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January 31st, 2016

cum slut phone sex with luciee

cum slut phone sex

Faggot cum slut phone sex is what I’m going to force you to become. I will make you dream about sucking all those big hard throbbing cocks that I lined up for you. Your heart will pound and race while I have you on the phone talking about sucking cock for me. I know you have been fantasizing about it and really want to try it. Lying to me will only make it harder on you because I don’t believe you at all. You want cock and to become a good little cocksucker proving to yourself that you are a good bitch.

Turning you into a faggot and forcing you to suck cock is so degrading and so humiliating for most men but you love it. You have been wanting to try it for so long because you are a real faggot cum slut swallowing cum or having it squirted all over your face. Having a man use you like a slut would be the biggest thrill for you. You can hardly hold back your anticipation for all that cum. Being a bitch for some horny man is your only excitement and you can’t wait to talk to me about it.

Faggot cum slut phone sex is for men that know what they like and a mouth full of cum is it. Becoming my personal cum slut will be a big responsibility for you to take on because I will expect great things from you. Hearing you practice on dildos for me will make me happy and please me while I guide you to become what you dream about. Then when I think you are ready you will suck a real cock for me over the phone while I call you a faggot. You will be so satisfied that you may even wet your pants lol making you a slut.

Call me for faggot cum slut phone sex with me guiding you and making you the best slut of all Luciee 1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

January 30th, 2016

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Jennifer

small penis humiliation phone sex

A girl has to have standards and I set mine very high when it comes to sex and the men I fuck both in real life and on the phone. When you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex (SPH phone sex) you will be talking with a girl who will stop at nothing to let you know how worthless your little dick is. Oh you might think it’s average or even big, but I will be the judge of that. Even if it’s average, do I look like an average woman? Fuck no, I am a Goddess and in all things I deserve way more than average.

I was at a party last night with some friends and this really hot guy started to hit on me. I flirted back and it wasn’t long before we moved to a more private room at the house. Before I let this go any further I had to know what I was dealing with. Even for a quickie it better be worth it! Imagine how disappointed I was when I reached in his pants and couldn’t even find it! He was all red and said he knew he was small but was hoping I’d suck it for him anyway. hahahah!! What a fucking loser to think I’d put that useless dick anywhere near my mouth. I know he was hot, but for real, if the dick isn’t big enough I don’t care how hot you are!

You know I went back to the party to tell a couple of my girlfriends what happened; I wanted to save them the time of bothering with him and his small pathetic penis. When hot guy came over to where a couple of my friends were and they started laughing right away, he knew I told them what happened. When he asked my friend for her phone number she said,  “I don’t waste time with little dick losers” loud enough for everyone to hear. I walked over to hot guy and told him if he wanted to learn about how a guy like him with a useless tic tac dick could please a woman, he should call me for small penis humiliation phone sex. LOL!! That brought a lot of laughs from everyone and red faced hot guy left soon after. I guess I can’t blame him, but for real, just because you’re hot, it doesn’t mean shit if you can’t back it up with the goods.

Do you need small penis humiliation phone sex from a girl who truly is a size queen? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer

aim/yahoo – FetishGoddessJennifer

January 29th, 2016

Babysitter Phone Sex with Dani

babysitter phone sex

Sooooo all you babysitter phone sex lovers out there, lemme tell you about this fun call I had with this guy J. a minute ago. J.’s into cute, bratty babysitters just like you guys are, and we had a really awesome role play together.

Basically, he went out and left me to watch his kids for him. I put them to bed when it was their bedtime, and when he got back home, it was just the two of us awake and moving around or whatever. When he went to pay me, he realized he didn’t have any cash cuz the only thing he carries most of the time is cards. Well, I wasn’t about to leave there without my money for watching his little brats, so I told him we should go to an ATM. He agreed with me cuz there was one maybe ten minutes from his house.

So we kinda snuck out of the house so the kids wouldn’t wake up and got in his car. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, I couldn’t help to try to pay him back a little for making this paying me thing waaaaaay more difficult than it should’ve been. I scooted as close to him as I could get with the console thingie in the way and reached over and started rubbing his cock in his pants. He almost hit some neighbor’s mailbox heehee!

I didn’t stop, though. He kinda deserved a lil punishment for what he’d done. I teased him all the way to the ATM and then all the way back, too. When we got back to his house and I had the money safe in my wallet, I totally let him bend over and fuck me cuz after playing with his dick for 20 minutes, I knew exactly how big it was, and I WANTED IT.

To be honest, I hope that’s all my babysitter phone sex calls end!

Dani 1-888-662-6482

January 28th, 2016

2 girl phone sex with olivia

2 girl phone sex

I always love getting down and dirty with another hot slut in a 2 girl phone sex call. It’s so much fun to have someone to play with. Not that you aren’t enough, baby… but admit it. The thought of two girls is making you really fucking hot. I know that you love your phone sex calls with just me, but imagine how much harder you’re going to cum if you have two girls making sure that you’re satisfied. Doesn’t that sound like the best idea ever?

