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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jennifer

panty boy phone sex

I have to tell about this real life panty boy phone sex fantasy that actually happened. I had some friends over the other day just to hang out, watch some sports, have some drinks. One of my friends brought her new boyfriend, someone I had never met before. We were all having a good time when I noticed he was gone for awhile. I grabbed my friend and told her I was a little worried and we went to the back bedroom to find him. And did we ever find him! Standing there looking in the mirror, his pants around his ankles, and my dirty panties in his hand!

I think my girlfriend was more embarrassed than he was. But you know me, I was happy to find a panty boy right here in my house. I reassured my friend I wasn’t upset and walked right over to her boyfriend and slapped his face. I told him if he was so into my panties he should have asked first. I reached under my skirt, slipped off my panties, rubbed them in his face and told him to open wide. I stuffed my panties in his mouth and took the pair he was holding from his hands.

His dick was rock hard and sticking straight out. I couldn’t help but tease him and laugh about being a panty boy. I watched him hungrily sucking my juices from the panties. I thought about making him put on the panties and parade him in front of everyone, but his girlfriend was a little freaked out. hah! I thought it best we get back to the party, so I took those panties and jerked him off right there. You know it didn’t take long for him to cum. I pulled the other panties from his mouth and told him we weren’t leaving this room until he licked every drop of his cum.

My girlfriend and I have talked since then and she’s open to trying some new and kinky play. She’s even open to me joining them! I think I’ll introduce them both to my strap-on next time!

For panty boy phone sex, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

AIM – fetishgoddessjennifer

Cuckold Phone Sex with Sandy

cuckold phone sex

Hey pathetic cuck losers. Does your neglected cock get hard and drippy when you jack off hearing about some other poor chump’s cuckold predicament? You pervs are too much sometimes, the way you get so overly aroused at being humiliated and mistreated. That’s perfect for me though, I do so love being an ultra bitch to you. If you haven’t found yourself being cucked in real time and like to roleplay it with a phone bitch like me I have a cuckold fantasy that I think will make your dick stand up and beg to be jerked. If you didn’t know that your lovely wife has been getting dick on the side you might get real excited when your anniversary rolls around and she takes her wedding gown in for a dry cleaning.Is my faithful loving wife going to take me to renew our vows? What else could she have in store for me with that wedding gown?

So the day arrives and you are so thrilled to see that your wife has made you a reservation at the hotel where you spent your wedding night. You’re in your honeymoon suite, your wife is decke dout in her pristine white gown and you hear a knock at the door. She tells you open it, it’s probably our room service. A huge black man forces his way into the room and calls out to your wife. She laughs and tells him to come on in. Your head is spinning and your wife kisses him as she pushes her hand into his pants and before you can process what is happening you’re seeing his thick mega cock come out of his pants and your wife is on her knees. Your face burns red with rage, but your cock has never been stiffer than it is as you watch her admire his big black cock in her snow white wedding gown. What will you do?


Ass Worship Phone Sex with Winter

I’ve been stepping up my workout regimen lately.  Gotta keep my body hot and tight.  Working hard in the gym also juices up my libido, which is very good news for you.  There’s nothing I want to do after a grueling workout than to use you in ass worship phone sex.  Yeah, I’m gonna take a shower, but first you’re gonna clean the sweat off my ass.  That’s right baby, your tongue is my towel and I want my beautiful tight ass to be high and dry.

ass worship phone sex

You’ll be waiting for me when I get home.  You don’t make eye contact, you don’t say a word.  You only assume the position.  You know the one, kneeling on the floor with your tongue ready.  Don’t expect me to speak to you, you are nothing but a tool to me.  A piece of furniture, just like all of my other belongings.  I’ll take off my sweaty gym shorts first, then lower my ass to your face so I can take off my shoes.  Time for that tongue to go to work, grabbing every drop of sweat in my ass crack.  This is why you call me for ass worship phone sex.  I treat you exactly the way you deserve to be treated.  This is what you were made for.

Once my shoes are off, I’ll need to stretch a little.  You’ll lay back so that I can plant my cheeks on your face.  I know it’s hard to breathe, but that’s not really my problem.  Each stretch will offer you a new position for your tongue to do its work.  Now don’t be greedy and just focus on my hole, a good ass worship phone sex slave knows that my round cheeks and the little creases just below demand equal attention.  But yes, if you’re really good I’ll let you taste the part that you crave.

Call Winter at 1-888-662-6482 for ass worship phone sex and breathe in the delicious aroma of my assets.

Yahoo:  whitehotwinter
AIM:  whitehottwinter

BBC Phone Sex with Rachelle

bbc phone sex

Do you like cock? No never mind I wanna know if you like BBC. Cause we both know that if your gonna think of cock your gonna think about the biggest and best cock out there with is black dick! Then that sort of falls into why not have some BBC phone sex fun with me!

