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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Ariel

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here! All of my callers know I am a naughty, sultry, seductive tease. I just love to tease and then I love to deny pathetic losers. I am a girl that knows what she wants. I know how to get what I want, and I know how to use what I’ve got. Giggles. I just love to bring my prey to the edge, then I like to stop just before the big explosion. I know, that is crazy hot, right?Just one of the many reasons I love anything goes tease and denial phone sex.

tease and denial phone sex
Just one look at my pictures and the tease starts. It is undeniable that I have it all. You know it, I know it, I mean come on! I have perfectly perky titties, a nice round asset, and the qualities go on. The best part? I look sweet and innocent, gets the pervert fuckers every time. Especially those guys that dare make a tease and denial phone sex date with me and then claim something came up. Evil laughter.

Do I look like a woman that can be taken advantage of like that? Ha! I don’t think so! Instead of me allowing him to cum the next time he calls, and believe me he will call, he will get a taste of my wrath. Or maybe he can pay-up spoil me and I will think about forgiveness. Nah! I am not that nice, nor am I that easy! I can’t wait to seek my revenge, edge him closer and closer then STOP! I know he’s already saving a big load for me, which is punishable if I find out he cheated on our deal. All I have to do is say hello, the first sound of my voice, is the end.

Are you ready to play? What will be in store for you? Will you cum or will you go? Call 1 (888) 662-6482 and ask for amazing Ariel for Tease and denial phone sex.

What will be the outcome? Good or Naughty? Release or blue balls? Stay tuned to find out…

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: brattyprncssAri

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with GFE Kassidy

Mother nature was a bit of a tease with the first day of spring on the west coast. I am not use to being on the receiving end of some tease and denial. Generally I am dishing out the T&D during some orgasm denial phone sex fantasies. Oh please dont let this girl next door look fool you. I am all vixen underneath the blond hair. Well suppose the boobs arent quite girl next door but we can pretend right?

orgasm denial phone sex fantasy

So back to mother nature’t teasing. I woke up to a glorious day. The sun shining. Very few clouds in the sky and instantly felt the need to break out my dresses. The bright vibrant hello spring dresses. The one that show off my long legs and no need for any stockings or leggings underneath either. Talking bare legged.

Oh did it feel great to be out walking along the beach path. I know where is the tease and denial aspect of this story. Well its nothing but rain now for the next week. So I am pouting sitting in my house. Curled up under a blanket watching netflix and well thinking of how I found some oh so hot spots to get naughty later on in the summer.

Now that I am rather bummed out that spring was merely a tease I am gonna have to take it out on you and well your balls. No not blue balls but some orgasm denial phone sex fun. Ok so the fun is more for me and less you but you know how that goes.

With the weather forecast I could be in an orgasm denial state for a really long time. Which means your gonna be teased and denied for well awhile.

Think your up for it? The ultimate in orgasm denial phone sex with a sexy girl next door type. I know you are. Just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Kassidy when you call. 1-888-662-6482

AIM: kassidy.morgan


Phone Sex Slut Tamra

When you call some girls, they’re so super sweet that you’re almost afraid to offend them with your dirty thoughts.  That never happens with me, though.  I let you know right off the bat that I’m a phone sex slut and damn proud of it.  Look, different strokes for different folks but I like the filthy shit.  I’m dying to get off to something smutty and distasteful.  I mean yeah, if you want to talk about butterflies and sunshine and making sweet sweet love I can do that.  But I really come alive when you take it to the edge of taboo filth.  That may surprise you since I’m so down to earth and friendly, but it shouldn’t.  I am a phone sex slut after all, and sluts like me know what it takes to get you off.  Don’t be surprised if I take it further than you would’ve gone.  That’s just the way I’m built, darling.

phone sex slut

Look, I know you dream about a girl that can match your depravity.  A phone sex slut that knows your favorite porn clip and will watch it with you while we both masturbate.  A dirty bitch that can weave a dirty story so tightly around your cock that you’ll be begging to cum.  Someone who can get so deep into your role play fantasy that you’ll wonder later if it really happened.  Sure it did, sugar.  I manipulated your biggest sex organ…no not your cock, your brain silly…until you were left panting on the floor.  That’s how I fuck.  I’m going for the big explosion, not the dribbly cum spill.  A true phone sex slut like me will make you cum so hard your jizz will be splattered on the wall.  That’s that good shit.  Once you have one of those, anything less will never do.

