Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Spencer

I might look sweet and innocent, but I can be a bit of a brat. I found that out when I started having bratty domme phone sex with all you losers. See, the thing I have going for me is that nobody ever really believes that I can be mean and cruel. I am tiny, adorable, and have the sweetest voice, so I can fool a lot of people. It always makes me laugh and feel so satisfied when a loser says “Wow, I had no idea that you would be so mean.” It always makes it so much more fun.

bratty domme phone sex

I love all kinds of bratty fun, but one of my favorites is small penis humiliation. I mean, what’s not to love about making fun of a loser with a small dick and telling him how he’s just not good enough for you?! I love it when they try to make a case for how they totally could please me, even though their dick isn’t very big. Contrary to what you may have heard, it IS the size that matters. If you can’t fill me up and stretch out my tiny cunt, then I want nothing to do with your teeny weenie. Well, other than making tons of fun of it!

In addition to that, I love CBT, financial domination, strap on play and so much more. I’m getting excited just thinking about all the things I can do to you. Is your pathetic dick getting excited, too? Of course it is, because you’re pathetic and only someone like you would get excited thinking about someone being mean to you.

But you know what that means? It means you need to pick up your phone and call me now! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for bratty domme phone sex now!

Humiliation Phone Sex with Savannah

Today I am in the mood to laugh so if you have a fondness for humiliation phone sex call then tell the dispatcher you want to call Savannah! Especially if you are into small penis humiliation cause giggling over your microdicks is just what I have on the mind today.

humiliation phone sex

In fact, just thinking about guys walking around with those needle dicks in their pants has got me giggling away today. Usually I am not one for being much of a giggler but today I am blaming the caffeine drink I had. Not one to consume such drinks my body is on vibrate mode and well hearing tales of your lack lustre lovemaking session will just add to the enjoyment I am already having.

Wait. Stop! No dont go thinking ohhh my small dick will actually satisfy a woman cause you know that is not what I mean. The caffeine kick started things and well I might as well use it to your advantage. Your small cock will never bring a woman satisfaction so please erase that from your mind.

Today is all about humiliation phone sex and if we talk about enjoyment from a cock its gonna be from some other mans cock. Definitely not yours. Perhaps this could be a day where you snag another one of the sexy woman here and we both get a good giggle out of your tiny dick. This way you could be unsatisfying to two women instead of just one. Not like you will ever be able to get a threesome in real life!

The number to reach me is 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah. You can also check with the dispatcher to see who is available for the threesome call. I know its been far too long since I had a humiliation phone sex call with another sexy woman here.


Size Queen Phone Sex with Tamra

Don’t call me a bitch for being a size queen phone sex slut! I mean, sure, I am a bitch. But you’re only calling me that because you’re ashamed of your tiny pathetic excuse for a cock. You think you’re embarrassed now? Wait until this size queen phone sex ‘bitch’ is done with you. You have to know that your wee pinky dick is going to get you nothing but constant berating and humiliation from me and other real women just like me. You need to get used to being called a pussy because you are practically walking around with one! Sad thing is, honestly no one would want you even if you did have a pussy.

size queen phone sex

I’ll tell you what this size queen phone sex slut would do though. I’d put you in a cute diaper with little teddy bears on them and nothing else. Well, maybe booties. And I’d stick a cock shaped pacifier in your mouth and put a sweet bonnet on your head. Then I’d put a leash and collar on you and drag you into a bar packed full of big, strong, muscular guys and let them all have their way with your tight boy pussy. THAT is more like what you’re life is destined to be like. Then we’ll see who calls who a bitch! I’m pretty sure they would all love making you be their pretty sissy fag. And I won’t let them stop using and abusing you until you get down on your knees and beg me to make them stop. It’s going to take a lot of begging for this size queen phone sex slut to have a change of heart though…so make it good! So call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Size Queen Tamra.

Fat Ass Fetish Phone Sex with Simone

Calling all you ass guys out there! Why aren’t you calling me for fat ass fetish phone sex?! Take a good hard look at my perfect round full fat derriere. It’s a beauty isn’t it? I know it’s making your cock hard just thinking about what it would be like to have your hands on my ass. Hah. I know it’s not just your hands, but your lips, your tongue, and of course, that cock on my ass. Patience my dear, this ass ain’t going any fucking where.

fat ass fetish phone sex

Take your time. Feel my body pressed against yours, my big tits and soft belly. Your hands on my big bum squeezing and fondling my cheeks and feeling me grinding into your hands for me. I’m one of those girls who really does get off with guys who have an ass fetish. Yep, I’m an anal girl and can cum when you’re lickin’ and kissin’ and makin’ love my to butthole with your happy hungry tongue.

