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Humiliation Phone Sex with Harlow

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love nothing more than humiliation phone sex. So many guys call me and try to plead their cases and make me see that they are indeed “man enough” to fuck me. WRONG. Let me tell you something. If you even feel like you have to call me and explain to me why you think you deserve to fuck me, then you automatically are a loser in my eyes. If you were a real man, you wouldn’t be explaining anything. You would just call me and be assertive and maybe even a little aggressive. Real men know their places. And I think it’s high time you, as a loser, learn yours.

humiliation phone sex

I honestly don’t know why you would even entertain the idea that your pathetic little dick could make me happy. I guess you must just be really delusional. I don’t blame you totally, though. I also blame the girls you got to actually have sex with you. They probably told you how awesome you were and you actually believed them. But trust me when I say that there is no way that tiny thing ever could make someone happy in the bedroom. The only way it could possibly make someone happy is by being the source of humiliation. And when you call me for humiliation phone sex, you’re going to get a lot of verbal abuse. Trust me.

So, loser…do you think you can handle talking to me? I don’t know if you have what it takes, but why don’t we give it a try? You may or may not end up in tears, but one thing I know for sure is that you will be thoroughly humiliated. Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow for humiliation phone sex.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

This week I got to enjoy some deep erotic hypnosis phone sex fun with one of my favorite callers BW. You maybe familiar with this jerk off addict through the various blog I post after our humiliation hypnosis calls. Course there is something about humiliating BW through the phone and another thing to continue our humiliation over a blog that lets everyone else see the degree he will go to in order to impress his love to his one and only Hypno Goddess.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Will say that BW has been calling me for quite a few years so he is able to just fall ever so deep with just hearing me say hello. The longer we chat about his current lack luster love life will have him slowly falling into that deep trance. Oh how I love the sound of a man falling deep for me.

Sure I toss out the trigger word to get BW under but I really do find its a formality with him. Him brainless on the floor while his wife is asleep upstairs. Oh if she only knew the kinky things I did with her husband’s mind. The humiliating things I did to him really. Like currently the lack luster sex life is thanks to me. I didnt think someone who jerked off so much was worthy of a sex life. So poof limp dick city around his wife. Well actually I shouldnt say I was that cruel. I did let him enjoy licking out his wife’s pussy.  Not like I took away all enjoyment.

The fun was when he begged and begged and well begged to be able to fuck is wife just once. Even when I had a moment of being thoughtful and said alright you can. He couldnt for fear I had done some deep brainwashing on him. Now really would I be that vicious? Sure I am a hypno domme but I am not that mean.

Now I could tell you what happened but I would hate for you to not wanna try your erotic hypnosis phone sex call with a humiliation twist. I just know how far I can push dear BW and to be honest this isnt even close to his edge.

Just ask for Savannah when you call 1-888-662-6482. Please remember to get the full benefits of an erotic hypnosis session to book 30 minutes minimum. Thanks.


School Girl Phone Sex with Winter

We’re halfway through the semester and I’m falling a little behind.  That’s why I need to come to your office.  To see if there’s any way you can help me out.  I mean, I can make it worth your wild.  You can look at me know that’s true.  I may not be an academic star but when it comes to school girl phone sex, I’m at the head of the class.  This isn’t my first time seeking “help.”  In fact, I’m sure you’ve heard about that from the other teachers.  I have a reputation for being…ummm…resourceful when it comes to making the grade.  If you want, I can let you sample the goods before we make the deal.  I’m so sure that you’ll love it and want to make me your permanent school girl phone sex toy.  You can ask the other teachers about that, too.  Mr. Mancini said I give the best head in the world.  I’m pretty proud of that.  Mr. Moss said that I have the most delicious pussy he’s ever come across, or ever will.  Even Ms. Foreman said that my tongue is magical.  They can’t all be wrong.

school girl phone sex

We’ll need to set up some “study” sessions, too.  I’ll let you decide how often we should get together.  I made all A’s in male anatomy, and even though this is Economics I’m sure that my knowledge will translate.  You just sit in your chair and relax and I’ll take care of the rest.  That big bulge in your pants is my first order or business, and I have three holes that guarantee you’ll feel all better in no time.  You can keep me under your desk between classes, or take me to the parking lot and bang me in your car.  School girl phone sex sluts like me are always looking for a reciprocal situation.  I get an A and you get your cock drained more than you ever thought possible.  I’m ready, are you?

Call 1-888-662-6482 and let Winter be your school girl phone sex fantasy.

