Submissive Phone Sex Slut Dani

If you dont know by now I like submissive phone sex. Well I like to be the subbie in the phone sex fantasy. See I can do bratty domme stuff but I got admit that its not something that comes super naturally to me like some of the other girls here. Like they can be down right super brats. I giggle and laugh too much to be taken seriously. But then again that does have its advantages for humiliation fantasies. So maybe I am cut out for a few domination things.

submissive phone sex slut

Anyways, if your looking for a girl who loves to get spanked and be a good collared princess then that would be me. I can obey with the finest of submissive phone sex sluts. The best thing is I have a cute young sounding voice and well that just means your fantasy of training a barely legal to be your submissive slut is over.

I can go from willing sub to one that can be a touch of a brat who giggles and disobeys so you can take a firm hand to my petite bum. Sorry I kind of like being both types of submissive. Something super hot about giving you a little bit of trouble in the training but I aim to please. See how good of a submissive phone sex slut I already am?

Course I should warn you that when I am nervous I giggle so while your training me to be a first rate submissive phone sex slut there is a good chance I will giggle. Not cause I find the training funny but cause I am nervous about not being a good enough sub for my master. So I can see that leading to some punishments.

That giggling thing gets me in all sorts of trouble. Anyways you can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask Dani!



Kinky Phone Sex with Eliza

So it is that time of the year when people make New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of making some changes in their life. But all too often, they never quite make them stick. I have a fantastic idea for the horny men this year. Why don’t you aim for something that is both very attainable and fun like kinky phone sex with me?

kinky phone sex

Try getting in touch with your inner freak. You don’t have to pretend like you don’t have one. We all have a pervert living inside of us just yearning to get out and have some good naughty fun. I let mine out so much that it pretty much has free reign. I am always ready to get kinky at a moments notice. All I need is a partner in kink to get my going. A touch of depravity never hurt anyone, right? Go ahead and take a look at my smoking hot body and tell me that I am not the perfect partner with which to get kinky. You can tell me what you like, you know, role play fantasy or fetish — hardcore or extreme very welcome. I have no restrictions, no taboos and absolutely no limits when it comes to getting off. I just want to make you feel good and the real good stuff is always kinky. Or if you are a bit too shy you can let me ask a few questions then I can take the bull by the horn and introduce you to all kinds of kinky fun.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 for some hot and kinky phone sex fun.

Yahoo & GMail BustyCoedEliza

Creampie Phone Sex Fantasy with Porscha

Was just sitting here thinking what to get my husband. That perfect gift just for him and thankfully a certain someone helped me out with my gift dilemma. A certain fellow who loves calling in for his weekly creampie phone sex fantasy, which offered up some great ideas on what I should be doing with my own hubby.

creampie phone sex fantasy

Not quite sure how I didnt think of it before. What man, who is in a cuckold relationship, wouldnt love diving between his wife’s legs on that Christmas morning only to find out she was offering up more than a kiss under that mistletoe. The evidence is right there in creamy delight.

This sexy MILF plans to let Santa bang her waxed pussy minus the condom. What fun way to celebrate the holidays than receiving such a nice gift from St. Nick than a pussy filled with his ho ho ho juice.

Mind you… Now that I keep thinking on this I am believing my cream filled cunt should just wake my husband up with some face sitting. Sure my phone cuck and I never dove into face sitting during our creampie phone sex fantasy but really isnt that the best. Me taking full control. I am a cuckoldress after all.

So why not just wake my husband up in the middle of the night after Santa’s dick finished thrusting away. Let that hot sticky ball jizz drip into my man’s mouth. I think I am liking this idea the best. Would love for you to help me narrow down the details with some more creampie phone sex fantasies. I am around till the holidays so lets have some naughty fun. Help me get on that naughty fucking list of Santa’s.

