Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Poppy

It’s about time these fabulous fucking feet got a proper worshipping from a dirty foot fetish phone sex bastard like you luv. I’m due for my pedi anyway and since it’s fucking boot season I’ve got all this sweaty funk built up on these fuckers. But you don’t care about that do you you dirty fucking bastards? In fact the nastier the better for some of you wankers out there. You pull on your bell-end there wishing your nose was being crushed under the arch of my sweaty smelly paw don’t you now? There that’s alright then if you just throw over and admit it. I’ve got just the fuckin thing for a fucking foot slut like you!

foot fetish phone sex

I call it me Throne. It’s this great big comfy chair yeah? With the legs up just enough for a slave on his knees to reach me poor barking dogs with his eager fuckin mouth innit! And short so me ankles hang over the edges and the slave can get up under them as he bloody well properly should! I tell you luvs my Throne is the perfect place for a dirty bastard of a foot fetish slave to give me wee tootsies a long licking innit!

And maybe luv just maybe if’n you do a bloody good job and suck the fuckin calluses right off my pretty little heels I’ll let you play with my nice clean pretty toes and arches and ankles till you have a right nice cum. After you rub plenty of lotion all over my fresh-licked footsies and get them glowing and soft and just bloody feeling perfect yeah? Can’t you just feel them moving all around your fucking pervy pecker yeah? Oh and I want you to fucking know how hard I get off when you fucking have your cum all over my fucking twat for me to play with luv!

Ring me and let’s get down to the dirty luv! Call me for foot fetish phone sex at 1 888 662 6482!

Skype: Poppy Tart
Twitter: @darklildeviant

Foot Fetish Phonesex with Kimberly

Foot Fetish Phonesex
Hey there, are you looking at my feet in these striped stockings?
Do you like the tease of knowing there’s some pretty toes, sweet and smooth feet underneath my striped socks?
Do you have a foot fetish?
I’ll tell you about my foot fetish if you tell me what you adore about a woman’s feet!
Do you remember the very first time you got hard from looking at a woman’s feet?
I want you to tell me all about it, was it your idea, your girlfriend’s fantasy, or was it someone too naughty to mention here?
I have a lot of naughty footie stories too, and you won’t believe who I’ve teased with my footies!
I love panties, stockings, and pantyhose, the way they all feel on the smooth skin of just pedicured feet, makes you just want to get right down there and worship my feet right through that thin slippery nylon, kissing, worshiping, this foot fetish phonesex girl teasing you by wiggling my toes at you in my open toed shoes, makes you just want to get underneath me and beg for a taste of my pretty piggies!
If you’re on the kinky side, some of the things I’ve done for some of my favorite foot fetish phonesex men is work out in some socks, sweating, in my stinky exercise sneakers, until my feet or just sopping and smelly!
Are you into smelly stinky feet, your cock aching at the thought of being under my soles, begging to lick my feet clean, and willing to do whatever it takes to get my toes on your face?
Either way, if you like smooth just pedicured feet for a sexy footie or sloppy sweaty feet to lube your cock, I’m kinky like that, we are going to have a very sexy foot fetish phonesex session!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Brittany

Cheap Phone Sex
I see you looking!
I have a question to ask you.
Do you like feet?
Like feet so much you are looking at me and wanting a hot footie phone sex session?
Getting hard and trying not to let anyone else know you would do anything to know what color nail polish I have on right now?
Or do you love feet more than anything else, a man with a secret foot fetish?
I have little feet, size seven, and I love teasing men by doing a little strip tease with my sexy strappy shoes, sliding those toes in and out, in and out, of my shoes, makes you want to feel my feet on your face, so you can take a deep sniff!
And now, what kind of feet do you want to play with?
Pretty, clean, smooth feet with bright pink nail polish on those cute toes?
Soft, creamy white feet that you can’t help but want around your cock, covered in cum?
I have so many ideas for when you call me for a hot foot fetish phone sex call, want me to tell you some right now?
Sometimes, when I know you are waiting for me to check on to take calls, it makes my pussy wet to wear the same socks and sneakers all day, to class, to the gym, and all day long, my pretty feet are sweating in those stinky socks, until when I am working out, my pussy is as wet as my feet, because you are stroking and can’t wait to call me to get your tongue on my stinky little size seven feet!
And when I want to feel like a total girly girl, you are in for that too, aren’t you, my foot slave?
Let me slide my just pedicure toes into a pair of silky stockings, you like black?
I do too, but I like white better!
I’m a total switch, depending on my mood, I can be a bratty domme who makes you beg to sniff my feet, or a total cocktease that wants to feel your cock between my arches until we both explode!
And that made me so ready for a hot foot fetish phone sex session, call me!
Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Brittany.

