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phone sex slut winter

phone sex slut

Sometimes a girl just needs to get fucked well.  When I take some time to relax, I want a real man to have his way with me.  I guess that makes me a phone sex slut.  I like it when a man takes control and takes me the way he wants me.  I start out on my knees, wetting his cock with my mouth.  Feeling it grow on my tongue and filling the space all the way into my throat.  I love watching the power I have over him, too, as I lick and suck.  Hearing him groan sets my pussy on fire which makes for one hell of a hungry blow job.

When he can’t take it anymore, he picks me up and throws me on the bed.  Now I know I’m going to get it, and honestly I can’t wait.  I rub my dripping clit as he slides his cock up and down my wet slit.  When he finally pushes it in, I feel the heavenly sensations rip through my body.  This is what a phone sex slut lives for, to be used.  I love how he takes charge, flipping me over effortlessly and plunging back into my cunt.  I claw the sheets as he rams into me over and over again.  When he pulls out and rubs his cock head on my asshole, I’m ready to give myself over completely.  No whining, no saying no, just complete submission.  Rocking my hips back on him and giving him the fuck of his life.  Pleasing him pleases me.

If you are a real man, please call me and let me be your phone sex slut.  I need the touch of a real man.  I need to be put in my place from time to time.  I need you to make me cum over and over again until I’m breathless and weak.  If you’re that real man, let me take care of you.

Call your phone sex slut Winter at 1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo:  whitehotwinter
AIM:  whitehottwinter
Twitter:  @whitehottwinter

CBT phone sex with ariel

CBT phone sex

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here! Calling all pain sluts. You had better be prepared for what is to cum from a barely legal CBT phone sex slut like me! Be prepared, for I will give no mercy. You will be begging and pleading to stay under my control. Pathetic pain sluts, I love new prey to use as putty in my hands. All you need are a few household items. There is no stopping unless I say so, and you cannot begin until told! You are pathetic and I WILL laugh at you, that makes that clitty of yours hard now doesn’t it. Weak, weak to my hypnotic spell. Fuck! I love it, makes my cunt wet and creamy for a real fuck boy. What size is your cock? Oh, 6 inches… yikes, that is too small for my needs, but I will be happy to humiliate you, torture your cock and balls, and make you slurp your own cum.

While I get my tight holes filled by real men with big, thick meaty cocks. You are going to place clothespins all over your clit and balls. Oh, and do not forget those nipples. -giggles- While your skin is being pinched, my friends and I are going to kick you with our stiletto heels. That is right, every time you cry out, begging me to cause more pain during our CBT phone sex my friends and I make our time together unforgettable. See, your pain won’t just last seconds, minutes or hours. Instead, the pain will continue when you step into the shower, when you step out, dry off and get dressed. It will even linger into tomorrow as you try to go about your day. That’s right, I am telling you that CBT phone sex with this barely legal slut, will be A-MA-ZING and unforgettable. Just ask for Ariel when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482 so we can get the pain started. -giggles-

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

guided masturbation phone sex with emily

guided masturbation phone sex

Hey baby! Do you like being told what to do? I hope the answer to that question is yes, because I am pretty good at being bossy and telling people what to do. That makes guided masturbation phone sex perfect because it will benefit both of us. Does that excite you as much as it excites me? I hope so.

I truly do want you to call me so that you can see truly how much more exciting masturbation can be. See, you guys tend to be quick about it when you’re jerking off. What you need to do is just slow down, relax and actually try to enjoy every single touch. You focus way too much on the end result of masturbating, but the process can be enjoyable, too.

Before you call me for guided masturbation phone sex, I want you to be sure that you are 100 percent ready to submit control of yourself to me. You can’t be in control if you want this guided masturbation phone sex session to go smoothly. You have to surrender and just let the pleasure overtake your body. You will feel pleasure unlike you have ever know if you just let me take the reins and help you to feel good.

On the flip side of things, if you are a really manly man, I will let you practice your guided masturbation skills on me. You can tell me when and how to touch my soaking wet pussy. And you can even control whether or not I get to cum. I know that not letting someone cum when they want to could seem cruel to some people, but trust me, the build up makes it worth it. The orgasm will be one of the best we have ever had.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily for guided masturbation phone sex

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

Masturbation Phone Sex Fun with Kassidy

masturbation phone sex gfe

There is a whole vast array of fantasies and fetishes out there enough to make your head spin. Most I do truly enjoy talking about on the phone but I gotta say when it comes down to things masturbation phone sex is what really brings me enjoyment.

