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extreme phone sex with arizona

extreme phone sex

Hey, boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona! I’m ready to fuck you up with some extreme phone sex today! For me, extreme phone sex involves some really fucked up fantasies that most people just would never think about even admitting they have. You know what I’m talkin’ about! Those fantasies that you are ashamed of yourself for having! Those are the ones that I want to hear all about, boo! I even have some of those fantasies myself. So let’s get all kinds of nasty together.

I know you might be shy, so I will get us started and tell you a few things I like. You know what one of my most favorite fantasies is? Accomplice play, of course. Maybe we can find an unsuspecting girl and take her home with us and do all kinds of fuckin’ nasty things to her. We can tie her up and be really bad if that’s what you’re into. I know it makes my chocolate pussy wet just thinking about it. Maybe I can sit on her face to keep her quiet while you pop her anal cherry. If her face is covered up, she won’t be able to scream when it starts to hurt a little. Mmm.

Or maybe for you, extreme phone sex means some kind of taboo roleplay. You know you aren’t supposed to be having fantasies about THAT girl, but you just can’t help yourself. You need to put your dick balls deep in her and give her what you’ve been dying to give her for so long.

There’s so much more we could get into when you call me for extreme phone sex, boo. So what’s keeping ya? Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Arizona so we can get freaky together, baby!

sissy phone sex with harlow

sissy phone sex

Hello to all of the sissy phone sex sluts out there! I bet you’ve been dressing like whores all summer, haven’t you? Well it’s almost over, so you better get out there and get one last hurrah in before you put those short skirts and low cut tops away for winter. Maybe you even have been going to the pool or beach in a bathing suit – is it a one piece or bikini? I can’t wait to hear about all of the slutty things you’ve been doing! You seem like a nasty sissy, so I bet the stories are really outrageous!

I bet you’ve spent some time in bathroom bars this summer with your skirt up over your hips with a big dick in your pussy, haven’t you? Or maybe in the lifeguard station at the beach on your knees with a big juicy cock down your throat. You are such a fucking slut.

If you aren’t sure what to do or where to go for your last slutty summer outing, call me and we’ll talk about it! I’ll help you pick out what to wear – from makeup, to lingerie and even what shoes you need to put on. I hope you’ve learned to walk in heels, because that’s what I’m going to want you to wear! Men love it when you wear those heels and then squat down while you’re sucking cock. I don’t know, there’s just something sexy about that, don’t you think?

Call me and let’s talk about your sissy phone sex adventures and set up some new ones. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow!

Voyeur Phone Sex Fantasy with Devon

voyeur phone sex fantasy

Not sure about you but all this summer heat has me sweating like a fucking bitch in heat. Ya I know not nice to talk about such things but really we all are. If your like me these hot summer nights have me not wanting to fuck in my bed. Way too hot. I am longing for something a bit more sinful. Dirty. Nasty really. Thinking back to all those times I was living at home and had to get creative with my sexual adventures. Oh ya you know what I am talking about. Make out hill. The bushes in the empty lot down the street. I am thinking its time to break out those voyeur phone sex fantasies.

Now before your all wow Devon thats so fucking unique a fuck fest in a field. Come on this is me your taboo sex slut. I wanna get nasty with these voyeur phone sex fantasies. I am thinking perhaps sex in a church before mass. What like  you havent thought it before. Or maybe the location doesnt necessarily have to be the taboo part of the fantasy. Let your mind wander on that one. *wink*

There are various ways this can play out and honestly its up to you how we do this. I know that right now as the beads of sweat drip down the small of my back I really need to get buck wild and sweaty from a hot erotic encounter where anyone can catch us in the act.

How about your nasty self?

Just give me a call for a wild voyeur phone sex fantasy call, just ask for Devon 1-888-662-6482


