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So he tells me that he has this thing for his wife’s sister and how I resemble her. How she flirts with him, teases him and even in front of his own wife. Being a phone sex tease is the most fun, I totally get why she enjoys toying with him so much, he’s such a pushover. Ya know it’s like you can hear him pleading not to be embarrassed, but how can you not, he has such a huge cock.

He goes on to say that he does think about his sister in law, duhhhhh with a hot body like mine, how could you resist? “I’m married…… “She is my wife’s sister… “She rubs her cute ass against me, pretending to squeeze by…..
I tell him, its not like his wife doesn’t already know. Sisters tell each other everything. Shoot, even the live phone sex girls here at The Kitten Ranch share stories of all the hot dudes we meet on the phone.

Daniel kept telling me how he knows it’s wrong, and sinful and bla bla bla. I ask him, why are you telling me your phone sex secrets? He just had to tell somebody. I told him I could hear him stroking his cock, I knew it turned him on to talk about this, it was like a taboo phone sex confession. It’s so cute that he feels so bad about wanting to fuck his phone sex tease but like he really wants to resist. Shoot, I say give in and go all the way. LOL, apparently he already did! That’s why he was calling me, he was dying to tell me all about his ultimate cheating husband phone sex.

Hee hee, do you have anything to confess about?
call me, I am dying to know all about it!!! I love asking real personal and nosey and kinky questions.
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Tease And Denial Phone Sex

Hiya, boys! I was looking over the blogs I’ve written lately, and I was seriously shocked to see I haven’t written about my most favoritest fetish of all–tease and denial!–lately. Eek!

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been out being a total prick tease, though. Obviously!

Be serious, dude. Did you REALLY expect anything less from me?

It’s a little harder in the winter, you know. It’s too cold for tiny skirts and barely-there tops. So a sexxxy coed phone sex girl like me has to get a bit more creative. Not that that’s ever been a problem for me. *Wink*

Like, here’s an example. I’m really weirdly orally fixated (imagine that!), so a lot of times when I’m in class and stuff, I find myself sucking on the end of my pen while I listen to the professor lecture. At first, I just did it, like, subconsciously. But then when I realized the effect it has on all the boys around me, I started using it to my advantage! *Giggle*

I do all kinds of things to tease, and I love to incorporate them in my tease and denial phone sex calls with all of y’all!

Of course, I’m not gonna give away ALL my secrets here, so you’ve gotta call me to get the whole experience. *Giggle* So hurry and grab your phone for hot 19 teen phone sex with me, Kylie!

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18teen cuckold phonesex

it’s abby! ur favorite lil cuckolding phonesex cutie. u no how i like teasing u with the thought of other boys fillin my cute lil pussy… well yesterday i gots so filled up with a big black cock that i just gotta tell ya bout it. so i was like at the mall with some of my sorority sisters rite, & this hottt security guard was all like checkin me out. *gigglz* so i totally walked up to him and gave him my digits. he called me as i was walkin awayz. *gigglz* se he was all tellin me that he was gettin off real soon and that we should totally hook up. i was all hellz yeah! *gigglz* since he worked at the mall he new all the good places to go have sex. wanna know where we did it first? call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for the sweet lil 18teen cuckolding phone sex princess abby.

tease & denial phonesex

i’m totally into tease & denial phonesex cuz i luv to leave dirty phone sex boys with a pretty pair of blue balls. *gigglz* i’m the bratty domme u’ve been looking for with the cute lil sexxxy voice to drive u bananas lollz. i’m a lil prick tease that will get u hard & leave u hanging & giggle the hole time cuz u like it. for a hot 18teen phone sex tease & denial prick tease just call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for lil abby the bratty domme. *gigglz* imma make your balls tiffany blue… my fave color!

Fetish Phone Sex

bella-1.jpgOh the Fetishes I love. I am a kinky Phone sex girl who loves to get down and dirty with you naughty boys. Here it is Thanksgiving Day and you know what I’m thankful for? Having this hot body with sexy voice to match to make you boys squirt your loads for me.

I’m a definite foot fetish princess. Boys drool over them… almost literally. They love the way they’re shaped, how the soft crinkly soles feel wrapped around their cocks, and how dirty they look with their cum all over them. I bet you’d love to cover my feet in your cum… I’d like it too.

Cuckolding fetish phone sex is hot, but what’s hotter is big black cock cuckold phone sex. I love you wimpy boys with your pathetic little cocks. You’ll do anything to make me happy, including watching me fuck large fat cocks right in front of you while you pathetically stroke that limp noodle of your.

Now, those aren’t the only phone sex fetishes I do, but if you want to know more, you gotta whip out your credit card and dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask the operator for kinky sexy Bella.

Kinky Phone Sex

My phone sex clients  love some kinky phone sex! Sometimes they enjoy naughty roleplay phone sex, others love it when I am a bratty domme and force them to suck my cunt, other times they enjoy small penis humiliation, which I totally LOVE doing!! Nothing makes me giggle harder than a tiny dick! I have a few callers who enjoy party girl phone sex . Combine that with my love of  smoking fetish phone sex and I am the perfect plaything! Come tell me what you consider to be kinky phone sex and let’s explore your phone sex fantasy! Ask for Cindy!


Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex

Heyas to all the sexy fetish phonesex boys out there!

I have been SOOO super busy cuz school started back and we just got finished with rush for our sorority! Now I have a bit more time to be a more attentive dirty 18 teen phonesex girl! *giggleS* You know what I was thinking about today that reminded me of all you dirty fetish phonesex boys? Pantyhose! I know that there are tons of you boys that have a pantyhose fetish; You just love how silky and smooth they look on our sexy coed legs. *giggleS*

Like yesterday, I wore this cute little pink and white polka dot skirt with a white tank top and a pink half jacket, but the trick was nude thigh high stockings with a sexy garter belt and open toe shoes. I saw not only all the boys on campus checking me out, but also all my naughty professors! *giggleS* Bonus points for meee! :d

I love wearing pantyhose or stockings out cuz I know how excited it gets all the boys, even boys that dont have a pantyhose fetish! *giggelS* Silky, Sexy, Smooooth legs; I sit in my classes and slowly cross and uncross my legs, being such a naughty coed tease. I cant help but be a prick tease though, especially when I am looking so hot in my stockings or my pantyhose! LoL. I guess that is why I am so good at tease and denial phonesex — I spend all day long being a cock tease! But hey, I have learned that being a naughty coed cock tease leads to *ME* getting whatever I want…. *giggles*

So hurry up and call me now for some sexy tease and denial phonesex, especially if you have a nylon fetish!

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Tease And Denial Phone Sex


I was TOTALLY a bad girl today!!!! And I gotta confess! *Giggle*

I went shopping earlier in the week and got this super-sexy skirt. Ok, so I totally bought it to wear out to, like, the bar and stuff. But being the bratty schoolgirl princess and prick tease that I am, I couldn’t resist tormenting the fuckers on campus with my hawt outfit today!!!!!

Of course, I teased everyone I encountered, guys in class, professors, stuff like that. But this bratty domme had the most fun eating lunch today in the student center with my sorority sisters.

Not only did I have on this short skirt, I had on these awesome pink lacy boyshort panties that a sissy would kill for! *Giggle*

So when I sat down, I saw this guy who kept staring at me. I decided he needed to subjected to a little of my own personal tease and denial stuff! I pulled the neckline of my little halter top down lower and the hem of my skirt a little higher. And then when he walked around behind me, I got up on my knees in my chair to lean forward across the table to “look at my sorority sister’s new cell phone!”

The poor boy saw all the way up my skirt to my sexy panties, and dropped his drink! *Giggle*

Now I’m trying to decide if I want to go out tonight and tease some more after that little incident, or if I’d rather stay home and do my specialty, tease and denial phone sex with y’all!

So I’m thinking you need to pick up your phone and call me at 1*888*662*6482 for cheap phone sex to catch me before I go out!

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Coed Cock Tease Phonesex

Tease and Denial Phonesex


Your Bratty Coed Mistress and cock tease can’t wait to see you take your rock hard cock out of your pants.  Then you will let me watch in delight as you start to tease and masturbate it while I give you orders through Guided Masturbation phone sex that will make it grow bigger and harder *giggleS*!

Mmmm… Now what kind of girl would I be if I just let you have your way with me? You have to work for me, your sexy  19 barely legal coed phonesex cutie and Bratty Schoolgirl Princess that is SOOOOO use to loser phonesex boys, and then maybe I will let you have my sweet succulent peach or maybe not..;) Maybe all you will see something is my 19 year old, barely legal phonesex ass walking away from your miserable self and you will have to BEG to worship my perfectly tight ass.  Don’t lie you loser phonesex boys just love ass worship and who else as a perfect, creamy white ass with that perfectly tight and pink hole….Just waiting to be worshiped by some ass worship slave!

But you never know!there is nothing I relish more then guided masturbation with my cock control over you, yes I’m a hot young prick tease you wont be able to resist.

Give me a call for your guided masturbation & tease phone sex with the best coed phonesex superstar that is going to college only top major is Tease and Denial Phonesex.

Show me what you got, and let me take over that hard, bulging, aching pathetic cock….::giggles::




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Bratty Phone Sex Tease

Kylie Pink Bra 2

So school’s started back, which sucks in a way because it basically means summer’s over. But if ya know me, you know I’ve never been one to be in a less-than-happy mood for long!

Yeah, summer may technically be over, but you know what’s awesome about going back to school? It means I get to be a total prick tease to a captive audience!

You see, this hot bratty schoolgirl princess is a complete equal opportunity tease. Nobody is immune to my teasing! I like to make other students drool, professors sweat, and new fraternity pledges spill their drinks all over themselves!

This young voice phone sex girl particularly loves to tease all you naughty boys who call me. And y’all obviously love it, too, ESPECIALLY when I do tease and denial! Yayayayayayay!

I’ve known for a very long time how hot I am and the effect that has on men, especially DIRTY OLD MEN! I love driving y’all into a total sexual frenzy because there’s no telling what y’all might do then!

So will I be heavy on the tease or heavy on the denial? *Giggle* There’s only one way to find out. Pick up your phone and give me a call at 1*888*662*6482 for cheap phone sex.

AIM: kyliecutie89

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