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Humiliation Phone Sex with Bratty Princess Bree

So ya I woke up in a bit of a mood. Why? Its pretty simple. Your favorite bratty princess has been living next to a construction site cause my new neighbors are renovating their new place. All week long I have been listening to banging and its not the fun kind that gets my pussy wet if ya know what I mean?

humiliation phone sex

Today, I was hoping for some quiet. I mean it Sunday who doesnt rest on Sunday. Well the fuckers next door thats what! Ok breath! Think of Christian Louboutin shoes. Think of my happy place.. Red bottom shoes. Ahhhh!

So right now I need you fuckers to cheer me up with some humiliation phone sex. Talking small dick. Cuckolding. Bratty Princess. Ya know just calling you out on being a loser type humiliation phone sex stuff. I wanna be able to laugh and giggle over your short comings. The usual stuff that cheers me up!

Oh and I think if we brought in another bratty domme that would fucking rock! Cause who doesnt like to have 2 sexy bitches laugh in their ear and treat them like a fucking loser. Well I know you do so why not double up on the giggles and fun for a humiliation phone sex call.

Well I am gonna go curl up and watch some of The Voice I have pvr’d cause well Adam. Helloooo! He will bring a smile to my face and You do what your loser ass is good at which is pick up the phone and dial 1-888-662-6482 ask for Bree. Cause your gonna bring the giggles to my day! See my mood is a win win for everyone!

Fetish Phone Sex with Quinn

I am not your average MILF. I love fetish phone sex too. Yeah, I am mature and most men would love to fuck me, but I have a lot of freakiness in me. Vanilla is fun and all, but not always my style. Once I learned to walk on the wild side I found that it suits me very very well. That is why I love fetish phone sex so much.

fetish phone sex

I have always said, I will try anything once, twice if I like it. And I usually love it! Fetish phone sex can be so many things. I know just how to take care of adult babies, CBT, BBC, feminization, humiliation, shrinking, the list can go on and on. I usually hate labels because I don’t like to be pinned down to just one thing when I have found that I want a taste of everything out there. I just don’t believe in limits when it comes to sexuality. I work hard and my hot and sexy body deserves to feel pleasure from my head to my toes and every place in between. If you are adventurous as me, oh I bet we could have a crazy kinky time. Maybe you just want to try something, I am your bitch for that. I talk to you about what turns you on and hold your hand while we explore it together. I want to make you cum buckets and I won’t stop until I do.

So let’s get this party started — grab your phone, your credit card and call me at 1-888-662-6482 for fetish phone sex and we can push our boundaries together.

AIM: BustyCougarQuinn

Giantess Phone Sex with Goddess Shiva

Yes as a phone sex femdom there are a few fantasies I really have no desire in doing. The ones that have you pleasuring me with your penial inserted into me are definitely off the table. For lets face it your submissive cock is not the type that will bring me any sexual pleasure. You have one purpose which is being my submissive and well its rather debatable if you can or will be able to please.

giantess phone sex

However, stating that fact I am more than up for some giantess phone sex fantasies. You may wonder what makes this fantasy different than most. Well simply me being 10 feet or 50 feet taller than you is most appealing. To be that tall would have you cowarding and that does bring a smile to my face.

To be that gigantic gives me the ultimate control over you. For you can run and hide but with one stomp of my foot your hide out will be ruined. Do you see where this is going?

Surely hope you do for I hate having to explain things to the most basic of levels. Being a giantess phone sex femdom would be the ultimate of pleasures for me. Which you do what to please me. So if you have a fondness for gigantic woman who love being in control then you simply must call me.

For slipping you between my massive breasts for what seems like safe keeping is bringing a smile to my face. Mind you it might be the idea that your so pint size I will most likely squish you once my corset is adjusted.

Something to ponder before calling your giantess phone sex femdom, just ask for Shiva 1-888-662-6482

Size Queen Phone Sex with Quinn

I’m a horny housewife size queen phone sex slut on the lookout for guys with SIZE! I’m not taking about just a big cock, I want a fucking monster dong! I know there are many of you studs out there who would be willing to give me what I am looking for.

size queen phone sex

But I am willing to give you everything you have always wanted a woman to do to you. I know you guys with those horse sized cocks hear no a lot, but you would never hear that from me. I bet you have been dying to lube up that beast, and slide it inside a tight ass hole. You poor guy, all those mean girls said you were too big to give it to them properly. Well I had my cuckold loser of a man buy some lube the other day, so why don’t you stop by? It’s not fair that a sexy bitch like me has to deal with a small 8 inch cock everyday. When he fucks me I forget he is even in there. I want you to show that loser how a woman should scream, moan and beg for more. If you are walking around with a sad third leg and wish you could find a woman not scared of it, well baby I’m your woman.

