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Blasphemous Phone Sex Fantasies with Devon

Its only a week off being Halloween and if your like this nasty whore your mind is filled with nothing but blasphemous phone sex fantasies. Ok maybe there are other thoughts in there too like what to eat for dinner.

blasphmous phone sex

Oh did I get your attention with saying I was in a blasphemous mood? Ready to shout to God what I really think of him. Desecrate his oh so holy name before all. Well calling him what he is does make my shaved pussy wet.

Praying to the devil on a cool Autumn eve also sends shiver of excitement up my body. Making my nipples extra hard at what the Dark One would do with my pale skin body. Bet he would happily leave his mark on my skin.

Am sure during out blasphemous phone sex fantasy will shall have all sort of naughty things happening and well we will make God blush should he over hear our erotic demonic conversation.

Well considering its Sunday the holiest of all days it only makes things feel that much better. Between this cool Autumn’s eve close to Halloween and our taboo mind thirsting for some dark sexual fantasy. I am more than ready to denounce my faith towards Jesus and open my legs to Satan.

Perhaps I have said too much but for those craving some blasphemous phone sex fantasies I am sure I havent said enough. So if your looking for a nasty whore ready to dive into some religious humiliation play then just ask for Devon!

Nothing and I mean nothing is off limits when you talk to me. Nastier the fantasy the wetter I get!

Oh and my number is 1-888-662-6482 remember just ask for Devon.

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Dani

Everyone always asks me what i like to do in the way of fantasies and i always say anything goes phone sex is the best. I kind of giggle when I say it cause I kind of feel silly saying it but its true I cant pick just ONE thing I like.

anything goes phone sex

I mean there are just SO many fun kinky fantasies to talk about and role play on the phone. Like just last week I was a babysitter and well I kind of fucked the married guy. It wasnt even a when we were driving home thing. We fucked in his bed right where his wife sleeps. Yup naughty but oooo so fun.

Then there are the taboo ones where I am a naughty schoolgirl like you cant ever say no to those ones. Getting sent to the principal office and he is always super friendly. Well other than the last schoolgirl role play had me getting spanked.

Then there are the fetish stuff. I am not like really good at being a domme just cause I tend to giggle a bunch and well that doesnt come across super in control. I will give it a try if you want me too though.

So kind of ended up going all over the place but thats kind of how it is with anything goes phone sex stuff. You start at one part and end of flipping it all around and end up some where else. Sounds confusing but its super fun. Was gonna say just like me but I dont think I am super confusing. I am cuteness n giggles and well maybe a bit o trouble 🙂

If you want a blonde barely legal for those anything goes phone sex fantasies then give me DANI  a call 1-888-662-6482.

School Girl Phone Sex with Bailey

Slutty schoolgirl phone sex, you dress so naughtily. Why are your skirts so short? Did you forget to wear panties again today?  If I keep you after class again, people will start to make up rumors about us. My office door is always locked when you stay late. The Janitor found your panties last time you let me have a taste of that sweet pussy. He warned me about your blackmail skills. You won’t do that, right?school girl phone sex

Of course, I will blackmail you, Professor. Did you know I made a tape on my phone of you eating my pussy? I showed all the other girls, so expect a visit from them soon. My friends all think you’re handsome, but we both know that you’re mine. I will let you play, but the moment you try to escape, this school will have a scandal. Can you afford for your wife to know you cheated? Or that you call me for schoolgirl phone sex? You’ll lose half, so you better keep me happy.

Hot and nasty, this sultry kitten  knows how to wrap you around her finger. I never take no, and since homecoming is coming up, make sure I win. Stuff the ballot box before you stuff my pussy. I’ll wear the crown while I blow you, but only if I win. Imagine a beautiful teen on her knees sucking your cock while she holds that crown on her head. Sounds hot, doesn’t it? You better hope I don’t tell your wife about us. Make me feel loved, or I will accidentally threeway call her during our next school girl phone sex call. Oops. Can you imagine a devious coed calling the misses and letting her hear? Have you ever moaned that loud for her? Has she ever screamed for you as I do? Call Bailey at 1 888 662 6482

AIM: Cum4Bailey

BBC Phone Sex with Eliza

Why don’t you have the good sense to feel humiliated by how much I love BBC phone sex? I think most self respecting men would never indulge in it. But you are special, aren’t you? Is it because you want to be my slave bitch? Or maybe you want me to humiliate your minuscule dick? Trust me, that is easily done. I have no problem with telling you the truth even if it hurts your delicate feelings.

