Adult Baby Fetish

Doncha love it when a hot phone sex girl takes control of your phone sex fantasy? So the other day I was talking with abie sweetypie and he begins telling me how much he likes his diaper fetish. I was like, wow because you could hear him transforming into a diaper wearing adult baby.

I knew he was wearing disposable diapers, I could hear the soft crinkle every time he moved. He was wet too. He kept making little hints about what it would be like to wet his diaper. I thought it would be extra fun if he were wearing 2 diapers that way his big poofy white bottom would be extra poofy and embarrassingly wet.

Some abies have a thing for disposable diaper fetish. I know of a few abies who totally love the cloth diaper. That just seems icky, but I bet they are very soft and I bet they sag when they are wet and heavy.

What is your favorite diaper fetish way of wearing a wet diaper for punishment?
Do you like a disposable or have a cloth diaper fetish? Some adult baby diaper lovers enjoy humiliation phone sex, does your pecker get hard when you are embarrassed?

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PhoneSex Mommy

Many young boys just need a steady hand to lead them in the right direction. Demonstrating, exactly what it means to be their Phone Sex Mommy.

Darling diaper lover, you will learn to go potty in your diaper. Toilet training is a thing of the past, I need you dependent. I want to take care of you and your soggy diapered bottom. You ain’t seen a diaper rash like the kind I can give you, and darling I can soothe it and make it better too.

An’ you sissy fetish boys, needing pink poofy lace and ribbon, I have my eye on you, don’t think I am ignoring you. No way, no how. You are going to be my pretty little prince……errrrm, princess. Ha Ha Ha! Underneath your pretty pink poofy skirt will be a bulging big white marshmellow white diaper. I ain’t shy with humiliation phone sex hun, nope not me hun. Everybody will get a good look at you.

Call Mama Morgan for your Mommy Fetish needs, darling, Mama has needs too.

MorganR 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf

Taboo Mommy Phonesex

Darlings, I have a secret lust for the innocent, well for those who pretend to be innocent and unknowing.

When Adult Baby Jerry begins throwing a tantrum I punish him with some dirty diaper roleplay. Making him sit in his soggy diaper should make him whistle a new tune. Diaper Lover Jerry was a very bad boy.

I sat him in the center of the room, so my friends and I could watch him make more messes in his dirty diaper roleplay. Another taboo phone sex mommy gave me the idea of wrapping a dry diaper over his already soiled one. What a fantastic idea!

He finally settled down and began to behave again, as a reward he got his special hug and secret tickle. BUT it is no secret now, all of my friends watched him and held his hand when I forced him to make a sticky mess in the front of his dirty diaper roleplay.

Taboo Phonesex Mommy
Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf

Diaper Nurse

Hewwo der widdle abie, how is my sweety schnooky wooky doing today?

I giggle with happiness when I get to change the diaper of an adult baby. It is so cute to see such a big baby, crawling around, gooing and pooing!

Who is da one wiff the stinky winky? Did you make a widdle muddy mess in your diaper? Oh yes, yes I think you did, yes I think you need your diaper nurse to help you with your diaper fetish. Don’t you, don’t you make more stinky poochies.

*smile* Wow, look at the prize you left me to clean up. 🙂

It’s okay cupcake, I am here for you.

AIM: LucysDelights

Phone Sex Tease Lucy is one of our resident GFE and Tease and Deny Phone Sex specialist. She is an attentive listener, is very intimate and is able to let you really be yourself, so you can tell her all about your taboo phone sex fantasies. Share your cheap phone sex secrets with Lucy your Phone Sex Tease.

Taboo Mommy Phone Sex

I am the person you want to tell all about your taboo phone sex fantasies. I do not tip toe around the obvious, but hunny we can not get into details here, no. No that sort of cheap phone sex talk only happens on the taboo phone sex lines.

But don’t you worry none, I am going to come at you like a mack truck blazing down the freeway and steal you away to where all the adult baby diaper lover‘s play. Chase you down the desert making your puffy white marshmallow diapered bottom dusty and dirty.

I know you want to play where the wild things are, and hunny, oh hunny that is where we are going. Like Peter Pan I am taking you to a very special place, where the word “no” and “you are not supposed to do that” do not exist. I will be your Taboo Phone Sex Mommy, I will be your playmate, and we will have so much fun.

