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Cock Control Phone Sex with Savannah

cock control phone sex

There is far more to me than just erotic hypnosis.  Sure I do know how to weave my voice to guide you into a very deep mind altering trance but I can also use my sultry, seductive voice to take control of your cock. I never make any apologies for this during a cock control phone sex call. I feel there never is a need to apologize.

Really if you know anything about me from seeing my sexy smile on these blogs you know I never apologize for the control I take over your cock. In fact, I will smile and give a sweet laugh all while twisting your mind to hand over that orgasm to me too.


Got your attention there didnt I?

Yes its rather up to you to figure out if this sensual domme is in the giving mood after taking complete control of your cock. Will she allow your balls to be trained after a very long tease and denial session? Or will you be left with blue balls. Yeouch.

I have been away for a few so that does leave you to wonder what kind of playful mood am I in? Lets just say there is only one way to find out which is to call me for the ultimate in cock control phone sex fantasies. And a bit of a PS. I have been out with a cold so those that have called me before know my voice is even more sinfully seductive than usual. Consider that your warning.

Just ask for Savannah when you call. 1-888-662-6482

panty fetish phone sex with ariel

panty fetish phone sex

Hiya there! I know all about your secret. The one where you sneak around going store to store buying women’s panties. That is why you are going to put on your newest pair for me for our panty fetish phone sex call. Are you wondering how I found out about your secret? Well the sales ladies thought you were buying those panties for your girlfriend – your non existent girlfriend. See, that is what gave it away.

Plus the fact that I now that your dick, if you want to call it that is the size of a pebble. There is no woman on this planet that would even consider being with you. They would never feel that clit between your legs. See, the compensation is your panty fetish phone sex fantasies.

I know you have been sneaking around my panty drawer for awhile. Your secret, hasn’t been much of one for awhile. Little did you know I have been watching you, with my hidden cameras. Laughing at how pathetic you are. What a sissy bitch you are! I always wondered how my clean panties ended up in the dirty laundry. That was what I wanted to find out. Oh boy did I ever!

Now is the time I teach you a lesson! Not only have I been replacing what you have taken, but I even created a secret drawer just for you. All this time you thought you were putting on my panties, you have been putting on the ones I chose for you bitch! So, right now you are going to put on a pair and prepare for what’s to come. You want to be a woman? It starts with the panties during panty fetish phone sex. It continues with your ass in the air when I take it with my strap on…that time will cum.

So, get ready for the ultimate A-MA-ZING panty fetish phone sex you could dream up when you give me a call 1 (888) 662-6482. Ask for the one and ONLY A-MA-ZING Ariel.


ruined orgasm phone sex with harlow

orgasm denial phone sex

There isn’t a whole lot that I love more than ruined orgasm phone sex. Don’t worry, I don’t do that to every caller I have, but when a guy is a loser and I think he doesn’t deserve to feel every glorious second of an orgasm, well… I ruin it for him. Do I feel bad about it? Absolutely not. I don’t do it unless a guy is very deserving of it.

What, you ask, might deem a man “worthy” of having his orgasm ruined? Well, for starters, just being a loser. Maybe you’re over 30 and still living in mommy and daddy’s house. That’s loser material. Or maybe you have a teeny tiny little dick. Those pathetic little things don’t deserve orgasms. Or maybe you think you are God’s gift to women. Men like that don’t sit well with me. I will make you think you’re going to get to cum and then just when the moment is imminent, I tell you to let go of your cock and it just ruins everything. There is nothing worse than being right on the verge of orgasm and then not being able to feel it fully. Haha. I love doing that to guys!

Do you think you’re ready for some ruined orgasm phone sex with me? Well, let’s get to it. Call me and tell me what kind of loser you are at 1 888 662 6482. Ask for Harlow. I’ll be waiting to ruin you.

financial domination phone sex with winter

financial domination phone sex

Hi there.  Are you a hot CEO or just a grown up rich kid?  Do you like to lavish pretty girls with decadent luxuries?  No?  Then fuck off.  I don’t have time for broke ass losers like you.  Well maybe for financial domination phone sex.  That’s the only way you’ll ever get to talk to a girl like me.  And if you think it’s going to be fun for you, think again.  I’m going to drag your ass through the mud and back again.  How can a “baller on a budget” think he would deserve my time?  A real man makes money, stacks his paper, and spoils his girl. My shoes cost more than your rent.  And speaking of rent, if you don’t own at least two homes then you’re not a fucking man in my eyes.