Call me now at 1-888-662-6482 so I can show you just what a true size queen phone sex slut can do for you. Hell, I will even take your small penis guys on for a dose of much needed humiliation. I bet I can reduce you to tears in no time at all.

Babysitter Phone Sex with Alba

I had a really hot called the other night where I was a hot big tit babysitter and I invited my boyfriend over to spend a little time with me after I put the kids to sleep. My boyfriend is never allowed to come over to my house so I was really happy when he pulled up to the house I was babysitting at. My boyfriend is a really hot guy that’s way older than me and he rides a motorcycle my parents don’t even know I have this boyfriend so every time I babysit I invite him over and of course we got really nasty.

babysitter phone sex

My boyfriend came over late one night and as soon as he walked through the door I jumped in his arms and shove my tongue right down his throat. We started tongue kissing. Before you know it his cock was in my mouth I love gagging on my boyfriend’s cock it’s so big and fat. He took me over to the sofa my boyfriend laid me down, he began suck on my sweet wet pussy, before you knew it I was moaning and coming in his mouth so hard.

My boyfriend bent me over the sofa and shoved his big hard cock inside me I screamed and moan so loud I had no idea that the kids father had walked in. He was standing in the corner watching me and my boyfriend have sex the entire time. What a pervert. I only noticed him in the corner of my eye when my boyfriend helped me get down on my knees so that I could swallow his load. I seen Mr. Shabachnic in the corner rapidly stroking his cock. I couldn’t even warn my boyfriend because his cock was too far down my throat and the more I pushed him off the harder he would gag me. Me and Mr. Shabachnic had a really long talk after my boyfriend left. Let’s just say I earned 2 loads that night and my parents won’t find out what a naughty babysitter phone sex slut I am.. 🙂

If you want babysitter phone sex dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Alba

Leg Worship Phone Sex with Skye

I would bet money on the fact that you are a leg man, aren’t you? Well, it just so happens that you are in luck. I was born with a pair of legs that men would die for. I can’t tell you the number of mwho have just wanted to get down on their knees to worship them from the bottom of my feet to the tops of my thighs. I deserve every bit of attention and worship that men give me. I mean, look at me. Don’t you think legs like these are worthy of anything and everything I want? I know they are perfect for leg worship phone sex.

leg worship phone sex

I always make sure that my legs are showing when I go out. I love wearing short shorts during the summer and short skirts the rest of the year. I just love knowing that I’m being watched. Something about knowing that men are staring at me just really makes my pussy wet. See, you don’t have to be touching my legs to worship them. Just staring at them sometimes is enough for me.

If you have a stocking fetish, leg worship phone sex is absolutely perfect for you. I personally love feeling the silky material up against my legs. And I love wearing short skirts and letting my stockings peek out a little bit. I know how much some guys adore that and it gets me excited that I probably made a bunch of men hard just by walking by them.

Oh, and let’s not forget how much wearing heels turns a pair of legs into freaking masterpieces. Mine are already pretty perfect, but once I put on heels, well, they turn into something that is out of this world. I don’t even know if you can handle them.

If you’re ready for some hot leg worship phone sex, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Skye.

AIM and Yahoo: sultryskye

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Jade

Sometimes I get so turned on when I have mutual masturbation phone sex. I think it is so hot when a guy wants to listen to me play with my pussy with my favorite toys. Then with him on the other side of the phone masturbating his cock makes it even more better. They are so many things we can do while we are in heaven with each other.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I imagine you on the phone with me with that hard cock in your hand. You have so much lube on your cock that I can hear you slide your hand up and down and only wish that it was my sweet cunt juice spilling all over you as you penetrate me. But just because we wont be in front of each other it will be almost like we are. I want to have my favorite toy and thrust it slowly on my g spot while i hear you moan and ask me how I want you to stroke on your manhood. Mmm, you can even tell me how you want me to play with my pretty pink pussy. Do you want me to cum while playing with my clit, or while I have 11 inches of cock in me? What will be even better is if I cum pleasing both spots at the same time. Maybe I should insert my cute butt plug I just got so elevate my mood even more. That would make me explode like crazy and you should be there.

