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domination phone sex with irelynn

domination phone sex

My special pet, Eric, has been lax lately in his duties.  So I decided to exert a little more control. I have been pretty loose on the reigns with him, he is such a cute little cum sucking subbie brat. Well I realized he was attempting to take advantage. So the whip must be cracked. That’s right, domination phone sex. My devious little heart is singing! Now he is completely under my thumb.  He has to do EXACTLY what I say. And what I say is this; You, my little worthless nothing, now have daily tasks. Assignments, actually. To start off, today he had to go to the store and buy panty hose and red lipstick. He wasn’t allowed to take the first one he saw. He had to look at labels and find one with “Blazing”, “Fire”, “Hot”, or “Burning” in it.  And now every morning and every night he has to slip into those silky panty hose, trace those subbie slut lips with the whore red lipstick. After that, he is going to video himself sucking a big strap-on. He also can’t cum until I have 10 strap-on sucking videos. So he can only cum every 5 days. To take this domination phone sex one step farther, he has to get his dick pierced. My little version of a collar. Plus, it makes chastity play sooo much fun!

Do you like having a Princess in TOTAL CONTROL of you? Do you want to let me in to every nook and cranny of your life, making sure you follow my EVERY command? I know you do, so don’t wait any longer, call Princess Irelynn at 1 888 662 6482 for domination phone sex.

AIM: BrattyBitchIrelynn

sissy phone sex with jade

sissy phone sex

I am always on the prowl for a sissy phone sex victim. I just love a good girl like you to follow all of my orders. I bet you have a cute feminine voice too. Tell Mistress Jade all about how you like to dress up like a faggot and prance around in your lingerie. Good sissies like to wear makeup and hair to look like barbie dolls too, this should definitely be you. You will be the cutest slut ever when you let me dress you up. Depending on how far you want to go, we can even have you go out into the real world to show everyone how good of a girl you are.

Some sissies just like to get dressed all pretty and tell me stories. I have the perfect ear to give you advice and help you while you take your journey into feminization. I have a very big funny bone so I am sure your stories or rendezvous sessions will entertain me. I may even have a couple of assignments for you to go out and complete for me. Sissy girls love to complete assignments don’t they?

You may even like to be a bit more extreme and pull out toys and shit out of your drawer. Let me here you shove that cock deep inside of your throat. Then you already know what it next. A nice wet dildo right inside of your wet pussy. You want that don’t you? Of course you do slut. Maybe you even want a real cock in you. I have lots of those handy too. This is where the fun assignments come in. Then you can complete them and tell me how much fun you had.

You need Mistress Jade for sissy phone sex right now don’t you? Go ahead and call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for me. Tell me you want to be a good girl.

Yahoo and Aim: SultryJade4U

roleplay phone sex with shayla

shayla cHey guys, I’m looking for some naughty roleplay fun.  And by naughty I mean anything goes, twisted roleplays, taboo fantasies…..  Roleplay phone sex will give us both what we really need.  To have the sexual freedom to be who we want, do what we want and get off.   I’m divorced and live in a big house all alone.  I spend most of my time, when I’m home alone, in my bedroom naked or wearing sexy lingerie.  I’m very creative and imaginative, so if you love to roleplay , but want to explore a new scenario, give me a call.  I know so many younger guys love a smoking hot milf like me and want me to be someone special in their life.  All of your dark erotic desires can be fulfilled with me.  I have no boundaries, as you can tell from my perfect body, natural tits and shaved wet pussy.  I’m ready for the hottest sex.  But if you look into my eyes you will see a hint of how kinky and devious I am.  Of course, I fucked the photographer after he took my pictures.  Every model has a roleplay fantasy of fucking the photographer.  I do some nude milf modeling when I have time.  I get alimony, but it’s nice to have extra cash from roleplay phone sex to splurge on whatever I want.   Do you want to be my boss or have me be your boss ?  Do you want me to be naughty nurse ?  Do you want to be my next door neighbor ?  I’ll be your teacher if you want to be my student.  One of my hottest roleplay phone sex calls last week was where my car broke down near a biker bar and when I walked in, I was immediatley stripped and laid on the pool table.  While all the bikers took turns taking every hole.  Then one biker who was roleplaying with me kidnapped and rode away with me naked and dripping with cum on his harley.  Roleplay fantasy to be continued……..


Call Shayla @ 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo & aim- sexymilfshayla

fantasy phone sex seduction with jennifer

fantasy phone sex

My name is Jennifer and I’m in the mood for a little fantasy phone sex seduction. How about you? I’m sure there is someone you have thought about fucking and all it would take is a little bit of seduction to talk you into it. I have the perfect roleplay for it, too.
You’ve been e-mailing back and forth with your boss about a new project and you get invited over to his house for dinner one night. You’re excited, because you know he doesn’t really ever invite anyone over, so you think it’s probably a great sign that he’s going to give a green light to the project.

