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Panty Boy Phone Sex Humiliation with Rachelle

Are you wondering if your a panty boy or just a guy with a fetish for women’s panties? I know whats the difference right? Or better yet how can a hot coed phone sex girl like me help you out with your confusion around being a panty boy.

panty boy phone sex

Dont let  my age fool you. See I work at a lingerie store and see lots of guys come in to buy panties. Some times those guys end up chatting me up and spilling those kinky little secrets as to who those panties are for.

At first I was completely disgusted guys would tell me what they were gonna be doing with those panties. Then it became exciting to know that those panty boys could end up chatting to a coed phone sex girl like me by the end of the day.

See over time the panty boys and guys with a fetish for panties simply told me the difference now I use that little bit of knowledge to giggle at you guys when I am on the phone with you.

Ok fine thats probably wrong but not like you guys are complaining about the humiliation you get from me. Least I couldnt hear the complaints over the moaning during the last panty boy phone sex call I did.

I know I look super sweet but I do have a bit of a bite to me too. My giggle with have you begging for me to make fun of you in your panties or what ever it is your doing with those panties.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Rachelle the hot coed phone sex girl ready to humiliate you.




Humiliation Phone Sex with Winter

You worthless excuse for a man.  How did I ever get stuck with a loser like you?  I can’t even remember what I used to like about you.  You should have never told me that you were into humiliation phone sex because I can’t even respect your sorry ass.  That’s why I’ve been seeing someone else.  And by seeing, I mean fucking.  Yep, you’re not getting any pussy because he’s getting all of it.  How could I go from being fucked by a real man, an alpha male, back to a piece of shit like you?  He gets so deep in my pussy, and treats me like a dirty girl.  When’s the last time you did that?  Never.

humiliation phone sex

I only keep you around because you’re amusing.  I can say or do anything to you and you just sit there and take it.  So fucking weak.  I also enjoy you paying my bills, so I might stick around a while longer.  Don’t expect any better treatment from me, though.  You are now and will always be my humiliation phone sex idiot.  All because I’m so fucking gorgeous.  You say it yourself all the time.  You want to bring me to parties so you can feel like you’re worth something.  So people will think you’re a real man.  Well, big boy, when you were looking for me in the hallway calling my name, I was fucking an alpha male in the locked bedroom.  He seemed to be ramming his cock into me every time you called my name.  He had to put his hand over my mouth to stop me from giggling. He did all the things you could never do for me.

So I guess I’ll keep you around as my humiliation phone sex troll for a little longer.  Until my new guy has all his ducks in a row.  I know I’ll get some good laughs out of you.  You’re so weak, it makes me sick. But it’s pretty fucking funny, too.

Call 1-888-662-6482 for totally degrading humiliation phone sex with Winter.

AIM:  whitehottwinter
Yahoo:  whitehotwinter

Threesome Phonesex Orgy with Emma and Dani

Two Girl Phonesex

I bet I know your very favorite bucket list fantasy!
You want to be in the middle of a hot girl threesome phonesex orgy!
All girls experiment with each other, it’s why we all want to go away for school and make the most of those slutty college years!
Want to make that voyeur fantasy you have come true with the sexiest babes you’ll ever see?
If you’re like all the men I know, you get an instant hard on when you watch a little girl on girl action, like when my girl Dani and I were out and about partying all over the city over the weekend, and on a dare, we started kissing and feeling each other up right in front of everyone, and you know what happened then?
The men watching couldn’t send over drinks fast enough!
Want to be the lucky guy that Dani and I take home for a threesome phone sex roleplay?
Blonde hair, bald pussy, and tight college girl bodies on your cock!
You can listen as we finger fuck our tight bald cunts, kissing and licking and slurping in a lesbian phone sex orgy, or you can be the center of attention, there is nothing better than a double blow job from two blonde nymphos!
You can stroke while we beg for you to fuck us, in every pretty hole, until you jizz!
Or, we can do a barely legal phone sex roleplay, want to be the teacher for my first time?
I love being the teacher too, it makes me so wet thinking about holding Dani’s blonde hair back while I tell her how to give her first blow job on your cock!
And then I’ll show her how I can make you edge with my tongue!
So grab your cock, call Emma and Dani, and let’s have a threesome phone sex party!

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

Look at me. I am the woman who deserves everything you have. That’s why I love financial domination phone sex so damn much. It’s the perfect opportunity for losers like you to give me everything I deserve. A woman who looks like me should never have to work or do anything to earn money. My beauty is enough. If you get to look at me, you should have to pay me for the privilege. If you are lucky enough to get to speak to me on the phone, then of course you have to pay for that too. I would NEVER talk to a loser like you without you spending money on me first. Tell me, how much money are you going to spend? I can’t wait to find out.

financial domination phone sex

And if you know what’s good for you, you won’t call me and tell me that you get off on the idea of financial domination phone sex. If you call me and say you’re turned on by being dominated financially, you better have the funds to back that up. I don’t have the patience for time wasters.

