Cuckold Phone Sex with Harlow

My boyfriend loves that I engage in cuckold phone sex regularly. We live a cuckold lifestyle. I don’t just play the part over the phone. He was really hesitant about it when we first met and it took me a little while to talk him into it, but now he loves it. I mean, I just told him that if he wanted to be with me, he was just going to have to live with the fact that I love big black cocks and that I wasn’t going to change my lifestyle for him or anyone else.

cuckold phone sex

The first time he saw me get fucked by a big black cock, he was kind of confused as to what he should be feeling. On one hand, there’s his girl getting pounded by another man… a man who is twice the size of him. But on the other hand, I was having the best time ever and it was super hot to see me being pleasured and feeling so good. I asked him what his favorite part of the whole experience was and he said, very quickly, “Seeing your gaping pussy leaking that black creampie”. So from that moment on, he was hooked.

Of course, it took him a little longer to want to get in on the action. But eventually I talked him into getting down on his knees and getting those big dicks ready for me. The sight of him with a cock in his mouth really turned me on. I love it when a man is humiliated. And then I got fucked by that big cock and he cleaned me up afterward.

That’s how our relationship started and now we have gone far beyond that. Do you want to hear what our regular sexcapades entail? Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

You know that old saying that you can catch more flies with honey? I really take that to heart when it comes to sensual domination phone sex. I know some flies like vinegar, but there’s nothing like sticky sweet honey to catch you in my trap. I know how to gently nudge you toward where I want you to go and make you feel like it was all your idea to begin with. Some may call it manipulation, but I like to call it finesse. Doesn’t it just sound better? I think so. I’m so totally open to whatever you say in the beginning…docile and obedient. And my pussy is soooo good, you’ll get lost in it only to realize later that I got you to do things you never thought you’d do. I won’t tell you all my secrets. Just know that you’ll be so eager to please me that when we’re done you’ll be wonder what the fuck just happened to you.

Sensual domination phone sex is such a delicate balance of giving you what you want and taking what I want. Of course, I always tip the scales in my favor but you’ll never be quite sure when the tide turned. I’ll leave you to figure that one out later. Once you do you’ll be begging me to go again so you can get the best of me. Do you think you can actually do it? I’m happy to let you have a challenge, and it’ll be a big one. It might take you a few tries, but each time you’ll be so fucking satisfied that you’ll give in a little more.

How far will you go to please me and my pussy? I would guarantee that it’s much further than you ever thought you would go. Give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow and let’s see.

Body Worship Phone Sex with Harlow

body worship phone sex

I think you’re looking for a Goddess to worship, aren’t you? That’s why you’ve ended up here and that’s the reason you’re going to call me for body worship phone sex. I have the absolute perfect body. I know that when you daydream about worshiping a Goddess, you have a body like mine in mind. Long legs, shapely ass, perfect pussy, and gorgeous breasts.  I know there isn’t anything more that you could ask for. You know it too, don’t you? That’s why you are going to call me. I’m perfect and there really is no reason to keep me waiting.

You probably want to know what part of my body I want you to worship. Well, that really just depends on the day. Some days, I am going to want you to worship me literally from head to toe. Some days I might ask you which body part you want to most get your hands and tongue on and then I’ll make you worship every part of my body except that one because I know you want it so much. Do you think you’ll be able to follow my directions? You better or I’ll just put you in the corner and remain silent for the rest of our call. It’s not that hard to do what I tell you to do. And if you do, you will be rewarded. But just know that I will not be rewarding bad behavior. That would just make no sense whatsoever.

Do you think you can handle a body worship phone sex call with me? You are pretty weak, so I don’t know if you can, but I know that you are going to try. just give me a call right now at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Harlow

My feet are, put quite simply, pure perfection. That’s why I get so many calls from guys for foot worship phone sex. They want to clean them, pamper them, and take care of them in every single way. That means financially, too. I have so many guys who love to pay for my pedicures and shoes. I mean, it makes total sense to me because I’m a Goddess and that’s the kind of things a woman like me deserves.

foot worship phone sex

I also deserve to be able to do whatever I want to do to you with my feet. If I want to get my feet really dirty and make you clean them with your tongue, then that’s what you will do. If I want you to lie down in the floor and let me walk all over you, then you’re going to lie down and thank me for giving you the opportunity to be walked on by a Goddess. If I want you to give me a pedicure, that’s what you will do. I might even be nice and let you pick the color if you behave well enough. No matter what way I decide to make you worship my feet, it’s going to be a lot of fun for me. And you’ll be blessed by being able to see, touch, and taste my perfect feet. You know that you don’t deserve that kind of blessing, right?

