Cuckold Phone Sex with Presley

I know what you’re thinking. How can this younger blonde girl know anything about cuckolding !!! I will tell you I enjoy cuckold phone sex fantasies very much. I love being watched while I’m getting fucked and pleased. Don’t you want to watch us? Fully knowing it’s not you giving me pleasure and making me moan with delight with every push of someone else’s cock.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Sure you do. Watch me get laid by your best friend while his wife is out of town? Watch him dive between my legs and eat my cotton candy pussy. Want me to stare at you while I suck his big fat cock? All you can do is watch, listen and wish it was you on top of me pushing your cock into this barely legal phone sex princess. Will I look into your eyes as I get laid or will I laugh at you with a sweet giggle because you can’t have me? Which do you think it will be?

Are you a cuckold that can’t satisfy your girlfriend or wife? I can help with that !!! Do you have a small cock or a dicky doo and need advice? We can talk about it. Do you have a small dick and need to feel as small as your cock is? Oh I can help with that too. I love dealing with teenie weenie men.I love giving advice on how to convince your other half to have sex with you. Trust me I’m younger and full of new ideas you may not have tried yet.

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Cuckold phone sex for all you tiny dick boys who will never be able to please a woman like me. Seriously, with that puny little dick it’s no wonder your wife is out there fucking real men with big fucking dicks. It is what she deserves. But let’s face facts, it isn’t that your jealous of her big cock lovers, you are green with envy that she is the lucky recipient of that huge fat dick. Especially if she’s getting BBC, you want it just as much if not more than she does.

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Admit how hot you get watching your wife or girlfriend cumming on another man’s cock. Your little boner getting all excited and I’m even willing to bet your tight little asshole is starting to quiver too. Sitting in the cuck chair watching your normally Dominant and bitchy wife on her knees getting dick slapped by that man meat. Is your mouth watering too? I would make you get on your knees next to me and learn how to be the best fluffer bitch possible. Oh you don’t suck cock? Who fucking asked you? Open wide and taste that superior man cock filling your mouth and your throat. I bet you’re creaming your panties right now just imagining all the kinky cuckold phone sex scenarios I’ll come up with.

Beg him to fuck me. Beg your wife’s lover to fuck her. Guide his cock in her pussy and thank him for doing what you can’t. Lick her pussy while she’s getting fucked. Stick your tongue up her ass (or his!) because your pleasure only cums from pleasing them. You’ll be eating her cream pie pussy and her cream pie ass. And just in case you forget your place, get up on your hands and knees like the bitch you are and spread it for her strap-on or his fucking cock. You wanted to fuck didn’t you?

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Harlow

Alright, cucks and cucks in denial. You and I both know you get a boner when your wife sleeps around. It’s not secret that even though you feel emasculated your stubborn dick won’t listen and it gets full and hard thinking about her getting her beautiful pussy fucked by another man. Is it her boss? Is it your boss? Is it her intern? Perhaps your wife is getting dick from the guy she met at the gym. Someone is fulfilling her though, and we both know it isn’t you. So you get excited thinking about her and you need to have cheating wife phone sex. If you were my husband I’d most likely cheat on you too. Why? For whatever reason your wife is, I imagine. You don’t measure up in some way, below the belt or elsewhere. So let’s talk about what a horny, desperate cuckie bitch you are.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

How does it feel to be ashamed of not pleasing your wife and have your cock swell and tell you to touch it? How does it feel when your body demands attention when you’re thinking about your wife handling some man’s cock with her pretty soft hands. I wonder if she even looks at her wedding ring when she jerks him off. I would, I would make sure to look at that band while I jacked a cock. Cheating wife phone sex turns me on, emasculation is an aphrodisiac for me. I want a big strong real man to fuck me like his ragdoll after hearing about one of you bitches getting cheated on. It’s like I feel second hand let down for how shitty sex must be with you and even I need more.  Isn’t that wild? Who in your life would you like to see your wife fuck?

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Cuckold Fantasies with Presley

In high school, there was a guy that always called people cucks in a fun playful manner. I never really knew what it was but it’s the kind of thing when one person laughs everyone kind of falls in and laughs too. But when I did finally find out from some girls what a cuck really meant I longed to try it. Then I started having cuckold fantasies. Want to hear one of them? Like did I really just ask you LOL I crack myself up sometimes.

Cuckold Fantasies

In many countries, there are arranged marriages. I was sadly paired with an older tribal man. My parents knew the rich old prick and I was to marry him. But he didn’t know this blonde was about to make him my cuck!!

Being blonde and blue-eyed got me a lot of attention from all kinds of men my own age. It’s rare to see a light skin girl like me in a country such as this. Blame my mixed parents I guess. But that puts me in the perfect position to make my new husband my cuckold. And shocking he loved the idea of me with other men from the town.

