Taboo Phone Sex Girl Courtney

Have to say you guys are beyond kinky and keeping this taboo phone sex girl extremely busy. Which makes for one hell of an introduction into the world of kinky fetishes.

taboo phone sex girl

If we havent had the pleasure of talking yet my name is Courtney. Girl with really no limits and a love for all things kinky and perverted. Which makes for some very interesting times together.

Kind of sitting here wishing I could share some of the taboo phone sex role plays that have gotten my panties rather wet over the last month… But some people are just not as open minded as others so out of respect for them I shall just keep the naughty transactions between my lips and well not sure where else to be honest.

My boyfriend was home last week so I got my fill of fun with him and now he is gone again which means back to the kinky fun on the phone. From those looking for a sexy side kick to help out with a certain type of scene to well dressing you up and making your ass super pretty.

What do you say?

How about calling and sharing with me your taboo phone sex fantasies. Sure there is something extra naughty that gets your cock throbbing. Cream filled pussy perhaps or are you more the dive your tongue into a hot ass kind of guy?

My number is 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with Courtney and she will handle all the details.

So looking forward to talking. Have on my favorite pink panties today!

Strap On Phone Sex with Olivia

I’m seriously ready for some strap on phone sex right now. I want to bend over a dirty little submissive slut and just pound that cunt as hard as I can. But I don’t want to get TOO ahead of myself. I am going to put you down on your knees first to get that strap on cock nice and sloppy wet. I mean, unless you don’t want it to be lubed up. But I am pretty sure that you’re not going to want a dry dick in your pussy. So you better open up that whore mouth and suck my strap on dick as hard as you can. And remember, your saliva is all the lube you’re going to have, so you better make sure it’s dripping wet.

strap on phone sex

I am particularly in the mood to fuck a virgin cunt today. Yes, I keep saying cunt because that’s what it is. I know you’re a dirty cock sucking slut, so you’re not a real man. If you get down on your knees and beg a man to fuck your mouth with his dick, you’re most definitely not a real man. You’re a slutty whore and you need to get more than your mouth fucked. I know it might be a little bit scary to get your pussy fucked for the first time, but trust me when I say that you are going to love it. I don’t care if it hurts. You’re going to just take it. Don’t complain at all or I’ll fuck you even harder.

Are you ready for your hot and kinky strap on phone sex adventure? All you have to do is call 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Olivia right now. I am ready to use this hot strap on dick to fuck your brains out.

Pain Slut Phone Sex with Eliza

If you are a true freak, then you know exactly what pain slut phone sex is all about and you ache to be treated as such Literally, you ache for it and I know that you can’t get enough. And if you do, then I am your wet dream cum true. I want nothing more than you push you to your limits and see if I can break you. You enjoy physical and mental pain and I am the bitch to inflict it on you. Your moans and whimpers are music to my ears. I know I have such a sweet smile, but don’t be fooled. I can and will fuck you up and it will please me to no end.

pain slut phone sex

So often my treatment of you depends on my mood and your own behavior. I promise, you don’t want to make me mad. I do love to punish your balls to make my point. I have so many tools to help me with CBT and I always like to experiment. But I do not limit my attention to your balls. Nope, your body is a wonderland for my imagination. I will test every method I have all over you until I find the response that pleases me the most. I want you addicted to the pain I lovingly administer to you. But I won’t stop at physical pain — no no no! Humiliation is another tool in my arsenal. I want to break your spirit as well. To make you do all sorts of embarrassing and dehumanizing tasks will only leave you more breathless. But you need that intoxicating agony to make your cock cum and you are insatiable for it.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 for pain slut phone sex so that I can give you that exquisite misery that you so desperately desire.

Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza

JOI Phone Sex with Bailey

If you think you’re going to be the one in charge when you call me, you’re dead wrong. You should be prepared for some JOI phone sex fun when you call me. And if you don’t know what JOI stands for, it’s jerk off instructions. You know, pretty much the same thing as guided masturbation. I will tell you, from start to finish, how to stroke your cock and when you are allowed to shoot that hot, creamy load. It’s fun, trust me!! And don’t worry, you’ll get to cum. I just have this insatiable need to be in control. It really is a win-win situation, don’t you think?

JOI phone sex

One thing I really love is when guys call me for JOI phone sex and they tell me that they also love having their assholes all filled up with their fingers or a big fat dildo. It’s double the fun because not only do I get to tell them how to jerk their cocks off, but I also get to tell them exactly how to fuck their assholes. That is SO much fun. Have you ever done that? If not, we can just start with putting a finger in your ass and see how you like it. It feels a little weird at first, but if you just keep going, I promise you that it will feel really good.