Call the biggest phone sex slut there is, Tamra, at 1-888-662-6482.

AIM and Yahoo:  vixentamra

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Emily

Wow, the fact that you even call that thing a dick is pathetic. It isn’t. It’s nothing more than an oversized clit and you know it. You haven’t ever actually tried to put it inside a woman, have you? I bet she laughed you right out of the bedroom, didn’t she? You’re probably still a virgin and really the only thing you’re ever going to be good for is small penis humiliation phone sex and all the things that come with it.

small penis humiliation phone sex

What things might come along with small penis humiliation? Well, obviously you’re going to get degraded and humiliated. That’s a given. I’m willing to go out on a limb and guess that when you call me, it won’t be the first time you’ve been humiliated by a woman. You have probably had it happen so many times during your lifetime. But you need to know that I can get pretty hardcore when it comes to humiliating you. I will NOT be sparing your feelings when I’m telling you what a loser you are. So if you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you it’s okay and that someone will fuck you someday, that’s not me.

Something else that often comes with small penis humiliation phone sex are cuckold fantasies. I bet you dream of watching a woman like me get her pussy stretched out and pounded by a big black cock, don’t you? You just want to watch someone do something you know you could never do, right? I’m a proud size queen and you’ll get that and more with me.

Are you ready to be humiliated more than you ever have been in your life? Just pick up your phone now, loser, and call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily.

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

Taboo Phone Sex Role Plays with MILF Porscha

I am all for exciting and taboo phone sex role plays. There is just something so interesting about diving into something sinful that your not suppose to talk about in your day to day world. Even hotter when its with someone your not going to run into in your usual day.

taboo phone sex role play milf

That being said I have a few gentlemen that I talk to with some rather interesting taboo role play fantasies. Its not the rather traditional sense where they describe something they were thinking about in the way of fucking the babysitter or best friends mom. Its more they love the idea of asking me questions so that I will confess to how dirty of a MILF I am.

You see where this is going dont you?

Something extremely hot about confessing what I have done over the years. Those taboo desires I have given into and not told anyone about. The affairs I have had on my husband. The risky sex. The well taboo things that I will not admit to here.

Do you like hearing a woman’s deepest confessions? How about in a taboo phone sex role play scenario. Like perhaps being a priest having to ask me questions about my affairs.

Shall just let your mind think about those things for a moment. While you think about what type of phone sex role play you would enjoy  here is the number to reach me at 1-888-662-6482 nothing is off limits with this mature MILF.

bustymilfporscha is my aim

Racial Humiliation Phone Sex with Bailey

Well, well, well, look who we have here; a dirty ass nigger! All of your life you’ve been told that you’re nothing but a nigger and a porch monkey and ya know what’s so funny? That’s exactly how I feel about you too. *Giggles* My feelings are just this… the only time you deserve to cum is when I allow you to jack your cock while we really enjoy some racial humiliation phone sex.

racial humiliation phone sex

I love having control over your pathetic life. Tearing you down, making you hear the truth about yourself and showing you a reality like you’ve never faced before. I love hearing you stroke your black cock while I tell you how pathetic you’re and always will be. There’s only one thing that your’re good for and that’s fucking. Yep, I love reminding you of where you belong. You need to serve my each and every need and my sexy body in any way that I see fit. I think you’re a filthy piece of shit and I will remind you every chance I get. I’ll make you get on your knees before me while I spread my dripping pussy in your face. Be the best slave you can be by licking my juicy cunt until I cum. We’re just getting started during our racial humiliation phone sex session so be prepared for the baddest white bitch around.

