Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Savannah

For some of us we are out enjoying the springtime weather while I know a few are grumbling about still being all bundled up. Well perhaps its time for a little break with the help of some erotic phone sex hypnosis.

erotic phone sex hypnosis

Ok so it wont have you literally lounging on a tropical beach but hey least we can send your mind into state where you feel like you are. Some tropical role play with a hot steamy sex scene. Like joining the mile high club. The sensation of the jet engine revving around you as your cock is being stroked and worked under that rather thin airplane blanket. Just try hiding that erection under that blanket from the rest of the people in your row. Or are you more the sort who would rather slip off to the bathroom and get it on with one of the stewardess. I mean they do want to make your trip extra enjoyable right?

Come to think about it maybe I am in need of some erotic fantasy that has us drifting off to some where tropical. A hotel room on the edge of the beach with an infinity pool over looking the turquoise ocean. While we both engage in all sorts of erotic fun. Definitely be a swimsuits are optional sort of situation.

I think some erotic phone sex hypnosis escape is definitely in order today. All I need is for your sexy mind to send into a deep hypnotic state so the fun can begin.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah your hypno tour guide.

Girl-Next-Door Phone Sex with Staci

I’m the sweet girl-next-door type and I totally look the part. I can see the way you look at me when I walk by in my itty bitty shorts and tight tank tops. I know you’ll enjoy some sweet or sassy girl-next-door phone sex with me! You should know: that you’re my favorite neighbor. It’s why I leave the blinds open. Yep, just so you can get the best view possible… Of my adorable young body!

cream pie phone sex

You’re going to find it really hard to say “no” to my cute face, tight bod, sweet smile and cute giggle. I know you’ll find me irresistible when I finally show up at your door. Wearing my tightest hot pink top and shortest shorts. My sun-kissed legs, long, firm and silky soft (just like the rest of me). When you finally invite me in for girl-next-door phone sex, I’m going to confess to you that I’ve had the hugest crush on you for a long time. It’s been my fantasy, to give myself to you. Before I go to bed every night, I rub my sweet little pussy thinking of your hands all over my body. Exploring me completely. I get even wetter when I think about my mouth on yours; tongues dancing. And I cum the hardest thinking of your rock hard cock deep inside my tight snatch. Oh, I’ve been dreaming of this moment and I’m sure it’ll be better than I ever imagined. Let me show you how much I need to be your girl-next-door phone sex slut right now by dropping to my knees and reaching up to pull out your big hard cock. I won’t be able to resist rubbing my pussy the second your cock has my perfect pink lips wrapped around it. Slurping and eagerly sucking. I want to prove to you how much I’ve needed this.

So let me be your sweet virgin next door or your slutty cock-crazy neighbor with girl-next-door phone sex. Just call and ask for Staci at 1-888-662-6482!

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Poppy

When I was growing me mum could never get me to stop sucking on me thumb. Right up until I discovered there was something much better to suck on. Ever since I got my first boyfriend me mum never had a problem with me putting me thumb in me mouth again! Now today I’m a right proper cock sucking phone sex whore because I still can’t get enough meat in my mouth!

cock sucking phone sex

Some chickies will tell you that you have give them a slap and tickle before they’ll bob on your knob but never this dirty bird luv. The best way to get my cunny hot with honey is to shove your fucking throbbing dick right straight down my throat and just start bloody fucking my face. Shove me down on my bloody fucking knees if you want or hang me head off the edge of a bed I don’t bloody care as long as I’m choking on your fuckstick. Press me back against a fucking wall while your cock pumps in me skull and your hands pull my fucking hair like bloody bicycle handles it’s fine just use my mouth like the bloody whorehole it is and I’ll be screaming for more every fucking breath I take.

I bet a dirty bastard like you wants to feel that hot tight twat squeeze around your hard fucking cock for at least one cum. But if you don’t feel like fucking my sloppy twat after all that I can make do letting you watch me spank it while I swallow every drop of your delicious fucking jizz and suck you dry trying to get more. Which is it going to be luv? Which of me slutty fuckholes is going to take your big fucking hot load deep when you shoot it for me during cock sucking phone sex? At least which one is taking it the first time?

Ring me to tell at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Poppy!

Skype: Poppy Tart
Twitter: @darklildeviant

Fantasy Phone Sex with Emily

When I say the words fantasy phone sex, what do you think of? THAT is what I want you to talk about when you call me. I want to know every single detail of the thing that makes your cock hard. I’m a giver and I want to do everything I can to make sure that your fantasy is brought to life with vivid detail. All you will have to do is close your eyes and you will feel like you are really with me while we do whatever it is that gets you excited.

fantasy phone sex

Do you have a common fantasy? Maybe you think about being the boss and having your secretary come in and seducing you. You think about her wearing a short skirt, a shirt that’s unbuttoned and really high heels with stockings. You’ve found yourself in the bathroom jerking off thinking about her during your break, but pretty soon that’s not enough. So you call her into your office and ask her to lock the door behind her. I don’t know exactly what would happen next, but that’s where you come in. You can tell me exactly what you want.

