Taboo Phone Sex with Tamra

Taboo phone sex is the perfect way to release your kinkiest desires.  And when I say kinky, I mean all-out freaky and nasty, anything that your perverse mind can imagine.  You don’t have to worry about being judged and you can really be yourself.  Nothing is off the table on taboo phone sex.  Even if you think it’s too extreme or that you should feel embarrassed for wanting whatever it is you desire, you can share it with me. 
taboo phone sex
What is it?  Are you ashamed that you want to fuck someone that you really shouldn’t fuck?  Do you want to knock up your best friend’s wife?  Have a hot teacher-student fantasy where she does whatever you want just to pass your class?  Or maybe your taboo phone sex fantasy is a bit darker?  Like you might need an accomplice like me to aid you with some diabolical plan.  You might be so shocked to see just how far that I am willing to go to get you off.  All you have to do is tell me what it is that you want and I will make that happen.   See…taboo phone sex can be anything you want it to be.  I’m the one person you can truly tell ALL of your dark secrets and desires to.  And not only that…I’ll help you have the most amazing, explosive orgasm by roleplaying your fantasy.  I’m a woman who takes pride in giving men pleasure, so you’ll be well taken care of.
Just let go of all your inhibitions just the way I have and we can make something amazing happen. All you have to do is dial the toll-free number 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Tamra.  You’re about to have the best no limits no restrictions taboo phone sex experience that you could ever imagine.  Trust me…you need this!

Cougar Phone Sex with Caroline

Everyone gives in to temptation now and then, right sugarplum? I know I do, that’s for sure, and, well, all these cougar phone sex calls I’ve been getting finally got to my head the other day. I couldn’t help myself – hubby was gone, as usual, on some “business” trip in some remote location of the world, and I was left here all by my lonesome, hot and horny from all my work calls that I just HAD to do something! So I went into my phone under “contacts” and found one of my favorite cubs to play with. He’s 27 years old, black, and hung like a bull – of course. I mean, if he isn’t deliciously hot and built like a tripod, then why would I even bother?
cougar phone sex
It was so crazy the other night. I got one cougar phone sex call after another, and I was getting so worked up I could barely see straight. I kept finding myself squeezing my legs together, with my hand trapped against my wet panties, with thoughts of smooth, muscular bodies and cocks that can go all night. Finally I sent out a quick “are u available 2night?” text to my, ahem, friend, and it was only a few minutes before I saw the “…” and knew he was responding. “hell ya baby – c u in an hr” came the reply, and before you knew it I was waiting in my lingerie for his delicious ass. I know why he was so excited to hear from me – after all of these years of practicing, let’s just say his 11 inch cock is no match for my deep throat skills. He has yet to have a girlfriend his own age who can do that…before you knew it, he and I were spending the whole night going at it over and over, reenacting every single cougar phone sex call I had received in the last few days. It was exactly what I needed!!
Are you interested in finding out what a cougar can really do? Call Sweet Caroline at 1 888 662 6482 and let’s find out together!!

CEI Phone Sex with Harlow

I get a lot of calls from men who tell me that eating cum is a fantasy of theirs, but that they haven’t actually done it. I mean, I know people often don’t get to live out their fantasies, but this is one that it’s SO easy to make happen. All you have to do is shoot a load on your hand or on your body and then scoop it up and eat it. And when you call me for CEI phone sex, I’m not going to even entertain excuses. You ARE going to do it. 

CEI phone sex

If you ask me nicely, I might even throw in a little bit of jerk off instructions for you. I have a feeling that a man like you likes to be told what to do. And fortunately for you, I like to tell men what to do. So it’s absolutely a win-win situation for everyone. See, eating your own cum will be so exciting for you and getting to that point will be a good time, too.

I guess it’s okay if you’re a little bit nervous about CEI phone sex. After all, there’s a reason you haven’t actually taken then plunge and tasted your load. But a woman like me will absolutely be able to talk you into doing what you’ve been fantasizing about doing for a long time. Why not just go ahead and give in to your desires and make that fantasy the reality you have been dreaming of? I think you’re really going to love it and you might even get addicted to cum and end up eating someone’s other than your own.

Grab your phone right now and dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow for CEI phone sex. Make sure you are hungry for cum when you call!

