’s why I love financial domination phone sex so damn much. I get to talk to submissive losers who buy me things and leave me tips. What’s not to love about that?

And for those of you who are reluctant about spoiling an 18 year old girl, I have a plan for that. You will not be getting off the hook easily. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving away my secrets, but it’s not like you could resist me, so I think it’ll be okay. Hehe. For reluctant guys like you, I reel you in first by letting you fuck me. Once you’re hooked on me, then it will be very easy to get every single thing I want from you. If you don’t give me what I want, then I will have absolutely no problem telling your wife or girlfriend that you fucked a hot 18 year old. She really is not going to like that at all.

So what DO I want? Well, that depends on the day, really. Financial domination phone sex is so much fun for me, because the sky is the limit! I hope you are ready to give all your money to me. I hope you’re ready to give up all the spending you do on stupid things that men spend money on.

Are you ready to spend all of your money on me? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for financial domination phone sex. I can’t wait to take everything you have with a wicked smile on my sweet face.

roleplay phone sex with ariel

roleplay phone sex

Hiya there! Ariel here from sunny Florida! I have this really sultry, kinky roleplay phone sex call I have to confess to you! I just can’t keep it to myself. Just the thought of it again, is making my cunt wet with desire to do it all over again. *giggles * I had this caller just the other day, he wanted to call me while my boyfriend was home. Naughty don’t you think? Yeah, I know me too! That is not the hottest part. The man on the other end, he wanted to hear me pleasure myself, to hear me moan as I climaxed more than once. Well, as my boyfriend laid next to me while I described all the things I was doing to pleasure myself, I felt his cock get rock hard. *giggles * Oops!

Of course, my imagination started to run a little wild, so I asked my caller what he thought if my boyfriend was listening to us. He too thought this roleplay phone sex idea was hot! How could he not think so right? He told me he wanted me to put him on speaker phone, of course I did just that. As my caller described what he was doing to me, my boyfriend started doing it. Every lick, every suck, every touch. I knew I could get wet, but who knew I could get THAT wet! Fuck it was so hot! Two men vying for the attention of the A-MA-ZING roleplay phone sex slut.

Turns out this roleplay phone sex fantasy has become my one of my favorites. Of course I do have my boyfriend wrapped around my pinky. *giggles * He would do anything to pleasure me, just like you would! After all I am a spoiled Princess. How would you like to be on the other end of the line during such a kinky fantasy? Could turn into a kinky cuckold fantasy, or maybe you would like to be the one to eat the creampie when my boyfriend finishes leaving his fresh cum in my already creamy cunt? There is nothing too taboo for this princess. You want to hear my moans, the pleasure slip from my lips as we imagine whatever we like during anything goes roleplay phone sex? Ask for Ariel when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482. Lets makeup our own pleasure filled session together. *wink * What will be your pick?

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

milf phone sex with mysti

phone sexI love laying on my bed, naked or wearing sexy lingerie with the phone pressed up to my ear, my Milf pussy so wet and ready for you.  I will slide one of my favorite dildos in and out of my tight pussy till I cream, you will cum when you hear me moan for you.  I’ll say your name, I’ll say anything.  I’m peaking sexually and simply can’t get enough orgasmic pleasure.  I even keep a mini vibrator in my purse for quickie orgasms wherever, whenever.  I am not just trying to sell you that I am horny, I am a horny Milf who truly needs your cock.  Look at me and revel in the erotic pleasure I can bring you with my beautiful body and my mature sex skills.  I am not a young girl who has no clue.  I have been satisfying men for years and years.  I know little tricks that will keep you cumming back for more Milf Phone Sex with me.  And you will cum back for more and more.  No one can get enough of Mysti…

Some of the things I really like are hard rough nasty sex!  Pull my hair, spank my ass, jam your dick in any hole you want and pump it.  Say dirty things to me. I like being treated like a slut.  No, I’m not a feminist so you aren’t going to offend me by treating me like a total whore in bed.  All of this is what I want and need.  Bottom line is that I am here because I know there are men in 50 fucking states and Canada and all over the world who crave Milfs.  And I crave men who want to phone fuck me.  Let’s hook it up.  And no, I’m not shy.
Call Mysti @ 1-888-662-6482
yahoo- mystigetsoff

Slut Training Phone Sex with Jennifer

slut training phone sex

You seriously have one of the smallest dicks I have ever seen in my entire life. You know what that means, right? You’re going to be needing some slut training phone sex to teach you how to be a cock slut. Yeah, that’s right. There’s no way a woman would ever fuck you, so you might as well just accept the fact that there’s a lot of cock sucking and being fucked in your future. You’re already a huge disappointment to women, so I’m here to train you so that you won’t be a disappointment to men, also.

