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guided masturbation phone sex

phone sexWhen you call me, we will get to know each other a little and feel a sense of intimacy.  Tell me what you look like, tell me about your cock.  I am a milf and I crave cock, I will get more horny and excited hearing about your big dick.  But do not start stroking yet, because I want you to experience  something amazing, something that you may not have experienced before with guided masturbation phone sex.  I will be your sexy milf masturbation guide and tell you how to stroke for me.   Are you into sensual stroking, edging,kinky sex toy play ?   Tell me what you desire, so that I can fulfill your masturbation fantasy and make you have the most phenomenal ball-blowing orgasm ever.  And I promise  it wont be the last.   I am a milf with a lot of sensual experience and one thing I have to do is to stroke a mans cock.  If I could reach right through the phone line and stoke yours, I would be since I cant do that, I will tell you how to stroke your cock exactly how I would do it to you.  If you want a little femdom control, I can show you my dominate side and be your “masturbatrix” aka a masturbation dominatrix.  Or maybe your a younger guy who enjoys when a milf uses you as her boy toy and does what she wants to you to get you off.  You will cum to my seductive voice and guided masturbation instructions during our guided masturbation phone sex call.

Call Gretchen @ 1-888-662-6482

aim & yahoo= milfgretchen

size queen phone sex brat

size queen phone sex

Hi guys, I’m sexy Lexi and I love one thing more than anything else. Can you guess what that one thing is that I love so much? Hmmm? That’s right hot stuff, it’s big cock. Oh my god, just talking about big cock gets me excited. I start to feel more sexy when I think about big cock. I feel sexy and I want to be sexy, posing and showing off my crazy sexy body while I dream of size queen phone sex. The idea of unwrapping a great big package and playing with it all day, well it’s better than Christmas even! All you poor pathetic puny dicks just don’t have a chance. You can’t even compete with the big ones. It doesn’t matter if you are a nice guy or you have a great car or you are super hot, or super rich. If you have a small dick, you have a small dick. Ain’t nothing going to make up for that honey. If you have a little dick there’s nothing you have that I want so just keep on walking. Now you big dick motherfuckers, you’re a different story. You can come right on in to my house. I love having big cocks over for a party. The more the merrier I always say. I size and number! *wink* I’m a really wild adventurous girl and the only thing that I love as much as riding a big cock is riding two or three. I’m everyones favorite girl to hang out with at any party. I’m what you call a party favor. *laughs* At a big cock party at least. If it turns out to be a little dick party then I’m just the bitch that’s going to stomp your dick in the dirt. I told you shrimps to get the fuck out of here, this ain’t for you! This golden goddess deserves only the finest cock. Cock that is thick and long, hard and strong. I will suck you and fuck you all night long if you prove to be the right connection for some size queen phone sex. Remember, little dicks need not apply. I’m hungry for big game cock baby. So bring it on!!

Dial 1.888.662.6482 and ask for me, Lexi for size queen phone sex

dirty roleplay phone sex

roleplay phone sex

Hey there sexy guy.  So your wife’s away on a business trip and she hasn’t been giving you or your dick any attention.  Sounds like you may need some roleplay phone sex.  Who other then this red head would be more fun to do a role play with.  What do you have in mind? Maybe I can suggest something….

How about I be your princess and you be my Prince charming.  I would love to dress up and be Cinderella or any princess at that.  You come to my castle, trying to work your moves on me.  I am no fool and only want Prince Charming.  Your not him.  I allow you in and place you under my secret spell which gives me full control of the situation.  Now that I have you under my spell, how about you lay me down on that beautiful bed of mine, place my legs on the headboard and pound the shit out of my tight pink pussy.  Make that pussy cum so hard all over your hard cock.  Bend me over, call me your princess and fuck me hard in my ass until you blow your huge load all over me.

Or maybe we could do the neighbor role play phone sex.  I saw you checking me out by the pool a few weeks ago, peeking your head over that fence.  I know you just want to come over an rub some lotion on my thighs, while you rub your fingers through my beautiful red hair.  Grabbing my hips and saying, “Emily I have wanted you for so long!, “Why did you wait”, I ask…”For the right time to fuck the red out of your hair”, you answered. He he…cum fuck me anytime.

