Horny Phone Sex Bitch Porscha

Lord I am one horny phone sex bitch today!

Well actually I was even more work up than normal last night. Perhaps its due to my usual big dick lovers all being away or busy this week. Rather hate when our schedules dont line up. Then I am left to self pleasure. Sure I have an abundance of toys for the job but you know that the real thing is far better than the battery operated boyfriend stashed in my nightstand.

horny phone sex bitch

Well last night after dear old B.O.B was not giving me what I want I actually agreed to let my husband fuck me. He was after all laying next to me and watching me masturbate. He could sense my frustration so I did what any horny housewife would do with their cuck of a hubby, let him eat me out. Have to admit he might not have the right size cock but his oral skills are pretty decent.

Let just say his oral skills can be a bit too decent when I am going on a week without those thick cum filled cocks. Yup I let him fuck me. Which might have you saying “But Porscha if you got fucked last night why are you saying your a horny phone sex bitch this morning?”

You may wish to re read the part where I toss out the term “cuck my hubby”. He lacks the ability to fully satisfy me. So even though I let his cock enter my very wet pussy it only reminded me why I rarely let him fuck me. So all his bumping and grinding did was leave me even more sexually frustrated. Which is why I am one very horny phone sex bitch who is on here with my battery operated boyfriends fully charged and ready for some wonderful taboo fantasies that will tie me over till the real cock come around. Which I am hoping for later this evening.

LORD please let me get some dick this evening!

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Delilah

Oooh fuck, I just had the hottest fucking big black cock phone sex call ever!! When I answered the phone I heard a sweet and sexy woman’s voice, and she said “I’d like to be dominated and humiliated for being a black cock slut.”

My pussy immediately got wet. Let the games begin…

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“That’s right, slut, get down on your knees and get face to face with that big fucking nigger dick, and get ready to have your face fucked.”

She loved that I didn’t waste any time, and that I just got right into telling her how to suck on that big black cock like a dirty little slut. I mean, when you want to learn to do something the right way, you go to the experts, right? Well, she knew what she was doing when she called me…

I made that little slut suck and choke on that huge black cock for a few minutes, then at my command he grabbed her, flipped her around, bent her over and fucked her dripping cunt with that thick black dick, pounding that tight pussy like a big black jackhammer while I made her tell me what a nasty slut she was for thick black nigger dick.

Our big black cock phone sex session didn’t stop there. Fuck no – I wanted to get more involved, so I put on my big black strap on and went around to fuck her face, giving her a good hard BBC spit roast, slapping her in the face while she choked on my big ten incher! She fucking loved every second of it, just like any good little BBC slut would, and when we talked about my big black stud breeding her, she lost her shit and came hardcore.

What a dirty little slut she truly was….

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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Poppy

I bloody adore a right proper bell-end that can stretch me wide open and bottom right the fuck out in me twat. That’s why I think it’s a muckle good time when a tiny pecker bloke calls me up to listen to me size queen shagging stories and get some small cock humiliation phone sex to boot. And the pricks that have nowt to offer a bird but a tiny shriveled up worm always have such a bloody fascination with the big dark meat cocks that always have such enormous cums!

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Of course a big black cock with a throbbing leaking head is what really makes small cock humiliation phone sex complete innit? Not only are you not the bloke to give me the screaming cums I bloody love so much but you just fucking know you’re going to end up right where you fucking belong. And where is that? Bloody right. You know you belong underneath those great chocolate bollocks using your tongue and lips like the right proper cunt bitch you bloody are!

Aye but the most exquisite small penis humiliation you can have luv that’s being subjugated to lick that right huge BBC’s load of hot creamy spunk out of me tight wet juicy cunt! You’re not going to get it right away either luv. That lovely bull of a chap is going to ram me right in front of your pathetic teeny pecker self and we’re going to make each other bloody well scream fucking right in front of your sorry cuck face.

