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2 girl phone sex with arizona

2 girl phone sex

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. Now that the weather is starting to cool down it makes me so sad to realize that summer really is over. I had a really great summer this year. I had a friend come to St. Louis to visit me for a while, and we had a blast! Now you know during her visit we wound up having some fun with 2 girl phone sex. Now Ariel and I have known each other for a while, and we both love to share most things- we just had never had the opportunity to have some fun with some BBC, that is until this summer.

Things had always been very casual and friendly between her and I, but during her visit I realized just how much I couldn’t keep my hands off of her creamy skin. I loved the way my caramel skin looked laying against her soft, peaches and cream skin. I decided to see if I could make something happen so that I could have the opportunity to have some “fun” with that sexy seductress. So I set up something she could never refuse during 2 girl phone sex- a nice big piece of dark chocolate BBC. I mean, honestly, who could refuse that? What man wouldn’t want to have fun with someone as fierce fresh and fabulous as me, and to have someone as sexy as Ariel too? Well I love the idea of making Ariel be the delicious cream filling between two yummy chocolate cookies. Doesn’t that just sound so delectable to you? Want to find out how hot I was able to make Ariel’s first delicious taste of 2 girl phone sex?

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Arizona and Ariel and we will tell you all about it, down to the last dirty detail.

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

Big Tit Phone Sex GFE

big tit phone sex gfe

Hi Guys its Kassidy, your big tit phone sex gfe. My tits have been getting a lot of attention lately which I have to say I just love. Seems you guys really love to bury your cock between a girl with big titties.

Course I have been known to use this little knowledge about how you guys feel about my massive DD’s to my benefit. For I love teasing men with my tits. Ensuring to wear nice tight shirts where you can practically see the dimples in my nipples. Or something so low cut you can nearly see my areola. I know such a horrible tease.

Can you blame me really? I would think not. The whole point is to grab the attention of men with a fondness for fucking big tit girls. So that they cant think of anything else other than wanting to dip their dick right between my luscious cleavage.

You can just see them mentally oozing lube between my big tits and rubbing it all over with the head of their very hard cock. I know you cant help it. They are amazing and deserve to be fucked.

So really what are you waiting for? I mean I am taking calls right now. You already have the mental image of titty fucking me so why not grab your phone and have some taboo fun with this big tit phone sex gfe.

Anything goes! So really the titty fucking can be only the beginning.

Kassidy 1-888-662-6482


18 teen phone sex with spencer

teen phone sex

Do you crave your very own 18 teen phone sex slut? Well, you found her! My name is Spencer and I love getting taboo, extreme and nasty with you!! I don’t really like vanilla calls… lets add some kind of taboo element to our suck and fuck call. Is there a girl you have always had your eye on but you KNOW it would be so wrong to fuck her? Call me and lets talk about it.  I promise to not judge you, no matter who that girl is. The more wrong and taboo it is, the more I will love it!! I love hearing how hot you get when I tell you how I’d love it if you would sneak into my bedroom and do dirty things with me… giggles.

Or maybe you have some kinky roleplay that you’ve been dying to try out and you’re looking for the perfect girl to do it with! That girl is me! I might be only 18, but I’m smart and creative and I know I can make you cum SO hard. There are so many kinds of roleplays we can do! You dream it up, I’ll do it. We’re only limited by your dirty imagination!  I can’t wait to phone fuck with you. I’ll make you cum so hard you will see stars! You will be coming back to me over and over and I’ll satisfy your dick every single time you call me for 18 teen phone sex, baby!! I promise!

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Spencer

milf phone sex

phone sex Being a milf phone sex slut  is something that I have always wanted to be, and now I am one and it is everything that I expected and more.  I just love when im out and about  and I hear someone say “boy I’d love to hit that” , well no reason to want anymore boys and men I am here for you to hit.  I am a experienced milf and I do know what it takes to turn you on and how to detect that tent growing in your pants.  Maybe you are one of them boys that always had a crush on your teacher, moms friend, or someone you know who is alot older then you.  Thinking about her teasing you, making you all hard and maybe even finding yourself wishing she was the one giving you a blow job when your girlfriend is really sucking you off.  Just letting you know that nothing surprises me with your naughty little fantasies on milf phone sex, because I am just as horny and naughty as you are.   I will make sure that I get you off and of course I will get off myself.  It is nothing for me to cum over and over , being a milf I crave sex more then I ever have, and want to get down right dirty with you.  I have had my share of men of all ages, so I will know exactly how to handle you.  My pussy craves cock and I am always ready to play with you.  Cum please this milf pussy.   Call me today for milf phone sex and let us both have a good fucking time .

