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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

smoking fetish phone sex

One of the sexiest and most sensual things in the world, in my opinion, is smoking fetish phone sex. At first, I didn’t really get why men it so sexy to watch a woman smoke, but now, I do. One of my callers explained it to me once. He told me that there is something so sexy and erotic about watching a woman smoke a cigarette. He said that he loves seeing a woman hold that cigarette in between her fingers. It’s very much like having her hands on his cock. And he said he loves watching a woman wrap her red lips around that cigarette and inhaling very deeply. And he said that for some reason, watching her exhale that cloud of smoke is the thing that really sends him over the edge.

After that call, I went out and bought cigarettes and when I was smoking, I imagined that cigarette being a dick. I held it between my fingers, puffed on it and it was so hot seeing that ring of red lipstick around it. That inspired me to try out my new found love of smoking with a real dick. I invited a lover over and told him I wanted to try something out with him. I put on my red lipstick, sat him down in a chair in front of me and we began. I lit my cigarette and I told him to start stroking his cock for me. I took a draw and inhaled it very deeply. And then I leaned over and wrapped my mouth around his cock and let the smoke flow out. He said that it was one of the sexiest things he’s ever seen.

Ready for some hot smoking fetish phone sex? Grab that phone and call Jennifer at 1-888-662-6482 and I’ll set you on fire.

aim – fetishgoddessjennifer

financial domination phone sex with luciee

financial domination phone sex

Financial domination phone sex is a fetish that only a certain type of men are into and love taking care of a princess like me. I love draining men like you and spending all your money on me for whatever I want. If you think this is something that would rock your cock call me I will ruin you.

Financial domination phone sex is my specialty meaning I do it well. Some of my piggy slaves like when I take their money hard and fast but other losers like it slow, drown out. They want to be financially ruined over time because they’re either married and can’t have a large amount of money missing or they’re scared because they have no idea what I am capable of or what they’re in for. I like it both ways for different reasons either way I get your money just for my pleasure.

I love playing a games on the phone, one I love is every time you stroke your pathetic cock I get 5.00 from your wallet. I know you are think WTF she will break me and leave me broke well duh that is exactly what I will do. I’m the princess and a financial domination phone sex queen and you are just one of my money piggy’s. You know you are addicted to spending your money on beautiful princess like me. Letting me spend your money is what makes your cock throb so hard you can’t believe it your self. Pounding, pounding is all you feel between your legs and it will control your every thought. So grab a big stack of cash and call me so I can make your cock feel unbelievable for the first time in a long time in your miserable life Luciee.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for financial domination phone sex

Yahoo: foxyluciee
AIM: lucieefoxy

strap on phone sex with emily

strap on phone sex

I get calls all the time from guys who are curious about what it is like to be fucked in the ass. They have heard how good having their asshole filled up feels, but they don’t really want to be fucked by a man. That’s exactly what strap on phone sex is for. You can bend over and be fucked nice and hard without feeling gay. And that’s what most guys are worried about… feeling gay. So I guess if it makes you feel more straight to be fucked in the ass by a woman, then so be it.

But let me ask you a question – have you ever even had ANYTHING in your ass? Like maybe even your finger? If not, it’s probably going to feel weird at first and maybe even hurt a little bit. But don’t worry, it’s a good kind of pain and you will get used to it. If you’re new to having your ass filled up, you’re going to probably want to start with a finger and then we’ll work up to something more. But if you’ve already been using a finger, then you should have a dildo ready when you call me so you can really feel like you’re on your back being fucked nice and hard by me.

Oh, and you know what would be really fun? Having a 2 girl call and we could both fuck you…one down your throat and one in your ass. We could take turns and go back and forth and really make you feel like a whore. I think that sounds like a really fantastic idea. Don’t you think?

If you’re up for a kinky strap on phone sex call with me, dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily! You won’t regret it.

Yahoo: sluttyemily
AIM: Redhead_slut

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Simone

mutual masturbation phone sex

I have been so fucking horny lately, I just can’t cum enough. I get plenty of cock, and pussy, but it’s mutual masturbation phone sex that gets me thru the rest of the days and nights! I love sex in real life and phone sex too!! I love to cum and cum, over and over again, all day long with you on my phone. Sitting in my chair, laying on my couch, in my bed, in the kitchen, I love playing with my hot dripping pussy.

I have a 10″ dildo that I love to fuck my fat cunt with; I have plugs for my tight asshole and my favorite vibrating egg for my clit and all my holes. I love listening to you when you stroke your cock and masturbate with me and get as loud as I do (I am very very loud!) the moans of pleasure, sucking, fucking, and cumming together. I also love to direct your masturbation, tell you how to stroke it for me, I love to watch and listen. If you have a cam, set up a call with me and let me know, I’ll play with my creamy wet pussy as I watch you stroke that hard cock for me. Will you cum twice for me??

