Steamy Hot and Full of Kink

I am never opposed to getting totally wild and kinky and to be honest, getting presented with a new fetish (and maybe even how to do it if it is complicated) has always interested me. Mind you, there are tons of fetishes that I know and enjoy and fetish phone sex can be really HOT.

As long as both people are willing, able and ready to get wild and experiment a bit, then it is hotter than fuck!! Totally hot and steamy phone sex.


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Where Ever You Are Phone Sex With Miss Sloan

Why is it that the Southern boys just adore Miss Sloan? Well, numero ono is that all boys adore me but you Southern gentlemen take your Georgia peaches and your Texas roses but once you get a taste of this Manhattan Princess you will be addicted and loving it. Moral of the story…no matter where you come from I know where you’re going, and that’s right into my bratty little grasp. Makes for hot phone sex of course.


Kiss kiss.

~ Sloan

Kinky Young Phone Sex Cutie 4 You!!


Hiiiiiiiiii out there in phone sex land! It’s kinda late for me to be up but I’m so horny I don’t wanna go to bed until I can get off a few more times! And its more fun to play with myself while someone is listening, ya know? Hehe!

I’ve had some super hot phoen sex calls lately. My knee sock daddy turned me into his young little slut again and had me dressed up for him and letting him do everything to me! It was hot, it awalys is with him! And Daddy and big brother turned me into the family fuck toy! I had to be their little whore and get all my uncles off too! I started out crying but I ended up loving all that cock!!! Mr. C, my teacher at school had to disipline me for my short skirt. He spanked me and finger fucked me! I was so wet so he knew deep down I was a horny school girl slut! He pushedhis cock into my baby girl pussy and it felt good! Oh my gosh, teachers pet and ageplay phone sex are so naughty that those sorts of calls always get me so horny!


Wiggles and giggles from your phone sex cutie!!

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Mommy Michelle kisses it ALL BETTER

Mmmmm — I had the hottest call from one of my hot regular callers….. I am just dying to tell you the details. It was a very kinky fetish call, a medical fetish. I totally got into it….. I don’t get a chance to do many medical calls so I totally loved getting to play naughty nurse and THEN SOME!!! It got a bit wild and out of control and to be honest, if you want all the details, you will have to call to relive them because it is too extreme to write here 😉

That, along with some of the mommy-daughter and evil auntie stuff I have got to do lately has been making my phone sex week start to stack up to a TON OF FUN!! And you know, I am always down for more so come on…….


Naughty Girl Mallory

Hi Guys;

Sorry, I haven’t posted in here in the past few days. I had some technical difficulties, lol. But they are all worked out now!

I just wanted to keep you all upto date on me and mine, lol.

I had an absolutely awesome call with a real sweetheart last night, “T” was so sweet, gentle and lovable. He was soooo hot, had me withering in my chair. I would love to lock lips with him, he is wowzer. Thanks “T” you are adorable.

Then I had a great roleplay, I love playing the nasty slutty neighbor, (and I do it, oh so well, lol) I got to catch “A” spying on me while I was tanning, and of course I caught him with a huge hard-on.  I just had to tell him, what I wanted him to do with it !

I am available pretty well all day, evening and into the night, so give me a call sweets. I would love to hear from you.  Let’s play our own roleplay.

I have a special place for all of My sissies and cuckolds, so you should be sure to check with me to find out where.




Kandi Kane Kandis

My Oh My, have I said before that Im sweet as kandi?  Mmmm you better believe it.  Call me and cum have a taste………

Ask for Kandis

Wild 2 Girl Party

OMG — I am spending the weekend with Taylor and we are having a wild kinky party — OMG, if you ONLY ONLY KNEW what we have been up to. We have been partying HARDCORE for most of the weekend and it is time to chill out for a few hours and have some wild kinky phone sex calls with some of you HOT BOYS!!!

Wanna do a hot brunette and a hot blonde?? Of course you do!!

Then, let’s get it ON — 1-888-662-6482 — Ask for Taylor and Erica


Naughty girl

Hi Out there! *giggle* I’m in such a good mood today! Maybe that is because I had such an amazing time last night. I was even a bad girl…… Yap I was and I had lots of fun doing it too!!!

I will tell you all about it when you call me, its really hot to tell you the truth a little bit of reliably really spices things up! Well call me I would love to play it all out over the phone with you. I promise you will loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it.

On another note its almost gonna be Halloween and yes I know its a bit early but Amber and I are going to go to a Halloween party and I want to have a cute costume. So I will be showing you boys and I would love for you to help me pick one out! I was thinking naughty school girl or something really sexy. Well soon soon so don’t forget I will need your votes!!!!

And before I go I would love to give big hugs and kisses to all my naughty boys who call me. I love being your naughty girl boys!!! & don’t forget Amber and I are always available to do your sexy two girl calls. Besides we really love to get off with each other so you just reap the benefits! LOL TTFN


My Phone Sex Favorites (Family Fun & Gangbangs!)

I’m not on at the bar til like 9, so that means I get to hang around here and play naughty with you guys! Fun stuff for sure. Everyone have been askin what my favotire types of phone sex calls are….well….ANY! But I am realyl gettin into family fun and incest play! I love uncles, and brothers and daddies puttin their hands all over me and making me their own personal slut! Ive even had some real life expereinces in that area but you gotta ask for those on the phone! I’m also likin lots and lots of cocks! Gang bang phone sex is so hot to me. And I my big tits were just made to take fucked and cum all over, doncha think?


Call me up, I’m feelin nasty right now! 1-888-662-6482

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