Yahoo:  whitehotwinter
AIM:  whitehottwinter

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

bratty domme phone sex

I know that I am a bratty domme phone sex princess. I know that I have a certain power over men. When they look at me, their cocks just get hard and their minds just wander into filthy territory.   I just love thinking about all the men who come to my page every day just to look at my hot tight body.  I want them to fantasize about all the naughtiness they want to experience with me.  I am not afraid of any fantasy, role play or fetish that makes your cock stiffen up.  But I am not just going to give it up to just anyone, no no no.  I use that power to get what I want from horny guys who want to have some coed ear candy. You have to pay to play with this bratty domme.  I only give away smiles for free, you know.  If you want a bit of a taste of my slice of heavenly pie, you will have to do whatever the fuck I say.  I mean, cater to my every whim.  It can be something little, or even something much bigger like sending me a tribute, gift card, or anything that I demand.  The first thing you need to understand in this relationship is that your money is really my money. You just hold it for me until I take it back from you.  That is how bratty domme phone sex with me works.

All you have to do is fall under my spell and grab your credit card and phone and call me at 1-888-662-6482 for bratty domme phone sex.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

medical fetish phone sex

I love sexual role-plays and a medical fetish phone sex roleplay is one of my favorites! You were a little confused when I called to let you know that you needed to come into the Dr.’s office for some emergency testing. I explained that I was new here to the practice and as I was going over your records something alarmed me. “Come in today right after work, I’ll keep the office open late for you.”

When you enter the office you see me sitting at the desk, “Hello, you’re later than I thought and we are running behind.” I tell you to follow me and we walk down a long hallway to an extra large exam room. “Strip” I say “and be quick about it”. You notice the room is dark with a spotlight right on the exam table. It’s one of those old fashioned gynecological tables with some added accessories. I have you stand in front of me, hands on your head for a visual inspection. Feel my eyes burning into every inch of you as I have turn very slowly. As you stay still you really notice me for the first time. My long legs, my coat is held together with one button and you see I’m not wearing anything underneath!

Your exam begins like most others, height, weight. I use my stethoscope and have you breathe deeply. When I you feel my fingers pinch your nipples hard, you yelp out loud. I can’t help but laugh as I tell you that I’m only checking for discharge and lumps. This exam is going to be VERY thorough. Once you’re laying back on the table, I pull out leather cuffs for your arms to hold you still. Legs up in the stirrups and also cuffed. I wheel over the metal stand with the red bag attached to a long hose with a very large nozzle. I need to be sure you are properly cleaned out.

This is really just the beginning of your exam. Not only will I complete a thorough anal and prostate exam, I will examine your balls and your cock more thoroughly than you can imagine. Think anal speculums. Urethra dilation with sounds. Perhaps some electro-stimulation. Saline injections. Sutures. Needles and more. Your appointment is now, don’t keep me waiting.

For medical fetish phone sex roleplay, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

AIM ~ FetishGoddessJennifer

CBT Phone Sex with Olivia

One thing I love is causing pain to men who have caused pain to a woman by cheating on her, leaving her, or anything that causes emotional distress. Sound like you? You’re the man I want to talk to. You know you deserve it, so call me for some CBT phone sex right now.

CBT phone sex

Yup, that’s right. I’m not going to cause you any kind of emotional pain. I’m going to cause you the most intense physical pain that you’ve ever felt in your life. All the times you treated a woman like dirt are about to come back to haunt you. And the best part is that you know how much you deserve this and you are going to take out your credit card and pay me to tell you how to inflict pain upon your cock and balls. It always makes me happy to help bring a little bit of justice into the world.

Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t have the “supplies” necessary for CBT phone sex. Everyone has something in their home… sometimes you just have to be creative. Do you have a belt? Wooden spoon? Some rubber bands or shoelaces? Some of those big paper clips? Ohh or maybe a candle… I love making losers pour hot candle wax on their balls! Another favorite is icy hot. Oh, the burning is delightful!

One thing is for sure… by the time I am done with you, you are going to be in pain and it’s going to be a pain that you’re going to feel for the next few days. Every time you try to walk or sit, you’re going to remember what a fuck up you are and hopefully you’ll start treating women better. If not, it will be more cock and ball torture for you!

Call Olivia for CBT phone sex at 1 888 662 6482

AIM: Orgasmic_Olivia
Yahoo: OrgasmicOlivia

Mature Phone Sex MILF Porscha

Are you craving something a bit different from the usual variety of phone sex girls? The barely legal and vixens just not hitting your special sweet spot? Well honey that is why I am here your sexy mature phone sex MILF.

mature phone sex milf

See now that got you thinking back to your early college days returning home and seeing the sexy single lady next door in her far too short skirt cleaning her car. Or better yet all those hot married woman who were home ordering take out and you got the joy of delivering to their homes. If only you had the balls to offer her a tip.

Well lucky for you someone like me became a mature phone sex operator, so all those times in your past that you wince over wishing you said this or that, can be played out in a hot orgasmic ending. I do so love the stories, role plays and fantasies you guys bring to me.

See those sexual fantasies just cant be done with anyone. Those stories you hold onto from your favorite college professor to well the very taboo ones are meant to be shared with someone of a fine age. Not knocking those younger than myself they are all very lovely girls but they cant offer you what I can, the more mature view aspect.