Leg Fetish Phone Sex

Hello Hypno Lovers

Possibly one of the best thing about summer is being able to go outside with near nothing on. Now being some what of a phone tease wearing layers of clothing works to my benefit but I know the men out there that have fetishes for certain body parts don’t share in my views. They seem to think of my teasing ways as pure torture. Each their own.

Course with the warmer weather I am breaking out my short skirts, shorts and dresses, anything really to show off my legs. Why not with all the swimming and jogging I am doing I want to show these sexy legs off.

I know the fellow leg worshipers are in full agreement with me. Anything to be able to lay your eyes upon my tone tan legs. To look up from the back of my stiletto heel and see that well sculpted calf that leads to my firm thigh. Yes I know you leg lovers are getting an instant hard on.

For your thinking all the ways you can worship my legs. Well and a few other extremely naughty things. I know this isnt my first leg massage and it most certainly wont be my last.

So for those that are out there and have been teased by someone like me today in a super short skirt and legs that went on for miles. Your dick is aching hard and in need of talking to someone who understands your leg infatuation. I am around and if your lucky I could be putting lotion on my smooth legs making them all shimmery and silky just for you.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires aim and yahoo

Remember you can always add in erotic hypnosis to your leg fetish fantasy just remember 30 minutes minimum is required to ensure you get the most of your hypnotic experience.



Foot Fetish

I went to my first yoga class the other day. And I saw the sexiest naked feet fetish there. Men with soft plump pedicured feet, yummy fleshy meaty heels.

I was watching chubby toes point to the ceiling and admired the soft curves of bare soles.

Foot fetish phone sex, I can’t get enough of those chubby tootsies that I saw at the yoga center. I imagined all those lovely feet surrounding me like a fat lotus flower and me in the center, toe sucking fantasies and heel sucking fetish phonesex.

Where have you seen bare feet phone sex? Do you enjoy getting pedicures, I know I do.
Be a good boy and call your Mama Morgan for a foot fetish phonesex.

MorganR 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Ok, I dunno if y’all have noticed this or not, but it’s rare that a guy with a foot fetish JUST has a foot fetish. I mean, with other phone sex fetishes, the guy usually only fixates on that one thing. But foot fetishists? Dude, that almost always goes with some other shit.

I can’t imagine why, though. You’d think my cute little feet would be enough for anybody! *Giggle*

It’s ok, though. I can’t complain too much. Know why? ‘Cause, usually, the thing that goes with foot fetish for most guys is…humiliation! 😀

And we all know how much I LOVE that, right? 😉

I have no idea why the two things go hand-in-hand so much. I’ve got my theories, though.

I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with the fact that these guys feel inferior for whatever reason. Usually, it’s ’cause their dicks are tiny, LOLOLOLOL! Which works for me, since I’m a huge fan of small penis humiliation.

Anyway, because they think of themselves as inferior and deserving of humiliation, they think that underneath the feet of a hot girl like me is where they belong. And, well, that’s not far from the truth, in my opinion. I’ll be happy to put any loser who comes along underneath MY perfect little feet and have him show me what he’s got as far as foot worship skills go!

So that’s this bratty femdom psych major’s theory–well, hypothesis–on why foot fetish and humiliation are two fetishes that almost always go together.

Do you think I’m right? Or do you think it’s something else? Either way, you need to call Miss Kylie for some foot fetish phone sex, and let’s explore my little hypothesis. Talk to ya soon!


Tit Fucking Phone Sex

Other girls think i am crazy for wearing high heels. i just dont get, just because i am already tall does not mean that i don’t like wearing heels, ya know. besides, high heels make my tit fucking phone sex ta-ta’s bounce with each stride. i am in the shoe store and after the 11th pair i have tried on, and the girl behind the counter was clearly jealous of me and my taste in high heels. is it my fault i have a shoe fetish? is it my fault that this clerk was not only tired of me trying on the entire spring line of high heels, but now i was getting bored of her making faces behind my back. finally it was her time to go to lunch and a cute guy had taken her place. gawd i love the shoe store.

he was much more attentive, like he couldnt stop staring at my tits. i thought for sure he would have been a pervy foot lover, but no. he couldnt keep his eyes of my tits. I had him searching high and low for high heels for me, i got a good look at his ass when he was on a ladder and he got to look down into my cleavage. his pants twitched when the strap of my bra peeked over my shoulder and i shifted my girls to a perkier position, and yes he noticed and i let him watch, *giggle*.