Just ask for Porscha when you call 1-888-662-6482.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Jade

I get many guys who ask me if I like to have cuckold phone sex. The first thing that is on my mind is are you kidding me? I love to have a real man in front of you to show you what a real cock is while I get pleased. Sometimes I think to ask why they like to be humiliated by the presence of a alpha male in the room. I think I already know the answer though. You know exactly what I deserve and maybe you want to see just how a real man works right?
cuckold phone sex
I will be more than happy to show you how its supposed to be done. Do be honest you are not really worthy enough to be in the room. To show your appreciation I might let you put your tongue on the tip of his mushroom head and maybe shove it down to his balls to make you choke on it. The least you can do is get his cock nice and hard for me. I bet that would get that tiny clit of yours excited right? I know you will sit there and wonder what it would be like to fill up my sweet holes with a hard dick to make me scream to the top of my lungs. Instead you will just have to sit there and play with your own thing down there. We will see how good you suck on that cock to me to see if I will let you clean all of his cream out of me like a good boy.
Slide down those pants and dial 1-888-662-6482. Ask for Jade and let me teach you all about what kind of cuckold phone sex I like to have. You know that you are ready for me to go even further with you.
Skype: Jade.Sultry

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Emily

Hey guys, Emily here. I’m really in the mood to have mutual masturbation phone sex right now. I’ve been so horny lately and I don’t know why. I mean, I’ve always been a horny woman, but lately it’s just been out of control. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting so many hot phone sex calls lately and they have just been getting me so turned on. I love all kinds of fantasies and fetishes, so don’t worry – we will find something that we have in common to get us both horny.

mutual masturbation phone sex

Do you have a roleplay idea that gets your dick hard? I LOVE roleplays and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. I have so many to tell you about, but I want to hear yours, too. Maybe you even have a taboo idea that you’ve been dying to talk about but have been afraid to tell someone. Please don’t be worried that you’re going to offend me. Honestly, the more taboo you get with me, the wetter my pussy gets. Let’s get down and dirty, baby!

I also love when guys call for mutual masturbation phone sex and tell me about real experiences they’ve had. Oh, I have heard some really wild stories and I never get tired of it. I want to hear more. I love fucking my pussy with my fingers or a dildo while you tell me all the nasty things you’ve done. And of course, I’ll be telling you about all the sexy fun I’ve had. I can’t wait to cum with you, baby!

What are you waiting for? Call me for some hot mutual masturbation phone sex fun at 1 888 662 6482 and ask the dispatcher to talk to Emily. I know we’re going to have so much fun!

Cuckold Phone Sex with Quinn

My husband has really taken to our cuckold phone sex lifestyle. Sure, he was nervous about it at first, but I told him, if you want to keep me around, then you better get on board with all the big cock I am going to be fucking and sucking. Of course, he wants me to stay. I am the epitome of a trophy wife. I am a hot piece of ass and I look great on his arm. All his friends tell him how lucky he is to have a sexy woman like me for a wife. Well, what they don’t know is that he can barely get it up anymore and I spend more time putting batteries in my various vibrators than actually on his lame cock.

cuckold phone sex

I finally told him I needed some real cock and he could deal with it or cry about it. So now I have my big cock fuck buddies to come our house and fuck me in our bed. I make sure my husband is involved. Yep, he gets a nice front row seat. I say to him, tell this hung stud I am his dirty whore. I want to hear you tell another man as he fucks me I am all his! You tell him he can use me any way he likes and any time he likes. I make my husband tell all my fuck and suck partners how worthless his penis is and to compare his to theirs. It always makes us laugh. At first he was very humiliated, but now he just embraces it. It turns him on to be a true cuckold phone sex loser for me. Sometimes he even scouts out big cock for me. All he needed was some cuckold training.

1-888-662-6482 and ask for cuckold phone sex with Quinn

GMAIL: BustyCougarQuinn

Breast Fetish Phone Sex 2 Girl Fantasy with Kassidy

Do you have a breast fetish? Well what guy doesnt like admiring women with big breasts right? But I am talking about guys who LOVE breasts like they want to worship them, kiss them, FUCK THEM!

breast fetish phone sex 2 girl

Oh that got your attention. Well getting you thinking about titty fucking and my nice double D’s sort of help get that cock of your rising up. Except I was thinking about something more intense then you worship my beautiful breasts.

I was thinking it would be super hot if another one of my big breasted friends joined us for a 2 girl phone sex call. Yes let us super size your breast fetish phone sex fantasy by having double the titty fun. Really our call can go anywhere when you have 2 sexy girls on the phone.

Your face can be smothered by some cleavage and your cock can be bounding some tatas. All at the same time. Hell there is enough of us girls on here that are bisexual in nature that we would happily give all the breast stimulating pleasure to one of us. Course I will admit that as much as I like flicking some hard nipples with my tongue I will want some attention returned on my sensitive pink nipples too.