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Bailey

I’m dying for some cock control calls. When I hear about men being shamed and or scolded by their significant others for having an active self sex life on the side my mind starts racing. Taking control over a man’s dick and making him masturbate to my voice during an orgasm denial phone sex call allows me to have such a good time. Shy men that used to get teased about touching themselves too much will appreciate the naughty way that I make it fun again. Sure, you can stroke your dick as much as you want to, it just has to be done under my direction. This barely legal temptress will have you wrapped right around her delicate finger. What a lucky one you are. We are going to use your self love to tighten a leash right around your balls. You will crawl to me with the lead between your teeth and lay it at my feet in offering.

orgasm denial phone sex

You are so bored just having sex the way you have it to breed a woman, aren’t you? You have had about enough of being told that you jerk off alone too much to keep your wife happy. Whatever the reason is that you’re tugging alone and giving yourself unattended orgasms will be taken care of.

You can tell your orgasm denial phone sex princess anything that you desire about what makes you weak for bratty or controlling women. If you want to leave that part a mystery I understand. Regardless you will stroke and pull and handle your cock and balls at my order and you will thank me for denying you the orgasm that you have not earned. When you come back to me in need from having yourself teased ruthlessly by your princess you might get to release yourself for me.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Bailey

Body Worship Phone Sex with Tamra

I want you to have my webpage open or looking at my pics when you call me for body worship phone sex. So when I describe to you what I’m doing to my body, what I’m teasing and touching, how I’m fucking myself…you’re looking right at me.

body worship phone sex

You can really visualize what it would be like for you to be touching me and admiring my sexy tight self on body worship phone sex if you’re actually looking at me. Get your cock out and start stroking as you look at my tits and I tell you how I would titty fuck you and suck on your big fat mushroom head. Imagine me smothering your dick between my breasts, squeezing and jerking you as I lick off that pre-cum. You want to blow your load all over my smiling face, don’t you? Ok but only if you promise to save some for my tight pink juicy cunt because I’ve just barely started teasing you with how I’m playing with my pussy. Take a look at my sweet pink and very pretty pussy. Imagine me sliding my fingers in and out, sucking them clean and then sliding them back in again. Now pretend that was your cock! I want you to cherish all of my curves on body worship phone sex and let your imagination run wild as you think of what you want to do to me.

Don’t be shy…I want to hear all the dirty details of how you want to cherish me on our body worship phone sex call. We are going to have such a HOT time together baby!! My body is a temple and I am waiting for your adoration right now. Get on your knees and worship me already.

Size Queen Phone Sex with Naomi

Queen. If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that’s what I am. A Queen. And if you know anything about royalty, you know that any Queen worth her salt is NOT going to accept second best, and of course that level of standard is expected by this Queen in every possible place in My life. I expect the best of everything, especially cocks and slaves. One or the other – if you don’t have a superior cock, then you had better learn to be the best slave you can be to stay in My man harem. By the same token, if you can’t be a slave worthy of serving Me, then you had better have an amazing cock. And if you can’t be the best in either category, then simply fuck off. I’ve got no time for the likes of you. So don’t pick up that phone and try to talk about your dick unless you want me to make fun of its inadequacy, or unless you’ve got enough meat mass for us to talk some serious size queen phone sex!

size queen phone sex

Either you have it or you don’t. That rule applies to most things in life – brains, beauty, money, compassion, and yes, of course, dick size. Does your cock size up? Does it meet the heavy size criteria of a discerning dick diva like Me? Why don’t you call and try to impress Me – size queen phone sex means I get to be the judge and jury, and if you don’t measure up then be prepared to kneel down, slave! I want at least 9 inches of pipe hanging between those legs, and it had better have some weight to it too. I’m not fucking around. Don’t waste My time – size queen phone sex means that cock had better be fit for a Queen!

Get those fingers dialing – 1 888 662 6482 is the number, Queen Naomi is the name. Let Me size you up, see if you’ve got the Crown Jewels covered, baby!!

Pain Slut Phone Sex with Poppy

It’s very well known I have me a bit of a dark side. That’s why I’m hoping you twisted buggers are going to help a bird out with me pain slut phone sex addiction. Having a slapper like me at your fingertips to make me cry and beg and whimper and scream is sounding bloody fucking fantastic innit?

pain slut phone sex

You better be one of those sadistic freaks who can give me a wee bit of coloring to get us off love. This dirty bird likes to take a good working over for hours. I’m a fucking addict for the smarting stinging pain of a good spanking or the aching from getting me nipples twisted near bloody off. Aye love and yanking me hair is just like flipping me switch and cranking me up to bloody eleven innit?

I can’t help it really. I’ve got a masochistic streak wide as the paddle you want to use on me arse. Make it welt make it bruise make it take all of the abuse you can throw at it love. All of its just going to make me twat that much wetter. The kind of pain that really gets your blood going and your cock twitching to make me feel it aye love.

