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BBW Cuckold Queen Phone Sex with Simone

cuckold phone ssex

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous BBW cuckold phone sex Queen? Not only do I love big black cock… all those gorgeous chocolate men love me. What’s not to love? They appreciate my curves, luscious tits and full round fat ass and will do anything they can to please me.

But someone like you… you wouldn’t know how to please me, would you? That’s because you have the smallest dick I have ever seen. Has it ever even been inside a woman? I know the answer to that is a big fat NO. There’s no way it would even go inside a woman enough that she could feel it… and especially not a gorgeous BBW Queen like me. I am used to dicks that are at LEAST 8 inches. Your skinny nub is just laughable to me. But you’re used to that, aren’t you? You have been laughed at all your life. It even happened the first time you were naked in front of a girl, didn’t it?

Somewhere along the line all of your tiny dicked losers just got used to being laughed at and at some point, it started to turn you on, didn’t it? Trust me, it’s going to feel even better when the laughter is coming from a gorgeous BBW cuckold phone sex Queen like me. It’s so much fun to tell you how inferior your dick is while I’m getting pounded by a big black cock that is three times the size of yours. If you’re lucky, I’ll even let you crawl over on your hands and knees and let you lick the black creampie out of my gaping pussy.

Ready to talk to the best BBW cuckold phone sex Queen around? Pick up that phone and call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Simone now so I can tell you how much you’re not good enough for me!

AIM and yahoo – SensualBBWSimone

financial domination phone sex with luciee

financial domination phone sex

Financial domination phone sex is what I’m into,  I love squeezing money out of financial callers. I have no feelings about making you go broke are even if I ruin your life that’s your problem. I’m Princess Luciee and I deserve as much money as I want and I want yours. Don’t go thinking you are going to just pacify me by offering me a small amount of money thinking that would satisfy me. Oh NO,  I will always want more and the more you tease or deny me about the money the higher the amount will go. Example: You offer me 300. but I want 500. I will get really mad and up my amount to 600. or 700. I play the game of financial domination phone sex all the way I do nothing half way.

Being the greedy bitch that I’m,  makes taking your money such a rush for me. I enjoy making you buy long calls with me while I manage to take your money, even after you tribute me about 200. I will always want more. I guess you can say I’m never satisfy,  I’m always looking for that rush over and over. I know one thing for sure that you are so addicted to financial games and you get a bigger rush then me. I have seen men ruin their life’s and marriages just because they can’t resist giving me their money. It’s that drive that keeps them working hard to make big pay checks so they can spoil me rotten. I love spending your money and you know how happy that makes me when I’m out shopping using your money even having lunch with my friends. I know you know I like the finer things as well as nice restaurants. Paying a few rounds of drinks for me and my friends is nothing for you to pay for,  after all look at what you get from it and how good your cock feels.

Want a really financial domination phone sex call you need to call me Princess Luciee after all I want to drain you dry. Call 1 888 662 6482.

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

tease and denial phone sex with ariel

tease and denial phone sex

Hiya there boys! Guess who is back? Ha ha! You know who. Your favorite barely legal coed slut in Florida is who! You know the girl with long brown hair, and big brown doe eyes?! The sweet and innocent girl that likes to tease all the boys and professors on campus with her barely there outfits that show off all the A-MA-ZING curves she has got. It is Ariel boys! Strap in for a wild ride of tease and denial phone sex.

By the time I am done with you I will have you begging for mercy. I am well known for getting you to that point just before you are going to cum, only to stop? *giggles* I don’t go for minutes. I have been known to go for hours, days, even weeks of tease and denial phone sex. Do you think you can handle it? I don’t know that you can, you will have a lot of proving to do with this Princess. You see, if you just ask my most recent ex..*giggles* Not even he could handle the torture I dish out. Then again, I was just being nice to him. He really didn’t deserve that itty bitty thingy to be touched. Not only that but he really didn’t have any balls either they were like 2 marbles ha ha ha. He never did get to experience what my pink glistening lips felt like wrapped around his tic-tac sized clit. My favorite thing to do to this loser was to put him in a cock-cage. I would lock him in it for days, weeks, sometimes even months. I knew his weakness..the best part, is that I knew he couldn’t get off with the cage on, it was too tight, absolutely no wiggle room. I made sure of it!

What’s going to be your pleasure or torture during tease and denial phone sex with a Princess like me? Just ask for Ariel when you call 1 (888) 602-0881.

