Fetish Phone Sex with Autumn

  Fetish Phone Sex with your very own breathing sex doll


Have you heard of dollification? I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of fetish phone sex where you treat me like a living doll. It seems like that would be one of the ultimate forms of submission. Have you fantasized about having a sex slave that you can pose and use as a plastic doll but who has flesh and blood running inside of her? It really speaks to me submissive nature to think about being used like that. You can put makeup on me, wigs, dress me however you like and I will feel your touch but only respond as much as a doll would respond to stimulus. I’ll look at you with wide brown eyes and a pout on my lips as I watch my master enjoy my existence. The idea of doing that has me very aroused. Master, I so long to be your personal fuck doll.

fetish phone sex- autumn

Total submission with your personal fuck doll

It’s fetish phone sex with an extremely submissive woman. Whatever you’d like to do to her you can do. It really is like having a sex doll that happens to be human. You can train your fuck doll to respond to certain commands if you’d like. You could train me that when you say “present” that means I get on my knees with my legs spread and my hands parting my ass cheeks behind me. The command might be “cock worship position” and I would drop to my knees, head tilted up to receive and my eyes downcast. I crave training and use and even rough brutal use from a dominant man or woman, or couple. My body and mind long to serve you and make your sexy fetish fantasies happen for you. Will you allow me the chance to serve you and be good at being naughty for you?






Cuckold Phone Sex with Quinn

Hey you, you horned big cock hanging guy. How would you like to help me make my husband’s cuckold phone sex fantasy come true?  No, really.  You can come over to our place and fuck me in my marital bed while my husband watches. It really doesn’t matter where it happens, but I need you to bang me while my cuckold husband observes. And trust me, he wants you to also.  My husband loves watching other men enjoy every part of me while he strokes.  Sitting there watching your dick slamming in and out of my cunt, making me scream and moan in pleasure really drives him wild.  You should see how much he cums when watching me get fucked by a stranger packing a giant cock.

cuckold phone sex

Oh…and one more thing.  He’s such a good little cuckold phone sex slut that he will clean your cock off for you too.  He’ll even fluff you up before you slide into my slippery wet pussy.  If you want, I can make him eat your ass while you pound all of my holes.  I have dildos and butt plugs that he can put in you to keep you rock hard while you fuck me.  See, I told you he really loves being a cuckold phone sex hubby.  And it’s a win-win for all of us really.  I get to be pounded all night with no guilt, he gets to jerk off while watching me get used like the cum whore that I am, and you get to fuck me any way you want with no consequences.  In fact, we insist that you thoroughly enjoy yourself and explore every pleasure that comes to mind.  I mean it’s an easy definite ‘yes’ from me so how can you lose?  How about it?  Are you ready to be my cuckold phone sex lover? 
Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Quinn

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Kassidy

Had the sexiest dream last night. Where I woke up with super hard nipples and a beyond wet pussy. Course the moment I woke up in the dream I was almost at the point of orgasm. The key word being almost. Yes I tried my hardest to fall right back asleep and hopefully end up in that sexy part of my dream but nope. Denied. Much like I have done to a few of you over the last few tease and denial phone sex sessions.

tease and denial phone sex

Am I sorry for that?

Can’t say that I am for this morning when I woke up I rather like feeling my body still tingly with excitement. To have every touch just send electric shocks to my pussy. So its been rather fun to have my own mind deny me an orgasm. Not enough to want to do this all the time but perhaps its time for a little mutual tease and denial phone sex?

What do you say?

You and me both driving our bodies to that orgasmic climax only to pull back.

Come to think of it perhaps you might not be able to listen to me masturbate on the other end of the phone. You might be too distracted by my sexy moans in your hear and my heavy breathing as I touch that perfect spot. That you forget all about your edging and end up cumming.

So do you think you could handle my sweet voice in your ear while your stroking and trying to edge?

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Kassidy and lets find out.

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Porscha

This sexy mature ass is in need of attention. Yes there is no denying where my mind is going… Straight to some ass worship phone sex fantasies.

ass worship phone sex

See usually I am the one telling you to drop down and assume the fucking position. No quite literally getting you down in that sweet doggie position with your ass up in the air so that I can spread those cheeks and fuck you with my wonderful thick plastic cock.

But not today!

Granted you will be dropping down to your knees but I will be the one with my ass up in the air. You will be the one spreading my wonderful buttocks apart so that you can slide your face between them and having your tongue exploring my tight asshole.

Fucking it with your tongue.