What kind of tools do you favor love? I’d wager you have a thing for all sorts of implements of delicious torture from ice cubes and hot wax to cat-o-nines and fishhooks don’t you love? Maybe even a thing or two that are more extreme than what I can say here aye love? All I bloody know is that I need someone just as dark and twisted as meself to get with to be their pain slut phone sex whore! That’s you innit love?

If so give a ring to 888-662-6482 and give em me name Poppy and let’s get twisted together!

Kinky Phone Sex Housewife Porscha

This kinky phone sex housewife is in a mood. I would say anything goes when I am in this sort of mood but we both know my mind is wandering to a few areas while my fingers glide over my mature body. See my husband is working late yet again. We have been married long enough where that no longer bothers me. In fact he’s not coming home only ensures I will have a better night.

kinky phone sex housewife

Other than I was hoping to tease his balls till they were blue. So that does change my plans somewhat.

Or do they?

Perhaps your looking for a kinky phone sex housewife that loves to tease their man. A woman that is skilled in the art of cuckolding and be more than happy to give you blue balls while reminding you that cock of yours is no longer good enough for her pussy.

Oh I could be that woman for you. Reminding you how kinky I am willing to get with other men just not you. Cause those other men please me so much better.

How about you pick up that phone and give this kinky housewife a call this evening. Let’s explore all those wonderful cuckold fantasies together. Teasing your cock till your balls are blue and your begging to be my cuck. Come to think of it the begging may not help your blue ball situation.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Porscha the kinky phone sex housewife eager to cuck you.


Extreme Phone Sex with Eliza

Every guy who has called me for extreme phone sex has said the same thing, “my wife or girlfriend won’t let me do that to her”, or “she won’t do that for me”. Trust me there is nothing vanilla about me. I’m a kinky, no limits slut with a very wild imagination and an insatiable appetite. I don’t just love fucking, I live for it. I like it as hardcore as I can get it.

extreme phone sex

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done with your chick? I guarantee you it’s nothing compared to what this extreme phone sex whore has done. Does she let you pound her ass, or fuck her throat? How about a threesome? An orgy? Picking up random strangers and watching them fuck her? No? Let me guess…she lays there, you fuck her missionary then roll over and go to sleep. Right? No passion, no hunger. Where’s the thrill in that? Fuck I’d rather be dead! No…I need a dick slamming in all my holes hard and deep. And so you know I oftentimes want more than one cock, so you better be ok with sharing me in a gang bang fuck fest!

Maybe you should bring your lady with you so I can teach her a few things. She can come with me to my favorite glory hole spot and I’ll introduce her to some really good hard random cocks! Or we could always invite one of my slutty friends to join us for an extreme phone sex threesome. Then you are sure to have a hot, kinky time with absolutely no restrictions or boundaries. Tell me about the secret fetish that makes you jerk your cock like crazy. We extreme phone sex whores don’t know the word ‘no’. So do yourself a big favor…call me. I’ll make sure you have the best time of your life!

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with Naomi

Believe it or not, not all of my callers are looking to get their tight sissy cunts pegged or their puny dicks sized up. Sometimes someone wants a more sensual experience with a sexy black cougar like myself. Yeah, baby, sure – I have a couple of slaves, but now I also have a pet, and he calls me regularly for a role play fantasy that is wrapped nicely in a pantyhose fetish phone sex call.

pantyhose fetish phone sex

I call him my pet because in his fantasy I am his teacher, and he is the teacher’s pet. Every day after spending all day in class watching my legs walk back and forth in front of the chalkboard, he gets to rub my aching feet. I wear sexy heels, baby, so of course they always ache. He loves rubbing them with my pantyhose still on them, feeling the fabric and seeing how my bright toenail polish shows through the material. I wear black pantyhose for him most of the time – we both prefer black, so I’m well stocked up! I know that no matter how much my feet hurt from walking all day in those sexy shoes, my pet is going to make my feet feel so much better!

Our pantyhose fetish phone sex doesn’t end at a foot rub in the classroom. My pet likes to come to my house for after-school tutoring sessions, and we always end up in the bedroom where I make him undress, then he rubs my feet again, slowly moving his hands up my legs and enjoying the feel of the fabric under his fingertips. Before you know it, he’s straddling my leg, rubbing and touching and rubbing some more, all until he’s made my pantyhose all warm and sticky with cum. Then my pet likes to spend the night, but only after I’ve changed into a fresh pair of pantyhose, of course.

Pantyhose fetish phone sex with Naomi doesn’t always have to involve a sissy in pantyhose. Sometimes these beautiful legs of mine are covered in nylon too. Call 1 888 662 6482 and let’s discuss your pantyhose fetish today!

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