Anything Goes Phone Sex with Fiona

I’m a no limits kind of free-spirited wild child who loves the idea of kinkiness in all things. I’m a horny little freak and hopefully you can say the same. That’s why anything goes phone sex is so absolutely fucking perfect for me! There’s no other way to be other than a limitless wild and nasty slut. I want it always and in every which way. So what has your cock stiffening for me at this very moment?

anything goes phone sex

Maybe you have a taboo role-play that can be only satisfied by someone who truly has no limits and is willing to go the extra mile with anything goes phone sex and rock you so far out of this world, you’ll feel like you’re in outer space afterwards. Slutty secretary who can’t stop sucking cock on the job. Wow, she sure is taking a lot of “smoke” breaks and extra time spent in the men’s bathroom. What about a naughty nympho nurse that really is only here to help…. Help you unload those heavy cum filled balls. I’m almost certain that every guy would feel better after busting a nut!

Oh, the thought of anything goes phone sex drives me so wild. My imagination carries me away into filthier more forbidden thoughts. Who do you want me to be? It can even head in a direction that I can’t write about here. *wink* I’ll be any sort of forbidden fruit fuck doll that you want. I just love it! Really, the nastier the better for the both of us. Entertaining taboo callers is what drives me the most wild.

Tell me this, what do you think of some anything goes phone sex role-playing that heads down the nasty road of fucking your best friend’s sexy girlfriend and knocking her up? Oh, he never has to know what we’ve been up to! I truly have no limits, so let’s get as nasty as possible together. I promise you won’t regret it!

Dirty Phone Sex with Rose

Sometimes I’m in the mood for something a little extra nasty, you know what I mean? *wink* Right now I’m in the mood to be your little butt slut with some anal play to help make your day better. So give me a call and let’s have some of the filthiest dirty phone sex you’ve ever had! Don’t be shy. I’m willing to get extra nasty just for you, especially if you have a big dick! I just love bad boys with huge cocks. I really can’t say no to anything they want.

dirty phone sex

I know you want to fuck my hot little ass. I have a very right asshole, so it’s going to take some work to try to squeeze it in there. That’s okay. We can use lots of spit or lots of lube. It’s your choice! I love having my tight brown balloon knot tongued… I’ll even return the favor during our dirty phone sex call. I just know you have some freaky ass fantasies to share with me. So please call and tell me! I look like a sweet and nice girl, but I have a bit of sass for ass play, too!

So bend me over while I reach behind and spread my ass cheeks apart nice and wide and bury your face in it! Let me feel your tongue plunge into my dirtiest of holes while I wiggle, moan, and grind up against your hot tongue. Get my booty nice and wet so your cock can have an easier time slipping right on inside. Oh, that’s it. Stuff that big hard cock in my ass pipe while we have some filthy talking dirty phone sex together.

I’ll say it again though, I have NO LIMITS so we can talk about any freaky or nasty thing you have in mind! Let’s do this! 1-888-662-6482 ask for Rose.

Schoolgirl Phone Sex Role Play with Dani

Kay I know its the middle of summer and shouldnt be thinking about school but I am. Like not going back to school but I have been thinking about some taboo schoolgirl phone sex role play.

schoolgirl phone sex role play

Not sure why I was thinking about it probably cause I watched some clip with a girl in a plaid skirt and those always make me think of private schools and then private school makes me think about catholic school and well that gets me thinking about being a very naughty student in private catholic school. You can see how I get there right?

I mean there are soooo many rules and I try my best to behave but sometimes its just really hard. Even when it comes to schoolgirl phone sex role play its hard to follow all the rules. Like I am pretty sure I would end up showing up late for class cause I am adjusting my skirt. Or I would get in trouble cause I handing in an assignment wrong. Like plagiarized it or something. That word always makes me giggle cause I can never say it right plagiarized it sounds like there should be a y in there but no. Thank goodness for spell check cause I would spell it wrong and that would give you something else to punish me over.

Are you thinking about schoolgirl phone sex fantasies too? Wanna be the head master and get to punish the girls for wearing their uniform skirts too short? Or us staying out after curfew? Pretty sure you could think of a few different things to punish us over. I mean your the head master after all.

My bare bottom is around tonight for some punishment. Oh wait I shouldnt tell you that part.

Here is the number so we can have some fun with a schoolgirl phone sex role play 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Dani!