I will squirt all over your face, you pathetic piece of shit. I’ll rub my creamy pussy all over your face painting it white with my cream and then I will turn around, reach back, pull my cheeks apart while I force you to lick my asshole clean. What a good nigger slave you are! Lick my dirty ass clean right fucking now. I own you now; you’ll call me master. By the end of our racial humiliation phone sex session you’ll be chanting “the white way is the right way” LOL You’ll make your mama so proud!  Isn’t it time for you call me for  racial humiliation phone sex?

AIM or Yahoo: cum4bailey

Domination Phone Sex with Mysti

Well, hello there. I enjoy being the dominant partner, but I haven’t experimented with it for some time. I’ve always had a knack for getting whatever I want from a man, including their submission. Last week I received a phone call from a lover, I haven’t seen in years. We talked about our lives, and what we have been up too since we last talked to each other. While we were talking, he brought up how amazing the sex was between us. So naturally, I asked him if he wants to try some sexual domination phone sex. He was a bit hesitant at first but the more we started talking about it, the more he wanted it. Finally, I said “good, lets began”

domination phone sex

He put the phone on speaker. I ordered him to remove all his clothing. He responded with “Yes Mistress” as he removed all his clothes. I could hear the sound of him unzipping his pants and his shirt landing on the floor. I could feel my pussy growing wet at the thought of his naked body standing before me, I let out a soft moan… I could hear his excitement through the phone. “Get down on your knees,” I said as I closed my eyes and started to rub my clit.

“Now, I want you to image that you eating my hot, wet pussy.” I could him moan into the phone. That’s right, can you taste it?  “Did I tell you it was okay to touch your cock?” I heard a deep breath, followed by “No.” “You don’t get to touch it until I cum.” Mmmm, I started to breath harder, my fingers rubbing my clit faster. “That feels so good, keep licking my wet clit.  I’m so close to cumming, is your cock hard.” He replied, “Yes Mistress, please let me rub it.” I cried his name! “I said NO!” I could imagine him looking down at his cock, as I screamed out: “I’m so close!” And with that being said, I was consumed by a wave of pleasure, that traveled throughout my body. My legs were trimming and, I could feel my sweet juices running down the inside of my thighs.

“Now you can touch it baby” I could hear him starting to rub it through the phone. He started out slowly and then he increased the pace of his stroke.  Shortly after I could hear his breathing became ragged and I knew he was close. He let out a deep loud moan, as he said: “I’m cumming.” I listened to all the sounds he made as he reached his pleasure. A few minutes later when he had caught his breath, he asked if I was still on the line. “Of course, we’re not done talking yet.”

After a few moments, I asked him “So, what do you think?” He answered without hesitation: “It was wonderful.” I listened to the sound of his breath on the other side of the phone. “I’m glad you enjoyed our sexual domination phone sex?” In a charming voice, he asked: “What are you doing next Thursday?” I could hear the lust in his voice “You have my number.”

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I would love to talk to you so we can make naughty conversation of our own. No taboos, nothings to dirty.

I’ll be waiting for your call. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Mysti for domination phone sex.

AIM: MystiGetsUOff

Submissive Phone Sex with Eliza

submissive phone sex

Hi all! I have always been a hand full, as they say.  No, I don’t mean my tits — but yeah, they are impressive I know.  I mean that I am headstrong and sassy.  I usually say what is on my mind and take what I want from men.  But I have to be honest and admit that sometimes, I need a man with a firm hand to take me to task and check my bratty side.  Submissive phone sex does that very thing for me.  Now, I don’t submit to just anyone, no no no!  If you want to own me, you better come correct.  You need to be a real man — authoritative, confident, assertive.  Often, I can tell just by the first few words you say if my inner subbie is awakening. And because I don’t just give that away, you can bet that I will be a good and obedient submissive who only wants to please you in any way you see fit.  You can be rough with me, grab me by my hair and use me like a sexual rag doll. I am a 3 hole whore for you, master.  Tie me up or spank my big juicy ass when I am too mouthy.  I know you will do what you think I need and deserve and I will take it.  I might moan and whimper but I promise that if you can make me submit I will be the best submissive phone sex whore for you.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and lets see if you have what it takes to make me your cock slave.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Babysitter Phone Sex with Kendra