Are you ready now for a hot JOI phone sex session with me? I know your’e going to love it, even if it’s your first time. And I think that you just might get addicted to giving up the control to another person. It’s kind of freeing and you will cum SO hard. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Bailey!


Kinky Phone Sex Fantasy with Bree

Hell ya its Friday! Where are all the kinky phone sex fuckers at!

Trying to find a place to jerk off is my guess. Well once you find that secluded place give me a call cause I am ready to get down and nasty. Hey if I cant be out getting fucked the least I can do is laugh at some loser who is jerking it off in some bathroom somewhere. Ok so you might not literally be in a bathroom stall with your dick in your hand but its a pretty likely scenario.

kinky phone sex

How about your kinky self calls me and asks for another bratty princess to have some fun with you. A wild threesome you always dreamed about. Well more like the threesome you can actually achieve cause lets face it chances are slim you can get one girl let alone two girls naked in the same room.

Now that would be wickedly hot. Me and another girlfriend laughing at you. Sure we can do other things besides humiliating your kinky perverted ass but come on our laughs are so fucking cute how can you resist. We can have you jerking and stroking to every one of our giggles. Oh hell this could be fun.

Dont worry I am not just about humiliation into role plays too. Really any of the ones that come to mind are a bit too taboo to mention so will just toss out a few words and let your imagination take over. Babysitter and best friend. Naughty schoolgirls. Girl next door.

You cant tell me your mind isnt going shit yes!!!! To some kinky phone sex fantasy that pops into your head when you think of those things. Course add in barely legal princess with no limits. Bam! We are in for a wicked and naughty time on this Friday night.

So call 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you want to do a kinky phone sex fantasy with Bree and hey see who else is around for that hot threesome scenario.

Cuckold Phonesex Wife Karen

Cuckold Phonesex
Hey there, it’s Karen, your favorite married and cheating wife, and I’m around right now, taking cuckold phonesex calls from the sexiest men on the planet, and I want to hear all your dirty confessions, it’s the perfect way for both of us to get off!
I’m intelligent, creative, highly imaginative, and I promise, you will never find a more stimulating conversationalist, but the only thing you have to know about me is that, I am the dirtiest cheating wife you will ever come across.
Right now, I am lying back in a pair of sexy black panties, with a glass of wine, and a whole toy box of dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and other goodies, taking fetish phonesex calls, I can’t wait to talk to you and hear how what makes you cum.
There is nothing we can’t talk about, want to tell me all about what you think is happening in your happy home?
Husbands, just like you, call my cuckold phone sex line all the time, and tell me “I caught my wife cheating” or “My wife fucked black cock” or “I caught my wife sucking cock”.
And I love it!
Just like I love bbc.
I’m married, I cheat on my husband, and really, what better person to do cheating wife phone sex with than an actual real life slut wife?
I have a lot of cheating wife phonesex stories, I could tell you all about the first time I cheated, or should I say the first time my husband caught me cuckolding him (because I cuckolded him for years and he never had a clue).
The first time he caught me, it was the country club that my husband and I belong to, all summer long, he networked and golfed, while I sat around the pool in a tiny little bikini, giving all the pool boys and tennis coaches wood made me feel good, but just wasn’t enough to satisfy this bored, horny wife.
Want to hear how my cuckold husband found his trophy wife face down, ass up in the bushes at the country club?
Then you should call me for the best cheating wife phonesex ever.
And, make sure you check out my new blog, and I love to send out sexy selfies to all my phonesex cuckold callers, just email at for me to send you some after you call.

1 888 662 6482

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Savannah

There is no denying when you have an ass as hot as mine there are bound to be a few admires out there. So for you guys who are admiring from afar dont. I love a good ass worship phone sex call, so you guys really need to let yourselves be known. As some of us girls LOVE to have our asses admired and worshiped but often its so hard to find really good ass worshipers.

ass worship phone sex

Nothing hotter than knowing a man wants to spend some time between our bottom cheeks. Well its really more than that isnt it. For ass worshiping takes on a whole art form. Its about admiring a soft sensual ass in a pretty pair of panties. Caressing the one’s smooth derriere. Then the parting of the cheeks can happen.

