Cougar Phone Sex with Naomi

How lucky am I to have slaves AND a pet? Well, I’m sure it isn’t as much luck as it is these boys recognizing when they’ve come across something fine and valuable, and trust Me – they have fantastic taste! In fact, my barely legal student, my teacher’s pet, has extremely good taste in many things. Women, definitely, but he also appreciates the way a good pair of pantyhose looks on a fantastic pair of legs (like Mine), and the way they feel under his fingertips when he is rubbing on a deliciously delicate and perfectly polished foot (also like Mine). Every time he calls for cougar phone sex with Me, I get to enjoy being worshipped from the toes up, and all by a cute and sexy student who’s only just 18.

cougar phone sex

He became My pet when he started offering foot rubs in class. He skipped his lunches to sit with Me and rub My feet, so I could spend the rest of the day standing in front of the classroom in My sexy high heels. I know he was looking at My legs whenever I would turn away – I caught him looking once or twice, but he looked away too quickly. Then, one day when he was giving Me a lunchtime rub, I moved My foot to stretch My ankle a little, and I accidentally brushed against a hard bulge in his pants he was trying to hide by kneeling a certain way. I knew what was going on, and whenever he calls Me for cougar phone sex, we talk about how that was a pivotal moment for us. It’s the day he became My pet for real, because at that moment I knew I had him. Ever since then, foot rubs are not reserved solely for the classroom. I get My feet, and everything else, rubbed at home, after school…

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BBC Phone Sex with Lexi

I have been at home thinking of what it would be like to have a big black cock inside my pussy. I also really love BBC phone sex. Do you have a huge dick? My tight pussy is throbbing and I need something big inside of me, I love to play with my toys I make my pussy squirt all over them as I push them deep inside of me. Maybe you would prefer to have your big dick inside of my ass while I play with myself? One of my favorite things to do is suck big black dick, it’s always satisfying to imagine your eyes rolling into the back of your head while I’m thrusting my head up and down your shaft, until you explode all over my mouth and face. I know you’re probably thinking can I handle you? I’m also wondering if you can handle me.

BBC phone sex

As I said before I’m horney that I need something big inside me, I know you would like to tie me up and play with my body, treat my body as if it was your temple I will be your goddess. Maybe you just want to have your way with me? I have all the BDSM toys your heart desires. I love to dress up the less the better so your huge cock can stuff me like a turkey, throw me on your table and eat me up like cranberry sauce. Let me be your breakfast, lunch and dinner tonight. We can have dessert underneath the stars while you have your way with me while hikers watch me bent over my the back of your truck. I can tease you and please you for hours. Your wish is my command.. Come taste my peaches and drink my sweet nectar. Give me a call let me ride your big cock like a rodeo show, y’all know girls like me can get a bit wild but we can be good, it all depends on how you behave. Do you want me to be your whore, or do you want me to be a lady.

One of my favorite things is to be spanked, while my nipples are clamped and chained to my clit, while your pulling my hair. I like it ruff, I love it when you take your cock out and everything is hot and wet, and while I’m chained up to the bed in a doggy style position your shoving your cock in my ass. While I scream with pleasure and pain you keep having your own way with me. Are you the type that enjoy me tying you up? Being my little submissive and let me shove my toy I named hunter inside your tight mangina, or gently flog you while your beginning me for more and I flog you harder like the infidel you are? Call me let’s have some fun, I’m waiting for you now!

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Kinky Phone Sex with Shayla

I know I may be new to the block, but I am NOT new to the cock. I just LOVE cock and have midnight kinky phone sex, knowing that your cock will explode any minute! All those other women got nothing on me! OH NO sir! Kinky phone sex is where I dominate the turf. Even my prior husband said in the divorce he would miss our early morning and late night kinky chats. Now I’m single and ready to mingle, nothing is holding this dirty whore back anymore!
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You may say what kind of kinks are you In to Shayla? Well guess what? NO kink is a bad kink for me. I just love them all, and when I discover a new one oh how it makes my pussy wet! I absolutely LOVE when a man takes the reigns and binds me with them. Or how about some hot wax and ice cubes? Does that make your dick hard? I hope so, because I’m not sure how much longer I can wait for a man to just ravage me!
I want to learn about all the kinky phone sex that there is to learn about! You know I have heard that dick size is what makes the pussy feel good. Well I say they are ALL wrong! I should know, I am a kinky slut after all. MY pussy just loves they play of it all, knowing that it will take your cum at any moment. I just want you to make this whore yell your name all night long. I need something to get excited about, especially now that  I am all alone in this big house of mine. How about it men? Are you all up for the task to show me just how kinky you can be? Do you think you can be kinky enough for this cum slut? Lets see!
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Kinky Phone Sex with Courtney

