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Big Tit Phone Sex

Hello guys! I hope you are having a great weekend. My husband is out of town once again, leaving me here all alone. He was only home for 48 hours before having to go out again. Do you think he pleased me at all while he was here? No, of course he didn’t I mean I know he is tired and all but most men would love to have a hot piece of ass waiting on them when they got home. This is the reason I am a cheating wife. This is the reason I have a back up side piece. I need a big fat cock to fuck. A woman of my age has needs and desires as well. I often crave a big cock to suck on or a role play for adults to enjoy. I know that some of you gentlemen really enjoy it when we do a naughty phone sex roleplay. I also know that these big ol titties of mine really get your attention. Some of you just can’t resist them. I know that when I go out I proudly put them on display. I wear tight fitting tank tops in the summer, low cut dresses, extra button open shirts with sexy lacy bras that peek-a-boo out. Sometimes I wear no bra at all just because I can. Knowing that you are admiring the full heavy breasts straining against the material really turns me on. When I am out on the dance floor more often than not, I can feel him getting ever so hard in his jeans. Sometimes I will reach back and give it a little squeeze just for fun! I love the attention that I am getting from the men I encounter. It makes me feel good knowing that I can turn you on. So , now it’s your turn to tell me what fantasy turns you on with some big tit phone sex! They don’t call me Lusty Busty Bobbi for nothing!

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kinky 2 girl phone sex fantasies

2 girl phone sex

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. Do you know what I really enjoy? Having another girl to play with during 2 girl phone sex. I love the way a girls mouth feels when I shove her head down onto my perfect pussy. I also love bringing her to the edge of release, and not cum-pleting the job. I mean I’m sure you love to watch the way she and I play with each other, and having us both playing with your cock. That is, if we decide to involve you in any way other than watching the two of us have fun. That could be fun for you, right? Involving you could mean two different things, though. I mean we could be fawning over it, and sharing it between the two of us.. or you could have both of us teasing you, and driving you crazy with the need to cum for the both of us. I’m sure we will have you begging to let you finish by the time we are both done with you.I am sure we will both keep bringing you to the edge, and not letting you finish time and time again while we play, boo.

I mean, would you seriously expect anything less from someone as fierce, fresh and fabulous as this? I mean come on, now! I think we could both have some fun during 2 girl phone sex, even if you are just watching on the sidelines, boo. I bet you might even be able to convince her to clean up your cock after you have my juices all over it, if you ask her nicely enough. Wanna hear more about what my girl and I would do to drive you crazy?

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hot barely legal princess phone sex

princess phone sex

Hiya there! I am Ariel! I am the newest barely legal teen on the block, and I am creamy and smokin’ hot! I put the “P” in princess! I have always gotten what I wanted, and time with you is no different! I want the biggest house, fastest cars, the most sparkle in my diamonds and gem stone jewelry, big thick cock, and let’s not forget lots and lots of money!  I am going to take over your wallet while you spoil me and get all the items that a princess phone sex brat such as me needs and desires.

I don’t know what the word “no” means, I have never heard it before. I was so spoiled by my dad that my mom was jealous. Don’t even think about saying “no” to me! It will be the biggest mistake you can make, I promise! A spoiled princess needs more than just materialistic things, I also need my pussy holes filled at all times, and filled up with creamy cum.  Only big, thick cocks will please my pussy! Those itty bitty things you try to call dicks, pa-lease they just will not cut it! I actually want to feel that filling me up, not wondering where the fuck it is! I mean c’mon, I am a princess! I know you want to please me and make me happy, now don’t you baby? You know you want to stick that rock hard rod in my sweet creamy pussy during princess phone sex with me!

In the end, spoiling me will help you too! I can make a list of reasons really, but just one I can think of…. *giggles* You get ME silly! You get this tight, creamy, pink pussy, this hot body, and all of my spunk and attitude. In return I will suck and fuck you all night long during anything goes princess phone sex! How could you possibly turn that down? Bring me all your dirty secrets, fantasies, and desires when you call 1 (888) 662-6482 for princess phone sex with sweet, seductive, and oh so barely legal Ariel!

