Humiliation Phone Sex with Harlow

I fucking love humiliation phone sex with losers like YOU. Yes, you. You would have scrolled right by this post if you didn’t think you deserved a little bit of humiliation. Or a lot of humiliation. You stare at women like me all the time. You know you will never be able to get a woman like me to pay attention to you, so you just drool over us from afar. You have NOTHING going for you. You have a dead end job. You have a face only a mother could love. You need to stop spending so much time at the buffet. And that poor excuse for a dick? Oh, that will not do. It won’t do at all.

humiliation phone sex

Of course I could humiliate you without you saying a word. I could make you feel like the smallest most unimportant person in the world. I could probably even make you cry. But I love making you tell me about all of the embarrassing experiences you’ve had. It makes me so happy to hear about all of the women who have turned you down. It makes me happy to hear about all of the women who have pretended to be interested in you just to get money and gifts from you. And it REALLY makes me happy to hear about all of the times you’ve tried to fuck a woman but your pathetic dick just hasn’t been good enough. You probably are a premature ejaculator too, aren’t you? You probably cum before you can even get the key in the ignition, don’t you? I bet there’s a pretty good chance you’re still a virgin.

What in the world are you waiting for, loser? Get your phone and get prepared for some pretty severe humiliation phone sex. Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

Kinky Phone Sex Girl Kassidy Loves Voyeur Fantasies

The weather has changed quickly on the west coast. Swear it was just last week this kinky phone sex girl was out wandering the trails in a short skirt and bikini top. Hey looking sexy trumps all sensibility in my books. Now I am literally having to wear pants and a hoodie. Not very sexy in my books unless your attracted to that cute girl next door gfe look. Which I can totally rock btw!

kinky phone sex girl

Ok so why do I bring up the weather. Its not some odd fetish though I could totally get behind a weather girl sex fantasy. Just saying it could be fun. But the reason I bring up the change in the weather is due to now I cant go out in the woods and fuck. See its not that I am a total voyeur and love the idea of getting caught but I do have to say there is something crazy hot about being out there with the smell of the trees and wet leaves and just fucking in the woods. That small chance of getting caught by a fellow hiker. Maybe its a group of male hikers that have been watching us go at it for a bit and feel the need to join in. Who knows!

Anyways I wont know as the weather is just not agreeing with the whole kinky phone sex girl out in the wilderness voyeur fantasy. There are no leaves on the trees to hide behind. So instead I have to live out my kinky fantasies via the phone. Not complaining in the least but just saying its gonna be a bit different. Course the voyeur fantasies will get much more kinkier.

Wait is that even an expression.. Much more kinkier? Gawd even my brain is craving some hot sex it cant form sentences any more.

If you like me and love the idea of fucking in the woods then give me a call 1-888-662-6482 ask for Kassidy your kinky phone sex girl who loves voyeur fantasies.

Interracial Phone Sex with Arizona

The other day I got a call from a white boy who knows the truth. He understands that during interracial phone sex I am the superior one, and he is supposed to serve me and my needs because everyone knows this fierce fresh and fabulous bitch is as close to perfect as they come. I love the fact that he was even willing to help me teach those pathetic white bitches their place, too! I love the ideas we came up with together. Don’t think I’ll give that away though, boo. All I can tell you is we all know that saying, right? You know the one. Once you go black, you never go back. I shocked this stupid white boy (in a good way) with how evil, dirty and naughty my plan is.

interracial phone sex

Silly white girls just don’t know the way things are. They say all these bad things about girls who are black being “ghetto” or any other complaints, but let’s think about this- they have surgery and spend all kinds of money to look like I do naturally. Tanning doesn’t really even work for them. They don’t get mocha skin as pretty as mine, no. They come out orange, and you can totally tell it’s fake as can be. They get cosmetic surgery to get tits as sexy and squeezable as mine, but again they come out looking fake as hell. That’s why this white boy knows the truth. He knows that his tiny dick is worthless to a perfect black diva like myself. After we came up with our plan he couldn’t help himself, and called me back so we could talk more about the details that needed to be worked out.

I am sure you want to hear all about those details. Just call 1-888-662-6482, and ask for your boss ass bitch, Arizona!


