Creampie Phone Sex with Arizona

Hey boo! It’s ya boss ass bitch Arizona. Most women will lie, and say that they don’t like or don’t want something that, for me, is one of the best things a woman could ever feel. Men will lie about it, too and say they don’t want the risk. When we are teens, and have our first sex education class they drum into our heads to have safe sex. They teach us that we should ALWAYS use a condom, and that having sex without one is oh so very risky. For me the risk is the best fucking part! Creampie phone sex gets my pussy so wet because I know I am going to feel every bit of what nature intended me to feel, and that has my perfect black slit dripping wet just waiting to feel it.

creampie phone sex

The risk it entails is just part of the pleasure for me. It makes it so much more fun to not know exactly what is going to come of barebacking. I mean who can say they like the feeling of a condom when they are fucking? I know I certainly do not want to feel anything like that inside of him. Nothing should keep me from feeling every bit of what that man has to share with me.

For a man I know so many men love watching that creamy baby batter all over my perfect slit. I can feel your cock get harder and harder. You just can’t control yourself the moment I tell you I want you to get me pregnant- and NOW. You either have the balls to take that risk, or you don’t. You either want to take that risk, or you don’t. If you think you have the balls to give me the creampie phone sex session that we both are craving, just call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Arizona.


Foot Worship Phone Sex with Naomi

With Queen Naomi, foot worship phone sex isn’t just talking all sexy about getting a pretty little foot rub, baby. Hell no! It’s about keeping you down at my feet where your pathetic fucking ass belongs! That’s right, cunt – you need to be on the floor, at my feet, with nothing else on your mind except how to best serve my superior black ass!

foot worship phone sex

Do you think you can take care of my royal feet the way I deserve to have them worshipped? I’m not sure you can handle it, bitch. I guess we’ll find out when you call for foot worship phone sex, but the fact is if you’re calling me for that, it’s going to turn into so much more than foot worship. Don’t forget you’re worshipping at the feet of a true bitch Queen. You’ll probably need to be told how pathetic you are while you take care of my feet. If you fuck up and rub them too hard or too soft, I will most likely just shove a foot in your mouth and fuck your face with it, stretching your mouth out and making sure you show me how much you like the way the lotion on it tastes! And you’ll love it because it will taste so much better than when my feet were dirty and I had you lick them clean!

I don’t think you can please me right, twerp, so you’d better put your all into the effort! If you try hard enough to impress me, I might reward your efforts with some of the nice, sweet, girly foot worship shit you like. I might let you kiss and suck my toes, and if you’re a really devoted puppy dog, I may even wrap my toes around your pathetic dick and give it a thrill. But be warned – you will have to beg for it.

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Barely Legal Phone Sex Slut Dani

hi its dani your favorite barely legal phone sex slut! did you know that guys really like watching a girl do the hula hoop? either did i really but i went to this class at the gym with my friend and it was some hoopercise thing. not sure what they called it really but you exercised with hoops. it was a coed gym i dont mind. more fun to exercise in front of guys get to show off my cute bum.

see the classrooms are over by the cardio machines and all the guys were spending a lot of time on the tread mills. normally when we go in there the guy are all in the weight room which is behind the cardio area not as a good of view. but ya have us in the class room area with the hoops on our hips spinning and gyrating our hips around and around. no wonder they are in the cardio area. my girlfriend and i were paying more attention to the guys then to the instructor. it was so much fun.

the girls who were really good at hooping i pretty sure they have lots and lots of sex or are like really good at cowgirl position. i pretty much imagine i was riding some guy’s cock. giddy up! hee hee but i wasnt the only one my friend said she did the exact same thing! it was way too much fun i wanna do it again. yes only cause it makes me think of sex. i dont think that is so bad.

you want me to be that barely legal phone sex slut riding your cock? bet ya do!!! then just give me a call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for dani i am the one with the super cute young sounding voice and really cute giggle.

Roleplay Phone Sex with Spencer

Hey guys!!! I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE roleplay phone sex. It’s like the coolest thing ever because you can pretend to be anyone in the world. And I fucking love it when guys call me to tell me about people they have always wanted to fuck and then ask me to be that person. Also, I prefer super taboo roleplays. I know you have or had a girl in your life that you wanted to do the nasty with but you just never had the courage to go for it. I get that, I guess. But now that you have me, you don’t ever have to wonder what it would be like. I will be her and I will make it good. I can promise you that.

roleplay phone sex

See, the more horny YOU are, the more horny it makes me. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am when I know you’re getting close to cumming. Holy shit, that’s like the best thing in the world. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even get close to cumming if you aren’t close yet. I just love pleasing real men that much! And I know that you’ll be a total nice dude and make sure I cum, too. You wouldn’t leave a cutie pie like me hanging after I go to so much trouble (the fun kind!) to make you cum, would you? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Call me right now for roleplay phone sex at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for the hottest roleplay experience of your life! Maybe if I’m a good girl, I can even tell you about some super hot roleplay fantasies I have. We can play out mine next time you call me!