MMM…I just love being your princess or your neighbor.  Let’s have some roleplay phone sex, give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Emily.

AIM: Redheaded_emily

foot fetish phone sex Goddess

foot fetish phone sex

You love sexy feet don’t you?  Can’t wait until summer when us girls slip off those boots and shoes and go for sexy strappy sandals to show off our pedicures.  Just thinking about my sexy painted toes, my high arches and perfect size 8 feet make your balls start to tighten and your cock begin to grow.  You need foot fetish phone sex with a woman who understands just how sexy and sexual feet can be!

Kneel at my feet and admire them from up close.  Ask nicely and I will not only let you kiss my toes, but I will encourage you to lick them and taste them and feel them wiggle on your lips.  Feel the arch of my foot tighten as you slide your tongue all the way up.  Gently suck on each toe like a little cock and be treated to my legs spreading and the wetness of my panties.  Make love to my feet just right and I might even cum without you even touching my pussy!  I really do love having my feet pampered, adored and worshiped.

Close your eyes and listen to me to tell you about my red painted toes tickling your inner thighs and teasing your balls.  Imagine your cock fucking the high arches of my feet and my toes curling over the head.  Barefoot or in stockings, I like it both ways.  I get so fucking hot and wet giving your cock a foot job on our foot fetish phone sex call.  When you need to be with someone who not only indulges your foot fetish fantasies but really gets off on it, then I am the girl for you.  I’m wiggling my toes, stretch my legs, arching my feet and beckoning you over ….

Foot fetish phone sex with Jennifer is just what you need.  Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask our friendly dispatcher to be connected with me.  I’m waiting ;)

AIM and Yahoo: FetishGoddessJennifer


bratty phone sex Princess

phone sex princess

How am I suppose to notice you, when you never call? Call me, let me know you are out there! I try to reach you & yet, have I gotten a call to be your bratty phone sex princess? No. Oh & trust I feel very bratty & very much like a princess today. Can you tell? Seriously, how hard is it to have an amazing time with a hottie like me? What the fuck? What are you waiting for? Do I not deserve to be spoiled & showered with the attention of your dick? I  mean really, it’s not that hard! Oh fuck, or is it? Let’s talk. I am feeling very naughty & incredibly nasty. I’ll get your cock really hard in no time, trust, you wont be disappointed. Fuck, I will become your favorite fantasy! I’ll be your hottest new fetish. There isn’t a thing I won’t do. I like a good adventure. I love a good fantasy! Especially, the kinds of fantasies where I always get what I want. Those kinds of fantasies get my panties wet! Fuck, my pussy is already soaked today. What can I say, you’ve been missing in action. I had to do something. I have spent the entire day playing with my sweet, fuckable, & fuck, that’s hot pussy! It all started when I began teasing my nipples. My nipples are even hard like candies. You really should give them a lick. I’ll let you pinch, twist, suck, & even bite them. You can do whatever the fuck you want to me. Just give me your time. Your fucking attention. So tell me, what gets your dick hard, besides a hot phone sex princess like me? Talk dirty to me babe. Make me yours! Play with me. I’m an attention deprived slut who needs to feel your dick pounding my pussy in ways that it’s never been pounded before! That’s right, I’ll be your toy. Your fiery red haired hot fuck doll! That’s right. You heard me. So what areyou waiting for. You have my number & I don’t mean maybe! Fuck, that’s hot!