Yes I know I am being a bit of a tease with my description zipping through so fast but dont worry when it comes to ass worship phone sex call I love to take my time. Teasing you. Tempting you. Denying you what you want really which is to bury your face between my ass cheeks and claim that ever pink and puckering rose bud.

Oh dont worry you can tell me if your someone fond of rimming and tonguing that ass. Course once I have had my way with you. I may very well have you changing your mind about darting that tongue into my ass. Sort of have that voice that can sell ice to an Eskimo so be careful.

Are you ready for a hot sexy ass worship phone sex fantasy? I know I am… Sexy panties are on and just need your mouth.

Can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 ask for Savannah the one with the sexy ass.


Submissive Phone Sex Slut Dani

If you dont know by now I like submissive phone sex. Well I like to be the subbie in the phone sex fantasy. See I can do bratty domme stuff but I got admit that its not something that comes super naturally to me like some of the other girls here. Like they can be down right super brats. I giggle and laugh too much to be taken seriously. But then again that does have its advantages for humiliation fantasies. So maybe I am cut out for a few domination things.

submissive phone sex slut

Anyways, if your looking for a girl who loves to get spanked and be a good collared princess then that would be me. I can obey with the finest of submissive phone sex sluts. The best thing is I have a cute young sounding voice and well that just means your fantasy of training a barely legal to be your submissive slut is over.

I can go from willing sub to one that can be a touch of a brat who giggles and disobeys so you can take a firm hand to my petite bum. Sorry I kind of like being both types of submissive. Something super hot about giving you a little bit of trouble in the training but I aim to please. See how good of a submissive phone sex slut I already am?

Course I should warn you that when I am nervous I giggle so while your training me to be a first rate submissive phone sex slut there is a good chance I will giggle. Not cause I find the training funny but cause I am nervous about not being a good enough sub for my master. So I can see that leading to some punishments.

That giggling thing gets me in all sorts of trouble. Anyways you can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask Dani!



Kinky Phone Sex with Eliza

So it is that time of the year when people make New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of making some changes in their life. But all too often, they never quite make them stick. I have a fantastic idea for the horny men this year. Why don’t you aim for something that is both very attainable and fun like kinky phone sex with me?

kinky phone sex

Try getting in touch with your inner freak. You don’t have to pretend like you don’t have one. We all have a pervert living inside of us just yearning to get out and have some good naughty fun. I let mine out so much that it pretty much has free reign. I am always ready to get kinky at a moments notice. All I need is a partner in kink to get my going. A touch of depravity never hurt anyone, right? Go ahead and take a look at my smoking hot body and tell me that I am not the perfect partner with which to get kinky. You can tell me what you like, you know, role play fantasy or fetish — hardcore or extreme very welcome. I have no restrictions, no taboos and absolutely no limits when it comes to getting off. I just want to make you feel good and the real good stuff is always kinky. Or if you are a bit too shy you can let me ask a few questions then I can take the bull by the horn and introduce you to all kinds of kinky fun.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 for some hot and kinky phone sex fun.

Yahoo & GMail BustyCoedEliza

Creampie Phone Sex Fantasy with Porscha

Was just sitting here thinking what to get my husband. That perfect gift just for him and thankfully a certain someone helped me out with my gift dilemma. A certain fellow who loves calling in for his weekly creampie phone sex fantasy, which offered up some great ideas on what I should be doing with my own hubby.

creampie phone sex fantasy

Not quite sure how I didnt think of it before. What man, who is in a cuckold relationship, wouldnt love diving between his wife’s legs on that Christmas morning only to find out she was offering up more than a kiss under that mistletoe. The evidence is right there in creamy delight.

This sexy MILF plans to let Santa bang her waxed pussy minus the condom. What fun way to celebrate the holidays than receiving such a nice gift from St. Nick than a pussy filled with his ho ho ho juice.

Mind you… Now that I keep thinking on this I am believing my cream filled cunt should just wake my husband up with some face sitting. Sure my phone cuck and I never dove into face sitting during our creampie phone sex fantasy but really isnt that the best. Me taking full control. I am a cuckoldress after all.

So why not just wake my husband up in the middle of the night after Santa’s dick finished thrusting away. Let that hot sticky ball jizz drip into my man’s mouth. I think I am liking this idea the best. Would love for you to help me narrow down the details with some more creampie phone sex fantasies. I am around till the holidays so lets have some naughty fun. Help me get on that naughty fucking list of Santa’s.

Just ask for Porscha when you call 1-888-662-6482.