I’m sure you’re going to cry about it on the phone.  Winter is so mean, she’s so materialistic.  Winter is a gold digging whore.  Oh wah wah.  So the fuck what?  I’m not here to befriend the people of Walmart.  I’m here to tell you the truth about your pitiful existence, peasant.  You know I’m not lying.  That’s why you call me for financial domination phone sex.  You love someone way above your social class telling you about yourself.  I know that makes your pathetic little dick hard, and even get me started on that.

You never know, maybe you’ll see me riding past you having dinner at some fast food dive in an exotic car on my way to a date with a real man at a five star restaurant.  How sweet of you to splurge on yourself.  Must be nice change from ramen.  You’ll need to save up your pennies to call me, so don’t make it a habit.  Budget boys have to make tough decisions in life LOL.

Call Winter for financial domination phone sex. 1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo: whitehotwinter
AIM: whitehottwinter
Twitter: @whitehottwinter

Fat Girl Phone Sex with Simone

fat girl phone sex

Just look at my curves! I am a sexy BBW who loves sex and I love talking to guys who get off on fat girl phone sex. What’s fat girl phone sex you ask? Well besides the obvious fucking and sucking, when you’re with a fat girl it’s all about her curves too. More cushion to the pushin’ as they say. Let’s talk about my bodacious 44DD boobs and my 46″ hips and ass. Grab a hold of jiggly belly and thick thighs and show me that you love every inch of my sexy sensual and curvaceous body.

Imagine being smothered between my tits as I wrap my fat thighs around you. I’m incredibly flexible for a fat girl. Lots of guys who call me have a huge ass fetish. Lay back on the bed, baby, and watch me lower my full round ass right on your face. Look at my red manicured fingers gently pull my ass cheeks apart so I can rest my asshole right on your nose! You are going to sniff my sweaty musky deep ass crack before I let you work your tongue up my tight little rosebud butthole. If you’re into it, catch me in the mornings before I shower and be my personal ass cleaner too!

One of my favorite fat girl phone sex callers loves to fuck the folds of my fat. My warm arm pits and the soft fatty wings of my arms slapping on his cock. Lay back on the bed and I’ll rub my fat tummy over your cock before I lift up my belly and let you fuck that warm special spot underneath. It’s incredibly sensitive for me too under there. I’m a big girl and I can take your weight, I love when you’re laying right on top of me rolling all comfy on my soft body. And what better way to fall asleep then with your head resting on my big titty pillows?

For fat girl phone sex, Call Simone at 1-888-662-6482.

AIM and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Bree

foot fetish phone sex

Wanna know what my bratty princess ass is in the mood for tonight? Well its pretty simple I want some fucker to worship my feet! Yup nothing but foot fetish phone sex is on my mind hahah. Come on like  you didnt see that one coming. I know you fuckers who pop a boner for toes must be having a hard time right now (yes pun totally intended) I cant be the only girl who is rocking flip flops and sandals every time she walks out the door. Driving you foot lovers to pop tents every 5 mins hahah.

Well ok maybe I have a step up on most the girls in flip flops I know when I select my foot wear its for teasing men vs what looks good with my outfit. I am all about what shows off my toes and feet in the best light. Currently I am all about my reef flip flops cause they are just awesome to walk in but I like that every step the bottom of my feet get dirty. So I can see some foot fetish fuck on his knees working extra hard on cleaning the soles of my feet.

See how thoughtful this bratty phone princess is? EXTREMELY right?

Thats not the only way I am super thoughtful so you best call me and I can tell you all the ways I think of you and your foot fetish ways. *wiggling my bright blue painted toes* Ya your over due talking to a hot barely legal about some foot fetish phone sex.

Bree 1-888-662-6482 nothing is off limits either!

barely legal phone sex with spencer

barely legal phone sex

It’s summertime and I know just exactly what you need! You’re in need of a barely legal phone sex girl to roleplay your sexy neighbor girl who just will not stop running around in that tiny bikini in front of you. She knows you watch her – she sees you staring out your window. And you know that she can tell by the movements you’re making that you are jerking off while you watch her do her sunbathing every day.

So why don’t you call me and tell me what you would do with her if you finally got the chance to have your way with her. Would you want it to be her who comes to you and seduces you? Because I’m really good at seducing men. I’ve never had a man say no to me when I’ve made a move on him. And I know that you wouldn’t be able to say no to me either.

Or maybe you want to teach her a lesson. I mean, she shouldn’t be wearing that tiny bikini when she knows what it does to you, right? She should be ashamed of herself, teasing an older man such as yourself. She really does need to be shown what happens to barely legal girls when they prance around like that.