humiliation phone sex with eliza

humiliation phone sex

Hi guys, I am Eliza.  I love the power I get when do humiliation phone sex calls. I have always been a bit ornery, but I have really discovered that I have a mean streak when I started doing those calls.  I don’t just stop at saying a few insults, nope.  I have expanded my horizons.  I always make sure that I keep a cock cage around to push the humiliation and pain further. I do love to see a man helpless and weak.  It pleases me to no end. Especially when I walks around the house completely naked smiling at him as if to say don’t you wish i would let you out that cage to fuck my perfect body? But alas, I won’t.  If he is lucky, he may rub my feet or give me a full body message. His job in the morning is to wake me by licking my pussy to a few orgasms. Then showering with me and washing my whole body. After that he must rub lotion all over my beautiful perfect body. If he completes his tasks perfectly, I will rub my ass up and down on the cage. Then I will turn around and slap that cage call him a dirty slut and demand that he beg for release. I love to hear the pleas of a man in such sheer agony. By then his balls are such a lovely shade of blue that he would do anything to cum.  I won’t allow that, the best he can hope for is a ruined orgasm after a long and painful humiliation phone sex journey. Grab your phone and your credit card and call me at 1-888-662-6482 so I can take your inventory and break you down just the way that I like you.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

small penis humiliation phone sex with harlow

small penis humiliation phone sex

You’re a small penis humiliation phone sex loser, plain and simple. And there is no way in the world that I would EVER have anything to do with you. You are fat, you smell weird and if all that wasn’t bad enough, there’s something else that you have that I’d never want – a tiny little dick. Wow, it is like ridiculously small. I have never seen on that small, and I have been unfortunate enough to see a ton of small dicks. But trust me when I say that you could win a trophy for having the smallest dick in the world. If it were any smaller, it would be an “innie” haha.

If you have ever been fortunate enough to have a woman interested in you, I bet that died when she saw you naked, didn’t it? I’m sure you took your pants off while telling her how you were going to rock her world in bed and then when she saw your micro penis, she probably put her clothes back on and left. That’s the story of your life, I’m sure. You might as well get used to it, because that’s how it always has been and always will be. The good news, I suppose, is that you have gotten so used to being laughed at that it now turns you on. And that, loser, is exactly what I am here for. Let’s do this!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow for small penis humiliation phone sex

tickle fetish phone sex with Autumn

tickle fetish phone sex

I’ve been with men and women with lots of different fetishes and preferred methods of slave torture. So far I haven’t been with anyone with an intense tickle fetish though. I’ve talked to Doms over the phone that want to tickle torture their slave girl and had some amazing roleplay calls about tickle fetish phone sex. I’m pretty ticklish so I would be the perfect kind of submissive girl for someone that loved to tickle and tickle their bound victim. Bondage is one of my favorite activities and it goes so well with tickle torture, don’t you agree? I’ve had some dom men tickle me when I’m bound and enjoy seeing me squirm but not anyone that really got into the way tickling made me react. Maybe it’s the difference between someone liking it and loving it? I don’t know, but I think it would make for an erotic session.

I really like the thought of a roleplay where you are trying to get information from me and I won’t give it up. After a bit of whipping, nipple torture, hot wax, electrical play and more you realize that I’m just a pain slut and you’re playing right into my hand by taking that route. You drag the tails of the flogger over my rib cage though and I start to squirm. You give light feather touches to my arm pits and I’m laughing and begging you to stop. Now you know that you’re on the right track to getting all the information out of that you need. It might take awhile and you might have to try all of my sensitive ticklish spots, but you know that you’ll break me and get me to give it up.

I hope that I get to be your bound tickle torture slave very soon.


phonebabeautumn yahoo or aim

panty boy phone sex with Sandy

panty boy phone sex

There aren’t really a great number of men that belong in men’s underwear. If you’re one of the real men who do you might really be surprised at how many panty boys or would be panty boys are masquerading around as men. Women like me know the truth though. We know that there are only so many actual real men out there and that the rest of you are just playing. You can call it roleplay when you call me for panty boy phone sex but it’s more like reality and roleplay is when you pull up some boxer briefs and play man games. I don’t care how important you are in your career, I don’t care how much money you’re worth. I don’t even care how hot your trophy wife is. If you’re even questioning yourself right now then you know that you belong in a pair of lacy panties like an emasculated bitch.

Some of you are cruising past this post like “Me? In panties?”, you roll your eyes and you’re probably right because some of you are fine ass alpha men who women like myself want to fuck. The rest of you though, you’re just a panty boy phone sex call away from being a full time sissy. You’re just teetering on the edge of holding onto your masculine identity and waiting to be pushed over by a strong woman that will feminize you and change your world for the better.

