Sensual Domination Phone Sex


So I’m getting my nails done, and we’re doing fingers and toes, and I’ve got like one Asian guy on one hand, and another on the opposite foot.  And I’m like, can somebody eat my pussy because that would be perfect.  And they’re like what?  And I’m like MY PUSSY, EAT MY PUSSY because I’m being doted on and pampered and shit, and some fat lady took her kid out and left in a hurry.  I love being pampered.  As long as I don’t have to do any work, getting off with no effort on my part is like the BEST.  And the way they had a hold of my body parts would‘ve been like sensual domination which I fucking love.  True story.  Maybe I should go back after hours?  I always heard Asian men can tear a pussy up with their tongues.

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PHONE SEX SIZE QUEEN Extraordinaire!!

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FemDom Fetish

I love a great phone sex roleplay fantasy, long and drawn out, a real good story, know what I am talking about, with lotsa details.

i have watched guys on cam, dressed up in their fancy wedding dresses or their ball gowns with matching heels drinking a glass of wine while on the cheap phone sex lines just listening to me. listen to me while i tell you about the scheme that my friends and i have devised and the magical ball gown with the zipper that will not unzip, until…well yer just gonna hafta call me up to find out all about it and the special antique mother of pearl buttons.

you want a femdomme phone sex chik, i get it, the allure, the seductive witch craft that only a true sensual dominatrix can give you, offer you and in return, you get to play in my phone sex roleplay games.

it’s fun, even fucking amusing to watch the manliest of men evolve into something pink and soft, forced feminized phone sex. but c’mon, forcing you is the easiest part especially when you hafta party it up a lil bit, go ahead and drink your liquid courage, i will pour the drinks. you need something a lil stronger, bring your party favors and i will spark up my maryjane, puff puff pass babycakes. oh, you still think that is too tame, well, bring it, and i will bring my forced femme toys, make-up and clothes to turn you into the sissy slut you can only dream of, when you are hiiigh, oh so high!

i wanna work you over till you “glow”, not sweat, girls dont sweat….
and babycakes, you will no longer sweat, you won’t be a dude. *smirk*

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CBT Phone Sex

Hi guys ! I had the greatest time with a small dicked sissy the other night! “M” loved humiliation phone sex and cbt phone sex. He even sent me pics of his tiny dick so that I could have even more fun with small penis humiliation! He was totally into a castration fantasy and wanted his nasty little balls totally gone! M loved the feel of the scissors  as I instructed him in castration fantasy play. We talked about all kinds of cock and ball torture methods even experimenting with a few of them! So much fun!!  Maybe you have a kinky fetish phone sex fantasy like that you want to explore.  Call and ask for Asian Phone Sex Slut Ayla ! 1-888-662-6482

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex

As I get older I become more interested in other areas of phone sex roleplay. Sure I love being the no taboos girl and doing the family play phonesex and foot fetish phone sex, and doing other naughty roleplays, but learning to be a sensual dominatrix is so much fun! “T” called the other night and told me he wanted sensual domination phone sex, and I admitted I had no clue as to what I was doing, but he walked me thru  his sensual domination phone sex fantasy and it turned into a very pleasureable, kinky phone sex session for us both! From using my stockings and my love of smoking fetish , and his request for strap on phone sex, we had an amazing time! Maybe you can be my next guinea pig! Ask for Riley 1-888-662-6482

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MILF Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. Your MILF phone sex lady has been enjoying all this lovely weather this summer, and she hopes you have been doing the same.

Speaking of summer and lovely weather, I have a little anecdote to share with you. I’m sure you’ll find it amusing.

I’ve hired a yard boy. *Laughs* I know it sounds terribly bourgeoisie of me, but he was looking for work, and he’s just so pretty to look at. He’s a college boy, but not at my college, which makes it acceptable, yes? He comes over every week or two to cut my grass and do any other odd jobs I might have for him.

