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Babysitter Phone Sex with Kendra

babysitter phone sex

Hi there! Babysitter Miss Kendra here, ready to offer up my services for babysitter phone sex. So glad you chose me for the job. Aren’t you lucky I was able to come by last minute? And now I get to enjoy my favorite job perk. Just the noise of the tv in the background as I recline on the couch in my daisy dukes and halter top. I do love babysitting and babysitter phone sex, as it is such easy work for a girl like me. All is quiet upstairs since I put everyone to bed. I raided the fridge and helped myself to a popsicle, which I’m lazily sucking on as my fingers wind their way down my taut body. Cheerleading is really keeping me in perfect condition, I think in the bratty voice inside my head. My little belly is flatter than ever and looks so nice with my summer sun kissed skin. My fingers slip further down into my shorts, as my popsicle drips down my hand. I use my little pink tongue to lick at the sticky mess running down my wrist. I slowly spread my pussy lips, revealing a slickness and slide 2 fingers in, searching for my special spot, finger fucking myself while slurping at the melty cherry popsicle. It’s so very hot in here. Then a dirty thought crosses my babysitter mind. Dare I? I feel so naughty as I undo my short shorts and slip them down past my knees, opening my legs. Mr and Mrs won’t be home for hours so I have plenty of time to engage in some babysitter phone sex fun. I look at the big cherry popsicle again and close my eyes and do what I’ve been thinking about. So cold in my sweet pussy, I think, and then bring it back to my mouth to taste. In my reverie I didn’t hear the door to the garage open, so when my big blue eyes pop open, I’m shocked to find you standing there, watching me, cock clearly bulging in your pants.
I bet you’re dying to know what happens next with my babysitter phone sex, aren’t you? Call me and I’ll give you all the sticky sweet details!

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for sweet babysitter Kendra

AIM: Naughty_Kendra
Yahoo: Naughty_Kendra

BBC Phone Sex with Tamra

As I’m sure you know, in my neck of the woods BBC is extremely taboo.  There’s nothing more these boys hate than to see a beautiful white girl with a black guy.  We tend to do things on the slick just to keep everyone safe, but sometimes I get so tired of sneaking around.  Other times, I want to punish some stupid ass white boy for not treating me right.  Case in point, Brad was being an asshole to me one night.  So I called up one of my big black studs and had him come over.  I knew Brad would call when he saw a strange car in front of my house.  Little did he know, he was about to get a big dose of BBC phone sex.  When I answered the phone I already had that beautiful black cock deep inside of me.  Brad nearly lost his fucking mind.  He was calling me all kinds of bitches and whores, which honestly got me even more excited.  Then he started threatening to come over and kick the guy’s ass.  I begged him to do it, lol.  I heard him start his car and driving like a bat out of hell to get to my house.

BBC phone sex

By the time he made it, I was on top riding that chocolate dick like a champ.  Brad was still on the phone losing his fucking mind.  I knew he was at my window, so I opened the curtains a little so he could see those black hands on my smooth white shoulders pulling me down on his cock.  I even positioned myself so he could see that big black cock slicing in and out of my hot pink cunt.  Brad wanted to get in my house bad, but I think he couldn’t tear himself away from what he was seeing.  I knew that BBC phone sex would get to him and boy did it ever.  The next time I looked over, he was stroking his cock while watching that big black stud tearing my pussy up!  By the time he pushed his ebony cock into my mouth and spilled that hot white seed on my tongue, Brad was cumming all over his boots!

Brad learned a lesson that night.  Seems that he loves BBC phone sex as much as I do.  If you do, too, you definitely have to give me a call.  Dial 1-888-662-6482 and see if you’re lucky enough to catch me in the act just like Brad did.

AIM and Yahoo:  vixentamra

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Spencer

Valentine’s Day just passed and let’s just say that I spent the day being quite the bratty domme phone sex Princess. See, I’ve been financially dominating this guy over the phone and a week before Valentine’s Day, he told me that he wouldn’t be able to call me because he had to save money in order to get his wife something that day. Let’s just say that him saying that did not sit well with me at all. I told him that if he didn’t call me for our weekly session, I would never talk to him again. He actually started crying. That’s how addicted he is to me. He was so sad at the thought of never talking to me again.

bratty domme phone sex

I was not surprised when he called me for our weekly session and gave me my weekly tribute. He told me that his wife was mad as hell when he told her that he couldn’t afford to get her a present and take her out to dinner. He asked if I wanted to know what story he told her about why he didn’t have any money, but I told him that I really didn’t give a fuck about that. All I wanted was his money…not his fucking sob story. I wonder if she’s still mad at him. It’s been a few days, but I know how us girls are and I bet he won’t be getting laid for a really long time.

Do you desire financial domination from a bratty domme phone sex Princess like me? Call me now and be ready for me to take everything from you. I might look sweet, but I’m not. Every dime you have will be mine. The number you need to call is 1 888 662 6482 and you need to ask for me, Spencer!

