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Hey guys! Life is good here at the Kitten Ranch right?! How can it not be…hot phone sex girls, a sizzling phone sex blog and you! I adore it here. And I find it so sexy to come home from my day job and be your badd girl.

Thank you for all the compliments on my the redesign of my personal phone sex site Call A Badd Girl! I didn’t do one thing except pose for those pictures you see in the design… ~Winks~ Don’t worry I passed the compliments on to the very talented web design diva who did do most of the work.

I’m in the mood for some naughty phone sex, 1-888-Moan-4u2 if you are too!




Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Erica

MMM – common knowledge that I love lingerie and that I love panty boys!! But if that panty boy is also a sissy — yummy. At least be an anal whore and let me knock the back out of you with my strap on! Boys who resist and are closed minded have NO IDEA what they are missing. But, sissies, for sure are a fave!! I just love to hear a sissy suck cock and gag on it when they deep throat. And an awesome anal finish — yum!

yummy ass of miss erica who LOVES sissies and sissy phone sex


Phone Sex Girl

I’m really really happy to be apart of the new site. I have enjoyed every min of my phone sex life. I never even thought I would be doing it but I am really gald I got into it thanks to Miss Amber. When I moved out from OK I was so nervos and scared about everything. But those days are long gone!!!!

I am very out going and a blast to be around, I’m open to  trying new things all the time. Phonesex has really helped me in that. Espically in the naughty department! and I love to role play I like that you boys make me your naughty girl.

there is so much to explore in fantasy land and I would love to come along for the ride!

~Heather .aka. Honey~


Phone sex with me!




Hiiiiii everyone out there in phone sex land!
Why don’t you guys come and taste these… 

…Hehe!!! I dont think I need to ask considering how busy Ive been on the phone. Mmmm, so much fun. I wanna tell all of you about some of the hot things Ive done on the phone lately…

My knee sock daddy let me suck on his cock and it was very very yummy! Hehe, then he fucked my tight little pussy and we both came! Then I was a naughty teen slut who ended up getting really dirty with an older guy! Mmm, so hot! My step dad forced me to be his personal babywhore. He ripped my clothes off and made me to suck on his cock and even take him inside my little girl fuckhole. I was a teasing young slut riding my bike around and flirting with guys! An older man followed me back to a secluded spot in the park and I stripped for him and let him fill my mouth and pussy up with his hard dick! Then I was a sweet and horny little cocksucker using my hands and mouth to get a hot load of cum hehe! I fibbed about my age but that only made J hotter!!! Mr R was hot and so much fun, he got off together and it was soooooo good! I got to play with Alley to! We were naughty sisters who got caught by our big bro playing with eachother and so he wouldnt tell our parents we let him play with us too!

Wiggles and giggles from your phone sex cutie!!

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Ohhh. P.S. Check me out at The Kitten Ranch!

Its a new phone sex site and its so naughty, so hot and so much fun you definitely wanna go look around there!

Naughty Niece




Hiya boys and girls! My uncle gave me a call last night. Wanted me to curl up in bed with him. Laying there beside him in just my little pajamas. Talking about how I have developed over the summer. Wanting him to touch me so bad. I convince him that it would be fine. I wouldn’t tell anyone. Moving his hands and making him do what I want him to do. Even when I brush up against that hard rock in his boxers. Wanting to touch it. Rubbing it with my little fingers. Climbing up on his lap. Rubbing it on my little spot. So HOTT!!!!!!!! So SEXY!!!! Call me and I will tell you everything else.

Kinky Kendal

or give me a call @1-888-662-6482

Phone Sex Desires!

 Hello Kitten Ranch and Kitten Lovers. Don’t worry, Miss Sloan is here. The Phone sex party can start now. I can’t wait to read the naughty exploits of all of the sexiest phone girls available. And this is all in one place. It cannot get better than that. A girl for every desire…Include me in that as well. I specialize in these types of phone sex; panty boys, cuckolding, strap on play, teasing, worship and feminization. I’m the rich, delicious treat you may or may not be able to have…but what fun trying can be.

Kiss kiss.

~ Sloan

1*888*662*6482 for phone sex with me.

Call A Badd Girl….Me!

Hey guys! It’s such a hot day out already! I think I might just have to take a swim soon. That’s one of the many good things about my place here in Scottsdale…private pool! So I can swim naked if I want to. Mmmm, I love that feeling. It gets me horny and very in the mood for some hot phone sex. Ive even taken calls while Ive been in my spa before, as some of you can remember those massage jets make me feel so good. ~Winks~

I’m very pleased to announce the relaunch of my personal phone sex site Call A Badd Girl! Check it out and I hope you like it as much as I do.

And as always I am talking your hot calls at 1-888-Moan-4u2…



Let’s get Dirty


Hi guys and gals!! Wow another place for you guys to find all of us naughty little phone girlies. hehehehehe  I have been so busy on the phone for the pat few days, I haven’t even had a chance to get out of bed let alone write anything for you guys to read. So many calls which ones to tell you about, hmmmmm. Well there are a couple I can tell about. The little panty boy that calls after his gf leaves the house, so he can wear her panties while he calls me. Then there is “D”. “D” is one of the best little cum sluts that can be found, no matter when or where we are he just lapps it up. And also “T”, who wants to hear all about my stories with huge cocks, so I give him a little taste of what I have done.  Well I guess that is all the naughty calls I’ve got time to tell you guys about now. Keep calling and let get cumming together.




Sex, Sex and more Sex

I just can’t bring myself to apologize for not being around the last week or so…….I was having way to much fun…..picture me, one other female and 4 guys camping……all that fucking and sucking….it was like having the world to ourselves, no limits, no taboss, just tons of hot steamy pussy and cock finding its way into holes everywhere……mmm 

Fetish Phone Sex


I love hearing about your different fetishes. The kinkier and nastier, the better. I love roleplaying them with you, and hearing you have a mind blowing orgasm. So, come on. Hit me with some sick, kinky fetish phone sex… see if you can shock me. I dare you.

1 888 662 6482 ask for Gretchen

Phone Sex : Live Fetish Phone Sex