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small penis humiliation phone sex with diana

small penis humiliation phone sex

I really don’t understand why most of you men even bother to call yourself a man and act so tough and dominant.  Those of you who do that are the biggest wimps of all.  I’m also unsure as to why you try so hard to get a womens juicy pussy.  A womens juicy hole is made for a cock to stretch it out, not for something so small to be inside, something so small that you can’t feel it at all.  And don’t think just because some of the girls you try to fuck tell you that it’s okay to have a little dick and that how you use your dick is more important than how big and long it is, does not mean that it’s true.  Because it is not, that is complete bullshit.  No woman on this earth cares about a man with a little dick, UNLESS, they are getting everything they want from the loser and doing whatever they want with him as well.  Then, in that case, we can put up with your ass for a while.  But do not get too annoying because you small penis humiliation phone sex guys are very easily replaceable.  You must obey your mistress and do what I say, when I say, while I humiliate your pathetic ass.  I think you and your small penis are simply worthless.  You couldn’t please me with that tiny thing if your life depended on it, and that’s quite sad.  I don’t expect much from you nor your little dick, but I do expect you to surrender to me and obey every order that I give you.  Now come to me sissy to me and don’t forget to bring your tiny friend with you because I want to see it, I’ve honestly never seen anything so small before in my entire life!  Hurry bitch, I’m ready to humiliate you.

For the most humiliating, hot kinky fun imaginable, call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Diana for small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex with harlow

small penis humiliation phone sexDo you have a tiny dick and you just can’t get any woman to do anything other than laugh at it? Well, sorry… but honestly, that’s all that’s ever going to happen. You might as well just get used to the fact that you’ll be having a lot of small penis humiliation phone sex. I mean, do you honestly think a woman that looks like me would have anything to do with your pathetic little nub? I hope you aren’t still calling it a dick, because it totally isn’t. It’s just an unfortunate piece of flesh that isn’t even big enough to dangle between your legs like a real dick.

The last time you got naked with a woman, she laughed, didn’t she? And I bet it wasn’t just a little giggle. She probably laughed hysterically at you. And you’ve been laughed at before, but you never get used to it. You always hope with all your heart that the next woman will have mercy on you and sleep with you despite your shortcomings. But it’s never going to happen. So you might as well just get used to your fate. You are and always will be the perfect for small penis humiliation phone sex. It’s the only thing you’re ever going to be perfect for, so just embrace it.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow

erotic tickling phone sex with blake

erotic tickling phone sex

Hey fellas! Blake here your favorite California slut, now exploring the Big Apple of New York! It is so beautiful this time of year! The big tree, covered in beautiful lights and ornaments. Getting the chance to skate on the ice! Drinking hot chocolate, and sitting by the fire with someone special! It is so amazing, and I got to share this very experience with an extra twist with someone that I talk to on a regular basis. I always have him guessing, never knowing what I have in store for him next. Tonight’s call with Jay was no different at all! *giggles* I have had it all planned out all week…. To make him completely weakened by my voice, and the touch of my fingers during erotic tickling phone sex.

You see on a previous call we had I made him melt in other ways. *giggles* He made the mistake of telling me that he is ticklish on certain parts of his body…*wink.* That gave me the perfect plan, knowing he would call again. I know just what he likes, needs and wants. You will be no different! *wink* I will have you wriggling and writhing beneath my fingertips and other methods of erotic tickling phone sex torture.

Just the mere thought of what I can do to you or to Jay makes my pink snatch, glisten with wetness. I know that makes your package rise, just like it does his. I am an addiction that cannot be gotten rid of too easily. *giggles* I love having complete control over what happens to your cock, after all I am the perfect tease, don’t you think? Want to know what other tools I’m going to use other than my teeth, tongue, and fingertips for erotic tickling phone sex with you? Just ask for Blake when you call 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM:  bubblyblake4u
Twitter: bubblyblake4u

mutual masturbation phone sex with gretchen

phone sexMy boyfriend has no idea I do hot and naughty phone sex, it’s my guilty secret.  But I can’t help that I need to be on the phone sex line, I’m a horny milf who needs at least a dozen orgasms a day.  This is the main reason why I do mutual masturbation phone sex..  You and I can get each other off or just listen to each other getting off.  I don’t think masturbating alone is any fun for either of us.  I cum harder when I cum with a man like you.  And I’m sure you’ll cum harder with me.  I have alot of toys and I use them to simulate a cock in my pussy or whatever hole I need it.   Will you take control of me as I pound my wet pussy with my dildo or buzz my lips with my vibrator?  Or will I take control of your cock as you stroke it ?  I will moan and get loud because no one else is home and who cares what my neighbors think.  I want you to loose your inhibitions and have a mega orgasm with me or two , there is no limit on our pleasure.  You can extend your mutual masturbation phone sex call with me and we can enjoy being in bed together for as long as we want.  I’m an erotic and insatiable milf.  I have long blonde hair and big natural boobs and a tight body.  I need my boyfriend to take care of me you know in many different ways including finacially.  But he has to work, so while he is working, I’m working my orgasms with you.   I want you to feel taken care of sexually by an erotic babe.  I’m here for you, so call me now and lets cum together.

