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sissy phone sex with shayla

phone sexYou are a little sissy boy aren’t you ?   Well guess what, I found out that you have been sneaking in your wives dresser and getting her panties, stockings, and bra .  Go ahead and admit it, that’s not all you have been getting out of her drawer.  You have found her lube and her big dildo’s too.  You know you can’t help yourself calling for sissy hone sex after getting all this together .  That’s perfect for me though, because there is nothing more exciting that gets my pussy so wet but sissy phone sex.  First  thing you do is tell me what you are wearing and who’s it is, from there you ask me if you can start sucking on that 10 inch dildo.  Well of course you can, but I also want to hear you deep throat it, and gag on it as you shove it as deep down as it goes after getting it all lubed up with your spit.  Now you lay down and put your legs up in the air, that’s right you sissy slut go ahead and start sliding that dildo i your pussy.  Go slow so you feel every inch !  Now your little clitty is hard in your panties and your voice is really getting weak.    Now start fucking that tight pussy hard and fast until you feel your little clit tingle.  I bet you can cum for me without even touching yourself, the dildo alone in your pussy is all its going to take.  That just means you are a true fucking sissy.  I think you know that by now though don’t you ?  I’m ready for your sissy phone sex slutty ass now so call me !

Call Shayla @1-888-662-6482

yahoo & aim- sexymilfshayla

BBC Phone Sex with Kassidy

bbc phone sex fantasies

All cocks are nice. Well, the big ones are, at least. I can’t say the same for the small ones. But anything above, say, seven or so inches is nice.

But of course, even though all (large) dicks are nice, there’s still a certain type that stands out above and beyond all the rest. Can you guess what I’m talking about? Yep, that’s right, big black cocks!

I know I’m not alone in my thinking, either, since I get so many BBC phone sex calls from you guys. There are a lot of people, men *and* women, who are convinced of the superiority of black cock. And in my opinion, that’s the way it should be!

So what kind of BBC phone sex fantasies do you guys have? I know, there are a lot of possibilities, but the good news is, you don’t have to pick just one. We can play out as many of them as you like!

One of the super-popular ones is cuckolding. A lot of you guys just really love the idea of a hot blonde like me having some fun with a BBC or two. And I can’t even blame you for it because I agree with you. It’s incredibly hot!

Of course, there’s also the very popular cocksucking fantasies, where you get to participate in the action, rather than just watching. I love those, too! This kind of thing can either be in the form of a threesome (or more!), or it can be a type of cuckolding, too, where you don’t get to play with me, but do get to act as a fluffer boy for my BBC lover.

So c’mon, guys. Tell me what your BBC fantasies are, and then we’ll play them all out together! Give me at 1-888-662-6482 for some BBC phone sex fun with your favorite blonde bombshell Kassidy.

curvykassidy on YIM and kassidy.morgan on AIM

ass worship phone sex with bella

ass worship phone sex

My ass is absolute perfection, don’t you think? Don’t even try to deny that you think it’s the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. You’ve probably been staring at my pictures online for a while, haven’t you? And you know that staring just simply isn’t polite, right? It’s time that you call me for ass worship phone sex and tell me how amazing you think my ass is rather than just looking at it online all day.

Once you tell me how gorgeous my ass is, I’m going to tell you exactly how you would be worshiping it if you were ever lucky enough to be in the same room with me. The first thing you would do is kneel down behind me. You know as well as I do that it’s where you belong. Then, I am going to bend over in front of you and you are going to spread my ass cheeks apart and take a big whiff. Just get your nose up close to my asshole and tell me how that is where you were born to be. You know that you don’t even deserve to worship my ass, right? You’re so fortunate that I even let you do it. So you’d better do a really good job.

And speaking of doing a good job… you’re going to need to lick my ass… up and down and all around my asshole. Stick the tip of your tongue just inside and wiggle it around and clean it up. And while you’re doing that, I want you to take a cheek in each of your hands and just start to massage it gently. You’re such a good boy. If you keep up the good work, I might even give you a special treat, if you know what I mean. Do you think you deserve that?

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Bella for ass worship phone sex. I’ll be waiting for your call, my pet.

AIM: BeautifulBossyBella
Yahoo: BeautifulBossyBella

size queen phone sex with simone

size queen phone sex

I’m a big girl and I need a big dick. Seems simple, right? If you want a piece of this sensual and sexy curvy body, your cock better fucking measure up to my standard. And don’t give me this crap about 5 or 6 inches being average. Do I look like an average woman? Damn right, I do not. I am a voluptuous BBW Goddess and you are going to call me for size queen phone sex. I know you want to know specifics about just how big is enough, well sweetheart, it is never enough for me. I will tell you that cock of yours better be over 8 inches and too thick to wrap my hand around. That’s the very minimum of what I would even consider letting near any part of me. I am not stranger to cocks over 10 inches either, and 12.5 inches being the biggest I’ve had in real life. Bet you wish you were watching that.

