Spanking Phone Sex with Eliza

Oh my, oh my. Have you been a naughty boy again? Well then, you know exactly what you have to do then. You just pick up your phone and call me for the spanking phone sex that you so desperately need. You know that I’m going to bend you over my knee and paddle you until you scream like a dainty girl with a skinned knee. That’s what you get for stealing my panties when I have told you so many times to stop. We both know that you did it on purpose because you wanted this punishment. I think you like these spanking phone sex punishments so this time and I’m really going to make you feel it. I am going to turn it up this time.

spanking phone sex

I’ve got a flogger with lots of skinny tassels and when I whip your ass it’s going to sting something fierce. Your bum is going to be covered in red welts and you won’t be able to sit on it for days without whimpering or crying. Serves you right you nasty boy! Also, it will make you think of me when you try to sit. And there’s something else you’ve been up to that I recently discovered. You have been using my dildo!! Which is another reason why I’m so angry with you and why you are going to get such a harsh whooping with spanking phone sex. You just never learn, do you? Well maybe if your ass is so sore you can’t sit on it without lots of pain it will be a reminder to be a good boy. If not…then I suppose you better get used to me whipping that ass again and again! Because dirty pervs like you need to be put in their place!

Call Eliza at 1 888 662 6482 for spanking phone sex.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Quinn

Do you want to know why I’m such a cheating wife phone sex whore?  Because my husband never wants to fuck me anymore. It isn’t like he was swinging a giant cock or anything but at least he did try for a while.  But now as he has gotten older,  I think he has an issue with rising to the occasion if you know what I mean.  He’s just too ashamed to admit he’s always got a limp dick and can’t get it up…like ever!  I’ve begged him to go get checked out because something could be seriously wrong, but his pride won’t let him.  So, if I’m not going to get fucked by him, then I’m going to get it anywhere else that I can. 
cheating wife phone sex
I am not the kind of woman who can go without taking a throbbing prick.  Can you blame me for being a cheating wife phone sex whore?  If your woman wasn’t taking care of you, wouldn’t go looking for pussy somewhere else?  Well, you can call me!  I’ll fuck you all damn night if you can handle it.  I don’t even bother to try to get my husband interested anymore.  Why keep begging when I can go to any store or bar or anywhere in town and have men falling all over me.  Wouldn’t you fuck this hot cheating wife phone sex whore if I approached you?  Baby, we’d be in the back of your car so fast and within seconds I’d be bouncing on that cock, riding you until we both explode.  Don’t let this delicious, sweet pussy go to waste.  Pick up that phone and call this cheating wife phone sex whore and let’s fuck until we have no energy left!  Can’t wait to hear from you…so don’t make me wait!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Quinn

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Caroline

My husband loves when I bring him sweet treats for dessert, but his absolute favorite nighttime snack is when I serve him up a fresh, warm cream pie. Oh, sure, he loves the kind you get at the bakery too – he is a man, so he’s happy when his stomach is satisfied – but we all know that’s not the type of cream pie I’m talking about here. If you’re a sucker for dessert too, you know you’re a sucker for cream pie phone sex, and there’s no sweeter cream pie phone sex than what you get when you call Sweet Caroline.

cream pie phone sex

You’ll love my syrupy sweet southern belle voice, dripping with sex while my beautiful cougar pussy drips with another man’s sticky, creamy juices. You’ll love the way his creamy goodness mixes with my southern hospitality, creating a recipe for the sweetest southern delicacy one could ever hope to have the pleasure to sample. Cream pie phone sex with Sweet Caroline is as rich and sweet a dessert as the best of death by chocolate, especially because there’s a good chance that cum was deposited there by a nice, thick, big black cock.

Grab that favorite mug of yours and pour yourself a big ol’ cup of joe, or do you prefer a cup of espresso with your sweetest desserts? Whatever it is, you’re going to need it because when Sweet Caroline brings home dessert, she brings home the biggest and the best. I guarantee you that cream pie phone sex with me is the best thing on the dessert cart, creamier than the finest of your fancies. Tastier than any tart on the table.

Cum on, sugar plum – you know you want to taste it. Show me that you saved room for dessert and call Sweet Caroline at 1 888 662 6482 for cream pie phone sex tonight! Don’t forget your napkin! <3 <3 <3

Mature Phone Sex MILF Porscha

Does your kinky sex fantasy crave someone who isnt going to be all giggly and silly on the end of the phone? Granted those giggly voices have their time and place for certain fantasies but lets face it every so often you crave a more mature phone sex woman to guide your fantasies.

mature phone sex

Well your search is over for I definitely fit the bill on that mature MILF voice. I have never denied or hit the fact that I am of a certain age. That age more suited for a cheating housewife, naughty neighbor or perhaps your best friend’s well you get the idea. My sexual experience come across in my sexual fantasies and in my voice.