Kinky Phone Sex Shemale Whisper

Why hello! As you can see from my very sexy thick cock I am a hot and kinky phone sex shemale. Ok perhaps the kinky part isnt that obvious as of yet. That is something you discover once you phone me for a kinky and erotic role play.

phone sex shemale

I do enjoy letting that cat out of the bag so to speak for its always nice to know what your about to get into before you call someone. See I am a phone sex shemale that has zero limits. NO taboos! Which means our time together can be extremely steamy. There is absolutely nothing that I wont do and well wont make you do either. Now considering that other tidbit of info I do appreciate if you tell me what sort of things you enjoy in the way of taboo fantasies. For I hate to scare you off the very first time we chat.

Mean sure I enjoy the taboo fantasies but this kinky phone sex shemale does enjoy taking the more sensual route too. Yes I want you to suck my cock but I dont have to slam it down you throat. Unless you want me too.

Do you want to gag on my tranny cock?

Anyways this is just a quick little blog to let you know that I am around when you are craving something a bit different. You know when you have moved on from girls with faux dicks and want a chick with a real dick.

Just ask for Whisper when you reach the dispatcher, 1-888-662-6482

BBC Phone Sex with Cyndee

Hi there, I’m Cyndee and I love spicing things up with some delicious choco-cock! I love BBC phone sex and you do too, even if you don’t know it yet. What’s better than a hot chocolate stud to fuck you right? Sure, I’ll fuck white guys, but sometimes you just need to be pounded like it’s a sport and black men get the job done right. They appreciate all my curves and I love being slutty with them. There’s just something about a sexy black stud that brings out your inner slut. Don’t knock it until you try it! I know you’re curious about some big juicy Mandingo dick, and I want to encourage you to find your own inner BBC phone sex slut. Oh, come on, you know you’ve had girlfriends who’ve been with black men and it gets your cock so hard at the thought of them being cock drunk little whores for them.

bbc phone sex
Start thinking of that big black monster cock stuffed inside my tight white pussy. If you’re a good boy, I might even let you suck on my clit while his black cock destroys my once-tight pussy. I want to make sure you get nice a view of what I’m letting him do to me. I promise you won’t be able to look away like a scared little wimp during bbc phone sex with me. But you are a little wimpy white boy, aren’t you? The truth is, I would never act this slutty for you. There’s nothing about your puny pink cock, that makes me even entertain the idea of letting you blow your load on my face.

Oh, and I want to hear you thank him for fucking me how you couldn’t. Call Cyndee for bbc phone sex and cuckold fantasies.


Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Harlow

I love love love when guys call me for cock sucking phone sex. I especially love it when they tell me that so far, it’s only been a fantasy for him. I have my ways of getting some cock sucking practice in for a virgin. My favorite thing to do is send a cock sucking virgin to a glory hole. They always try to resist me a little bit at first, but eventually, they always agree to it.

cock sucking phone sex

So, I’ll ask you – are YOU a cock sucking phone sex virgin? Do you want to get some experience under your belt? Then go to a glory hole and give me a call. I’ll even talk you through what to do. I know it can be daunting if you haven’t ever sucked a dick before, but you know, it’s not that difficult. Just do what comes naturally and do what you would want someone to do to you. I think if you do that, you’ll be very happy with the mouth full of cum you’ll be swallowing. But when you call, I’d be happy to give you more pointers than that. I just don’t want to tell you everything here and spoil all the fun.

If you think you’re really ready to experience cock sucking for the first time, then I am more than ready to be the best teacher you could ever hope to have. All you have to do is find a glory hole, get down on your knees, and call me while you’re waiting for a dick to poke through that hole. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get more than one. What could be better than that? I say nothing!

Call me  right now for cock sucking phone sex at 1 888 662 6482 and make sure you ask to talk to Harlow!

Strap On Phone Sex with Georgie

Some boys are absolutely obsessed with getting a blow job and being allowed to cum all over a slut’s face. Some boys are obsessed with being the one on their knees doing the cock sucking. The second type of boy is what I call a little cock-sucking faggot. But, you see, some guys are too chicken to approach a man, so they look for girls with big rubber cocks, girls that are more than happy to make a little cock whore submit and get slapped across the face by a big dick. That’s where strap on phone sex comes in.

strap on phone sex

You’re turned on by the idea of having a beautiful woman wildly fuck your face and stuff your throat with a massive prick. Lucky for you, I’ve got a solid collection of strap-ons that I’ve been dying to whip out and use on a little whore during strap on phone sex. It’s so much fun to me to be able to pop that big mushroom head between your lips and hold your head between my hands as I thrust into you. And I know you love it, too. You love feeling every ridge slide over your tongue as my cock shoves against the back of your throat. You love gagging and choking around it. And I love making you take it.