I love talking about cock in general but most of all I adore talking about BBC. They are the best and most amazing cock ever. I know I havent been with that many which is probably why I love doing calls around big black dicks. Like cuckolding fantasies where guys tell me what they wish their wives would do. OMG I am beyond jealous I am not married cause I am pretty sure I would make an excellent cuckold wife.

Then there are guys who tell me how they dream of sucking a bbc. OMG how I can relate. Sure I have sucked them but its been far too long that I can completely understand its like I am a BBC virgin all over again. Oh that would be a fun bbc phone sex call to do.  Dont you think? Me being a virgin to never seeing a dark dick and the reactions I would have. Just think about that for a moment.

Anyways just thinking about all those dark chocolate dongs has got me well rather worked up. Think I am gonna go find my favorite toy and hope you call me very soon for some bbc phone sex fun! Hint I am available now and super horny.

1-888-662-6482 ask for Rachelle.

aim coedvxnrachelle.

humiliation phone sex with winter

humiliation phone sex

You call me for humiliation phone sex.  I insult you, tell you the truth about yourself, you whine and jerk off.  I’m so over it.  It’s booooriiiing!  Still you insist on this bullshit because you are a teeny minded man with no fucking imagination.  So I’m going to give you the best humiliation phone sex there is.  I’m going to ignore you.   That’s right, you heard me.  While you’re stroking your dirty cock, I’ll be watching a movie or playing games on my phone.  While you grunt and moan, I’ll be filing my nails or having a snack.  Why?  Because you’re not worth my attention.  You’re a loser.  You’re less than a loser, you’re nothing.

What did you expect from a gorgeous girl like me?  I certainly don’t feel honored that you decided to call me to drain your hairy balls.  Gross.  I’ll pick up the phone but I’m not going to interrupt my life because you’re horny.  That’s what your wife is for.  She might not have a choice, but I do whatever I want to.  And because I’m a hottie, you accept it.  I can’t imagine what kind of idiot you are for choosing this type of humiliation phone sex, but I know one thing.  It’s what you deserve.  You stepped outside of your normal where you call the shots, into my world.  I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you do.  I’m not your bitch.  Quite the opposite.

What’s so pathetic about the whole damn thing is that the more I ignore you, the hornier you get.  You stroke faster, moan louder, and cum so hard it curls your toes.  I’ll just be shaking my head and rolling my eyes.  What could be more pitiful?  You prove with each humiliation phone sex call that you could never get me to give you the time of day.  If you’re lucky, really lucky, I might laugh at you.  But don’t count on it.

Let Winter prove to you what a loser you are.  Call 1-888-662-6482 for humiliation phone sex.

Yahoo: whitehotwinter
AIM: whitehottwinter
Twitter: @whitehottwinter

Humiliation Phone Sex with Simone

humiliation phone sex

Hello to all you little dick losers!! You’re totally in the right place for some cruel humiliation phone sex. You deserve nothing but laughter and to be humiliated in the worst ways possible. Don’t even try to reason with me and say that it’s not your fault your dick is so little. I don’t care WHY it’s little. All I know is that it is small and the likes of you is NEVER going to touch my hot Goddess pussy with your tiny dick.

Have you ever even had sex with a woman, a real woman like me? No, hookers do not count. Has anyone ever actually wanted to have sex with you? I didn’t think so. Why would a woman want to let you try to fuck her? I say try because you are so small that you probably can’t even get your dick all the way inside.

Do you want to know what you are good for? Not much, but there are a few things. One is watching me get my fat pussy pounded by real men. My favorite dicks are big black ones… the kind that stretch my pussy out and fill me up so much more than you ever could. And when he is done with me, you can crawl over on your knees, spread my legs to look at my gaping pussy and start to lick that black creampie out of me. I want you to lick until I am totally clean. While you’re doing that, you do not dare touch your tiny dick. But my constant verbal humiliation is going to make you want to. Fucked up, huh?

When you’re ready for some intense humiliation phone sex, pick up that phone and call me. I can’t wait to tell you how inferior you are and how you’re never going to be good enough for ANY woman.

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Simone

SensualBBWSimone on AIM

fetish phone sex with bailey

fetish phone sex

I’m the most laid back, chill girl around here and if you’ve already talked to me then you already know what I’m all about. With me you get 100% all of the time! There’s no kink, taboo or fetish that is too much for me and I’ll never turn you away. I love fetish phone sex because to me it’s an outlet to release and explore our deepest sexual desires without judgement. You’ll never have to worry about being embarrassed or worried about me laughing at you because with me you have a safe place where you can simply be yourself. Fetish phone sex is common and popular, along with taboo phone sex because they are all apart of the kink world. So open up your mind and let your imagination run wild.