He liked to watch me get fucked by the guys in the village. Sometimes a stranger would come through and stay at the local hostel and I would seduce them at the local dive just to bring him home to fuck him in front of my husband. He loved it when a stranger came home because he wouldn’t have to ever see them again at the market or in town. those are the guys I would let do downright dirty stuff to me. Let your imagination run wild with that.

Normally he would only jerk off across the room while I was getting laid. One night when we were both very drunk and I got fucked in both my pussy and my ass I made him do something new.

While drunk and smoking from his hookah I laid down in front of him and open my pale legs as wide as I could spread them. So wide my shaved pussy was right next to his hookah pipe. He didn’t think twice and went down on me. Cuckold’s fantasy comes true he was eating my pussy after sex with a different guy. He loved my cream pie and sucked it out. It made me so wet I came in his face more than once. And to my shock cuckold fantasy came true again and he fucked my pussy, He fucked my cum filled pussy.

So I made my arranged marriage work for me and made that old fart with the fat pockets my cuckold. Every month or so I would let him fuck me he did have a nice cock just saying LOL!

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Fetish Phone Sex with August

Hi, I’m naughty August, I love to have fun fetish phone sex. I love big cocks in all my holes especially my ass…stretch me open. I want to be put on my knees and told what you love for me to do. I will pleasure you in many ways. Swallowing all of you. I love being in control but also being controlled. Something about being dominated makes me so horny. I love anal, sucking cocks, bandages. I’m very open to trying different types of sexual experiences. Nothing is off-limits let’s have fun. I’m so wet, horny give me a call. I’m waiting for a cock to be inside all my holes. I’m a cum lover I love cum all over my body especially my throat.

Fetish Phone SexI’m into BDSM, sissies and feminization, cuckold fantasies anything you would love for me to try with you – absolutely anything type of fetish phone sex goes. Let’s be naughty and bad together. I love learning new sex tricks and love pleasing..cum make me your cum slut drench my body with your sweet cum.Come give me a call so I can fulfill your fetish phone sex fantasy, make you want and crave more of me. Make me your naughty cum whore tell me what bad naughty things you would love to do to me. I’m here to please and serve you so give me all of that good thick cum, I’m sitting here waiting for you to call me. My nipples are so hard and ready, and all my holes dripping waiting for you to cum make them wetter and stretched out with your cock just pick that phone up and let’s chat. I’m here waiting for you. I love to hear your voice and hear you exploding with excitement from me touching myself and getting wetter from all your fetish phone desires.

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BBC Phone Sex with Quinn

I bet you have no problem imagining a big black cock fucking this BBC phone sex whore’s mouth? Doesn’t it look so good — the contrast of the skin colors as I do my best to get it down my throat? So what do you think? How would you like to help me suck that monster? Maybe you can put him in my pussy and let him fuck me for a few minutes before you pull him out and lick him off. It is so important that you keep everyone clean. My cunt juices taste so good on a massive black cock, I can tell you that. I’ve licked enough of them clean to know!

BBC Phone Sex

Why don’t you pull your meat out and start stroking while you sit back and watch his giant anaconda alpha dick pound my pussy. OMG, there is nothing better than a big, thick black cock! Sorry, not sorry. You really should know that by now. If you are not a black god with a massive dark schlong, don’t even bother to approach me. This BBC phone sex slut only does dark meat. You can watch…but you won’t be fucking me if you don’t have what I want. I will share him with you though. I’ll let you suck him clean when I’m done using him and I’ll even let you get your ass fucked by him if he wants you. I’m very generous that way. I’ll even be kind enough to let you lick his dick as he slides in and out of my pussy. Just don’t think you’re going to fuck me unless you’re packing what he is…a huge, chocolate dick!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Naomi

Pathetic white guys like you with your little white dicks serve only one purpose in the bedroom. Honey, you’re the cuck. You exist simply to be humiliated, and there ain’t no better way to be put in your place than by a Black Queen like Me, standing right next to that beastly stud bbc that’s truly worthy of this Queen’s cunt. That’s right, beta bitch – you need cuckold phone sex done the right way. With Queen Naomi, of course!

cuckold phone sex

Time to be humbled, bitch. Time to admit that His cock is King. Time to admit that I am your Queen, that you can only dream to get close to My pussy, and only to clean up the cum He leaves behind. That’s it. That’s your job, and if you’re a good little cuck cunt, maybe next time you’ll get to suck His cock clean too, but only after it’s been deep inside My big Black ass. But that’s what a sniveling little sad excuse for a fuckwad like you is for, right? Trust Me, honey, if you call Queen Naomi for cuckold phone sex, that’s exactly how it’s gonna go.

