Phone Sex With Sloan, The Hottest Brat Ever…

Okay so could Nelly Furtado Maneater be about anyone but Miss Sloan?! No I really don’t think so.


Everybody look at me, me

I walk in the door you start screaming

Come on everybody what chu here for?

Move your body around like a nympho

Everybody get your necks to crack around

All you crazy people come on jump around

I want to see you all on your knees, knees

You either want to be with me, or be me!

It just fits. I can’t help being pretty, controlling and perfect. I cant help that you do whatever I say. If I’m a maneater its because you deserve to be eaten by this phone sex brat.

Kiss kiss.

~ Sloan


Hiiiii out there in phone sex land from the phone sex cutie!


First I want to give KZZ lots of wiggles and giggles and thank yous for the phone and the book! Youre so nice to spoil me like that!!!! I love it! Take a lesson boys, all phone sex cuties like me get warm and tingley when spoiled 🙂 hehe

Everything was cool! A great suprise!!! 



Wiggles and giggles from your phone sex cutie!!

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Mommy Michelle take mommy roleplay ALL THE WAY

Had a super fun roleplay with D yesterday — he wanted me to be his mommy and well, you can guess the rest… (lol — if you can’t, you can always call me for the details). Anyways, super hot call D, you were fun.

And shout out to G who is having a super hard week — good thing he kicked it off by banging me for 2 straight hours on Sunday night !! Give him something to make it through!


Crazy Football and Phone Sex Weekend

mmmmm — nothing hotter than a great game and cheering for a winning team — unless you follow up that afternoon on the field with a wild night of some steamy phone sex.

I totally love having hot phone sex and a locker room roleplay makes it all the kinkier. One of the reasons I love J, been mis-connecting lately but he gives me the wettest panties with his hot gangbang parties. Talk to you soon baby!!


Badd Girl Good Phone Sex Guarantee

Hey guys!

I guess it really is fall. That’s okay though because phone sex around here is going to be just as hot this autumn as it was all summer long. That’s a promise hehe, I officially give you my naughty phone sex guarantee that I will do my best to be hornier, wilder, kinkier and always available for your fantasies!
I’m looking forward to the weekend. My girlfriends are I are going to this amazing Day Spa here in Scottsdale. I’ve never been and I hear its so posh and relaxing. Should be nice, especially since in coincides with finishing up the offices I’m doing.

Fun In A Bar Bathroom


Good Monday morning!!  I am up super early, and I am one horny girl today.  When I woke up I was laying in bed thinking of the wild weekend I had.  Friday night, I went out to a gay bar with a friend and needless to say, I got hit on by more than a few women.  Wasn’t really attracted to many of them, until this redhead walked up.  Just the sight of her made my pussy SO fucking wet.  We started dancing and grinding all over each other, and then pretty much started making out on the dance floor.  Finally we couldn’t take it anymore and we went to the bathroom.  She bent me over the seat and gave my pussy a tongue lashing like I’ve never had before in my life.  Mmmm.  And then I took her home with me.  Wanna hear what happened?  Give me a call!

1 888 662 6482 ask for Abby!

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