Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sandy

You have yourself a lovely wife and a happy marriage, right? Well nearly happy. You keep her happy in some ways and your buddy, boss, neighbor (insert someone else) is keeping her happy in the bedroom. It’s probably been pretty obvious lately that whenever she’s not on her period she has a  headache. Now you have a throbbing hard cock and an overactive imagination about what your beautiful wife is up to. You call a woman like me for cheating wife phone sex because the idea of your woman being fucked by someone else gets you ridiculously hot. Well, guess what? I am all about it too. You can roleplay with me being your cheating wife or we can talk about all of the cock that she’s taking while you’re busy jacking off with me. It’s a super hot fantasy, thinking about her being an insatiable slut for big dick.

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  cheating wife phone sex confessions

Cuckolding and cheating wife phone sex make up some of my favorite phone sex calls. I enjoy the roleplay of it and I enjoy the conversations that I have with men like you. Some of you have very specific fantasies about who and what your wives are doing. I love hearing about the details of your kinky desires. There are no limits, and that means that you can bring me any cheating fantasy that gets you off. I’m a taboo woman too, if you’re into those sorts of fantasies. Gangbangs, swingers, whatever you want to talk about is fine with me. The dirtier the better. No one else has to know how nasty we get with one another on the phone when we talk about your hotwife. Of course, if they knew they’d want a piece of her pussy too, you know it. Call me and confess those fantasies.




Giantess Phone Sex with Autumn

Hi, you, yeah you, down there! I am having the worst day. I went to this specialist in natural medicine and he promised to make me a few inches taller. Do you see me though? He must have heard it as a few feet taller because I am giantess size now. He said he had always had giantess phone sex fantasies and that he was going to make me a real-life giantess. I don’t know what to do, I grew so quickly that I burst out of my clothes and then out of my house. Please don’t run, I won’t hurt you. Why are you covering your ears? Is my voice THAT loud? Oh no, I’m sorry. Oh no, is it raining? No, I’m crying. Oh no, I’ll never get any help to get back to normal size if my voice is booming and my tears are splashing all around.


giantess phone sex

Do you have giantess phone sex fantasies? If so maybe we can have some fun while I wait for the opportunity to confront that doctor and get the antidote to this growth. I’m blushing when you see the puddle under my panties. I can’t help it. Every function that I normally have is still happening, they’re just larger. So now that I’m excited, well, it’s a creek of pussy juice. Imagine how it will feel to explore me all over? I bet that your feet hands and body will feel pretty exciting wiggling all over me though, want to find out? Being a huge giantess might not be all that bad. Imagine how loud it will be when I have an orgasm? It will be like a thunderstorm. Now I have to find out about that. There is so much to discover and experiment with, want to join me?





Blasphemy Phone Sex with Bailey

 There’s something in the air and it’s certainly wicked. It has me craving religious roleplays. The energy in the air has me craving blasphemy phone sex. Do you want to get your cock out and talk to a sinfully wonderful girl that will curse god with you and act out your most blasphemous fantasies? I want to do it all. Let me be the naughty catholic school girl that has impure thoughts and comes to you to talk about them. Will you be the married man in my sunday school class that I am desperately hot for and will tease you until you relent and fuck me in the bathroom at church? Sure, god will be mad and we would need to ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not all it’s cracked up to be. I won’t be the least bit sorry for committing the sins of the flesh with you.
blasphemy phone sex
Does sin make your dick hard? It makes my pussy so goddamn wet. It gets even wetter when I hear your voice calling god out. When we curse the holy father and his son together my juices start to really flow. They’ll taste so goddamn good that you’ll swear it’s holier than any wine that you’ve ever had in church. I’ll gladly accept your cum while on my knees at the altar too. It will be hot to be on my knees in church sucking your cock. The images of god and Jesus above us while we fornicate will just make me wetter and make you harder. My body was built for sin so you should take full advantage of that and have some fun. Don’t you want to sin with a naughty hottie like me? We will curse the gods and masturbate until we’re both crying out.
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Phone Sex Girlfriend Tamra

