Sweet as Honey!





Well what more do ya want! lol I am sweet and naughty. I love to play with my favorite vibe and let you listen in on the fun! or feast your ears on a spicy two girl of your choice! Your little slut next door is just a start to the endless fantasys we can explore. Well if you have not already tryied this sexy teen phone slut then your in for a treat. Give me a call. I promise to leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth!





Brynn; Bringing Badd Girl Phone Sex Back

Hey guys!

I’ve been so busy lately but I never have to much going on that I don’t have time to come and play on the phone. Why? I love phone sex with you that much. We can be as kinky or as sensual as we want and that variety is such a turn on! Youre free to explore any phone sex fetish or roleplay with me…remember; I’m a very badd girl… ~Winks~


Call me at 1-888-Moan-4u2




Doing some damage!

One of my more pathetic losers got me a credit card with a super high limit.  So of corse I charged the sucker up and did some damage.  Buying things I don’t really need, just because I knew he was paying for it.  And how did he get the privlidge of my abuse?  After months of begging I allowed him to. I love the power I have over men, theyre so pathetic and needy and in love with me.  I decided today that having one or two more losers in my collection would be okay so plead your case freak!  I’ll be accepting “applications” tonight.


A little anal + a little oral makes for HOT HOT phone sex

Who doesn’t love oral — it is the perfect warm up act — sometimes all you want!!! Because it is so perfect that it is all you need. Other times, it is so hot that you just want the warm up to get hotter for other things.

Such as…..

I so think that everyone right now is so into anal — and why wouldn’t they be…

There is really nothing hotter than having a smoking hot call with a boy and getting totally crazy!! Like no holding back, no limits. And that means letting go of some of your limits….. why can’t a man take it in the ass with a strap on? Strap on sex is fucking hot!!! And any man I have done it with always comes back for more.

So, whether oral, anal or whatever — make it hot and real and WILD and it will be perfect.


Phone Sex With A Naughty Cutie!


 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii out there in the phone sex world. Are you horny today because geez, I sure am!! OK I’m always horny but still…Mmm, I need all you Daddies, Uncles, Big Bros and Teachers to call me up and fuck me hard! Again! Hehehe!


There is a certain Daddy who needs to call me up soon because last night he told me more of his hot phone sex fantasy and I loved it!!! I’m a little school girl who gets forced to be a lesbian fuck toy! Oh my gosh I really get worked over good by lots of girls. They even have a contest to see who can rape me the best!!! I have to take so many dildos and lick so much pussy!!! And of course Daddy force fucks me to!!! I’m a nasty little thing so I like this fantasy lots hehe!

Well now that I’m even more horny I think I’m going to go play with myself alone until my phone rings!!

Wiggles and giggles from your phone sex cutie!!




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MILF Michelle takes a cuckold little phone sex bitch

Mmmmm– hot new little bitch called me last night for some cuckold phone sex. We talked about how he is unable to satisfy his wife — well no wonder!! I am sure she wants a real man! And we talked about how she makes him listen (and WATCH!!)

It was FUN — I always enjoy REAL and having it be all about his REAL LIFE made it much hotter and much more fun than any role play we could have come up with!! Don’t get me wrong — roleplays are fun — but NOTHING, NOTHING beats real — and when it comes to a cuckold, having him relive the humiliation and emotion of those times where he had to clean out his wife’s pussy after her adventures — how can you top that?


A Phone Sex Shopping Trip For Subs and Sissies With Miss Sloan

Miss Sloan is having a very relaxing day. I met some of my girlfriends for brunch and than we went and had massages. After that we debated going shopping but I really had no need to. My mothers personal shopper selected some fall essentials for me and I may have her do so again at the end of the month. Then there are going to be so many Holiday parties; which means I get many, many dresses and ensembles all tailored to make me look amazing. I think it would be amusing to take one of my abundant supply of sissies shopping. And an extra submissive or two to carry bags and of course a pay piggy to foot the bill and spoil me. Maybe a cocksucker for entertainment. What fun that could be.


Kiss kiss.

~ Sloan




Dirty No Limits Phone Sex With Big Tit Phone Sex Girl Shay

Hiya guys. I’m glad ya’ll have been figurin out all the real dirty phone sex fetishes I have! Your calls to me have been hot and dirty, just the way I like it….and I betcha the way you like it too! I’ll be here all day to play on the phone and get off good with you but later on tonight I gotta tend bar but I don’t mind (well…I mind a lil cause to be honest I would rather hang out around here and talk dirty) but Sunday is a bangin night where I work. It seriously is, even when I’m off on Sundays I usually go to work any how, not to work though just to party cause its that damn fun. I love havin 2 jobs that arent really jobs at all! Throwing a party at the bar and then no limits phone sex when I get horny which is all the damn time!


Call me up…1-888-662-6482!



Serve it up on a platter – Hot and Yummy oral phone sex

WOW — there is truly nothing hotter than some serious give and get oral. I love the feeling of getting (of course) of looking down at a man, running my hands through his hair while he totally goes at my pussy all crazy. And since I am totally a give and get girl — there is just something about the look in a man’s eye when he is looking down at you, on your knees, with his cock in your mouth.

Come on, you know the look. The look where you just totally let go and take it to the next level — wanna hear more? wanna try it?? You know where to find me!


Asian Cock Tease

fuck it 

I’m going to tell you just how to stroke that cock. How to rub the head, feel your balls, and how hard to touch it.  I love to wait until your balls are so full you think theyre going to explode, and then make you beg to cum. Youve never had tease and denial like I give EVER.  And I never EVER let a man cum when I’m playing with him.  Think you can take it?


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