Interracial Cuckolding Phone Sex with Hot Wife Karen

Cuckold Phone Sex
Hello there, Cuckold.
Looking at me and wondering just what I get up to when I am left to my own devices?
You know that I am cuckolding you with big black cock every chance I get, don’t you?
Look at me, why I wouldn’t fuck bbc?
I started with just one, but when it comes to big black cock, one is never enough.
After I had my first chocolate dick, he bragged about this creamy white pussy to everyone, and before long, he was introducing me to all his friends.
I’m the trophy wife of your wet dreams, the one you chased, wooed, and spoiled in every way, and a large part of my appeal is that all your friends want to fuck me.
And I play on that, don’t I?
When we are in bed together, you tell me how many of your friends, co-workers, even your family, want to fuck your hot wife.
What would they think if they knew that your wife cheats on you with black cock?
And that you can’t satisfy your trophy wife where it counts, in the sheets?
And it’s so humiliating that I openly cock mock you, that I let you know in every way that you have a small white penis, and that I’m a size queen.
I even made you pull out your cock so I could take pics and stroke for me next to a ruler, so that I could show my friends how little your cock is!
And the public humiliation doesn’t stop with me telling my friends how little my cuckold is, I’ve been getting bolder, not hiding that I fuck other men, coming home with my hair a mess, make up fucked off, and a creampie pussy.
Oh, did that make your mouth water?
How about I make sure you walk in on me in our bed with a big black cock?
Want to hear more cuckold stories, cuckold humiliation and forced bi tales?
Cal me for the best interracial cuckold phone sex ever!

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Kendra

Hi there guys! Looking for trouble? Well, you found it! I’m Princess Kendra and I’m ready to tease and torture you with my hot little body and sweet looking face. But I’m not so sugar sweet, now am I? I have a bratty edge to me that will swell your cock to the point of distraction since I like to use my tight bod and bratty ways to dominate you with bratty domme phone sex. I’ll shake my tight little ass in your face til you are at my mercy he he he. You think you’ll be able to resist me? With all my bratty domme phone sex tricks, you won’t resist for long. Soon, you will be handing over every little thing that your naughty Princess demands of you.

bratty domme phone sex

I’ll come sneaking in late at night past curfew with my skirt askew and my hair all messy, looking guilty as sin and you’ll know what I’ve been up to with my boyfriend and his buddies all night. I will have to use all the tricks in my bratty domme phone sex handbook to keep you quiet, won’t I? My cum filled pussy oughta do the trick. I’ll just prance over to you in my brattiest way and you won’t be able to tear your eyes away. Then I’ll just know how you’re under my Bratty little bitch control and I’ll make you eat my boyfriend’s cum right out of my sweet pussy while I squirt all over your face and giggle in absolutely glee at the torture I’m putting you through. In fact, nothing on this earth makes me happier than using my bratty domme phone sex to bring you to your knees, which is right where you belong! Call your Princess Kendra now! Don’t you dare make my sweet ass wait!

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Princess Kendra for bratty domme phone sex

AIM: Naughty_Kendra
Yahoo: Naughty_Kendra

Phone Sex Slut Olivia

If you’re looking for the dirtiest phone sex slut around, you’re in luck. I fucking love pleasing dicks and there is nothing I won’t do if it will make the man I’m fucking happy. That goes for phone fucks with me and real life, too.

phone sex slut

I’m known in my area as the town whore. Men know that if they are horny, they can just call me up and I will invite them over to fuck every one of my holes all afternoon. That’s right, I will let a man fuck me in any way he wants. What kind of phone sex slut would I be if I had limits on the kinds of things I would do to please a man? That’s right…not a very good one.

I especially love fucking married me. Their stuck up wives won’t do anything other than missionary with them, if they even do that. Most of them stopped giving it up just as soon as they got that wedding ring on their fingers. I think that’s so wrong. Big strong men deserve a woman who will spread her legs whenever their man wants some pussy. So, what other women have stopped doing, I will do willingly because every real man deserves a woman to pleasure him in every way he could imagine.

A horny phone sex slut like me is also perfect for a gangbang fantasy. Do you want to be one of several men who fill all my whore holes and give me a night to remember? Oh my God, that sounds like so much fun. And I’d be happy to tell you about all the gangbangs I’ve already had.

Are you ready to have some fun with me? Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Olivia, your kinky phone sex slut!

AIM: orgasmic_olivia
Yahoo: orgasmicolivia

CFNM Phone Sex with Eliza

I like to explore all levels of humiliation with pathetic fucks who come sniffing around me.  You know you don’t deserve to be anywhere near a hot chick like me.  I am so very far out of your league and you know that.  That is why I want to teach you about CFNM phone sex.  In case you haven’t heard of it, CFNM (clothed female naked male) is a fetish that leaves you the submissive and vulnerable to my power.  First of all, you don’t deserve to see me naked.  My sexy body is NOT for you. You are only there for my enjoyment and to do as I say.

