Cougar Phone Sex with Quinn

Aging has some unconventional perks. For instance, I can spot a cougar phone sex freak a mile away. It’s that look in your eyes as you gaze your eyes up and down my curves and tits and take me in for the first time. You look like you’re about to sink your teeth into the juiciest steak you ever had the pleasure of putting your mouth on. That’s me, honey. I have the sweetest pussy you’ve ever tasted. And believe me, this sexy mature slut knows exactly how to work it too. I’ve taken lots of younger studs under my wing and taught them some things that they were truly grateful to learn. And I’ve taughcougar phone sext some old dogs new tricks too! I’ve turned so many younger men into perfect lovers.


I believe every younger man needs nurturing and guidance from a skilled older gal like myself. I think of it as a community service. You know, paying it forward for the younger woman who will come after me. The more I teach you, the better you can take care of all the other gals in your life. Wouldn’t you like a cougar phone sex mistress like me in your life…someone who knows how to suck your cock until your body shakes all over as you bust your nut in my mouth? Someone who knows all the spots to tease to get you rock hard and makes you cum over and over. And someone who can tease that dick, edge you and give you the best orgasm of your life as they slide their sweet tight pussy up and down your aching, throbbing cock. Then you most definitely need to call me at 1-888-662-6482 for cougar phone sex! Baby, I am all the woman you need! Your dick will thank me.

Bratty Phone Sex Princess Presley

Is being stuck inside with no eye candy like myself getting you down? Do you stare out the window hoping a brat like me goes running by your house? Shorts too tight showing there small waist and plump ass. Or if your window is close to the sidewalk maybe you’re looking for those shorts being so tight you can read what’s between my legs and see my small titties almost bounce out of my tank top? You do realize you can cum keep me company and have phone fun with a bratty phone sex princess? Oh wait that’s me !!!

bratty phone sex princess


I’m the sweetest brat you will ever meet that gets off on phone sex. Yes, I’m younger but living in a small town there isn’t much to do but school, sports, drink and have sex. I’m far from innocent. I’m not a dumb blonde either. Don’t be shy because I am not. One taste of phone fucking with me will have you addicted.

I am so bored and horny right now. I have not had a good fucking in forever. I still live at home so I lay up in my room lately. I have been laying in my bed in front of the box fan. I love it when the cool breeze touches my body especially when it hits my nipples. Like today I laid fully naked with the sun shining on my almost perfect body while I searched sex GIF’s. I laid here daydreaming about a cock popping into my pussy like in the gif’s. The more I watch them up close the more I need to be fucked and my pussy gets wet.

Now I hate touching my princess pussy all by myself. I would much rather lay here and put on a show while you sit at the foot of my bed. It’s just no fun or nearly as satisfying alone. I would much prefer right now to have some kinky fun. Come on you know you’d love to hear my soft moans in your ear. Just like I want to hear you touch your big cock.

You can tell your princess all your dirty and even taboo sexual fantasies. How about sharing the ones you’re afraid to admit? I truly am the perfect younger bratty tease and will explore it with a huge smile on my face that you will hear through the phone. Yes you really can hear my smile. Odd but it’s true so I am told.

I am dangerously addictive with a twist of a brat and a full cup of sweetness. I will be your new bratty phone sex princess addiction and I’m ok with that lol. Cum play with me and even spoil me. Your cock will be happy you did.

Come enjoy some bratty phone sex with me Call me 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Presley 🙂

Skype: BubbleGum Princess
Twitter: @ greene_presley

Taboo Phone Sex with Courtney

Know I have that good girl next door look. The sort you probably wouldnt think twice about cause your after that girl who wears those dresses so tight she leaves nothing to the imagination much less holds much in them. Well dont worry I fully understand how you would expect a girl like my to be sugar and spice n everything nice but what you dont know is that taboo phone sex conversations is what gets my pussy truly wet.

dirty phone sex whore

Well I guess I should narrow that down some for most anything can be taboo right about now but what is really making my “good girl” pussy wet is the idea of being anything but good to you. See I am just enjoying the idea of being that naughty girlfriend who is off spreading her legs for near any cock right about now. I do have my limits when it comes to what makes me horny am a size queen after all.

Wont be racing out to fuck anyone smaller than you that seems counter productive. I am craving cock that is bigger and thicker than  you. Hmmm lord do I want some massive mandingo cock right now!

So if you want that slutty girl who everyone knows is a raging slut then by all means give them a call but if you like the idea of a girl who no one suspects is a cock whore then ya give me a call and we can share all our amazing ideas of when and how we break out our taboo phone sex cock sucking fantasies.

Hmm maybe I am not the only good one that craves some big cock action too…. Yes all for you sucking some dick too baby!

