Roleplaying With Your Phone Sex Badd Girl

Hi guys! Its friday and I am feeling hot and horny. I might go out with my girlfriends and I might just stay here and play with myself for you. Hmmm, choices…choices. ~Winks~


I had a really long but productive morning. I’m decorating some offices on the Campus here and thats going to be pretty basic. Classy and scholastic looking. Lots of primary colors and rich woods. A lot of times I do think of phone sex while I’m on a job. I couldnt help it today. A came up with a very hot phone sex roleplay; Youre the Dean and I am the sexy decorator redoing your office. I’m early to an appointment we have and walk in on you and a Coed. Shes on her knees pleasing and I dismiss her and take care of you myself. Mmmm…hot right?!

1-888-Moan-4u2 if you want to have horny for you on the phone…




Phone Sex Bratty Brunette!

Miss Sloan coming at you on this lovely Friday from the equally lovely Hamptons. I’m planning out partying this weekend but that doesnt mean I won’t be taking your hot phone sex calls. So if your a strap on slut, or a sissy or daddy type then I’m sure you want some of this bratty phone sex Princess.

Kiss kiss.

~ Sloan

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Mistress Birthday Wishes

Today is my motherfucking birthday so I am not taking ANY SHIT TODAY!! NO FUCKING WHINING – NO MOANING!! NO WANKING — NONE OF IT!!! I hate all that shit and it goes DOUBLE today!!

corset pic of marissa the phone sex domina

If you are not a good, obedient little fucker don’t even think of even saying HI to me today. I have no time ANYTIME for lame losers and wankers and again, that goes DOUBLE today!!

Here is what Mistress would like for her birthday!!

1 fucking wax slut to turn into a birthday cake
2 cbt whores to bind and tie and HURT
3 anal sluts to try out her brand new stilettos and cane on their asses
4 anal sluts (who can get enough) to try out her KING SIZE STAINLESS DONG
5 fucking novices to train and use
6 sluts who have no fear and can take a good fisting
7 cocksuckers to gag and suck while Mistress has them suck off 1000 trannys
8 pay piggies to FUCKING DRAIN
9 panty sluts to be prissy and sissy
10 LOSERS for me to humiliate

So if you fit into one of those categories – PERFECT!!! I can’t wait to cross it off my list

Mistress Marissa

Spoil your Phone Sex Princess

MMMM — I totally LOVE sweet men!!

And being totally SPOILED by a sweet man….. AH…. BLISS!! Totally missing a couple of my big spenders and pay piggies but totally into sitting back and letting the prezzies roll in.

hot, naked picture of phone sex princess Hollie

One of my boys makes sure I am always looking my best by keeping me up to date with the latest sunglasses and handbag, but there is always room for another spoiler — like good shoes — a girl can never have too many!!!!

So, give me a call — Be sure and ask for H-O-L-L-I-E — 1.888.662.6482


The Perfect Tease

MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM look at all the naughty kitties here.  The pussy at The Kitten Ranch is wet n wild and ready for some phone bonin. 

Me, I am Cameron!  Your anything goes lil fuck slut.  As long as you aren’t wanting that hardcore domme, I am game.  But hey if you are looking for that hardcore bitch I can certainly reccommend a few of the bitches I have had the pleasure of doing 2 girl calls with.  You won’t be dissappointed as long as your phone sex shopping begins right here.  Who wants to play with this naughty teen tease?  I look forward to all your dirty secrets.


Lets Play!


Phone Sex Addiction@ The Kitten Ranch!

Damn! Can DBMG get any fucking better? Well…… Obviously! Just look around.
smoking hot jayden ready for hot phone sex, kinky phone sex

For those of you that don’t know me, your dicks are are so missing out. Trust me you want to know me. The only problem with knowing me is needing more. If you think you can handle addiction then you better get your ass on the phone and give me a call. I don’t fuck around and you won’t either. I have a very dirty way about me and enjoy all things totally nasty, and taboo. There is nothing I won’t do and I cringe at the thought of limits. Find out more about me

Give me a call and prove to me you can hang with the best!
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The Best In Badd Girl Phone Sex

Hey guys! Life is good here at the Kitten Ranch right?! How can it not be…hot phone sex girls, a sizzling phone sex blog and you! I adore it here. And I find it so sexy to come home from my day job and be your badd girl.

Thank you for all the compliments on my the redesign of my personal phone sex site Call A Badd Girl! I didn’t do one thing except pose for those pictures you see in the design… ~Winks~ Don’t worry I passed the compliments on to the very talented web design diva who did do most of the work.

I’m in the mood for some naughty phone sex, 1-888-Moan-4u2 if you are too!




Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Erica

MMM – common knowledge that I love lingerie and that I love panty boys!! But if that panty boy is also a sissy — yummy. At least be an anal whore and let me knock the back out of you with my strap on! Boys who resist and are closed minded have NO IDEA what they are missing. But, sissies, for sure are a fave!! I just love to hear a sissy suck cock and gag on it when they deep throat. And an awesome anal finish — yum!

yummy ass of miss erica who LOVES sissies and sissy phone sex


Phone Sex Girl

I’m really really happy to be apart of the new site. I have enjoyed every min of my phone sex life. I never even thought I would be doing it but I am really gald I got into it thanks to Miss Amber. When I moved out from OK I was so nervos and scared about everything. But those days are long gone!!!!

I am very out going and a blast to be around, I’m open to  trying new things all the time. Phonesex has really helped me in that. Espically in the naughty department! and I love to role play I like that you boys make me your naughty girl.

there is so much to explore in fantasy land and I would love to come along for the ride!

~Heather .aka. Honey~


Phone sex with me!




Hiiiiii everyone out there in phone sex land!
Why don’t you guys come and taste these… 

…Hehe!!! I dont think I need to ask considering how busy Ive been on the phone. Mmmm, so much fun. I wanna tell all of you about some of the hot things Ive done on the phone lately…

My knee sock daddy let me suck on his cock and it was very very yummy! Hehe, then he fucked my tight little pussy and we both came! Then I was a naughty teen slut who ended up getting really dirty with an older guy! Mmm, so hot! My step dad forced me to be his personal babywhore. He ripped my clothes off and made me to suck on his cock and even take him inside my little girl fuckhole. I was a teasing young slut riding my bike around and flirting with guys! An older man followed me back to a secluded spot in the park and I stripped for him and let him fill my mouth and pussy up with his hard dick! Then I was a sweet and horny little cocksucker using my hands and mouth to get a hot load of cum hehe! I fibbed about my age but that only made J hotter!!! Mr R was hot and so much fun, he got off together and it was soooooo good! I got to play with Alley to! We were naughty sisters who got caught by our big bro playing with eachother and so he wouldnt tell our parents we let him play with us too!

Wiggles and giggles from your phone sex cutie!!

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Ohhh. P.S. Check me out at The Kitten Ranch!

Its a new phone sex site and its so naughty, so hot and so much fun you definitely wanna go look around there!