Babysitter Phone Sex with Arizona

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. I got a phone call the other night from one of my favorite regulars. He said he wanted to take his wife out, and they needed me to watch their kids They are always so bad, and it drives me crazy. *Giggles* I said yes because I could definitely use the money, and for what happens after I get those brats to sleep. I always make sure to put them to bed to ensure my fun can happen without any distractions or interruptions. What happens you ask? Well this fierce, fresh and fabulous bitch gets to have some grown up fun when their daddy gets home during babysitter phone sex. You know me, boo- I love every minute of my time with an older man. On top of that it does not hurt that there is always the risk his wife may find out what a dirty whore I am being, and freak out- or she could join in with the fun.

babysitter phone sex

I don’t think I know of any man who hasn’t had a hot fantasy of fucking the young babysitter. They may not tell their significant other, but I know otherwise. I am sure you have imagined coming home to a teenage babysitter sitting on your couch, dressed to the nines and what you would do to her while you rubbed one out. Tell me you haven’t had a raging boner just think about it, and I will call you a dirty fucking liar. I know so many men who are just drooling thinking about it. MMMM I bet you even have that cock out now stroking just thinking of what we will talk about during our babysitter phone sex session. when you call 1-888-662-6482, and beg for Arizona.

Phone Sex Goddess Naomi

Look at me, baby! I’m gorgeous, exotic, and my long legs and voluptuous curves remind you of something special, don’t they? That’s because I look like a lot of the Goddess art you may have seen in your precious little mortal life, which is fine because I truly am Goddess material, love. And now I’m here to be your phone sex Goddess whenever you need to worship someone absolutely fucking majestic.

phone sex Goddess

I know you’re looking at my photo right now and thinking about what it would be like to worship this amazing body of mine. You want to lay at my beautiful feet and tend to them, rubbing the ache of a long day out of my soles and heels, and massaging the tension out of my slender toes and insteps. You want to rub rich and creamy cocoa butter into my long, silky legs, making my milk chocolate skin feel smooth and look radiant. You’ll eventually get to massage and condition my body all over, leaving me glowing brightly like the celestial creature I am.

You’ve been waiting for a phone sex Goddess like me, baby – haven’t you? Look at this body – I’m built like Mother Earth – gorgeous hills and delicate valleys, all in beautiful proportion and perfect placement. Paradise on earth, heaven right here on terra firma – you could easily lay back and get lost in the stars from right here, couldn’t you baby? Fuck yeah! I am a force of nature, a thing to be reckoned with, creation and destruction, love and hate, dark and light all rolled into one, and I’m here to change things up for all of you little phone sex Goddess devotees!

Grab your hymnal, baby, and put on your Sunday best, and get ready to prove your worthiness, because there’s a brand new phone sex Goddess in town, and she needs to find a few new devotees!

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Kinky Phone Sex Girlfriend Courtney

What does a kinky phone sex girlfriend do on a long weekend when her boyfriend is working?

Well its rather simple she goes out and find someone to have some fun with. Oh ya it was a long weekend in Canada this past weekend for those a little confused by that statement. Or maybe you skipped over that fact based on you reading I was a cheating girlfriend and instantly thought damn thats one hot fucking girl!

kinky phone sex girlfriend

Ya I think it could be so even though the week is here I believe the fun I had on the weekend needs to end. I mean bring on the cuckold fantasies of me being your ever so hot girlfriend ready to cheat on your loser ass with some big, thick strangers cocks. Who cares what their names are cause I wont be asking them. What I will be asking them is how big their cocks get and if fucking a guys girlfriend gets them hard.

Hmm guess that makes me one kinky phone sex girlfriend then ready to cuckold your fucking ass.

Now I know maybe your not into the whole role play idea but hearing about my dirty true life sex stories is. Good news I love sharing all the dirty details of what I was up to over the weekend. Every juicy jizz squirting detail! So by all means pick up that phone and let me rehash all my crazy weekend sexapades with you.

Nothing like masturbating to true life sex stories of cuckolding my boyfriend and well you could be my phone sex boyfriend.