1-888-662-6482 ask for Courtney

Bratty Phone Sex Princess Bree

Your favorite bratty phone sex princess is sitting out on her condo balcony being one massive fucking tease to any hot horny guy out there. The shrimp dick losers on their decks taking some mental notes for when they opt to spank it out later and the guys wandering the grounds below. Haha. Gotta give it to the guys below they sort of get the best view of what it would be like to worship this amazingly, hot princess bod.

bratty phone sex princess

After all it is the position you would assume if I let you near me. Crawling on the ground begging to kiss me chipped polish toes. Ya my toes arent even perfectly polished and you would still find them the best toes in this entire fucked up universe. Ha. Such a loser but hey who am I to stop you from admiring the most amazing bratty phone sex princess around.

I wont actually.

Well I would on some level if you sort of fucked up how you wish to worship me by thinking your small dick was worthy of actually fucking me like that would be a hell fucking no! You screwed up on the whole princess worship shit.

But showering me with presents and pampering me. Now that I can get behind absolutely.

Where was I going with all this shit. No where really other than to say I am working on my tan in my sweet string bikini and I hear some of you fuckers are still dealing with snow falling. Sucks to be you!

I will let you cheer up your day by calling and worshiping my perfect body. Plus a dash of humiliation cause I am just in the mood.

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Bree you know the routine.

Submissive Phone Sex with Tamra

You think because I’m a delicate or dainty looking girl that I’m going to be the fuck toy of your dreams to do with as you please. Well, you better think again. No honey, you are going to be MY submissive phone sex bitch. It’s time a big strong guy like you gets put in his place with some hardcore pegging! Just wait till you see your big surprise. I’m going to trick you into letting me tie your wrists with the silk rope I have hanging from the ceiling. Men will do anything if they think they’re going to get their cocks sucked. So…hands above your head lover. Now, spread your legs so I can really get in there. Yeah, just like that. I see your dick getting hard as I glide a feather across your chest and over your dick then across your back. You feel my body press up against your back and get excited.

submissive phone sex

But…what’s this? Well, my submissive phone sex fuck boy you’re about to find out as I pull your cheeks apart and slide this massive rubber dick into your tight little asshole! Oh, you don’t want that? Too bad! You’re not really in the position to argue with me. Now be a good sissy submissive phone sex fag and take every inch of this strap-on up the ass like a champ. Oh, I bet that you are starting to enjoy it, aren’t you? I knew that you would. I think we should really explore this whole submissive phone sex thing and see what other things you like done to you. Give me a call bitch. I have SO many ideas that I think you’re going to make you throb.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Tamra for submissive phone sex

GFE Phone Sex with Delilah

You know I do shit MY way, that’s if you’ve actually been paying attention here. Well, just be prepared, because GFE phone sex with me is no fucking exception. I even have to do that in a way that pleases me, and what pleases me is to continue being the nasty slut I am, even if I’m your girlfriend. I hope that’s alright with you, but if it isn’t, so the fuck what?

GFE phone sex
GFE phone sex

Mmhmm, some dudes love it when they know their girlfriend is a total slut. They want to know the bitch is out fucking every guy she knows, only to come home and literally rub it in their faces. You like eating cream pie when it was made by some other cock? Then you want GFE phone sex with me. You want to hear about all the cocks I took while you were in that business meeting. You want to wake up in the middle of the night with my pussy dripping someone else’s cum onto your face. You want to fucking pound my stretched out, cum-oozing hole with your cock, and then fall asleep next to me, drenched in sweat and drained dry, knowing that tomorrow we’ll wake up, have breakfast like it’s any other day, and then see what the night brings to us.

I especially love when I have a boyfriend that wants to watch me fuck those other guys, even get involved himself. GFE phone sex with a nasty slut like me means the options are open. As long as I’m having fun and getting fucked good and hard, I’m in. If you want to watch me enjoy a huge black cock while you get off, bring it on. If you want to fuck one end of me while the cock of a hot guy or shemale is fucking me at the other end, I say yes please!! And if you’ve got even a little bit of cocksucker in you, we can work with that too. Having a total slut for a girlfriend can be a really good thing if you know how to work with it!!

Baby, Dirty Delilah knows how to work with it, so call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for a really nasty GFE phone sex experience!!

CBT Phone Sex with Jennifer

Do you love a little (or a lot) of pain with your pleasure? That is exactly why you need to pick up the phone and call me for a CBT phone sex session. I am a Sadistic bitch who gets off on hurting you. When I mention pleasure… well, that might be a little bit misleading. There will be far more pain than pleasure when you call me for CBT phone sex. I like to be the one having fun, and trust me… you being in severe pain will bring me a lot of happiness. When you cry out in pain, it makes my panties wet, and makes me want to go even further.

