GFE Phone Sex with Jennifer

Hey guys, I am Jennifer and I want love GFE phone sex, I want to be your phone sex girlfriend! Do you miss having someone special in your life, a beautiful girl who you can share things with, someone to talk to when you need her, someone to be intimate with? I am here for you. If you don’t know what GFE is, it means Girlfriend Experience. Most men want a secret virtual girlfriend who will indulge their fetish, fantasies and more. Right now I don’t have a boyfriend. After I broke up with my last boyfriend, I made a promise to myself to find the right man next time. And I tried a few singles dating sites, it was lame. Maybe you’re my secret Mr. Right? Call me for GFE Phone Sex and we can explore mutual needs and desires.

GFE Phone Sex

GFE Phone Sex calls are also about going deeper into knowing each other personally and sexually. This experience can be very intimate and erotic and also fun. We can do couples dates where we eat dinner at the same time and chat or watch the same movie or tv show or sporting event together. The possibilities are endless. I really love being a girlfriend and I could be very special to you if you would let me.You can tell me anything at all and know that I will always be in your corner. I’ll stroke your ego and your body.

I have a few favorite sex toys that I like to use when doing GFE calls, so I can feel everything you want me to feel when we are making love. I also enjoy doing sweet bedtime calls and reading bedtime erotic stories to you to arouse you and then, of course, take care of your arousal. Being your phone sex girlfriend is all about you and your pleasure.

For GFE Phone Sex call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

GFE Fetish

Hey there cheap phone sex lovers!
The other day when I was on a gfe fetish phonesex call the sweety I was talking to wanted to hear me orgasm for him. I was totally into that, mutual masturbation phone sex.

We had already been flirting, so I was very turned on. He was telling me how to pleasure myself, he was instructing me on what to do. Directed Masturbation by a skilled lover like R was really hot. Usually I am the one who is in charge, usually I am the one who is the tease and denial phonesex princess. But he was the dominant one.

Mutual masturbation phone sex
with his favorite phone sex girlfriend, babycakes I can’t wait to hear from you again and again and again…. LOL just like my orgasms, they came over and over and over again, all because of R.

Thank you sweety R for the hot GFE Fetish phone sex call. Call me again soon!

AIM: LucysDelights
YIM: Lucy.Delight

Girlfriend Experience Phonesex

I love it when I get to curl up next to you, kissing your neck after a long hard day at work. I can taste the sunnier side of your smile when you let me take your member into my mouth, kissing your soul whole.

When you come to me, you are exhausted but you always have time for our girlfriend experience phone sex session. We talk about everything that made your day. We talk about everything that made your day special. I love making your day special. Making love with you. Being just with you. You and me, always will be together. Our private chats, our private moments just you and me. No one else there to interrupt us, we are going to be one.

GFE is something that is special and unique, the intimacy that is shared between us. Sometimes it can get kinky, but only if you want it too. Sometimes it can get real personal, which I love, I will ask you very personal questions. I will ask you intimate questions. I will be your phone sex girlfriend, the one who you tell all your live phone sex secrets.

AIM: LucysDelights YIM: Lucy.Delight

18Teen Phone Sex

My teacher is so fucking hot this year. He is one of those older guys with a touch of gray at his temples , wears glasses, and his eyes twinkle and I love his laugh lines. Honestly at night when I am laying in bed , he is all I can think about. My pussy starts to tingle when I think of how warm his skin is when he is close to me. I kinda wanna make a  move on him, but at the same time I wish he would just take total control of me and make me his bitch. I finger my little clitty thinking about how his hard dick would feel in my hands , my mouth,my young pussy and yeah I would even do anal for him, matter of fact he could make me into his anything goes slave! I know some of you have a teen phone sex fantasy about girls like me. Some of you even want to have a phone sex roleplay about a situation almost like this. So tell me teacher .. is it all up to me.. or are you going to use your authority over me?Call and ask for Charlotte for your  18 teen phone sex session. 1-888-662-6482

AIM:NaughtyLilLottie YIM Naughty_lil_Lottie

Girlfriend Experience Phonesex

I know all of your secrets and all of your desires. You tell me everything. You can’t help yourself, it’s like its natural. When we are spending time together, I love being your phonesex girlfriend. Sharing only part of your life, sharing only the super secret moments of your life, you share these things with me.

