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Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Savannah

Do you often wonder what can be done during an erotic hypnosis phone sex call?

There is that wonder as to what fetish or fantasies can be covered. Well I like to believe near anything is possible its really up to you. How deep you go under. How willing you are to allow those mental walls to crumble.

erotic hypnosis phone sex trance

I personally have no limits when it comes to fantasies and fetishes, so I enter each hypnosis phone sex call with an open mind. A willingness to have you experience the ultimate in mind control while doing a fetish or fantasy you enjoy. Granted I will always say I am not an expert in all fetishes so you may have to explain sometimes how you get turned on by your kink, so that I can work my hypno trance to suit your needs. However, beyond that I want you to find as much joy in hypnosis as I do. After all it is my personal favorite fetish.

Now I will say I respect everyone who calls so if you happen to have a limit I will never step over it. I want you to feel as safe as possible, especially if this is your first erotic hypnosis phone sex session. Its about creating a wonderful time together where you feel your able to let your mind and thoughts go completely. So that your open to any and all hypnotic suggestions.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah. Please tell the dispatchers it will be an erotic hypnosis phone sex call so she can ensure to book the right amount of time for you. Erotic hypnosis is a fetish that cant be rushed so please have a minimum of 30 minutes available.

My aim is savannahdesires


Extreme Phone Sex with Bailey

Many times I’m encountered with an extreme phone sex fantasy that gets me off in an unimaginable way. Not too long ago I had a guy who wanted to try a taboo fantasy that left my mouth watering. He wanted me to coerce his girlfriend into a gang bang where I found the guys to fill up her holes while he watched and recorded the entire thing. Now everything was going great at first until the boyfriend got more than what he bargained for.

extreme phone sex

When I met up with his girlfriend she was very sweet and polite and really didn’t seem like the type to agree to a gangbang. I started off by telling her about some of my really hot guy friends that I wanted her to meet but she seemed very hesitant until her boyfriend said it would be good for her to go out and meet more people. We drove back to my place where all of my big cock friends were waiting for me. As soon as she stepped inside of my house, her mouth dropped. She couldn’t believe how huge they were! One guy told her to sit down while he massaged her shoulders to get her ready for the most amazing extreme phone sex she’s ever had.

Things were just getting started when I heard a faint knock on my front door. Her boyfriend came in and tears immediately filled his eyes. She was riding one guys cock while three other cocks were fighting for a spot in her mouth! She was moaning and having a great time while her poor pathetic boyfriend could barely keep his eyes open. He said he didn’t think she would be having such a good time during extreme phone sex. I saw her glance over at him but she kept getting fucked. Later that night she told me she never came so many times with her loser boyfriend.

So stop wasting precious time and call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for the one and only Bailey

AIM: Cum4Bailey

Anything Goes Phone Sex Fantasies with Porscha

Ever been so horny that you cant put a finger on what sort of fantasy will get you off? Oh I am sure you have been. Well this is my week. Ok so its only the beginning of the week but obviously you know this MILF is beyond insatiable and craving some anything goes phone sex fantasies.

anything goes phone sex fantasies

Honestly, when I start to think about the delightful topics we can cover over the phone my mind starts racing and well my mature shaved cut just gets wet. I now a woman of my age probably shouldnt talk like that but really you finding me on a phone sex site so lets be real. A sweet prim and proper lady you are definitely not looking for. You want someone who knows her way around a dick and isnt afraid to talk dirty.

Unless you like that sweet church going lady sort of role play and want to corrupt her? Then I am all game for that. Actually the idea of making someone curse and swear against their nature is rather hot. Mind you I do rather enjoy the corruption of some cub if you get my drift. Oh but cuckold will always be rather near and dear to my married heart.

Oh dear! As you can see my mind is racing just trying to express myself in a blog. Truly its an anything goes phone sex fantasy type of day. Though I am thinking something in the taboo category will probably get me off hard. Please like you are the only one with taboo thoughts. No deary!

Hopefully your horny thoughts have given you a direction. Something you wish to share with me so we can both get off together over it. I now I am in the mood to get off a lot today.

My name is Porscha and you can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482.

Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Simone

Put on your panties, pick up your phone, and call me for sissy boy phone sex. Don’t stop with just panties either. I have silky stockings for you with a sexy garter belt to frame your sissy ass so pretty. We aren’t going to stop there either. I think a sexy bra stuffed with titties or a soft camisole that will rub your sensitive nips all day will only add to the look and that sissy boy feeling. Add a pair of 5″ heeled cum fuck me pumps and bright red shiny lipstick to really make you feel like the sissy slut you are.

sissy phone sex

Now that you are all dressed up with no place to go, it’s time to talk about your life as a sissy boy. We both know that no real woman would ever want to be with a sissy like; at least not in the traditional sense. Your dick is too small to please me and you’re wearing panties! I’m even willing to bet that you already have a wet spot in your panties just thinking about all of this. Get on your knees and crawl right between my voluptuous thighs. I’m going to rub your sissy face all over my wet panty pussy. Not only will you look like a sissy boy, you are going to smell like a pussy boy too.