There are a lot of you guys out there who don’t deserve to be pleased by two girls, though. What you do deserve is a lot of humiliation at the hands of two bratty domme Goddesses. I know that on my own, I can make a grown man cry. You know that if you’ve called me for humiliation. I want you to just take a minute to think about what two of us could do to you. You will definitely be more humiliated than you ever have been in your entire life.

Another 2 girl phone sex idea that I love is for us girls to transform you into a sissy. I mean, you can’t go wrong having two of us to guide you and turn you into the best sissy you could possibly be. I mean, look in the mirror… you really do need all of the help that you can get. Turning you into a passable woman is going to be quite a big task, but I know that between the two of us, you will be looking like a woman and down on your knees sucking cock before you know it.

So are you ready for 2 girl phone sex? Grab that phone and call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Olivia and a friend!

AIM: Orgasmic_Olivia
Yahoo: OrgasmicOlivia

January 26th, 2016

cuckold phone sex with august

cuckold phone sex

Make no mistake, for a petite woman my libido burns hot and deep.  The one thing that can fan the flame to make me hotter is a scandalous cuckold phone sex story.  I just suck the sweet, honey nectar out of every last word when a client calls me to give me goods on his situation.  There are some many tasty flavors of a wife, her lover and the husband in a scrumptious mix that some times I just cannot help but get involved, in one way or another.  Take just the other night for example, one of my brand new clients, (he told me it was ok to blog about this, I asked first to be sure) he was telling me about this hot and heavy relationship his wife is having with is boss of all people!  I got so turned on hearing all about the first time he walked in on them I just slide down under  my sheets and played with my favorite toy while he told me the story, he got off on it again retelling it to me too.  It went something like this:

He was supposed to be meeting his wife in his office and was running late from another meeting.   When he opened up the door to his office he saw his wife laying down on the loveseat in his office with her skirt up, one leg up on back of the sofa, the other on the floor, legs spread wide open.  Her panties on the carpet, sweater pushed up and bra open with her full C cup tits out and his boss’ face between her thighs cupping her tits, squeezing her nipples.  He stood there, shocked for a few seconds before he slowly closed the door and went over.  His wife was really grinding on his boss’ face, humping his mouth hard when she opened her eyes to see her hubby standing over them…ummm cuckold phone sex story is so hot!

It only got better from there and he is all too happy for me to share the cuckold phone sex story if you want, just pick up the phone and ask for August because it gets really XXX rated from here on out or if you want you can tell me your own *winks*  I am always eager to help, listen to cuckold phone sex story too.  I am August, always hot, wet and ready: 1-888-662-6482.

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

January 24th, 2016

sissy phone sex with andrea

sissy phone sex

I’m standing there at the check-out line behind you at the department store at the mall. You think I can’t tell those panties are for you, pansy boy? You can’t hide your sissy phone sex ways from me. Even the girls behind the check-out counter know that lacey little number is really for you. They talk about you during break as soon as you leave the store. Does that make your little dick twitch, panty whore? I bet it does. On their smoke break, they say things like, “You see that fag wanna-be pretending to buy his girlfriend lingerie?” and have a hearty chuckle.

We can smell your sissy ass from a miles away. Stop trying to hide it. I bet it makes your tiny sissy prick hard thinking about us having a laugh at your expense. I’ll bring you right to the store and go panty shopping with you. You can carry my bags, buy me sexy clothes to wear with my real dates and I can pick out cute little numbers for you to wear, too.

Look! Pastel pink ruffle butt panties in your size! Let me hold them right up to your pelvis while the sales associates giggle at you. These are perfect for a tiny cock sissy phone sex boy loser like you! Oh, listen to them laugh as I make you hold them and pile more lingerie into your arms. Cradle all the panties, stockings, and bras like their your babies. They are the closest thing you will ever get to being with girls like us. Should we make our way over to the check-out counter or are you thinking what I’m thinking? The beauty section, too? Ah, yes sweet smelling perfume and make-up. Come on sissy phone sex boy, let’s go on a shopping spree!

1-888-662-6482 ask for Andrea for sissy phone sex and emasculation

January 22nd, 2016

phone sex slut brigitte

phone sex slut

Hello class! First of all, I would like to welcome you all back from your Winter break. Are you ready for your second semester of Sexual Eroticism 101 with Professor Brigitte? I will continue our curriculum of teaching you all how to become a phone sex slut. The weather outside is frightful, don’t you agree? Yes? Very well, that makes it the perfect time of year to heat things up a bit with an advanced class on the art of oral sex. Not only pleasurable, but also the perfect way to fight the frigid temperatures of Winter. Now, I want you each to find a partner to practice with. Each of you passed the beginner class with flying colors & so I have high expectations for everyone. Once you are all paired up, I want you to take off your clothes. Complete nudity is required. That’s right, tops, skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, boxers, panties, bras, whatever you are wearing I want it off. Hurry up, we don’t have all day. Very good. Before, I had you flip a coin to see which of you would be on the giving & receiving, however this is an advanced class & you will provide each other with pleasure simultaneously. I will be walking around to grade each of you on technique, position, & the overall satisfaction of your partner. I will be demonstrating as needed. It is time to begin.