The number to call to reach this kinky phone sex girlfriend of your dreams is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney. There is no limits and anything goes when talking to me.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Harlow

You are seriously delusional if you think I’m ever going to touch your pathetic dick. A sexy woman like me wouldn’t have anything to do with a loser like you. Oh, but don’t you worry. We can still have a lot of fun, even though you are useless to me sexually. I love doing small penis humiliation phone sex calls with you idiots. Who knows what I’ll talk you into doing when you call me. I guess we will see what kind of mood I am in when you get me on the line.

small penis humiliation phone sex

One thing I like doing is making you tell every woman you come into contact with how small your pecker is. Maybe I’ll bring over a bunch of girlfriends and you can tell them all how small you are. They won’t believe it, because I mean, who has ever heard of a dick that small?! So they will probably want you to show them. And then, they will probably laugh and point and even take pictures. Then, I’d let them do whatever they wanted to do to you. I had a girlfriend one time tell me that she’d like to fuck a guy with a small dick in the ass, so maybe I’d invite her over and loan her one of my strap ons.

You just never know what’s going to happen when you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex. I may do what I mentioned above or I may do something else with you entirely. Are you feeling brave enough to call me and find out? I promise to not make you cry TOO much. At least not the first time you call me. LOL

Just dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to speak to Harlow for small p1enis humiliation phone sex. I’ll be waiting for you and you micro peen.


Spanking Phone Sex with Georgie

Hi boys, I’m Georgie! When was the last time you had a girl bent over with her ass up in the air begging for a smack on those soft cheeks? Oh, I’m sorry, was it you that had your ass prepped and primed for a beating? Either way, I want it! I absolutely love spanking phone sex! The sound of hands smacking against bare skin, the pleasure and pain shooting straight to my pussy, the anticipation getting me so very slick. Nothing get’s me wanting like feeling your palm dig in to my bare ass cheeks.

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Or are you more of a paddle boy? Or a riding crop boy? Even better. The sharp snap of the paddle meeting ass, the feeling of having any engravings or embellishments mark my skin…I love it! I know I’m not the only one here who lives for spanking phone sex. You wouldn’t be entertaining the thought of me with my bare ass waving in the air like a target for you if you didn’t!

But maybe it’s you that’s thinking about having a dominant, kinky whore with you bent over her lap, pants pulled down and your plump skin revealed to the world for your punishment? Though, I wouldn’t really call it a punishment considering how much you want it. I can feel your heartbeat quicken against my thighs as you wait for the swing of my hand to come down against you. Isn’t that right, baby? You want it so badly and I can’t wait to give it to you! It’s your turn to be the submissive little whore, begging for your mistress to pummel your ass as your cock hardens.

I can’t help but giggle watching you pant and plead to have your ass smacked by me! So why don’t you go ahead and call 1-888-662-6482 for some spanking phone sex with Georgie!

Bratty Princess Phone Sex Humiliation with Bree

Nothing makes me more excited than a guy saying he has read a few of my bratty princess phone sex humiliation blogs and came to the quick conclusion that I was the bratty bitch for him!

Hell the Fuck Ya I am!

Like really how could I not be?

bratty princess phone sex humiliation

I am the perfect amount of girl you wish you could fuck in high school. What am I saying? Even now you cant get a girl as hot as me.

Then you toss in a dash of humiliation cause I speak my mind there is no denying that even in my blogs I tell it how it is. So if you dont like my blog then well suck it up butter cup cause I am even less filtered on the phone. Ya consider that your heads up. Warning. Whatever. If you cant handle reading my bratty phone sex blog them you most definitely wont enjoy it live and in person on the phone!

Shake a bit o princess in there. Ok so there is a few shakes of the princess spice in there but that is what you perverted freaks all beg for. Confessing your sick and demented fetish stuff to a hot princess that will laugh her ass off at you.

Well if you dont then well once again dont call me! Cause thats what I do! Make fun of your sorry pathetic ass. Oh and laugh. Lots of laughing.

Wait this was suppose to be glorious reasons on calling my perfect princess ass. Well you get the idea. I am the atonement of perfection that is missing from your life. So call for the ultimate in bratty princess phone sex humiliation. Pretty much any fetish is welcome to be humiliated by me, Princess Bree.

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Taboo Phone Sex Fantasies with MILF Porscha

Must admit my mind is racing with nothing but taboo phone sex fantasies. Sure I am not the only one who is getting hit with spring fever and not talking about just the ability to get out of the house. Yes its getting out of the house but its getting out and seeing all those hot younger men who have spent their winter in the gym. Oh lord do they make my pussy wet.

taboo phone sex fantasies

Yes that isnt something a woman of my age should say but then again I am not your typical mature woman next door. I am a sex hungry MILF eager to fuck near anything. I do have a few limits but trust me they are very few and far between.