Are you going to be lonely again this weekend? Oh, you poor thing.  I think you should call me and let me be your phone sex girlfriend.  You simply shouldn’t be so horny and lonely.  No guy should have to jerk off alone.  It is tragic, sweetie.  But with me as your phone sex girlfriend, you don’t have to do that anymore.  Instead, you can listen to my sexy voice tell you how I’m touching my sweet, creamy pussy.  I’ll even let you listen as I finger fuck my juicy cunt.  I have some toys I can get out to use on our call too.  And I want to listen to you yank your meat while I fuck my pussy.  We can cum together.  There’s no reason why you should have to jizz alone when you can have a hot, kinky slut like me for your phone sex girlfriend! 
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I can be any fantasy girl you want too.  What’s your hottest fantasy?  I can be the cock tease next door, your step-sister, cousin, a babysitter from when you were little, or even a sexy school teacher you fantasized about back in the day.  I can be anything you need and want in a phone sex girlfriend all you have to do is confide in me.  I’m here to make you happy and take away your loneliness however you wish.  I want to make you feel good and feel loved.  When you’re on a call with me I’m going to make you feel like you are a King!  So don’t sit there all alone feeling sad.  I promise you will find everything you need in this cock hungry slut and you will probably fall in love.  Call me…let me be your dream girl tonight.
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18 Teen Phone Sex with Tawny

Who would have thought 18 teen phone sex could get my tight pussy so fucking wet?!?! I could tell from the second I answered the phone that my sweet innocent voice was getting his cock hard, and the more I thought about it the wetter I got. I told him I would be a good girl, and do whatever he told me to do because I just wanted to be rewarded with his yummy cum. He started telling me all the things he wanted to do to this tight body of mine, and I had to press my knees together to relieve some of the tension.
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But, once he started talking about how he wanted to feel just how wet my tight teen pussy was for him, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to touch myself! My bald cunnie was soaked, and i just had to tell him how it tasted. I put the phone to my mouth and let him listen while I sucked my sweet juices off of my slender fingers. I could tell I was driving him crazy just by pleasing myself. He instructed me to rub circles on my tiny rose bud clit, and I listened like the good 18 teen phone sex whore that I am. It just left me panting and wanting more. I begged him to let me slide just one finger in to relieve some of the pressure built up in my pussy, and when he finally let me I just couldn’t help the sweet little moans that fell from my soft pink lips. I was so tight and ready that just one finger was enough to put me over the edge. We came at the same time, and it was unbelievable just how good 18 teen phone sex could make me feel. It just left me craving more!

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Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex with Sandy

Being fucked by a big cock, or having a thick dick to jerk off are just two ways that the male anatomy can bring me pleasure. There are so many other ways that a man’s cock and balls can satisfy me. One of the ways that I can enjoy a man’s dick and family jewels is with cock and ball torture phone sex. I have one massive evil streak. Having a pain slut at my mercy who has asked for cock and ball torture makes me a happy sadist. Sometimes I like to punch their balls in roleplay. Other times I want to kick your balls so hard your eyes cross. Then you drop to your knees where you belong. Most of the time, though I prefer to use instruments on them and put you through living hell for my wicked amusement. Are you ready to suffer for me?cock and ball torture phone sex

Some men can’t imagine why a person would want to have their precious cock and balls put through excruciating pain and torture. There could be any number of reasons why someone gets off on pain. What I’m concerned with is making the pain happen. If you want to tell me why you deserve the abuse and torment, OK. I won’t push you on it though. It’s just that I am one evil bitch, and I want to hear you scream. I thoroughly enjoy hearing you in agony and I only wish that I could deliver this torture in person. Considering how maniacal I am it’s probably in your best interest that we’re separated by a phone line. Don’t you think? The way that I thrive on your misery is a bad sign of how it would go down if I could get my claws into your dick and balls





18 Teen Phone Sex with Spencer

Hi guys! How was the first month of 2020 for you? I hope it was good and I hope that you had your fair share of 18 teen phone sex. It’s okay if you didn’t do it with me yet, but I think you totally should. I love having fun taboo calls with you and I know you’ll think I am tons of fun! I don’t have any limits that I can think of and I will always make sure you’re satisfied. My favorite part of calls is making you cum really hard and hearing that. It makes me feel so good about myself when I know that you are happy and your cock just shot a big load.

