Phone Sex Fetishes


Phone Sex Fetish with Irelynn

If there is anything that I am experienced in when it comes to phones sex fetishes, its anything and everything that you are into. I am your dream call girl. There is nothing that you can throw at me that I don’t know about or haven’t already done. My voice is so sweet that you will be coming back for more like a bee that is attracted to honey. But, don’t let this sweet voice full you, I am very dominant. I have all types of toys that will paralyze every nerve ending in your body, and freeze you and make you helpless as I claim you as my boy toy. Just give me a ring and tell me what your phone sex fetish is, and you won’t be disappointed.

phone sex fetish

Of course, you will get angry with me and throw a temper tantrum when you don’t get what you want when you want it. But, you will only receive pleasure when I decide and if I decide to give that pleasure to you. Any phone sex fetish that I am experienced in will involve some type of pain. I love to make horny men you angry and then I ignite your anger with a something that I like to call… What is that word called again? Oh, it is passion.

Phone sex fetish isn’t just what I do, it is what I love to do. I am a very good tease too. In this picture, I have my hand on my ass, with those nice zebra striped panties on. I have a big ass, don’t I? I bet it would fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. If I were to let you caress it of course. You would have to beg for me to give you permission to do that though. Just give me a ring for phone sex fetish and you won’t be disappointed.

AIM: BrattyIrelynn

Coed Phone Sex with Skye

I know you know me as mostly a bratty domme, but the truth is that I am totally a coed phone sex slut. I mean, it has to be the right kind of guy. I’m not gonna fuck or suck a nerd or someone ugly, but as long as a guy is hot and has a really big dick, then I’ll fuck anyone. Well, I shouldn’t say I won’t fuck a nerdy ugly guy. I would if the price was right or I could get something for me out of the deal. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to do it out of the kindness of my heart. Like I said, you know I’m bratty!

coed phone sex

I really love when the weekends come and there are frat parties that I can bounce around between. I’m quite popular on campus and all the guys love seeing me walk into a party. They know that they can just grab me and tell me they want to fuck and 9 times out of 10, I’ll say yes. Sometimes I don’t even say anything – I just get down on my knees or bend over in front of them.

I’m a party girl, too. Give me a drink and maybe even something else, and I’m even more likely to spread my legs. I just can’t get enough dick. I’d get fucked 10 times a day if I could. And sometimes when there are frat parties to go to, I do. I’ve had a couple super hot gang bangs, too. I’d love to tell you all about that. It’s so hot that I’m gonna probably have to start rubbing my pussy while we talk.

Are you ready to talk to your favorite coed phone sex slut? Just call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Skye!

AIM: sultry_skye
Yahoo: sultryskye

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasy with Kassidy

Are you ever nervous about telling someone what turns you on? Like honestly gets your cock throbbing cause its a rather out there fetish in your mind anyways?

cuckold phone sex fantasy

Thats what happened the other night on a phone sex call. This guy and I were chatting about everything and nothing which had me thinking it was gonna be a sweet gfe sort of call. Not really the case it seems he was bouncing around on what got him excited and just didnt have the nerve to say even over the phone.

It took me saying I was really into cuckold phone sex fantasies lately. Which had my kinky callers ears perking up and asking more questions as to why was I all about the cuckolding fantasy?

Very simply an old boyfriend and I tossed the idea around it was one of those things where we talked about it during foreplay and well got to say talking about it during sex had me orgasming extremely hard. The thought of me fucking another man while my boyfriend watched. Hmmm sexy!

As you can imagine my little story struck a nerve with my kinky caller for he was very much into the cuckold lifestyle just always afraid to mention it. Not sure why when he is among kinky friends here at The Kitten Ranch. Thankfully he opened up about his own version of how he wanted to be cucked which lead to one very hot cuckold phone sex fantasy.

Like super steamy he didnt want to end the call hot!

Truth be told I was really into being a cheating girlfriend and didnt want the fantasy to end either. So if your in the mood to be cucked then give me a call cause I am more than ready to keep on cucking!

1-888-662-6482 Just ask for Kassidy.