Its a wet Monday. Literally nothing is pulling me from my bed today. Well ok other than a few things like needing some coffee which happened to be a run to the drive thru lane at my favorite coffee shop. Hey I was even too lazy to wanna make breakie so it was toss clothes on and head out the door for this kinky phone sex vixen.

kinky phone sex

Something about no panties and joggers that get me excited. Bald pussy rubbing up against that soft material. Ya was a good thing I ran out for some coffee cause I returned super wet and excited.

How excited? Lets just say that I have been up for hours and only now are my fingers finally finding time to hit the keyboard and well they are not typing so well. Perfect Monday morning spent masturbating and sharing in some wild phone sex fantasies.

Some of the fantasies were true tales of what guys were up to or almost up to this weekend. Sorry am pretty sure a few were near misses but definitely fun to role play them and enjoy the sticky outcome.

Being a kinky phone sex vixen means this pussy even though its cum a few times isnt ready to quit just yet. Its one of those super insatiable days. So I am hoping a few of you are feeling the same way and eager to jack off to some hot, kinky and even taboo sex stories with myself.

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Two Girl Phone Sex with Bree

Wanna know whats on my mind? Ok sure sex. Yes also humiliating some small dick loser. But a wicked two girl phone sex call!

Seems like way too long since I got to play with another fucking hottie on the phone. You know doing what we do best. Giggling and laughing over your limp dick. Teasing you and reminding you that your not worthy of fucking our hot pussies.

two girl phone sex

We might actually let you kiss our asses. I mean if you snag two of us for a call then you do deserve SOMETHING and it might be the right to kiss our sweet pucker holes. Well actually it might all depend on who you pair me up with cause some girls I am a bit nicer with and others well lets just say we are a very dangerous combo together. They enhance my bratty bitch side.

No I am not about to tell you which girls on this site make me sweeter and which ones make me sassier. That would take away all my fun. After all I am a bratty princess!

So look over who is taking calls. Ohhh I just looked and DAMN there are some new girls plus some I havent played with in forever. Like….

Just kidding like I was gonna actually fucking tell you who to pair me up with for a two girl phone sex call.

1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you want some double trouble on the phone today. Hell maybe let it be dispatchers choice now we are talking! Let the dispatcher pick who will join our awesome threesome! For those not in the know my name is Bree. Talk soon.

Kinky Phone Sex with Sasha

What’s your kink? Everyone’s got one….. pick your poison. Me? I have to be honest I can’t pick a favorite. There isn’t a kink I have tried that I haven’t liked. This is why kinky phone sex is my ultimate favorite. There are so many different kinks out there that it makes these calls just so exciting and there is never one just like the other. Tell me what your biggest fantasy is and I will make this dream come true for you. There isn’t anything too taboo for me and I have no limits. And I seriously mean NO LIMITS.

kinky phone sex

I’m barely legal and excited to try all things kinky and sexy. I think being inexperienced is perfect for kinky phone sex because that means I get to learn to do it just how you like it. No need to fix any bad habits from years of doing things another way. You tell me to do it the way you want it, and I’m on my knees doing it exactly how you want it. Or maybe I’m on my back… stomach.. hanging in the air. Where ever you want me. I want to hear about your dirtiest fantasies and make them come true tonight. Teach me all the things about your kink so that way we can really get down and dirty with it. I want to be your dirty little slut and take you away to your kinky wonderland.
Pain, domination, feet, bondage, cuckolding, gagging – the list goes on and on. Which one is your favorite? I want to know! Call me and let’s explore all about your kinky fantasy. Anything you want to do I want to do it with you. These phone calls are defiantly all about your dreams coming true.
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Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

