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anything goes phone sex with emily

anythinig goes phone sex

Hi! If we haven’t talked before, let me introduce myself. My name is Emily and I am anything goes phone sex slut. You name it, I will do it. I have never been one to say no to anything, so why should our phone sex calls be any different? That’s right, they shouldn’t. When you call me, I promise you can have anything your heart desires. I don’t think most other phone sex girls can say that and mean it like I do.

You aren’t the only one who gets off on the taboo and nasty fantasies.  I do, too. I don’t even know if I can get off when thinking about vanilla things anymore. It takes something kinky and extreme to make my pussy wet. Do you think you can get me going? I would love it if you would call me up and try to see how we you can get my pussy.

What kind of anything goes phone sex fantasies DO you have? Do you want to fuck someone who is younger than you and you shouldn’t be fucking them? Do you want to maybe get someone into a situation they don’t want to be in, if you know what I mean? I would love nothing more than to be your accomplice! I can’t wait to hear just exactly how hardcore and extreme you can be. Do NOT worry about shocking me or upsetting me with your fantasy. It is simply not ever going to happen.

Do you think you can be nastier than me when it comes to anything goes phone sex? Well, I would love for us to put our heads together and see what we can come
up with! So pick up that phone and dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Emily!

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

sensual hypnosis phone sex with leena

sensual hypnosis phone sex

There have to be some willing men out there ready to feed my craving i’ve been having lately.  Someone not afraid to give up total control and put yourself, and your pleasure in my hands. Ready to lie back , close your eyes, and let my words, and my voice carry you off. A man open to letting me lead them to the most incredible orgasm. One brought on by a sensual hypnosis phone sex call for the mind fuck of your life. There is nothing quite like leaving your mind open for me to explore and exploit. You have nothing to worry about as long as you focus on my sultry seductive voice leading, and guiding you. Lay back close  your eyes, and just open your mind. Taking my time, and finding out exactly what goes on in there is what makes a sensual hypnosis phone sex call so pleasurable for me. That control I have, the desires I uncover all work together to make me crave to have you under my spell.

Leading you slowly through all those worries, and problems weighing you down is exactly what i’m here for. Taking you deeper, and deeper into a sensual hypnosis phone sex call is what you need to fulfill all those deep desires  you’re afraid to share with anyone. You see with me there is no need to fear what I might think, or what I might say. I love all types of willing and submissive men ready to place themselves in the palm of my hand.  You have no idea how erotic, and pleasurable opening yourself to me can be until you call for a sensual hypnosis phone sex call.  I will leave you satisfied completely, yet craving to be in my presence once again. Craving to hear my voice leading and guiding you because I know exactly what you want, and need. So don’t be afraid darlin I am here to lead you, and give you just what you’ve always craved just try me.

1-888-662-6482 and ask for Leena for sensual hypnosis phone sex

Yahoo: MILFLeena

roleplay phone sex with alyx

roleplay phone sex

Fuck, you just won’t believe what happened to me! I had this fuckably sexy woman show up at my house the other day. We had the most amazing roleplay phone sex you can imagine! She was all dressed up like she worked for the package service. She looked smoking hot in a sexy dark brown uniform. She held a package in her hand & told me I had to open it immediately for confirmation. Fuck, I was shocked. Her tits were so fucking amazing! I could see her nipples hardening through her shirt. I didn’t even want to bother with the package. I just wanted to rip her shirt off & fuck her. Guys, I’m sure you have the desire to do that a time or two, right? I tried to behave myself though. I started to take hold of the package. It really was a big box. Fuck, & all of the sudden she pulled it back & told me we needed to go in the house to open it. How fucking weird, right? So I did as she said & invited her in. I sat it on the table & slowly opened it. Figured it couldn’t hurt to open it slowly & buy myself a little more time with this bombshell of a babe! Wow! You’ll never in a million years guess what it was, so I’ll just tell you! It was a strap-on & oh my was it big! I was instantly wet & shocked at the same time! The woman grabbed me by my hair; she stood behind me &  whispered “I am going to fuck you with it!” I did not resist. She still had my hair pulled back & cupped my perky tits in the palm of her hand. She took hold of my nipples & started twisting & pinching them. She was NOT gentle, but I was so turned on that I moaned loudly & began rubbing my ass against her. I wanted to have the most incredible roleplay phone sex with her & I wanted it right away! I couldn’t wait to feel her fuck me with that strap-on! Fuck, that’s hot!