Humiliation Phone Sex with Luciee

Humiliation phone sex to me is my passion, I love everything about it. Let me introduce myself I’m Princess Luciee, a little BITCH, yes you heard me right, I just love getting off from your stupidity. All sissy boys, small dick boys,and slaves are mine to have, just remember one thing you need me… I will never need you! I’m the princess that you will love and take good care of, meaning pay my bills, shower me with tips, send me gift card all the time just for no reason. In return, well I think you know what I will do for you, just talking to you should be enough. But I will give you some of my attention, very little but some. I do have an Ignore Line for all of you that don’t deserve my attention, and yes, you will use it. I like nothing more than to ignore your sad ass and talk to one of my girlfriend while you are on the phone paying for me. So get your head out of your ass and start calling me for the most amazing humiliation phone sex ever.

humiliation phone sex

I love making you do silly little task for me looking even more stupid then even I thought you could be…hahaha. I would like for you to worship me and want to obey all my demands even while I’m humiliating you. You will become addicted to me very fast and will always want to call me over and over just so I can totally make fun of your sorry pathetic ass. You ask why do I waste my time with losers like you well the answer is that all you freaky little losers will spoil me rotten in return.

I will be waiting to hear from you and humiliate you to tears, with my humiliation phone sex call me. Luciee 1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo: foxyluciee

Humiliation Phone Sex with Tamra

I am all about humiliation phone sex. Every now and then a man needs to be put in his place and I am more than happy to oblige. There must be something about having a woman sexy as fuck telling you what a worthless piece of shit you are. Not sure why that is the case, but I fucking love to do it. Maybe you have a small penis, are a crossdresser or a cuckold or it could be a myriad of other reasons that make you crave that degradation. No matter the motivation, I will get in your head and fuck with you as long as your credit card approves. And more than that, I will enjoy it. Your pain is my pleasure. Every time you moan or whimper because I told you the cold hard truth, it makes my pussy get wetter and wetter.

humiliation phone sex

That is probably the first time you ever got a woman wet, right? You are such a pathetic excuse for a man after all. I might give you some homework to do and report back to me. I might send you to an adult bookstore to pull some glory hole time. You will call me while you are sucking on all those strange cocks and tell me that you deserve to be used like a whore. Thank me for my time and send me a gift card or a tip. Who knows what I might make you do, but it is going to be demeaning and you will do it gladly just to please me. That is always the goal, after all, to please and serve me no matter what I tell you to do. I need blind devotion from my humiliation phone sex sluts.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tamra for humiliation phone sex.

Gmail: WildRedheadTamra

Phone Sex Domina Shiva

Here is the rather important thing you need to know about this Phone Sex Domina I will not have sex with a submissive. Yes that means even in your wildest sexual dreams my pussy will not touch that what you consider a cock.

phone sex domina

In fact, your rather lucky I let your lips touch my body when I say kiss my feet or my ass. Where I let you place those lips will depend on my mood. Generally when I say suck my toes its to get you to shut the fuck up. Why is it you submissive fuck ups have such a hard time with keeping your mouth shut?

After all its my words that are the most important. My voice that should be the one filling the air. You called to hear what I have to say. Dont ever speak over this phone sex domina. For what I will do you will not enjoy. Dont go thinking I will be punishing you for you will sorely be mistaken.

No I am not going to sit here and type out what I will do to punish your for speaking over me for that is just a waste of my time and why fill you in on your punishment. I hate preparing a slave in such a fashion. Obey from the start or fear the consequences.

Now back to what is important. You knowing your worthless place in this phone sex domina’s world. Which is pleasing me by keeping your mouth shut and knowing your place. When I ask you a question you answer it and please answer it with the truth not some made up line you think I want to hear. Nothing pisses me off more than you doing that what ever pleases you Mistress. Course its what ever pleases me but I also need to know where you limits lie.

You may reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with phone sex domina Shiva.

Cougar Phone Sex with Fiona

If you saw me on the street, you’d have a hard time looking away. I’ve noticed an alarming number of sexy younger men just dying to give my MILF body a lip-licking look over. You know, those sexy younger men who always undress you with their eyes. I want them to know that I’m not just here for a beautiful view. I’m also here for all your cougar phone sex fantasies.

cougar phone sex

I’m a gorgeous woman with a very sexy voice. Not too young and definitely not too old, but I have all the experience that a younger stud would expect with a cougar phone sex babe. So come on over and be a good boy; I’ll show you a sexy trick or two. Role-plays and fantasies are my forte. I just love catering to all sorts of kinky fantasies. Even if you think they might seem cliche. I want to let my hair down and have a ton of fun with you.

Your best friend’s mom has nothing on my cougar phone sex abilities. I’m going to seduce every younger stud I see. Have them convinced they absolutely have to have me. That I’m the answer to all their sexual desires. I can outlast most of the men I’ve fucked, so you don’t have to worry about tiring me out. I’m always ready and raring to go.