Now when it comes to phone sex fantasies I am open to anything and everything. For there is nothing quite like exploring those rather taboo subjects over the phone. You know the ones I am talking about right?

I mean with perverts like ourselves one never has to blatantly discuss such forbidden things in public we prefer to save them till we are alone and can whisper them between our mounting orgasms.

This much I will say is that with all the university men coming home my mind is on one thing and one thing only being that hot sexy mature seductress. So if you have a role play that gets steamier with a more mature woman then give me a call for I am eager to be your MILF. You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Porscha and lets dive into those taboo phone sex fantasies.



Barely Legal Phone Sex with Ivy

I love doing naughty things with older men. I can’t get enough barely legal phone sex. I love having my tight, bald pussy licked sucked and fucked and the way it feels when I have an older man between my pretty soft thighs. The thought of you calling me for some hot barely legal phone sex gets me all worked up.

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I love to roleplay and play all sorts of naughty games. Hmm what should we play today ? What shall I wear? Right now I am wearing a very sexy lace tank top, you can see my perky nipples pressing against the almost sheer cloth, and my tight pussy has made these skimpy white panties have a nice wet spot. Mmmm mmmm mmm. I can think of so many naughty cock twitching, ball tightening, pussy wetting scenes. Do you have a fantasy? Call me and tell me about it or better yet let me help you live it. I am a very naughty girl and nothing is too naughty for me. I love taking your big, hard cock anywhere you can give it to me and I am telling the truth when i say  All of my naughty tight holes are waiting to be explored and stretched. Pussy, ass, mouth yes you can have them all.  Do you want me on my knees? Mouth open? Waiting for that hot load of jizz? I am so hot and horny all of the time that I really don’t know what to do with myself, So I am waiting to have some super steamy, super hot barely legal phone sex with YOU. My perky titties and tight body are waiting. LET’S PLAY!

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Submissive Phone Sex with Dani

I have been a bad girl! Really I mean it this time. No pretending I have been super bad when it comes to my submissive phone sex training.

submissive phone sex training

Not like I meant to be disobedient but it just sort of happen. Actually not really sure how it happened but my Master wasnt very happy about things.

Till recently I was being a good submissive phone sex slut for him. Listening with both ears. Keeping my mouth shut unless he directed me too. Sure I was super nervous and giggled a bit but I honestly tried not too!

It may of gone all wrong when he aimed to make me be the best little barely legal blow job princess out there. Guess everything I did to get a guy off with my mouth up till then was all wrong.

Well not all of it some guys got off really good with my oral skills. Oops thats not being a very good submissive slut. Please dont punish me too hard for that one. I know I should talk like that.

Anyways it wasnt so much my technique. A little bit was technique but mostly it was where I wanted my master to cum. You dont tell a master where they should cum. They decide.

Lesson learned!

Well kind of cause I am pretty sure other masters will want to shoot their cum load other places. But thats alright I will obey and take your load anywhere you wish.

For now my master wishes me to be a submissive phone sex slut for other dominant men so they can help in my submissive training process.

Will you help me become a better sub?

You can call me at 1-888-662-6482 just as for Dani the barely legal sub in training.

BBC Phone Sex with Tawny

It’s a little crazy that I’m about to admit this but I’ve always loved dark chocolate, if you catch my drift. There is something sooo forbidden about a strong black man becoming the master of a dirty, slutty white princess, right? You wanna make me your white whore tonight with BBC phone sex, don’t you baby? Something drives you wild about me. Could it be the way my sweet young voice moans against your ear, while we’re having taboo BBC phone sex? Maybe it’s the way my ivory skin looks against your dark complexion as I wrap my legs around your strong back?

BBC phone sex

You wanna roleplay pimping me out, letting all your friends fuck the hell out of my white pussy for money? Wanna fill this adorable cunt up with sticky, creamy cum, mhm! Oh yeah, I just love how your deep voice shakes in pleasure as you stare down at me, telling me to say I’m your white bitch. Fuck yes baby, make me your cumslut, I want you to ruin my pussy. Give me that BBC phone sex monster cock! Make it to where I can’t take those little white dicks ever again!

I need you to help me bring this wild BBC phone sex fantasy to life so call Tawny tonight at 888-662-6482 for BBC phone sex!

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