1 888 662 6482 & ask for Alyx for roleplay phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

small penis humiliation phone sex with luciee

small penis humiliation phone sex

I’m a nasty, bratty bitch that loves to humiliate small dick guy’s that is why I love small penis humiliation phone sex. Knowing you are sitting there with a little 3 inch or smaller penis in your hands makes me laugh my ass off. I think wimps like you should not even be counted as a man because you differently do not have a real  cock. I know girls with clits bigger then your penis how fucking sad is that. I can just see you holding it with such pride and thinking your little dick is something special … hahaha. I say you have nothing but a “little tiny weenie” that would never please any woman. Itsy bitsy dicky is what you have how pathetic is that sounds like a fuckin nursery rhyme. I have no use for little dicky guy’s and I get off laughing and humiliating them every chance I get.

If you think I’m going to be nice and comforting to you well think again loser I never liked small penis guy’s they are just freaks of nature to me. A total fuck up is what I think of when I think of small penis humiliation phone sex callers. You have to be really stupid to think I would ever find your dicky appealing or sexy at all. I like real men with real cocks that know how to please a woman not sick little dicky like yours. I know you will never find a woman who would suck, lick, or even fuck your small little dick. You know they only laugh at you and call you names so you may as well just call me loser because at least with me you know I will make you cry…hahaha.

Princess Luciee for some real humiliating small penis humiliation phone sex I will never hold back and I will make you cry. 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

CBT phone sex with emily

CBT phone sex

I adore a true pain slut.  Nothing puts a smile on my red headed body more then CBT Phone Sex.  I know you enjoy the pain and torture just as much as I do.  I have my paddle ready, but not for your ass.  Those nipple claps you see hanging from my bedroom door, well they are going on your balls.  My goal is to have you in complete tears, complete fear, your face to be 5 shades redder then my hair!  I will take full control of you and your cock and balls.  Has your cock been lacking some attention lately….I will give it just the attention it needs.  I have a box of sand paper right there on the side of the chair for you.  Sit your ass up nice and straight in that hard metal chair.  Now, grab 2 sheets of sand paper, and wrap them around your cock.  I want you to start stroking your cock nice and slowly, feeling every bit of that sand paper against your cock’s skin.  How does that feel…I’m sure it feels terrible! *giggles* I love it! Now, remember those nipple clamps I had, let me grab them.  I take them and clamp them to your testicles! Is that screaming and moaning I hear? Oh well, get over it! Now, a few more things for you to do.  I’m going to take this q-tip, and dip it in this bottle of tabasco sauce.  Then, I am going to insert the q-tip into your pee hole. Hmmm…How does that feel, as you squirm, scream and yell.  I grab your balls with the nipple clamps on them an take my paddle and slam it down on them! I know, I’m so mean and I love it my pain slut!

Looking to be my pain slut and enjoy some CBT Phone Sex, then give me a call @ 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Emily!

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

anything goes phone sex with alyx

anything goes phone sex

Fuck, who doesn’t love a good climax! I know I do & I’ll do absolutely anything to get it. I’ll have the kinkiest, hottest, most fucked up anything goes phone sex you can possibly imagine! Hot right? The other day I was so extremely horny, what am I saying? I mean I’m always really horny. Fuck, so here’s the thing, I have been fucking this guy for a couple of weeks now! He is this really athletic football jock! He’s huge! His body is huge, I mean really fucking built & I don’t just mean his body either. He’s well hung too. He’s definitely a very hot anything goes phone sex fuck, but how do I put this? Lately, I’ve been wanting to have a little more fun! I wanted something more than just a quick fuck & yesterday that is exactly what I found! I went over to his apartment, he wasn’t expecting me. I walked in unannounced & I found him fucking this really hot chic! She was my age too! He was fucking her right there on his couch! Her legs were up in the air & over his shoulders as he was cramming his huge cock right into her cunt. He was thrusting it hard & fast & so deep inside of her tight pussy! I could tell he really had to force it in. Instead of being angry that he was fucking another girl, it’s not like we were exclusive! Fuck, I’m too young to be tied down so I just joined in. Still, he looked shocked to see me. As his jaw dropped, I pushed him to the side. I told him to watch & I would show him how to fuck her right! I grabbed my strap-on out of my purse. Again, he looked shocked. What? Doesn’t every girl carry a strap-on in her purse? Anyway, I showed him how it’s done! She moaned with ecstasy! She went wild as I was thrusting my own personal cock into her sweet cunt! I really showed him how to fuck a girl right! We had anything goes phone sex in front of him all night long! Wow, it was amazing! Fuck, that’s hot!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Aly for anything goes phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

Fat Phone Sex with Simone

phone sex

If you are looking for the fat phone sex slut of your dreams, look no further. You have found her! I’m a little bit of everything that men love… big tits and ass, a dirty mind, brains and a curvy hot body. Don’t you just love these big tits, thighs and stomach? Would it turn you on to watch it all jiggle while you fuck me? (Don’t worry, I won’t even tell your friends that you love banging fat chicks!)

