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18 teen phone sex with spencer

teen phone sex

OMG it’s been a little while since I wrote anything here, but stupid school has kept me really busy this year. Ugh. All I really wanted to do was come on and have 18 teen phone sex with all you naughty boys, but I just didn’t have a lot of time. But now that school is pretty much over, I’ll be on more and I can’t wait to have tons of kinky fun with all of you! And I’m super horny because I haven’t gotten to play much, so you are in for a super fun treat! There isn’t anything I won’t do for you when I get really horny, so don’t be afraid to ask me for whatever you want, pervs!

And maybe you aren’t even sure what you want to talk about. All you know is that you want an 18 year old girl to play with! Yay! I might be barely legal, but I still can make your cock feel better than it has felt for a really long time! You know I’ll be able to please you in ways that your stuck up old wife won’t be able to. She isn’t even a good fuck anymore, is she? That’s what you need me for!

Are you ready to call me for some super hot and wild 18 teen phone sex? Mmm. Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer. I’ll be waiting to make your cock rock hard, baby!

phone sex princess blake

phone sex princess

Hey fellas! I am Blake, the phone sex princess addiction that you just won’t be able to kick! I have blonde hair, after all blondes have lots of fun, blue eyes, and a body that will turn your head and make you stare. Even I cannot help but stare at the reflection I see when I pass by the mirror. My seductive ways that I will have you wrapped so well around all my fingers and toes that you will become addicted. Any man that I have come in contact with has become my admirer in one way or another. All I have to do is bat my long lashes, often times even my exs from relationships past cannot resist saying “yes” to me, even still. Even my closest friends and family members are jealous of my phone sex princess ways.

I thrive on the finer things in life, that baby is where you come in! Princesses should have the finer things in life, so open up your wallet and turn it all over to me! You are and will stay my personal piggy bank. If I do not get what I want, then I will throw a tantrum, you know you do not want that, now do you baby? We wouldn’t want to attract negative attention or for me to find someone else to spoil me and get my attention instead. Spoil me right and will let you touch all of my curves, my pink wet lips, they are so wet and drip my sweet, sweet juices. I know you want to dip your fingers in for a taste for yourself, now don’t you baby? Mmmm, fuck yeah! I can see your throbbing to get a taste of your favorite phone sex princess addiction.

Of course, I always have a goal in mind. Like, the ultimate goal is to seduce you with my curvaceous body and sultry voice…. * wink * I am going to take you back to my bedroom where you are going to worship my ENTIRE body. If you meet my high phone sex princes expectations, then I just might let you get you in on a secret I have been keeping. Cum on baby! Feed your addiction, you know you want to get a taste. Just ask for Blake when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482. I’m the phone sex Princess that will blow your mind and well certain parts of your body… * wink *

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

Accomplice Phone Sex Fantasy with Devon

accomplice phone sex fantasy

Ever wonder what it would be like to corrupt one of those sweet barely legal phone girls? To twist her from Miss goodie goodie of cherry lip gloss and flip flops. Transform her into something more dark have those lips glossy and sticky from the taste of cum. Oh perhaps its only me. One too many sinister accomplice phone sex fantasies have me wanting to take every bubble gum blowing cheerleader type chick here and making her a street walking cum craving whore.

Forcing her to accept that God will not save her from the devilish delights of the witching hour. Yes I know one shouldnt talk about something so innocent but really you have seen how they talk teasing men into their latest taboo temptation. Think its time to lead them farther into that looking glass. This extreme accomplice bitch will be more than happy to ply them with alcohol and well other tempting treats so that your dick can get what they have teased you with. Time to give those barely legal bitches a taste of their own medicine, dont you agree?

So I say grab the girl that best represents the barely legal temptation thats has been a huge cock tease in  your life and lets get this accomplice phone sex fantasy going. There are no limits where I am concern. Can force her into all sorts of sorted cum catching positions. Have her praying to the almighty dick or even the devil.