Foot Fetish Phonesex with Kimberly

Foot Fetish Phonesex
Hey there, are you looking at my feet in these striped stockings?
Do you like the tease of knowing there’s some pretty toes, sweet and smooth feet underneath my striped socks?
Do you have a foot fetish?
I’ll tell you about my foot fetish if you tell me what you adore about a woman’s feet!
Do you remember the very first time you got hard from looking at a woman’s feet?
I want you to tell me all about it, was it your idea, your girlfriend’s fantasy, or was it someone too naughty to mention here?
I have a lot of naughty footie stories too, and you won’t believe who I’ve teased with my footies!
I love panties, stockings, and pantyhose, the way they all feel on the smooth skin of just pedicured feet, makes you just want to get right down there and worship my feet right through that thin slippery nylon, kissing, worshiping, this foot fetish phonesex girl teasing you by wiggling my toes at you in my open toed shoes, makes you just want to get underneath me and beg for a taste of my pretty piggies!
If you’re on the kinky side, some of the things I’ve done for some of my favorite foot fetish phonesex men is work out in some socks, sweating, in my stinky exercise sneakers, until my feet or just sopping and smelly!
Are you into smelly stinky feet, your cock aching at the thought of being under my soles, begging to lick my feet clean, and willing to do whatever it takes to get my toes on your face?
Either way, if you like smooth just pedicured feet for a sexy footie or sloppy sweaty feet to lube your cock, I’m kinky like that, we are going to have a very sexy foot fetish phonesex session!

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

If you have a fetish for smoking, both cigarettes and more, I’m the girl to call for smoking fetish phone sex. Listen to me light up, inhale deeply and blow the smoke right in your face. I’ll even fill up a bowl and hit my bong. I’m a smoker and a tease and put the two together and anything goes with me.

smoking fetish phone sex

The smoking fetish has been around for quite a while. It dates back to when smoking was actually against the law for women! I can’t even imagine living in such an oppressive time, but even now smoking is forbidden in many public places. Perhaps that’s why the fetish is growing even stronger. Today’s smoking fetish is very erotic.

Do you like women who smoke cigarettes, cigars or even naughtier things? I will light up for you and you will hear me puffing on my cigarette as you stroke. I have even sucked on my dildo and smoked at the same time. Talk about satisfying my oral cravings! On the internet it’s known as a smoking blowjob. I like looking at smoking fetish pics online. It makes my pussy get wet to see all those hot pics. I’m bisexual and seeing a sexy woman smoking is a turn-on to me, too. Or if you are into smoking, feel free to light up during our Smoking Fetish Phone Sex call.

Nothing is taboo or off limits to me, so you can do whatever you want. And if you’re a submissive and you have kinky smoking desires like licking out my car ash tray or having me tip my ashes on your tongue, so I can make them sizzle, you should call me to explore your smoking fetish. I get into being a Smoking Mistress. Whatever you enjoy when it comes to lighting up, I’m here for you for Smoking Fetish Phone Sex calls.

Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

aim – FetishGoddessJennifer

Sensual Phone Sex Tease Savannah

This is truly one of those days where I love being a sensual phone sex tease. For the temperature is rather insane outside for this fair haired vixen, there is zero desire to leave the house. Mainly cause the thought of putting clothes on is well, not there. So that is when the joy of being a sensual tease is so delightful, I can tempt you with my sultry voice and never even had to get dressed.

sensual phone sex tease

Well ok so I may have some pretty panties on. For the thought of teasing a panty boy today with my panty covered pussy does excite me.

Yes I know your currently wondering what panties I put on today. Well considering I was in a rather playful mood. I slipped on some cute pink cotton cheeky panties with white polka dots. Now I will say I may opt to change my panties though the day. So this is what I am wearing at the moment!

Oh Yes I know what a nasty tease I am being. You will get use to it. Especially when I am teasing your poor cock on the phone. In fact, you will be begging me to tease you more!

Yes really you will be asking for more from this sexy sensual phone sex tease. Now dont think that just cause I am wearing cute panties my goal is only to tease those panty boys. Far from it. My goal today is to be a massive cock tease to anyone who calls me be it an orgasm denial session or a cock controlling hypnosis call. Yup. Teasing is what is on my mind today!

So if you are looking to brighten up your Monday with some teasing then give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah, the sensual phone sex tease


Naughty Phone Sex Panty Boy with Rachelle

If your a phone sex panty boy there is something you should know about me. I love wearing panties. Sure I could be like all the other girls this summer going out commando. Flashing a little ass under my summer dresses but thats not really my style.

naughty phone sex panty boy

Perhaps it cause I love the feel of soft sexy panties against my bottom but I think there is something sexy about flashing a little panty. The hit of a panty line under a pair of super skinny jeans. Or well with the warm weather make that a pair of crisp, white cotton shorts.

