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giantess phone sex

giantess phone sex

Little do you know my twisted plans for you.  Here drink this, I concocted a special love potion, to make you fall in love with me. I made it especially for you!  Don’t you want to fall in love with me?  Drink up darling!  Ha.  You’re now shrinking as I laugh, and smile, realizing the potion I gave you was not to fall in love, but to shrink you down down down, smaller than a Ken doll. To make you the perfect little toy for me.  You are now 10 inches small.  Here, let me sit on your face and smother you.  I am a Giantess, a statuesque Goddess who towers over you.  Call me for giantess phone sex.  There is so much more kink in store for my dolly boy.  I will now use you as my 10 inch dildo and pleasure myself.  You are gasping for air desperately when you’re not stuffed in my wet pussy.

I’m going to shrink you even more, little man.  I want to shrink you down to a little fun-sized toy.  Only 3 inches!  I want to keep you in my panties for the day while I go shopping and dining out.   A Giantess has giant appetites, not just for sex and destruction, but also for food!  It’s time for a treat.  I love chocolate so much, here let me roll you in some creamy chocolate, mmmm, top you with some rainbow sprinkles and swallow you whole.  Your screams are soon silenced, down down down you go.  I love to play out all kinky giantess phone sex fantasies.  Call me! My name is LizBeth and I can’t wait to shrink you!

AIM: Cumtalk2LizBeth
Yahoo: LizBeth4phonesex

sensual tease and denial phone sex

tease and denial phone sex

Tease and denial phone sex is so sexy and sensual to me. This is where I get to be your guide in masturbation while you just sit back and relax. I want to get you to a place where you care about nothing else in the world but your hard cock and my addicting voice to take you to heaven. We can be really crazy and edge you for hours, or I can take a shorter amount of time and tease you like you never have been teased before. While you stroke your cock for me there will be a lot of moments when you will want to burst your sweet cum all over yourself but, I won’t let you. You have to be a strong man and control that dick, but most of the control will come from me. Let’s turn on your favorite porn movie and watch it together as you thrust your cock with your magic hand. You will have to be careful though because I am known to be able to make you cum faster than you ever have before! When I tell you to let go of your cock, I want to be able to hear your blood as it rushes to the tip of your pre cum hole so eager to just let itself out. Your tease and denial phone sex session with me will be just too tempting for your to tame yourself but, I am sure you can because you will want to hear more and more of me. When I finally let you finish, you will surely be back for more of my hot and sexy phone sex. Now grab that cock and all 1-888-662-6482, ask for sensual Jade, and get ready for me to tease that load right out of you.

Yahoo and AIM: SultryJade4U

CBT phone sex Goddess

CBT phone sex*Giggles* Hiya there all you pathetic pain sluts! That is right I know your secret losers! It is okay though because I love the thought of taking my stiletto heels and digging them right into your balls. I enjoy causing pain, and I do not ease up when I hear the screams coming out of your meek mouth. No! Instead I continue…*giggles* Just the thought of making you cry like the pathetic fucking baby that you are… it makes my honey pot drip with nectar. Unfortunately for you, you don’t get to lap it up, instead….*giggles* you are at my mercy during CBT phone sex.

Maybe you are one of those pathetic losers that is just starting out learning your limits as a pain slut. Just stick with me, and I will find your limits quite quickly. Sometimes I like to start off “nice”…. Ha ha ha ha ha.. if there is such a thing. With cock and ball torture you have to be ready for whatever comes your way. *wink* Being nice could consist of making you put ice on your balls to make them cold or having you apply clothespins to your nipples, clit and balls. My favorite part in causing pain is watching the performance on cam. Seeing it is always better than just listening. Fuck! The thought of causing you pain makes me hot and ready right now for an extreme CBT phone sex session.

Some items I really enjoy using on pitiful souls such as yourself are my nails, my stilettos, doors *giggles,* tinfoil, and ice cubes to name a few. Of course I have quite the list that goes on and on. Oh baby! Do not run away scared, we are both going to enjoy what I have cooked up! *wink* So ask for Ariel for some amazing anything goes CBT phone sex. You will not be disappointed, and you will cum back for more! *wink*

Just dial 1 (888) 662-6482 & ask for Ariel

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: brattyprncssAri

financial domination phone sex Mistress

financial domination phone sex

As a FinDom, it’s not all about the money honey, it’s about the Dom in me, too.  I’m also a Foot Dom and expect complete foot worship.  I enjoy foot play, men at my feet.  Lick my pretty feet, kiss them and tell me how you are going to give me all your money and that my perfect feet control you.  You see, there needs to be a fetish bond between us so that I will own you forever and will continually take your money as easy as picking fresh flowers.  Men are hopelessly and helplessly drawn to my tootsies.  I see men staring at them on the beach or when I wear sexy summery sandals.  My feet will draw you in, suck you in, and then your wallet will just magically open.  Call me for financial domination phone sex and also Foot Domination.