Now when you think of someone of a more mature age do not confuse me as the prudish neighbor down the street. I am more that flirty neighbor that you lived next door when you were in college. The one constantly eyeing you up like you were candy. That sassy more mature cougar lady.

Sorry I am definitely distracting myself with visions of my last lawn boy and his shirtless body. Hmmmm this is going to be a long and horny day. What I am trying to get at is we can talk about anything even those wonderful taboo scenarios you jerked off to say when you were in college.

Perhaps you had a college professor that got your cock throbbing. Hmm I think that role play could be quite fun and this mature phone sex woman would love to keep you after class.

1-888-662-6482 is the number to call my name is Porscha and love to be the naughty MILF to your taboo fantasy today.

2 Girl Phone Sex with Tamra

What’s like every guy’s dream?  Two have two crazy hot sluts at once…right?  Fuck yeah!  The easiest way to have your dream threesome is with 2 girl phone sex.  All you have to do is pick the girl you want to join us and boom, we have your perfect threesome waiting for you.  There are so many roleplays we can do too.  You can come up with anything that you have been fantasizing about or leave it to us.  We have no restrictions or taboos so we can do whatever you want!  You can finally have two pussies to fuck, two asses to stretch and pound, two mouths to stuff your dick in and gag and choke on your thick hard meat. 

2 girl phone sex

What would be your ultimate 2 girl phone sex fantasy?  One of us riding the other girl’s face while you slam your cock in the other one’s pussy?  Maybe you want one of us grinding your face while the other rides your dick and fingers your ass?  Mmmm all I know is I’m getting really wet thinking of the nasty things we can do for our 2 girl phone sex session.  I hope you have as dirty a mind as I do.  Cuz the way I see it if you’re going to live out a fantasy why not do it to the max?  How about a wild fantasy of you kidnapping two slutty friends and forcing them to be your fuck slaves forever? See?  OMG, there are sooooo many kinky scenarios for 2 girl phone sex.  And believe me, it can get as crazy as you like.  So bring lots of lube cuz something tells me you may be shooting more than one load with all the nasty hot fun we’re going to have!

Call us at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tamra and a friend!

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Naomi

So who the fuck do you think you’re fooling with that macho act? Not Me, I assure you. I see right through you, buttercup, and I know what a true sissy slut you really are. It’s like I have X ray vision and I can see the panties you have on under those jeans. Like a skilled wood carver can pick up a piece of wood and see what beautiful thing he’s going to whittle it into, I can look at you and see the not-so-delicate flower underneath that stubble and honey child, it’s time you call Me for some sissy training phone sex so we can pull that nasty little slut out of you for once and for all!

sissy training phone sex

Baby, you gotta be true to yourself. It’s time to loosen up and be you. Sissy training phone sex will definitely help you – you’ll feel like a whole new you, sexy and ready to take on the world! I don’t do anything half assed, so trust Me honey, you are going to be well-decked and hot as fuck by the time I finish with you. Then, once I’ve made sure you got it, I’m gonna make sure you know what to do with it! You won’t recognize what you see in the mirror, especially once that makeup has been smeared from that cock you’ll be choking on. Your little clit will thank you for calling Me and begging Me for My brand of sissy training phone sex – you will be the absolute best sissy bitch slut you can be when Queen Naomi has Her way with you.

The question is, are you ready for it? Are you ready to commit yourself to sissy training phone sex with Someone who won’t let you fuck around with it? If you are, then put that pretty little finger of yours to the dial pad and dial 1 888 662 6482 and start begging for time with Queen Naomi!! 

MILF Phone Sex with Shayla

Hi sexy, what fantasy do you have today?? How about a sweet loving MILF? Perhaps you need a teasing or maybe even a spanking, Or maybe your just in need of having my wet lips wrapped tightly around your thick hard cock while I bounce up and down moaning intensely. I love hot MILF phone sex its such a turn on for me. there is nothing that gets my pussy more drenched then being spied on while I am undressing or that feeling of someone peaking in on me while I am touching myself in the shower getting clean and dirty. Was that you  looking in my window and stroking that hard cock? You are such a pervert and I love it. I think you need to just pick up that phone and call me!