Time for some 2 girl fun of the extreme nature with Devon your wicked accomplice phone sex bitch, just call 1-888-662-6482. I know there are a few girls here that I would love to corrupt and I am sure you have your eyes on a few too.

hypnosis phone sex with ariel

hypnosis phone sex

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here for some wild, fun, anything goes hypnosis phone sex. You will not know what hit you when I am done controlling everything about you. *giggles * I will have control over your mind, cock, and wallet. I am a Princess that deserves to be spoiled, even more so when I have control over everything about you. You see it is hard not to relax as you listen to my sweet, sultry, barely legal voice. There are so many things I can do to you while I have you under my seductive spell.

The real questions are, what will I do with you during our hypnosis phone sex? Will I turn you into my panty boy? Dress you up like the closeted woman that you are? We both know you have been going through your wife’s panty drawer imagining what they would feel up against that tiny clit of yours. Or will I turn you into a drunken mess, taking away your inhibitions and control before, during, and after our hypnosis phone sex session.

Amazing and kinky are my specialties. Lay back on your favorite, most comfortable place, close your eyes, breath in deeply, now exhale and start counting backwards from ten. Focus on my sweet seductive barely legal voice as I take you under. Deeper and deeper with each breath you take. Planting my control seed into your mind. Whether deep under my control asleep or awake you will crave me, need me and want this sweet, sultry, seductive hypnosis phone sex spell. When you do wake, you will wonder what it is that happened while you were under my control. Why you have such an intense need call and spoil the one and only A-MA-ZING hypnosis phone sex Princess when you pick up your phone to dial 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

size queen phone sex with diana

size queen phone sex

You can call me Diana the Queen of spades.  Yes go look it up if you are ignorant to the term.  LOL  I like.. No I love.. No I need a beautiful big dick in all my tight and perfect holes.  Just take a minutes to praise my absolutely perfect and sexy body..  Just ficking look at my hot ass and big tits.. Did you take a gander at my sexy lips and sky blue eyes?  I am a fucking size queen phone sex Goddess and I deserve the best. Wouldn’t you agree?

Big dicks are the best! And I deserve all the big dick that I can handle. Call me size queen phone sex slut if you wish.  I will tell you there is nothing better than having my tight pussy stretched open by a huge contrasting *wink* 10+ inch dick. mmmmm My pussy starts getting all slippery just thinking about slurping and gagging on a dick way to big for my pussy and my ass. mmm fuck yes. *rubs my pussy and licks my fingers* I want a big dick right now. Come on let us have size queen phone sex all night long while I ride and grind on your big dick.  I need to know how big you are and how deep you will go. I lick to be on top while I fuck because I love challenging myself to take more and more extra long dick.. mmmm

I only fuck guys with big dicks and that’s what makes me a size queen.  The most inches I have ever taken was 11 inch es of a 13.5 inch.  I am the perfect Queen of spades and I only fuck big dicks.  If you want to know id you have what it takes to fuck me Dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Diana.

Yahoo: dianas.dirty

hot phone sex with brigitte

hot phone sex

Hello class! The semester has been passing by quickly, before you know it, Spring break will arrive. Thus, we have a lot of hot phone sex material to cover. That means, for the next few weeks your Sexual Eroticism 101 class with Professor Brigitte will become very intense. We have been discussing the fine art of oral pleasure & so far, you have all done quite well. Now then, it is time to cover a demonstration of hot phone sex fuckery. I need two volunteers, don’t be shy. You will even earn extra credit for volunteering. Ah, that is much better. Cum to the front of the class. I would like everyone to strip down naked for me. Very well, first we will cover anal penetration. Now, for the two volunteers, get your naughty bits aroused for your Professor. Yes, I mean get your pussy nice & wet. Very good. Your cock is already rock hard. Nicely done. That is exactly what I want. Is your pussy wet? Now, spread your legs & I’ll help you get into position. You may bend over my desk. Now, that your cock is throbbing, you need to understand that male or female – the asshole is a much tighter hole than the pussy. Lube & arousal is key. It is very important. I want you to start by fingering her asshole. Just like this. Everyone, watch Professor Brigitte closely. Add a bit of lube & rub it around your cock head – your shaft too. That’s it. Class, are you paying attention? Very good. Now, the arousal part, obviously the anticipation has her pussy soaking wet, but it doesn’t hurt to give her pussy some attention before you fuck her asshole. Reach between her legs & tease her pussy. Ah, that’s it! Does everyone see the way that she is wiggling her ass towards him? Perfect sign that her ass is more than ready to feel a good ass fucking! Looks like our time is up! I want you all to start practicing for the next class. There may even be a hot phone sex pop quiz! Class dismissed!