Come to think of it I know a few of you will probably prefer an ass worship phone sex fantasy that will have this sexy MILF taking control and dominating you. Dont worry I will have you more than covered. For we will just switch positions just a touch. No you will still have that tongue buried in my ass but instead of being on your knees I will just make you lay back while I sit upon your face.

See thats the joy of talking to a more mature woman we have a solution for near everything. Now how about we find out just how excited you get while licking and worshiping my ass.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Porscha.

BBC Phone Sex with Sandy


Seeking white men into BBC Phone Sex

Excuse me sir, but are you curious about BBC phone sex? I’m talking about big black cock phone fucking, are you into it? It makes me hot when a lesser man knows his place and actually craves big black cock. It’s refreshing really, when you get it. I also get off on the idea of trading you out, pimping you actually, to big men that like to get rough with white boys like you. Isn’t it exciting to think about being the type of fuck pig that I can lend out for a good time to big black men with massive cocks? You’d be the luckiest BBC lover in the world at that point. No holes would be left vacant when I had you in my control. That’s what you want, what you need. You need strong men and a strong woman to put you in your place, don’t you?

phone sex

  The time for cocksucking in action is now, have you been training?

Have you been training for that major league cock? I certainly hope so. There is no reason to wait to learn about it in person. You can practice with a dildo and be prepared for the stretch of a lifetime. If you’re scared to train, don’t worry. I’ll tell my guys that you’re a virgin, fresh fucking meat and they’ll break you in. No matter what I will get you taking it for BBC phone sex. You need to be filled and stretched to your limit and that is what will take place. I’ll climb on a big guy and show you how it’s done. I bet your pathetic white dick will get stiff watching me mount and ride a big black cock in front of you. I’ll be so excited when you get up there and do the same, sissy pants. You know you want it more than anything.




Cuckold Phone Sex with Irelynn

I have no taboos, do you?  I am your no limits cuckold phone sex role play fantasy dream cum true. I’ll be your kinky phone sex wife. I love being a cuckolding woman and I am into all aspects of the cuckold fetish.  No limits or taboos means that you’ll enjoy eating the sloppy cream pie right out of my wet pussy. You can indulge in your cum eating cravings. 

cuckold phone sex

I’ll make you blow the guys that you bring me so that they are ready to fuck me while you sit in the corner and watch like the pathetic cuckold that you are. I want you to wish you could fuck me. But those days, for you, are long gone. All you can do now is watch a big cock fucking your wife while you sit in the corner stroking your tiny cock. You brought me big cock and now that’s all I want. I am a real life cuckoldress and I’m happy to role play the cuckold lifestyle with cuckolded men.

I love humiliating men that have a small penis. They are so tiny and completely useless for me. But, I do find them hilarious and will laugh at your little nub that you call a dick. My fingers are bigger than your mico penis. You will be humiliated and ridiculed to the core for your pathetic appendage.

If you love humiliation phone sex and other related phone sex fetishes such as tease and denial, cock control, big black cock,  cock sucking, feminization and domination then you’ll love phone sex with me. If you’re looking for a true cuckold phone sex experience, call me now!

Are you up for the challenge you poor excuse of a man? Get on your phone now and call me! 1-888-662-6482 ask for IreLynn
Twitter @IreLynnPSO


Humiliation Phone Sex with Delilah

The last fucking thing I have these days is patience, especially patience for pathetic losers who have failed at finding their manhood. Does that sound all too familiar to your sorry little ears? I bet it does, pumpkin, which tells me that humiliation phone sex is right up your alley. Yeah, you’re definitely too pathetic to be praised for anything, except maybe how pathetic you really are. I mean, you do reach new loser heights – I’d say they should make a medal for it, but you don’t deserve any trophies, so just forget it, buttercup, and keep focusing on being the loser you are.

humiliation phone sex

Take a look at this hot body. You’ll never get with this. You can’t even dream about it right, so don’t bother trying. You could never imagine in your wildest dreams what it would be like to be with a woman like me – even your imagination falls short, just like your puny little dick. You could never please a woman like me, so don’t even try it. The only reason you should call me is for humiliation phone sex, because even if you’re paying me to pretend over the phone, I still couldn’t pretend to enjoy the way your sad little unit feels as it struggles to find some friction in my cunt. I’d just laugh at the ridiculous attempt you’d be making to get that little thing inside of me.

There is simply nothing about you that turns me on. No hot woman in her right mind would want to talk to you, much less fuck you. For some reason, you can’t get this into your thick little skull, so you need to be told, over and over, and even worse – you need to pay a bitch like me to do it over the phone because you know no one would want to look you in the face.