I like a guy wondering what I have on underneath my clothing. Him looking for that hint of what type of panty I am wearing. Sure some times its blatantly obvious when there is tons of lace detailing and my chosen outfit of the day only enhances the delicate print underneath.

However, that little detail got you staring at this college coeds ass. Yup made you look and yes I am seeing  you stare. Perhaps its the voyeur in me that loves having men look at my ass. Or maybe its the desire to have a man worship my ass. All I know is phone sex panty boys are so much fun to tease.

For you boys are the ones that will not be able to break that stare with my sweet behind. Those questions looming in your mind what is she wearing? What type of material is covering her bum? How long has she worn them? What do they smell like?

Bet just reading them has you reaching down to adjust your pants. Either way I know once you call me for some teasing those pants will be on the floor.

Just ask for the sexy coed Rachelle once you reach the dispatcher 1-888-662-6482.

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Bree

hey fuckers! who out there spent the weekend just waiting for some alone time? not so you could masturbate. ok so you could masturbate but so you could call your favorite bratty princess and do a cum eating phone sex call!

cum eating phone sex

well i figured that is what happened cause its been over 4 days since i had a cum eater slurping in my ear. ya like that never happens usually my ear is dripping wet from listening to all you guys gobble up your own nut juice.

before you tell me your at work and dont have the time. bullshit i now you guys are horny 24/7 trust me i do phone sex! there aint no where and no time you kinky freaks aint willing to slip your hand down your pants and jerk one off.

so guess what? time to get down to business and have your jerk off a big old creamy load of jizz. slurp slurp! oh ya i aint taking no for an answer on this cum eating phone sex fantasy.

hell i think it will be even hotter knowing you have pushed your work to the side. slipped open your pants and whipped out that hard cock for a good old afternoon wank fest.

i mean really your gonna have to eat the evidence now arent you? haha

see a method to this bratty princess madness.

call 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wanna do a cum eating phone sex call with bree!

OH shit and look I am taking calls just in time for the coffee break bell! time to add a little salty jizz to that mid day break.

Babysitter Phone Sex with Bailey

I figured a babysitter phone sex job would be perfect for me since I could get my pussy pleased and earn some money both at the same time. I put up a few ads saying that I was offering my services to take care of kids during the day time and evening. My inbox was flooded with response, but one really stood out. A man said he was looking for someone to watch his children while he worked nights. He was a rich executive who lived on a huge estate and was open to letting the right candidate live on his property if everything worked out. I picked up the phone and dialed his number right away and we set up a date to meet.

Babysitter Phone Sex

When I drove into the huge gates that led to his house I was in awe. I couldn’t believe that this man owned all of this land. I knew I had to get in good with him and his kids so I could move in. Once I approached the front door, he opened it up and greeted me with a smile. We talked a bit as he gave me a tour of his house. When I finally met his kids they fell in love with me. That night I cooked dinner and put the children to sleep so I could have some one on one babysitter phone sex with their father.

I was walking around trying to find his office when I got lost. So I turned around and ran right into him. He looked like a God. His physique was perfect as he stood there before me with no shirt on. He explained to me that he left a couple things out when he emailed me about the job. Before I could ask what they were, he bended me over on the couch and began fingering me before thrusting his cock inside of me. I never knew babysitter phone sex tasted this good.

Are you ready for the kinkiest babysitter around? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Bailey!


AIM: Cum4Bailey

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Emily

Sensual domination phone sex is so much fun for me. I know that it can mean different things to different people, but for me it is just my favorite way to take control of and seduce a man. Control turns me on and I know that there are men out there who get off on being taken control of. Maybe you have a stressful job that requires so much responsibility and at the end of the day, you just want to come home and give up that control to your lover. I would love nothing more than to be the one you turn to and give up your power to.

sensual domination phone sex

Tell me what your sensual domination phone sex fantasy looks like. Do you want me to tie you up to the bed and have my way with you. I have to warn you, though – if we do that, you are going to have to endure a lot of teasing before I finally give in and let you cum. I have a lot of will power, so no matter how horny I am or how badly I need to cum, it’s not going to happen until I am sure that you’ve suffered enough, baby.

Just so you know, I like to get kinky during sensual domination phone sex calls. That might mean a little tickling with a feather while you beg me to touch you more. It might mean that I tie up your balls while I ride your cock. Or it might even mean that I tell you to spread your legs so that I can fuck you with my strap on. You just never know what you’re gonna get with me.

Are you ready now to submit to a sensual domination phone sex call with me? Just dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily.

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

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