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cuckold phone sex with gretchen

phonesexNothing makes my husband hornier then to have me fuck a big black cock in front of him.  When we first got together I was sure to tell him that I am not satisfied with just one cock size, I need a variety of them in my sex life.  I’ve always known that the cuckold lifestyle was about since I was younger.  Then I started doing cuckold phone sex and everything about it turned me the fuck on.  Then met my husband that’s exactly what we do.  He just loves to prep me for all my lovers to pound my pussy and ass really good.  The best part is when I hand cuff him to the his chair beside the bed to watch as my lover and I humiliate him.  I’t gets him so fucking horny watching that we can see his pre cum dripping down his cock, and he can’t even stroke it.  When I’m done getting banged, I will go over to him and straddle over his mouth and let every drop of cum drop down into his mouth.  You can just hear him moan on how fucking worked up it gets him.  Then my lover will come over and straddle his cock in his mouth to clean up his cock, he don’t mind tho I mean it’s just more of my pussy juices for him to taste.   He loves to have sex withe after my livers leave, he loves how streatched out my pussy is and all the wetness around his cock.  He will cum so hard, sad thing is I really don’t even feel him inside of me.  I guess its a good thing he only last about 10 minutes at the most.  Do you want to be my cuckold phone sex lover ?  I know there is no way to resist so give me a call !

Call Gretchen @ 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo & aim- milfgretchen

humiliation phone sex with luciee

humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex to me is my passion, I love everything about it. Let me introduce myself  I’m Princess Luciee, a little BITCH, yes you heard me right, I just love getting off from your stupidity. All sissy boys, small dick boys,and slaves are mine to have, just remember one thing you need me… I will never need you! I’m the princess that you will love and take good care of, meaning pay my bills, shower me with tips, send me gift card all the time just for no reason. In return, well I think you know what I will do for you, just talking to you should be enough. But I will give you some of my attention, very little but some. I do have an Ignore Line for all of you that don’t deserve my attention, and yes, you will use it. I like nothing more than to ignore your sad ass and talk to one of my girlfriend while you are on the phone paying for me. So get your head out of your ass and start calling me for the most amazing humiliation phone sex ever.

I love making you do silly little task for me looking even more stupid then even I thought you could be…hahaha. I would like for you to worship me and want to obey all my demands even while I’m humiliating you. You will become addicted to me very fast and will always want to call me over and over just so I can totally make fun of your sorry pathetic ass. You ask why do I waste my time with losers like you well the answer is that all you freaky little losers will spoil me rotten in return.

I will be waiting to hear from you and humiliate you to tears, with my humiliation phone sex call me and ask for Luciee at  1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

submissive phone sex with dani

submissive phone sex

Sooo there are times when I wanna like giggle at guys who tell me they like to wear their wife’s panties or whatever. Cause you know that can be fun. But then there are also times that I just want to get on my knees and do whatever a hot older man wants me to do! And right now I’m kinda in the mood for that last one if you really wanna know.

So basically if you’re a hot older dude and you wanna play with a cute, sweet submissive phone sex girl with an adorable young voice, then now’s the time to do that!!!!

Every girl who’s a sub will tell you that she’ll do whatever you want, and I’m no different. But I promise that when I’m in this kind of mood, I will be such a good girl for you. No limits, I promise.

Whatever you want is what I want, too. I’ll dress however you like. Do you like schoolgirl outfits or cheerleader outfits or just me being completely naked? You tell me. I like pain sometimes, so if you wanna spank me or whatever, that’s fine, too. You can even try to humiliate me if you want, but I’m pretty shameless. But I’ll play along with you anyway. Make your submissive phone sex slut choke on your dick and fuck me when you’re finished. It’s all up to you.

I’ll be such a good girl for you if you will just give me a call!!!!

dani 1-888-662-6482

JOI, CEI, guided masturbation phone sex with jennifer

phone sex

I know the first thing you are going to ask me is what is JOI and CEI?! I have to admit that wasn’t too long ago that I had ever heard those terms even though it’s been something I have been doing for years and years! JOI is Jerk Off Instructions and CEI means Cum Eating Instruction! Learn something new everyday. haha. JOI is really just another term for guided masturbation phone sex. You lay back and use your hands as mine as I tell you how I’m stroking your cock. Don’t expect me to just let you jerk and cum either, I’m all about teasing too. Follow my jerk off instructions and I promise you won’t forget me when I finally let you blow your load. It helps when you call for JOI phone sex with me to have some lube or lotion for your cock’s pleasure.

