Adult Baby Fetish

Doncha love it when a hot phone sex girl takes control of your phone sex fantasy? So the other day I was talking with abie sweetypie and he begins telling me how much he likes his diaper fetish. I was like, wow because you could hear him transforming into a diaper wearing adult baby.

I knew he was wearing disposable diapers, I could hear the soft crinkle every time he moved. He was wet too. He kept making little hints about what it would be like to wet his diaper. I thought it would be extra fun if he were wearing 2 diapers that way his big poofy white bottom would be extra poofy and embarrassingly wet.

Some abies have a thing for disposable diaper fetish. I know of a few abies who totally love the cloth diaper. That just seems icky, but I bet they are very soft and I bet they sag when they are wet and heavy.

What is your favorite diaper fetish way of wearing a wet diaper for punishment?
Do you like a disposable or have a cloth diaper fetish? Some adult baby diaper lovers enjoy humiliation phone sex, does your pecker get hard when you are embarrassed?

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Anything Goes PhoneSex

Milf Morgan knows a thing or two about a thing or two, sexperience I tell ya darlings! Sexperienced older ladies like me here at the Kitten Ranch love to hear from kinky deviants like you!

Darlings, I have a dark side too that needs to come out during our anything goes phone sex. Dirty diaper roleplays for my adult baby diaper lovers and bbw phone sex for the man who can appreciate a real woman.

That’s right hunny I am a large mature phone sex woman. I have desires as large as my appetite. I am a hungry cougar on the prowl, ready for my next anything goes phone sex adventure.

Be a good boy and call your Mama Morgan

MorganR. 1-888-662-6482
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AB/DL Fetish Phone Sex

mommy michelle

I totally love AB/DL. There are so many varieties. I had a great call with D the other night who is one of my favorite diaper lovers. He e-mailed me all these hot pics of himself in his diapers –even his little T-shirt was wet he was so wet. And then there is S who is a full on AB during our ab/dl fetish call and he just wants to be cuddled and nursed and changed — what mommy would not want that?

I love being a phone sex mommy and getting to meet all kinds of new abies and diaper lovers. So if you love diaper fetish and AB/DL phone sex like I do, we should totally play together!

Mommy Michelle

Taboo Mommy Phonesex

When you are crying in your diaper fetish and you are messy, the only Taboo Mommy you cry for is me. The way Mommy treats you, shaming you for being so stupid, humiliating you.

Public humiliation phone sex happens when I am attending to your AB/DL needs right smack dab in the middle of the parking lot at the mall. That is where all my friends are, the shopping mall. Many mature phone sex ladies are at the mall, shopping for something extra special for their taboo adult baby. I love going shopping for extra special things for myself too and of course I bring you into the changing room with me. Your Taboo Phonesex Mommy has got to keep an eye on you hunny, and I love being inappropriate with you, you watching me. 🙂

Call your Taboo Phonesex Mommy.
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Taboo Mommy Phone Sex

I am the person you want to tell all about your taboo phone sex fantasies. I do not tip toe around the obvious, but hunny we can not get into details here, no. No that sort of cheap phone sex talk only happens on the taboo phone sex lines.

But don’t you worry none, I am going to come at you like a mack truck blazing down the freeway and steal you away to where all the adult baby diaper lover‘s play. Chase you down the desert making your puffy white marshmallow diapered bottom dusty and dirty.

I know you want to play where the wild things are, and hunny, oh hunny that is where we are going. Like Peter Pan I am taking you to a very special place, where the word “no” and “you are not supposed to do that” do not exist. I will be your Taboo Phone Sex Mommy, I will be your playmate, and we will have so much fun.

Mama Morgan gives you permission to call me and that is all you are going to need my permission for, anything goes phone sex begins here sweet ab/dl fetish lover.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
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Diaper Fetish Humiliation

Do you smell that? The smell of desperation and humiliation, and yes, that sweet tinge of a diaper fetish is in the air.

A good mommy takes care of her adult baby.
A good Phone Sex Mommy makes sure that her sissy baby gets alot of attention.
What better way than to humiliate my Adult Baby Diaper Lover, by letting him stew in his own marshmallow white diaper.

Hunny, I know you love being embarrassed and humiliated when my lady friends come over and we all stare and watch you make messes in your diaper fetish.
My sissy baby makes the entire room roar with laughter when we watch waddle in your stinky squishy diaper.

I dress my sissy abie all cute too, with lots of ribbons and ruffles and lace and always in pink, lavender and pretty lime greens. I have to make sure my sissy baby is dressed pretty.