So quit letting your teeny peeny shiver and shake while you hem and haw about whether you should ring me aye or nay. The number is 1-888-662-6482 and the name is Poppy luv. I know you small cock humiliation phone sex losers will be ringing me any bloody moment!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Tamra

When I told you I was a size queen phone sex slut, you should have known right then and there to walk away. Instead you lead me on letting me think you have something I’d want. You knew you could never measure up with that man clit of yours! Do you know how infuriating it is to reach into a man’s pants to stroke his dick, expecting it to become this massive hard rod, only to find out it’s a deformed micropenis? Disgusting! I don’t want some mini limp noodle leaking all over my perfectly manicured fingers! What did you think? You would get me back to your place, take out this pathetic pinky prick and I’d feel bad for you and fuck you? There’s nothing to fuck!

size queen phone sex

I made it clear from jump, you dickless loser. I said I’m a size queen phone sex slut so don’t waste my time if you don’t have at least 9 inches or more. Or did you miss that part? I said 8 inches…not 8 cms! Seriously, do you even consider yourself a man when you are hiding that earthworm in your pants? You are a pathetic excuse for a man and you know it. This size queen phone sex slut deserves to have a man who can take care of all of my massive cock needs. You literally fall short in every way! If you really want to make me happy, introduce me to your friend. I could see his bulge from a mile away. I’m sure he has everything this size queen phone sex slut needs and more! You can watch so you can see what a real man looks like! Yeah, we can put on a clinic of sport fucking and you can tug that wee cock while you watch and cry.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Harlow

My boyfriend loves that I engage in cuckold phone sex regularly. We live a cuckold lifestyle. I don’t just play the part over the phone. He was really hesitant about it when we first met and it took me a little while to talk him into it, but now he loves it. I mean, I just told him that if he wanted to be with me, he was just going to have to live with the fact that I love big black cocks and that I wasn’t going to change my lifestyle for him or anyone else.

cuckold phone sex

The first time he saw me get fucked by a big black cock, he was kind of confused as to what he should be feeling. On one hand, there’s his girl getting pounded by another man… a man who is twice the size of him. But on the other hand, I was having the best time ever and it was super hot to see me being pleasured and feeling so good. I asked him what his favorite part of the whole experience was and he said, very quickly, “Seeing your gaping pussy leaking that black creampie”. So from that moment on, he was hooked.

Of course, it took him a little longer to want to get in on the action. But eventually I talked him into getting down on his knees and getting those big dicks ready for me. The sight of him with a cock in his mouth really turned me on. I love it when a man is humiliated. And then I got fucked by that big cock and he cleaned me up afterward.

That’s how our relationship started and now we have gone far beyond that. Do you want to hear what our regular sexcapades entail? Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Eliza

Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like putting a manly bitch in their place with some humiliation phone sex. You may have the rest of the world fooled by thinking you are some big strong man, but we both know the truth, don’t we? Yep, I know just what to do with you pussy-whipped sissy sluts and you will thank me for it, too. I will tease and deny your pathetic dick until you are a stuttering and drolling idiot just begging for some release.

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I love to send you on humiliating tasks while you are wearing your cock cage with me in your ear telling you what to do. I don’t care how embarrassed you are, you will do it or there will be hell to pay. And I do mean pay! If you do not obey me, you will find yourself buying me presents, gift cards or tips to get yourself out of trouble. That can get expensive really fast, but I clearly don’t give a fuck. No matter what you choose to do, if you do the tasks or pay your way, I get exactly what I want — your total and complete degradation as I just sit back and giggle. And either way, you will be so excited that your sad blue balls will just keep swelling with cum. Your balls haven’t gotten the message yet that there is no release in their future. Even though I am a complete cunt bitch you never stop coming back, you know where the true quality lies. Just take a look at me. I am a sexy and powerful humiliation phone sex Goddess and you know that paying me for my time is an honor.

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Creampie Phone Sex with Bree

Guess what I was doing the other night? Serving up some creampie phone sex!

Sure I could of been out with a few friends at the club but gotta say if I am gonna stay home you fuckers know how to party on the phone. Well ok so like having a taboo phone sex princess to call helps out with your freaky party. Cause ya cant have a creampie cuckold fantasies without a super duper sweet creamy pussy.


So your welcome that I was more than happy to offer mine up.

This one guy it was fucking awesome cause it wasnt so much a small dick let me eat out your pussy cause I am unworthy type call. It was more he loved eating his own cum from a pussy he just fucked. Now that was fucking hot. Like to go from riding his hard jizzed filled dick till it explode and then switching my sweet princess ass right to his face.

Ya thats right from cowgirl to face sitting in one smooth move. Sure he might of lifted me up and helped me along cause he was that excited and didnt want a drop of his hot load dripping anywhere else.