When you arrive, you notice that his car is gone, but you think maybe it’s just in the shop or something. You ring the doorbell and I come to the door, dressed to kill. I’m wearing a low cut dress, stockings, and heels. When I hug you, you notice that I’m wearing a really sensual and sweet musky perfume. I tell you to come in and that my husband will be back soon.

I pour you a drink and make sure that it’s really strong, maybe even spike it. A little bit of time goes by and you ask where my husband is and that’s when I tell you that he’s not coming. He’s out of town for the weekend and I have been the one who is e-mailing you. I have wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you at the office and I knew this would be a great chance to finally do it. You try to resist at first. You think you’re going to get fired if my husband ever finds out. But as soon as I unzip my dress and I’m standing there in my panties, bra and stockings, you change your tune pretty quickly.

In the mood for some fantasy phone sex seduction? Pick up the phone and call 1-888-662-6482, and ask for Jennifer. I’ll make sure you have the time of your life!

AIM/yahoo – FetishGoddessJennifer

Live Phone Sex

Cheap Phone Sex

Hey there from your very kinky phone sex coed!
I am in such a great mood because I got the best workout ever in, lots an lots of hot bodies sweating right beside me always makes me horny!
Do you like the thought of me right here, right now, all horny and ready to play with you on a live phone sex call?
I bet you are wondering what this kinky phone girl is into for a live phone sex call, and it’s so hard to pin down, because I am really into so many freaky fetishes!
I guess what gets me off the most is hearing what gets you off, I’m a true submissive but that doesn’t mean I’m quiet or boring!
I’m not a good little meek girl, I love to push limits, nasty and taboo are what really get this kinky coed wet, I take phone sex calls because since I’m such a good girl in real life, this is the best way ever to find a fellow kinky man who will cum just as much as I do to kinky fetishes that are way too taboo and nasty to write here!
On the phone, I use lots of toys, dildos and butt plugs, but a lot of the time what gets me off is us building a really hot fantasy together and me using my fingers to fuck my clit while you stroke your cock in my ear!
You can check out my profile and see what I’m into, but I really don’t like to just limit myself to one fetish, it really depends on you, and I’ll try any fetish phonesex roleplay at least once!
What about you?
Thinking about how hot it would be to have this hot coed all to yourself?
Let me share a little secret that I just know will make you want to call me right this minute!
I love knowing that you are looking at my hot pictures, stroking to my perky tits, round ass, and tight pink pussy, it makes me bust out the sex toys and start thinking about just what kinky fetish I get to o with you when you call me!
I can’t wait to get off with you!

BBC phone sex with jade

BBC phone sex

BBC phone sex is one of my favorites. When you take a look at me you should be able to see that I am a strong girl and I need strong cock. I don’t have time for a guy to fuck me and I’m not satisfied. Women like me only deserve the best. The best clothes the best shoes the best houses the best cars the best everything. To me cock is number one and I should have the strongest most superior cock that I can get.

I bet you wish that you were born with a BBC don’t you? You could never make me scream and moan like my lover does. It takes a real man with a real dick to handle me. The only thing that you can do to please me is get on your knees and suck one off for me right before I get it pounded in my pussy. That’s right, your only help will be to be my cock sucker whenever I am ready to get fucked. As much as I love BBC phone sex this will be every single day! If you suck that black cock good I may let you clean it off when he’s done with me or clean my cream pie load out of me. You would like that wouldn’t you? You will lay right on the floor while I squat my freshly fucked pussy and ass right on your face. You better have a hard stiff tongue because I want to ride it like I’m a debit card machine.  I know you want to taste that cock juice cream and cum out of me don’t you small dick?

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade for BBC phone sex. You can watch me or participate but I will be the one in control.

big tit phone sex with simone

big tit phone sex

They are spectacular, aren’t they? They are real and they are amazing. I love my big tits as much as you do! A lot of girls do big phone sex but do they have the bodacious boobage that I do? When I put my hand on the back of your head and pull your face deep into my sexy cleavage your entire world becomes my breasts. Inhale the sweet scent from between my tits, it’s intoxicating. Feel how soft and firm at the same time. They are so heavy in your hands and when you start to squeeze them in your hands you see my big nipples instantly get harder and my pussy gets wetter.

Suck on my nipples, baby, be a good for me. I love big tit lactation phone sex calls too. So sexy to sit on my lap and suckle milk like my adult baby boy. Drink your milk like a good boy while I stroke my hands gently on your cock. It feels so good to lay back and let me have control of you while you feed on these massive milk bags.

