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Mmmm let me tell you boys about a hot hot hot call I had the other day. Mmmm I was sitting in my underware watching a hot porn and right in the middle of watching this girl getting royaly screwed my phone started ringing. I picked up the phone with my dildo in hand and asked this guy if he was ready for the screw of his life. Mmmm I bobed my pretty little head up and down his big cock, while he ate this tight sweet peach of mine. I ended up getting off before I even fucked the guy lolllzz. Then I got on top of him and rode that hard cock until he came so loud I thought his head would pop off. Mmmm just a day in the life of Kandi Kandis *tee hee hee. Give me a call and lets play the right way.



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I’m walking alone this road late at night, hoping someone would come pick me up. I see a truck driving up behind me slowly, and my heart starts to race, something just doesn’t seem right! The guy gets out of the truck and throws me in the back, I am so scared and I’m screaming and kicking trying to get out, but I can’t! He has tied my hands to something in the back of his truck, and I can’t get loose! He’s taking off my panties now, I’m so scared I start begging him to stop, whimpering and crying, but he doesn’t… then he tears my panties off and it hurts so bad I tell him I’ll do anything he wants, just don’t rape me…. Do you want to hear the rest of what happened to me? Does it make you excited in ways you never thought you could be? Call me now and we’ll see how excited you get! Call me at 1-888-662-6482 ~phonesex~ ~more phonesex~ ~even more phonesex~ 

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OMG – Nothing I love better than getting very ROUGH and going all out. I love that feeling of being totally spent, sweating, breathless and FEELING everywhere that I have been thoroughly roughed up and fucked!

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Shout out to J who makes sure this always ALWAYS happens for me since he takes me to gangbangs and has assorted other things done to every orifice *winks* you are totally a hot fuck, J !!!

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Hi guys! I hope you had a good labor day. It was actually rainy here. But my friends and I still had a bit of a barbeque and manged to have fun. I guess summer is over now! Its been great though…Hot days, hot calls and general hotness.

I’m so busy this evening with your naughty phone sex calls I can’t write much!

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Oooooh – One of my callers, G, has the most sordid dirty secrets that he loves to tell me and we talk for hours. The last time we talked, we talked for 6 hours and the dirty dirty sordid secrets came out. 6 hours you say? WTF?

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Well, everyone’s phone sex experience is different. G likes to have a couple of drinks with me, relax, kick back, chat a bit, tell me ALL HIS DIRTY INFO and then get down and do some nasty, hardcore getting off in the last half hour. It is HOTTT and leaves you panting for the next time. Sort of like a REALLY REALLY DIRTY DATE where you KNOW YOU ARE GONNA GET OFF!! Kisses to you G, you hot sexy thing!!!


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Hiiiii everyone.

I hope you all have fun plans for Labor Day. Me and Daddy sure do. Were having a bbq and were having lots of people over and were gonna swim in the pool and all that fun stuff. I guess its time for some really naughty end of summer phone sex!!! I know I’m all extra horny for phone sex…because….well because I just am! Hehe!

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I just had such hot 2 girl phone sex! Ashleigh is an energetic little slut, wow. She is extremely sexy and fun to play with and J. was sexy too. He let us play a little bit and finally joined in. Of course both Ashleigh and I could not resist sucking that cock, which was hard as steel and dripping with precum. It was a really hot call and I came twice. I can’t wait to play with Ashleigh and another guy again asap!




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OMG — one of my favorite sissies in the whole world was hitting today. It is so nice to have a total fag cocksucker who doesn’t hold back. He wanted to buy me La Perla panties so I could fuck my BF in them. And he would wear a matching pair. I told him sure as long as he wore slutty shoes and got all sissied out for me.

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So, to him and to all my other sissies who love to play panty games, suck cock and get nailed with my pretty pink strap on, I say — come here little sissy!!