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hot phone sex fantasy

hot phone sex

Hello boys, I am August a dirty, filthy girl who loves to play.  Ohhhh, there is nothing better then heat and I love to burn it up with hot phone sex.  I love it when a caller can make me sweat and I get off along with him or her. *giggles* Wonder what your desire is while you are reading this?  Is your cock already hard and is it a nice, big, thick cock or is it a tiny pickle?  Either way I have something for you both.  Or better yet, I love a brand new fantasy that I have never even heard of.  Now what could that be?  What haven’t I heard?  Would love to hear what you have to say to make you dick drip and shoot hard.  That is always the best part for you and me.  Making a man shoot gets me so turned on.  Starting to sweat in my sheets with your hard breathing on the other end of my phone ummmmm. YES!

It is so much kinky, naughty fun when I take out my toys and play right along.  Or sometimes they have toys I get to tell them to use, and man that really makes it hot phone sex.  The more popular fetishes are amazing too, since I have had plenty of time to perfect them.  My dirty mind can go both ways.  Gets my pussy wet just thinking about the filthy desires I am going to be having when a kinky man with a hard cock who dials my number and asks for August.  You know who I am talking about.  It is you, now call me I am August and I am always wet for hot phone sex.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for August for hot phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

Taboo Phone Sex

You ever dream of having a sweet little blonde that you can use however you want? I love some taboo phone sex. I like it when you want me to do dirty things for you. I have one guy that calls that loves me to say some filthy phrases for him on repeat and it makes my little snatch just drip! I can’t help but play with my pussy when he calls! The taboo phone sex roleplay that he enjoys really gets me hot! Let’s just say I am his little princess and I do whatever he says. I enjoy being submissive on a taboo phone sex  roleplay like that. I know he loves my sweet southern accent and young voice.With me, you get to explore all those fantasies that run through your mind and sometimes consume your thoughts. I’m willing to learn what it is that gets you off and do everything in my power to please you. I know you probably imagine me down on my knees with my pretty pink lips open and ready to suck your cock. Maybe you want to make them nice and shiny with your pre-cum first. You may even want to rub that fat prick all over my face, and in between my tiny titties before shoving it in my mouth. I am a good little cock sucker too. I never neglect the balls ;P. You may even want to explore my tight little asshole too. Oh yeah, I’m totally into that too! I know a lot of girls are all like ew when it comes to anal , but not me! Sometimes you just HAVE to go there! Don’t let that opportunity pass you by ,for real! I can just imagine your big strong hands on my hips pulling me back on you.. see now I’m all horny and you need to call me! 1-888-662-6482


AIM:NaughtyLilLottie Yim: Naughty_Lil_Lottie

19 teen phone sex slut

teen phone sex

A desperate horny man doesn’t really care what age a woman is when it comes to sexual intercourse.  But, in my opinion, a real man knows where the best sex is at and that is teen phone sex.  You guys should already know which category you fall into but it is okay if you have no idea at all, a lot of us have no clue.  I personally enjoy the real men in bed because most desperate men and boys can’t handle a babe like me.  If you enjoy a barely legal 19 teen phone sex slut who has a cute face, perky tits and a tight young pussy then I’m your girl.  My name is Alba and I’ve only recently turned 19.  Though I am so young, I have a the kinkiest mind you’ll ever come across and I only have one fetish that’s always on my mind, being a 19 teen phone sex slut for a real man and constantly pleasing his dick.  I love to get your dick hard then make it soft again and over and over again getting you up and down is a fetish of mines..

I’m a young freak and I love to eat cum, drink cum, have cum squirted on my tight 19 teen body and have all my slutty holes filled up with cum until the cum is literally pouring out of my holes.  I simply love cum and I’m ready to drain your balls over and over again with my 19 teen fuck holes.  My perfect 19 teen body will have you coming back for more and I will take all of your cum each and every time like a 19 teen phone sex slut should.  If you think you’re a real man, or better yet, you know that you are a real man, then come get a taste of my sweet 19 teen juices before you have your way with my delicious 19 teen body.  I’m a freaky girl who’s down for absolutely anything, no matter how dirty.

My name is Alba, ask for me if you want the nastiest 19 teen phone sex girl around at 1 888 662 6482

Slutty BBW Phone Sex

BBW Phone Sex

I am the biggest slut around.  And I mean that literally.  I don’t care if all the guys and girls I know call me a fat slut to my face.  To me, that’s a hot fucking compliment.  If you haven’t experienced Slutty BBW Phone Sex with me, you truly haven’t experienced phone sex.  I get down and dirty and I have no limits or taboos.  You can probably tell that I have no limits just by looking at me, but I wanted to make it crystal clear.  No limits.  Call me for the nastiest and kinkiest phone talk. I am a very dirty talking BBW slut who really gets into.  Nasty sex is always on my mind.  If I can’t have cocks, I just break out my sex toys and pound my own holes.  I even keep sex toys in the glove compartment of my car.  Sometimes I have to pull over and get out a vibrator or dildo and get off.  I lick up the juices before I put the sex toys away for next time.

