GFE Phone Sex with Autumn

I have a lot of kinky phone calls and talk about domination and submission. I also like having GFE phone sex. My friends tell me that I am a good listener and can cheer them up when they’re having a hard day. Why don’t you let me do that for you? We can talk about anything that’s on your mind. I like to hear about what’s on your mind and what your thoughts are on things. I’m really hoping to be the phone girl to give you the girlfriend experience. All of our  calls don’t have to be chit chat, we can make love and masturbate together too, of course. I’m just saying that I can be the one you go to when you’ve had a long day and just need to vent about your boss, traffic, or your loud neighbors. You can call me to tell me good news.

gfe phone sex

GFE phone sex is one of the first things that I thought about when I first started to take phone sex calls on the site. I’m a people pleaser, I enjoy making others happy. When your real world girlfriend nags you or upsets you there is always your phone girlfriend that you can go to. I’ll do whatever I can to take your mind off of the upsetting news in the world. Unlike real world women I don’t tell you no. Part of that is because I am submissive and want to please you to the highest level. The other part is that you probably hear no enough in real life. I know that I do. I’m not talking strictly about sex, just no in general. We can talk about your favorite movies or books, music, your family, pets (also family, am I right?), whatever you like. I can’t wait.







Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

It’s your job to cheer me up today. Am totally serious. I am sitting here staring out my window and its raining non stop. Last week it was snow and this week its huge ass rain drops. So I am one pouty princess in need of some humiliation phone sex.

humiliation phone sex

Yup giggling and laughing my sexy hot ass off at you will improve my mood. Well you yourself wont but telling me about the fact your small dick hasnt been hard in eons is a good way to get me smiling.

I know you wanna make me smile. After all I look so fucking hot with a smile over my sweet pink lips. Course why stop with small dick humiliation when we can keep on going cause I am sure your little dick hasnt gotten laid in eons either. So ya lets dive into some cuckold fantasies while were at it. Lord knows I can never get enough big cock action.

Ya I know you love hearing my sexy big cock stories too makes you wish you really were my fluffer boy right? Ha dont worry I can make you beg to suck some cream from my hot tight pussy.

Know what just thinking about the stuff we can chat about for a humiliation phone sex call is starting to put me in a good mood. So just need your lame ass to call me and help get the giggles really started. Cause lets face it humiliation phone sex fantasies are way hotter when you have a bratty princess like myself laughing at you.

Just ask for Bree when you call 1-888-662-6482

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Harlow

If you have found that you’re stroking your cock while thinking about being a sissy slut, then you need to be on the phone calling me for sissy training phone sex. I’m more than happy to teach you how to become the perfect sissy. Maybe you want to be dressed up in some pretty panties and a bra on your knees. You probably want to have a juicy cock down your throat, don’t you? I bet you’ve been thinking about sucking cock since you started jerking off. Did you always think about wearing panties or is that a new thing for you?

sissy training phone sex

No matter how long you’ve wanted to be a sissy, you need to be the very best that you can be. You don’t want to half-ass anything because if you do, you are never going to get that cock you so desperately want. If you don’t make sure you take your time and do a really good job getting dressed up, nobody’s going to want to fuck your mouth. You might argue that you could go to a bar and get a drunk guy, but if you don’t look pretty, not even a drunk guy will want to put his dick in your mouth.

There are so many things that go into becoming a perfect sissy slut. Hair, nails, makeup, learning to walk in heels, waxing your body, learning to suck cock, and training your ass to take a big fat cock. So you’d better have a dildo ready and waiting when you call me for sissy training phone sex. I’ll teach you how to use it to turn your ass into your brand new pussy.

Go get your phone right now and call me for sissy training phone sex! My name is Harlow and my number is 1 888 662 6482.

Strap On Phone Sex with Emily

Have you always wondered what it would be like to be fucked in the ass by a big fat dick, but you just haven’t ever had the courage to go out and actually do it? Well, I have some good news for you. It’s not quite the same thing, but I have a nice big thick strap on with your name all over it. You can call me for strap on phone sex and I’ll make sure you have a really good time.

strap on phone sex

I wonder… have you ever even had anything bigger than your fingers in your asshole? Don’t even try to pretend like you haven’t put a finger or two in there. I know you have. Every guy has, even if it’s just to try it. If you’re a semi-newbie, I’ll take it a little bit easy on you at first. As much as I love fucking a guy hard with my strap on, it’s no fun to fuck a crybaby wimp who keeps telling me to stop because it hurts. Well, I guess sometimes I get in moods where I don’t care how much it hurts. I will just keep going until I’m satisfied that you’ve been fucked properly.

