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kinky phone sex slut


Well hello there boys!  I am August and love to get down and dirty with your filthy desires.  The best part is that nothing is off limits because the more raw we can go the more wet I get.  Just think about that, connecting to my sexy voice, while I am still in my bed.  Late at night or maybe sneaking around in the afternoon while you are still at the office perhaps.  That has to be one of my all time favorites.  When I know you are at work and am not sure if you left the door open or not.  Maybe you will get caught and just love the trill.  That really turns me on, being the kinky phone sex slut on the other end.  Making you drip from the tip and telling you how to stroke.  I want to own your cock and you make it so easy for me.  Another fun one  is when wifey is home and we get to do all the tasty delights that she doesn’t let you do anymore, or maybe she never did.  Do you have that lusty fetish that you can’t share with any body else?  We all do and that is what I want to rock and roll with you….

Now, what could it be that makes you stand up, rock hard and shoot a load so full I could taste it in my mouth and throat even if you were filling up my pussy.  That sweet, sticky treat that lets me know just how amped up you are big boy, or is being called a “bad boy” more of your thing?  *smiles, giggles*  I know we can find that HOT button of yours and push on it.  My sensitive spots are being pushed and pulled at right at this moment, we can indulge in that together.

Come and dive into the sin den with me, August I am always hot, wet and ready to be your kinky phone sex slut: 1-888-662-6482.

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

Anything Goes Phone Sex

I could go for a tipsy tailgate kiss, baby taste the moonshinin’ off of your lips, I want to see that want ya smile, still got me hooked been hooked for awhile. If you got a bottle you ain’t opened yet, and an empty spot beside ya in ya bed, if you got some room for a little regret, let me know, man I’ve already left.If you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’ let’s mix it up, you got my number baby hit me up, if you need a little late night pick me up, I, hope you get lonely tonight, we ain’t gotta make up just kiss me, we could straight up blame it on the whiskey, you ain’t gotta wake up and miss me, no, I hope you get lonely tonight.I don’t care if you’re spinnin’ in the neon,
or burnin’ up the sheets with my tee on, either way the thought is turning me on, and I can’t shake it boy I’m wide awake, so if you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’ let’s mix it up, you got my number baby hit me up.
I just love that Cole Swindell song! I know a few of you guys out there are feeling a little bit lonely and need some good lovin’ from a big tittied woman like me. Ya know, with my husband being gone so much I get the same way. Just need someone to have a little fun with, make the space not so empty. I admit it I am a cheating wife, but who can blame me. I know you have your needs too.Everyone needs to hear those words that turn them on, make you feel wanted. We can do that together. Tell me what you want to do with me , I’ll be all your girl for the evening. Anything goes, it’s just me and you.
Talk soon, Bobbi Jo


Forced Bi Phone Sex

forced bi phone sex

He told me how much he wanted to have a threesome with me. He brought it up all the time, so much that it got on my nerves. He always pointed out hot chicks that he wanted to bang with me. I love banging hot chicks as much as the next hot chick, but enough was enough. I finally agreed to a threesome and told him I would set it all up. I knew what he had in mind, he wasn’t aware that what I had in mind was something different. Something more like a forced bi phone sex call. When it was finally the night for our fun I told him to get naked and slip on a blindfold. While I teased him with my hot body I told him all about the gorgeous treat that I had coming over to join us. I was vauge but promised a hot body and the best cocksucker in the city. When my friend got there I made sure that he stayed absolutely quiet. He joined me in touching and caressing my boyfriend, reaching between his legs right away and grabbing his cock. While my friend knelt down in front of my boyfriend, I stood next to them, whispering in my boyfriends ear about how sexy this was. I told him I wanted to watch him get a blow job and that really excited him. I nodded to my hot guy friend who grabbed my boyfriends dick and stroked it while he licked on the tip and then took the whole thing in his mouth and deep throated that cock. My boyfriend went nuts and was totally loving every moment of his hot blow job. He kept saying how great it was and how hot it felt. I smiled and told him how happy I was that he was having a good time.