If this is the case, then dial the phone – 1 888 662 6482 – and ask for Delilah so I can put you in your place. That’s if you can manage to dial the phone right. I doubt it, but go ahead and try to prove me wrong.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Lexi

I’m newly married and I’m desperate for some cheating wife phone sex my husband shrimp cock hasn’t been able to completely satisfy me, I am looking for someone who is interested in a married women? There is a dilemma my husband is a sniper for the marines so if we get caught we could get in huge trouble with dire consequences! I’m willing to take that risk since his shrimp cock cannot please me. I need someone who has the guts to fuck the shit out of this cheating whore of a wife I am tell me how naughty I am spank me tie me up treat me like the nasty slut I deserve for cheating on a man who serves this country. I want to feel a fat cock shoved into every one of my slutty holes.

cheating wife phone sex

Fill me up with your cum until I drool your warm sauce down my face. You want to role play I’m down to be that innocent school girl as long as your cock is huge, I have a nice catholic school outfit I’ll wear for you. Then maybe after you damage this married pussy I can stuff you with my huge strap on I know you love to be pegged my only request is that you damage this pussy so my husband will know someone touched his beautiful jewels but I’ll never tell him who. The curiosity will make this all more the fun. Call me for cheating wife phone sex tell me how much of a whore I am for wanting to fuck another man without him tell me how naughty I am that I want him to know and mess up his head with wonder. Let’s have some fun! I’m always down for a exotic treat as long as we keep it our little secret you can have your way with me. Call me now so we can have cheating wife phone sex I’m so wet! Fuck this military whore brat.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Lexi

Babysitter Phone Sex with Autumn


Let me be your perfect babysitter phone sex experience

Do you know why I’m the perfect girl for babysitter phone sex? I’ll try and let you know in this blog. For starters I’m great at my primary job, being a babysitter. Your family will never be happier than when you have a sweet bubbly girl caring for them. Your wife will love me. I’m no threat, I love her and we chat like girlfriends. She even gets me cute bath bombs and stuff for Christmas. I bet you won’t be able to stop thinking about me naked and soaking my big tits in the tub, huh? Lastly, I go above and beyond to take care of your needs. That cute choker necklace that I wear around you? It’s my way of telling you to wrap your hands around my throat or put me in a slave collar. I want to be your sexual slave girl that you use hard.

babysitter phone sex

When I’m your naughty slave girl you can do all of the nasty things that you want to do to me. If your cock is craving some rough sex, call me for babysitter phone sex. I’m cute and innocent looking but mister, I am a horny submissive fuck doll. You can give me assignments to do when you’re out with the wife and I’m babysitting. With the kids in bed I can masturbate with your tie wrapped around my neck. When you wear it the next day it will smell like me. You can leave me a secret toy to use and I’ll make it creamy just for you. I can’t wait to get alone with you and feel you fuck me so  hard and rough, like only you can. I rub my pussy imagining the next time you shoot a huge load onto my face and my big tits.






Ass Worship Phone Sex with Sandy

My ass was made for ass worship phone sex


When your ass is as magnificent as mine is you get used to men wanting to worship it. It’s no wonder that I get calls for ass worship phone sex on a regular basis. You might think about fucking it but first, you’ll think about kissing it. For some guys, ass worship is the closest that they’ll get to fucking this luscious piece of ass that you see here. That’s understandable, some of you don’t have the cock to get the access that you crave. If you’re one of those guys you probably know that already though. Don’t make it an embarrassing scene when you call, just get down and beg. You know if you’re the pathetic type to only get to worship. I’m sure that some women will allow you to fuck their asses but this isn’t just any ass, you see. I take pride in my fine ass.

Ass Worship Phone Sex

You’ve probably done a lot of time on the line doing ass worship phone sex. You can’t help but long to stick your tongue in and suffocate yourself on my beautiful ass. I’ll yank you back by the hair and bring you back to reality. As much as you may wish that you could live there, you can not. That might sound crazy but some of you guys have stated that you wish to do that very thing. I guess there are worse places to spend the rest of your days. It is the nicest ass that you could ask for.  I’m sexy, well built and tan, the Goddess of your dreams really.  You aren’t even man enough to ask to fuck it, I am sure. OK, some of you might ask. I’ll make you beg only to deny you. I love to deny you and make you my addicted ass worshiping slave.


1 888 662 6482


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