1 (888) 662-6482 & ask for Professor Brigitte

AIM and Yahoo: badteacherbrigitte

school girl phone sex with ariel

school girl phone sex

Hiya there boys! Want to know a tantalizing secret about me? I am one A-MA-ZING school girl phone sex fuck! * giggles* For starters we both know I look super sweet and innocent. Ha ha ha ha How could I not be? I am a Princess after all. I am spoiled, I am rotten, all the way to my core. * giggles * I have a way around campus with other students, professors and even the administrative staff. I have needs okay! Do not judge me! We both know that the sight of me makes your cock rock hard. Just like all the others before you. I know you want a taste, a piece of my sweet pussy too!

Back to that tantalizing secret I have. I love to tease, it is my favorite past time. What is wrong with flaunting all of what I have, teasing boys that are my own age, but also teasing men that are much more mature and experienced than I am? I know I am just 19teen, so I do not see anything wrong with teasing and denying anyone that dare cross my path. You ask what the tantalizing part is? Well, see I wear my favorite outfits to school. Sweet plaid skirts and curve hugging, cleavage bearing shirts. Knee high socks in all assortments. *wink * The question is what do I wear beneath my clothing. That is what you will find out during school girl phone sex when you call me.

We will go into the administrative office. After all, I wouldn’t want to get suspended Sir. President. I promise I will work real hard at getting you all worked up. I will reveal to you the secret that has all the students and professors on campus, both men and women going crazy at the sight of me. I have no doubt that you like all the others will be cumming and begging for my school girl phone sex services over and over again. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

You just might find me one afternoon sitting atop your desk. Shades drawn, although it would be more fun to have my way with you if they were open. * giggles * I will be your desk ornament, the fuckable kind. With my perky tits, tight curvaceous body, and tight, round ass out there like candy leaving you wanting just a nibble, a taste to obtain your own pleasure. That tantalizing secret, that is why it is a secret. If you want to know what it is cum give the one and only A-MA-ZING Ariel school girl phonesex princess a call when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482. Don’t delay, or you will miss your chance. *giggles *

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

anything goes phone sex with alyx

anything goes phone sex

This guy called & wanted to fuck a virgin. One with a sweet, tight, wet pussy – fuck, that’s hot! A pussy that had never touched by a man. You guys all know that I’m no virgin, but I do love role plays of all kinds. Even the really fucked up taboo ones. Fuck, that’s right. You heard me. I have no limits. I am a anything goes phone sex girl. So it all started when I was in class & my teacher asked me to stay after. He said he wanted to discuss something with me. I stayed after & asked him why he wanted to see me.

“Alyx, I want to discuss the outfits you have been wearing to class lately.” He said in a stern tone.

“Yeah, what about them?” I asked with a coy smile.

He replied quickly, “Well you seem to be distracting the other students, for example your skirt is way too short. It is not appropriate to show your cleavage like that either.”

“Oh so you don’t like my outfit?” I teased.

“I didn’t say that Alyx. I do, but well are you trying to get attention from your classmates?” He questioned.

“Well actually, the thing is…can I tell you anything?” I asked sweetly.

“Go ahead.”

“Well all of the other girls have had sex already.”

“You mean to tell me that you are a virgin Alyx?”


“I see. You realize that by focusing on sex so much that your grades have been suffering. I think you need to be fucked for being such a tease. You can get it out of your system so that you’ll start concentrate on class again. I have the perfect solution.”