I laid down on the bed and had him slide on top of me, his hot slick cock pushing against my tight pussy. I told him how much I wanted the three of us to fuck at the same time as I pulled him deep in my pussy. He laughed and, still in his blindfold, said he’d love to fuck us both at once but he only had one cock. That’s when my guy friend stood up close behind my boyfriend and whispered that it was okay, he’d go first. Then he grabbed his own cock and pushed it between my boyfriends ass cheeks, teasing his tight asshole with his cock head. My boyfriend was shocked and started to move but I squeezed him tight with my pussy while my friend pushed him down on top of me and started to slide his cock in my boyfriends ass. It was his first forced  bi phone sex call so it was a really tight fit. He gasped and pulled off his blindfold, seeing now that he was indeed having a threesome, just with me and another man. I held him inside me while my friend fucked him in the ass. He acted like he hated it but I pointed out that his dick was still hard and he was starting to thrust against me with excitement. He kept saying it was my pussy that was making him hot, and while that certainly is the truth, I made him admit that the cock in his ass was getting him hot too. He wanted to stop though but we weren’t done. My guy friend grabbed hold of us both and started pounding. He pumped so hard that my boyfriend was thrust deeper in my tight twat. We all came together and then lay there for a minute, letting my boyfriend catch his breath and deal with what happened. We didn’t give him long though. My guy friend rolled over on top of my boyfriend and whispered how it was his turn to suck cock. My boyfriend looked shocked and reluctant. Luckily neither I nor my fun gay guy friend cared that he was scared. We spent the whole night doing every position we could think of until my boyfriend finally came as he admitted that he loved forced bi phone sex. I see a lot of fun in our future. Let me help you have your first forced bi experience. Just call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Cyndee.

ebony financial domination phone sex

financial domination phone sex

Hey, boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona! The time has come to hand over your wallet to me for some financial domination phone sex. You don’t have the balls to decide what you should do with your money, so I get to make those decisions for you. That will mean a new computer for me, a new house- whatever it takes for me to empty out your wallet, and leave your ass broke, boo! Does that have your attention? Good. It should. Someone as fierce, fresh and fabulous as me should have more say over what happens to your finances than a weak ass person like you. Call me, and I will tell you exactly what needs to be done with every penny, and it won’t be paying your bills, I can promise you that. Fight me all you want, but I won’t take no for an answer.

I mean, what would you do with that money if I didn’t tell you how to spend it wisely? Well it is way better spent on me, and for what I need it for than whatever pathetic reason you need it for. You can move to a smaller house, and you only need one car. I deserve to have everything you have. I bet you never imagined yourself I’m sure it won’t be hat hard to be able to get what I want from you because just one look at my body, and me telling you I don’t care if I completely empty out your bank account on a shopping spree during our financial domination phone sex session. Who knew financial domination could be so much fun! I mean you give to me so eagerly, boo.. its like taking candy from a very willing baby.

Call 1-888-662-6482 for financial domination phone sex and get ready to beg Arizona to empty out your wallet.

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

Cream Pie Phone Sex

cream pie phone sexHey there cutie, it’s Staci and I have to tell you all about the sexy fetish I have. I love it when one of my hottie boyfriends rips off the condom and shoots his creamy load all over my sweet pussy. Whipped cream always makes apple pie taste better right! *wink* Yeah, you figured it out, I have a thing for cream pie phone sexJust getting a cream pie isn’t the best part though. It’s serving up my cream pie and letting you lick up every last drop. Don’t you just love burying your face between my smooth legs and finding the surprise in the center?! I want you to really shove your face in my pussy. I already know my cream pie pussy will be your favorite treat so don’t hold back. Do it with gusto! Do you like the taste of your own cum? What about someone else’s? *giggles*