I get off on showing off my juggs and you will always see me in low cut tops showing off that deep divide of my bosom. Don’t be surprised if your attention also makes my nipples get hard and show thru my top. I love the attention when my nips are like high beams and you can’t keep your eyes off them. I know you are thinking about what it would be like to slide your cock between them and feel the hot warmth of my boobalicous boobs! I get off on titty fucking too, and I have to admit there is no place I’d rather have your cum but all over my big fat tits. Watch me lick them clean and maybe you’ll even have a taste too.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Simone for big tit phone sex!

AIM and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

cuckold phone sex with olivia

cuckold phone sexThat is one sad looking dick. I bet you don’t even remember the last time you got off from having a woman touch you or have sex with you, do you? But you aren’t limited to just jerking off all alone. You should give me a call for cuckold phone sex. Never done anything like that? Well, there is a first time for everything.

There are so many hot cuckold fantasies we could talk about, but let me fill you in on one of my favorites. Let’s say we’re dating, and the time finally comes for us to get intimate with each other. You take your clothes off and when I see your tiny dick, I just burst into laughter. You look shocked that I find it funny. I guess maybe it’s just that you’ve never been with a size queen like me. Of course, I am not going to fuck you… but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun together. Quite the contrary. We’re going to have a lot of fun… well, I will. I don’t know exactly how you’re going to feel about it, but honestly…it doesn’t matter how you feel.

I’m going to call a couple of my guy friends… black guys. And you know what the means. They have nice fat black cocks and they are going to fuck me right in front of you. I would never spread my legs for you, but I will for them. You’re going to feel really humiliated when you see them stretch my pussy out, because you know that you never could. And one more thing… after they cum inside me, I’m going to make you crawl over to me and clean my gaping pussy.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Olivia for cuckold phone sex if you want to hear more of my cuckold fantasies.

AIM: Orgasmic_Olivia
Yahoo: OrgasmicOlivia

cuckold phone sex with gretchen

phonesexNothing makes my husband hornier then to have me fuck a big black cock in front of him.  When we first got together I was sure to tell him that I am not satisfied with just one cock size, I need a variety of them in my sex life.  I’ve always known that the cuckold lifestyle was about since I was younger.  Then I started doing cuckold phone sex and everything about it turned me the fuck on.  Then met my husband that’s exactly what we do.  He just loves to prep me for all my lovers to pound my pussy and ass really good.  The best part is when I hand cuff him to the his chair beside the bed to watch as my lover and I humiliate him.  I’t gets him so fucking horny watching that we can see his pre cum dripping down his cock, and he can’t even stroke it.  When I’m done getting banged, I will go over to him and straddle over his mouth and let every drop of cum drop down into his mouth.  You can just hear him moan on how fucking worked up it gets him.  Then my lover will come over and straddle his cock in his mouth to clean up his cock, he don’t mind tho I mean it’s just more of my pussy juices for him to taste.   He loves to have sex withe after my livers leave, he loves how streatched out my pussy is and all the wetness around his cock.  He will cum so hard, sad thing is I really don’t even feel him inside of me.  I guess its a good thing he only last about 10 minutes at the most.  Do you want to be my cuckold phone sex lover ?  I know there is no way to resist so give me a call !

Call Gretchen @ 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo & aim- milfgretchen

humiliation phone sex with luciee

humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex to me is my passion, I love everything about it. Let me introduce myself  I’m Princess Luciee, a little BITCH, yes you heard me right, I just love getting off from your stupidity. All sissy boys, small dick boys,and slaves are mine to have, just remember one thing you need me… I will never need you! I’m the princess that you will love and take good care of, meaning pay my bills, shower me with tips, send me gift card all the time just for no reason. In return, well I think you know what I will do for you, just talking to you should be enough. But I will give you some of my attention, very little but some. I do have an Ignore Line for all of you that don’t deserve my attention, and yes, you will use it. I like nothing more than to ignore your sad ass and talk to one of my girlfriend while you are on the phone paying for me. So get your head out of your ass and start calling me for the most amazing humiliation phone sex ever.

I love making you do silly little task for me looking even more stupid then even I thought you could be…hahaha. I would like for you to worship me and want to obey all my demands even while I’m humiliating you. You will become addicted to me very fast and will always want to call me over and over just so I can totally make fun of your sorry pathetic ass. You ask why do I waste my time with losers like you well the answer is that all you freaky little losers will spoil me rotten in return.

I will be waiting to hear from you and humiliate you to tears, with my humiliation phone sex call me and ask for Luciee at  1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

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