I bet you didn’t think that someone as pretty as me would be so carefree and down for whatever. I love surprising people with my openness and my love for fetish phone sex. Let’s see how open and nasty you can get with me! So if you can dream it up in that dirty mind of yours, I want to hear about it. Let’s see if you can shock me with a fetish phone sex call that I have never heard of before. I do love learning about new fetishes. I’m yearning to be taught something new!

I’ve been told that I’m a very good listener and that it’s easy for people to confide in me. Fetish phone sex can be a form of therapy, a place where you can talk about every and anything and not be judged. What happens during our fetish phone sex session stays between us.  Remember, there are no limits with me so don’t hold back. Call me now and request Bailey.

AIM: Cum4Bailey

no limits phone sex with jade

no limits phone sex

When is the last time you had some really good no limits phone sex? I don’t mean your normal phone sex call with a general role play. I mean some wicked talk that you know you can never tell anyone else. Well, really it doesn’t matter if the last time was last year or yesterday. I will blow your mind and make your fantasy as real as ever. I want to get as extreme and nasty as we can. Bring out your inner pervert and get ready for an exquisite time.

No limits phone sex is a definite favorite of mine because I never know what I am going to hear next. It’s exciting to me to pick up the phone and hear what you keep bottled in so deep inside. Then I get to take your fantasy all in and add on my perfect twist. We can do something sweet and nice or evil and rebel. Girl next door who you can never touch, of course! Accomplice or snuff, it would be the best you ever had.

Go ahead and lay it all on me. Give me something naughty that will get my pussy juice flowing into my already wet panties. Not only will you get off but, I will get off the more crazy we get. So how about we skip the normal phone sex stuff and get into the unexpected. We will have more fun if we come up with some thing that you have never done before. Do you have something in mind that you have never got the chance to do? I am all ready for you to stroke that cock for me and release like you never have before. Call 1-888-662-6462 and ask for Jade. No limits phone sex is the best!

AIM and Yahoo: SultryJade4U

big tit phone sex with diana

big tit phone sex

Your big tit phone sex princess here.  Everyone calls me Diana but you can call me Queen big tits. Just take one look at my big soft luscious breast. I bet you can’t take your eyes off of them now. They are perfect aren’t they. 36 Double D  perky with pink upturned nipples staring back at you. I love to wear tiny tops, that are see through. I walk  through the mall and I watch the heads turn and the necks breaking to get a peek at my perfect  bouncing titties. Women scrunching up they’re jealous faces and men drooling, thinking about sucking my pointy nipples I bet. What would you like to see my big titties covered in? I like oil. I had a guy that loved licking honey mustard off my tits. I met him at a wet t-shirt contest of course I won..  first prize.  I titty fucked about 20 guys that night. Its was such a hot night. Im getting wet right now just thinking about it.

Mmmm just staring at my tits get your cock rock hard doesn’t it.  You just stand right there and watch me  squeeze and bounce my big  perfect titties. Do you want to squeeze and pinch my nipples for me. Come over big boy and  let’s have big tit phone sex. I love  getting my big tits oiled and massaged, I will squirt the oil and you will do the rubbing. I like it when you slap my big tits. I like it rough can you handle that. While you oil my tits I will oil your cock. You have the perfect view looking down at my gorgeous face while I stroke and squeeze your oiled cock. I want you to slide your hard cock between my big soft tits. Will you cum all over my face while I fuck your cock with my wet juggs.

Remember Im Princess Diana Call me for big tit phone sex at 1 888 662 6482

GFE phone sex with eliza

GFE phone sex

Hi sweetie, sitting at home tonight all alone? Well so am I, so why don’t you give me a call? I think that you need a GFE phone sex experience.  You might be surprised how intense a relationship this can develop into.  I am in the mood for a nice long conversation about pretty much anything that piques your interest. You want someone to listen? Listening has become a lost art, in my opinion.  Maybe you are tired of the BS some vapid and self centered chicks give you? Well baby, this girl will give you her undivided attention. And I will always tell you the truth.  I will always be honest with you and you can be honest with me.  It isn’t like we are going to run into each other at the mall or anything.  Tell me everything that you are too scared or nervous to tell anyone else.  I will never judge you, I am always on your side.  Give me your confidence, I will put it in the vault.  It will be just you and me for as long as you like. No rush and no fuss. Maybe you would just like some womanly advice? If you like, I can give you input about how to snag a lady you have your eye on, even. You know, how to better help you catch one of those hot chicks in your sights.  It doesn’t matter the subject, lets talk about anything, and see where it leads.  You never know,  I may be the GFE phone sex fantasy girlfriend you have been longing for. Could I be so lucky?

Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Eliza.  I will be that sweet voice on the other end of the phone that you will soon crave.

AIM and Yahoo: BustyCoedEliza

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