I think that you also are going to need to learn how to suck a dick. I’ll put you down on your knees and you’ll open your mouth like a good whore. I’ll start slowly until you get used to having your mouth full, but then I’m going to go crazy on your mouth and fuck it like any man would do! You are going to need to get used to that if you want to be a cock sucker. And you know you do.
Up for some kinky strap on phone sex? Pick up the phone and call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily right now. Make sure you have the lube handy!

Impregnation Phone Sex with Autumn

I have so many fantasies about impregnation phone sex. Do you? Does a fantasy involving getting a woman like me pregnant excite you? It turns me on when I think about you fucking me hard and knocking me up with your come. In real life, I am not ready to be a Mom but over the phone when we roleplay it’s a hot fantasy that I have. I’m a really submissive woman and in most of my impregnation fantasies it’s done whether I want to get pregnant or not. When a dominant man tells me he’ll pull out.” and then he looks into my pleading eyes and shoots a load of baby batter into my pussy, I’m all his. It’s the collar that I can’t take off when he gets me pregnant by him. Do you think about impregnating a girl like me? We can have some good times roleplaying.

impregnation phone sex

I hadn’t had many impregnation fantasies when I first started taking calls but now I do. I find it’s a rather interesting way to lay claim to a sub. This sub fantasizes about being bred. Perhaps we can have impregnation phone sex where you do it to me over and over again. I get hot when I think about being bred by a Dom. My body would belong to him anyway, might as well include my womb. Do you want to own my womb? Is it one of your fantasies to use me as a breeding whore? I’ll beg you not to or I’ll take it like a good girl. How your slut reacts is up to you, and you alone. Take my choice and fill me with your seed, please. I want to please my Master to the best of my ability. I’m all yours.






Cuckold Phone Sex with Tamra

I’ve always had a cuckold phone sex fantasy.  My husband is just not having it.  I’ve begged him a thousand times to let me bring a guy home so he could watch me get fucked in front of him.  And always it was…no.  So what’s a girl to do?  If I can’t have my way with him doing it willingly, I had to take matters into my own hands and force the issue.  I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me, but he’ll get over it.  Last night I invited a guy over that I met through a friend. 

cuckold phone sex

He’s a tall, sexy dark Adonis and I have dreamed of him fucking me ever since I met him.  I told him about my cuckold phone sex fantasy and asked him if he’d help me make it come true.  He said he’d be crazy to pass that up.  So I had him come over before hubby got home and we were both already in the bedroom kissing and touching and undressing one another when he walked in.  He was furious.  So here’s where I had to be a little forceful.  I had my friend help me tie my husband up and gag him so he wouldn’t ruin the mood with his yelling and cursing, and I made him watch me get royally fucked in every hole for over 5 hours.  It was so HOT. I came so much I nearly passed out and my sexy cuckold phone sex lover filled me with loads and loads of hot sticky spunk.  It was everything I ever dreamed it would be. Well, aside from hubby not participating.  In fact, I still have him tied up in the bedroom because my new lover is coming over again tonight!  And since my husband still objects to this, he’s just going to have to stay tied up until he agrees to be my cuckold phone sex slave!  Either way…I’ll get what I want like I usually do.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tamra

Strap On Phone Sex with Queen Naomi

With all of My time living in the land of kinky fuckers who regularly indulge in all sorts of debauchery, I have learned that strap on play is just like everything else – even though a lot of Us may enjoy strap on play, We all enjoy it in Our own way. That’s right, baby – even the way a hot femdom fucks you with Her strap on is a personal choice. Some Ladies will fuck you because They know you like it, and They use it as a reward. Some enjoy the fact that it gives Them a chance to take the absolute top. For Me, it’s like that strap on is practically real, an extension of My body. Strap on phone sex only gives Me more of a chance to play.

strap on phone sex

It IS My dick. When I don My harness and slide that big, black bitch of a dildo through the enormous “O” ring required to hold it in place, I know I’m going to have a good time. Ok , sure – there’s a pretty fucking good guarantee that My slave is going to have a good time as well, but that isn’t the point. The point is that a Queen like Me is feeling good and in Her element, and until I have the biggest dick in the room, I’m not feeling quite at home. And that is exactly why you call a bitch like Me for strap on phone sex play – because your pathetic little cunt can only feel at home when it’s being overpowered by a Bitch Queen with a big ass dick of Her own.

Cum, little bitch boi. Let Me introduce you to My cock. It’s only right to start with a nice face-to-face introduction first, but then get ready for a real cunt splitting as I show you how natural strap on phone sex is for an Alpha Bitch like Me.
1 888 662 6482 – bend over and open up wide for Queen Naomi!!