Call Gretchen


Yahoo & Aim= milfgretchen

CBT phone sex with arizona

CBT phone sex

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. One of the things I hate the most is tiny dicked losers like you who think their dick is worth anything to someone as fierce fresh and fabulous as me. I don’t want anything to do with them. Infact when I find out a loser has a tiny tic-tac between their legs I like to have fun with them. Infact, the kind of fun I like to have with them, CBT Phone Sex is one of my favorite kinds to have because it allows me to relieve some of my pent up aggressions. I love to watch the tears fall down your face, especially when I was the cause of those tears, boo!  All I  want is to hear you begging me to stop. All I will do is laugh at how pathetically weak you are, and continue coming up with new and worse ways to cause you pain.  I’m sure it will be intense, but if you beg and plead to stop it will only get worse for you, I promise.

I think that during our CBT phone sex session we will come up with a woman’s name for you, because a real man has a real dick, not a tic-tac I have to use a magnifying glass to find. You don’t deserve the right to use any other name than the one I give you, and you will love it. Don’t expect me to take it easy on you, loser, because I won’t. I may only be nineteen, but I have learned what is worth my time, and what isn’t. want to hear all about what I would do to you Call 1-888-662-6482, and ask for Arizona.

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

financial domination phone sex with luciee

financial domination phone sex

Financial domination phone sex is not for everyone! Being totally destroyed financially by a beautiful princess like me is so sexually enjoyable for you. I’m the worst kind of financial domme because I have that sweet innocent look that makes you feel all fuzzy inside while I’m wrecking your life. I’m your Princess, you will make me happy, by keeping my bank account GROWing. I love men who enjoy lavishing beautiful princesses like me with  expensive gifts while pampering me on weekly spa, manicures and pedicure trips. My Birthday is a very special day for me and it should be for you too so I really expect to be spoiled with both money and gifts. Men that are really into Financial domination phone sex know that they need me soooo much more then I will EVER need you. Being the greedy princess that I’m you know I will always take more then you expected but that is what gets your cock rock hard now isn’t it???

Hearing you beg and whine does nothing for me I have No feeling for you nor do I want any I only want you to be my money piggy. I will only continue to talk and give you attention along as you have money otherwise I will be done with you leaving you completely broke.  So taking on another job would be good for you to continue to get any more attention from me. Don’t I mean Don’t ever cry for your money back or have regrets for buying me something extravagant because I will never give anything back. Don’t even disrespect or embarrass yourself by asking me for some free time with me. I have no patience for cheap ass men or wanna bees so don’t even bother me with such nonsense.

I will be a princess to you at all times and you are nothing but my money slave or piggy to me. I will humiliate and laugh at you while I’m draining your bank accounts completely dry. Financial domination phone sex is what I’m all about so go get me a visa credit card that you can reload and keep me happy at all times.

Luciee your financial Princess 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sex

If you’ve never had BBW phone sex, you have no idea what you’re missing. A lot of guys might overlook a chubbier girl and go straight for the stick thin bitches, but if you do that you’re really going to be missing out on something great. The thing about a hot BBW girl is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re comfortable with who we are and we don’t pretend to be something we’re not like all those skinny girls do. We aren’t uptight and we’ll do anything (and I do mean ANYTHING!) to please you.

Aren’t you at all curious about what it’s like to have a nice thick ass bent over in front of you while you pound a tight wet pussy? Don’t you want something to hold onto? Or would you prefer me on top of you so you can see all my gorgeous curves? Maybe what you want is to see my big tits bouncing up and down while I fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. You’re never going to have to worry about being gentle with me. I like it rough and nasty.

Another thing about not taking myself too seriously is that I am more than willing to get into all of your twisted and raunchy fantasies. I don’t care what it is… I am a giver and I will talk about or do anything that you need me to do to get your dick off.  Those skinny bitches think they are too good to talk about taboo fantasies, but not me. In fact, the more twisted and taboo your fantasies are, the more I get off.

If you’re looking for a BBW phone sex girl who is ready and willing to make all your nasty dreams come true, pick up the phone and call me. It might be your first call to me, but I can promise you that it will not be your last.

Hot BBW phone with Simone!  Call  1-888-662 6482 and ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with me!

