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Mature Phone Sex with Porscha

mature phone sex woman

I know that you love mature phone sex women like me. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. And so many men love older women, so you’re in good company with your desires.

I’ll be happy to keep your little secret and give you what it is you need, provided that you do what I tell you to do. I’m sure you can do that…can’t you?

You see, I am a very good teacher when it comes to these kinds of things, for I know what I want, and I know exactly how to go about getting it. Age and experience teaches one many things, you know. And now that I have learned these things, I want to pass them on to you, if you’re willing to be good for me.

All you have to do is listen and obey. If you can do that and please me, your reward will be great. “Every good boy gets his day,” and so forth. But if you don’t please me…well, a teacher can always spank her naughty, disobedient students until they get their collective acts together.

I won’t have to worry about that with you, though, will I? Of course you’re going to want to please me to the very best of your ability. And I’ll teach you how to do just that during our mature phone sex session together. When you’re ready to begin, all you have to do is give Mrs. Porscha a call.

1-888-662-6482 to reach Mrs Porscha

My aim is bustymilfporscha

My yim is plzmilfporscha

cuckold phone sex with bella

cuckold phone sex

Do you have a 6inch cock or smaller? Finding yourself having trouble pleasing that love of your life or just that girl crush you have? Yes, I know, you cant even please your wife anymore.  Sounds like you are in some serious need of cuckold phone sex.

Your sitting home on a Friday night all alone.  Your sexy, beautiful wife is out for the evening.  In fact, you have no clue who she is with, or what she’s doing.  Well, you have an idea.  You know she is out with some girl friends, at a club and since its almost 3am and she’s not home yet you decide to just go to sleep  Now it’s 5am, as she quietly sneaks into the house.  Hair a mess, makeup running down her beautiful face, skirt on backwards and her shirt is inside out.  She trips walking up the steps and wakes you.   “Honey, whats wrong and where have you been?” you ask her.  She mumbles, “out getting some big cock since you can’t please me!”  Tumbling over you see her with a pussy filled of cum dripping out.  Your cock starts to get hard right away and she notices.  She says, ” Honey, look how excited you got after hearing that big cock fucked me.”  He looks at her and begs to fuck her cream filled pussy.  “I love fucking you after a big cock has stretched you my dear,” he says.  *giggles* I love cuckold phone sex with your pussy tiny penis!!  I love that you fuck his cream right out of me!  You start fucking her and fucking her for about 10 seconds before you explode.  Wow honey, you came fast.

Does this excite you?  You sure do seem to enjoy the cuckold phone sex and I see how hard your getting.  Give me a call @ 1-888-662-6482 for some more and ask for Bella.

AIM: BeautifulBossyBella
Yahoo: BeautifulBossyBella

humiliation phone sex with fetish Goddess jennifer

phone sex

My name is Jennifer and I’m a fetish phone sex Goddess.  Give me a kinky fetish any day! I like hearing all of the interesting things that do it for you. I love any kind of fetish, but I have to say that I lean more toward the femdom side of the fetish world. Sensual domination, hardcore domination and especially humiliation phone sex… I guess you could say that it doesn’t matter as long as I am in charge.

There are so many things we could talk about when you call me for fetish phone sex. If you are undecided on what you are up for talking about, that’s okay! I’m always asked about what my favorites are, so I’ll list a few of them here in case you need a little help deciding what you want to talk about.

One of my favorite fetish topics is humiliation phone sex. Maybe you are just a pathetic loser who can’t keep a job, a woman or friends. You have to rely on phone sex to even have anyone to talk to. Or maybe you have a tiny little dick and you know there is nothing you can do to please a woman. All of that is going to get a major laugh out of me!

But humiliation isn’t the only thing we can talk about.There are so many other fetishes that tickle my fancy. Cuckold fantasies, strap on fetish play, forced feminization, tease and denial, and maybe even a little CBT fun! Don’t all of those things sound like fun? Well, they will be fun for me, and that’s all that really matters!
All those things and so much more are yours when you pick up that phone and call Jennifer at 1-888-662-6482 for humiliation phone sex with a fetish Goddess.

feminization phone sex with jade

feminization phone sex

Many of you girls like to call me for feminization phone sex. You like to put on your bra and panties and take out your huge dildo cocks to fuck yourself. Some of you may even go to a glory hole or to a house so I can hear you suck and fuck like a whore. I love when I get slutty bitches like you to have lots of fun with. It may be time to take it to the next level.