It’s not just your mouth that I want to fuck silly, though. I know you’ve got a tight ass tucked away that is begging to be wrapped around a big dick like mine. To have you bent over and your ass cheeks spread wide so I can slide my spit covered cock into your tight puckered hole. I can hear you moaning and begging for it from here.

I’ve got my cock ready and waiting for you and our strap on phone sex session. Call and ask for Georgie at 1-888-662-6482!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Ivy

Sometimes I touch myself so much I think I might have a real addiction to masturbating! I do it for hours a day in my dorm room, in my car when I’m stuck in traffic, in a movie theatre when I get bored, but best of all… when I am on the phone! I absolutely love mutual masturbation phone sex! Hearing your voice and the sexy sounds you make as you give yourself pleasure, knowing how hard your dick is as you slide your hand around it and thinking about the ways you could pleasure yourself with my body if you were here with me, it’s almost going to make me cum just thinking about it!

mutual masturbation phone sex

And the best part is that the pleasure will be mutual because you will hear my soft voice beg for your cock and hear me moan and whimper breathlessly as I cum for you! And for a really good time maybe we can helping each other with some sexy instructions! You can tell me how touch my body or how many fingers to use! And if you are feeling adventurous maybe we can even use some toys… you could tell me to fill all my holes, you can hear me slurp on a dildo, and you can hear my wet pussy as I finger myself! It makes me so horny taking direction from a man that knows how to please and of course I will please you in return! I can tell you how to wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it at just the right pace. Tell you to tease yourself and edge your way closer to the final release!

With this redheaded nympho you are guaranteed to have a sensual and naughty mutual masturbation phone sex experience! So if you are ready to cum together call 1 888 622 6482 and ask for Ivy!

Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasy with Kassidy

How do you spell fun? Well I spell it B-B-C! OK so its more spelled out by way of a cheating girlfriend phone sex call that revolves around those big fat black cocks!

cheating girlfriend phone sex

Thankfully last week a certain someone called with the exact same idea of fun. He loved to hear how this hot sexy blonde enjoyed cheating on her man with other cock. Course not any other cock will do but full on dark dick. I cant say I was about to argue with his thinking for that is the hottest thing to cheat on my guy with.

Come on you and I both know nothing compares to those massive black cocks. So best learn your place which is jerking off in the corner to my sexy stories about cheating on your limp dick.

Oh wait that might of been a bit harsh sounding but you know I say that with the utmost love right?

I mean I do love my boyfriend I just hate fucking him. It always leave me unsatisfied but those monster cocks. *sigh* Now they never leave me disappointed.

Our cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy had us going all over the place from the last guy I would cheat on him with which happens to be this fucking hottie I saw at the grocery store. Yup wanted him to frisk my melons in the produce department. Ok so that is a cheese thing to say but hey you would want to see that too.

All the way to some naughty thoughts over a foot ball game player or two.

Do you have some thoughts you wish to share about your girl cheating on you? Sure we can come up with a hot and sticky fantasy just perfect for you to jerk that small cock too.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Kassidy! The sexy blonde who loves bbc!

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

I am the epitome of a bratty domme phone sex princess. Because I am sexy as fuck, I always get what I want. Life is kick ass when you are are as fuckable as I am. I just love knowing that you horny men jerk your cocks at just the thought of my hotness. But the smart ones know that I am most certainly unattainable, that is without some much needed persuasion. Men want to please me just in the hopes that I might smile or flash a little cleavage. But nothing like that comes for free, I must be plied, so to speak. No, you have to buy me gifts, or gift cards or just generally put me on a pedestal like I deserve if you want to have even the slightest chance at spending some time with me. Even then, I might just tease you until your balls are a lovely shade of blue.

bratty domme phone sex

It will be quite a test of your self control if I make you edge for me and keep from cumming. And I will push you over and over. I want to hear you begging me to let you cum — whimper and moan like the broken bitch you are for me. Your whole body is urging you to blow, but you know that you can’t unless I give you the word. And unless you are ultra obedient and generous, you won’t get the go ahead from me. I want you on edge for days, maybe even weeks. Let’s look into getting you a cock cage so that you aren’t as tempted to jizz. It is just safer to keep your hands off, don’t you think? I am going to make sure that you understand that I am the bratty domme phone sex slut calling all the shots here.

Call for bratty domme phone sex with Eliza at 1 888 662 6482

Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza