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Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex with Devon

cheating girlfriend phone sex

You probably always knew I wasn’t the kind of girl who could settle for just one cock, didn’t you? No matter how magnificent it might be, one is never enough. And you knew that about me, even before you became my boyfriend.

In fact, you’ve always known I was cheating. It’s just always been something you rarely thought about because it didn’t matter that much to you. I’m sure you never imagined you’d find out the whole truth about your cheating girlfriend phone sex Cuckoldress, much less that you’d find it out like *this*.

You never thought you’d walk in the front door and find me on the couch with two black men, did you? Most of you is shocked right now, but there’s still a tiny rational part of your brain that tells you that not only is your girlfriend fucking two BBCs, but she was also so hungry for them that she couldn’t even wait until they got in the bedroom.

I’m sure in every threesome you ever imagined, even if it was one with two guys, you never quite expected the scene in front of you, either. You probably pictured fucking me from behind while the other guy stuck his cock in my mouth. You never thought that the reality would be me lying sprawled atop one black man, his dick in my pussy, while another is behind me, shoving his BBC deep into my ass.

Oh, no, this is not what you were thinking at all. And yet still…it turns you on, doesn’t it?

Don’t you want to find out what happens next? Will you be licking two creampies from both my holes, or will I let you actually join in and fill my last available hole with your cock? Call me for cheating girlfriend phone sex, and the mystery will be revealed.

Ask for Devon 1-888-662-6482

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Bree

ass worship phone sex

What’s up, fuckers? I bet you dirty little ass-lickers and butt-sniffers want some ass worship phone sex, don’t you? Better be grateful that I just so happen to be in the mood to oblige your loser asses!

I wonder what’s the best way to get you underneath me and worshiping my ass like you should? I could always sit on your face, I guess, cuz that’s literally putting you *underneath* me. Maybe I’ll just lie down on my stomach and get nice and comfortable while you straight up just shove your face between my ass cheeks and do what you do.

Or maybe I’ll smother you by making you sit with your back against the wall and just making my ass right up in your face so there’s no space for your dumb ass to move or breathe. Yeah, I think that one sounds like a hell of good time!!!

No, wait, I know! I’m gonna sit on the edge of one my dining room chairs with most of my ass hanging over the edge. Then, you’re gonna get on your knees, wedge yourself between the space between my ass and the floor, and get to fucking work. That sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

I got lots of ways for you to do ass worship phone sex with me. And I promise, you’ll be exhausted before I ever run out of new things for you to do to me or new positions for you get into.

Call me, bitches!

1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wanna worship Bree’s ass!

strap on fetish phone sex with alyx

strap on fetish phone sex

I have a secret for you, well maybe it’s not a secret at all. I’ll tell you all about it anyway. I’m a very kinky strap on fetish phone sex slut! Now the first thing you need to know about me…I have more toys than you could ever imagine! I have big, small, colorful, powerful, & teasing toys. Trust me, I may only be 19, but I do know how to use them! Fuck, I would just love to use my favorite strap on while we’re having hot & nasty strap on fetish phone sex. I’ll tell you just what it looks like. It’s flesh toned & called the Mustang. It’s nice & thick. It feels so good against my fingers when I wrap my hands around it. It has this giant mushroom head. The shaft has the slightest curve. Fuck, it’s amazing. I’ll take control of your virgin ass with my giant cock! By the time I’m done, you’ll feel as though you have just been fucked with a real cock. I am wild! Fuck, & for the small dick losers, if you’d like, & by like, I mean if you really beg me for it – I’ll even humiliate you & put your itty bitty clitty to shame. I know just how you want it too. You want my cock – long, hard, & slow! I’ll thrust my cock right into your ass. I love that you have such a tight fuckable hole. You’re going to be my newest toy. You’ll just be a play thing for me & my girlfriends too, won’t you. You’ll do anything I want you to & fuck, that’s so hot! You’ll serve me & become my sex slave. I’ll have you in all kinds of naughty positions too. My favorite way to fuck though…I want you on your back & your legs up in the air so that I can look right into your eyes as I’m fucking you. I want to see the vulnerability in your eyes. I just love strap on fetish phone sex. I know you do too. Fuck, that’s hot!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Alyx for strap on fetish phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

financial domination phone sex with olivia

financial domination phone sex

Let’s just get straight to the point. I want everything that you have. I don’t believe in sugar coating anything and certainly not when it comes to money. And you? I know you’re the kind of loser who, for some reason, loves it when women take advantage of them. So that’s exactly why you’re going to get your wallet and your phone right now and call me for financial domination phone sex.

I am not the kind of financial domination Mistress who will take everything at once. No, I like the slow build of it all and making guys dread their financial ruin. I love making them wonder how in the world they are going to pay for everything I want from them. Yes, I said want. Trust me when I say that I don’t NEED your money. I want it. I am greedy and you’re soon going to realize just exactly how greedy I am.

Like I said, it will be a slow build so we’ll start with something simple like online gift cards while you’re on the phone with me. The amount will grow with each gift card you send and before you know it, we’re going to end up at this astronomical amount that you never even imagined that you’d agree to. Not that you have much of a choice in this matter. You’re basically at my mercy. Whenever I decide I want something, you’re going to give it to me and you’re going to do it without complaint. If you complain, that really is just going to result in you having to give me more. If I were you, I’d just shut my mouth and do everything I tell you do to.

Think you can handle financial domination phone sex with me? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Mistress Olivia. We’ll see if you have what it takes to make me happy.

AIM: orgasmic_olivia
Yahoo: orgasmicolivia

Roleplay Phone Sex with Jennifer

roleplay phone sex

The question I get asked most by potential callers is “Do you roleplay?”. Of course I roleplay and I love it. When you call me for roleplay phone sex, we can do and we can be anyone we want. I love to stretch our limits and perverted and taboo roleplay scenarios happen to be some of my favorite. We can fantasize that we are younger and really walk on the dark side of taboo. Another of my favorite role-play scenes involve a transfer of power. For example, you’re the student who makes the moves on your teacher, forcing her to be your sex toy. Or misuse of power by a corrupt policeman on the side of the road intimidating me into a strip search bent over the hood of the car.

Let’s roleplay that I’m your cheating wife or girlfriend and when you call me from your business trip, I’m taking my new lover’s cock at the same time. You wonder why I’m so breathless and I make up some silly excuse as you start to read between the lines. Just wait until you come home to me on my knees in the living room sucking his huge dick. Or how about this? You come home from work to see your wife on your knees with her face between my thighs and my riding crop slapping her ass for motivation. Now that just made your dick harder, didn’t it?

I’ll be your naughty neighbor who catches you in panties and parades you in front of the ladies who lunch. Let me be your mom’s best friend or even your girlfriend’s mom. I love office fucking and when I show up to your office pretending to be a client and offer to do whatever it takes to make a sale, I’ll be bent over your desk in no time ready for your hard throbbing cock. I’ll be the sexy Dr and you’ll be my patient and when I have you spread on my gyno table, there’s no telling the things I might do.

Whatever your fantasy, however taboo or perverted or weird, I want to roleplay it with you. Roleplay Phone Sex with Jennifer, where no detail gets left unturned. Call and ask for me at 1-888-662-6482

AIM/yahoo – FetishGoddessJennifer

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Rachelle

panty boy phone sex

So you see different people talking about cross dressing and panty boy phone sex, right? Have you ever wondered what the difference between the two is?

It’s not a stupid question, by the way. It’s something that even I wondered about a long time ago. Lots of people kinda use the terms interchangeably, but they’re really not all that interchangeable, IMO.

So what are the differences? Well, let’s start with the most obvious thing. Panty boys are literally dudes who wear panties. That’s it. They don’t wear any other feminine clothing–no bras, no stockings, no corsets, no lingerie, no dresses, nothing. They wear panties, and that’s it. Cross dressers, on the other hand, wear both panties AND other kinds of feminine clothes.

That’s just the basic distinction, though. There’s way more to it than that.

Panty boys pretty much always retain their masculinity. They’re not into being humiliated for wearing panties, or sucking cock, or being a cuckold, or anything like that. They just like the way it feels to wear them and maybe to jerk off in them or whatever.

Cross dressers tend to become a little more feminine, which totally makes sense because, duh, they’re not just wearing panties, they’re wearing entire outfits. Some of them may be into humiliation and stuff, too, but not all of them. Sissies, on the other hand….

So, yeah, if you’ve ever been wondering about those differences, there they are. Now if you’ve made up your mind which one you are, then call me now for some cross dresser or panty boy phone sex!

Rachelle 1-888-662-6482

mistress phone sex with mysti

phone sexThis announcement is to all slaves and submissives looking for a mistress.  I am also looking, but I am looking for loyal followers who will worship me and only me, and no other mistresses.  I expect complete devotion to me.  I want you to think about this while you read my announcement and even after you read it.  If you pick up the phone and call different mistresses , you are not truly focusing your submission or enslavement.  There is absolutely a reason why you engage in this fickle behavior, you are avoiding true submission and enslavement.   You subconsciously want to avoid a more true blue relationship, because such intimacy even in a domme/sub scenario scares you.  Well it should scare you, but it should also thrill you.  Your new desire will be to belong to one mistress only and that is me.  I will take your submission and enslavement to new eights, but I can only do this if you are my subbie or my slave.  You should aspire to be collared by me or branded with my intitial “M” or tattooed with my name.  This would be the pinnacle for you and you will do anything and everything to achieve this.  You will do long mistress phone sex sessions with me, and you will tender tips and tributes.  I am a real mistress !   I am here on this site to extend my reach into the virtual world to purvey more slaves and submissives.   You should feel privileged at the opportunity to serve and submissive you are and what excites you about belonging to a dominant woman .   I will also tell you what I expect of you during our mistress phone sex conversation.

Call Mysti @ 1-888-662-6482

yahoo- mystigetsoff

aim- mystigetsoff

BBW phone sex with simone

bbw phone sex

If you’re looking for a kinky fat girl who is ready for any kind of BBW phone sex fantasy you can throw her way, look no further, I am Simone, I am a BBW and I am here for your pleasure. The first thing you need to know about me is that I love to fuck. I will fuck anytime, anywhere and I’m a freak. You can fuck my pussy, my ass, and even my mouth.

I especially love when you fuck my mouth. It’s so fucking hot when you shove that throbbing cock balls deep down my throat and fuck it until you’re ready to cum. But I have a favor to ask you. When you’re ready to cum, pull your cock out and shoot that hot creamy load all over my tongue. I’ll stick it out so you can see it and then I’ll lean my head back and let you watch it slide right down my throat. It’s no shock to me that I love to suck cock and eat cum so much. I have an oral fixation and love having things in my mouth. Before I suck your dick, maybe you want to watch me eat something sexy. Chocolate, a banana, a lollipop… watch me use my mouth and get excited about what my tongue is going to be able to do to you.

I also love it when a man worships my big gorgeous body. What’s your favorite part of me? Big tits? Thick thighs? Round ass? How about my belly? Or maybe you love the whole package. I will lay back and let you worship me like the BBW Goddess that I am. Spend some time caressing, licking and loving every inch of my body. If you do a good job, I might even reward you by letting you cum on the body part you love most. What will you pick?

You’re excited now, aren’t you? Pick up the phone and call me for kinky BBW phone sex now! Ask for Simone at 1-888-662-6482

AIM/yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

hot phone sex with gretchen

phone sexYou want hot phone sex that can get you off right now ?   We all deserve to cum hard when we are in need anytime and anywhere.  I mean when you are ready for a good messy cum I am here with you to help you and myself of course.  I am ready for your nasty phone sex needs.  So let’s get off together !   I have my dildo that I will fuck my creamy pussy with and rub my swollen clit, when you grab that hard cock and stroke it so hard that I hear your hand slapping up against your balls.  Sometimes it takes a little bit more then just stroking your cock, and that”s ok.  Sometimes you will need to slide a finger in that ass and cum that way.  There is nothing wrong with some ass play, we all love it just some of us don’t want to admit it.  Don’t be ashamed if you want to get your wives or your girlfriends dildo out and use that either.  Hot phone sex is just what it is H-O-T.  Doesn’t matter what we do on the call, as long as we both have a mind blowing orgasm.  Sometimes it’s even the sexy voices exchanging dirty talk that brings us to masturbating.  The dirtier , the better !   There really isn’t anything that don’t turn me on.  Nothing surprises me and I hope that you will feel that you can tell me any fantasy that you have in mind.  I’m very open minded for hot phone sex anytime, and I’m ready to get down right dirty with you.

Call Gretchen @ 1-888-662-6482

Yahoo & aim- milfgretchen

Roleplay Phone Sex with Dani

roleplay phone sex barely legal teen

Guys call me a lot for roleplay phone sex, and it’s soooooo much fun. I dunno if I could even choose a favorite roleplay if somebody asked me cuz like they’re all really hot!!!

Like, sometimes, it’s fun to be the naughty schoolgirl or the teasing next-door neighbor that you have you to spank and take control of. If you’re the kind of guy who can handle me, I love being submissive. I’ll be sooooo good and do ANYTHING you want, I swear!

And then it’s also fun not to be the submissive one in the phone sex roleplay, too, sometimes. I mean, maybe I’m still the teasing next-door neighbor or whatever, but instead of you taking control of me, maybe I take control of you instead. What if I decided to punish you for spying on me on the all time or something? That’d be pretty cool cuz I like dealing out pervert punishment hee-hee.

What kinds of roleplaying do you like? We’ve got a bunch of options, so if you can’t pick just one, we can always do it over and over again with a new one every time. I kinda prefer it that way cuz it means we get to try something new, which I always love to do. Don’t you?

Kk guys, now I really wanna roleplay. And I’m gonna need some partners for that, so what you can do to help me is get your phone and call meeeeee!!!!! Right now, or at least very, very soon. Talk to ya soon!

Call me Dani for some roleplay phone sex fun 1-888-662-6482


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