Yahoo: AmazingAriel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: @brattyprncssAri

rough taboo phone sex

taboo phone sex

Before I go to bed every single night, I slip in between my soft silky sheets completely naked and run my hands all over myself. I imagine a man doing it to me. At first, it seems gentle enough that I might be dreaming, but during this taboo phone sex fantasy, it turns into rough groping, pinching and tugging at my hair. My nipples are being pinched and my supple breasts squeezed so hard I squeal. By trying to squirm away, I end up backed into the heavy wooden headboard to my own bed. How did he sneak in here? “Please… no! I don’t understand.” I manage to gasp out. I’m told I’m going to be turned into a nasty slut. A horny, dirty slut… he’s going to use me… ravage me… all night long with rough taboo phone sex role-playing. Just when I think he’s about to stop thrusting into me he flips me over and demands I spread my ass cheeks apart and beg for it. I feel tears welling up… I beg him to fuck my pussy instead. He tells me that I should be a good girl and tell him what he wants to hear. “I’m a slut and I need my cunt fucked like a dirty whore.” He asks how bad I want it and I tell him how bad I want his cock in my pussy… pleading with him during this extreme taboo phone sex session with a dash of heartlessness and brutal bluntness. I think we’re going to have a great time together if you enjoy dialogue. We all have our fantasies… this is one of mine. I’d love to hear one of yours.

Call Ivy at 1-888-662-6482 for taboo phone sex

Sissy cuckold phone sex humiliation


Hey sissy boy, you might not know how to take this, but your wife and I have had the nicest chat. It seems that she is going to take my advice and get herself a real manly man to fuck her. Are you wondering where that leaves you? It leaves you as her panty wearing, limp dicked sissy cuck. She told me all about how your inadequate limp dick led to her joking about you wearing panties. I was pretty surprised when she told me that she actually got you into a pair. Ha, putting that first pair of frilly prissy panties on sealed your fate. She can’t look at you like a real man now, not after seeing the smooth front of those pink panties where your hard cock should be poking out. You couldn’t get it hard for her then, and now a big man with an impressive satisfying cock is going to get hard for her. She’s so fed up with you being a limp dicked loser that she said I could keep you company while she goes out on her date.

Ha, we’re going to have a wonderful evening, sissy boy. Not the same kind of wonderful that your hot wife is going to have, but we’ll make do. We’re going to have cuckold phone sex. I’m going to supervise you as you clean her house for her. Don’t slow down too much, even if you get tired though. Sissies that stand still too long get their asses tapped with my strap on. I told her that I would take plenty of pictures of our evening, if she would take some for you of hers. You can hump a pillow with your limp pitiful excuse for a dick while you look at how hot she looked taking his massive boner in her sweet pussy. Maybe the sight of someone satisfying her needs will make your sissy dick hard enough to fill your panties with cum puddles.

Call me for cuckold phone sex and ask for Sandy

creampie phone sex

phone sexAre you a cuckold or do you have a intense cum fetish?  Have I got a treat for you.  A nice creamy pussy for you to lick right now  And I will tell you how in detail how you are going to lick it.  I  might let you lay in between my legs and lick out my creampie or I might sit on your face ride your tongue and force you to lick it out  I can be sensual or dominant , it all depends on my mood.  I love having bareback sex with all of my livers.  I need cum so much.  But I also crave having a man lick my pussy clean and none of my livers will even go there.  THey are to alpha to even consider savoring there own sperm, but I know you are a cum slut or a cuckold and you will just get down and lick me.  Slurp it up !!!   I know the power of my creamy pussy.  I will drive you cucks and cum munchers wild.  Do you want to hear how cream-filled it is ?  I will hold the phone down to my pussy for you to hear while I finger bang that dreamy creaminess.  I will even make you eat your own cum if you want to experience the ultimate reality of creampie phone sex.

I didn’t mention that I have no limits, but I will now.  Just so you know we can get as naughty as we want.  I want sex all the time, so I take alot of cocks.  And even though I think it looks hot if a guy creams on my pink puffy pussy lips or give me a pearl necklace.  I love to have a creampie pussy most of all.  Lick it now !  call Gretchen for creampie phone sex.  Cum dive in.