In fact, the amount of younger studs I’ve seduced and brought into my bedroom is quite high. Almost as high as my libido. You know you’re interested in fucking your cougar of a teacher, next door neighbor, friend’s mom, step-mother, and so much more. The possibilities are endless with me really. I love younger men and just can’t get enough of catering to their kinky fantasies. I like having my own entertained as well. Just dial me up and we’ll have one nasty fuck-fest of a call together. I can promise you one wild ride into cougar phone sex land. So come on baby, hop on and let’s go!

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Courtney

Go on tell me that view of my ass doesnt get you craving some ass worship phone sex.

Go on I can wait.

ass worship phone sex

Just stare at my perfect ass cheeks and how that pink thong just enhances my sweet derierre. Yup figured it your already imagining running your tongue down along that super soft cotton thong panties. Sure you can wish that my panties were removed but see here is the thing I enjoy teasing.

So untill you prove that your tongue is gonna lick my ass the way I like those panties are not going anywhere. Yes that is how I work my ass worship phone sex fantasies. I remain in charge. Not in a super strong dominant way but in a very soft, sensual woman in charge of things type of way. Trust me the way I will sensually dominate you will have your mouth and cock drooling for more.

More of my sweet ass that is.

Before you ask yes this is one of my favorite positions to have you worship my ass. The other is by squatting down over your face. Perhaps I should of saved that for when you are on the phone but I know telling you that will lead to all sorts of begging from you and well teasing from me.

Leave you wondering when I will smother your face with my perfect ass.

Why wonder any longer how about you just pick up that phone and lets dive into some ass worship phone sex fun. I know I am more than ready to have your tongue exploring my bottom.

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney.

Leather Fetish Phone Sex with Naomi

Leather is the bomb! There ain’t nothing sexier than long leather boots on some long, shapely legs, right baby? Like many people, I can appreciate the finer things in life, and leather, soft and supple, is one of them. Leather seats in our cars, leather wallets in our leather purses, sexy leather clothing – we leather fetishists want the real thing, not that fake ass pleather shit! If you have a leather fetish, you know exactly what I mean. And if you have a leather fetish, then you need to have a leather fetish phone sex session with me as soon as your fingers can stop touching that tanned cowhide and dial that phone, baby!

leather fetish phone sex

You can see me dressed up to the nines in full leather fetish wear, can’t you? All decked out in leather from head to toe, and what I don’t have to wear, I have to play with or make you wear. Leather boots, leather corset, long leather gloves, and a full length leather coat – I feel so sexy and strong in this stuff, baby! My paddle, flogger, crop, and bullwhip are all made of leather, and if you’re good, so is the blindfold I’ll use on your face! And for my special gimps, I have a leather hood with a zipper for the mouth and all kinds of leather straps to keep that thing on tight! In fact, if you enjoy bondage and call me for leather fetish phone sex, I may even have you in a leather collar and leash, and tie you down with my leather cuffs!

Just imagine the smell in that room – the strong scent of leather that has been properly conditioned. In fact, if you want to, when you call for leather fetish phone sex, we can discuss the art of boot blacking. If you’re a true leather enthusiast, you’ll have something to say! So call now – 1 888 662 6482 – and ask for Naomi to get your leather phone sex fetish cravings satisfied!

Taboo Phone Sex with Bailey

Ah, taboo phone sex. That’s what I have been in the mood for lately. I don’t get nearly enough calls from you perverts who want to talk about the darker twisted side of phone fucking. And when I say twisted, I mean it. It’s so fucking dirty that I can’t even write it here. It would probably make some people faint. Okay, maybe not faint, but I know they would be appalled. We will just keep our sexy fun to ourselves. It’s more fun that way anyway.

taboo phone sex

Okay, so let’s get down to business. I want to know exactly what gets your cock hard. I don’t mean just a little hard. I mean harder than it’s ever been in your life. I want it to be throbbing when you are telling me about your nasty taboo fantasies. I want it to be so hard that you start moaning before you even touch it. Mmm. That means you’re going to have a really intense orgasm. The question is – what are we going to be talking about while you shoot that hot, creamy load all over yourself?

Please don’t worry that I am going to tell you no when you tell me what your fantasy is. I would never do that. I have no limits whatsoever. I am hoping that even though I’ve never said no to a fantasy, you can still push my limits and tell me about a fantasy or fetish I’ve never heard of. That would be fucking awesome!

Come on guys, call me for taboo phone sex. I’m so horny now and I really do not want to have to masturbate by myself. I’d much rather do it with a sexy guy like you. Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Bailey.