erotic tickling phone sex with blake

erotic tickling phone sex

Hey fellas! Blake here your favorite California slut, now exploring the Big Apple of New York! It is so beautiful this time of year! The big tree, covered in beautiful lights and ornaments. Getting the chance to skate on the ice! Drinking hot chocolate, and sitting by the fire with someone special! It is so amazing, and I got to share this very experience with an extra twist with someone that I talk to on a regular basis. I always have him guessing, never knowing what I have in store for him next. Tonight’s call with Jay was no different at all! *giggles* I have had it all planned out all week…. To make him completely weakened by my voice, and the touch of my fingers during erotic tickling phone sex.

You see on a previous call we had I made him melt in other ways. *giggles* He made the mistake of telling me that he is ticklish on certain parts of his body…*wink.* That gave me the perfect plan, knowing he would call again. I know just what he likes, needs and wants. You will be no different! *wink* I will have you wriggling and writhing beneath my fingertips and other methods of erotic tickling phone sex torture.

Just the mere thought of what I can do to you or to Jay makes my pink snatch, glisten with wetness. I know that makes your package rise, just like it does his. I am an addiction that cannot be gotten rid of too easily. *giggles* I love having complete control over what happens to your cock, after all I am the perfect tease, don’t you think? Want to know what other tools I’m going to use other than my teeth, tongue, and fingertips for erotic tickling phone sex with you? Just ask for Blake when you call 1 (888) 662-6482.

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