“You have a bulge in your pants. Is your dick hard?”

“Yes, Alyx. I am very hard for you. How would you like to earn some extra credit with anything goes phone sex?” Fuck, that’s hot!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Alyxfor anything goes phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

tease and denial phone sex with hope

tease and denial phone sex

I got back from shopping at the mall earlier than you expected didn’t I? You were hoping that you could sniff my dirty panties and get all done jerking off and cleaned up before I got back home. Surprise, surprise I forgot my cell phone and now I think I’m going to have some tease and denial phone sex fun with you. You can try to deny what you were doing but it’s pretty obvious. You do have my dirty panties in one hand and your dick in the other. You’re also really hard right now so it’s the perfect time to tease you about what a pervert you are. You shouldn’t be in my room and you definitely shouldn’t be sniffing my sweet cunny juices. Shame on you perving out over my tight young body. You can’t stop staring at me in my short skirt and my tight top. I bet you’re wondering what I have on under these clothes aren’t you? I’m going to bend over in front of you and wriggle my cute little ass so you can see my lacey panties peeking out at you. You want to touch it so badly that your mouth is watering isn’t it? Go ahead take a little touch, a little squeeze. Then you can watch me pull my panties to the side and finger my hot wet cunt. Do you see that sticky white cream oozing out of both of my fuck holes? That’s where I got fucked by a real man just a little while ago. I know you wish that I would let you fuck me but that’s not going to happen. I’m going to make you watch while I finger my tight twat and you’re left to jerk that dick with my panties while you hope and wish that it will turn from tease and denial phone sex to kinky fucking. Guess what? It’s time for me to get back to my friends at the mall, see you later. Enjoy those blue balls *giggles*

Call your tease and denial phone sex princess Hope at: 1-888-662-6482

AIM and Yahoo: HoneySweetHope

GFE phone sex with blake

GFE phone sex

Have you been searching for that perfect ultimate GFE phone sex fantasy? Look no further fellas, Goddess Blake is here. Do you hate it when you get comfortable in a relationship and your gifrlfriend starts to nag you? Like oh my god fuck that shit, it is such a turn off! Nagging is not in my vocabulary. I will be your ultimate GFE phone sex fantasy. How you ask? For starters, baby, it is all about YOU! Do not worry, I make it about me too. * wink * Not only will I be the girl that you can tell anything to, but our time together will feel so real you will come back again and again for more. Soon the girlfriend or spouse you have at home won’t matter anymore. Whatever fantasy you have is not too wild for me. Had a hard day at work? Need someone to relax those tight muscles? No worries baby, beer and food will be ready for your consumption the minute you walk through the door. Maybe instead of eating dinner, we will skip to desert…. * wink * in the bedroom.

I am like no other woman! I am not vanilla like your wife, fiance’, or current girlfriend. Like fuck no! Vanilla is just not in my vocabulary. I like to keep things new and exciting. Like kindling wood, I like to keep the fire going between us too. Are you wondering how I keep it spicey? Well for starters I find out all about you. What you like, what you dislike, but not your average conversation. I am talking about your fantasies, fetishes and darkest desires. We all have them deep inside of us, and I intend to set your free with me during our ultimate GFE phone sex fantasy.

When things are perfect everyone wins, don’t you think? I get spoiled, and your cock, well it too gets spoiled. There are so many things that I will do for you. If you want me gang-banged in a dark fantasy about taboo things I cannot discuss here, well I am not going to say “no” to you; instead I am going to be party of whatever fantasy you desire. Nothing you desire is too taboo for me! Baby, you name it, and you will have it! That is why, I say I can and will be your ultimate GFE phone sex fantasy!

Ask for Blake when you call 1 (888) 662-6482 for your ultimate GFE phone sex fantasy addiction today! Once you have a taste of what I have to offer, the addiction will be impossible for you to kick. * giggles *

AIM: bubblyblake4u
Yahoo: bubblyblake
Twitter: bubblyblake4u

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