Or maybe you have something that you want to talk about during fantasy phone sex that’s a little more out of the ordinary. I want to hear about those crazy, out there fantasies that maybe I haven’t even heard of before. That sounds like tons of fun, doesn’t it? I want you to teach me something. Fantasies are so unique to whoever is having them and I want to hear all about yours. I might even tell you about mine.

Call me now and tell me your fantasy phone sex dreams and desires. All you have to do is dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily.

No Limits Phone Sex with Spencer

I love to push boundaries.  I like to make people slightly uncomfortable.  When someone calls and says they want no limits phone sex, I’m so down with that!  That means I’m going to test you.  We’re going to see if you’re actually as dirty as you say or if it’s all a crock of shit.  I have my doubts about you.  You seem to talk a good game, but sometimes when I say certain things you get sort of quiet.  You didn’t think a barely legal girl like me could be that dirty, did you?
no limits phone sex
No limits phone sex means different things to different people.  Some think that it means that nothing is off the table, which I like, but then they start naming a list of things they don’t want to do.  Does that sound like no limits to you?  I want to talk to someone who has absolutely NO boundaries. And if you have boundaries, I guess it’s fine…as long as you agree to let me help you push right past them. And just remember, I don’t like being told no, so you really shouldn’t even let that awful word come out of your mouth. When you call me you need to be ready for absolutely ANYTHING. That’s what having no limits means, silly boy.
You must be pretty excited right now, huh? I know I would be if I’d finally found someone who was willing to help me push my limits and get to the point where I had absolutely no limits. You’re going to find that some really fun things turn you on – things you had no idea you’d even like.
Ready to have some fun? Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for no limits phone sex! I’m ready to take you further than you’ve ever been before!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Poppy

It’s about time these fabulous fucking feet got a proper worshipping from a dirty foot fetish phone sex bastard like you luv. I’m due for my pedi anyway and since it’s fucking boot season I’ve got all this sweaty funk built up on these fuckers. But you don’t care about that do you you dirty fucking bastards? In fact the nastier the better for some of you wankers out there. You pull on your bell-end there wishing your nose was being crushed under the arch of my sweaty smelly paw don’t you now? There that’s alright then if you just throw over and admit it. I’ve got just the fuckin thing for a fucking foot slut like you!

foot fetish phone sex

I call it me Throne. It’s this great big comfy chair yeah? With the legs up just enough for a slave on his knees to reach me poor barking dogs with his eager fuckin mouth innit! And short so me ankles hang over the edges and the slave can get up under them as he bloody well properly should! I tell you luvs my Throne is the perfect place for a dirty bastard of a foot fetish slave to give me wee tootsies a long licking innit!

And maybe luv just maybe if’n you do a bloody good job and suck the fuckin calluses right off my pretty little heels I’ll let you play with my nice clean pretty toes and arches and ankles till you have a right nice cum. After you rub plenty of lotion all over my fresh-licked footsies and get them glowing and soft and just bloody feeling perfect yeah? Can’t you just feel them moving all around your fucking pervy pecker yeah? Oh and I want you to fucking know how hard I get off when you fucking have your cum all over my fucking twat for me to play with luv!

Ring me and let’s get down to the dirty luv! Call me for foot fetish phone sex at 1 888 662 6482!

Skype: Poppy Tart
Twitter: @darklildeviant

Blonde Phone Sex Goddess Kassidy

The other day a certain horny guy called and it really had nothing to do with what my bio said or even one of my tit fucking blogs. What had him call was simply that I was a sexy blonde. Oh wait it was cause I was a big titted blonde phone sex goddess.

Ok so the goddess part wasnt necessarily his wording but it was rather implied between him saying your my dream girl and OMG your so hot. You can see how goddess ends up in there right?

blonde phone sex goddess

Well our sexy call took a twist when it wasnt just the fact that I was a blonde bombshell but my sexy voice. I mean my soft sensual voice had him throbbing at the word Hello! Some of you know exactly how he feels. Just have to think back to the last time you called me for some kinky fetish fun!

Anyways as he tripped over his words about how sexy my breasts are and he couldnt stop staring at them. He found the courage to ask if I had ever slipped a cock between them. Course I played all coy on the subject and said I may of had a cock or two get lost in my massive cleavage.