I am very fucking horny this morning and my lover had to work so if you’re working with a big stud cock and even better a BBC, well call and let me take care of that spectacular fat cock like only I can. Guys with really big dicks complain all the time that most girls are afraid of it, until they meet me. I can devour the thickest of cocks down my throat and I will get on my hands and knees and beg for your massive pole up of my fat white ass. I turn into the neediest and greediest slut when I’m with you and your porn star cock.

And you, little dick boy, you can sit and watch and listen to me humiliate you and your useless dick. I don’t even want to look at your little dickie so go put on some panties like a good boy. Get down on your knees and let my BBC lovers cum drip all over your face. That’s right, I know you want to taste this cream pie. Don’t tell me no, you’re on the phone with me for size queen phone sex, you don’t measure up, what did you think was going to happen?

Ready to play? Call Simone at 1-888-662-6482

AIM and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone


Ass Worship Phone Sex with Savannah

ass worship phone sex

Every body worship lover has his own favorite part of a woman’s body to worship. That’s to be expected, of course. We’re all individuals, so of course we all have our own individual preferences.

So what’s MY personal body worship preference? Why, it’s ass worship phone sex, naturally. I mean, just look at my lovely ass. It’s luscious, isn’t it? Could you imagine, then, how I could ever choose another part of me that I want to be worshiped?

Don’t get me wrong, though. I enjoy all kinds of body worship and will allow you to worship just about any part of me, so long as you’re a good boy. But for me, ass worship phone sex is always a particularly nice treat. And talking to men who are skilled at it is always a wonderful way for me to pass my time.

Are you that kind of man? Would you love to kiss, lick, and otherwise lavish attention upon my perfect derriere? Would you like me to sit on your face and let you have the privilege of having this perfect body part of mine so close you to like that?

Well, good. Because I assure you that you can have it if you just give me, Savannah, your sensual domination expert a call. Simply ask for me, and you’ll find yourself paying tribute to my favorite part in practically no time. And if you’re very lucky, you’ll find yourself underneath it, completely in Heaven!

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

spanking phone sex with bella

spanking phone sex

Every now and then, I like to take the submissive role in a phone sex call… especially when it’s a super hot and kinky spanking phone sex fantasy. Do you think that you can come up with one that is really going to get me going? I bet you can come up with something that will do the trick, can’t you, Sir?

I have this spanking phone sex fantasy where I’m a super bratty and spoiled nurse and I never listen to what the doctors tell me to do. There’s one doctor in particular that I disobey just to get him fired up. I love it when he gets mad. I think he’s kind of a wimp, but one day I discover that he’s anything but that. He pulls me aside to tell me that he’s tried to tell me for weeks that I need to start doing a better job with what he tells me to do and that he’s going to teach me a lesson.

That’s when he locked the door and told me that if I didn’t do exactly as he said, he would see to it that I got fired and that my reputation as a nurse would be ruined. He told me to walk over to him, pull my scrubs down and lay over his knees. I started to refuse, but then he reminded me that he could ruin my career, so I did exactly as he said. He told me that I was a bad girl and deserved a spanking and that’s totally what I got. His hand came down on my bare ass cheek really hard…so hard that even the first whack brought tears to my eyes. He kept going until I was begging him to stop and promising that I would obey his every order from now on.

Are you in the mood for spanking phone sex? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Bella!

AIM: BeautifulBossyBella
Yahoo: BeautifulBossyBella

Extreme Phone Sex with Devon

extreme phone sex

Hello Fellow Deviants!

You all know that I am very fond of extreme phone sex fetishes and fantasies. I have never shied away from the dark, nasty and well filthy. However, I know everyone has different interpretations on what is extreme there for I am not one to judge and often times when someone calls looking for extreme fantasies I might start off rather soft vs extremely taboo for I have scared people into hanging up.

What brought this up? Well really it was a conversation with a dear friend who was discussing how extreme strapon fucking was. Yes my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Oh that girl needs some introductions. I tossed out a few what I consider tame fantasies to her oh lord you should of seen her face. Guessing she wont be engaging in cuckolding any time soon. Not sure it was the idea of cheating on her boyfriend or the thought of an interracial cock fucking her that disgusted her?