The first slut I feminized was so much fun. It was all dress up and makeup for her until I wanted her to take it to break out of her comfort zone. I told her that I wanted her to start hormone therapy so that she can look and sound like a woman. What is the point of just pretending to be a girl anyway? Feminization phone sex should be about turning you into the doll that you have always wanted to be. I know that you want big tits like mine and a nice round ass too! Just think of all the cock that would love to rest in between your perfect jugs while you suck and suck. It’s probably what you have thought about for a long time anyway and you just never had the guts to go for it. When you have a girlfriend like me to help you along the way it makes it even better. You will be confident in your new sexy body. You should see my first victim, she looks amazing. I can turn you into the sexiest woman on the planet. Do you want to look like me?

How far do you want to take feminization phone sex?  We can take it slow or fast whatever you would like. How about we have some chat about it. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade my sexy girlfriend.

Yahoo and AIM: SultryJade4U

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Rachelle

foot worship phone sex

Hey, guys! I had this wild dream last night that I want to tell you about. I think you foot worship phone sex lovers will enjoy it.

I dreamed that I worked in an office. I ran the whole place (unsurprising) and was in charge of hiring new workers. So I was interviewing this one guy, right? I could tell he was a little nervous, but he’d cleaned himself up nicely and had interviewed well enough.

So I looked at him and told him that he had almost everything we were looking for in a candidate for this position (experience, education, etc.) and that if he performed well on this “aptitude test” I was about to give him, the position would be his. He looked really super-happy about that.

I told him to get up and come around on my side of my desk. Then, I told him that he had to get down on his knees and worship my feet, and if he did a good enough job, I would hire him!

He seemed kinda shocked at first, but he did what I said. He got down on his knees, took my shoes off my feet, and ran his hands over the tops of my feet, which were covered in stockings. I told him that the first part of the test was to see how well he worshiped my stocking feet, and if he did well enough on that, he would pass on to the second part, which was to see how well he worshiped my bare feet.

Well, when he bent over to kiss my feet for the first time, like any good foot worship phone sex boy would do, I could see that his dick was hard in his pants!

I woke up before things went much farther, but I thought maybe you and I could play with that fantasy and see where it goes!

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

coedvxnrachelle aim:yim

foot fetish phone sex with emily

foot fetish phone sex

My name is Emily and I’m a big fan of foot fetish phone sex. Are you a lover of sexy feet? Do you love the look of freshly manicured feet with perfectly painted toe nails? I bet you even like the feel of those feet up against your balls, don’t you? Maybe even wrapped around your dick, stroking it up and down. I bet you even love to shoot your cum all over a pair of hot feet, don’t you? If you’re really nice to me and you make me cum really hard, I might just let you do that. Wouldn’t it be hot to see your cum squishy between my pretty toes?

Or maybe you’re more into the foot worship aspects of foot fetish phone sex. You know that your place in the world is at my feet, worshiping them the way they deserve to be worshiped. You will clean them with your tongue after I work all day and then go to the gym. You don’t get to use water and you don’t get to spit on them, so you better get ready to do a lot of licking. On the days when I feel like you deserve to be humiliated and degraded a little more than normal, I am going to go walk around outside in the dirt without any shoes on. Imagine having to lick all of that off my feet. They will be spotless. If they are not, you’re really going to regret not doing a better job. If you want to know what your punishment would be, you are going to have to pick up the phone and call me.

When you’re ready for foot fetish phone sex, pick up the phone and dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily.