We should indulge in some sexy mutual masturbation phone sex. You tell me how you want it and I will tell you how I want it. That will be super nasty and kinky of course baby. Let’s have some phone together and both get off. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade.

Blasphemous Phone Sex Fantasies with Devon

Its only a week off being Halloween and if your like this nasty whore your mind is filled with nothing but blasphemous phone sex fantasies. Ok maybe there are other thoughts in there too like what to eat for dinner.

blasphmous phone sex

Oh did I get your attention with saying I was in a blasphemous mood? Ready to shout to God what I really think of him. Desecrate his oh so holy name before all. Well calling him what he is does make my shaved pussy wet.

Praying to the devil on a cool Autumn eve also sends shiver of excitement up my body. Making my nipples extra hard at what the Dark One would do with my pale skin body. Bet he would happily leave his mark on my skin.

Am sure during out blasphemous phone sex fantasy will shall have all sort of naughty things happening and well we will make God blush should he over hear our erotic demonic conversation.

Well considering its Sunday the holiest of all days it only makes things feel that much better. Between this cool Autumn’s eve close to Halloween and our taboo mind thirsting for some dark sexual fantasy. I am more than ready to denounce my faith towards Jesus and open my legs to Satan.

Perhaps I have said too much but for those craving some blasphemous phone sex fantasies I am sure I havent said enough. So if your looking for a nasty whore ready to dive into some religious humiliation play then just ask for Devon!

Nothing and I mean nothing is off limits when you talk to me. Nastier the fantasy the wetter I get!

Oh and my number is 1-888-662-6482 remember just ask for Devon.

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Dani

Everyone always asks me what i like to do in the way of fantasies and i always say anything goes phone sex is the best. I kind of giggle when I say it cause I kind of feel silly saying it but its true I cant pick just ONE thing I like.

anything goes phone sex

I mean there are just SO many fun kinky fantasies to talk about and role play on the phone. Like just last week I was a babysitter and well I kind of fucked the married guy. It wasnt even a when we were driving home thing. We fucked in his bed right where his wife sleeps. Yup naughty but oooo so fun.

Then there are the taboo ones where I am a naughty schoolgirl like you cant ever say no to those ones. Getting sent to the principal office and he is always super friendly. Well other than the last schoolgirl role play had me getting spanked.

Then there are the fetish stuff. I am not like really good at being a domme just cause I tend to giggle a bunch and well that doesnt come across super in control. I will give it a try if you want me too though.

So kind of ended up going all over the place but thats kind of how it is with anything goes phone sex stuff. You start at one part and end of flipping it all around and end up some where else. Sounds confusing but its super fun. Was gonna say just like me but I dont think I am super confusing. I am cuteness n giggles and well maybe a bit o trouble 🙂

If you want a blonde barely legal for those anything goes phone sex fantasies then give me DANI  a call 1-888-662-6482.

School Girl Phone Sex with Bailey

Slutty schoolgirl phone sex, you dress so naughtily. Why are your skirts so short? Did you forget to wear panties again today?  If I keep you after class again, people will start to make up rumors about us. My office door is always locked when you stay late. The Janitor found your panties last time you let me have a taste of that sweet pussy. He warned me about your blackmail skills. You won’t do that, right?school girl phone sex

Of course, I will blackmail you, Professor. Did you know I made a tape on my phone of you eating my pussy? I showed all the other girls, so expect a visit from them soon. My friends all think you’re handsome, but we both know that you’re mine. I will let you play, but the moment you try to escape, this school will have a scandal. Can you afford for your wife to know you cheated? Or that you call me for schoolgirl phone sex? You’ll lose half, so you better keep me happy.

Hot and nasty, this sultry kitten  knows how to wrap you around her finger. I never take no, and since homecoming is coming up, make sure I win. Stuff the ballot box before you stuff my pussy. I’ll wear the crown while I blow you, but only if I win. Imagine a beautiful teen on her knees sucking your cock while she holds that crown on her head. Sounds hot, doesn’t it? You better hope I don’t tell your wife about us. Make me feel loved, or I will accidentally threeway call her during our next school girl phone sex call. Oops. Can you imagine a devious coed calling the misses and letting her hear? Have you ever moaned that loud for her? Has she ever screamed for you as I do? Call Bailey at 1 888 662 6482

AIM: Cum4Bailey

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