Either way its always nice when a guy calls me especially if we have never spoken before on what you consider extreme or have talked about in the past. Wanna create an awesome time and dont wanna torture you well unless that is your idea of a great extreme phone sex call in which case we will get along wonderfully.

Just ask for Devon from the Kitten Ranch 1-888-662-6482

devonizwicked on AIM and YIM

Crushing Phone Sex with Shiva

crushing phone sex fetish

There is just something about watching a woman crush things beneath her feet or her ass, isn’t there?

It’s just such a raw demonstration of her power. She is literally judging things inferior, putting them beneath her, and then exerting her inherent strength and dominance by destroying these things. And that demonstration of power is what makes crushing and crushing phone sex so very attractive, isn’t it?

Let me share with you a little something about your Goddess. My enjoyment of crushing actually began when I was rather young. It was innocent then–unlike now. One spring, I stepped on an errant Easter egg by accident. But even then, I felt enormously strong simply by virtue of having done so. So that poor little egg started a lifelong obsession with crushing things beneath me.

I’m certain there’s some sort of metaphor in that, don’t you think?

When I got older, my obsession grew. I began fantasizing about shrinking men and crushing them, too. Under my feet, under my ass, it didn’t matter. So long as I was the one doing the crushing, it made no difference how I went about it.

So, little crushing phone sex lovers, I just have one question for you. Do you want to watch me crush other things–eggs, for example, or insects, perhaps–or would you rather be shrunken down to tremble in fear until I finally crush YOU? Or I suppose both could be arranged if you can’t decide.

So come on, little worms. Give your Goddess Shiva a call 1-888-662-6482.

dommeshiva aim

fetishdomina yim

stocking fetish phone sex with jennifer

stocking fetish phone sex

There really isn’t a more sensuous feeling than slipping a pair of silky stockings over my smooth and freshly shaved legs. Gently pulling them up over my shapely calves and my strong, sexy thighs. Watch me reach back and carefully hook the garter to my stocking top and see how they frame my perfect round, tight ass. Imagine my stockinged legs resting over your lap as you gently touch my silky nylon stockings. I love stockings and I love stocking fetish phone sex with you.

Be on your knees as you slip my favorite cum fuck me pumps off my size 8 feet. Kiss and lick and gently rub the arches of my foot thru my stockings as I lay back and you hear me gently moan as you touch me. Run your hands up my thighs and feel my stockings rub up against your cheeks. I just love the sensations of feeling you thru my stockings. Sometimes I love to wear pantyhose because it’s so damn erotic, feeling you kissing and licking my pussy and ass right thru those pantyhose. I have to admit I love men in pantyhose too, the way it holds your cock so tight and what could be better than our nylon covered legs rubbing all over each other?

Our stocking fetish phone sex call will be even hotter if you have some stockings or pantyhose to play with too. It would be so fucking hot if you were to put them on, but if you really aren’t into that, I have ways to let you experience the sensual sensations of stockings and your cock and balls. It’s a much different feeling than just jerking off with your hand. I’m all about tactile stimulation for us both!

Do you have a stocking fetish and looking for a girl who loves them as much as you? Then you need to call me, Jennifer, at 1-888-662-6482 for stocking fetish phone sex

AIM/yahoo FetishGoddessJennifer

mutual masturbation phone sex

phone sexI don’t like to masturbate by myself any longer.  Don’t leave me here all alone on my bed !   My orgasms won’t be the same without you.  You see, once I started to do mutual masturbation phone sex calls, I realized getting off by my lonesome was not as satisfying as getting off with you.  It’s like friends with benefits or fuck buddies, except we do it on the phone together.  All you have  to do is grab your cock when you see me available online and call me.  I’m always in the mood to masturbate and cum over and over.  I think mutual masturbation has made me addicted to orgasms , but I’m never going to  stop cumming with horny guys like you who want to get their rocks off with me.  I love moaning, finger banging, using my toys, whatever it takes to get all worked up and go over the edge to the land of orgasm.  I hope you feel the same about mutual masturbation phone sex.  Have you reached the point where you don’t want to get off alone anymore ?  Don’t you want to be with me while you stroke your hard dick and tell me what you’d do to me if we were together ?  I’d love to tell you how I’d suck you and then ride you or get on all fours and beg you to fuck me hard from behind.  Go ahead, pull my hair, spank me, let’s get nasty  !!   Your voice in my ear will drive me week.  The phone always seems to ring at the moments where I’m horniest, I think there must be some cosmic reason why men are drawn to me when I need to climax.  Could it be the law of sexual attraction ?  Why don’t you find out how horny I am to get off with you right now !

Call Gretchen for mutual masturbation phone sex


Yahoo & aim- milfgretchen

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