I have been into CEI for way longer than it was an acronym on the web. I don’t know what it is about guys eating their cum for me that turns me on so much. I can be very creative with my CEI too. Who knows where I might make you lick it from?! Suck it off your fingers, my favorite toy, or a shot glass and just try and imagine some other cum eating instructions I might have. Lots of guys who call me want to be made to eat their own but they always chicken out once they cum; when you call me for guided masturbation and CEI phone sex, I have a few tricky ways to help you over that hump.

JOI  – CEI – teasing and more guided masturbation phone sex with Jennifer. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for me! I can’t wait to get you off …


forced intox phone sex with emily

forced intox phone sex

Are you up for a drink? Good, because I’m totally in the mood for some forced intox phone sex. What’s your liquor of choice? Make sure you have a lot of it handy when you call me. I am going to get you so drunk that there’s no question you’re going to do everything I tell you to do.

I’m sure you might be wondering… what in the world is she going to make me do? Well, there are a number of things that I like to make you do… and all of them are going to be very amusing to me. The first thing you’re going to do is take all of your clothes off, open your front door and stand there for 30 seconds. Then a minute. Then slowly we’re going to work our way up until you’re standing there masturbating until you cum. I don’t care if you live in a house on a busy street or in an apartment where people are walking up and down the hallway all the time. This is what you’re going to do.

Another thing that I love making guys do when they are drunk is dressing up like a dirty sissy whore. I am going to make you go into your wife’s closet and find something frilly to wear. Maybe you can start with panties and heels. I want you to take a couple pictures of yourself and text them to someone. Maybe your wife, maybe your best friend, maybe your brother…we will make sure it’s someone really embarrassing.

That’s just the start of the fun! Trust me, it’s going to be a total blast! Pick up the phone and give me a call for forced intox phone sex at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily!

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

sissy phone sex with jade

sissy phone sex

I want all of my sissy phone sex girls to put on your slut clothes and call me right now. Have you been sitting there for quite a while with your clitty in those panties waiting on the perfect Mistress to make you squirt it everywhere? I know that you have you horny cum slut. You probably even have your huge toy right beside you waiting to slide it in your pussy for me aren’t you? I know that you can’t help yourself from putting on those panties and fucking yourself. You really need a real cock in you or my strap on cock but your toy will do for now.

I want you to take that toy you have and suck on it for me. Show me how good of a cocksucker you are by shoving every single inch into your mouth balls deep. Take your fingers and start to rub between your legs too, this will get you to shove the cock even deeper down your throat. Next I want you to pull those panties to the side and finally fuck that horny hole. I know you can’t wait for me to tell you when to shove it in you can you? Go ahead and pop that hole for Mistress Jade. You have been waiting all day long go ahead and gape your pussy for me.

If you are a good girl I may let you squirt after my boyfriend has had the chance to cum in your mouth ha ha. He loves faggots like you who will do anything for a cock. You may even get lucky enough to have him bend you over and shove his extra large cock in you or my strap on. You want that don’t you?

Call 1-888-6762-6462 and ask for Jade. It’s time for sissy phone sex you dirty dress up whore.

Yahoo and AIM: SultryJade4U

sissy phone sex with shayla

phone sexHow are all my sissy sluts doing today ?  Bet you are craving sissy phone sex once again aren’t you ?  Hope that you have you silky thong panties and lacy bra on for me, you know I love you to be pretty and sexy for me.  We will get your make up, wig and your high heels on.  I can see you now all shaky wanting some cock now that your all dressed.  Don’t you worry about a thing you looking like the slut that you are, I’m sure we won’t have a problem with that.  But first we need to start with your toys, I know you have some, all sissy sluts have at least a few of them.  Hopefully you have a big 8 or 9 inch dildo that you can put in your slutty mouth and leave your slut lipstick marks all over it.  Then you know that you will be on your back with your legs in the air begging me to fuck your pink hole.  You will be fucking yourself so hard that your little clitty will be so hard wanting to squirt in your panties.  Don’t you worry you will get to and you just might get to lick all that cum up off your panties for me. You are going to be the perfect sissy whore around you will have guys passing you around and using you up like you need and want to be.  You will prove that you are the best at sissy phone sex, so that you can move on to the real cocks.  Now get all your things on and toys out and call me and prove to me you are the best sissy slut.