Message me  on AIM or yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

sissy phone sex with lexi

sissy phone sex

Ohhh I love guys that want to be girly girls. It’s so much fun to have a girl that I can share my favorite things with. Like how great I look. I’m so sexy and such a hot girly girl. With my beautiful blonde hair and these big bouncy tits, I’m like a sex kitten. Just waiting to pounce. When you call me up for sissy phone sex I want you dressed up! you can sweet or you can be slutty, I’m going to fuck you with the same size strap on no matter what! Size BIG! Mmmm I love to make you all pretty and smooth and hairless like a silky soft girl. And then use my great big strap on cock to make you squeal with delight while I stretch open your pussy. But I’m skipping ahead again. Silly me. Before I fuck you, I want you to suck that cock like a slut or like a sweetie, I don’t care. I’m going to make you gag on it just the same either way you play it. *grins* You’re so cute. I hope you like long nails and lip gloss and high heels. That’s what I’ll be wearing when I fuck you. I’m going to be the big bad man fucking your sweet girly pussy. Me and my strap on cock.

If you’re a super slut then our sissy phone sex can get hardcore. I can show you some of my favorite things ever. like big black cock and gang bangs and trains and cream pies and oh my goodness, so much cock for you to suck. You dirty slut! I’m going to make sure you are in the most girly special dress we can find when I pass you around until your eyes are stuck shut from all the cum drying on your face. Layers of it sugar pie, layers! I’ll make sure and touch up your lip gloss between cocks. You have to try and look pretty while you’re being passed around. You’re going to look real pretty with your pussy stretched open by those big cocks. Men fuck different than a girl with a strap on. As deep as I get or as hard as i go, it’s nothing compared to the real deal. A big lumberjack sized manly cock poking at you while those big rough scratchy hands push your sweet smooth thighs open. I bet you feel like a delicate flower now don’t you. You’re flowers about to be plucked. And fucked. *grins* I bet you’re excited just thinking about feeling cum running down the inside of your thighs. Warm and sticky. You dirty slut. *grins*

Call 1-888-662 6482 and ask for Lexi.

AIM and Yahoo: Sexy_Lexi_4U

milf phone sex with gretchen

phone sexMen have been obsessed with milfs even before the movie “american pie” gave the world the ironic acronym for “man I’d like to fuck “.   I’m a hot milf and if there wasn’t a term for it, I’d still be a sexually voracious babe with an unquenchable need for cock.  Do you crave hot milf phone sex ?  or are you a shy boy who would like to give it a try as a first timer with a mature woman ?   Don’t be shy, I won’t bite, unless you want me to.  Mils go into sexual hyperdrive due to the deluge of mating hormones .  We can’t help it that the only thing on our mind is sex.  Find out why sex with a milf is everything you have heard about or seen in porn videos featuring the hottest milf adult stars like Lisa Ann, or Kelly Madison.  Do you have a favorite milf adult actress or even a regular actress or celebrity milf ?   Milfs aren’t into game playing they just take what they want sexually.  A milf roleplay is always fun, so if you have one in mind, tell me when you call.  I can definitely make it cum true !!!   I need sex everyday, sometimes more then once a day, and I can tell you about some of my sexual escapades that my lover is clueless about.  He doesn’t even know that I take milf phone sex calls.  I crave having a sexual secret like that, it’s a big thrill.  Do you have any secrets that give you a thrill too ?   We should hook up now and indulge them.  Call Gretchen for milf phone sex today !

Call Gretchen @ 1-888-662-6482

yahoo- milfgretchen



hot phone sex roleplays with august

phone sex roleplays

There are all kinds of ways to play on the phone and since I want it all, phone sex roleplays have always been a favorite of mine.  We can do anything and that is exactly what happens!  One of my ultimate fantasies does hit close to home, I should warn you because I really, REALLY get into in to it ;)  When I was 18 and the summer between leaving high school and going to college I was a babysitter for families all over my neighborhood and I never could have guessed just how much I would learn when class was out.  My very first time with an older man, who really knew what he was doing and man O man was it fantastic.  The mom and dad went out for “date night” and I, of course sat with the kids and by the time they came home the kids were fast asleep and it seemed that the mom had too much to drink at the restaurant so she passed out almost immediately.  Since it was raining the dad, I will call him Mr. Smith, offered to take me home because I had ridden my bike there.  I accepted, thinking nothing of it of at first, they seemed like the perfect couple and I had known them for years, although I did always have kind of a crush on Mr. Smith.  He had salt and pepper hair and was still really cut for his age, they had a big party for his 50th birthday just a few months earlier.  When I got into his car and he started driving, he asked if he could show me something, a special place he liked to go to think and the chance to spend more time with him was exactly what I wanted so of course I said “yes, that would be great.”   He took me to a quite place and when I saw how hard he was, and he put his hand on my thigh I had no idea he would give me the best orgasm I had ever had! (until the next time and the time after that is)  My pussy still gets wet thinking about it and what a summer it was.  I would love to have phone sex role play in any sweet, dirty, kinky desire you have and am already HOT for it.

Phone sex roleplays can go any where you want and as far as can imagine so let’s get started to get down and dirty.  Call me August, I am always hot and wet: 1-888-662-6482.

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

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