I can’t wait to tell you all about what I’m going to make you do when you call me for foot worship phone sex. I will decide on a case by case basis, because every loser is a little bit different. But don’t worry – I know what you need more than you do.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow for foot worship phone sex.


Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

I am going to get really real with you right now. I do NOT need your money. Trust me, you don’t want to get into a financial domination phone sex relationship with a woman who needs money. She’s going to be desperate and it will just be super unbecoming. I, on the other hand, deserve all of your hard earned money. I deserve everything that is in your bank account. And I’m so sugary sweet and awesome that you will want to give me your money. Women like me do not ever have to ask for anything.

financial domination phone sex

So, what are you going to give up in order to give me what I deserve? Are you going to start eating at home all the time instead of going out for expensive dinners? I mean, you’re probably going to have to. I should be the only one eating expensive dinners. You can eat a cheap box of mac and cheese or something at home. I’ll be eating expensive lobster mac and cheese with my girlfriends on your dime.

That’s just the beginning of what you’re going to have to do to be able to afford me. Women like me don’t come cheap. But that’s okay. I know that you will be more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy and speaking to you. Because if you were not paying me, there’s no way in hell I would talk to you if you weren’t paying me to. Why would I? The only thing you can offer me is money.

Are you ready to give, give, give? Grab your phone and give me a call for financial domination phone sex right now. I don’t like to be kept waiting. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and tell the dispatcher you want to talk to your brand new Princess, Harlow.

Phone Sex Domina Shiva

Here is the rather important thing you need to know about this Phone Sex Domina I will not have sex with a submissive. Yes that means even in your wildest sexual dreams my pussy will not touch that what you consider a cock.

phone sex domina

In fact, your rather lucky I let your lips touch my body when I say kiss my feet or my ass. Where I let you place those lips will depend on my mood. Generally when I say suck my toes its to get you to shut the fuck up. Why is it you submissive fuck ups have such a hard time with keeping your mouth shut?

After all its my words that are the most important. My voice that should be the one filling the air. You called to hear what I have to say. Dont ever speak over this phone sex domina. For what I will do you will not enjoy. Dont go thinking I will be punishing you for you will sorely be mistaken.

No I am not going to sit here and type out what I will do to punish your for speaking over me for that is just a waste of my time and why fill you in on your punishment. I hate preparing a slave in such a fashion. Obey from the start or fear the consequences.

Now back to what is important. You knowing your worthless place in this phone sex domina’s world. Which is pleasing me by keeping your mouth shut and knowing your place. When I ask you a question you answer it and please answer it with the truth not some made up line you think I want to hear. Nothing pisses me off more than you doing that what ever pleases you Mistress. Course its what ever pleases me but I also need to know where you limits lie.

You may reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with phone sex domina Shiva.

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Courtney

Go on tell me that view of my ass doesnt get you craving some ass worship phone sex.

Go on I can wait.

ass worship phone sex

Just stare at my perfect ass cheeks and how that pink thong just enhances my sweet derierre. Yup figured it your already imagining running your tongue down along that super soft cotton thong panties. Sure you can wish that my panties were removed but see here is the thing I enjoy teasing.

So untill you prove that your tongue is gonna lick my ass the way I like those panties are not going anywhere. Yes that is how I work my ass worship phone sex fantasies. I remain in charge. Not in a super strong dominant way but in a very soft, sensual woman in charge of things type of way. Trust me the way I will sensually dominate you will have your mouth and cock drooling for more.

More of my sweet ass that is.

Before you ask yes this is one of my favorite positions to have you worship my ass. The other is by squatting down over your face. Perhaps I should of saved that for when you are on the phone but I know telling you that will lead to all sorts of begging from you and well teasing from me.