1 888 662 6482 and ask for Alyx, your phone sex princess

AIM and Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

small penis humiliation phone sex brat

small penis humiliation phone sex

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I thought it was a joke at first, some sort of fake thing maybe? But no, it wasn’t fake. It was real. And it was tiny. A real tiny cock attached to a real big loser. After I got over the shock of what I was looking at I started to laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty pissed too, but it was just so tiny. I couldn’t help but laugh, so we started having small penis humiliation phone sex. He tried to tell me that when it was hard it would be bigger but I only laughed more. Hard or soft his dick was just to fucking small. For anyone. Before he pulled out his tiny dick things had been going pretty good. We had been making out and I was getting hot and excited. In fact I was really turned on and pretty horny. But looking at his cock just made me feel disappointed. I told him as much and he begged me to give him another chance. He started kissing and caressing me again and while it felt good, I just wasn’t as into it. Then I had an idea. I knew that my hunky neighbor was home tonight so I grabbed my phone and sent him a text, inviting him over. I told him to skip the clothes and come as is. Within minutes I was letting him in and introducing him to my disappointing date, who still stood there naked in my living room, tiny dick in his hand. I wasted no time in letting tiny dick know that if he wanted to stay he would do as I say. Since I was now naked too, he pretty much agreed to do anything.

I got on my knees in front of them and held both cocks in my hands, one so large I couldn’t get my hand around it, the other so small I could hide it inside my hand. I laughed and compared them as I stroked them and sucked them both. Small penis humiliation phone sex, with a big cock on the side to keep me happy, is just how I like it.  I told tiny dick that the only reason he got to stay and play was that I felt sorry for him. I laughed and said his dick looked so small and helpless next to my neighbors massive cock. I made tiny dick get behind me and eat my pussy while I sucked my neighbors big cock. I practically gagged on it. Then tiny dick got to watch as big cock teased my pussy and slowly pushed against it, stretching my tight pussy open enough to slide inside. He made me lose control and go crazy with lust. I rode his cock and came over and over before he finally exploded inside me. After we finished I lay back, totally spent and fucked senseless. I laughed and told tiny dick he could have one minute inside my pussy if he wanted to slide in right now. He could slide his cock in and feel how warm and sticky big cocks cum was. Or he could have five minutes in it if he wanted to lick my pussy clean first. His choice. I laughed and told him he should count himself lucky that I even let him watch me get fucked by a real man, let alone participate. He knew what a loser he was and groveled at my feet, begging to lick my pussy of every drop of big cocks load. He begged to serve me in any way I wanted in exchange for those five minutes in my pussy. After I made him do many many things I finally allowed him to slide his tiny worthless dick in my tight pussy. And then I spent the entire five minutes asking him if he was in, how long he was going to be and complaining that he should hurry and finish so that I could have that real cock back. Big cock neighbor laughed too, critiquing tiny dicks moves the whole time. He tried to give him pointers then realized they only worked for guys with actual cocks! We both had a good laugh at that. Tiny dick just kept humping at me, pricking at my pussy with his dinky weiner. When his five minutes in heaven was up I squeezed my pussy tight and pushed him out. Anytime he wants back in he knows what he has to do. And he happily does it. Whatever it is that I say for that time.

Think you can handle small penis humiliation phone sex? Then call Sexy Lexi at 1.888.662.6482.

kinky cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sex

Hello to all of you naughty cuckolds out there!  August is here for your cuckold phone sex stories and desires.  I get asked all the time how my sweet and dear husband feels about being me cheating on him and I am here to tell you he loves it!  You know exactly why it is super hot too, because you love the thought of it too.  Those steamy stories and sexy recollections of a vamped up vixen going out on her own or maybe even going the extra distance, so to speak when you take her out.  The last time you walked into a bar or restaurant knowing the other men and occasional woman are checking out your luscious lady just makes you weak in the knees.

When I think about my favorite times stepping out on my guy to get what I really need, he does get to have a hand in it.  There is something even more intense about knowing he is getting all twisted up and inside out right when I am seducing another piece of sweet meat.  When I tell the hubs I am going out that night and that I want him to get me ready there is a sparkle of sexual heat in his eye along with the sweat on his brow from a little bit of fear, from not knowing when I will stroll back thru the door if I will call and let him know I may be gone for a few days because I am taking a long weekend with my new lover.  That is what happened not too long ago and I let my cuck pack for me.  Sitting on my new boyfriend’s lap while my meal ticket ran around picking out and packing all the cute little dresses, heels, boots and lingerie I would need for a fun and dirty trip all ready for me just made me cream.  Not to worry though all that sweet nectar did not go to waste.  I got to savor the sweet sausage from my new beau right there in the love nest I normally share with my adorable but unsatisfying husband, he got to see what was happening right in front of him and help with the clean up, shall I say ;)

Cuckold phone sex is screaming hot and a deep desire I have to share so don’t waste another second, just pick up the phone and call: 1-888-662-6482 ask for August I am hot and wet.