The only thing better than playing with myself is indulging in some hot mutual masturbation phone sex fun. I get so much hotter and wetter when I know that you are getting off at the same time I am. And when we both cum together, that is just what makes me cum again! Tell me how you stroke as you listen to me getting off to you. Listen to me suck on my own tits and hear me scream as I squirt my juices all over. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m touching myself to get you even more excited!

Ready to cum with me? Call Simone for mutual masturbation phone sex 1-888-662-6482

AIM – SensualBBWSimone

humiliation phone sex with winter

humiliation phone sex

Most often, guys call wanting me to humiliate them during phone sex.  That’s why my Sugar Daddy is so special.  He’s not like other men.  He pampers me, he spoils me, and he humiliates me.  That’s why I’m so willing to give myself over to him.   Humiliation phone sex takes on a whole new meaning.  It’s my chance to prove to him that I deserve his affection.  I do whatever he asks and he gives me the world.  I have to admit that sometimes I am proud to do the embarrassing things he requests, especially when others can see.  I’m proud of the pride he shines down on me.

Just the other night he took me to a party.  He wanted me dressed so that I would be the envy of every man and woman there.  I chose a short black dress that was generously cut down the back to the crack of my ass with very high heels and simple jewelry.  Classy, respectable, sexy.  I was on his arm, beaming.  I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as he led me around the room, mingling with his friends.  He later left me on my own, which showed that he trusted me to represent him.  Then he came up to me and whispered in my ear that I should lift my dress to show my ass.  I slid the silky fabric up slowly, looking into his eyes, focusing on him to keep from blushing.  He then ordered me to play with my pussy.  I could feel their eyes burning my skin, but I never once thought of disobeying him.  My desire to please him is much stronger than the shame of humiliation phone sex.

As I knelt on the floor licking his balls, he made me tell everyone that I was his bitch, his slut.  I said it clearly so there would be no misinterpretation.  Though some women may see this as the ultimate humiliation phone sex act, I see it as pleasing my man.  He’s proud to have me.  I’m lucky to have him.

Take care of Winter and she’ll let you take the lead in humiliation phone sex.  Call 1-888-662-6482.

Yahoo:  whitehotwinter
AIM:  whitehottwinter
Twitter:  @whitehottwinter

tease and denial phone sex with bailey

tease and denial phone sex

Oh hey, there you are! Whining as usual for me to help you to hold off on your orgasm for as long as possible. My young age and voice, controlling your every move makes you feel so helpless. I love hearing the sound of a man who begs for tease and denial phone sex. There’s such a powerful feeling that makes me feel so in control. To be the one who gets to decide if you’re going to explode that minute, hour or possibly that day leaves me feeling a tad bit evil but I love every second of it! I love teasing cocks and I’m not one to brag but I am just so damn good at it. I have a habit of teasing you over and over until you’re just about ready to burst and I pull back, way back!

I will let you know if you have permission to have an orgasm but more than likely you will be denied until the next call. If I am nice I might let you cum right before the call ends but don’t give your hopes up. I am the one in complete control over you so it’s up to me to tell you how fast or slow I want you to stroke your cock.

Even though there is a possibility that you don’t get to cum, your call with me will be every bit enjoyable. My young, soft voice and controlling ways will send you over the edge. I’m sure you don’t like being denied of anything but when I’m in charge, you have to surrender.

If you think you can handle tease and denial phone sex with me then you need to pick up the phone right now to call me! The longer you keep me waiting I’ll take it out on you in our session.

AIM: Cum4Bailey
Yahoo: Cum4Bailey


humiliation phone sex with Sandy

humiliation phone sex

I like hearing from you subbie guys and hearing about your fetishes, do you know why? Well part of it is because you humiliation junkies make my day.. What better way to assault your ego than with some viscous verbal humiliation phone sex. I could be wrong, maybe you’re not that much of a jack off loser, but I’m probably right. You guys that crave abuse from hot phone Dommes usually are just aching to jack off to laughter and insults. How pathetic is that? You want to be bullied by women so that you can make your disgusting dick shoot cum? Humiliation phone sex calls with subs are so much fun. When you call me for some humiliation though be prepared to tell me about yourself. It’s more enjoyable if it’s more personal and while I am sure you are a dork, I like to tell you why it is that you’re deserve getting bashed by me.

Sometimes when I am talking to a loser over the phone he has to admit more and more embarrassing things about himself. It’s like opening up a little bit and getting ripped into feel so cathartic that they just keep confessing to me. That’s fine with me, I will enjoy the ridiculously pathetic admissions of what a loser you are and laugh my perfect ass off. The more I roll with laughter and spit out insults the harder you get for me. Oh, and how great is it to make you cum in humiliating ways for me? It’s the best, well, the best way to allow you to cum. I am a fan of denial and ruined orgasms too. I wonder if you will get denied or if you will get to humiliate yourself with how you cum for me.