I love spending all this time with you, our girlfriend experience phone sex leads us into so many different directions. Let me stroke your hair while you lay in my arms after a kinky phone sex call. I love it when you talk dirty to me, telling me how good I feel. Babycakes, you feel good inside me too! When you are deep inside me, right in the middle of me, I feel you in my soul.

Getting tangled up in our fantasy, you know the one…

call me for you girlfriend experience phone sex!

Big Tit Phone Sex

t is a beautiful thing to have glorious, full tits like mine. And they get so super sensitive and myy nipples certainly stand at attention in this crisp fall weather! They’re so damned full and heavy. The greates thing about thise big ol titties is that I can pull them up to my mouth and suck them off myself. I love to suck on my long nipples when I’m having some “alone time” . Want to have some big tit phone sex with me? We can have our “alone time ” together! Call and ask for phone sex milf Bobbi!  1-888-662-6482

AIM and YIM LustyBusty Bobbi

Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Light me up buttercup. Bring that ciggie lighter closer to my cancer stick, i know funny right? That’s what people tell me all the time, but I dont care. Oh how do I love to smoke! Having a smoking fetish is pretty sexy.
I love to light up and slowly take that first puff in a french inhale. Shoot you a wink and exhale slowly, seductively in your face.

With a quick side smile, I blow you a kiss and bring that red tip stained cigarette back to my lips. I like watching you get turned on when I blow that long white stream of smoke into the cold night air. You can hear me playing with my cigarette lighter, sparking and flicking it between my fingers, rolling it around in my hand.

What do you enjoy from a smoking fetish phone sex session? Do you love a smokey kiss or how about me forcing you to take a drag from my ciggie?

xooxoxo smokey kisses to you!

Live Phone Sex

I am not a shy girl. I am bold and I laugh too loud. I like to have fun ya know. I don’t hold back, and I am brutally honest.

I love getting my vibrator and a few of my dildos out for a mutual masturbation phone sex session. I like the extra slippery feeling when I rub lube across my lil kitty. C’mon, that’s hot right? When you can hear my buzzzzzzing, my heavy breathing, the way my face tilts and presses the cheap phone sex closer to my body.

Talking with you, being with you so close like this, intimate. I love being your phone sex girlfriend. Sharing with you my body, my sex, my deepest and kinkiest dreams.

Call me. xoxoxo
AIM: LucysDelights YIM: Lucy.Delight

Diaper Nurse

Hewwo der widdle abie, how is my sweety schnooky wooky doing today?

I giggle with happiness when I get to change the diaper of an adult baby. It is so cute to see such a big baby, crawling around, gooing and pooing!

Who is da one wiff the stinky winky? Did you make a widdle muddy mess in your diaper? Oh yes, yes I think you did, yes I think you need your diaper nurse to help you with your diaper fetish. Don’t you, don’t you make more stinky poochies.

*smile* Wow, look at the prize you left me to clean up. 🙂

It’s okay cupcake, I am here for you.

AIM: LucysDelights

Phone Sex Tease Lucy is one of our resident GFE and Tease and Deny Phone Sex specialist. She is an attentive listener, is very intimate and is able to let you really be yourself, so you can tell her all about your taboo phone sex fantasies. Share your cheap phone sex secrets with Lucy your Phone Sex Tease.

Sensual Phone Sex

sometimes i tease and deny you so bad that you just hafta climb right on top, and just give it to me…. throwing out the rule book, taking me the way you want, total disregard for me and my phone sex mistress ways. way to be a punk. 😛

i understand, you weren’t ready for total cock control, it’s cool. i guess. 🙂

when a submissive flips the script, and wants to be on top, i dig it, i’m a switch, what can i say. but baby, if you are gonna bring it you better bring it good!

i have a new fondness for the sensual submissive, you might call it light bondage, light bdsm, light cbt…… but there is nothing *light* about it. you are dealing with a Sensual Domme, and i am just more down to earth than other Mistresses. instead of the intensity of pain, i prolong the anticipation of your senses.

Listen to me, as I walk around you, coiling your naked body with long silk scarves. Smell my perfume in my hair, feel my dark lustrous mane cascade over your chest as i begin biting your nipples thru the silk. Watch me strip out of my clothes and slip into something more comfortable. I love being a clothed female naked man phone sex.

Come to the wild side of sensual phone sex, share your ideas with me, share your sexy self with me.

AIM: LucysDelights YIM: Lucy.Delight

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