MMmmm I love to play!

Mmm I absolutly had to get on here and talk about this hot guy that calls me!  We always have Soooo much fun.  I am like the ultimate girl for J, and he totally calls me all the time.  J loves sensual touching and massage and of course what ever J whats J gets because that just what I do.  I start off with rubbing his back and down his chest all the way to his big cock.  I rub his big cock with my mouth and go down to his balls.  I make J moan until he begs me to fuck him.  I mean I make J want to cum so bad with my skills that finally I hop on top of him and ride that cock all the way home!!  Mmmm just thinking about fucking makes me so horny!!  Mmmm pleasure me.


OMG ! I lost my cherry !


lol, I just started with and no sooner did my phones get set up and “poof” I lost my cherry !

 It didn’t hurt at all *giggle* ok you got me, my cherry was popped a long time ago!  But I did lose my phone sex cherry ! *giggle*

 I had a really hot call with “C”, I love taking a man through an exciting session of “guided masturbation” its one of my specialties ! I loved to hear him explode !

Then I got to play with my little brother “P”, I caught him wearing my panties, and he looked so adorable, I just had to show him, how wet it made me to see him in my bra and stockings too!  He was so sweet, I could just hug him all day long.

 I had so much fun yesterday and completely lost track of time.  I stayed up way past my bedtime. Maybe one of you will volunteer to tuck me in tonite.  *giggle*

Call me, but I don’t think we will stay out of bed long enough to watch the stars come out. lol

Hope to talk with you soon.



Live 2-girl PHONE SEX!!!!!!!!!

YES BOYS — that is right!!!!! Taylor and I are doing it again…. Any of you that have called before (P, N, R and the rest) know how hot it is when Tay and I get together. Well look out, we are doing it again!!!!

It is going to be AWESOME — we will be out partying a bunch but we will also be taking lots of calls — Friday is party night — so look for us early on Friday or on Sat or Sun — the fun runs through Monday at a secret location here in the beautiful South (hint: it is a casino 😉 )

Talk to you soon

Wild and Kinky Phone Sex

Sometimes to have something wild and sexy. it takes time. You have to relax and let go. Had 2 hot calls with B yesterday. The first one where he just wound down and got relaxed and the second where we just let our hair down and totally kicked it.. It was SMOKIN’ HOT!! Ready to do it again 😉

And don’t forget to check out my latest blog entry and hot pics on my web site,


New Gal on the Block

Hi Guys;

Just wanted to introduce myself, and say that I am looking forward to having some fun, sexy, kinky times with all of you.

Be sure to check out my website at:

I’m sure I have something that may be of interest to you. lol

I love to spend time in the sun, chatting with my guys and making friends. Specially horny friends!

Look forward to chatting with you soon.



Two Girl Phone Sex


I had SO much fun yesterday with K and sweet lil Andi yesterday.  They took such good care of me… sucking on my big tits and fingering my pussy.  I came ALL over their hands.

There are SO many girls I want to play with… why don’t you pick out a girl and call us?  I promise you’ll have the best phone sex EVER.

1 888 662 6482 ask for Gretchen

Mommie is here for you

Hello everyone. Been a couple of days since Mommie Shelby got to tell you about her calls. Mommie got to play with her little Melissa for the whole day on Wednesday. Turning her into a little whore just for Mommie. Then J called and let Mommie show him what to do when his little pecker got hard. And R what can I say about him? I turned R into a little cocksucker while I was fucking his ass with my dildo. He took it so well. Screaming for more!!! Ring Ring, Mommie is needed. Gotta go!





or call Mommie @ 1*888*662*6482












Strap On Phone Sex

I KNOW there are some sissies out there who love to be taken by a sexy woman.  I know you want to bend over and have me push your panties to the side and fuck you until you beg for mercy.  Or maybe you want me to turn you into a cock sucking sissy.  Nothing would make my day more than having sissy phone sex with you.  I’ll be waiting.

1 888 662 6482 ask for Gretchen.

The best Kandi around

Hey there sexxxy boys!

I had this hot hot call yesterday!  I got a call from one of my favorite boys lol we will call him DJ.  It was so hot and I loved it!  I started by sucking his huge throbbing cock and pleasing him just right, I remember hearing him moaning and it turned me on Sooooooo much!  Then I made him eat my pussy just right, I sat on his face and let him eat it real nice and good until my pussy got so sloppy and wet.  DJ told me to get on my knees so he could fuck me and mmmmm I was so happy to!  So Ass up and face down he stuck that big cock in my tight little pussy and oh boy It felt do good going in and out mmmm like the best baby lol!  Needless to say he called back……..I mean with phone sex this good you can’t tell me you wouldn’t either hehe!


1 888 662 6482

Phone Sex With Sloan, The Hottest Brat Ever…

Okay so could Nelly Furtado Maneater be about anyone but Miss Sloan?! No I really don’t think so.


Everybody look at me, me

I walk in the door you start screaming

Come on everybody what chu here for?

Move your body around like a nympho

Everybody get your necks to crack around

All you crazy people come on jump around

I want to see you all on your knees, knees

You either want to be with me, or be me!

It just fits. I can’t help being pretty, controlling and perfect. I cant help that you do whatever I say. If I’m a maneater its because you deserve to be eaten by this phone sex brat.

Kiss kiss.

~ Sloan


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