I’ve been around the block a time or two, so I know exactly what it takes to make your dick really happy! What can I do for you? Well, the possibilities are endless. I love to fuck and I’ll do absolutely ANYTHING you want me to do in bed. I truly will do whatever you desire. If you want your dick sucked, I will give you a blow job so good that you’ll be ruined for every other mouth. Do you want to fuck my big tits? Slide that cock in between them and blow your load on them. It turns me on so much when you do that. Or maybe you want to fuck my fat ass. Bend me over and slam that cock into me while you tell me what a dirty whore I am. I want you to be rough and dirty with me, baby!

Maybe you want to share this fat phone sex slut with your friends. Bring them over and let them use my plump body in any way they wish. I think that would be a pretty good time for some double penetration, don’t you?
I’m the fat phone sex slut of your dreams and I’m ready to make you happy.

No matter what your fat fetish or roleplay fantasy is, pick up that phone and ask for me, Simone at 1-888-662-6482.  Use me, fuck me, and turn me into your fat dirty whore!

bratty domme phone sex with harlow

bratty domme phone sex

Are you looking for the most perfect bratty phone sex Princess out there? Look no further, loser! Let’s be honest, you don’t even deserve to talk to a woman as perfect as me, but for the right price, we can talk. I guess we can talk about whatever you want, as long as you realize you are always going to be the submissive one in this phone sex relationship. I would never submit to the likes of you.

Our bratty domme phone sex call can go in any number of directions. Of course, there will be some humilation because that’s exactly what someone like you deserves. There might be some feminization. There might even be some CBT (cock and ball torture). There are so many things I can do to you.. I guess it just depends on what your cup of tea is. You can choose your method of torture, but your any little bit of power you have stops there. You are weak, pathetic and you will never be anything more than that. I promise you this.

If you think you are ready to worship this bratty phone sex Princess, then give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow

taboo phone sex with spencer

barely legal phone sex

Hi guys! My name is Spencer and I am the stuff that taboo phone sex dreams are made of! I am 18, have big tits and I’m really dirty! I just love being a slut for you and I am willing to do ANYTHING you want me to do. I know that one reason you want me so badly is because I am so much hotter than your used up old wife. She’s such a prude, isn’t she? She won’t ever do anything fun in bed that you want to do. So boring. But I’m not like that at all. I’ll let you do whatever you want to do to me. I get so horny when you want to use my body for all your perverted pleasures.

Do you have a roleplay or fantasy you want to talk about that you’ve never even brought up to your wife because you know she would never do it? Tell me! I’ll do it. I just want you to be happy. Everyone deserves to be able to talk about their fantasies without feeling like they are wrong or crazy.

When you’re ready for super hot taboo phone sex, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Spencer

Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

phone sex

You should have been more careful what you wished for. I told you sometimes things come true. You must have thought that I was joking when I handed you my wishing crystal and told you to try to make it a reality. Here it is the next morning though, and your fantasy of being a tiny little man has come true. At first I just thought that you were gone, but then I felt your hands against my arm. I barely felt it though, you are about as strong as a butterfly now that you’ve been reduced to such a miniature size. No one has ever used that wishing crystal, so I am not sure how long you will be like this. It could be that you will be a mini tiny man forever. I gently offer my hand for you to climb on and you hear my booming voice telling you to hold on as tightly as you can as I lift you and place you in between my breasts. You’ve always admired them, but now they’re like mountains rising up over your microscopic head.

Everything is so dangerous for you now, and you wonder if you will even make it through to find out if this is your permanent size. From where you stand it’s clear that one wrong move could end everything for you. You feel the world beneath your feet shift as my chest rises and falls and then I scoop you up into my hand, and bring you to my beautiful lips. I tell you that you’re the size of a stick of gum, and that I could do just as much damage to your little body if I were to pop you into my mouth. You wiggle away and start to hike down my neck and away from my face. You feel my body convulse dangerously as I laugh and you struggle to find a safe place to collect your thoughts. As you scurry along I lift up the waist band to my soft panties and create a trap for you. Once you’ve made it under the canopy I drop them down and let them snap over, keeping you right where I want you. Maybe you should have made a run for that crystal to see if you could reverse your wish. Having you this size, and being your wicked giantess is going to be such a pleasure.

Call Jennifer at 1-888-662-6482 for  Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex

AIM/yahoo FetishGoddessJennifer

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