Are you a submissive one who needs to feel the power of a BBW Goddess like myself? Your admiration of my fat ass means a healthy dose of smothering and face sitting. My pussy juices dripping to my sweet starhole and plastered right on your face. The only thing you can do is lick and taste and smell my stinky shithole. Inhale deeply because it might be the only air you get under my big fat bottom. I’m happy to take it even further if you are, just tell me so!

No need to feel left out if all your looking for is a big beautiful fanny to fuck either. I told you I get off on anal play and that includes some major league butt fucking too. Just make sure my rosebud is lubed up and quivering for your throbbing cock and have your way with me. Time it right and I’ll be cumming while you blow your fucking load deep in my ass.

Fat ass fetish phone sex, anyway you want it, I’m your girl.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Simone. I’m ready willing and able!

Big Breast Worship Phone Sex with Kassidy

Hello Spring! This busty girl is very happy for the warmer weather. I can ditch being bundled up under my sweaters and jackets for my more revealing tee shirts and dresses. Sure the nicer weather is having an effect on those who love to worship breasts.

breast worship phone sex

Actually I know it is for my large wonderful breasts have been getting all sorts of attention thanks to some breast worship phone sex fantasies. By all means men call me with your delightful stories on how you would lavish attention on my soft creamy mounds.

Better yet let me tease you some before the breast worshiping begins. Sorry perhaps its the sun but I just cant seem to help myself today and the desire to tease a man with a breast fetish.

You wont mind will you?

Kind of see teasing you as I am leaning over the counter or your desk at work. Discussing what ever it is. Your eyes trying so hard not to dart down but its very hard for my shirt is not containing my breasts at ALL.

You thankful your growing erection is hidden behind the counter. Yet your face is telling me everything I need to know! That you are envisioning 500 different ways in which to worship my big breasts. To be able to feel this soft skin that hasn’t been touch my the sun in MONTHS.

Since I am in a teasing mood I will leave things right there. Let us pick up this breast worship phone sex fantasy when you give me a call 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Kassidy. The big busty girl that is in the mood to tease and tempt you.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Harlow

My boyfriend loves that I engage in cuckold phone sex regularly. We live a cuckold lifestyle. I don’t just play the part over the phone. He was really hesitant about it when we first met and it took me a little while to talk him into it, but now he loves it. I mean, I just told him that if he wanted to be with me, he was just going to have to live with the fact that I love big black cocks and that I wasn’t going to change my lifestyle for him or anyone else.

cuckold phone sex

The first time he saw me get fucked by a big black cock, he was kind of confused as to what he should be feeling. On one hand, there’s his girl getting pounded by another man… a man who is twice the size of him. But on the other hand, I was having the best time ever and it was super hot to see me being pleasured and feeling so good. I asked him what his favorite part of the whole experience was and he said, very quickly, “Seeing your gaping pussy leaking that black creampie”. So from that moment on, he was hooked.

Of course, it took him a little longer to want to get in on the action. But eventually I talked him into getting down on his knees and getting those big dicks ready for me. The sight of him with a cock in his mouth really turned me on. I love it when a man is humiliated. And then I got fucked by that big cock and he cleaned me up afterward.

That’s how our relationship started and now we have gone far beyond that. Do you want to hear what our regular sexcapades entail? Just call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

You know that old saying that you can catch more flies with honey? I really take that to heart when it comes to sensual domination phone sex. I know some flies like vinegar, but there’s nothing like sticky sweet honey to catch you in my trap. I know how to gently nudge you toward where I want you to go and make you feel like it was all your idea to begin with. Some may call it manipulation, but I like to call it finesse. Doesn’t it just sound better? I think so. I’m so totally open to whatever you say in the beginning…docile and obedient. And my pussy is soooo good, you’ll get lost in it only to realize later that I got you to do things you never thought you’d do. I won’t tell you all my secrets. Just know that you’ll be so eager to please me that when we’re done you’ll be wonder what the fuck just happened to you.