BBC phone sex

I bet you need to see a sexy white woman give herself to a much much much bigger black man. I am sure you have called many girls who talked to you about this fantasy, but here is the thing — I really fuck black men. I always have a couple in my stable ready to side their huge monster cocks inside me at all times. See, I don’t fuck around when it comes to BBC. Do you want to listen to me suck his long cock and lick his big hanging balls? I bet you want to hear what it is like when he opens up my sweet pink pussy with his gigantic dick. Fuck I am getting wet just writing about it! Damn, I better call one of my BBCs right now because I won’t be right until I am his cum dumpster. My mouth is watering just thinking bout his huge tool. You know these guys can get me to do any thing they want. Seriously, I turn into a barely legal mega slut when it comes to riding a fat throbbing ebony cock. I think if more women were brave enough to step out on their man, poor white guys like you might never get laid again. Can you imagine! BBC phone sex would rule the world.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Eliza

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Diana

Hey guys. I have been having some really kinky fantasies lately and I totally need a partner to help me explore my deepest darkest fantasies. Every time I think of black cock white wife fantasies my bald pussy begins to throb in excitement. As you may know I am a size queen I simply love big cock preferably 9 inches and bigger. all I have to do is simply think of a 9 inch or bigger cock and my pussy begins to throb and the juices begin to flow like no other. No average size cock can make me feel this way.. an average cock penetrating my pussy doesn’t merely feel as good as me THINKING about a super sized cock. I have unlimited fantasies and stories about me and big black cock. If you have fantasies or stories about big black cocks call me now and share your stories with me.

black cock white wife fantasies

We can have a really hot black cock white wife fantasies role-play. I’m sure you would love for gorgeous big tit- baby doll like me to be your wife. What if we happened to go out to the bar, tonight the bar is full of big black guys, and you know they cannot keep their eyes off your perfect white wife. I’ll definitely give them something to look at tossing my hips side to side while I’m dancing. My hands sliding up my type tummy until I reach my swelled tits, mmm I love pinching my nipples while my eyes are on my my target. I get so horny while we’re at the club I just have to go into the back. On my way to the bathroom I’ll grab my black cock victim, you just follow me. As soon as we get to the back I pull out his monster cock and you watch it fall on my pretty face and then I open my mouth really wide.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 ask for Diana if you need to talk about your black cock white wife fantasies.

Boot Worship Phone Sex Fantasies with Shiva

The weather has changed in my section of the world. The rains have come. There are fall storms approaching and the begging for boot worship phone sex fantasies to begin.

boot worship phone sex

Please take not that there was not a single mention of Pumpkin Spice in that beginning paragraph. You will not find my shiny boots stepping anywhere near that spiced latte crap. You will find me indulging on some lovely herbal tea or hot chocolate, as your phone mistress does have a sweet tooth.

However, you will find me getting my boots mucky in the trails behind my home. For I love wandering the woods in the fall. The scent of smoke from chimneys and the decay of leaves under foot.

See its in those walks as I step in puddles and well leaves that I realize I need someone with a boot fetish who will adore cleaning them and polishing them. Sure you may start with the traditional sense but really we both know that your here to push yourself beyond polishing my boot with a rag.

You wish to have a phone mistress push you into cleaning every speck of dirty and grim with your tongue. Yes act shocked and what not but I know your secretly reading that line with a hard on in your pants.

So now that we got that out of the way sort of. You may call me with your boot worship phone sex fantasies at 1-888-662-6482 ask for Mistress Shiva.


Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Quinn

When done properly, tease and denial phone sex really can change the way you think. When you see a sexy lady and you don’t think about fucking her, but just jerking your cock as she teases you instead, you know you got it bad. That is when you know that your brain has been greatly effected by cum denial. You have to earn the privilege of cumming. That is what it takes to truly turn you on — the constant ache in your balls and the edging that makes your cock weep pre cum. That is exactly what I want to do to you. I want to make you a broken and tense man so full of cum that your cock leaks like a broken faucet. So that all you can think about is being my obedient slave and rubbing your pathetic prick until your nuts are on fire.

tease and denial phone sex

You will hold back that orgasm for my pleasure and amusement to the point where one simple touch from me could set you off. Your dick is painfully rock hard and you just want to cum so fucking bad and in that moment you would do anything and everything I commanded. All you want is the word to make it blow. But I won’t give it. Nope, for me that’s when the fun really begins. I am going to bring you a level of humiliation that will make you feel out of control, but once you have reached the level of lost mind edging you don’t fucking care. I can be an evil bitch and I have such a vivid imagination.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 for tease and denial phone sex with Quinn so I can show you exactly what I am talking about.