So get your mind working on those masturbation fantasies that require a mature phone sex MILF, hmm perhaps there is something in your fond memories that require a MILF and barely legal coed. Now that should get your juices flowing even more.

Just ask for Porscha when you call 1-888-662-6482.




Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Winter

Men.  You’re such a pitiful bunch.  All I hear from you is your whiney pathetic bullshit.  My wife doesn’t do this, or she did that to me.  She doesn’t do what I like, she doesn’t do what I tell her to.  Wah wah wah.  Do you think I feel sorry for you?  Nope, sure don’t.  What I feel is irritation.  And when I’m irritated you are my whipping boy.  I may or may not mean that literally.  Sure I can get you to whack yourself with something during bratty domme phone sex, but I can do a much better job with my sharp tongue.  Now don’t go getting excited tiger, I’d never use my tongue to give a loser like you any pleasure.  I mean a psychological beat down; a friendly reminder that you are a piece of shit.  It’s funny, you came to me because she doesn’t respect you, and neither do I.  Don’t hate the player, lol.

bratty domme phone sex

I’m pretty sure you’re hoping that you’ll be able to woo me over.  Praying that I’ll see something in you that no one else can or maybe even show you a little mercy.  All I can say is good luck!  That’s an ambitious little fantasy you got going there, but back in reality I’m laughing my ass off at you.  What?  Did you think bratty domme phone sex was going to be sunshine and rainbows?  I guess a loser always hopes against hope.

Instead, you’re going to tell me all your pathetic loser fantasies so I can have something to giggle about.  And you’re going to beg me to be nice to you.  And you’re going to sit quietly and wait until I’m ready to let you speak to me.  Oh, and a shout out to you fuckers who call for bratty domme phone sex, can’t take the heat, and hang up on me.  You’re my favorite.  You really make my day because it shows how fucking weak you are.  I mean, you already know it but isn’t it a nice reinforcement?  Haha.

What are you waiting for loser?  Call 1-888-662-6482 and request Winter.

Yahoo:  whitehotwinter
AIM:  whitehottwinter

18 Teen Phone Sex with Spencer

Hi there all you dirty pervs. I’m Spencer and I am the dirtiest 18 teen phone sex slut you will ever meet. I wanna get really freaking nasty with you and talk about all those really bad things that most girls won’t talk to you about. I can’t say what I’m talking about here, but I know that you know. It’s those dark things you think about when you’re alone and jerking off. It’s the things you could never tell your partner because she just really would not understand it at all. But I understand and not only that – but my tight bald cunt gets so wet when I think about what you want to do to some of the girls you fantasize about.

teen phone sex

But even if you just wanna talk to an 18 teen phone sex slut about how hot it would be to fuck her, I’m your girl. It doesn’t have to be anything super kinky. Just tell me how you’d love to use my tight body for your pleasure. Do you want to put me on my back and watch my big titties bounce while you fuck the shit out of me? Mmm. I think that sounds really fucking hot. You can put me down on my knees and shove your big cock all the way down my fucking throat. I don’t really gag much, but hey, that’s less interference in the face fucking you’ll be giving me.

I will do anything you want me to do and I’ll never tell you no. I just want to get your dick hard and then make you blow a really juicy load of cum in whatever hole you like. If you’ve been waiting for an 18 teen phone sex girl like me, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to your new favorite girl, Spencer!

MILF Phone Sex with Deborah

If you have never connected with me before, let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  Perhaps you will be intrigued and want to grab your cock, credit card and phone.  My name is Deborah and I’m a trophy wife who found my way to horny housewife milf phone sex to fulfill my sexual desires.  My upper level executive husband is rarely home since his corporate job requires a lot of travel plus dining and golfing with clients.  When he is home, he’s in his den on his tablet, checking his stocks, dispatching emails and ignoring me.  I can parade around and try to tempt him.  I can model the sexiest lingerie, stockings and heels and he won’t even blink.

MILF phone sex

My husband is older than me and I think he has erection issues. The only thing that makes his dick hard is money.  Too bad there isn’t a little green pill.  I know I’m one of the accessories that men with money like to acquire.  Blonde perfection. So, he likes to show me off at parties and events.  I’m well-educated, well-spoken, very well-dressed and I know how to reflect the status my husband has achieved.  But I also have sex needs that would go unfulfilled if it weren’t for men like you.

Various men connect with me, including men who are also married and looking for someone they can have an affair with.  A secret affair. Having milf phone sex is the best secret to have. I won’t tell anyone, believe me.  I just want your body and your cock.  And then there are men who like the excitement of a sexual conquest, to take another man’s wife to bed.  And I can’t forget about my younger admirers who wish to be seduced by a beautiful mature woman.  Whatever needs you have, I’m here to fulfill them.  Because in turn, our sexual connection will feed mine.  My name is Deborah and I can’t wait to talk to you!

Yahoo: Deborahsdesire
AIM:  Deborahsdesire

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