What I do have patience for is going online and picking out pretty things for you to buy for me. I can’t wait to shop with you and tell you exactly what I’d like. I wonder how much I will make you spend on me when you call me? Are you brave enough to call me and find out? Just remember, I am NOT kidding. I am not roleplaying. This is NOT just a fantasy. Financial domination phone sex with me is the real deal. I am going to drain your wallet, bank account, and maybe even your soul. And if you’re a good boy, I might even let you touch your dick after you buy me what I want.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

BDSM Phone Sex with Tawny

BDSM phone sex

You know what I really like? I absolutely love BDSM phone sex. It’s so dark but its such a sweet pain I feel up and down on my back. The way you make that sound against my back with your flogger. I don’t want to boost your ego but you bond every knot just the perfect way that only gives me a glimpse inside your dark dangerously beautiful kink. Take my hands and tie them up with your gold cuffs. Tighten them so tight that my hands can’t move at all. Make sure you spread my legs silky spreader bar. Take an anal ringed plug and shove it into my ass. Make this the perfect BDSM phone sex experience for me. Give me a chance to dive into your BDSM phone sex lifestyle so we can explore our fetishes together. Show me how you’re going to hang me from the ceiling all spread wide for you to fuck me as hard as you please. All while watching me bite my lip with my eyes covered. You know I love the pain and you know you love giving it to me. Make me your slave so I can do anything you want me to do. Have you shove anal plugs into my ass and fuck me till you can’t hold it no more. I love to feel the pressure and the pain you give me. OH! The fun we would have! Maybe I can even do it to you! Tie you up with your own tie, spill wax on your chest, take ice and hold it between my teeth and rub it up and down you body till I get to your groin. Making you shiver the entire time. Scratching you with my hands until you bleed. Feeling me rub against your cock with my hand and take the ice to your shaft. Cum on babe lets have some dark BDSM phone sex fun!

AIM and Yahoo: TabooTeenTawny

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tawny!

Small Cock Humiliation with Tyra

Tell me how would you make you come with that small cock of yours? I wouldn’t even let you touch me with that. Small cock humiliation is something I love doing. I love telling you that your cock is so small and how much of a loser you are. I bet no one would ever have sex with you because of your tiny cock haha. That’s why you’re calling me isn’t it because everyone that sees that tiny think you call a dick runs away from you laughing right? I mean really, are you sure you’re even a man? I bet you can only use two finger to jerk that thing off. I laughed so hard when you pulled your pants down I could barely see it. I thought you said you were already hard. I bet 30 seconds after you jerking off you’ll cum.

small cock humiliation

Now what I might do is make you turn on your cam so I can see you put on some sexy panties tell you to stand up and model in it as you tell me how little your cock is then tell you to jerk off  while I sit back and laugh at you. If your cock was bigger you could’ve gotten a whole lot more maybe even fuck me. But its your fault and instead all you get is me humiliating you. You like that don’t you I can see your little cock getting harder. You better not cum. Big dick Men get to cum when they want. Small cock boys do as their told and I didn’t give you permission. Only time will tell if I let you cum, or not You’ll love my small cock humiliation. Well.. I know I’ll enjoy it haha

Call me for small cock humiliation at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Tyra

AIM and Yahoo: fetishtyra

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex with Tamra

In the South, we love to drink and have a good time.  There are always party poopers around trying to spoil the fun, quoting bible verses and shit.  That’s probably why forced intoxication phone sex is such a fetish for me now.  So grab your favorite bottle, and I’ll grab my Camerina Tequila.  At first you’ll be thinking that a sweet thing like me will be tipsy after the first few shots.  You’ll be thinking about all the nasty things you can say and do to me.  We’ll have another.  And another.  And another.  And before you know it, the tables have been good and turned.  You didn’t anticipate that I could drink like a fish, did you?  Haha, big mistake.

forced intoxication phone sex

Now we’ll play a little game.  I’ll ask you a trivia question, and if you get it right I’ll take another shot.  If you get it wrong, you take another shot.  I know, baby cakes, you’re feeling ten feet tall and smart as shit.  But it’s only a feeling.  The more you underestimate me, the more fun this forced intoxication phone sex game becomes.  Once you’re all nice and “lubricated” I’ll get you to tell me all your deep dark secrets.  All the things you wouldn’t dare tell a soul.  But you’ll tell me because, as of now, we’re drinking buddies.  I could do a lot of damage with that information, you know?