Tell Me, little white worm boy, does your sad little clit twitch at the thought of seeing that huge Black dick stare you in the face? Do your little white pearls get tight when you imagine a strong Black Bitch like Me making you lick My cunt, only after it’s been stretched out by a real dick? Trust Me, bitch, I’m going to make sure you know how inadequate your little cocktail weenie is at satisfying My hunger for real meat, and how much that well-hung stud over-stuffs Me every time! Shit, honey – cuckold phone sex is just another chance for Me to tell you the truth about where in life you fall short of privilege, despite your alabaster skin.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sandy

You have yourself a lovely wife and a happy marriage, right? Well nearly happy. You keep her happy in some ways and your buddy, boss, neighbor (insert someone else) is keeping her happy in the bedroom. It’s probably been pretty obvious lately that whenever she’s not on her period she has a  headache. Now you have a throbbing hard cock and an overactive imagination about what your beautiful wife is up to. You call a woman like me for cheating wife phone sex because the idea of your woman being fucked by someone else gets you ridiculously hot. Well, guess what? I am all about it too. You can roleplay with me being your cheating wife or we can talk about all of the cock that she’s taking while you’re busy jacking off with me. It’s a super hot fantasy, thinking about her being an insatiable slut for big dick.

cheating wife phone sex

  cheating wife phone sex confessions

Cuckolding and cheating wife phone sex make up some of my favorite phone sex calls. I enjoy the roleplay of it and I enjoy the conversations that I have with men like you. Some of you have very specific fantasies about who and what your wives are doing. I love hearing about the details of your kinky desires. There are no limits, and that means that you can bring me any cheating fantasy that gets you off. I’m a taboo woman too, if you’re into those sorts of fantasies. Gangbangs, swingers, whatever you want to talk about is fine with me. The dirtier the better. No one else has to know how nasty we get with one another on the phone when we talk about your hotwife. Of course, if they knew they’d want a piece of her pussy too, you know it. Call me and confess those fantasies.




Cuckold Phone Sex with Tamra

I’ve always had a cuckold phone sex fantasy.  My husband is just not having it.  I’ve begged him a thousand times to let me bring a guy home so he could watch me get fucked in front of him.  And always it was…no.  So what’s a girl to do?  If I can’t have my way with him doing it willingly, I had to take matters into my own hands and force the issue.  I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me, but he’ll get over it.  Last night I invited a guy over that I met through a friend. 

cuckold phone sex

He’s a tall, sexy dark Adonis and I have dreamed of him fucking me ever since I met him.  I told him about my cuckold phone sex fantasy and asked him if he’d help me make it come true.  He said he’d be crazy to pass that up.  So I had him come over before hubby got home and we were both already in the bedroom kissing and touching and undressing one another when he walked in.  He was furious.  So here’s where I had to be a little forceful.  I had my friend help me tie my husband up and gag him so he wouldn’t ruin the mood with his yelling and cursing, and I made him watch me get royally fucked in every hole for over 5 hours.  It was so HOT. I came so much I nearly passed out and my sexy cuckold phone sex lover filled me with loads and loads of hot sticky spunk.  It was everything I ever dreamed it would be. Well, aside from hubby not participating.  In fact, I still have him tied up in the bedroom because my new lover is coming over again tonight!  And since my husband still objects to this, he’s just going to have to stay tied up until he agrees to be my cuckold phone sex slave!  Either way…I’ll get what I want like I usually do.

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Sandy

I am fortunate that I already have what a lot of you sissies and cucks want. I have a big black cock to play with pretty much on demand. How glorious is that? Sometimes, of course, he is out and I have to settle for toys. That’s when I get the itch for big black cock phone sex. You guys that love the big black dick always know how I feel when I am without his thick member to play with and get pleasure from. Even the BBC virgins know what a special thing a black cock is and they can relate to not having what I’m used to. If I could I would share, but that is where dildos and imagination come into play. I can tell you about how great big black dick is and you can tell me how you pine for it when you’re without.

It’s rare that I go too long without it. Most of the time that I get calls about big black cock phone sex it hasn’t been long since I have had one of those buried inside of me. Would you like to watch that? I’m an exhibitionist, I’d let you spy on us while he plows into me like a piece of fuck meat. I want you to witness the beauty of a black cock with white pussy. You can jack off while you take it all in. Will you beg for it? Do you think that you will break and whine and plead for a chance to experience the big black cock yourself? I sure hope so. It’s so hot when a white man loses it and gets stupid hard for a big black dick and begs. I bet that he will make you his cock loving  horny bitch.




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