Sure, we can just spank your cock and balls with a wooden spoon or something. I like to go further than that with cock and ball torture, though. You know I am going to push your limits and see how much pain you’re willing to take for me.  I might even agree to let you cum at the end of the call. If you DO want to have an orgasm, you’re going to have to do more than just pretend you’re torturing your cock and balls. I’m going to need to hear you. I’m going to need to hear how much pain you’re in. Your moans and groans is what gets me off!

What do you need for your CBT phone sex call? Some of my favorite items that I like you to have on hand are: shoelaces, rubber bands, hairbrush, wooden spoon, belt, icy hot, hot sauce, ice, candles, shoestring, rope, toothpaste/toothbrush, duct tape, clips and clamps… you know, anything that can cause some kind of pain to your pathetic cock and balls. Be creative, I am, I’ll be able to torment and abuse you with just about anything you bring.

Okay, you’re ready for your CBT session now! You know what I expect of you and I know you’re ready to do everything you can to torment yourself, aren’t you? Good. I thought so. Call now. Trust me when I say that you do not want to keep this CBT Mistress waiting.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer now!

Body Worship Phone Sex with Whisper

Is your mind wandering more than usual. In the sense of your been wanting a body to worship but craving a little bit more to worship than normal?

Well I would love to help satisfy that craving for something a bit more with your body worship phone sex fantasies by offering up my sexy shemale body for you to explore. Every wonderful, sexy, inch of it. From head to toe and well those throbbing sections in between.

body worship phone sex

That is what you have been curious about anyways.

Am I right?

Something a bit more than a wonderful ass to kiss or breasts to suckle. Tired of licking a pussy till its wet? How about taking my throbbing hard shaft in your mouth and exploring what it feels like to not just lick it but also suck on it. I am all about some cock worship during that body worship fantasy.

Oh am I ever!

Course you yourself know exactly the joy I am talking about when someone takes your cock in their hand or mouth. To lavish that wonderful attention on not just your cock but your balls as well. Please tell me you wont forget my balls?

Anyways this hot sexy tranny is ready for some body exploration. Anything goes with me so really lets dive into your wild bi curious fantasies. I dont mind if this is your first body worship phone sex fantasy with a shemale. I am more than happy to guide you.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Whisper

Spanking Phone Sex with Eliza

Oh my, oh my. Have you been a naughty boy again? Well then, you know exactly what you have to do then. You just pick up your phone and call me for the spanking phone sex that you so desperately need. You know that I’m going to bend you over my knee and paddle you until you scream like a dainty girl with a skinned knee. That’s what you get for stealing my panties when I have told you so many times to stop. We both know that you did it on purpose because you wanted this punishment. I think you like these spanking phone sex punishments so this time and I’m really going to make you feel it. I am going to turn it up this time.

spanking phone sex

I’ve got a flogger with lots of skinny tassels and when I whip your ass it’s going to sting something fierce. Your bum is going to be covered in red welts and you won’t be able to sit on it for days without whimpering or crying. Serves you right you nasty boy! Also, it will make you think of me when you try to sit. And there’s something else you’ve been up to that I recently discovered. You have been using my dildo!! Which is another reason why I’m so angry with you and why you are going to get such a harsh whooping with spanking phone sex. You just never learn, do you? Well maybe if your ass is so sore you can’t sit on it without lots of pain it will be a reminder to be a good boy. If not…then I suppose you better get used to me whipping that ass again and again! Because dirty pervs like you need to be put in their place!

Call Eliza at 1 888 662 6482 for spanking phone sex.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Quinn

Do you want to know why I’m such a cheating wife phone sex whore?  Because my husband never wants to fuck me anymore. It isn’t like he was swinging a giant cock or anything but at least he did try for a while.  But now as he has gotten older,  I think he has an issue with rising to the occasion if you know what I mean.  He’s just too ashamed to admit he’s always got a limp dick and can’t get it up…like ever!  I’ve begged him to go get checked out because something could be seriously wrong, but his pride won’t let him.  So, if I’m not going to get fucked by him, then I’m going to get it anywhere else that I can. 
cheating wife phone sex
I am not the kind of woman who can go without taking a throbbing prick.  Can you blame me for being a cheating wife phone sex whore?  If your woman wasn’t taking care of you, wouldn’t go looking for pussy somewhere else?  Well, you can call me!  I’ll fuck you all damn night if you can handle it.  I don’t even bother to try to get my husband interested anymore.  Why keep begging when I can go to any store or bar or anywhere in town and have men falling all over me.  Wouldn’t you fuck this hot cheating wife phone sex whore if I approached you?  Baby, we’d be in the back of your car so fast and within seconds I’d be bouncing on that cock, riding you until we both explode.  Don’t let this delicious, sweet pussy go to waste.  Pick up that phone and call this cheating wife phone sex whore and let’s fuck until we have no energy left!  Can’t wait to hear from you…so don’t make me wait!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Quinn
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