Yes really its a simple sensual masturbation session that has me all excited. Probably cause you tie that in with some long time callers and well its the perfect mix of all things amazing. The gfe aspect of knowing just what makes you stroke faster or have  you stopping to catch your breath. Its knowing you on such an intimate level that I can make you do that with just a simple giggle at that right moment in our time together.

Some times its getting you to masturbate through an erotic fantasy or through the discussion of a fetish. Often times its the simple enjoyment of a mutual masturbation session. What makes masturbation phone sex calls so much fun is that its whatever we want them to be. There is no specific way to enjoy them. I can direct your touch or heat things up to some tease n denial (dont worry I know  you well enough that I know exactly how far I can push you in that denial).

Ok so maybe its not so much the masturbation but more the girlfriend experience that comes from those times together but either way  ya got to admit it is pretty hot.

If you havent called me for some masturbation phone sex fun then how about calling and developing that gfe connection. 1-888-662-6482 ask for Kassidy


babysitter phone sex with Autumn

phone sex

You’ve had me as your babysitter for so long now, why change that? Are you afraid that your wife will smell me on you when you finally get back into bed with her? Has she started grilling you when you get home late ? I don’t think she believes me that I still get nervous about going home so late alone and that’s why you drive me when I sit for you all. It doesn’t matter though as long as I get to please your cock. I like sending you the nastiest videos of me fucking myself in your big tub while I soap up my tits and slide around aching for your cock. I always hope that you’ll check it on your phone in the bathroom and find some reason to come home early all by yourself. My big wet tits could use your hard dick pressed between them.

My pussy is so desperate for your cock and I can’t wait to get alone with you in the car. My hands need to feel the throbbing ache of your dick. Nobody has ever taken such good care of your cock. The best is when she travels away and you have me come to help out. It makes me so happy to cook for you while being dressed only in her apron and high heels. Remember when we almost got caught with you pounding inside of me when you had me bent over the kitchen table? It was so worth it though, that rush of almost getting caught with you. I get excited every time I think about you sending me to the store with your taste fresh on my lips. I wanted to wash up and you told me to go like the dirty girl that I am. It felt like everyone knew just what kind of slut I was.

Call and ask for Autumn for a submissive girl for babysitter phone sex


strap on phone sex with jade

strap on phone sex

Sometimes you just want to shove a 10 inch inside of your ass while you stroke on your cock don’t you? This is why strap on phone sex would be perfect right now. It’s very exciting to take out the size that will be just right to fuck you with. If you have a nice and tight hole then I can start off with something small for you. It won’t be long before I have you all lubed and gaped so that we can switch to the next size up. Of course, this isn’t you right? You can take my biggest suitor balls deep until you squirt all over yourself can’t you? We will just have to see once we get you in my bedroom.

I want you to come to me all dressed up and pretty with fresh makeup and crotch less panties that you pick out from somewhere like Victoria Secret. I cant wait to rub my strap on phone sex cock all over your ass until I finally pierce it in you. I want to you to scream and moan so that your next door neighbors can listen in on us. I bet you are already squeezing those cheeks open for me aren’t you? Go ahead and get in your favorite position for Mistress Jade to penetrate you as deep as possible. Grab your ankles and get them behind your head or toot that ass of yours right in the air. I may get out my video recorder and record you as you ride and bounce up and down on top of me like a cowgirl. You better be a good cocksucker because you will take some ass to mouth too. If you are a good boy I may even allow you to have some real dick! First, we have to see how good you perform for me. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade!

AIM and Yahoo: SultryJade4U

taboo phone sex with spencer

taboo phone sex

Hi! I’m Spencer and I really love kinky taboo phone sex. Don’t you just love calling a barely legal cutie like me and talking about really nasty stuff? Well, I love it too! OMG it’s so hot to hear you tell me with your sexy voice what you want to do to me when you sneak into my room after everyone is asleep. You have wanted to do it for a long time and you finally got enough courage to do it. Tell me about that first time. I want to hear how it makes you feel when you finally see my cute barely legal body naked. And the first time your big fat dick slides into my tight bald cunt? I know it will be ecstasy for you, but I want to hear how you felt directly from you.

