Classy Blonde for Phone Sex

1-888-662-6482 $2/min billed as Palm Island Inc

Yea I know, Lucy…. not some 50s housewife with red hair but a chik with long freakin' legs that end at my nice round ass. I am loud. I am funny, vibrant and brunette. I have a lust for life, fucking and cumming with my favorite bedroom appliance, my vibrator!

You better have your pants 'round your ankles! I wanna dig my nails into your flesh. I will have you anywhere. I want my hand on your your zipper and play, teasing you under the dinner table. I'll even take my high heels off and fuck you thru your pants with my feet. I wanna see your “fuck face” at the dinner table. Darlin, I am the girl your friends masturbate over and the woman your dad wished he could fuck! Dress me up or bare me down, I wear my smile the best with a pearl necklace!

I love teasing, it is such sweet torture. Take me on your couch or behind closed doors there is gonna be more teasing with my toes pointed to the ceiling. Wrap my hands up over the bed, strap my feet down because I want you in charge! Just be careful I don’t slip out because I will straddle you, tie you, tease you and seduce that pretty cock of yours with my pretty 10″ strap-on of mine. Care to have another go at it? You wanna dress me up in and treat me like the whore you always wanted, I will swallow you, I will choke on all of you. Or Lavish your Lucy with love and adoration make me your girl. Talk to me and let's climax together. I love to hear a man stroke and moan my name while you feel my warm breath through the phone that connects us. Kiss my pink little tootsies, get my feet juicy for another round of your hungry insatiable fucking. Don't forget my nice round ass, a girl's backside needs love too!

I am a hot woman in her sexual prime. I will take hold of your sick thoughts. Teach this girl a new trick on how to toy with your dick. Let me be in on your little itty bitty secret. C'mon be a brat. Be my luscious luver. Be a man and take care of my needs. Be a bitch and let me take care of yours.

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