Oh & I should inform you that this is a timed exercise. We have 45 minutes left on the clock. You will make each other cum 3 times within that time frame. No pressure. We will review what you learn today in the next class. Get to it. That’s it. Use your mouth, face fucking is perfectly acceptable. I want you all extraordinarily aroused. Horny, wet, hard, dripping with pre cum…very good…don’t stop. Keep in mind you are going to become a true phone sex slut – teasing, kissing, sucking, licking, & certainly more fucking. Remember, 45 minutes to cum 3 times. Don’t forget, you’re being graded on this! Class dismissed.

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Brigitte

AIM and Yahoo: badteacherbrigitte

January 20th, 2016

sissy phone sex with nancy

sissy phone sex

I’m in the mood to talk to a sissy phone sex boy right now. I always love hearing what kind of experiences you’ve had and especially when you realized that you wanted to be a sissy. Did you always know or did something trigger a need and desire you weren’t even aware you had? Maybe you’re just now realizing that being a sissy is what you want and you need guidance. I am just the woman to help you out with your desires. I am mature and nurturing. I think that’s what some of you need. Sure, I know there are guys who like being laughed at and humiliated, but if nurturing is what you need, call me.

I mean it when I say that I’ll be there for you. The first thing you need to know is that what you’re feeling is okay. I want you to be comfortable being yourself. I know that it can be overwhelming when you’re just getting started. You have been a man all your life and now you want to start dressing like a woman. I’ll help you, from head to toe. Before you know it, you’re going to look like the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Once we have you looking like a woman, you’ll either be satisfied with stopping there or you’ll want to learn how to please a man. I’m willing to go there with you, too. So, whatever your sissy phone sex needs are, grab your phone and call me.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Nancy for sissy phone sex

January 17th, 2016

Anything Goes Taboo Phone Sex with Simone

anything goes taboo phone sex

I’m a very kinky and perverted girl and it’s no surprise that I get off on anything goes taboo phone sex. You know what I am talking about; those fantasies that sometimes scare you but get your dick harder than anything. I have a school teacher who calls me once a week to tell me about the girls in his classes. He knows he shouldn’t fantasize about them like he does, but, damn, you should hear how excited he gets telling me about what they were wearing and how they teased him. Each week we make a little phone sex roleplay scenario about how we sneak one off to a private room for whatever reason, and get her to strip and we sometimes hurt her but he always fucks her. You should hear the naughty taboo phone sex fantasies I make up for us to play! Of course you can hear about them all when you call me *wink*

I am in my mid 30’s, not married, no kids, so the one thing I love about anything goes taboo phone sex is fantasizing and playing the hot MILF (and more) who seduces the barely legal boys and girls in the neighborhood.  Who better to learn about sex from than the kinky lady down the street who never says no to anything? I’ll take care of your cock and teach you how to be the best lover ever. The girls will be lined up for you once the word gets out that you can make her cum over and over again. I’ll lure you in with the promise of cookies and milk and not tell you that the milk is from my huge lactating breasts.

Tell me your twisted taboo fantasy and I’ll make it happen. Call Simone at 1-888-662-6482 for anything goes taboo phone sex.

aim and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

January 13th, 2016

barely legal phone sex with jordan

barely legal phone sex

Hi guys I’m Jordan, an adorable barely legal phone sex cutie who with cute freckles, puffy nips, round bubble butt and a submissive but curious personality when it comes to sex. I love looking at dirty movies and I especially like hearing about what kind of porn you like watching or your favorite things to do with a tight, fresh bodied school girl like me. I’ll be your perfect fuck doll and won’t tell anyone that you’re my secret boyfriend. You are my secret boyfriend, right? I pinkie promise. I’ll be your flirty and dirty little secret and no one else has to know you’re getting kinky and good or bad touching a barely legal phone sex brat like me.

Well, I’m mostly not a brat. I’m a very good girl who loves to please. Tell me I’m a good girl and I’ll do any kind of extreme taboo fantasy you want. I’ve always been so curious about why guys like barely legal phone sex 18 teens like me. Some say it’s our fresh tight bodies and all the hormones bouncing around in our bodies that make us so fuck crazy! I may be a vaginal virgin, but seriously we can role-play anything. I have lots of friends who suck a lot of cock. I personally have given my share of hand jobs. *giggles*

What’s your fantasy? The neighbor next door, babysitter, or school girl? I do it all and I love cock teasing a guy until he just can’t handle it anymore and has to have me. It feels so good to be so irresistible. You can tell me anything no matter how taboo! I have some pretty taboo secrets I like to keep myself. *giggles*

So if you’re into freckles, wiggles, bubble butts, sundresses and school girl skirts, call Jordan for submissive barely legal phone sex.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Jordan!

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