I bet that you look at me and think, ‘isn’t she sweet and sexy, I bet she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.? That is hysterical!  And it is exactly how I fool all of you horny men.  But you learn real quick what a bratty domme phone sex slut I am.  You can have my pussy but you have to earn it.  Nothing this good would ever be gotten without effort.   Like, I’ll let you lick it for 5 minutes if you pay my cell phone bill.  Or, you can stick your fingers in me and finger fuck me for 10 minutes if you pay my credit card bill.  I personally think those are fair exchanges.
bratty domme phone sex
Why should you just get what you want for free?  Come on, you see this smoking hot body.  Do you really think this bratty domme phone sex girl lets just anyone do whatever they want to my hotness??  Ummm NO!   Now, if you want to talk about fucking my pussy or my ass, that’s really gonna cost you.  Like I’m talking a brand new car and shit.  Fully loaded.  Not some rinky dinky used car.  You want to stick your dick in any of my holes…yeah I want a sweet pimped up ride.  Oh and if you come back for more of my pussy or ass, it’s still gonna cost you as well.  Each exchange is for one use only fucker. 
I’m cute but this bratty domme phone sex whore is not dumb!  I know how to milk a good thing when I’ve got it.  And let’s face it, it’s a sweet deal for you too.  Cuz you would not be sniffing around this bratty domme phone sex slut’s cunt if you were getting what you needed at home.  So pony up or take a hike!
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Creampie Phone Sex with Sandy

There are three different types of cuckolds that call me for creampie phone sex. First off there are those that have been cuckolded by their wives and they’re lucky to get any pussy time at all. When they do it’d filled with another man’s salty warm cum load. The second type of wimpy cuckold that calls me is the one that has a nice girl at home. She wouldn’t dream of being with another man. The loser she is with knows that she deserves better but she refuses to take part in it, or she would refuse if said loser were brave enough to suggest it. Lastly there are the single would be cuckolds that have had some experience with a cuckold lifestyle or those that are so  curious as can be about it. I don’t care one way or the other which type you are.

creampie phone sex Goddess Sandy

Do you fall somewhere in that description of cuckold men that call for creampie phone sex? Do you understand that your place is between my legs sucking away a hot freshly deposited creamie? Good, that means you have what it takes to make my day a little bit happier. See, I have a magnificent lover that keeps my body fully satisfied. I was a mean girl though and now I’m a wicked woman. I like humiliation, degradation, torment and causing suffering. If your dick throbs when you think about being a clean up boy then I don’t guess it’s too sadistic to tell you to do it though, is it? Maybe I’ll coax your ass into sucking it straight from the cock itself.You’re going to end up with it in your belly anyway, why not? Is it that lingering thread of masculine pride that holds you back? I’ll sever it for you.





Ass Worship Phone Sex with Sasha

Do you see this ass? Don’t you want to know how it looks under these cute pink panties? I know you do. I worked so hard to get this perfectly perky ass the exact way that I want it. You should be on your hands and knees worshiping and appreciating this beautiful piece of art that I have created. Get your hands and face in my ass right now with some ass worship phone sex. I know you’re getting so hard right now just imagining all of the things we could be doing with my ass. I think you know what I’m talking about. Because I love everything to do with ass worship and everything you love about worshiping my ass. Nothing is off the table when it comes to this big booty.
ass worship phone sex
Do you want to be dominated and pushed down onto your knees to worship this ass? I honestly don’t really care what you want because you need to worship every piece of this body. From the head down I have sculpted an amazing body and it deserves better.
Do you have as ass fetish? Let’s explore all the ass activities we could have so much fun with! I can think of a few right now… biting… licking… kissing… mmmm so many fun ways to play with my ass. And I want to explore all of them with you! Nothing too taboo for me when it comes to ass play. I want to please you in every way I can with my ass and I want you to please me too. Because ass worship phone sex goes both ways because we both want it soooo badly!! Come play with my best asset for your please and of course mine.
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Cougar Phone Sex with Emily

I’m proud to say that I am the only cougar phone sex slut in my neighborhood. All the other MILF aged women are just so stuck up and snooty that they would never even consider fucking a younger man. For some reason, even though these boys are 18, they still look at it as “robbing the cradle”. Fuck that! I am more than happy to take those 18 year old cocks and have my way with them every single day. There are so many of them that want to fuck me that I’ve had to make a schedule for them! I’m not even kidding. I’m pretty lucky to have them ready, willing, and able to fuck me whenever I want them to. They never have issues not getting it up. They are never not in the mood.
cougar phone sex
I’m kind of a pariah in my neighborhood because of my sexual escapades. But do I care? Absolutely not. I would rather be sexually satisfied than have a ton of fake friends. Who needs friends when you have a rotation of younger cocks coming over daily to fuck you in all your holes?
Are you an 18 year old boy and you have fantasies of fucking an older woman? Or maybe you’re older now, but there was a time in your life when you were having an affair with someone older that you shouldn’t have been fucking. I want to hear all about that! Did she teach you how to become an amazing lover? Call me for cougar phone sex and tell me all of the dirty details. I’m sure I’ll end up with my hand in my panties… if I’m even wearing any.
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