Now before you ask me which girls I wanna play with. The list of available girls are always changing so check with the dispatcher and see which big breasted babe is available for a breast fetish phone sex two girl fantasy call. Dont be shy either. Let her know you love big busty girls!

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482, just ask for Kassidy the girl with the double D’s

BBC Phone Sex with Eliza

Do you think I not old enough to already be into BBC phone sex? I know that other chicks my age are satisfied with average size or even smaller cocks. But I have never been on one those girls. Nope, I need a massive cock to fuck me and fill me up.

BBC phone sex

The first time I had a BBC I thought I had died and gone to heaven. At first, I was scared to death, but when he finally worked that monster inside of me my eyes rolled back in my head and my pussy got wetter than it had ever before. I came over and over and could barely walk the next day. That is when I knew that average cock was not for me. I go on big cock hunt on the regular. Seriously, I am always checking out guys crotches to see if the bulge is big enough to justify talking to him. It would be so much easier if I could just walk up to them and grab their dicks through their pants. Luckily, I have this smoking hot brick house body to entice the giant cocks that I crave. A big black cock definitely won’t get lost in my huge breasts when I titty fuck them. And I do whore out for real men with real cock, too. Women do whatever we have to just to satisfy our pussies. And my pussy is super demanding. In my experience, BBC are non stop fucking machines. They fuck and fuck and fuck and they stay hard when they finally do cum so they can keep fucking! I need that more than anything.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 and I will tell you how far I am willing to go for the right BBC phone sex call.

BBC Phone Sex with Eliza

AIM Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza

Humiliation Phone Sex with Bratty Princess Bree

So ya I woke up in a bit of a mood. Why? Its pretty simple. Your favorite bratty princess has been living next to a construction site cause my new neighbors are renovating their new place. All week long I have been listening to banging and its not the fun kind that gets my pussy wet if ya know what I mean?

humiliation phone sex

Today, I was hoping for some quiet. I mean it Sunday who doesnt rest on Sunday. Well the fuckers next door thats what! Ok breath! Think of Christian Louboutin shoes. Think of my happy place.. Red bottom shoes. Ahhhh!

So right now I need you fuckers to cheer me up with some humiliation phone sex. Talking small dick. Cuckolding. Bratty Princess. Ya know just calling you out on being a loser type humiliation phone sex stuff. I wanna be able to laugh and giggle over your short comings. The usual stuff that cheers me up!

Oh and I think if we brought in another bratty domme that would fucking rock! Cause who doesnt like to have 2 sexy bitches laugh in their ear and treat them like a fucking loser. Well I know you do so why not double up on the giggles and fun for a humiliation phone sex call.

Well I am gonna go curl up and watch some of The Voice I have pvr’d cause well Adam. Helloooo! He will bring a smile to my face and You do what your loser ass is good at which is pick up the phone and dial 1-888-662-6482 ask for Bree. Cause your gonna bring the giggles to my day! See my mood is a win win for everyone!

Fetish Phone Sex with Quinn

I am not your average MILF. I love fetish phone sex too. Yeah, I am mature and most men would love to fuck me, but I have a lot of freakiness in me. Vanilla is fun and all, but not always my style. Once I learned to walk on the wild side I found that it suits me very very well. That is why I love fetish phone sex so much.

fetish phone sex

I have always said, I will try anything once, twice if I like it. And I usually love it! Fetish phone sex can be so many things. I know just how to take care of adult babies, CBT, BBC, feminization, humiliation, shrinking, the list can go on and on. I usually hate labels because I don’t like to be pinned down to just one thing when I have found that I want a taste of everything out there. I just don’t believe in limits when it comes to sexuality. I work hard and my hot and sexy body deserves to feel pleasure from my head to my toes and every place in between. If you are adventurous as me, oh I bet we could have a crazy kinky time. Maybe you just want to try something, I am your bitch for that. I talk to you about what turns you on and hold your hand while we explore it together. I want to make you cum buckets and I won’t stop until I do.

So let’s get this party started — grab your phone, your credit card and call me at 1-888-662-6482 for fetish phone sex and we can push our boundaries together.

AIM: BustyCougarQuinn