I will walk all over you, literally.  Lie there and feel my bare feet walk all over your body.  And if there isn’t enough in your wallet, we will go to the ATM and max out your debit card and cash advance your credit cards.  I want a bouquet of money.  The smell of money is as intoxicating to me as the scent of beautiful flowers.  Then I’ll take that bouquet of money and spend it on whatever my heart desires.  It’s about me!  Get that straight!  Now get down on your knees, bow down and kiss my feet!  Beg to lick them!  I will direct you in our foot play role play.  Then I will tell you what gives me the most pleasure when you call me for financial domination phone sex.  I’m Deborah and you must ask for me when you call my line at 1-888-662-6482

AIM and Yahoo: DeborahsDesire

hot phone sex fantasy

hot phone sex

What could be hotter then a kinky girl from the Kitten Ranch on your phone, in bed, sweating up her sheets indulging in any fantasy that you have??  I have the answer and it is: absolutely nothing.  However, I bet that you already knew that because I can feel that your cock just jumped a little, didn’t it? *Laughing* Yes, I know it did baby, because I am August, and I am always hot phone sex ready for you.  Hummm, what is swimming thru your balls right now?  Making you start to stand up even more then you were just a moment ago?  Bet it was tasty, or was it dirty?  Eaither way we can make it happen, push it and pull it, just get ready for me.

Don’t even worry for one second about me not understanding, because with all that I have heard I still ach for and crave more!  This is a no-taboo site so it all goes and even better, I am an anything goes kinky hot phone sex girl.

We can fulfill each and every desire you have until your balls are completely dry, because I want to milk all your creamy, cum out.  I love to get off too and hearing my phone ring, knowing my next orgasm is waiting makes me start to feel so naughty for the hot phone sex that still makes me sweat, sometimes claw a little bit and always wet and ready for more sinful desire.  Oh, and just so you know with me, August, the worst you have, the more naughty and nasty the better, so let’s get started kinky boy.

Call me, August at 1 888 662 6482 for amazing and hot phone sex where there is nothing off limits.

AIM/Yahoo: augustishotnwet

kinky two girl phone sex

two girl phone sex*Giggles* Hiya there boys! I have this brewing secret…then again we all have skeletons in our closet. Over the summer I discovered just how much I enjoy girls. *blushes* I know, can you believe it? I enjoy the sweet taste of a tight honey pot. That is why I enjoy two girl phone sex so much.  It is the best of both worlds for both of us. *wink* Not only do I get a tasty cock, but I get a friendly snatch as well. Twice as many pussies, twice as much fun… *giggles* for you that is!

Are you wondering what started all of this over the summer? Well, I went to visit a really good friend of mine. Her name is Arizona. I love everything about her, but I especially love her ebony colored skin, as much as I love a thick chocolate piece of meat. Combine her ebony skin, my creamy white skin and a nice piece of meat together and you have the perfect time together during a two girl phone sex session. *wink*

Imagine all the things we can do to one another….*giggles* all the sucking, licking, touching… double the pussy, double the curves, and double the titties… fuck… my honey pot is dripping sweet nectar all over the place just thinking about all the things the three of us can do to one another. I know there is nothing too taboo for Arizona or myself, so the dirtier we get in the bedroom, the more excited the two of us will get during two girl phone sex with you! *giggles*

When I went to visit Arizona this summer… we got into this huge garden hose spraying fight. Omg, she was in her bikini and I was in mine. She looked amazing sopping wet standing there. We were both slippery…. We both leaned in… I mean, I was a bit curious about what she tasted like… want to know what happened next during my discovery about girls….especially this girl? We had a friend with us too… a big thick chocolate stick for us both to play with…. *wink* We are both size queens but that is a story told soon…..*giggles*

Ask for Ariel and Arizona when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482 for a chocolaty good time during two girl phone sex.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: @brattyprncssAri

kinky anything goes phone sex


You’ve probably seen anything goes phone sex listings and wondered if this literally means anything goes.  If you have a kinky fetish or dark fantasy and want to indulge your taboo desires during a phone sex call, you can be assured that when you call me, anything goes.  Personally, I have no taboos and no limits.  I don’t believe there should be any rules or restrictions on what we can explore on the phone.  I also live a very kinky sex life which I can share with you when you call.  This is one of the reasons I get into nasty phone chat.  While I am very sexually edgy, there is only so much anyone can do in reality.  I think of myself as a sexual vanguard and that women like me lead the way toward a more open-minded and wild sexual frontier.

Here is how you can connect with me.  Have your major credit card in one hand and your hard cock in the other.  Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for LizBeth the dispatcher will collect your credit card details in order to authorize your card for your anything goes phone sex chat with me.  As the saying goes, business before pleasure.  After the business is taken care of, it’s time for pure pleasure.  You will be connected with me for private one-on-one adult conversation where we can get into whatever fantasy, fetish, kink, etc., that you enjoy.  If you need to check my schedule, I post my Yahoo Messenger and email address on my webpage so that you can get in touch with me re: my availability.

I have a lot of men who tell me I’m the only phone girl for them and this is because I truly embody anything goes phone sex.  I should also tell you that really wild sex fantasies and scenarios get me wetter and hornier than vanilla. My name is LizBeth and get ready for a wild call!