Mama Morgan gives you permission to call me and that is all you are going to need my permission for, anything goes phone sex begins here sweet ab/dl fetish lover.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf

Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Hun, when you close them eyes and imagine youself being cradled in the loving arms of a woman, that woman is your phone sex mommy, ain’t it? Adult Baby, I hold you in my lap, cooing and kissing you all over your chubby tummy and stroking your chunky legs.

Talking with hunny baby he tried to hide his feminine side. Begging me not to dress him up like a sissy. Telling me that he was going to behave. I would not have to punish him. But I did. I punished that bratty abie and dressed him up just right, all in pink! He be askin me, Mommy what is it like to be a girl? Why are girls prettier than boys? Why can’t a boy be pretty?
I told him, boys can be girls, and be pretty too. I showed him, I made him the pretties little sissy baby.

I will change your diaper fetish hunny, and I will change your blue clothes for pink ones!

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf
Phone Sex Mommy

AB/DL Fetish Phonesex

i have this regular caller, Baby Stevie. he has this huge abie fetish, like he would totally and completely LOVE IT if i were to completely humiliate him by making him wear a diaper. i know right?!? crazy you say? what kind of phone sex fetish is this?

its the sort of phone sex fetish that i enjoy. dressing up baby stevie and having him call me mommy and fussing over him is so much fun. it makes me giggle and laugh. he loves the adult baby diaper lover fetish, its so humiliating for him to admit.

but get this, he is going to Amsterdam, (i am so so jealous! puff puff pass please) and he has done his research. baby stevie is going to visit a fetish nursery where he can wear a diaper and have all the mommies take care of him! i cant wait for him to email me at and tell me all about his experiences.

do you have some great real life fetish experiences? are you a diaper lover too?
i would love to play in your mommy phone sex fantasy!

AIM: LucysDelights YIM: Lucy.Delight
Hot Mommy Phone Sex

2 Girl Phone Sex

Summer is here darling, and I know that means there is going to be alot of phone sex mommies taking their children out to the beaches and parks and keeping all those sweaty grubby hand ab/dl‘s out of the house.

I know of a few other no taboo phone sex mommies who would love to spend a day with you and me hunny. Having a 2 girl phone sex naughty time would be ultimate adult baby diaper lover experience you have ever had, yes it is adult baby, oh yes it is.

It would be a wonderful time, ain’t that right. Choose another phone sex mommy to play with you and I, don’t make yer Mama Morgan wait. You know that makes her cranky.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf
No Taboos Phone Sex Mommy

Taboo Mommy Phone Sex

Darlings, I know you have some real dirty ideas about a Phone Sex Mommy. I know this because I talk to many of you who tell me all their dirty fantasies.

Mama Morgan is an anything goes phone sex sort of woman, you understand, now don’t you boy? You crave, only what a buxom woman like me can give you.

My taboo mommy phone sex involves me “taking care of you” in the only way I know I can, and we will not tell anyone our special secret.

Diaper lover
, I know you are out there, wondering if this taboo phone sex mommy will take care of you, of course I will darling.

Adult Baby, my liddle itty bitty sissy baby, I will take care of you too.

Be a good naughty boy, and call your Mama!

Mama Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and Yahoo: MorganMilf
Taboo Mommy PhoneSex

Big Tit Phone Sex

Darlings, there are many sides to me, some of you may think I say this in jest, however I am large and in charge of you diaper lover.
I sat down with one of my more particular bratty adult baby’s. This not so sweet little darling diaper lover was being extremely naughty and talking back to his phone sex mommy.

I do not stand for an abie who talks about to his mommy. So when I humiliate you it is for your own good. When I force my big tit phone sex into your mouth and demand you to suckle from me. It is for your own good. When I spank you, my darling I do this because I love you.

Darling, big tit phone sex forced into your whiny face is a humiliating experience. Smothering you, burying your face between my two gorgeous boobs. Big titty phone sex from a BBW mommy, darling abie, it is good for you.

Mama Morgan 1-888-662-6482
Fat Mommy Phone Sex

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