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Make sure that when you call me, you tell me what kind of roleplay or fantasy you have. I love hearing what all you pervy guys are into! There are SO many fun things to talk about and it gets me excited that I never know what it’s gonna be when I answer the phone to talk to all of you. You keep me on my toes (and on my back) and it’s so awesome. If your wife tells you no when you ask for certain roleplays, fuck that! I won’t tell you no. Unlike her, I want you to be sexually happy and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you are. I’m excited just thinking about it and I hope you are, too.

When you’re ready for some 18 teen phone sex that will include your most deepest and darkest fantasies, call me! I really want to know all of the naughty things that are on your mind. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer. I’m ready for you, baby! Let’s get this really dirty party started!

GFE Phone Sex with Autumn

I have a lot of kinky phone calls and talk about domination and submission. I also like having GFE phone sex. My friends tell me that I am a good listener and can cheer them up when they’re having a hard day. Why don’t you let me do that for you? We can talk about anything that’s on your mind. I like to hear about what’s on your mind and what your thoughts are on things. I’m really hoping to be the phone girl to give you the girlfriend experience. All of our  calls don’t have to be chit chat, we can make love and masturbate together too, of course. I’m just saying that I can be the one you go to when you’ve had a long day and just need to vent about your boss, traffic, or your loud neighbors. You can call me to tell me good news.

gfe phone sex

GFE phone sex is one of the first things that I thought about when I first started to take phone sex calls on the site. I’m a people pleaser, I enjoy making others happy. When your real world girlfriend nags you or upsets you there is always your phone girlfriend that you can go to. I’ll do whatever I can to take your mind off of the upsetting news in the world. Unlike real world women I don’t tell you no. Part of that is because I am submissive and want to please you to the highest level. The other part is that you probably hear no enough in real life. I know that I do. I’m not talking strictly about sex, just no in general. We can talk about your favorite movies or books, music, your family, pets (also family, am I right?), whatever you like. I can’t wait.







Humiliation Phone Sex with Bree

It’s your job to cheer me up today. Am totally serious. I am sitting here staring out my window and its raining non stop. Last week it was snow and this week its huge ass rain drops. So I am one pouty princess in need of some humiliation phone sex.

humiliation phone sex

Yup giggling and laughing my sexy hot ass off at you will improve my mood. Well you yourself wont but telling me about the fact your small dick hasnt been hard in eons is a good way to get me smiling.

I know you wanna make me smile. After all I look so fucking hot with a smile over my sweet pink lips. Course why stop with small dick humiliation when we can keep on going cause I am sure your little dick hasnt gotten laid in eons either. So ya lets dive into some cuckold fantasies while were at it. Lord knows I can never get enough big cock action.

Ya I know you love hearing my sexy big cock stories too makes you wish you really were my fluffer boy right? Ha dont worry I can make you beg to suck some cream from my hot tight pussy.

Know what just thinking about the stuff we can chat about for a humiliation phone sex call is starting to put me in a good mood. So just need your lame ass to call me and help get the giggles really started. Cause lets face it humiliation phone sex fantasies are way hotter when you have a bratty princess like myself laughing at you.

Just ask for Bree when you call 1-888-662-6482

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Harlow

If you have found that you’re stroking your cock while thinking about being a sissy slut, then you need to be on the phone calling me for sissy training phone sex. I’m more than happy to teach you how to become the perfect sissy. Maybe you want to be dressed up in some pretty panties and a bra on your knees. You probably want to have a juicy cock down your throat, don’t you? I bet you’ve been thinking about sucking cock since you started jerking off. Did you always think about wearing panties or is that a new thing for you?

sissy training phone sex

No matter how long you’ve wanted to be a sissy, you need to be the very best that you can be. You don’t want to half-ass anything because if you do, you are never going to get that cock you so desperately want. If you don’t make sure you take your time and do a really good job getting dressed up, nobody’s going to want to fuck your mouth. You might argue that you could go to a bar and get a drunk guy, but if you don’t look pretty, not even a drunk guy will want to put his dick in your mouth.

There are so many things that go into becoming a perfect sissy slut. Hair, nails, makeup, learning to walk in heels, waxing your body, learning to suck cock, and training your ass to take a big fat cock. So you’d better have a dildo ready and waiting when you call me for sissy training phone sex. I’ll teach you how to use it to turn your ass into your brand new pussy.

Go get your phone right now and call me for sissy training phone sex! My name is Harlow and my number is 1 888 662 6482.

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