Leave you wondering when I will smother your face with my perfect ass.

Why wonder any longer how about you just pick up that phone and lets dive into some ass worship phone sex fun. I know I am more than ready to have your tongue exploring my bottom.

1-888-662-6482 just ask for Courtney.

CBT Phone Sex with Eliza

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t get some pleasure from CBT phone sex. I know that my sweet face and sexy body may lead most men to believe that that sugar wouldn’t melt in my mouth. But I do have an evil side that like to let come out and play from time to time. CBT is just the thing to help me with that goal. Why do we refer to people who we think are being babies as “pussies?” A pussy can withstand quite a pounding and all kinds of tough shit. We should call these people balls instead. Balls can’t take much punishment at all. And I should know, I do love to inflict it.

CBT phone sex

Of course, I always start with the old favorites. Give those balls a bit of a slap. I do love the sound that makes. It is like music to my ears. I always have a wooden spoon on hand so that my delicate hands don’t get hurt while I am having my fun. Then I move to to squeezing. This is always fun because the guy thinks that I might actually give him a bit of a handy, but NO! I am going to put both of my hands on that cock and then twist them in different directions. Then cup that scrotum and dig my nails right into the base. I think that will leave a mark, don’t you? I will move on to some pinching, possibly with tweezers. And then I will find my weights or other tools that I use to really enjoy a serious and prolonged CBT phone sex session.

So are you the right pain slut for me to go to work on today? Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Eliza.

Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Savannah

If you were to ask me what my favorite phone sex fetishes were erotic hypnosis of course would take top place. However, did you know that tease and denial phone sex fantasies are right up there?

tease and denial phone sex

For those that have called for some orgasm denial sessions with yours truly you know all to well how much I love giving a man blue balls. Taking you to the edge of orgasmic release and then tugging you right off that edge.


And over again.

Sure if you combine tease and denial phone sex with erotic hypnosis then I am one very happy girl. I mean its the ultimate in cock controlling fantasies. You have my hypnotic triggers embedded deep within your mind. With one small hypnotic suggestion I am able to have you obey my command.

I must admit this does make orgasm edging phone sex calls that much easier well from my stand point anyways. For its like its my hand stroking your cock. Or not stroking it depending on where I need you to be.

Your getting the idea right? How much fun an orgasm denial session would be with me?

Sure you are.

That’s why your cock is already twitching thinking about it. Course I don’t need you to be under my hypnotic mind fuck to have full control of your cock. My seductive charm will have you eager to obey just naturally.

So why don’t you do yourself a favor give me a call and lets make and evening of edging your orgasm.

1-888-662-6482 is the number to call to reach myself for some tease and denial phone sex fun! Honestly, you will be having fun with each and every stroke!

Tell the dispatcher you wish to beg for Savannah.

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

I am the epitome of a bratty domme phone sex princess. Because I am sexy as fuck, I always get what I want. Life is kick ass when you are are as fuckable as I am. I just love knowing that you horny men jerk your cocks at just the thought of my hotness. But the smart ones know that I am most certainly unattainable, that is without some much needed persuasion. Men want to please me just in the hopes that I might smile or flash a little cleavage. But nothing like that comes for free, I must be plied, so to speak. No, you have to buy me gifts, or gift cards or just generally put me on a pedestal like I deserve if you want to have even the slightest chance at spending some time with me. Even then, I might just tease you until your balls are a lovely shade of blue.

bratty domme phone sex

It will be quite a test of your self control if I make you edge for me and keep from cumming. And I will push you over and over. I want to hear you begging me to let you cum — whimper and moan like the broken bitch you are for me. Your whole body is urging you to blow, but you know that you can’t unless I give you the word. And unless you are ultra obedient and generous, you won’t get the go ahead from me. I want you on edge for days, maybe even weeks. Let’s look into getting you a cock cage so that you aren’t as tempted to jizz. It is just safer to keep your hands off, don’t you think? I am going to make sure that you understand that I am the bratty domme phone sex slut calling all the shots here.

Call for bratty domme phone sex with Eliza at 1 888 662 6482

Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza

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