AIM: BustyCougarQuinn

Anything Goes Phone Sex MILF Porscha

Well I must admit that I am one rather upset MILF right now. For my hot lawn guy is back at university. My days spent watching him mow the lawn in nothing more than jeans and work boots are over. This hot and horny phone sex MILF is left with nothing more than naughty fantasies to masturbate too.

anything goes phone sex milf

Sure you have a few taboo thoughts that help you get in a playful mood and reaching for that rather hard cock. I know I am definitely not alone when it comes to extreme role plays. Yes I know its not something we would act on but man is it ever hot to share those naughty thoughts with someone and well masturbate.

As a mature woman I have my own fair share of taboo desires and well being a phone sex MILF I get to share those naughty fantasies with men like yourself who have a fondness for a more mature woman.

Must say currently I would love to explore you being my lawn boy though truth be told that has been an on going sexual fantasy of mine. So if you dont mine being man handled by an older woman. Teased by a horny housewife then by all means call me so we can indulge in my taboo role play.

No need to be shy with your sinful sexual desires either I really am an anything goes phone sex MILF. Nothing excites me more than knowing your sharing your deepest darkest more sinful secret. I mean I have already told you I wanted to pounce my lawn boy and never did. I believe its time you share something with me.

You may reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Porscha the anything goes phone sex MILF.

Phone Sex Fetish with Irelynn

If there is anything that I am experienced in when it comes to phones sex fetishes, its anything and everything that you are into. I am your dream call girl. There is nothing that you can throw at me that I don’t know about or haven’t already done. My voice is so sweet that you will be coming back for more like a bee that is attracted to honey. But, don’t let this sweet voice full you, I am very dominant. I have all types of toys that will paralyze every nerve ending in your body, and freeze you and make you helpless as I claim you as my boy toy. Just give me a ring and tell me what your phone sex fetish is, and you won’t be disappointed.

phone sex fetish

Of course, you will get angry with me and throw a temper tantrum when you don’t get what you want when you want it. But, you will only receive pleasure when I decide and if I decide to give that pleasure to you. Any phone sex fetish that I am experienced in will involve some type of pain. I love to make horny men you angry and then I ignite your anger with a something that I like to call… What is that word called again? Oh, it is passion.

Phone sex fetish isn’t just what I do, it is what I love to do. I am a very good tease too. In this picture, I have my hand on my ass, with those nice zebra striped panties on. I have a big ass, don’t I? I bet it would fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. If I were to let you caress it of course. You would have to beg for me to give you permission to do that though. Just give me a ring for phone sex fetish and you won’t be disappointed.

AIM: BrattyIrelynn

Coed Phone Sex with Skye

I know you know me as mostly a bratty domme, but the truth is that I am totally a coed phone sex slut. I mean, it has to be the right kind of guy. I’m not gonna fuck or suck a nerd or someone ugly, but as long as a guy is hot and has a really big dick, then I’ll fuck anyone. Well, I shouldn’t say I won’t fuck a nerdy ugly guy. I would if the price was right or I could get something for me out of the deal. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to do it out of the kindness of my heart. Like I said, you know I’m bratty!

coed phone sex

I really love when the weekends come and there are frat parties that I can bounce around between. I’m quite popular on campus and all the guys love seeing me walk into a party. They know that they can just grab me and tell me they want to fuck and 9 times out of 10, I’ll say yes. Sometimes I don’t even say anything – I just get down on my knees or bend over in front of them.

I’m a party girl, too. Give me a drink and maybe even something else, and I’m even more likely to spread my legs. I just can’t get enough dick. I’d get fucked 10 times a day if I could. And sometimes when there are frat parties to go to, I do. I’ve had a couple super hot gang bangs, too. I’d love to tell you all about that. It’s so hot that I’m gonna probably have to start rubbing my pussy while we talk.

Are you ready to talk to your favorite coed phone sex slut? Just call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Skye!

AIM: sultry_skye
Yahoo: sultryskye

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