Happy you called for sissy boy phone sex today because I’m having some friends over and it’s going to be your coming out party. My girlfriends and their boyfriends will watch as you shake your little sissy ass for them. When I get out my strap-on and demonstrate your cock sucking ability for them, a couple of the guys decide you need to practice on the real thing. Yes, you read that right, as part of being my sissy boy, you’re going to learn how to be the best cocksucker there is. Might as well make the guys happy since you’re too sissy for the girls.

For sissy boy phone sex, call Simone, 1-888-662-6482

aim – sensualbbwsimone

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Harlow

I know that there are men out there who enjoy lying back and giving up control to a beautiful woman like me. If that sounds like you, then you’re the perfect man for guided masturbation phone sex. I know that maybe you’ve never just called up and let someone tell you how to stroke your cock, but that’s okay. As long as you are good with surrendering all control to me, our guided masturbation call will go very smoothly.

guided masturbation phone sex

I have to admit that I love hearing a man stroking his cock. I’m talking about a real man. Not losers with tiny dicks. Those guys are useless. But if you have a real cock, I want to talk to you. I want to hear you slide your hand up and down while I tell you what to do. I will even tell you a really hot story to make it even more exciting for you. I don’t know if you can handle how turned on you’re going to be, but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

If you want to use any kind of toys, I want you to have them ready when you call me. You could be using one of those masturbation sleeves or even a dildo if you’re into that kind of thing. I love talking to a manly man who isn’t afraid to admit that he loves to fuck his own ass. Something about that just turns me on so much.

Are you ready to call me for the sexiest guided masturbation phone sex call you have ever had? I think that you better call me right now at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow. You will have the time of your life and while it might be your first call to me, it certainly won’t be your last. I can promise you that.

Sissy Phone Sex with Blake

Hey Fellas! Do you crave a dominant woman, but need a sensual Goddess? Look no further than the sensual Goddess staring back at you! I am Blake, a blonde bombshell addiction from New York. Just by reading this far, you already under my hypnotic spell.  I can tell by the tent in your pants that you need a Goddess like me to keep your naughty ass under control. I know your secret!  I know that you ravage your girlfriend’s panty drawer when she is away. I know how much you love to try on those panties and how amazing they feel up against that pathetic clit during sissy phone sex.

sissy phone sex

You often wonder why she stays out so late at night, leaving you all alone feeling depraved and lonely at home. Instead, you crave a woman that will ravage your man hole with her big strap-on? This is just one of the many things we will do together during sissy phone sex.

I know another one of your secrets. I remember, we have talked before. Now you have come back to feed your need for Goddess Blake. Every waking moment thinking about me and the deep secrets I know about you. I know, I am everywhere! I know that you crave to suck a cock just like I do. I have taught you how many, many, many times. You remember how, right? I sure hope so, because when you call me tonight it won’t be your plastic toy you will be sucking. Instead, there will be a big black cock just waiting to feel your tight, wet, warm lips wrapped around the hard gift he brought you. Becoming a sissy with Goddess Blake during sissy phone sex is a true transformation.

From panties and dressing up, to shopping and sucking cock. Only limits are our imaginations. So, want to get sissified by an addictive Goddess? Call Goddess Blake and feed that addiction when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482 for sissy phone sex.

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

Feminization Phone Sex with Gretchen

So this straight-laced accountant guy, engaged and living with his lady, has been calling Miss Gretchen regularly for some feminization phone sex. He told me he was living a lie. Not only did he believe he was gay, but he also gets hard at the idea of dressing like a woman. He didn’t want anyone in his life to know, but he wanted to build Tiffany, his alter ego, and he wanted my help to do it! He emailed photos of himself in drag so I could see what I was working with. Then he called me for feminization phone sex so I could tell my new gurl bitch how to start dressing better. I told him what a pretty gurl he would make, and how to accentuate his apple shaped figure. Bell sleeve top, short skirt and go-go boots for those pretty legs, and a long, auburn wig. Then I made him get off against a silky pair of panties.

feminization phone sex

Next came the voice. I made him practice raising his voice to sound more like the girly bitch he is. Eventually he was starting to sound like a woman, but he wasn’t quite there. Shaving lessons…”shave that hairy chest, those hairy arms, those fucking carpeted legs of yours, take down that bush to a clean, respectable level…” “…and do your makeup like the girls in the videos I emailed – not like your grandmother!!” The next thing you know, Miss Gretchen had an instant message with a photo of Tiffany. She was gorgeous!

