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Rachelle here 19 yo Canadian phone sex coed. that has a nice ring to it doesnt it? i go to university and taking boring zzzz accounting courses my only excitement is when i am being a tease to the boys an professors. hee hee. i know bad but have u ever tried to sit through an accounting ethics course? SNORE! my tight tops help occupy my time. well that and dropping my pens. i have bending over down to a science. hee hee. my pen stash is HUGE.

when i am not in class i work at a lingerie shop which is so sweet. my parents started to question where i was getting my rent money from. i cant tell them phone sex so i got a job at the lingerie shop. but the longer i am there the more i am loving it. mainly cause u would not believe the amount of sissy boys and panty boys and well cross dressers that come in there. all the other girls giggle and harrass them. but me i don't know if its just i know boys make such pretty girls or the fact that i was always dressing my brother up when my gf weren't around but i will help the sissies out. i know they ALL say its for their "girlfriend" but it kind of gives it away when they are holding the panties up to their crotches. some nites when i work late i will let the sissies go try stuff on in change rooms. hee hee. i will go back an have my own sissy model show. its way too much fun. ya u can tell i love to talk about sissy boys, panty boys etc.

ok so when i am not in school, not at the lingerie shop, i am dancing around the house in my sexy panties. hee hee i am a bit of a tease to my neighbours too. wait i tease a lot. who knew? i will touch my self with the curtains open just cause some old guys live across the complex from me. i know they are stroking their boners hard. those guys must love that i do phone sex hee hee. phone in one hand and vibrator in the other.

what else? i think thats it. sweet voice. no limits and taboo loving girl. what else do ya really need to know? that i am available for calls during the evenings till the early am PST (7 pm to 5 am PST) or (10pm to 8 am EST). that is of course if I am not working late at the lingerie shop.

panty boy, sissy boys, salon sissies, cross dressers, guided masturbation, cuckolds, roleplays, light humiliation, sex toys, strap ons. thats the highlighted version of some of the topics i do.

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