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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

phone sex humiliation

Hey you! Little dick loser … Is that a worm between your legs, seriously?  You call that a cock?  OMG no wonder why you haven’t had a serious girlfriend.  No girl wants a weenie the size of a cocktail shrimp!  I’m sorry if you got shorted, haha, but the reality is, girls like me need big beautiful cocks to please us.  Men like you, if you can even be called a man, deserve to be humiliated by beautiful girls like me. We don’t even care if you cry!  Whoever said size doesn’t matter must have been a little dick loser! Stop trying to pick up women and realize you have a new purpose in life. To call me for Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex and get addicted to me laughing and humiliating you for the tiny dick loser you really are.

I think you should be wearing panties actually.  Boxers or briefs should be reserved for men who have nice big and fat  meaty cocks.  I don’t care if you’re not a sissy, wearing panties is the fate of a tiny cock loser.  I might even make you do something ultra humiliating like humping a toilet paper roll tube, because you really have nothing to grab down there, except your wallet!  And speaking of your wallet, you will be spending a lot on me, because you need a girl to spend your money on.  All men do.  And you’re never going to have another girlfriend, I’m going to make sure of that.  Since it’s summertime, I might even make you buy a tight Speedo and go to the beach to show off your little dicklet and micro-balls.  It would be so funny if hot bikini girls gave you the small penis wave with their pinkie fingers!!

For small penis humiliation, call and ask for Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

AIM/yahoo FetishGoddessJennifer

Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex


extreme humiliation phone sex

I’m Cyndee and today I want to tell you all about one of the best calls you can make with me. You have to be a certain kind of guy, with a certain kind of tastes. The kind of guy who knows what a loser he is and is ready to be humiliated and exposed as a deviant pervert. Ruined in front of your peers, your family, friends and even your coworkers and your boss. There’s nothing gentle or loving or sweet about what I want to do to a loser like you. It’s all extreme and graphic. Which is why you’re going to call me for a taste of extreme humiliation phone sex. I am the Mistress and you are the slave. I control what you do and when you do it and I will decide your fate.

I’m going to get inside your head and crawl around awhile, find out all your kinks and desires. I’ll see what makes you tick so I can use it against you in new and unusual ways. I had a caller who kept saying he felt so bad for getting so turned on watching gay porn. He wanted to be humiliated for being a straight man with a lust for cock. *laughs* I sent him to a adult bookstore where he called me and told me all about the many many dildos they had on display. I made him pick them up, handle them, look them over and even ask the sales clerk for suggestions on different products. He stuttered and stammered at the clerk while I was on the phone, whispering in his ear. He had to ask the clerk anything I told him to, even embarrassing and personal questions. Then I made him buy some time in the video booth section. He left the door open a crack so the other men could see him jerking off as they walked by. I told him to push open the door wide and let everyone see him jerking it while he sucked on the new dildo I made him buy. He had to flirt with the other men and try to get a hook up happening. *laughs* He would hesitate sometimes, flinch, whimper, beg me not to make him. But I won’t be moved by tears. I didn’t let him hang up until he had coaxed another man into the booth with him and confessed to the stranger and me just how much he loved thinking about cock. Sucking cock, fucking cock, you name it and he fantasized about it. And I made him tell us every last dirty detail. Then I had him jerk himself off while he sucked the strangers cock. After our extreme humiliation phone sex was over, he went home, per my instructions, and fucked his wife while he still had the taste of man cum in his mouth. *laughs* You know you need some of what I can give you. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Cyndee. I’ll humiliate you like you’ve never been humiliated before!


Kinky Coed Phone Sex

coed phone sex

Hi I’m Staci and I’m a hot college coed that loves to party with all the frat boys. Like all hot college girls, I’m a total party slut and can’t get enough good times. Or enough big cocks. Heck, I’ll even play with small cocks if I think you’re cute. I thought once the semester was over that it would be really boring on campus during the summer session. It’s actually way more fun than the fall and spring semester, especially now that I am having all this hot and kinky coed phone sex! No one should be surprised that I love it so much. I mean I am the girl that got straight A’s all year without ever cracking a book. Except in the subjects I liked. I earned my good grades the old fashioned way. I passed all my oral exams. *giggles*


Don’t get me wrong, I love to party and have some fucked up hook ups with the frat boys, but a nice older man is even more delicious! Oh I love how much older men know about sex. About my body. Like where my clit is and that I have a g-spot. Older men make girls like me squirt. Hot juicy girls love cumming so hard that we squirt all over you. It takes a man who knows his way around a pussy to make that happen. You could be that older man, teasing me and getting me all worked up. Making me scream you name and worship your cock. This college coed loves sucking cock as much as I love to fuck it. You can’t get enough of me down on my knees, my hand stroking your cock while I slide it in and out of my mouth. I can suck it and lick it and make you feel like you are locked in a warm wet vacuum chamber of bliss. I can fuck you with my mouth better than most girls can fuck you with their pussies. And trust me, you’d walk past ten hot bitches you can fuck, just to get to me and my dick sucking lips. I’m very kinky and adventurous so I can do things to you that your wife would have to google to understand. Most importantly though, when you call me for coed phone sex, I’ll be horny and waiting to do whatever you want. I’m a no limits girl so call me up and talk dirty to me. Let me show you how a hot coed slut cums. Just dial 1-888-662-6482 if you want to phone fuck my hot coed pussy.