AIM: sandyissinful
Yahoo: sandyissinfulx

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Jennifer

tease and denial phone sex

Oh, this tease and denial phone sex session is going to be so much fun. The best part of it is how reluctant you are about it. You were so sure you would win the bet we made, but you totally underestimated me. Now you are going to be at my mercy for a good while. How long? I don’t know. I guess until I am good and satisfied.

Since this may very well be my only opportunity to tease you and have my way with you, I am really going to do it right. First, I’m going to tie you up on my bed with silk scarves…each arm and leg tied to a different bed post. Yeah, it might be a little uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it. Once you’re all tied up, I’m going to take off robe I’m wearing and I’m pretty sure your eyes are going to pop out of your head when you see what’s underneath. I’m topless, but I have on a pair of black lace panties, a garter and stockings. But that’s the last look you’re going to get because you’re going to be wearing a blindfold from this point forward.

I am going to climb onto your face and push my panties to the side so that your tongue will be able to get to my gorgeous pussy. I’m going to tie up your balls and my mouth will be close enough to your dick that you’ll feel my breath on you, but there’s no way my mouth will be touching you. And then I am going to tickle your cock and balls seductively… how do you think those feathers are going to feel as they slide back and forth?

Will you get any release when you call me for tease and denial phone sex? I don’t know Maybe. It really depends on how much pleasure you give me. Do you feel brave enough to risk it? Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jennifer

AIM – FetishGoddessJennifer

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Dani

small penis humiliation phone sex

The other day I had a guy call me for some small penis humiliation phone sex. Well actually I dont think he really actually called me for some sph more he thought that by calling a barely legal teen I would be super impressed with his 4 inch dick. I guess he thought cause I was nineteen that I wouldnt of had a lot of experience with cocks come paired to some of the older girls here.

Or maybe he thought that cause I was so pint size that his dick would look bigger in my hand I dont really know but I do know that he didnt intend to call for a sph phone sex call but I couldnt help it I started to giggle. It was such a cute little dickie. You try not to laugh over something so tiny.

I mean I am not a huge slut but I have seen dicks and well I have even seen BBC cocks and well they are like MASSIVE compared to what he had. Really anything is massive compared to his pint size cock. Well my giggling just went on and on and on.

You wanna know what happened with is 4 inch penis?

Well that 4 inches was him hard! And the more I laughed the more it dribbled and it dribbled its way into being a micro penis. Like it just disappeared. I got him to poke it to wake it up but that didnt work.

So if you want to have some make you feel like your 4 inch cock is big you best tell the girl first dont make fun or well giggle over that cock. Cause well I think I did an oopsie. But if you really really like small penis humiliation phone sex and love a cute blonde barely legal teen to giggle over that tiny cock then call me cause i love to giggle!

I dont have to giggle over it if you dont want me to but it will be really hard cause I am a giggly kind of a girl.

1-888-662-6482 ask for me DANI!

blasphemy phone sex with bailey

blasphemy phone sex

Hey there, Satan lovers! It’s your dirty blasphemy phone sex operator Bailey. Lately, there seems to be this evil hot trend going around and I bet you want in on it, don’t you? Ok, so there’s nothing hotter right now than blasphemy phone sex. It’s gaining a ton popularity which makes me wonder about our timing in society. I mean, is it possible that there are way too many Christ worshipers around to say that God is still winning?! In reality, this discussion could lead to countless hours spent theological discussions and brainwashing others astray away from the path of darkness. I spend a ton of time trying to convert lost wannabe Christ believers.

Just last week I was out eating and there was a church group sitting in the booth behind me.The overheard discussion left me rolling my eyes and feeling sad for this brainwashed group. Got me thinking about how pathetic society can be. We need more Satan worshipers to take over the world, specifically the little innocent and sacred children. This is so much more sinfully delicious, isn’t it? To spread the seed of darkness with those tender little ones. I know,  I’m a sick little bitch, but my mind instantly went down the twisted and disturbed route of darkness. With me there are no limits during our blasphemy phone sex session. Imagine how dark and dirty we can get!

My pussy stays dripping wet thinking of filthy erotic thoughts. The more I pray to Satan the wetter I become. Something takes completely over me and it becomes an out of body experience. I know you’re intrigued. So tell me how many sick  and twisted fucking blasphemous scenarios could we come up with together? I just know you want to try me! Go ahead, call Bailey for blasphemy phone sex. Let’s pray together!

AIM: Cum4Bailey
Yahoo: Cum4Bailey

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