Or maybe you want me to tell YOU how I felt. Do you want me to tell you how much it hurt, but that I let you keep going anyway because I knew how much you wanted to fuck me? I just wanted to please you. You know that I would do anything to make you happy, don’t you? There is nothing in the world that I want more than that! You can fuck any of my tight holes that you want. You can cum on me, in me or whatever you want. I will let you use my body for your pleasure.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for taboo phone sex

phone sex slut eliza

phone sex slut

Hi guys!  I have a question for you, have you ever heard of a divining rod? I grew up in the country and folks used them all the time to find water.  Well, you can use your cock as a divining rod to find my sweet wetness too!  There sure is plenty of it for you.  Almost like the famed fountain of youth.  My tight barely legal pussy needs your mouth on it and your cock in it. And that is why I want to be your go to phone sex slut.  When ever your cock gets hard, I want you to be pulled to me. I makes me so horny to know that when you feel that certain stirring, my name is the first thought in your head because you know how well I will take care of you.  I won’t ever say no to you and I always want to hear what turns you on.  Every time we talk, my focus is on making you feel so good.  You can get all freaky and go buck wild with me.  A good phone sex slut will empty your balls whenever you need it.  Because I am a switch, I can be a strict domme or even an obedient submissive if need be.  I can hang with any fantasy or fetish that interests you.  You could never surprise or shock me — at least in a negative way.

All you have to do to make me YOUR phone sex slut is call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Eliza.   Wouldn’t that be ideal?  Put me on your speed dial so we can get right down to some naughtiness.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

financial domination phone sex with harlow

financial domination phone sex

I’m really in the mood to take all of your hard earned money today. I don’t care if you work 80 hours per week, you still don’t deserve as much of your money as I do. And financial domination phone sex makes it so easy for me to be given exactly what I deserve. I know, a lot of girls like to claim that they take your money, but not me. I don’t have to take it. I never have. Men have always given me exactly what I want and it’s going to stay that way. I’ve been told so many times by men that I’m so beautiful that the need to give me everything just overwhelms them, and I am okay with that.

So, when you call me for financial domination phone sex, you will ask me how you can serve me. You will ask me to tell you exactly what I want, and I will. But I am not going to go any further than that. I will not tell you twice. You will be so under my spell that you will just give freely. You won’t have any hesitation. And that is perfect for me.

Get your credit cards, your phone and call me and be ready to give, give, give! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow for financial domination phone sex.

phone sex brat winter

phone sex brat

You guys are quickly learning that I’m a phone sex brat, but you love me anyway.  I’m so moody that you never know what you’re going to get when you call me.  Sure, I’m nice at first, until I realize you’re just another fucking loser wanting to wank your disgusting man meat.  Gross!  When I figure out that you’re just perv salivating over me, I’ll treat you as such.  That goes for most of you.  There’s only a small percentage of ballers that can make me sweet and submissive.  If you’re reading this hoping it’s you, it’s not.

I get bored with you idiots easily, but it is a good time to file my nails or enjoy a nice piece of bubble gum while you grunt and moan on the phone.  Whatever.  My sarcasm will surely come out and rip you a new asshole if necessary.  Don’t get mad, you’re the one that decided to call THE phone sex brat.  It’s not my job to make you shoot cum all over yourself.  It’s not even my job to make your flaccid dick hard.  The only way I’ll make an effort is if you give me something I want.  Then again, that’s a maybe.  I won’t pout if you don’t, I’ll just give you the cold shoulder and let you fend for yourself.

I think you have it twisted.  You call and think I owe you something.  You’ve got that sooo backwards.  I don’t owe you shit, but men have been known to go to extraordinary lengths for pussy.  Let’s see how far you’ll go.  Try to turn this phone sex brat into your personal compliant slut.  I’ll be straight with you, it’s going to take a lot and we both know you don’t have it in you.

Call 1-888-662-6482 to talk to phone sex brat Winter

Yahoo: whitehotwinter
AIM: whitehottwinter
Twitter: @whitehottwinter

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