Sensual domination phone sex is such a delicate balance of giving you what you want and taking what I want. Of course, I always tip the scales in my favor but you’ll never be quite sure when the tide turned. I’ll leave you to figure that one out later. Once you do you’ll be begging me to go again so you can get the best of me. Do you think you can actually do it? I’m happy to let you have a challenge, and it’ll be a big one. It might take you a few tries, but each time you’ll be so fucking satisfied that you’ll give in a little more.

How far will you go to please me and my pussy? I would guarantee that it’s much further than you ever thought you would go. Give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow and let’s see.

Body Worship Phone Sex with Harlow

body worship phone sex

I think you’re looking for a Goddess to worship, aren’t you? That’s why you’ve ended up here and that’s the reason you’re going to call me for body worship phone sex. I have the absolute perfect body. I know that when you daydream about worshiping a Goddess, you have a body like mine in mind. Long legs, shapely ass, perfect pussy, and gorgeous breasts.  I know there isn’t anything more that you could ask for. You know it too, don’t you? That’s why you are going to call me. I’m perfect and there really is no reason to keep me waiting.

You probably want to know what part of my body I want you to worship. Well, that really just depends on the day. Some days, I am going to want you to worship me literally from head to toe. Some days I might ask you which body part you want to most get your hands and tongue on and then I’ll make you worship every part of my body except that one because I know you want it so much. Do you think you’ll be able to follow my directions? You better or I’ll just put you in the corner and remain silent for the rest of our call. It’s not that hard to do what I tell you to do. And if you do, you will be rewarded. But just know that I will not be rewarding bad behavior. That would just make no sense whatsoever.

Do you think you can handle a body worship phone sex call with me? You are pretty weak, so I don’t know if you can, but I know that you are going to try. just give me a call right now at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow.

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Harlow

My feet are, put quite simply, pure perfection. That’s why I get so many calls from guys for foot worship phone sex. They want to clean them, pamper them, and take care of them in every single way. That means financially, too. I have so many guys who love to pay for my pedicures and shoes. I mean, it makes total sense to me because I’m a Goddess and that’s the kind of things a woman like me deserves.

foot worship phone sex

I also deserve to be able to do whatever I want to do to you with my feet. If I want to get my feet really dirty and make you clean them with your tongue, then that’s what you will do. If I want you to lie down in the floor and let me walk all over you, then you’re going to lie down and thank me for giving you the opportunity to be walked on by a Goddess. If I want you to give me a pedicure, that’s what you will do. I might even be nice and let you pick the color if you behave well enough. No matter what way I decide to make you worship my feet, it’s going to be a lot of fun for me. And you’ll be blessed by being able to see, touch, and taste my perfect feet. You know that you don’t deserve that kind of blessing, right?

I can’t wait to tell you all about what I’m going to make you do when you call me for foot worship phone sex. I will decide on a case by case basis, because every loser is a little bit different. But don’t worry – I know what you need more than you do.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow for foot worship phone sex.


Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

I am going to get really real with you right now. I do NOT need your money. Trust me, you don’t want to get into a financial domination phone sex relationship with a woman who needs money. She’s going to be desperate and it will just be super unbecoming. I, on the other hand, deserve all of your hard earned money. I deserve everything that is in your bank account. And I’m so sugary sweet and awesome that you will want to give me your money. Women like me do not ever have to ask for anything.

financial domination phone sex

So, what are you going to give up in order to give me what I deserve? Are you going to start eating at home all the time instead of going out for expensive dinners? I mean, you’re probably going to have to. I should be the only one eating expensive dinners. You can eat a cheap box of mac and cheese or something at home. I’ll be eating expensive lobster mac and cheese with my girlfriends on your dime.

That’s just the beginning of what you’re going to have to do to be able to afford me. Women like me don’t come cheap. But that’s okay. I know that you will be more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy and speaking to you. Because if you were not paying me, there’s no way in hell I would talk to you if you weren’t paying me to. Why would I? The only thing you can offer me is money.

Are you ready to give, give, give? Grab your phone and give me a call for financial domination phone sex right now. I don’t like to be kept waiting. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and tell the dispatcher you want to talk to your brand new Princess, Harlow.

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