Sometimes, I fantasize about dragging him back to my bedroom and having my twisted way with him. Something tells me he wouldn’t be opposed to this idea. I’ve seen him eyeing my body from time to time. I sincerely doubt he would object to a sensual domination session with me.

Perhaps I’ll give it a try soon. I could invite him inside for a drink. He normally takes off his shirt while he works in the heat, so his half-naked state would make it even easier for this mature phone sex lady.

I could smile at him and ask him if he’d like to adjourn to my bedroom. He’d agree, of course, and follow along behind me like a good boy. There are so many things I could do with him once I got him back there. Spanking (for him, naturally), tie him up and use him like a human dildo, facesitting so that he could lick my beautiful hairy pussy, use my strap on on his ass, and so forth.

If you were this lucky young man, how would you like for the fantasy to go once I have you naked and in my bedroom? I’m sure you have some wonderful ideas, so call Ms. Vivika right now at 1-888-662-6482 for cheap phone sex and tell me all about them.

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Phone Sex RolePlays

I never know what I am going to get asked to do on a phone sex roleplay! Some callers like to push me up against the wall and take me hard from behind ,while others love a little tease and denial phone sex and sensual domination. Sure I can be a sweet little prick tease , but at the same time I can turn around and get out my big black strap on! Do you like Strap on Phone sex? I’m quite sure one of you guys are a bit bi-curious. Give me a call and let’s explore your favorite phone sex roleplays!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

My first serious boyfriend out of high school had a foot fetish.  He loved to paint my toes straight out of the shower, rub lotion on my feet, worship every inch of them.  But this wasn’t the only time he loved to worship my feet…

One of the times that is most vivid in my mind was when we had gone to the gym together.  We got back to my place and I peeled off my shoes and socks to get into the shower.  The second I was down to my dirty bare feet he couldn’t get to me fast enough.  He was licking the soles of my feet, between my toes, sucking on my toes.  It was one of the most erotic foot worship sessions we ever had!

With my experience with it, you can imagine foot fetish phone sex is one of my favorite things to do!  I can’t get enough…and I did just get done working out…You know where I need that tongue *wink*


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Mommy Phone Sex

Hello mommy phone sex lovers. Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? Just remember to find time for some cheap phone sex during the hustle and bustle of the season. I know that every guy needs mommy to lend a hand here and there! I have had such great no taboo calls and requests for mommy phone sex recently. And Mommy will know  if you have been naughty or nice!! Perfect time of year for stocking fetish phone sex as well. I know that I have been wearing them way more often in the cool weather with a pair of sassy high heels, and loving the slick sensation! If you are craving live phone sex , just give me a call.Anything goes , just ask for Marla!


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Strap On Phone Sex

It is no secret that I love fetish phone sex. It’s also no secret that I love to get out my thick black strap on and use it on a man, or a sissy . Anal phone sex is a request I get alot , and more often than not, my anal phone sex caller desires taking a strap on deep inside! I love strap on phone sex. Being a Sensual Domme I love hearing my caller beg for more as I fuck him nice and slow at first . Sometimes I get bi-curious phone sex callers that enjoy forced bi phone sex. Nothing like practicing on my long thick strap on. Do you have kinky phone sex desires?Anything goes phone sex with Asian phone sex Ayla. Cum n get it , you know you want some Cheap strap on phone sex!

Ayla everything

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Strap-On Phone Sex

Dont  knock it till you try it! Anal stimulation is a turn on for the majority of  men who have tried it.  . Once they discover the joy of having their  prostate massaged or get their prostate milked, they come back for more! Strap-on phone sex fantasies are very common. Thinking about a hot, sexy and beautiful woman behind you , taking control of you, driving you into pure exctasy. Oh and the pure pleasure of telling your phone sex lover to bend over , or to get on all fours . Kneeling down behind him to gently lubricate that tight,asshole , gently working that strap oninside, unless your strap-on phone sex fantasy involves me being very rough and  have a little forced -bi phone sex. Forcing you into taking it deep down your throat then hard up the ass!  Bet your cock is pulsing now!  Pick up the phone and call me!


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