Call Shayla @ 1-888-662-6482

yahoo- sexymilfshayla

panty boy phone sex with irelynn

panty boy phone sex

I need a Princess worshiping panty boy phone sex lover. I may be referred to by many as Mistress Irelynn, and I’m just fine with that, but when it comes to my collared, cuckolded panty-sniffers, I am Princess Irelynn. I like my girlie-boys to look and smell pretty, especially after a long day of shopping and partying and I’m craving a complete body-worshiping massage from head to toe, I like something that’s delicate, submissive, pretty, and strong like a male. Deep tissue massage requires the strength that males usually have in their hands and fingers. I’ll gladly put your pesky cocks and balls into chastity so it quiets you down sexually, if you can’t take your minds off of your personal fantasies and distractions while you’re serving me with my needs. You sissies have to remember that you’re here for me and the overall enhancement of my personal life, not yours. No touching that dick unless I say so.

As one of my bois you must learn to unquestioningly sink to your knees when I tell you to worship my hot steaming body, and I may straddle your upturned faces just like I was seated in a saddle and riding one of my horses. You pretty panty-sniffers long to be smothered between my perfectly round ass-cheeks as I use you as my human, role play, sex-toy. You love to taste me and see what you are missing because I couldn’t possibly ever let you have sex with me. I am pretty picky about my boyfriends and I am a size queen too. My perfectly  manicured hands can touch your sissy bodies just about anywhere and you become so aroused that your throbbing dicks push out your satin panties obscenely. Well, even a panty boy phone sex Princess must punish such insolence, so you’ll find your naughty selves standing in a corner while one of my lovers satisfies me with their manly big cocks.

For some Princess worshipping panty boy phone sex of your own, dial 1 888 662 6482 and tell the dispatcher you want to worship Princess Irelynn.

AIM: BrattyBitchIrelynn
Yahoo: BratPrincessIrelynn

CBT phone sex with bella

CBT phone sex

Hello there boys.  Wanted to tell you about what I am going to be doing to your cock and balls tonight when we have our CBT Phone Sex call.  I can promise you that your going to wish we never started this cock and ball torture with you when I’m finished.  First, let’s grab that fishing line out of the garage.  Get on your hands and knees.  Now, drop your pants down.  Good bitch.  I take the fishing line and wrap it around each ball 5 times and then I take it and wrap it around both balls 10 times.  I start to see your face getting extremely beat red, your tears are flowing down your face.  You ask, “Mistress do you care that I’m in all this pain from your CBT Phone Sex?”  I respond with, “ha your funny! There’s more pain for you to endure then just this.”  As you bellow in pain I grab the 10 clothes pins and place them five on each ball.  Attached to each close pin is a 1 pound weight.  Now were talking about pain bitch.

I’m not done with you yet bitch.  This is just the beginning of your CBT Phone Sex call.  Now, that cock of yours.  it looks pretty lonely and may need some attention.  I bring out my wooden spoon and slap it 5 times on the head and 5 more times on the shaft.  As you continue to scream and yell and beg me to stop, hunched over on the floor balling your eyes out like a pussy ass bitch.  I’m so not dealing with you as I shove a ball gag in your mouth to shut you the hell up. I’m so not done with you and I have a lot more pain for you.  You still have a pee hole that is in need of some liquid fire attention.   In the mood for some CBT Phone Sex, give me a call @ 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Bella!

AIM: BeautifulBossyBella
Yahoo: BeautifulBossyBella


BBC phone sex with BBW simone

bbw phone sex

It’s no secret that black men are attracted to my big fat booty and it’s even less of a secret that I fucking love the attention! A girl like me needs a big cock to satisfy and what is better than a big black cock?! When it comes to BBC phone sex there are so many different scenarios and roleplays we can do. If you’re African-American, I want your cock! Turn me into your hot white BBW slut who craves nothing more than being your BBC loving cock whore. Share me with your other BBC friends and I can be the party slut taking care of all those mandingo dicks. Make me into your breeder bitch; how fucking hot would that be, my tits even bigger filled with milk, my belly sticking out even further with your black baby. So fucking hot to think about, isn’t it?

Maybe you are a white guy who fantasizes about seeing your wife or girlfriend taken by a BBC. You watch interracial porn all the time and can’t believe how how hard you get when you think about your wife, on her hands and knees, white ass up in the air, being split by that huge big black pole splitting her rear in half. We can roleplay that I am her on our BBC phone sex call.

Or you are a little dick pussy white boy, a BBC hungry faggot. I’d be happy to share my BBC with you! I will teach you how to properly serve your new Black Master and together we will make you into a cocksucking faggot who only likes big black dick. He could even fuck your wife and cuckold you and you would both his filthy white cock sucking bitches and whores.

For sexy BBC phone sex with BBW Simone, call 1888-662-6482

AIM and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

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