hot MILF phone sex slut

MILF phone sex

Why would you call phone sex for any other reason other than to have MILF phone sex. What you need is a hot experienced woman who knows what she wants and what you want too. I do have a boyfriend, but he is no where near the cock threshold that I need. All I really do is use him so that I can be taken care of. What I really want is a nice hard dick always on call so that I can get my daily cock fixing. I know how to suck a cock and ride 1 like a cowgirl you have never met before. Tell me, what are your MILF phone sex desires? Do you have the huge cock that I need so bad or do you have a huge dick friend who you know I will like? I am such a horny slut that I really don’t care who it is, as long as it’s a good dick, I am all good. The good thing about me being experienced too is that I can take your cock like a real pro. I like to get long stroked in my pretty pussy and it is still tight as fuck. I have to admit, I love to be sore for a day or two so that I can remember how I just got the shit fucked out of me. Hopefully you can be that guy to do what my man can’t do, or remember to bring a friend along. I love a variety of cock, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure every dick that I get is suitable for me. It can be a black cock, white cock, as long as it’s monstrous then I want it! We can have any kind of MILF phone sex that you would like. I can be your kinky girlfriend or your dominant MILF that you can’t get enough of. Come with me and get the nasty phone sex that you crave with a mature woman.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade!

AIM and Yahoo: SultryJade4U

hot phone sex fantasies

phone sex

I get asked all the time what kind of phone sex calls are my favorite, or what I am best at, and I never seem to be able to find an answer. I like so many of the fantasies we act out on the phone and from all the repeat callers I have, I think I am best at a lot of things! What makes me hottest is when I’m talking with someone and I know he is getting turned on. As much as you love to hear how excited I am, I love the same for you. When you moan, when I hear you breathing heavy, I just have to slide my hands in my panties (if I’m wearing them) and rub on my juicy hot pussy. I love to play with toys, my favorite vibe and a dildo when we masturbate and get off together on the phone. I think it is even hotter if you have toys to play with as well, and I’m more than happy to tell you how to use them.

I’m such a tease and the orgasms are always better when we delay it, even for just a few minutes. Isn’t the best feeling in the world that moment or two before you cum; when you are just at the peak and sensation is fucking intense. I love to hold it right there as long as I can before we both explode in a mutual cum. I get so damn wet, it’s a good thing I sit on a towel. I love to hear your fantasies or things that turn you on and I get off on sharing mine as well. The best phone sex is when I know what you like and we share our sex secrets together.

For the best phone sex with a girl who loves it just as much as you do, call 1-888-662-6482 and ask to speak with Jennifer!

AIM and Yahoo: FetishGoddessJennifer

CBT phone sex fantasy

CBT phone sex

Hey Boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona! Want to have some fun with this fierce, fresh and fabulous bitch? Good. Now before we have fun,lets get a few things straight. WHen you call me for CBT phone sex I will make all the decisions as to what will happen to that cock of yours. I have some plans for that rock hard member of yours. I can see it growing in ya pants. I’ll use the heel of  my 7 inch stilettos to pull down your  zipper during our CBT phone sex session. If they slip and I step on ya balls, that isn’t my fault, now is it. What if my knee slips and hits ya balls while I’m kneeling between your legs, right on both your cock, and balls boo.

If you complain, or don’t listen to me I will certainly think of other methods of punishment. if you decide not to follow my every whim, no matter how twisted it may be.  I can be very cruel and demanding, so be prepared for that when ya decide to call me for our next CBT phone sex session. You’ll love the pain I inflict on ya, I’m sure of it, boo. I am sure hearing you squirm and cry while you are in pain will make me laugh. I won’t have any sympathy for you tiny dicked white boys who don’t man up. I mean, come on boo- if you can’t make a woman weak in the knees when she cums, you aren’t worth fucking. You are obviously a pussy ass bitch if you can’t handle a little pain dished out by such a sweet looking girl, right? You’ll taste me, and find out exactly how sweet I am, boo. If you don’t prove your worth any more than that, that will be all you’ll ever get of me during our CBT phone sex session.

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Arizona

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

Naughty Phone Sex Tease

naughty phone sex tease

Happy 4th of July! Bet you have been spending the day at the beach and picnics being teased by tons of hot coeds and barely legal teens. Doing everything in your power to keep that raging hard on in your pants. Well your home now a bit buzzed time to completely let go and indulge in some naughty phone sex with a hot coed. Yup that would be me.

I know I have teased 1. 2. 3. Ok a LOT of guys at BBQ’s, the beach and well everything in between. I know all the buttons to push that is why I am a naughty phone sex tease. Well not just cause I love being a cock tease but cause I love to take those phone conversations and make them really naughty by taking on a taboo twist.

Yup those ones. *wink* Where I am any girl. Even the one you saw at the beach today. The one who was teasing you by just laying next to you in her sexy bikini while catching some sun and chatting with her girlfriends. Ya her. I dont mind playing someone else. Having a different name. That is what naughty phone sex is about.