babysitter phone sex

Hi there! Babysitter Miss Kendra here, ready to offer up my services for babysitter phone sex. So glad you chose me for the job. Aren’t you lucky I was able to come by last minute? And now I get to enjoy my favorite job perk. Just the noise of the tv in the background as I recline on the couch in my daisy dukes and halter top. I do love babysitting and babysitter phone sex, as it is such easy work for a girl like me. All is quiet upstairs since I put everyone to bed. I raided the fridge and helped myself to a popsicle, which I’m lazily sucking on as my fingers wind their way down my taut body. Cheerleading is really keeping me in perfect condition, I think in the bratty voice inside my head. My little belly is flatter than ever and looks so nice with my summer sun kissed skin. My fingers slip further down into my shorts, as my popsicle drips down my hand. I use my little pink tongue to lick at the sticky mess running down my wrist. I slowly spread my pussy lips, revealing a slickness and slide 2 fingers in, searching for my special spot, finger fucking myself while slurping at the melty cherry popsicle. It’s so very hot in here. Then a dirty thought crosses my babysitter mind. Dare I? I feel so naughty as I undo my short shorts and slip them down past my knees, opening my legs. Mr and Mrs won’t be home for hours so I have plenty of time to engage in some babysitter phone sex fun. I look at the big cherry popsicle again and close my eyes and do what I’ve been thinking about. So cold in my sweet pussy, I think, and then bring it back to my mouth to taste. In my reverie I didn’t hear the door to the garage open, so when my big blue eyes pop open, I’m shocked to find you standing there, watching me, cock clearly bulging in your pants.
I bet you’re dying to know what happens next with my babysitter phone sex, aren’t you? Call me and I’ll give you all the sticky sweet details!

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for sweet babysitter Kendra

AIM: Naughty_Kendra
Yahoo: Naughty_Kendra

BBC Phone Sex with Tamra

As I’m sure you know, in my neck of the woods BBC is extremely taboo.  There’s nothing more these boys hate than to see a beautiful white girl with a black guy.  We tend to do things on the slick just to keep everyone safe, but sometimes I get so tired of sneaking around.  Other times, I want to punish some stupid ass white boy for not treating me right.  Case in point, Brad was being an asshole to me one night.  So I called up one of my big black studs and had him come over.  I knew Brad would call when he saw a strange car in front of my house.  Little did he know, he was about to get a big dose of BBC phone sex.  When I answered the phone I already had that beautiful black cock deep inside of me.  Brad nearly lost his fucking mind.  He was calling me all kinds of bitches and whores, which honestly got me even more excited.  Then he started threatening to come over and kick the guy’s ass.  I begged him to do it, lol.  I heard him start his car and driving like a bat out of hell to get to my house.

BBC phone sex

By the time he made it, I was on top riding that chocolate dick like a champ.  Brad was still on the phone losing his fucking mind.  I knew he was at my window, so I opened the curtains a little so he could see those black hands on my smooth white shoulders pulling me down on his cock.  I even positioned myself so he could see that big black cock slicing in and out of my hot pink cunt.  Brad wanted to get in my house bad, but I think he couldn’t tear himself away from what he was seeing.  I knew that BBC phone sex would get to him and boy did it ever.  The next time I looked over, he was stroking his cock while watching that big black stud tearing my pussy up!  By the time he pushed his ebony cock into my mouth and spilled that hot white seed on my tongue, Brad was cumming all over his boots!

Brad learned a lesson that night.  Seems that he loves BBC phone sex as much as I do.  If you do, too, you definitely have to give me a call.  Dial 1-888-662-6482 and see if you’re lucky enough to catch me in the act just like Brad did.

AIM and Yahoo:  vixentamra

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