Yahoo: amazingariel
Twitter: brattyprncssAri

GFE phone sex with arizona

GFE phone sex

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. What is it you’re looking for, you poor little soul? You have never had a girlfriend, and you want to have one? Well I can be your GFE phone sex girl, if you do a few things for me first. This fierce fresh and fabulous bitch deserves to be taken care of, don’t I? If you want the true GFE phone sex with me you’re going to have to show me how much you do. You’re going to have to prove you aren’t one of those tiny dicked losers that think they are good enough to get with me before I will even think of it. What is it exactly that you’re going to have to do, you ask? You’re going to have to spoil me rotten with whatever I ask for, whenever I ask for it. I should never hear the word no from your lips, unless i ask you if you want to see me walk out, and never look back.

I deserve to have pretty jewelry to wear when I go out with you. And no, you won’t pick what you’re going to get me. I will pick out the pieces I like, show you, and your job is to get them for me. And when I say get them for me I don’t mean tomorrow, I mean we’re going right now to get them. *Giggles*, and if you don’t do what I ask all you’ll be seeing my back while I walk away. I will take any hope of GFE phone sex out the door with me. I love the way it makes me feel to know that I have that much power, the power to make you beg for this fierce fresh, and fabulous bitch to make your pathetic dreams cum true during GFE phone sex.

Call 1 888 662 6482, and beg, I mean ask, for you boss ass bitch, Arizona

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

money slave phone sex with luciee

money slave phone sex

Money slave phone sex is a fetish that I love having many of,  all my money piggies are so good to me. I like when my piggies get so excited when they  give me a tribute or pay one of my bills. I know you really get off when I mention you in my blog, telling everyone how generous you have been toward me. Telling all the other money slaves what you gave me as tribute really makes you want to match their offers, such jealous little piggies. So Mr K you know who you are thank you for your very nice money tribute you gave me last week.  Paying for my rent and my phone bill makes it easier for me to talk to you. I know you loved having me squeeze it out of your grubby little hands, leaving your bank account low for the week.

I really want to thank P he send me a tribute so I could put it toward my vacation trip to Vegas this summer. I’m looking forward to my vacation, I know all my money piggies want to help me enjoy Vegas in high style. So look on my blog for my link to add to my vacation trip every little bit will make me happy and you know you want that at all cost. I love all my money slaves and I want you to know your princess gets so excited when you send me tributes. I know you love making me happy and it makes you feel so good,  come on,  you know your cock gets rock hard just calling the dispatcher to humiliate yourself  by giving me your hard earned money.

Money slave phone sex callers are so addicted to financial teasing and with a greedy bitch like me just waiting to help you drain your credit cards you just can’t resist. I will make your life so much more exciting and explosive or I can make it painful and ugly if you don’t give to me… you pick your poison?

Call me for money slave phone sex  1-888-662-6482 and ask for Luciee. I’m available in the evenings.

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

Strap-on Phone Sex

phone sex

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be fucked in the ass? You’ve had fingers in your ass before and it felt amazing, so you naturally wonder what it would be like to be totally filled up. Well, that’s where strap on play can be super fun and we can talk all about it when you call me with all of your strap on phone sex fantasies!

When you see the sizes of my strap on cocks, you might be a little concerned they won’t fit. Trust me, it will. I am very experienced with newbie asswhores! I just have to go slowly with lots of lube and work you up to it. I think it would probably be best to put you on your back with your legs in the air, just like a hot bitch. Laying there like that will make you feel like a whore, and that’s okay. I suspect that you’re going to love feeling like a whore once I’m done with you. You can grab your knees and pull them up to your chest and open yourself up really wide for me and I’ll start to slide the head of my strap on into your asshole. It feels kind of strange at first, but once you get used to the feeling of something that big in your asshole, you really start to enjoy it. You will start begging me to fuck you like a dirty fucking slut with my big fat plastic cock and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to pound your asshole until your cock just starts to explode all over the place. You’re not even going to have to touch yourself. Just being filled up with my strap on balls deep in your ass is going to be enough to send you all the way over the edge.

Ready for your strap on phone sex session now? Pick up that phone and call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer. I’ll make sure you learn how to take that strap on like the slut you were meant to be!

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Devon

foot worship phone sex

Name is Devon and as per usual I love engaging in dirty, nasty fetish calls, so when a certain someone calls me up wanting me to partake in a foot worship phone sex fantasy course I am going to take it to the next level.

Remember I am the no limit phone whore you call Nasty Devon, which trust me is far from an insult. Our time together was all about him worshiping my lovely long feet not after some delightful pedi. Not when my feet are smelling of some peach and cream lotion. That would be what you expect from giggling princess. I am a nasty girl. He was worshiping my toes after they were in my gym shoes and socks. After I had been at the gym for the day.

Yes that is the kind of foot worship phone sex fantasy I am about. The pure raw, nasty kind. The one where you have to hold your nose cause the stench just makes you gag. Oh I wont hold back. You best not either. Cause once my shoes come off your mouth had better be down there. If you have a shoe fetish bring it cause you are more than welcome to sniff my sneakers.