Why don’t you call me up and tell me about why you deserve to be called a man. Let me know why it is that you belong in men’s underwear while so many other panty boys are getting put into lace panties and thongs. I’d really like to hear your case for being a man and not a sissy in panties sucking my toes and begging for more abuse.


sandyissinful aim
sandyissinfulx yahoo

phone sex slut winter

phone sex slut

Sometimes a girl just needs to get fucked well.  When I take some time to relax, I want a real man to have his way with me.  I guess that makes me a phone sex slut.  I like it when a man takes control and takes me the way he wants me.  I start out on my knees, wetting his cock with my mouth.  Feeling it grow on my tongue and filling the space all the way into my throat.  I love watching the power I have over him, too, as I lick and suck.  Hearing him groan sets my pussy on fire which makes for one hell of a hungry blow job.

When he can’t take it anymore, he picks me up and throws me on the bed.  Now I know I’m going to get it, and honestly I can’t wait.  I rub my dripping clit as he slides his cock up and down my wet slit.  When he finally pushes it in, I feel the heavenly sensations rip through my body.  This is what a phone sex slut lives for, to be used.  I love how he takes charge, flipping me over effortlessly and plunging back into my cunt.  I claw the sheets as he rams into me over and over again.  When he pulls out and rubs his cock head on my asshole, I’m ready to give myself over completely.  No whining, no saying no, just complete submission.  Rocking my hips back on him and giving him the fuck of his life.  Pleasing him pleases me.

If you are a real man, please call me and let me be your phone sex slut.  I need the touch of a real man.  I need to be put in my place from time to time.  I need you to make me cum over and over again until I’m breathless and weak.  If you’re that real man, let me take care of you.

Call your phone sex slut Winter at 1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo:  whitehotwinter
AIM:  whitehottwinter
Twitter:  @whitehottwinter

CBT phone sex with ariel

CBT phone sex

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here! Calling all pain sluts. You had better be prepared for what is to cum from a barely legal CBT phone sex slut like me! Be prepared, for I will give no mercy. You will be begging and pleading to stay under my control. Pathetic pain sluts, I love new prey to use as putty in my hands. All you need are a few household items. There is no stopping unless I say so, and you cannot begin until told! You are pathetic and I WILL laugh at you, that makes that clitty of yours hard now doesn’t it. Weak, weak to my hypnotic spell. Fuck! I love it, makes my cunt wet and creamy for a real fuck boy. What size is your cock? Oh, 6 inches… yikes, that is too small for my needs, but I will be happy to humiliate you, torture your cock and balls, and make you slurp your own cum.

While I get my tight holes filled by real men with big, thick meaty cocks. You are going to place clothespins all over your clit and balls. Oh, and do not forget those nipples. -giggles- While your skin is being pinched, my friends and I are going to kick you with our stiletto heels. That is right, every time you cry out, begging me to cause more pain during our CBT phone sex my friends and I make our time together unforgettable. See, your pain won’t just last seconds, minutes or hours. Instead, the pain will continue when you step into the shower, when you step out, dry off and get dressed. It will even linger into tomorrow as you try to go about your day. That’s right, I am telling you that CBT phone sex with this barely legal slut, will be A-MA-ZING and unforgettable. Just ask for Ariel when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482 so we can get the pain started. -giggles-

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

guided masturbation phone sex with emily

guided masturbation phone sex

Hey baby! Do you like being told what to do? I hope the answer to that question is yes, because I am pretty good at being bossy and telling people what to do. That makes guided masturbation phone sex perfect because it will benefit both of us. Does that excite you as much as it excites me? I hope so.

I truly do want you to call me so that you can see truly how much more exciting masturbation can be. See, you guys tend to be quick about it when you’re jerking off. What you need to do is just slow down, relax and actually try to enjoy every single touch. You focus way too much on the end result of masturbating, but the process can be enjoyable, too.

Before you call me for guided masturbation phone sex, I want you to be sure that you are 100 percent ready to submit control of yourself to me. You can’t be in control if you want this guided masturbation phone sex session to go smoothly. You have to surrender and just let the pleasure overtake your body. You will feel pleasure unlike you have ever know if you just let me take the reins and help you to feel good.

On the flip side of things, if you are a really manly man, I will let you practice your guided masturbation skills on me. You can tell me when and how to touch my soaking wet pussy. And you can even control whether or not I get to cum. I know that not letting someone cum when they want to could seem cruel to some people, but trust me, the build up makes it worth it. The orgasm will be one of the best we have ever had.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily for guided masturbation phone sex

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

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