CFNM phone sex

Pleasing me is the number one priority here.  I can touch you, pinch you, mock you, anything that tickles my fancy in the moment.  You can only touch your cock if I expressly tell you too, and absolutely no cumming unless I give you the okay.  And the bitch runs really deep in me so it is very unlikely that I will allow you that pleasure.  You will surrender yourself completely to my will.  I might even invite some of my hot girl friends to come and watch you put on a show for us.  Oh that would be so much fun to show my power to my friends and teach them how to treat submissive males in their lives as well. And you get the pleasure of being naked in a room full of clothes women just observing and dictating your every mood.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 to learn about and have fun with CFNM phone sex.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

Taboo Phone Sex with Spencer and Kendra

I know you pervs love calling for all kinds of taboo phone sex fantasies and roleplays. I don’t get turned off by them at all. I LOVE getting down and dirty with you. If you thought you couldn’t find a girl who could match your taboo kinky nature, you were wrong! I am just as dirty as you are and I would be more than happy to prove it to you when you give me a call. I’m so dirty that I can’t even talk about a lot of the taboo stuff here.

taboo phone sex

But you know what’s even more fun than taboo fun with just me? A two girl taboo phone sex call with me and Kendra will make your dick hard as a rock and I promise you that you’re gonna cum harder than you ever have! Just think of the roleplay possibilities of having TWO cutie pies to play with rather than just one. I know Kendra is just as dirty as I am, so I am sure we’re going to have the best time EVER! Maybe we could do some kind of accomplice roleplay and we could take her home with us. Ahhh it sounds like so much fun and my pussy is SO wet just thinking about it. I know your cock is hard, too! Mmmm.

taboo phone sex

If that’s not your cup of tea, then maybe you can tell us what kind of kinky roleplay you have in mind. We would be more than happy to make it come to life for you, you dirty perv. We can’t wait to make you hard and make you shoot that load of cum.

When you’re ready for more fun than you thought you could ever have over the phone, call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer and Kendra for taboo phone sex!

Submissive Phone Sex with Kendra

submissive phone sex

Hello, Sir. Or do you prefer Master? I’m Kendra, your submissive fucktoy. Since I’m such a pliable, easily moldable sub, I’ll be happy to call you whatever you wish. And since pleasing you is all that matters, anything goes with me when it comes to submissive phone sex. You can live out every submissive phone sex fantasy that’s ever crossed your filthy mind. I’m so eager to please that I can be anything you wish. Princess or slave, whatever you wish, I promise I am easy to train and if I do something wrong, I know you will find a way to punish me. I bet you have tons of creative ideas and I’m also REALLY good at coming up with my own punishments. Some of my favorites are: spankings that leave my pretty ass black and blue, forced orgasms til I lose control and cry for you to stop, rope play and binding, nipple and pussy torture, orgasm denial. I bet you have lots of ways to keep me in line. And I really am a very good sub, so know that our submissive phone sex session will leave you so pleased with me that you’ll make me yours forever. Slap a collar on me and make me kneel at your feet! It’s really where I belong. Looking up at you with my pretty face, ready to be your obedient little 3 hole slut. My body is at your service and I am ready to be your devoted pet. My willingness to please makes me such a perfect choice for submissive phone sex. I guarantee you’ll be back to have me again and again. And I will always say, thank you Sir, as I kneel at your feet, where I truly belong, your submissive phone sex slut.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Kendra

AIM: Naughty_Kendra
Yahoo: Naughty_Kendra

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Brittany

Cheap Phone Sex
I see you looking!
I have a question to ask you.
Do you like feet?
Like feet so much you are looking at me and wanting a hot footie phone sex session?
Getting hard and trying not to let anyone else know you would do anything to know what color nail polish I have on right now?
Or do you love feet more than anything else, a man with a secret foot fetish?
I have little feet, size seven, and I love teasing men by doing a little strip tease with my sexy strappy shoes, sliding those toes in and out, in and out, of my shoes, makes you want to feel my feet on your face, so you can take a deep sniff!
And now, what kind of feet do you want to play with?
Pretty, clean, smooth feet with bright pink nail polish on those cute toes?
Soft, creamy white feet that you can’t help but want around your cock, covered in cum?
I have so many ideas for when you call me for a hot foot fetish phone sex call, want me to tell you some right now?
Sometimes, when I know you are waiting for me to check on to take calls, it makes my pussy wet to wear the same socks and sneakers all day, to class, to the gym, and all day long, my pretty feet are sweating in those stinky socks, until when I am working out, my pussy is as wet as my feet, because you are stroking and can’t wait to call me to get your tongue on my stinky little size seven feet!
And when I want to feel like a total girly girl, you are in for that too, aren’t you, my foot slave?
Let me slide my just pedicure toes into a pair of silky stockings, you like black?
I do too, but I like white better!
I’m a total switch, depending on my mood, I can be a bratty domme who makes you beg to sniff my feet, or a total cocktease that wants to feel your cock between my arches until we both explode!
And that made me so ready for a hot foot fetish phone sex session, call me!
Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Brittany.

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