Doing something different.

Doing something taboo.

Just having fun really.

Ok yes some teasing too but come on I cant just let you fuck me.


Well I suppose I could but more fun when there is a little cock teasing in there. Guess that is more for me. So I am around tonight looking forward to ending your 4th with a huge bang.

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

coedvxnrachelle is my aim!


barely legal GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex

Hey Fellas! I’m Blake your sultry, blonde haired, blue eyed, purr-fect sex kitten from California. I see the way you look at me from across the room, and know that your wife just isn’t pleasing you in all the ways you need. There’s nothing I won’t do for you since there’s nothing too extreme or taboo for me. I see that bulge in your pants growing as I strut my stuff, I know my ass is round and perfect.  I’ll be your purr-fect GFE phone sex princess and spoil you. I know we both have needs, but I’ll be sure to focus on yours. You want me in slutty outfits and the perfect cooked meal and a beer when you come home, then you’ve got it. Do you want someone to take out on the town to show off to everyone? I’ll make heads turn, and everyone will be jealous of you.

I can be romantic and sensual, or I can turn up the heat and be hot and kinky. That perfect woman you dream about in your wet dreams or during sex with your wife, you’ll find that purr-fect kitten with me. My lips are nice and pink, plump, and wet to wrap around your rock hard cock. Mmmm… so fucking hot!  I love the taste of your cock, but I especially love to tease it. I’ll be the woman to keep you on edge at every turn during out GFE phone sex sessions. After I’ve sucked your cock, and teased the tip of it with my tongue, I’ll be straddling you…. Mmmm.. I can feel your shaft rubbing against my sopping wet pussy. After rubbing myself up against your shaft for a few minutes, I slowly slide your cock head inside……mmmm, I feel you pulsating beneath me.

I know you’re wondering what’s going to happen next….. give your sultry GFE phone sex kitten Blake a call at 1- 888- 662-6482. I’ll be purr-fect for you *Wink*

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

Two Girl Phone Sex

two girl phone sex

So what would be better than a phone sex call with myself? A hot sexy red head with a delightful open mind. Well adding another girl to the mix. Oh dont act like you had never thought of it before. You probably have a few two girl phone sex fantasies playing through your mind most nights.

Two tongues exploring random areas of your cock.

One mouth on your balls.

One mouth on your cock.

Each one doing something different.

Really its a sensory over load.

That is how it was for N the other day when he decided to have Jennifer and I in a two girl phone sex call. A sensual red head and a ravishing blonde. Now that was the making for some hot, erotic fun.

N’s cock was about to go for a wild ride with both of us looking after it. Mind you I did love the idea of watching Jennifer wrap her soft pink lips around that shaft. I may or may not of had the idea of letting my fingers slip into her golden tresses to push her down a bit farther on that cock. What can I say that sensual domme side has a way of popping out at times.

Course our two girl phone sex call with N wasnt all about worshiping his cock. Oh no. It went far beyond that cause lets face it men when you are surrounded by such wonderful pussies like ours you want a taste of it dont you? Course you do.

It was only a matter of time before he was begging to eat one of us out while the other one worked his cock over.

Just love two girl phone sex calls be it an erotic sex fantasy like this or something a bit more fetishy either way they can be so much fun.

Come find me in chat and lets set up a 2 girl session tonight. Sure we can find the right combination of girls for your specific sex fantasy or vice versa.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482



CBT phone sex brat

CBT phone sex

*Wink* Hey Fellas!  I’m Blake your blonde haired, blue eyed seductive mistress. I’m in the mood for some pain and torture.  Did I just see you wriggle uncomfortably in your pants, oh but there’s a bulge there too…mmmmm… I knew you were a horny slut.  Are you ready to be at my mercy? You had better say yes, as I see you wince as I squeeze your balls, these are MINE. *Laughs* I hope you like CBT phone sex.

It takes a special kind of man that will turn over his cock and balls to me to do with as I please. I love those kinds of men. By the look of you, you’re ready to submit to my mercy. I’m going to break you in nice….. *laughs,* bet you’re wondering what that means? I have lots of plans in mind for your cock and balls, before I go any further however; I’m going to need to know your limits. Now men are supposed to grow up strong and macho, but let’s see how macho you are when I’m done with you. ….you’ll be begging and pleading by the time I’m done with my rubber bands, clothespins, paperclips and even my nails. I’ll start by stretching, then pinching, then clawing with my nails to work you up to what’s next during our CBT phone sex session.

After, I’ve stretched, pinched, clawed and squeezed your cock and balls into oblivion; I’m going to slide my black spike covered heels onto my soft feet while you’re bound, ball gagged, and blind folded. I’m going to stomp on your cock and balls with my black spike heels. I’m going to make sure that the heel grinds into your skin, making it feel as though it’s going to cut through to the other side.I know that thought excites you, because you’re such a pain whore. It excites me knowing I’m going to inflict pain upon you. If you think you can handle CBT phone sex torture with me ask for Blake your torture specialist when you call 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

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