But there was still one step left in this feminization phone sex process. Now, time for the real fun – teaching Tiffany how to please a man. I talked her through my techniques for pleasing a man orally, made her play with butt plugs and get herself trained to take cock, and told her where to go to get it good. It took a few calls, but by the time I was done, not only had she gotten off hardcore against her silk panties each time, but Tiffany was now ready to go live her secret life. Look for her at a glory hole near you!!

Is it your turn next? Call Miss Gretchen, sweetie pie, and let’s work on it!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen for feminization phone sex!

AIM: MILF_Gretchen

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Skye

If you’re looking for the most perfect bratty domme phone sex girl in the world, then stop looking right now. They don’t come any more perfect than me, so continuing your search would just be a huge waste of time – time that you could be spending on ME. And there is no better way to spend your time than making me happy. Are you wondering what it would take to make me happy? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’d be more than happy to tell you.

bratty domme phone sex

The first thing you need to know is that in order for me to be happy, I will always need to be the one in control. I will not allow you to be in control – ever. So you have to be willing to submit to me immediately and always. If I say I want something, you buy it. If I say I want you to go into a lingerie store and tell them that you need to buy panties to wear for your Princess, that’s exactly what you will do. And if I tell you that I want you to go into a sex toy store and buy a giant black dildo and tell the cashier that you’re going to fuck your bratty domme phone sex Princess, then you better not tell me no. I don’t like being told no. I’m not kidding when I say that you need to surrender to me. I will own you as soon as you place that call to me.

Do you think you can handle a gorgeous bratty domme phone sex Princess like me? I don’t know if you can. Not many losers are capable, but the ones who are? Oh boy, they are so much fun for me. Call me now at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Skye to see if you can handle me.

AIM and yahoo: sultryskye

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Life is too short to fuck small dicks. That’s my motto and what makes small penis humiliation phone sex with me all that much better. It’s not just something I laugh at you for on the phone either. If I met you in real life, I’d laugh at your pathetic little dick and probably send you on your way. I don’t care if your feelings get hurt, you need to know the truth of your situation. Truth, you ask? No real woman would waste her time with a useless excuse for a dicklette like yours. Sure you might find yourself a mercy fuck, but we both know she won’t feel a thing, and it’s probably costing you some money too!

small penis humiliation phone sex

sph phone sex

I’m not really much for tinder or other internet hook-up sites; meeting men is rarely a problem for a Goddess like me. Some girlfriends and I were hanging out, having drinks, and for fun pulled up Tinder to see what kind of trouble we could find. Wasn’t long before I started messaging with some really hot guy. Told him I was with a couple friends and if he had a friend or 2 we should meet up at a bar not far away. Long story short, we all meet up, have some laughs and hot guy invites me back to his place. Hell yeah, I said, let’s go. I know you know where this going … hot guy, small pathetic dick.

For real, I laughed. He was so confident and arrogant I would never have guessed that between his muscular thighs was a teenie 3″ dick. Shit you not. “What the fuck am I supposed to with that?” I laughed. He stuttered, turned red and apologized profusely. Good boy, at least he knows he did me wrong. Lucky for him I was so damn horny, I sat on his face and let him jerk his itty bitty junk. I should have made him put on my dirty panties so I wouldn’t have to look at it. I came all over his face, he dribbled on his fingertips and I sent him on his way.

Like I said, life’s too short to waste on small pathetic loser dicks. Need a dose of sph phone sex? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer for small penis humiliation phone sex.

aim – FetishGoddessJennifer

Hypnosis Phone Sex with Blake

Blake here fellas! There is something about me that every man I have had contact with continues to crave days, weeks, months, and even years later. It must be my bombshell body, my perky personality, and my bubbly voice. Once they get a taste, they become addicted, just like I know you will. That is why I know that when I snap my fingers you will do whatever I desire while under my hypnotic seduction during hypnosis phone sex.

hypnosis phone sex

The moment you clicked on my page and started to read this I already had you under my control.  Now just to complete it all with your mind… I am going to make it completely mind. Don’t worry too much, this won’t hurt too bad. Stip naked, get in a comfortable place, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, exhale and relax your body and mind. While under the care and hypnosis mindfucking of Goddess Blake you will be completely stripped of all thoughts and inhibitions. All those fears you confided in me, are no longer a hindrance during things session of hypnosis phone sex.

The best part when you wake up, you will have no clue what happened during our time together, but there might be some lingering effects from the trigger words I implanted. I know you couldn’t even tell I was doing it. It is all part of my hypnotic seduction and addiction. Now that you have caught the bug, there is no way to get rid of it. The only way to feel better is to call Goddess Blake when you get the urge to get a taste. What am I going to make you do while under my mind control? Oh baby, to find out you will have to give me a call. You didn’t think I was going to give you all the juicy details here did you? It’s time I say the safe word so you can wake up from our hypnosis phone sex session. What’s your pleasure going to be with me?

Ask for Blake when you dial 1 888 8 FREAKY for your addictive, no taboos hypnosis phone sex expert. “Once you pop, you can’t stop!”


Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

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