Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Jennifer

I love when guys call with a medical fetish phone sex fantasy. Did you know that I took classes to be a nurse in what seems like a previous life? But I am just too hot and kinky to spend my days or nights wearing scrubs and sneakers. The best benefit I found from taking those classes was learning a lot about anatomy, medical implements, and procedures. I love to employ those lessons during our Medical Fetish Phone Sex calls.

medical fetish phone sex

While I’m always ready to play the sexy nurse that gives you a sponge bath with a little (or a lot) something extra, it’s some of the more technical exams I really get off on. I’ll indulge any and all medical fetish roleplays, whether based in fantasy or real life. But my special expertise is in more clinical medical fetish play. Fetishes like prostate exams and stimulation, urethral sounds insertions and administrating enemas. I’ve played with catheters and pumping too. Close your eyes and imagine being strapped to my table as I’m about to start your exam.

It’s time for you to strip naked because your nurse assistant is going to snap on rubber gloves and insert a finger or two up your ass and feel your prostate. If it’s too full, your prostate will have to be stimulated or milked, by my fingers or a strap-on. It’s time to lay back as your hot kinky nurse is going to start inserting the first sound up your urethra. It’s a small caliber, but I am going to use thicker and thicker sounds by the time this session is over! Make time to get out your disposable enema bottle or red rubber bag because you need your enema before we begin. Sometimes I like to give an enema then insert a butt plug before I let my patient release. Or perhaps we’ll try out my brand new bardex nozzle. Would you like to be my patient?

For all your medical fetish phone sex needs, call Jennifer 1-888-662-6482

CBT Phone Sex

Hello, slaves.

I was reviewing My blog earlier, and I noticed that I haven’t written about My favorite way to pass the time lately. As that is completely unacceptable to Me (and I don’t currently have a slave handy to beat for it), I’m going to fix that right now.

Now. About CBT.

I don’t believe in “light” CBT or a teasing, sensual CBT phone sex session. What I enjoy is hardcore CBT that leaves a slave crying and sniveling at the end of our call.

Trampling is a fairly good way to accomplish this, as is simply whipping the slave’s cock. Both are direct and straightforward.

If My medical fetish starts peeking out or if I just feel particularly creative, I might reach for one of My sounding kits. If I feel very sadistic, I’ll lube the sound with Vick’s or something equally uncomfortable.

This phone sex Mistress wants to torture the fuck out of your worthless member. It’s so amusing to watch you squirm. *Laughs*

Call Me, bitch. If you think you’ve got the balls, that is. It’s 1-888-662-6482 for FemDom phone sex with Mistress Gina.

AIM/Yahoo: worshipgina

Medical Fetish Phone Sex

I enter the patient’s room, and there you are, sitting with your legs closed on the examining table.
Paper gown, stringed closures done up in a pretty little bows, I count them down the front of your body, all four of them tied. No I am not the nurse. I am your doctor, never expected such a voluptuous redhaired big boobed mature woman like me, did you?!?!
Legs in stirrups, medical fetish phone sex examination begins.

Humiliating? Yes doctor ma’am. This is going to be unpleasant, are you ready? Yes doctor ma’am.
Tell me what you feel. Tell me how many sexual partners you have had. Tell me when it hurts.
So many tests, so many samples to take from your body. All the shiny stainless steel cold instruments, my gloved latex hands, the icy cold examining room, and so many other details that I cannot share due to doctor medical fetish phone sex privilege.
You will need to call me for your own examination.
Specialties include but are not limited to: Cock and Ball Torture Injuries, Potty Training for AB/DLs, Castration, Cigarette Burn Victims of Smoking Fetish, Orgasm Denial/Prostrate Milking, Transformation Phone Sex for Sissies, Cuckolds and Shrinking Men and Humiliation Phone Sex for SPH sufferers.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf
Phone Sex Bio

Extreme Phone Sex

EXTREME PHONE SEX. There simple is no other word for what I do other than EXTREME. Really vanilla makes Me yawn ask anyone around. I would say ask My last sub, however, My PHONE DUNGEON SERVANTS are still cleaning up the mess from that call. One that brought a smile to My rose lips. For there was a fair amount of whipping. PHONE MISTRESS broke out the special whip that I use in EXTREME cases. A whip that when used just right breaks the flesh. We all know what happens when flesh is broken, don’t we? That sweet succulent smell enters the air. Mind you there is so much more to this DOMINATION PHONE SEX scene but I have already written some of the details on My Personal Site so use your fingers and go there.
Here is My PHONE SEX BIO read it all. Gazing at My stunning body does not count as reading the bio either. This is where you will find out that I am a DOMINATRIX into MEDICAL FETISHES, CASTRATION, AND RELIGIOUS/ RACIAL HUMILIATION. Now off you go to read.
Goddess Shiva
1-888-662-6482 Kneel When Dialing
FetishDomina is My Aim and Yahoo use wisely.

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