If you are my boyfriend I’d leave you at home while I went out with my other boyfriend. A girl always needs a spare! Anyway, I’d leave you at home wondering what I was doing all night. I might even text you a few “juicy” details but only enough to tease you and drive you a little crazy. Don’t worry, I won’t stay and snuggle, I need to get right home so we can have round two. Round two is where we see how much you love cream pie phone sex. Can you handle it baby? I hope you can because I love it. I love standing over you and watching you get between my legs and lap at my pussy, letting that creamy white cum trickle onto your tongue. Pull back slow so I can see it trailing from my pussy to your tongue, like long sticky threads. Mmm, is your mouth watering yet? I know my pussy is clenching up just thinking about how exciting it will be to sit only our face and squeeze all that sticky creamy cum out. If I’ve been an especially naughty girl and had a few boyfriends over, then you may be in for quite the yummy mix. If you feel like getting frisky with the sweetest cherry pie around then call me up and add a little bit of cream to my pie. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Staci, your cream pie phone sex dream girl.

Humiliation Phone Sex Goddess

humiliation phone sex goddess

BW is always in the quest to prove how loyal he is to his one and only humiliation phone sex goddess, Savannah. I shall never complain about this for most the things that come out of his mouth to do to appease me is quite entertaining and well humiliating.

Usually our humiliation phone sex hypnosis calls take place in the middle of the night when his wife is tucked away in bed dreaming of something sweet and wonderful. BW is safely tucked away in the downstairs bathroom laying on the tiled floor naked ready to enter into a trance for his One and only Savannah. Which always has a degree of safety. Sure I get to humiliate him through my words but some times you just have to have someone engage in humiliating acts to really add some excitement to a call.

Well the other day that is exactly what happened. BW left the safety of the bathroom at night and moving to the living room for a full on wanking session during the middle of the day while his wife was out. Him laying facing the door as he jerked his hand up and down. I know that doesnt sound very humiliating but when BW has my name written in lipstick across his stomach you can see how that increases the humiliation aspect.

Too bad she never walked in. I know I was looking forward to it. Perhaps next time.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires AIM:YIM

sexy school girl phone sex slut

school girl phone sex

Hey fellas! So guess what your California native has decided to do? You will never guess since I really haven’t talked about it much.  I have decided to go to college. Can you believe it? I am planning on going to school in the big apple! What could possibly be better than some anything goes school girl phone sex?

The best part about being on campus will be seducing all of my professors into doing exactly as I please. Of course, a perfect GPA is always welcomed. *Wink* I am going to start on the first day by wearing the sluttiest outfit I can possibly find in my closet. It will include the shortest black and pink plaid mini skirt I can possibly find. Then, I will slip on a nice pair of pink lacey thongs, to show off my amazing asset when I drop my pencil by accident. *Giggles* To finish off my slutty wardrobe I will find the lowest cut, tightest, curve hugging, pink glitter covered shirt that I can possibly find. Who doesn’t like a nice view of cleavage? *Wink* When I walk into class with my slutty outfit and my fuck me heels all heads will turn in my direction. The whole classroom will be filled with hard ons…*wink* Purrfect plan, for some anything goes school girl phone sex, don’t you think?

Since I am quite the goddess, God made this earth for me to walk on, I will have quite the followers base. *Giggles* Not only will guys have hard ons, but their jaws will drop to the floor… I will be stepping over pools of drool. They will be so dizzy when I am the only girl in class without my legs crossed. I will have my own pool on the floor beneath me from my sopping wet pussy. I get so hot thinking about all the guys that will be addictive when they hear me answer questions during school girl phone sex, in class. My voice is not one that can be forgotten easily.