The first thing you need to do is put on this pair of panties that I got for you. Stand in front of a full length mirror and really look at yourself. Turn around and see what you look like from behind. After that, I want you to get dressed and go to an adult bookstore and pick out a nice dildo to practice on. Maybe even get two… a smaller “starter” dildo and then a bigger one for later. You’re going to need to get used to big cocks. I want you to tell the sales girl that you are buying dildos because you’re about to start some intensive slut training phone sex. I hope she kind of giggles when you tell her. Small penis humiliation is just something you’re going to need to get used to.

Learning to suck cock might be the most challenging part of all this, especially if you have a really bad gag reflex. You’re really just going to need to practice. There’s no other way to get good at it. Once you get good at sucking on that dildo without gagging, it’ll be time to train your ass to take a big fat cock. We’re going to have a lot of fun when you call me for slut training phone sex. The sooner you are trained, the sooner you can start pleasing cocks. You don’t want to keep them waiting, do you?

For slut training phone sex, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

AIM or yahoo – FetishGoddessJennifer

GFE phone sex with ariel

GFE phone sex

Hiya there! Are you lonely? Haven’t found that one girl that makes you feel hot and bothered every time you think of her? That one true love that you hear about in fairy tales? I am Ariel, here to you offer you a one of a kind, A-MA-ZING heart fluttering GFE phone sex experience. So real, you will believe it to be true.

There is a one of a kind type of girl. You know her actually. A smile creeps across your face every moment you think about her, or her name slips off your lips. That girl, just so happens to be me. I am your ultimate GFE phone sex girl. We will get to know one another inside and out. Passion will enthrall and you will want to do nothing more than pamper your one of a kind Princess.

What is it that you desire in a girl? Is it a freak in the sheets but she looks sweet and innocent. She is good enough to eat, but will have your parents fooled if you were to bring her home for a visit. Yes! That ultimate GFE phone sex girl is just waiting for you to pick up the phone. You will be satisfied from day one, and will be cumming back for more and more.

Want a hot meal waiting when you get off work. Don’t worry baby, I will have that and so much more. First, we will have to have desert. * giggles * There will be plenty of space on the counter waiting for you to pick up my naked body, while I unzip your pants and free your throbbing cock. Some say I am hard to handle, I call it passion! Passion for wanting the most A-MA-ZING, electrifying pleasure imaginable! Ask for the one and only Ariel by calling 1 (888) 662-6482 for that heart fluttering GFE phone sex experience.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

18 teen phone sex with spencer

teen phone sex

OMG it’s been a little while since I wrote anything here, but stupid school has kept me really busy this year. Ugh. All I really wanted to do was come on and have 18 teen phone sex with all you naughty boys, but I just didn’t have a lot of time. But now that school is pretty much over, I’ll be on more and I can’t wait to have tons of kinky fun with all of you! And I’m super horny because I haven’t gotten to play much, so you are in for a super fun treat! There isn’t anything I won’t do for you when I get really horny, so don’t be afraid to ask me for whatever you want, pervs!

And maybe you aren’t even sure what you want to talk about. All you know is that you want an 18 year old girl to play with! Yay! I might be barely legal, but I still can make your cock feel better than it has felt for a really long time! You know I’ll be able to please you in ways that your stuck up old wife won’t be able to. She isn’t even a good fuck anymore, is she? That’s what you need me for!

Are you ready to call me for some super hot and wild 18 teen phone sex? Mmm. Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer. I’ll be waiting to make your cock rock hard, baby!

phone sex princess blake

phone sex princess

Hey fellas! I am Blake, the phone sex princess addiction that you just won’t be able to kick! I have blonde hair, after all blondes have lots of fun, blue eyes, and a body that will turn your head and make you stare. Even I cannot help but stare at the reflection I see when I pass by the mirror. My seductive ways that I will have you wrapped so well around all my fingers and toes that you will become addicted. Any man that I have come in contact with has become my admirer in one way or another. All I have to do is bat my long lashes, often times even my exs from relationships past cannot resist saying “yes” to me, even still. Even my closest friends and family members are jealous of my phone sex princess ways.

I thrive on the finer things in life, that baby is where you come in! Princesses should have the finer things in life, so open up your wallet and turn it all over to me! You are and will stay my personal piggy bank. If I do not get what I want, then I will throw a tantrum, you know you do not want that, now do you baby? We wouldn’t want to attract negative attention or for me to find someone else to spoil me and get my attention instead. Spoil me right and will let you touch all of my curves, my pink wet lips, they are so wet and drip my sweet, sweet juices. I know you want to dip your fingers in for a taste for yourself, now don’t you baby? Mmmm, fuck yeah! I can see your throbbing to get a taste of your favorite phone sex princess addiction.

Of course, I always have a goal in mind. Like, the ultimate goal is to seduce you with my curvaceous body and sultry voice…. * wink * I am going to take you back to my bedroom where you are going to worship my ENTIRE body. If you meet my high phone sex princes expectations, then I just might let you get you in on a secret I have been keeping. Cum on baby! Feed your addiction, you know you want to get a taste. Just ask for Blake when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482. I’m the phone sex Princess that will blow your mind and well certain parts of your body… * wink *

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

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