and you know the shoe stores always have the one pair you are looking for in “the back room”…. so i followed him. he was on a ladder, just a few feet off the ground. I slid my footsies into some 4 inch heels making me 6 feet tall, unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of my blouse and rolled the waistband of my skirt a couple of times to make it shorter. i asked the studly shoe clerk to turn around on the ladder, unzipped his throbbing cock from his khakis and let my tits bounce out of my bra. i sucked him just once, to get him slick and then i slid him between my boobs for some hot tit fucking phone sex. He spilled warm gooey cum on my tits, i pulled them to my mouth and licked my nipples clean. Smiling at him while i fastened my buttons and hiked my skirt back down. He was panting, hanging onto the shelves, the ladder, trying to catch his breath. my brand new high heels click clacking on the cement floor, i flung the doors opened and walked out into the storefront and out the door wearing my new heels.

Get Lucky with Lucy
AIM: LucysDelights
YIM: Lucy.Delight

Phone Sex Girlfriend

hey there cheap phone sex lovers

gawd, i dont know what is with me this week. i have had one hot sex dream after another, ya know the kind where you really do not wanna wake up from, im tellin ya, hot phone sex dreams! i have had phone sex fantasies before where i have actually romanticized a few of my phone sex callers in my dreams.

fantasy phone sex
is like day dreaming. i know my day dreams are just part of what i want to happen in my sex dreams, ya know? like i watch alot of cooking shows, i cant help it, i love to cook and every chik knows that a way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach. so its no wonder that i had a phone sex dream of one of the hottest celebrity chefs on television.
being a fantasy phone sex girlfriend also really feeds into my wet phone sex dreams at night too. i will honestly say that, alot of my self pleasuring is all due to my callers. there is “D” who just loves my ass. oh yea, there are tit men, leg dudes, heck even guys who have a foot fetish. butt (pun intended, ha!), “D” is an ass phone sex man. and there have been a few nights (who am i kidding, ALOT of nights) where i am dreaming we are making love and when he goes down on me, he really goes all they way down. just gotta love an ass man!

its no wonder that i (well even you) start crushing, ya know. but then again, who can resist a sweety pie like me? lemme be your phone sex girlfriend, promise not to tell…… well maybe.

AIM: lucysdelights
Phone Sex Girlfriend

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Mmm…a foot fetish session. A wonderful excuse for Me to show a man exactly where he belongs in this world.

Not that I need an excuse. *Smirk*

However, a FemDom such as Myself enjoys worship of all kinds, and foot worship is no different. It is a wonderful way for Me to reinforce your place, both in relation to Me and in relation to the Universe at large.

Are you wondering just how foot fetish phone sex works on My terms? It’s quite simple, I assure you. You thank your Mistress for the privilege of being beneath Her feet, and you worship Her in the manner she sees fit.

For future reference, I enjoy foot massages and having each one of My toes licked. I also have a particular fondness for shoving My foot down your throat and hearing you gag. Even My worship-based calls have to contain some humiliation in order to keep Me interested for any length of time.

So call your Humiliatrix, Mistress Gina, now at 1-888-662-6482 and prepare to amuse Me.

AIM/Yahoo: worshipgina

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

KylieT (25)

Hiya, slutty boys! In the mood for some foot fetish phone sex? I totally am!

Ok, see, what happened was I kinda went shoe shopping today. Well, like, I was ACTUALLY Christmas shopping, but…yeah. Dude, I’m a girl. I <3 shoes. What do you expect? *Giggle*

Anyways, so I was shopping today, and I found these absolutely fabulous brown stiletto heel pumps. I had to try them on. (Oh, c’mon, ask yourself, could you have resisted?)

It was one of those fantastic shoe stores where the salesman helps you with everything. And it was so hot ’cause he got down on his KNEES to take my shoes off for me. The way this boy handled my sexxxy little feetsies just screamed, “I have a foot fetish!!!!!” I mean, it was way above and beyond the call of duty.

I so wanted to take this boy home for a long foot worship session. Wouldn’t he have been stunned to know that his hot sorority girl customer this afternoon was actually a coed phone sex girl?

*Giggle* I dunno, maybe he already knows and is planning on calling me tonight, like you are!

So pick up your phone and call me at 1*888*662*6482 for some super-awesome fetish phone sex with me, Kylie!

And, yes, for the record, I bought the shoes. How could I not, after that great reception? 😀

AIM: kyliecutie89

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