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Spencer

Hi guys! Or I guess I should call you losers because who else would be on the prowl for a bratty domme phone sex Princess?! I love having losers like you wrapped around my finger. I know I can get you to do things you never thought you’d do. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and call me. You’ll soon see that I’m wrong. I am rarely ever told no and I don’t think someone like you will be someone who would deny me.

bratty domme phone sex

I have talked many guys into turning into pain sluts for me. I mean, cock and ball torture is one of my very favorite things. I mean, you’ll be really turned on just by talking to me and you won’t even really feel the pain! And if you do feel it, maybe you’ll find that you really like it.

I might decide that I want to make fun of you for having a tiny dick. It’s so much fun telling men who think they are average that they, in fact, are not. I don’t know how some of you idiots try to pass off 4 inches as average. I mean, come on! Have you ever been able to make a woman cum with that tiny little thing? If you say you have, I will know you’re lying. What I want to know is if you’ve ever been laughed right out of a woman’s bedroom. I am sure you have and that makes me really happy.

I hope you know that I’m ready and waiting for your bratty domme phone sex call. There are SO many things we can talk about and it really just depends on my mood when you call me. Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer.

Kinky Roleplay Phone Sex with Presley

I have what you might call a wild imagination. I can come up with some rather kinky and fun roleplays. If you’re looking for kinky roleplay phone sex I’m the girl you truly need in your life.

kinky roleplay phone sex

Picture this: I’m a younger, flirty, hard-working employee of yours. I always do a great job and put my best foot forward each day. Your clients are always swooning over me when I bring them down to your office. How can you not notice my sinful smile and sexy petite frame?  You always have wanted to bang me in your office but you never know how to go about it. One day I come in and ask for a raise but there is no lead way for such a raise in the budget. I tell you I will do anything for that raise as I hop up on your big desk slightly opening my legs to reveal under my business skirt my clean shaved pussy. How can you say no to finally taking what you always wanted? So what if I cum on all your paperwork I can just make more copies after you fuck me.

I would even enjoy some kinky roleplay phone sex where were cave people. It would be hot for you to be rough and animalistic with me. Pull my hair make me suck you cock and be the first ever cave slut LOL I do love cosplay roleplays. I own two different tail butt plugs… really I do. I would love to put one of my tails on while we are on the phone and be your fantasy creature. Ready to spread her legs for you and be your submissive unicorn. The sky the limit trust me nothing it too wild for me.

Omg what about a photographer and a model audition. I answered an ad in the local paper that you were looking for a model. I always wanted to be a model and famous so I’m young willing and eager. I show up dressed sexy and ready to impress you. Come to find out its a lingerie shoot which I agree to do. since I will do anything to become a star. Slowly the perverted photographer asks for more and more until I’m naked. And with promises of making me a star I am willing to do anything! I’m willing to suck your cock and let you fuck me on the set, You even calls a few buddies over to the shoot and make me suck and fuck them as you take porn pictures of me. You slowly turn me into a porn slut for your use. I’m more then willing to anything you ask of me and it does get a bit wild and far out!

I think I proved my point. If you’re looking for kinky roleplay phone sex tonight I’m the girl you need to call.   1-888-662-6482 and ask for your new addiction Presley.

Skype:  BubbleGum Princess
Twitter: @ greene_presley

Blasphemy Phone Sex with Autumn

One of the last taboos to break is religion. Up until the last few years I have been a good girl. Now I have learned how much it turns me on when I have blasphemy phone sex. Some of the phone Doms like it when the words slip out and I curse God. I don’t ever say stuff like that around my family and rarely around my friends. When I’m on a phone sex call though it’s a different story. I even get into saying it when I’m submitting to a Dom in real life. Some of them like to punish me for being naughty like that. Some Doms like making me say more and more filthy things when taking the Lord’s name in vain. I feel like he’s watching me, and I should be ashamed. I’m not though, I’m so turned on it’s not even funny. What’s that about?

blasphemy phone sex

One of the phone Doms that calls learned that he had a religious kink from talking to me. He said the sound of my voice saying goddamn made him hard. The Dom said had been at church all day with his family working on a project and hearing me say that just got him horny. He took it out on me for being a temptress and face fucked me in the call. That was really hot, I like being used roughly after I make my Dom hard and horny. Do you want to make me curse God and have blasphemy phone sex? I’ll feel tingly down below and wet for you as well. I hope that you have some dirty things planned to do to a sinner like me. Are you a sinner too? Do you like to curse God when you’re playing with your cock? Let’s sin together.






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