MILF phone sex

I am inviting you to come relax and enjoy a little time with me. Lets try any hot MILF phone sex role play you desire.  What is your most wanted sexual fantasy or what fetish you may be curious about and want a hot MILF to act out with you, whatever you desire, I will take good care of you! You know you want it. That experience that only a hot MILF brings to phone sex. The term MILF is not just a label. It is a mature woman that you want to fuck for sure!! That experience, that time in experience and understanding makes hot MILF phone sex a bit hotter and a whole lot kinkier. That personal experience with age that allows you to get kinky and wild and explore the fantasies you love or  want to try something new that has you curious. And someone who has been there to guide you or even push you just a little bit to be a bit more adventurous. pick up that phone now. I’m hot and horny and waiting to play.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Shayla.


Also follow me on Twitter @hotmilfshayla


Naughty Phone Sex Panty Boys with Courtney

Happen to put on my favorite pair of panties today. They are black cotton bikini panties with a thick red lace detail around the waist and leg opening. Now I am sure some phone sex panty boys have some favorite pairs of panties in their little lingerie stash. Think today would be the perfect day for you to share what pair you love to wear.

phone sex panty boys

Do you have a certain pair that gets you feeling rather naughty?

Maybe you have a pair of panties that you love to wear out and about when working or running errands? Ohh maybe your not that open with your fetish for wearing panties yet.

Oh I know maybe your the sort of phone sex panty boy that enjoys collecting women’s dirty panties for your naughty time? Well if that is the case then we really need to talk. Cause I use to have someone steal my panties all the time. Can tell you which pairs of my panties seem to go missing and it might surprise you. Or maybe not for I am sure your a connoisseur of women’s undergarments.

Well I think I have shared where my mind is today and hopefully there are a few naughty phone sex panty boys who would love to share where their mind’s are going today with me. You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney and if your lucky I will still have these panties on.


School Girl Phone Sex with Autumn

Some people might disagree with me but I don’t think that you’re ever too old to roleplay school girl phone sex. Do you agree? I find myself thinking about the teachers that I had a crush on in school even now. I still live close to where I went to school, so sometimes I run into them around town. One of them I see a lot and I still fantasize about him. He wasn’t strict but he was not really approachable either. At least he wasn’t approachable for other students. I often found myself in the role of teacher’s pet. I only wish that it had meant the kinky stuff that I know that could mean now. I’d have been more than happy to have worn a collar for him and rested at his feet in class. Anyway, yeah, he was and is still hot. I still get wet for teachers.

school girl phone sex

Do you find yourself having school girl phone sex fantasies? If so then maybe we can talk and have some role play together. There is a reason that the school student and teacher or professor roleplays are so popular. It’s because they’re sexy as can be. A lot of people have these fantasies and they don’t always go away just because you’ve graduated or leave just because you’re not an actual teacher. Anyone can be a teacher in phone sex, right? Yes, I can too, if you want me to be a teacher that gets involved with a female student with you. A yummy after class threesome? Yes, please, let’s do that too. I want to be the best school girl that you have ever had so if I have misbehaved I will go above and beyond to make it up to you, I promise. Can you imagine that happening?






Anything Goes Phone Sex with Nicole

Anything goes phone sex means that we can do anything that we want to. I know that sounds self explanatory but sometimes men forget that I am truly a taboo and no limits phone slut for their enjoyment I’m not going to turn down a sexual encounter with you over the phone, no matter how freaky it may be. Sometimes it’s the freaky and wild ones that put me over the edge and guarantee that I’ll have an amazing orgasm. Who the hell wants limits when you’re talking about phone fantasies anyway? Not this woman, that’s for sure. I want to hear those juicy tidbits and taboo ideas that get your cock hard and make you stroke and call me up. I want to know what turns you on like crazy. I’m sure that there are some things that we both fantasize about and that will get us off hard.

anything goes phone sex

Have you found yourself so turned on that it is difficult to tell anyone what has you so excited? You can rest assured that you will never have the craziest, nastiest or strangest phone sex call request. There are so many different interesting kinky things to talk about that it’s exciting for me to hear some of the more hardcore or unique fetishes or kinks. Don’t worry about it being too strange. That’s a bunch of crap, just have fun and get off with anything goes phone sex. I’m probably way dirtier than you are. If I’m not I name you as my corrupter to make me the nastiest fuck slut ever. Are you up for the challenge to pervert me even more? I’ll take all of the hot and raunchy phone sex calls that you’re up for and become your naughty whore. I’m naughty, but I’m good at it.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Nicole.

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