Oh did my kinky fellow ever moan at the idea of his cock running circles around my sensitive nipples. I swear he was near ready to blow his load all over his bedding. Well he did actually seems this blonde phone sex goddess found out what that horny guy had been craving all night long, which was to slip his dick between some massive boobs.

So what about you?

Do you get turned on by a sexy blonde? Or maybe your more a breast man that craves some big tits in your face or around your dick. Either way I think we can come up with something extra hot to get your dick exploding in excitement.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Kassidy

Barely Legal Phone Sex with Spencer

I love being a naughty barely legal phone sex girl. You might not believe it, but I have been around the block a time or two already and I know how to make your cock happy. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can call me and find out for yourself. I know that your first call to me will definitely not be your last. I have a feeling that you’re going to get addicted to me just like so many others before you have.
barely legal phone sex
It turns me on so much when I think about how many men are already addicted to me. They can’t get enough of my sexy body and my huge tits. Look, I hate to brag – but I really am the perfect girl. And looking perfect isn’t the only thing I have going for me. The way I will fuck you and turn you on is also perfect. I have no limits and I will do anything it takes to get you excited. I get so turned on when you tell me that you want to talk to me about something super taboo. Do you think it will turn me off? Hell no! The dirtier you are, the more wet my tight bald pussy is gonna get.
I bet you’re excited to pick up that phone and call me for barely legal phone sex, aren’t you? I’m about to start touching my pussy, so you better call me so I don’t have to cum without you. You don’t want to miss that, do you? It would be like the saddest thing ever! So call me and let’s have a really fun time together!
All you have to do is dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for barely legal phone sex. I promise you’re going to have the best phone fuck you’ve ever had with a naughty barely legal slut like me!

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Simone

Fat juicy pussy filled with cum, so much creamy white jizz for cream pie phone sex. Eat me. You know you want it. It’s early Saturday morning and my favorite BBC lover just left after a long night of fucking. My pussy is so swollen and red from his pounding. Man, he knows how to fuck. Almost 11 inches of thick black dick ramming right up inside my thick wet lips. Don’t you wish you were there watching up close and personal? Maybe next time. This morning I need you between my thighs eating my thick cream pie. Freshly shaved and freshly fucked. Two loads of cum for your breakfast.

cream pie phone sex

My clean up boy lives for the mornings he gets a text from me. He knows what his purpose is in my life and his mouth is already watering. I don’t even have to get out of bed, he knows where I keep the spare key. He’s quiet when he comes in, strips to his panties and gently crawls under the cover between my thick thighs. The smell of sex is lingering in the air and I hear him inhale deeply and moan. Taking his time he starts licking the dried cum on my legs and my round tummy. He’s very thorough because he knows there will be punishment if he’s not.

I spread my legs wider and that’s his cue to start on the main course. His favorite cream pie is from my BBC lover, he can always tell who has fucked my cunt from the smell and taste. I can’t help but laugh when I see him try and hump the bed, I know he’s got a hardon in his panties. Gently licking my fat lips making sure to clean up every single drop. I thrust my hips up into his face as his tongue reaches deep in my fuckhole slurping every creamy drop. He knows he’s done his job when I cum for the second time in his face and he’s cleaned up every drop.

He’s earned his reward and I let him jerk himself off into his soaking wet panties. Hand them to me, I say and he does. His mouth open wide, I stuff his cum filled in his mouth and tell him to go home. He’s gone as quietly as he arrived.

Want to hear more cream pie phone sex stories? Call me, Simone, 1-888-662-6482

BBC Phone Sex with Shanelle

You have a tiny cock and I prefer a large cock and that is why I enjoy BBC phone sex. I think that everyone knows who has the largest and most pleasurable cocks on the planet and if you don’t then I will let you in on a nice secret. It is definitely those large chocolate cocks that get women so satisfied. They make us scream the loudest and stretch out our sweet holes the most. I love when my cunt is so stretched out from a big black monster cock that my tiny dick boyfriend cant feel my walls. That is all you deserve right? Just think of it as battle of the biggest cocks. Who gets to stretch out and who gets to feel less of a man lol.

BBC phone sex

When I had my first BBC it was amazing. I didn’t want to have any other cock in me. Yes there are white men who have big dicks but, it is very rare. That’s why I love BBC phone sex so much. Do you want to know the craziest part about my first BBC? It was a nice long and thick 11 inches. I stared at it wondering how I was going to get that huge thing in me. Oh I still get that big cock until this day. I can never let it go.

What kind of big black cock phone sex do you like to have? Maybe you can watch me take one or we can share one together. I’d love for you to get one nice and big for me before it goes in my pussy. While I am getting trusted and pleasured I might let you suck and lick on my clit until I cum all in your mouth. Then you can pull out that BBC and suck my juice right off of it. I am ready for that cock are you? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Shanelle.