Call Gretchen


yahoo & aim =  milfgretchen

anything goes 2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex

hiiii! its me dani. its friday and i wanna spend my friday doing a 2 girl phone sex call. like lots of them really. it been ages since i did one and they are so much fun and there are really cute girls here and i wanna play with them. don’t you wanna have 2 girls playing on your dick?

the answer is a oh hellz yes.

i will share a cock. i not selfish. it super fun to share cock especially when they are super big dicks cause i am a tiny barely legal teen. so that is why 2 girl phone sex calls are really fun when i cant take the full big cock. not that i dont try. i try really hard.

but the best thing about 2 girl phone fun is that both of us can be bratty dommes and just humiliate you or you can tag team on me cause i really like to be submissive. so you can tie me up and do all sorts of naughty things to me. oh wait i shouldnt of said that. cause now you will do that.

yup anything goes with 2 girl phone sex. so lets have some fun its friday after all and i wanna play really bad. so many girls so many choices. you can pair up one of the milfs with me. oh now that is a naughty taboo fantasy. never thought about that till right now.

ok i go and get ready for you.

wiggles dani!

1-888-662-6482 just ask for dani and grab one of my friends for a 2 girl phone sex call.


Exhibitionist Phone Sex

phone sex

I am so happy to meet you and tell you what happened to me! For the first time about a month ago I somehow ended up at a swingers party!  I guess I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist but it’s only recently that I realized just how far I was wanting to go.  I flash my tits and masturbate when I’m driving; my neighbor across the way watches me get undressed almost every single night and I love to put on a sexy show for him; I love having sex out in public where we might even get caught. There is just something so hot about showing my body off to strangers that I can’t help but get wet when I do. We can talk about all this and more on our exhibitionist phone sex call.

I will give you a hand job while we’re sitting at the bar, I’ll sneak you into the ladies room (or mens room)  so I can suck your cock, and then we’ll go to the dark parking lot where I’ll bend over the hood of the car wet and ready for your throbbing cock.  I’m as much of a voyeur, I love to watch you too.  It would be so hot if I could watch you on cam while we play on the phone.  That would for sure make me cum loud and hard right along with you.  I know I’m making up for lost time, but my motto for my life these days is “A day without cumming is like a day without sunshine”.  Call me and cum with me, I’m always ready to play!

Want to see this pic unedited?  I’ll send this one and a couple others free with any call!  Just drop me an email and tell me your name and I’ll send them off.

For exhibitionist phone sex call Jennifer at 1-888-662-6482

message me on aim or yahoo at fetishgoddessjennifer

perfect GFE phone sex girl

GFE phone sexAre you lonely? Haven’t found that perfect girl yet? Wouldn’t it be great to have the perfect girl friend? I mean think about it… a barely legal, woman that is hot, ready and willing to please your every whim! *Wink* Doesn’t that sound great? I am willing to bet you are thinking, what is the catch? Well baby, there is no catch. I am that perfect girl. You can do whatever you want to me. For all I care you can turn this 19teen year old girl into a slut. I will have your favorite meals cooked hot and ready to be served the moment you walk through the door from work. Fuck! I will be so wet I won’t be able to stand it! I am guessing that you aren’t going to want dinner and will skip to the best part of the night…*giggles* dessert! Perky tits, luscious ass, curves everywhere, and the best part… a nectar filled honey pot. *wink* All for your enjoyment during GFE phone sex.

Do you already have a significant other… a wife or girlfriend?  That is ok baby; I don’t care if you are attached. I will be your seductive, naughty, 19teen secret. I will still be the perfect girl for you too! *giggles* Are you wondering how that is possible? How is it that I do not care about your attachment? Well baby… the trick is that I do not nag at all. I don’t care about the other woman. I am here to be used in all the ways that you are not being pleased at home. I aim for perfection to please you, to send you over the age and to amaze you in every way possible during our GFE phone sex session. *wink* Fuck! I love to suck cock, I love to stroke cock, but most of all I like to…..*wink*

Ask for Ariel when you call 1 (888) 662-6482 for amazingly seductive GFE phone sex

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: @brattyprncssAri

kinky school girl phone sex

school girl phone sex

*Giggles* Hiya there boys! I am Ariel your favorite 19teen slut from sunny Florida. I look sweet and innocent, but don’t let that fool you. *wink* I always get my professors… they are always surprised when I reveal what is beneath my short skirts and curve hugging tops. I know exactly what to do in order to get my way on campus. All I have to do is bend over or uncross my legs in class revealing my no panty line secret….*wink* I like the air flowing to my pussy. *giggles* You can just imagine the reaction I get when….*gasp* I reveal that I am wearing nothing underneath my itty bitty skirts. I just can’t help myself! *giggles.* That is why school girl phone sex is so tantalizing to all my professors both male and female. *Wink*