AIM: Cumtalk2Lizbeth
Yahoo: Lizbeth4phonesex

stocking fetish phone sex

phone sexHave you ever looked at a women with stockings and been so fucking turned on ?   The thought of her silky long legs rubbing up on you .  I never understood why anyone would not want to wear them and be bare legged.  I mean you know you are more then likely  one of them guys that have a stocking fetish , and have done a phone sex call and realized how hot it really is.  Maybe even rub them stockings on your hard cock masturbating with that nice silky feeling.  I have alot of different color but never go without a pair on my leg sexy legs.  Maybe your fetish is stockings, but is it really that you really want to wear a nice sexy pair on your own legs ?  When you call me for your stocking fetish, don’t be ashamed to tell me the truth that you want to really wear them yourself and feel them rub up against you cock and balls.  That silky feeling is so amazing that it makes your cock stand straight up.  If you don’t have a a pair of your own, go ahead and get a pair of your wives, or your girlfriends and see for yourself how wonderful they feel.  I bet once you try them on something else will happen, and I’m sure you know that too.   So why dont’ you call me today for stocking fetish phone sex and tell me what it really is, I mean is it the stockings on my long sexy legs, rubbing up against you ?  Or is it the feeling you get when you put them on ?

Call Shayla today !!



hot 18 teen phone sex slut

teen phone sex

Hiyeeee!  I am August and I just love 18 teen phone sex!  My sex drive kicked in early so I was a super naughty teenager and have lots and LOTS of stories to share.  I can tell you about how I managed to make such good grades, though I never cracked a book open ;) or about my times with other boys and sometimes even the girls on the cheerleading squad at school.  That is right, I was the captain of the squad and loved to show off my tumbling and splits in front of everybody.  There was just something so fun about prancing around in my little, pleated skirt spreading all the school spirit I could and making sure the football players were keyed up for the big games!

I still love games actually and love to shake my pom poms too!  That is right, I still have them.  After all the fun and naughty times I had with my cheer coach she would let me do anything I wanted, and I am here to tell you that I did it all.  So sexy to think about how much I got away with, in and out of class, the principal’s office, with my friend’s dads and older brothers.  *Sighs* My tight pink pussy is getting all engorged and wet just thinking about it.  18 teen phone sex is awesome so we can both enjoy being 18 teens, have me be your high school desire or maybe even just have me come over and babysit, although I will need a ride home…maybe a LONG, ride. *giggles*  Do you think you can handle a rah-rah girl like me or do you think my young, tight, hard body will wear you down?  Hummm, there is only way to find out, now isn’t there?

Call me, I am August, always hot, wet and love to sweat with you.  Pick up the phone and give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 for 18 teen phone sex!

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

kinky fantasy phone sex

fantasy phone sex

Sitting home alone, totally bored. My thoughts of being a bad fantasy phone sex girl just start fucking overwhelming me. I immediately decide to go out to avoid sexual torture with myself. Being the 18 year old Nevada hottie that I am, I start to think about gambling on the Vegas strip. The casino sounds so fucking relaxing. I go to the high rollers dice table. I hit a winning streak immediately. The guys surround me. My thoughts start again. I so fucking need to be a naughty fantasy phone sex girl. As I pick up the dice I really want to rub them for luck. So I touch the dice to my tits & my nipples harden. The cocks next to me begin to bulge. I shove the dice into my panties & begin pressing them against my clit & my pussy erupts with wetness. Suddenly, a security guard grabs me & drags me to the supervisors office. I sit alone & wait for the guard’s supervisor. Still feeling the need to be naughty, I can’t help wanting to be a fucking cunt. I want to make someone scream. I spot the liqueur cabinet in the corner. Jackpot! So I pick up the 12 year old bottle of scotch. I tip the bottle & down half of it. I shove the bottle in my purse. The supervisor enters the room. He walks up to me & puts his hand into my purse. He pulls the bottle out & grows furious. Fuck, there must be cameras everywhere! At that very instant, my whole fucking body rushes with adrenaline & desire. He threatens to call the police & as much as I love handcuffs, I didn’t have the want to spend the night in a jail cell & so I plead with him. I beg him to allow me to make it up. I offer him sexual pleasure. His eyes darken. I did what any girl in my position would do. I rip his shirt off & jerk his pants down with force. My filthy fucking mind takes over. I shove his stiff dick into my mouth. Then I wrap my tongue tightly around it & start rapidly stroking his dick up & down. His dick grows bigger & gets so fucking hard for me. I feel my pussy dripping from the stimulating arousal that sucking his dick is giving me. The faster my tongue strokes…the more he fucking cries out. I felt the need & desire to take complete control of the situation. I grabbed his balls & placed my mouth over his cock, shoving every inch; balls & all completely down my throat. I fucking sucked it til his dick exploded with cum. I sucked his fucking cum down my throat & swallowed. He dropped to his knees from complete exhaustion & the only thing he could seem to muster, “you are one very fucking bad girl!”. I love being the naughtiest fantasy phone sex girl on the strip! Fuck, that’s hot!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Alyx for fantasy phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

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