I’m a horny BBW and my fat and puffy pink pussy is always wet.  I think I was just meant to be this way and I don’t mind it at all.  I give in to all my dark and dirty desires.  You can take me any way you want and get as rough as you want.  I’ll be your slutty BBW phone sex girl or fuck bitch. I can also be your hot demanding BBW slutty Mistress.  Call me with your BBW slut fantasy for the nastiest phone fucking ever.  I will make you blow a load like only a hot slutty chubby chick like me can!

If you need Slutty BBW Phone Sex, pick up the phone and call 1-888-662-6482 and ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with Simone right now!

CBT phone sex fetish

CBT phone sex

I know exactly what you want. You love CBT phone sex. You like it when I take control, teasing and torturing you, and your cock and balls. You love having me in control, using and abusing you. Call me today and we will discuss what I will do next.

I love teasing and torturing guys who are always up to no good and making sure they know who is in charge. Now, Ronny, he is a husband who is always getting himself in trouble, cheated on his wife. So what do we do when someone has been bad and is in trouble? We start with the small stuff. Wrap his cock up in aluminum foil, nice and tight. While his cock gets hard, and the pressure from the aluminum foil makes him horny, I’ll make him start jacking off his cock, with the aluminum foil on. If he wants to masturbate, then he has to use the aluminum foil, he has no choice. The aluminum foil squeezing around his cock, and just as he starts to cum, the aluminum foil rips from him busting his load. Just because he is finished, does not mean I am. I take off the aluminum foil and one by one, I slowly clip 10 clothespins to his cock and balls. Now the first one, I’m sure it hurts, but in a good way. But as I slowly add more, he winces in the pain. But he’s not allowed to remove them. He needs to endure the pain. Because as his cock starts to harden again from the pleasure, the skin getting tighter, the clothespins holding onto his skin, I can see it driving him crazy. Have you been a bad boy?

Call me today so we can have fun, and I can teach you how to be a good boy an we can have some CBT phone sex at 1-888-642-6682.

AIM: Redhead_Emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

ebony ass worship phone sex Goddess

ass worship phone sex

Hey boo! it’s tha boss ass bitch, Arizona. One of my favorite kinds of calls is ass worship phone sex. I will purposly dress in skin tight jeans to show off every bit of the junk in my trunk. Being the ebony queen I am, I have pleanty of junk in my trunk. It’s true what they say about black girls, and asses- I just prove it. I mean, the saying does go if ya got it flaunt it, right? I have a nice ass, and I know it- so why shouldn’t I flaunt it? I love it when your eyes follow my hips side to side as I walk away from you. During our call I will expect you to be on your knees, with your face buried in my big, round booty.

Maybe I will have you imagine me dancing, bouncing my ass up and down on your lap while you squirm, and you get harder and harder while you watch my ass bounce. I love knowing that with just a simple movement of my hips, or a bounce of my ass I can make you do whatever I want during our ass worship phone sex session. Don’t let my sweet, innocent face fool you, boo! I will come up with some very cruel things to do to you if you don’t worship my ass just the way I like during our ass worship phone sex session. When you call I want you to tell me exactly how beautiful you think my soft, supple bubble butt is. I want to hear you moan with pleasure when I let you see my ass in a sexy pair of pink cheeky panties that highlight what a perfect ass I have.

Call ya boss ass bitch at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Arizona for ass worship phone sex!

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

barely legal 2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex

Hey Fellas! It’s Blake, your blonde hair, blue eyed phone sex addiction. I’ll bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been all this time….*wink* Well, I have been enjoying my summer, teasing and pleasing all kinds of guys. Oh my god, so I just totes had the most amazing dream…*giggles* I’ll bet you’re wondering what it was about aren’t you? I see that twitch beneath your pants just wondering what my dream was about. *wink* I think the dream came about because I have been craving a 2 girl phone sex session for a little while now.

My dream started off with my phone ringing, as it does during any call I get. This time however was different than any other call. It wasn’t just me and my sissy cum slut Stephanie this time. On the other end was Jennifer too! I dreamt that I had an amazing 2 girl phone sex call with Jennifer!  Guess what? Only a few hours later, I got the call for realz. Like isn’t that so amazing?