Lets have some dirty, nasty foot worship phone sex fun today. I mean I just got back from the gym so you extreme freaks should be dropping to your knees right about now!

Call the dispatcher at 1-888-662-6482 and tell her you wish to speak to Nasty Devon, the one and only extreme phone sex red head.

aim/yim devonizwicked

mutual masturbation phone sex with luciee

mutual masturbation phone sex

I answer the phone hearing you moaning in my ear you wants me to listen to you masturbate as you rub and stroke your shaft the call gets so intense. I love mutual masturbation phone sex whether I’m masturbating for you or you are masturbating for me it’s all good. Knowing you are stroking and getting off while I’m listening to you masturbate really turns you on. Erotic sex is what I consider masturbation phone sex, there is nothing better then having someone hearing you masturbate its such a turn on. I’m Luciee and I like to masturbate with you or for you which ever you like I know we can have some really hot sexy phone. I tend to be a little bossy and bratty and always love to get a little pushy forcing you go past your limits making you cum more then once for me. I even like holding off making you wait to cum like slowing down your stroking making it last longer. I know that feels so good for you and makes your cock rock hard.

Mutual masturbation phone sex with me is thrilling making you cum all over yourself like a horny sex addicted that is what I find exciting. I love putting fingers deep inside my wet pussy fucking myself just for you. Hearing me moan and cum will make you stroke even harder giving your cock that pulsing rush that makes it all worth it. I know you like masturbating with someone no one likes to masturbate alone its always more enjoyable with another horny person. Now, I tell you I have two fingers deep inside my sloppy pussy while you stroking your shaft with such rhythm, we both are enjoying our nasty phone call. Then it happens we both explode with such pleasure that we hear each other gently scream with delight.

Looking for some really hot mutual masturbation phone sex call Luciee  1-888-662-6482

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

18 teen phone sex with august

teen phone sex

I thought that title would get your attention, just the mention of my sweet, tight 18 year old pussy and here you are.  I am August, and 18 teen phone sex is so naughty and nasty I just cannot seem to get enough.  *Sweet, frisky giggle*  The same can be said for you though, right?  About not being able to get enough.  Is that one of your late night stroke thoughts?  A sweet girl, just like me who has all the warmth and wetness a man wants.  I know you have all the skills and inches a fresh, tight girl like me needs.  I am wondering what kind of flavor of delight you have mind for me.  Are you the kind of man who likes to teach a partner, help me grow as a lover.  Train me exactly the way you want and need.  Maybe when you are pushing and pulling on your oiled up cock you are thinking about giving me all the dirty details on how to blow you just right.  Telling me what a good girl I am for you and how I suck so good.  Or maybe lick it harder, stick your tongue out while you push your cock down my throat.

Then again, we could go another way with it too,  I could be in charge with domination 18 teen phone sex and tell you all about pleasing me.  Like the idea of a petite minx twisting you all around her finger.  That hard body and soft skin being flaunted around, making you ache and moan before you even get to touch honey pot.  Maybe I jog around your neighborhood in tiny shorts, in a tight top that shows off the curves of my breasts and nipples.  Only to go back to my house where I go straight  the bathroom for a nice, hot shower.  Although I leave the curtains open so you can get a good and  mean GOOD look.

Would you like to cum in and take it from there, having hot and steam 18 year old naughty phone sex with me, August?  Just call me at 1 888 662 6482, and we can get clean, dirty and naught together!

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

mutual masturbation phone sex with jade

mutual masturbation phone sex

Anyone up for a session of mutual masturbation phone sex today? As you sit there and stroke your cock, you should consider stroking while I stroke my clit with you with a wet finger. You sit there by yourself all of the time don’t you while a hot girl like me talks on the phone. Well let’s change it up a bit. I want to tell you how to stroke your cock for me oh so nice and seductively. I will have that cock of yours rock hard. I can give you the choice of just guiding you on how to stroke that meat for me or I can masturbate right along with you. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want me to join in with you though. You will enjoy my sweet moans as I play with myself for you. I always have my huge toys handy and a nice bottle of lube in my closet for special moments like this. I may not even need the lube I will just shove it in my mouth and let you hear how good of a cocksucker I am. It really doesn’t matter to me though. I can focus all of my attention of you and your strokes. I am just a lover of sexual activity because it is one of our basic needs in life. When we are together I take it very seriously. I don’t treat it as a quick session that we will have and that is it. I want our mutual masturbation phone sex together to be memorable so that you will want to keep coming back for more. It is just as important to me to make sure you cum and have a spectacular time just as much as it is important to you. No doubt that when we get together my pussy will drench with eagerness, my beautiful nipples will harden, and my intoxicating voice will be all yours. Then we can delve into pure pleasure.

Let’s have kinky mutual masturbation phone sex together now and let me rock your world. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for lovely Jade

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