AIM: Redhead_emily
Yahoo: Sluttyemily

strap on phone sex with shayla

phone sexI love strap on phone sex !!!   The best thing about it is watching you beg me for it on your fucking knees, with your mouth open   Love to watch your lips wrap around it, devouring every inch nice and slow, just the sound of you slurping it and gagging on it is so fucking hot.  We can go nice and slow or hard and fast all depending on you.  I have a delicious 8 inch strap on or maybe you want the big 10 inch one, whichever one I’m sure you will enjoy it.  Once your done working the strap on with your mouth I will fuck your sweet pussy hole, but not so fast sweetie, you are going to please me first before I let you cum.  Your mouth and tongue will enjoy my sweet pussy juice.  I will be grinding it all over your face until you look like a glazed doughnut.  Now bend over for me bitch and get on all fours where you belong.  Take your hands and spread them sweet checks apart for me, I don’t even have to use lube do I ?  That ass is so hungry for strap on phone sex.  I want to pop the head of it in your pussy, and slide it nice and slow all the way in.  Look at you leaning that ass deep into it, bucking your hips helping me fuck the hell out of you.   You are one horny little slut to be fucked like this.  Now your addicted aren’t you ?   Just can’t get enough of strap on phone sex ?  That’s ok, because I love it just as much as you do.   I know you know its time , time for you to call me and lets have some fun.

Call Shayla @ 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo & aim- sexymilfshayla

Forced Bi Phone Sex with Devon

forced bi phone sex

Hello, fellow deviants.

As you know, one of my favorite things is pushing limits, seeing how far I and other people are willing to go in our quest for sexual fulfillment. And what I have learned is that most people’s innermost desires are far darker than they or others might guess.

Would you like an example? All right, here is one.

There are more men out there who are curious about the taste of another man’s cock than women who are not in my position might think. But most of them are afraid to admit it for one reason or another. So what they want is not to suck cock or be fucked by it on their own. They want that choice taken away from them entirely. They want to be made to do it by someone stronger than themselves.

They want forced bi phone sex.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if you, deviant reader, want forced bi phone sex yourself. Do you like the idea of being on your knees in front of another man with an enormous cock, your choice taken away from you? Do you want to feel my hands on the back of your head, pushing you down onto that hard dick, seeing how much of it you can take at once? And when your mouth has been thoroughly used, do you want him to take that huge cock and fuck you with it?

Of course you do. And if you call me, you might even get it.

Just ask for Nasty Devon 1-888-662-6482

aim or yim devonizwicked

sissy phone sex with jade and jennifer

sissy phone sex

A sissy phone sex session with 2 girls can be more than you can handle and fun at the same time. To me the excitement is exemplified when another girl and I take control of a sissy and make her a whore for the both of us. You may be used to just one Mistress but, I promise that 2 is better. This way both of your holes can be filled with a strap on cock at the same time.

Jennifer and I love to put a sissy bitch like you on your knees so that we can take great advantage over you. Our last victim got our biggest cocks inside of him with no mercy. First, we had her get on her knees while she got both of our toys wet. She looked like a good cock sucker as she bobbed her head back and forth between the both of us. I had to shove my strap in her first just so I can hear how loud she would moan. I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy drip as I watched Jennifer pound that throat. It wasn’t long before she grabbed our sissy bitch by the hips and gave her every inch. We laughed and pounded the whole time we had this whore under our control. You can ask Jennifer and she will tell you that we are the perfect team. Now he can’t stay away from us. He comes around all of the time crawling and begging to be dominated.

We a are always ready for a new fuck slut to take over. Will this next victim be you? We know that you can’t resist us. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade and Jennifer. Come and find out which of our favorite toys will we use next!

Yahoo and AIM: SultryJade4U

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Savannah

orgasm denial phone sex

You know, if you’re a Domme, there’s not a much greater power that you can have over a man than control over his cock. And that’s especially true if you extend that control all the way to whether he’s even allowed to cum or not. That can be quite exciting. Well, for me, anyway.

And when I do have that kind of control, I love the stretching the length of denial out longer and longer each time. I don’t just mean making our phone sessions longer and letting him finally cum at the end of them, either. I mean that it eventually hits a point where I don’t let him cum at all at the end of an orgasm denial phone sex call and make him wait for days. Or weeks. Or however long I want, really.

When he thinks he’s come to the very end of his ability to wait, I extend it even longer. How? With erotic hypnosis, obviously. You’d be amazed at how long you can hold out when your mind is under my control as well as your cock. It certainly makes orgasm denial phone sex more interesting.

Have you ever wondered how long you could go without having an orgasm? Or how long I could make you go? There’s only one way to find out, and I think you’ll be surprised when you learn the answer.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires is my aim and yim

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