Who can resist a 2 girl phone sex call? It is double the pleasure and double the fun! *Wink* I like them even more when you bring two dominating women together, can really do a number on the sissy slut. Jennifer and I we are quite the pair. Having tons of men line up with their thick 10 inch cocks for our slut Stephanie to guzzle all of their cum. Having them abuse all of Stephanie’s slutty holes! The things these guys were doing during this 2 girl phone sex call, they are totes too descriptive to put here. You can call Jennifer and me and have a really great time! That is if you dare to get abused, fucked and spanked! Especially if you do not lap every last drop up, and do exactly what we tell you!

Call Goddess Blake and Jennifer if you dare for 2 girl phone sex right now at 1 (888) 662-6482.

AIM: bubblyblake4u
Yahoo: bubblyblake
Twitter: @bubblyblake4u

anything goes phone sex MILF

anything goes phone sex

Now I know you’re probably thinking I have heard women tell you they like anything goes phone sex before.  The difference in me and them is I really do mean anything.  I want to hear about every deep dark fantasy you have ever had, ever little thing that turns you on no matter how dirty, odd, or just plain ridiculous it is.  My desire is to please and give you an experience you will  never forget.  Setting the scene in a hot role play you been thinking about or being that taboo woman you have always lusted after.  Mmm my panties are getting wet even now thinking of the kinky and taboo.  The more naughty the fantasy the more naughty I will be.  Your dick will stand at attention for me when you call me for anything goes phone sex.

You will be twitching by the time my sexy hot mouth stops talking.  I want to hear you moan, and groan while I let all those filthy, and kinky thoughts out for you and I.  There is nothing more satisfying than anything goes phone sex. The endless possibilities are what make it one of my absolute favorite.  I love thinking of what you’re mind has cum  up with, what taboo topic you will reveal to me.  We can suck, lick, and suck for as long as you like, all we need is that secret desire you have been hiding from everyone.  I can’t wait to get your dick hard, and your balls aching when you call for anything goes phone sex.  So why not call me, and see just how well I listen, and desire to be part of your secret fantasy. I’m waiting for you, i’m waitng for anything…

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Leena for anything goes phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: MILFLeena

Big Tit Phone Sex

Hello guys! I hope you are having a great weekend. My husband is out of town once again, leaving me here all alone. He was only home for 48 hours before having to go out again. Do you think he pleased me at all while he was here? No, of course he didn’t I mean I know he is tired and all but most men would love to have a hot piece of ass waiting on them when they got home. This is the reason I am a cheating wife. This is the reason I have a back up side piece. I need a big fat cock to fuck. A woman of my age has needs and desires as well. I often crave a big cock to suck on or a role play for adults to enjoy. I know that some of you gentlemen really enjoy it when we do a naughty phone sex roleplay. I also know that these big ol titties of mine really get your attention. Some of you just can’t resist them. I know that when I go out I proudly put them on display. I wear tight fitting tank tops in the summer, low cut dresses, extra button open shirts with sexy lacy bras that peek-a-boo out. Sometimes I wear no bra at all just because I can. Knowing that you are admiring the full heavy breasts straining against the material really turns me on. When I am out on the dance floor more often than not, I can feel him getting ever so hard in his jeans. Sometimes I will reach back and give it a little squeeze just for fun! I love the attention that I am getting from the men I encounter. It makes me feel good knowing that I can turn you on. So , now it’s your turn to tell me what fantasy turns you on with some big tit phone sex! They don’t call me Lusty Busty Bobbi for nothing!

08 (4)

kinky 2 girl phone sex fantasies

2 girl phone sex

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. Do you know what I really enjoy? Having another girl to play with during 2 girl phone sex. I love the way a girls mouth feels when I shove her head down onto my perfect pussy. I also love bringing her to the edge of release, and not cum-pleting the job. I mean I’m sure you love to watch the way she and I play with each other, and having us both playing with your cock. That is, if we decide to involve you in any way other than watching the two of us have fun. That could be fun for you, right? Involving you could mean two different things, though. I mean we could be fawning over it, and sharing it between the two of us.. or you could have both of us teasing you, and driving you crazy with the need to cum for the both of us. I’m sure we will have you begging to let you finish by the time we are both done with you.I am sure we will both keep bringing you to the edge, and not letting you finish time and time again while we play, boo.

I mean, would you seriously expect anything less from someone as fierce, fresh and fabulous as this? I mean come on, now! I think we could both have some fun during 2 girl phone sex, even if you are just watching on the sidelines, boo. I bet you might even be able to convince her to clean up your cock after you have my juices all over it, if you ask her nicely enough. Wanna hear more about what my girl and I would do to drive you crazy?

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for tha boss ass bitch, Arizona and a friend for 2 girl phone sex

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