Told ya it was one hot creampie phone sex fantasy!

Now dont worry I know not all of you have a dick that is totally fuckable so it could of been easily me fucking some  hot dude with a massive cock and he lifted my freshly fucked pussy right on to your face.

Ooo pass my pussy around boys!

Anyways that got this bratty princess super excited and ready for some more creampie phone sex fantasies. Like so excited I can barely type hahah. Hopefully this blog make sense.

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BBC Phone Sex with Quinn

I have the best time getting ready for my BBC phone sex dates. I bet when you tiny cocks loser look at me you can just tell that I am exclusively for those massive ebony cocks. A chick as sexy and horny as me would never waste my time and smoking hot body on a pathetic excuse for a man like you. Well, you can serve a purpose I suppose. Obviously, you will pay my bills and buy me presents. That is a given. But you can help me get ready for my fuckfests with BBCs.

BBC phone sex

As you can only imagine, they can be rather lengthy, and I want to conserve my energy so I can enjoy every second. So you can wash my hair, wax me, you know, the whole routine. As you serve me, I will tell you about all the filthy things I am going to do with that gigantic peen. I will paint quite the picture with my words and you will hang off every one of them. Maybe, if you do your job well, I will let you bear witness to this epic fucking I am going to take. I might let you pull my panties to the side and show my Mandingo my yummy pussy. You could have a close-up view as he penetrates my sweet pink snatch. It probably looks like it would never fit in there, but damned if he doesn’t’ fuck it in. I know your sad penis is as hard as it can get, at least for you. So you just watch and do not even think about touching it. You can clean me up after my BBC phone sex stud is done with me and then maybe I will let you tug on it a bit.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Harlow

I fucking love humiliation phone sex with losers like YOU. Yes, you. You would have scrolled right by this post if you didn’t think you deserved a little bit of humiliation. Or a lot of humiliation. You stare at women like me all the time. You know you will never be able to get a woman like me to pay attention to you, so you just drool over us from afar. You have NOTHING going for you. You have a dead end job. You have a face only a mother could love. You need to stop spending so much time at the buffet. And that poor excuse for a dick? Oh, that will not do. It won’t do at all.

humiliation phone sex

Of course I could humiliate you without you saying a word. I could make you feel like the smallest most unimportant person in the world. I could probably even make you cry. But I love making you tell me about all of the embarrassing experiences you’ve had. It makes me so happy to hear about all of the women who have turned you down. It makes me happy to hear about all of the women who have pretended to be interested in you just to get money and gifts from you. And it REALLY makes me happy to hear about all of the times you’ve tried to fuck a woman but your pathetic dick just hasn’t been good enough. You probably are a premature ejaculator too, aren’t you? You probably cum before you can even get the key in the ignition, don’t you? I bet there’s a pretty good chance you’re still a virgin.

What in the world are you waiting for, loser? Get your phone and get prepared for some pretty severe humiliation phone sex. Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Luciee

Humiliation phone sex to me is my passion, I love everything about it. Let me introduce myself I’m Princess Luciee, a little BITCH, yes you heard me right, I just love getting off from your stupidity. All sissy boys, small dick boys,and slaves are mine to have, just remember one thing you need me… I will never need you! I’m the princess that you will love and take good care of, meaning pay my bills, shower me with tips, send me gift card all the time just for no reason. In return, well I think you know what I will do for you, just talking to you should be enough. But I will give you some of my attention, very little but some. I do have an Ignore Line for all of you that don’t deserve my attention, and yes, you will use it. I like nothing more than to ignore your sad ass and talk to one of my girlfriend while you are on the phone paying for me. So get your head out of your ass and start calling me for the most amazing humiliation phone sex ever.

humiliation phone sex

I love making you do silly little task for me looking even more stupid then even I thought you could be…hahaha. I would like for you to worship me and want to obey all my demands even while I’m humiliating you. You will become addicted to me very fast and will always want to call me over and over just so I can totally make fun of your sorry pathetic ass. You ask why do I waste my time with losers like you well the answer is that all you freaky little losers will spoil me rotten in return.

I will be waiting to hear from you and humiliate you to tears, with my humiliation phone sex call me. Luciee 1-888-662-6482.

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