Doll face, you need some phone sex mommy loving?
Call your Mama Morgan 1-888-662-6482
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Adult Baby Diaper Fetish

Mama Morgan heard from her long lost abie the other day.
He really loves the taboo phone sex scenes, so there really ain’t much I am able to say about it here.
What I can say is that my sweet adult baby was truly loving the opportunity to snuggle up into my soft body. My full, round voluptuous body is every young man’s dream. Who doesn’t adore a mommy phone sex session with a BBW phone sex woman like me. I am the epitome of womanhood. I have brought life into the world, I have nurtured and natured and have loved and lost. I am mother fucking god damn mother nature. I am as soft as the sun warming your skin and I can be cold and bitter like a winter rain.

Sit closer to me darling, and give Mama a kiss
Morgan 1-888-662-6482
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Taboo Mommy Phone Sex

Mommy Phone Sex

I am feeling extra mommy-ish today. How about it adult baby, think you can play with your extra loving mommy phone sex before you need your nap?

I want to hold you close, feed you and spank your marshmallow diapered bottom when you are bad boy. You will not defy your phone sex mommy‘s wishes. Everything I teach you, show you and make you do is for your own good.

When I make you change your diaper in the middle of the shopping mall, it is not because your diaper is wet. It is because I want all the ladies see your teensy tucked away inside your diaper.

If your diaper is not dirty, I will change you out of your clean diaper and put a soiled one on you. Mama’s diaper darlings need to learn a lesson. My mommy phone sex might seem harsh to some of you, even humiliating. That is the sort of mood I am in this afternoon. Don’t upset your phone sex mommy.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
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Chubby Mommy Phone Sex

Humiliation Voyeur Phone Sex

hello phone sex lovers and boyfriends,
any pretty girl knows that what you see in the mirror is more than just your reflection, ya know. your own perception of yourself can kinda be a little off…. and while me and Miss London were on this 2 girl phone sex call, she and I can see all the things that you so miss when you are looking at yourself.
2 girl phone sex calls s’pecially when it involves you on cam for us to watch for our own amusement really lets another girl get a different view of you. cuz like London she and i both have a wicked sense of humor, we love watching a panty boy, OMG an sph fetish panty boy on cam. the combo of the both of us nailed this poor sissy cock sucker to the humiliating truth of what a loser he really really is, OMG it was way fun.

“B” is one of my top 3 voyeur phone sex boyfriends who i love watching. all dressed up in a pink panty and white training bra, lol…. omg you have like no idea. get ready for some humiliating times when you get me and Miss London on a 2 girl phone sex session. hysterical laffs and small penis humiliation will never be the same when you have 2 of the hottest live phone sex girls watching you. hell, we are Phone Sex Superstars, wutcha expect??? Quality Phonesex at its finest when you have us together! *giggles*

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Lucy has her own phone sex confessions, and that is she really loves and gets off seeing you on cam for her. Divulge your small penis humiliation fetish and show her how pathetic you are. SPH tends to overlap with the diaper lovers out there, so c’mon abies let Mommy Lucy play with you. So abies, sph boys, small penis cucks, sissies all of you humiliation fetish phone sex lovers call Lucy, you will be addicted to her laff and her playful phone sex style. She does everything with a very wicked smile.

Masturbation Roleplay Phone Sex

hey gfe phone sex addicts! how are you sweeties doing?

as your phone sex girlfriend i take on a lot of different roleplays, i love being the naughty neighbor, or a nice young mommy phone sex roleplay for the AB/DL boys, a sweet young thang for an older man, a clever and cruel seductress, even a sensual domme who is in complete control of your tease and denial phone sex fantasy. and being your girlfriend is what i love best, because only your phone sex girlfriend knows what it is that you most need, i am your complete confident girl who you don’t lie to, who you divulge all your secret taboo phone sex fantasies and who you rely on to make your private time a time well spent, especially with someone like me, you can totally hear my smile on the phone, fer reals!

so when we get it on, know that i am knuckles deep inside my pussy for you. i got my batteries in my sexy toy ready to get sexy for you. there is no bullshit to my game. so lets cuddle up on your couch like me and “B” did earlier. he has the sweetest voice and i just love a sweet mutual masturbation phone sex call with him, especially when we are roleplaying together! directed masturbation with B is always a great masturbation roleplay phone sex call…. can’t wait to be be with you again!

How great are you? Call me and lemme be the judge of that!
Get Lucky with Lucy

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