AIM and Yahoo: augustishotnwet

babysitter phone sex slut

babysitter phone sex

Aren’t I just the cutest most adorable baby sitter around? OF course I am! That is why I am at the top of the list for babysitter phone sex.  I am Alba and now that I am a 19 teen barely legal babysitter all the hot guys in my neighborhood really want me to baby sit there kids and I do not mind one bit. I actually love it very much! I totally make sure to come to over to there house dressed in my tiniest and skimpiest skirt or schoolgirl uniform and the dads cannot keep there eyes off of me. And it is not like I would want them to stop staring at my sweet ass, I mean while else would I baby sit these brats around the town if I didn’t want to be a naughty babysitter phone sex whore.  I only want to get into the warm bed with you , when you come home from a night out on the town a bit drunk, I will be waiting for you, while your kids are asleep, I will show you the time of your life.  I know you want to get wild with the baby sitter, so stop day dreaming and call a babysitter phone sex slut and tell me how you are going to fuck the babysitter. Are you gonna you ram your cock inside and make me whelp “ouchie”, or will you wrap your arms around y neck and fuck me hard, maybe you will wrap your arms around this naughty babysitter and make love to my tight 19teen fuck hole.

Call Alba for the best and only babysitter phone sex at 1 888 662 6482

hot phone sex Mistress

phone sex Mistress

Do you need a new phone sex Mistress for the new year? You have come to the right place because I am the perfect mistress for you to submit to. I bet you are sitting in your chair, waiting for a mistress like me to get you all dressed up and pretty like a slut so you can go out and suck cock for me. Not only will you suck cock for me slave, but you will be my personal whore and go out and get fucked for me to. You will do anything for a phone sex Mistress like me right? Good because whether I am being sensual or extreme with you, you will definitely be my submissive bitch. You will go around and tell everyone how much of a cock sucker faggot you are and how much you like to suck on big black dicks for me. Since I mentioned BBC, this is the only cock that I will allow you to suck on. The only dick that I want in your mouth will be extra large monster cocks that can fuck your face and make you more sluttier than you thought that you were. I don’t need some shrimp dick white guy fucking your pussy either, I want your hole gaped so wide open that I will be able to see through it from across the room slut. You will be begging me all of the time for me to allow you to suck on BBC once you see all of the dick that I have lined up for you. First, we can start off with 2 guys because I know that they may be too much for you to handle. Then, the next day you will be getting gang fucked in your mouth and your horny pussy cunt because you will crave it so much that you will cry like the faggot that you are. Remember, your only purpose in life is to use your whole body as a living sacrifice for your phone sex Mistress to the point of no return.

So, get everything together and call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade, your new phone sex Mistress!

AIM and Yahoo: SultryJade4U

Phone Sex MILF


Hello Sweethearts. Not sure what has gotten into you boys lately be it the chocolates or the full moon but you are keeping this phone sex MILF rather busy with your taboo fantasies. Now dont take that the wrong way.

First off, I am loving the taboo role plays that we are finding ourselves in especially the ones suited for a mature woman/ younger man fantasies. I have always adored those taboo scenarios and probably one of the things I love most about being a phone sex MILF.

And secondly, just cause I am a more mature woman dont think I cant keep up with you. For I am sure my sexual drive can spin circles around yours any day of the week.

It was more a comment on that every younger man out there seems to be longing for the attention of a phone sex MILF this week. That their dicks have been desiring something more. Perhaps its my mature voice or it is just they want to know what it would be like to be with someone a number of years older than them. Either way I am more than happy to indulge in their taboo sexual whims.

I shall be taking calls to cater to which ever whims have you looking for a phone sex MILF like myself this evening.

Porscha 1-888-662-6482

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