Serve it up on a platter – Hot and Yummy oral phone sex

WOW — there is truly nothing hotter than some serious give and get oral. I love the feeling of getting (of course) of looking down at a man, running my hands through his hair while he totally goes at my pussy all crazy. And since I am totally a give and get girl — there is just something about the look in a man’s eye when he is looking down at you, on your knees, with his cock in your mouth.

Come on, you know the look. The look where you just totally let go and take it to the next level — wanna hear more? wanna try it?? You know where to find me!


Asian Cock Tease

fuck it 

I’m going to tell you just how to stroke that cock. How to rub the head, feel your balls, and how hard to touch it.  I love to wait until your balls are so full you think theyre going to explode, and then make you beg to cum. Youve never had tease and denial like I give EVER.  And I never EVER let a man cum when I’m playing with him.  Think you can take it?


Suck for a Buck !

It’s Friday nite, and I love to play with sissy bois!   


Lets go shopping, I want you to have a sexy, hot outfit to take you out tonite.  Pretty red panties, black stockings and garter belt, and don’t forget the matching red bra, slut.  I will cover it up with a short black skirt and see-through cream blouse (I want everyone to see that bra), and 4″ heels.
Do your hair, and darken the make-up (don’t forget the cocksucker red lipstick) tonite your going out with Mistress Mallory.
A local club, some hot men, and I will be having the time of My life.  I plan on making lots of money, slut. See tonite is
“Suck for a Buck”
and I will thoroughly enjoy pimping you out.
Bring your lipstick, you will need to freshen up a few times. (lol)
Call Mistress Mallory and don’t get a run in your stockings.

Phone Sex Cutie Likes To Get Naughty


Hiiiiii everyone out there in phone sex land!!! I feel like being a really naughty girl today….well okay, so I feel like that everyday but that doesnt make it any less special hehe!!


I cant believe its already October. Wow! Almost Halloween. Last Halloween I was a bad school girl and my boyfriend dressed up in a suit like a teacher and he had a paddle that he kept smacking my ass with hehe! It was fun. I dress up like a school girl lots though, I dont just save it for Halloween. This Halloween I wanna wear a really naughty and sexy costume. Maybe you guys have some suggestions?? Let me know on the phone!

And I hope were gonna get creative with those Halloween themed phone sex roleplays. Oh geez, that would be fun….I actually have a few in mind already. Heres one……I’m a cute little teenage girl dressed in a skimpy fairy costume. You caught me and my friends egging your next door neighbors house. All of us ran but you caught me and grabbed my arm. I dont wanna get in trouble so I make a deal with you…if you dont tell on me I’ll let you do anything you wanna do!! You get to fuck me any way you want!! Hehe, I think that could be lotsa fun! Definatly could end up being some hot phone sex!!!

Wiggles and giggles from your phone sex cutie!!

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Sexy Mommy Michelle and AB/DL phone sex

Oooohh, there are some things that seem totally natural. Like straight up hot phone sex, mutual masturbation — we can all get into those because we them every day!

One of the fetishes that seems like second nature to me is AB/DL, the adult baby fetish. I think it is SOOOOOO FUCKING FUN!!! I treat my adult babies just like I treat real babies — I feed them baby food, change their diapers, powder them and of course, scold them and discipline them if they are not doing what they are supposed to do.

I have a couple of favorite babies — like any mommy would — because they just totally get into it and I love anything that is HOT AND REAL!!!!


Sensual Phone Sex

I am in the mood for some long, slow, sensual phone sex.  I want us to tell each other our fantasies, and then explore them.  I want to live them out with you on the phone.  I want us to cum together, and I want our phone sex to leave us breathless.  Sound good?  Get on the phone and call me 🙂  I’ll be waiting for you.

1 888 662 6482 – ask for Gretchen


You want it?

Do you really?  DO you want Lani to  make all of that frustration just go away?  To bad!  I’m in a tease and denial mood.  Thats right- I’d love just LOVE to tease you until you feel your going to explode from pressure.  There is nothing funner for me, that to listen to you whimper like a pathetic loser on the line. So amuse me and I’ll abuse you.

Kiss it-



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