Call Goddess Blake at 1 888 662 6482 to get a fix to your addiction. *wink*

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u
Twitter: bubblyblake4u

Fantasy Phone Sex

Tell me your phone sex fantasy, lover. Tell me what things you imagine as you are there all alone with only my voice in your ear, encouraging your fantasy.Tell me what makes your prick stand stiff. Do you imagine my soft hand stroking you up and down or would you prefer to imagine my silky soft lips gliding up and down your throbbing shaft. My warm wet mouth locked around it sucking, licking ,teasing. You like me down on my knees in front of you encouraging the cum out of those balls? Go ahead, wrap your hand up in my long dark hair. Use it to give me direction, or force me down deeper. Do you imagine watching me playing with my wet little pussy. Maybe you would prefer to be between my strong ,soft thighs licking and lapping at my silken snatch. Perhaps you want me to be in charge of you. Sensual domination is always fun! I love being in control of you. Bringing you right to the very edge and then making you wait. A little tease and denial. All you need to do is just tell me what it is that turns you on. Everyone has that one fantasy that they really want to explore but aren’t exactly sure where to start. You can start here, with me. Let’s discuss what your phone sex fantasy consists of. All you need to do is pick up the phone, get everything that you need together, dial  1-888-662-6482 and ask for Carmen. Relax with me and let’s see what can happen. Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be shy. We have a great time together exploring your fantasy. I have no taboos or restrictions and you can say whatever you feel during your fantasy phone sex call.


Talk to you soon Xo Carmen

naughty anything goes phone sex

anything goes phone sex

Well helllloooo there guys!  I am August, your naughty anything goes phone sex kitten.  When I say anything goes, I mean just that….ANYTHING at all that you want.  I have heard some real doozies and can not wait to hear so much more.  The best ones are always the real life situations that have happened, of course.  Do not worry, your secret will be safe with me.  I have so many secrets that sometimes when I log off I get to spend that time just using my treasure chest of toys to masturbate to all the sticky, kinky details I have heard that day.   Ummmm, not a bad way for a girl to get tucked in for bed, now is it?  LOL!

Something else that turns me on are those really bold who love exhibition and want to be exposed.  Always catches me off guard because those are far and few between who want me to blog about the specifically, of course I never use the name, just an abbreviation or pseudonym.  It is really seeing it in print I thing that gets them off and that is fun all over again.  What kind of guy are you?  The kind with a dirty secret, filthy fantasy or the kind who wants to see it on a blog to have others think about or maybe even try?  When I do anything goes phone sex there are no limits and taboos are welcome.  I want to know what kind of caller you are and the new or classic scenario that will make me cream.  You might be surprised about how far I can take it for you and the leaps we can make together.  It is so rewarding when the fetish or fantasy can be taken to a new depth and I hear my caller shoot his load harder then ever!  Anything goes phone sex is always a blast, and a really nice cum session so don’t wait another minute.

Call me, August I am always hot and wet: 1-888-662-6482.

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

19 teen phone sex slut

teen phone sex

Hiya there boys! It’s your 19 teen phone sex slut Ariel! My long brown hair and big brown doe eyes have been drawing attention for as long as I can remember. Walking around campus getting ready for this semester to start has been no different. I’ve turned so many heads, even my own is spinning!*giggles* I mean c’mon who can resist a sweet, tight body like mine? Call me stuck on myself, but I love looking at my reflection as I walk past any mirror. It’s not just me that loves to look at…. well me *giggles* Professors notice, jocks notice….. I mean c’mon what guy wouldn’t notice me? I have a tight teen body, a gorgeous round ass, perfect perky C sized tits, and we can’t forget my tight, creamy, 19 teen phone sex pussy.*wink*

All I have to do is flutter my lashes, give a bit of a giggle, and automatically older men are hooked. The tent in their pants is always obvious!  What? You didn’t think I would notice yours too! There is nothing you can do to hide it from me. *giggles* There’s nothing too taboo for my tight 19 teen phone sex body. Not only will I obtain complete control over your cock, but I will also obtain complete control over your mind and wallet as well. Do you think you can handle that baby? All my tight, sweet goodness in one package, I don’t know if you are man enough for this!

C’mon think about it, a princess like me has standards. We all know that this 19 teen phone sex pussy can only handle big, thick meaty sticks slipping in and out of it. *giggles* Do you have what it takes to please me? Be a man!  Prove you can handle a seductive, manipulative, controlling, princess like me! All you have to do is ask for Princess Ariel when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: brattyprncssari


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