Tomorrow you’ll wake up with a throbbing headache wondering why the hell you’re naked.  Then it’ll slowly start to dawn on you that you called me for forced intoxication phone sex.  I wish I could be there to se-e the look on your face when you start to remember all the things you told me.  When you finally get the courage to call me for damage control, you’ll wonder why I’m not hung over, too.  All I can say is, you were out of your league from the beginning, sugar bear.  Now, what am I going to do with you???

Call 1-888-662-6482 for forced intoxication phone sex with Tamra.  It’ll be the night of your life!

Yahoo and AIM:  vixentamra

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Skye

I love tease and denial phone sex so fucking much. In my opinion, all men deserve it because I know that at some point in their lives, they have felt like they were entitled and that they could have any woman they wanted. Oh, you foolish fucks. You all need an attitude adjustment. When a woman is nice enough to give her body to you, you should feel honored, not entitled.

tease and denial phone sex

Before I even started doing tease and denial phone sex, I had a real life experience with tease and denial. I was dating this guy and he kept asking when he was going to get into my panties. I told him when I felt like he deserved it, and of course he said he deserved it just because he took me out to dinner several times per week and paid for it. Um, okay. Buying me steak and lobster doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to my pussy. But anyway, he kept asking and it made me realize that I did NOT want to see him anymore, but I decided to teach him a lesson.

I invited him over to a hotel one night and told him I thought he would probably be very happy with what I had planned for him. When he showed up, I made sure I looked hotter than I had ever looked before. He looked really excited when he showed up and that just made me even more excited for the lesson I was about to teach him. After dinner, we started making out and I told him that I thought it was really hot for him to be totally naked, but that I wanted to leave my dress on and just push it up and sit on his dick. When I could tell that he was getting really close to orgasm, I got up, grabbed my purse and left. By the time he got his clothes on, I was long gone.

Call me for tease and denial phone sex at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Skye

AIM: sultry_skye
Yahoo: sultryskye

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

bratty domme phone sex

When you look at me I bet your mind runs wild with so many naughty thoughts and possibilities of the filthy things we can get into together. My bratty domme phone sex fineness should inspire all kinds of fantasies and ways you could take care of me.  You can be a good boy and buy me some hot outfits. Don’t you think that it is very important that I feel and look sexy at all times and that you foot the bill for that?  If you are good and spend a lot of money on me, I might let you watch me in the dressing room.  I know you want to have a front row seat as I step into a short skirt, sliding on thigh high stocking, putting on a top that ties in the front and showing so much cleavage. Yeah, I think that I will get a lot of looks in this outfit.  When you walk around with me on your arm, men will be so jealous of you.  Little do they know that I make you jump through all kinds of hoops for me and make you spend lots of cash on my sweet tight bratty domme ass.  It is not a hardship for you though is it?  I bet you would do almost anything to keep me happy — that is exactly the way it should be.  What is money to a guy like you when it comes to getting the opportunity to be seen with a hot piece of ass like me. A guy like you probably don’t get a lot of chances to fool the world into thinking you are some kind of pussy slaying stud, right?

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and let’s work out our own bratty domme phone sex agreement. Ask for bratty domme phone sex with coed Eliza!

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Taboo Phone Sex Princess Tawny

taboo phone sex princess

Imagine me being your perfect taboo phone sex princess. Picture it, me dancing on top of you while you sit in that chair. Dancing all the moves that turn you on. Turning around, bending over and shake everything for you so slowly. Then pulling you up by your tie and drag you back to the bedroom teasing you the whole way as I shed my clothes. Sitting you on the bed, climbing on top of you starting to bite your neck and scratching your back just enough to sting. Giving you a perfect glimpse of the taboo phone sex princess about to arise. I promise I’ll take my time to love your body. Give you the lesson on a true taboo princess. I’ll even let you take pictures. Trust me when I say we won’t stop from 6-9. Have you tied to each post of the bed as I kiss and hug your body. Kissing you all over and climb on top of you tease you with my breast. Rock my hips back and forth on you. I’ll take my time so we go all night even. I got a lot to teach you about all my taboos and what I would just love to do to you. Don’t worry though, I don’t much care for chains. I’d love to use your tie on you though. Take the rope off my robe and lightly whip you with it. Leaving small red streaks on your abs. Progressing to using things on your body that you never imagined before. You’ll love the pain so much you’ll be begging for more as soon as we are done. You’ll be all red all over and have a couple bruises when I’m done with you, but I promise the soreness after we are done will be proof that we had true taboo passion. Before I walk out the door I’ll give you a slight kiss on your lips and whisper in your ear until the remix I’ll let you keep begging at my feet.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tawny, your taboo phone sex princess

AIM: TabooTeenTawny
Yahoo: TabooTeenTawny

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