Call 1-888-662-6482

yahoo & aim=  milfgretchen

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

My husband is out of town again  and I was a little bored all cooped up in the house so I went out to a local bar to shoot a little pool and have a drink earlier tonight. I wore a cute little pair of shorts that showed off my long, tan ,legs and an adorable pair of sandals that showed off my newly pedicured toes. Tossed on a hot pink halter top with a  matching lace bra and lacy thong underneath it all and tied my soft silky hair up in a simple bun on top of my head. I ran into an old friend while I was there that I hadn’t seen in years. The instant he saw me he came up to me and scooped me up with a big ol bear hug.  He started to tell me how good I looked and how he had thought of me often and as he was telling me this, I couldn’t stop thinking about our one night stand many years ago and I ached to feel that nice fat dick of his deep up inside of me one more time. It turns out he is moving back into the area and, let’s just say he showed me his apartment and boy did we reconnect! My pussy is aching right now from the deep dicking I got from him. I have no idea where my panties are! He had to go back out of town to retrieve the rest of his belongings for the move, and yes I do plan to see him again. Till I can get some more of that cock, a little cheating wife phone sex will have to do! Give me a call if you want to play, Ask for Bobbi Jo 1-888-662-6482 

anigif Bobbi

hot roleplay phone sex

roleplay phone sex

Hi guys! I’m Diana.  I just stepped out of the shower and I’m wet all over, well the water beads are dripping all over my body and i am getting extremely horny.  The drops of water are running down my body, taking a little longer rolling over my breasts and ass.  I wish I had you here with me to lick the droplets off every inch of my body, I love it when you drink from me.  My sexy body was made for a horny man to drink from, don’t you think so?  I would love it if you call me for a phone sex roleplay call, I need to get mt horny pussy off right now and I need your help.  I love to explore the fantasy world when I masturbate or when I want to cum very hard.  Phone sex roleplays with you would get my pussy throbbing and ready to cum, if you are ready to go I am ready to go too.  It’s time to call me for roleplay phone sex and get off hard in fantasy world with me.

I keep drying my hands with a towel so I can type, I really wish you were here with me to touch and taste my wet pussy for me.  I need a mans strong embrace right now.  I need to feel your big strong hands grope and caress my tits and your hard cock pressed against my tight ass.  hehe I am in such a playful mood right now and phone sex roleplays are heavy on my mind.  I would love to dance for you and dress up while I air dry my body.  I would try on all sorts of sexy lingerie and sexy outfits for you until I find the one that makes your cock rock hard.  I will tease that hard cock of yours with my sweet juices then you and I will have the best roleplay phone sex ever!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Diana for roleplay phone sex

Strap On Phone Sex

I had a brave little bitch ask me for some strap on phone sex. Now see, I had suspected he was a cocksucker even though he had never come right out and said it. I had thought he was a panty boy at first always curious about mine and how they felt when I wore them, but then then he confessed he had a pair of his own that he had gotten brave and purchased.He told me how much he was craving cock but had never had a real one.I was happy to whip out my 8 inch strap on , I thought I would start smaller with him *giggle* next thing I know he wants to be a dick sucker for me and he gobbled that right on down like a good little faggot! 10 minutes later during our strap on phone sex call,he had his own toys out happily jamming them up his ass! I turned him into an anal whore! Totally had fun with “J”cant wait to talk to his bitch ass again. Call me and lets play, you and me can have some fun of our own.I’m up for some anything goes phone sex,and maybe I will get to use this sweet strap on again and maybe you will get the bigger dong! xoxo Carmen


Phone Sex Roleplay

Everyone always has something that truly gets them off harder than anything. We all have that one deep dark fantasy that we think no one else will understand. Some of my favorite phone sex roleplays are kind of twisted and some people would even call me a pervert for the things that get me off. I can’t help what makes my pussy tingle deep inside, just like you can’t help what makes your cock throb for the things it does. No control over those thoughts where your mind wanders. Now, I can’t tell you on here exactly what makes my panties all creamy, but seeing as you are reading my teen phone sex post, I bet you may just have a clue. Yes it is taboo phone sex, yes I can be very submissive in our phone sex roleplay  and I will be whoever you want me to be. I also have that young phone sex voicewith a sweet southern accent that will make you melt! Give me a call and let’s have some fun!


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