What is wrong with flaunting what I have, teasing boys that are my own age, but also teasing men that are much more mature and experienced than I am? I don’t see anything wrong with it! Why should I? I have it to flaunt! *giggles* With my perky tits, tight curvaceous body, and nice tight, round ass what is there not to like? I can be the sweet and innocent girl next door type, or I can be naughty and raunchy girl that you would never even see cumming. *giggles* School girl phone sex, is more like wild sex. *Wink*

I have this one professor, I like to sneak under her desk…*giggles* She likes to wear dresses and skirts to school. I just cannot resist her sweet feminine smell. I know you were expecting me to be talking about a male professor….*giggles* not this time boys! After class I am already so worked up, I always have to find a way to hide in her office. Well, one day I hid under her desk…. We both got quite the surprise that day. I am willing to bet you are wondering what that is, now aren’t you baby? *giggles*

Well, don’t fret! Just ask for a-ma-zing Ariel when you dial 1 (888) 662-6482 for wild anything goes school girl phone sex.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: @brattyprncssAri

Stap On Phone Sex Fetish

strap on phone sex

I love a man who appreciates a sexy girl wearing a strap on cock. I just had a caller the other day who was so excited to explore his strap on phone sex fetish during a hot phone sex call. Before we started to role-play he told me about all of his toys and I told him about mine. We found that we had some similar sized toys which worked out great. When I have phone sex I want you to get as into it as possible. Or maybe I should say your toys need to get as into it as possible. *laughs* You know what I mean! He was eager to play and picked out a nice friendly 8 inch dildo to join us. I pushed him and made him swap it out for a 10 inch one. I wanted his ass to really feel me fucking him. I wanted him to get every inch of his call!


He was ready to squeeze some lube on it and shove it right up his ass, but I like to have some fun, take my time. If you have a strap on fetish then I want you to explore every aspect of it. You’ve going to do more than spread your cheeks if you want to play with me. I’ll start you off with a little light teasing. That dildo you have would look much better if I cold smack you in the face with it. Rub it over your lips and your cheek and make you open your mouth and say ahhh. Look at me while you are on the floor sucking my cock! Let me see how much you like it. Use your tongue and lips as you suck that cock and tease it. Once its a little wet from your mouth I can hold onto your head and just pump. All you have to do is relax your throat and breath thru your nose. *laughs* I have no doubt that you will suck my cock like a true professional. I’m going  to fuck your face, pumping faster and faster until you are leaning back, trying to move off of it. But we’ll have none of that handsome. You’re not done sucking my cock util I say you are. I’ll lay you down on your back and just straddle your head, pushing my strap on cock down your throat until you almost gag. Once you gag and then recover from it and get more turned on, that’s when I know you are ready. On your back, legs spread and your knees pulled up to your chest. Open yourself up to me and my cock. I’ll use my fingers to stretch your asshole as I push the head of my strap on cock inside you. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster, I’ll fuck you over and over until you have no cum left. Once you are limp and exhausted I’ll finally pull my great big cock out of your ass. As soon as it’s gone you’ll be missing it and want me inside you again. And that’s great baby, because I like I said, I love a man with a strap on fetish. Just call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Fiona.



kinky cuckold phone sex slut

cuckold phone sex

Cuckold phone sex is the best thing for you men who can’t please your woman! I know there are plenty of you out there whom don’t please your wive’s at all *he he*. That’s where I can be of some help.  We need to Cuckold your ass!

You work hard all day an come home from work all sweaty an dirty.  You walk in the door an say, “Emily sweetie are you home?” Yes dear, I’m right in the kitchen.  Come here, I have a nice surprise for you.  You walk into the kitchen an find my red hair flowing beautifully, my makeup all done, as well as I am wearing a sexy black lingerie see through outfit with my black high heels.  Your stunned an speechless at first.  Where are you going sweetie, an why are you dressed so nice?  I tell you because I want to have some fun with you, now go get a shower an meet me in our bedroom.

You get a shower, I go into our bedroom where Rick, my co-worker whom is super handsome, really built well, an has a huge 10 inch dick.  I rip Rick’s pants off, exposing that rock hard cock, an I start sucking on it.  Deep throating your cock as I stroke your shaft.  My husband walks in as I’m riding your face with this tight pussy, an deep throating your cock.  Shocked as all hell, “Emily, what is going on he shouts?”  I reply, “Sweetie, you know you can’t please me with that tiny dick, your tongue sucks when eating me out an well, your hands, they are as tiny as your cock. I have no choice but to make you sit here an watch a real man please me.”  As you place your head down, Rick an I laugh at you as he starts pounding my tight pussy.  I catch you out of the corner of my eye rubbing your cock! Hunny, are you getting excited watching a real man fuck your wife?  Yes, yes indeed you are as you cum all over the floor at the same time that Rick fills my pussy!

Ready for some cuckold phone sex, then call 1-888-662-6482 an ask for Emily!

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily


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