So what in the world are you waiting for? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for barely legal phone sex. I wanna have some fun with you today!

anything goes phone sex with Autumn

anything goes phone sex

Hi, I’m really craving lots of anything goes phone sex lately. I have plenty of taboo fantasies that I can think about alone, but I want to share and hear yours too. Please tell me that you keep thinking about really dirty things that you want to do also. Or that you keep thinking of dirty things that you want to have done to you. Wouldn’t it be kind of sexy to have a dominant woman take on both of us? We would make a good team of submissive fuck sluts I am sure. If you want your own submissive fuck brat I am here for that too. It makes my pussy so wet to think about the intense dirty things that you want to do to me or that you want to see others do to me while you watch. I really do want to be the nastiest slave that you’ve ever had, and the best one too.

Do you want to get your hands on someone and fuck them like crazy but you can’t approach them? Tell me about it and let me roleplay that certain person that has your dick hard all of the time. I’ll do my very best for you, and make sure that I do everything that I can so that you get off like never before. That is what I am after, I want to give you the best orgasm that you’ve ever had. When it’s been a long day and you need to let off some steam let me be the one that you realx with and get so dirty with. You can tell me any fantasy and we can stretch the limits of anything goes phone sex anytime that you want.I can’t wait to hear you moan and to hear you cum so hard.

AIM-Yahoo PhonebabeAutumn

Coed Phone Sex Tease Rachelle

coed phone sex tease

With finishing my last semester I wanted to celebrate with my boyfriend. Go out for dinner and I dont know just see where the night sort of rolled after that. We went to this quaint lil English inspired pub and the waitress was less than helpful. She sort of forgot us which was actually ok that meant I could tease my boyfriend under the table. Like that bit of info would shock you coming from this coed phone sex tease!

Letting my hand just wander over to the front of his shorts and helping things along so that he couldnt get up too quickly. Sure he pushed my hand away cause he is the quiet type but I know he likes it. His semi hard cock was telling me not to stop.

After dinner he was some what eager to get home but course I wasnt helping in his exit for I wasnt ending my massage of his cock. Naughty yes but really could you expect anything less from a coed phone sex tease? I think not.

Watching him try to focus on not getting aroused even though I know all the spots to touch to get a stiff reaction from him. Good try!

Love watching him sweat in public when I am doing all sorts of naughty things to him especially those things your not suppose to do in public. Bet your wondering if my hand found its way under his shorts on to some bare throbbing skin? Hmmmm do I or dont I say?

All I can say is that I fucking love teasing my boyfriend over dinner and I know that I will love teasing you over the phone. If you think you can handle this coed phone sex tease. Well can you?

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

extreme taboo phone sex with ariel

extreme taboo phone sex

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here! I really extreme taboo phone sex, I also love that I get to lay out by the pool every single day after classes if I don’t decide to cut class. I “work” hard for my grades, but as it stands right now I have straight A’s. Lately, it seems I have been attracting some real trouble. Ha Ha Ha…Then again, I really love to be naughty, especially when it involves my professors at on campus at school. I know there are some that will not admit to being with slut like me, but I have proof, so it does not matter how much they deny what I have done. It all started when the new term started, it just so happens that we got a new Dean of students. A very hot, muscular, black Dean of students. I made it my goal to have my way with this dean. We all know that when I want something, I find a way, to get what I want, especially during extreme taboo phone sex.

It just so happens that one of my professors was not impressed with me. In fact I almost got myself suspended, that is until I struck a deal with the Dean of students. What a perfect opportunity to use my “skills” to get myself out of trouble, right? So, I snuck into the Deans’ office, and hid under his desk. It seemed like forever before I heard the door open, then footsteps and voices. At first I only saw the Dean’s legs, heard his breathing, but then realized he wasn’t alone. I did not mind though, I knew I could make use of whomever the other person was. Now all I had to do was wait to make my move. Are you wondering what that was?

When I finally realized that the room had grown silent and all I could see were his legs, and hear his breathing, I could tell that he was alone. It was at that moment that I took my teeth and unbuttoned his pants, unzip them, and pulled out his manly flesh. Oh My God, his cock… lets just say it met my size queen expectations. It looked so delicious I just had to steal a taste, so I wrapped my lips around it. Would you like to know what happened when he realized a student was being naughty under his desk. I can tell you I got the punishment I deserved during our extreme taboo phone sex session.

To tell me your wild fantasies and for me to tell you mine, just ask for A-MA-ZING Ariel for Extreme taboo phone sex. We will have a wild time! Just dial 1 (888) 662-6482 for the time of your life! Your cock will thank you! * giggles *

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: @brattyprncssAri

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