Erotic Tickling Phone Sex with Caroline

Mmmmmmm how I do love to be tickled, especially by a man with whom I am about to get intimate. Tickling can be so erotic in the right circumstances, sugar, and with some erotic tickling phone sex, we can create those perfect circumstances together. I love to feel strong hands all over my body, whether they’re caressing me or holding me firmly in place – it doesn’t matter what they are doing, and tickling is no exception, honey bun! It can be sensual and uplifting at the same time, an exhilarating form of foreplay, or it can be the main entrée by itself, but be aware that whatever way you choose to serve up your erotic tickling phone sex, you will be left breathless!

erotic tickling phone sex

I can feel it now – you’re straddling me, pinning me to the bed. I’m wearing next to nothing, with so much of my milky smooth skin exposed. You tell me it’s coming and I laugh, knowing you’re serious, but still I beg you not to torture me with your fingertips despite us both knowing I really, really want it bad. You hold your hands out where I can see them, fingertips extended, hands ready to strike, but you pause for effect….I giggle and beg you not to…

You move in for the kill! Your fingertips strike all of my sensitive areas – my neck, sides, the backs of my knees – I’m powerless to do anything except writhe and laugh, but your strong, rough hands feel amazing all over my body! I’m so turned on already, but I get even more worked up when I feel that hard rock bulge grow between your legs, pressing against my body as you keep me in place. Your hands do their best to torture me until I beg you to stop – you’re exhausted from laughing with me, and you collapse on top of me, hands still moving all over my body…where do we take it next?

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Babysitter Phone Sex with Poppy

When a mam like me says I like babysitter phone sex it means summat a bit different than you might suppose see luv. I really am a single mom who needs a sitter from time to time but not always for the reason you may be thinking! That babysitter she is fit as fuck and her sweet barely legal pussy tastes so good luv! She never complains about the method of her payment for an evening of babysitting not her yeah. Me babysitter knows that a hot younger MILF eating her honeypot is a treat she’s nowt to pass up!

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I’ll be straight with you luv it all started when I came home early and caught her in me bedroom with one of me suction-cup rubber willies attached to the wall. The poor slut loved getting caught on her tiptoes riding that bloody huge prick so much she had herself a ginormous cum all over it right then and there staring me straight in the face. The only thing better than the look on her face right then having that honey drip down into her knickers was the look after she dropped to her knees and I grabbed me big rubber cock covered in her twat juice and shoved it in her mouth. I stood over her and shoved her head down my big rubber lady junk making it bloody clear that if she was going to dirty me things she would be the one to clean them up! I made her keep cleaning it up while I strapped on me favorite pounder right over me shorts. I didn’t even ask if her soaking wet twat was ready before I shoved me huge fucking bellend right into her tight hot babysitter pussy! She still had the other dong in her mouth and nearly choked I fucked her so bloody hard for using me things without having nary the decency to ask.

By the end of that first babysitter phone sex session me babysitter and I knew we were going to be going at it all the bloody time luv. There’s so much more to tell you just ring up Poppy at 1-888-662-6482 to hear all about me barely legal babysitter phone sex recces!

Kinky Phone Sex with Georgie

Hey boys, it’s Georgie, back with another post! I’m sure you all know that there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of different fetishes and kinks out there in the world. Now, I’m younger than most at 18 years old, so I’m still learning, but I’ve made it my personal mission to learn about as many kinks as I can! And you? I have a very good feeling that you love kinky phone sex!

kinky phone sex

Tell me, what are your favorite kinks? If it’s not something I’m familiar with, please don’t be afraid to teach me! I can be your perfect fetish student. I strive to give my callers a quality, out of this world, mind-blowing phone fuck session every time. Let’s experiment together. Let’s explore all the fetishes that you’ve been too afraid to try before!

Maybe there’s a kink that you’re intimately familiar with, but you have a hard time finding a girl that is willing to play it out with you. I hope you’re willing to let me try! I’m so curious to know what makes you tick. Show me what it is that makes you excited, what gets you painfully turned on. Show me what you think is the best version of kinky phone sex!

A dirty slut like me needs to know what you want to do with me. Spark my imagination and let us run wild together. You know what I want. My body on your body in any configuration you can think of. Get nasty. Don’t hold back. I want to get you spilling your balls harder than you ever have before. I want the opportunity to milk your cock for every drop.

Make sure that you’re ready for some dirty, kinky phone sex with me! I know you won’t be able to resist once you see what I can do. 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie!

CFNM Phone Sex with Arizona

Hey Boo! It’s ya boss ass bitch, Arizona! I have a really hot idea for how to humiliate the next pathetic subbie that wants to think they can disobey me. I will tease and torture them for hours, getting their teeny stick so sore, they HAVE to try to do something to take care of it. They will have no choice but to sneak off and try to release the pressure in another room, even though they are not supposed to do so without permission. I will purposely wait just fucking long enough for them to get undressed, and then walk in on them while I’m fully clothed during CFNM phone sex. I will walk in, not say anything, and just watch them. WIll they be bold enough to finish stroking? I don’t know. What I do know is that they won’t get to see me naked at all.

CFNM phone sex

Why should they get the pleasure of my naked body to look at, or anything else that makes it easy for them, for that matter, when they did something against my wishes. Did they really think I wouldn’t know? My stupid subbies only get that ultimate release when this fierce fresh and fabulous bitch says it is ok, and that is not very often. Disobeying me is a surefire way of pissing this boss ass bitch off, and you don’t want to do that, believe me. I can be quite the cruel mistress when pissed off, and this particular subbie has to earn back being on my good side. He won’t get that for quite a while now that he has tried to be so damn naughty during CFNM phone sex. If you think I will give you the time of day call 1-888-662-6482, and maybe I’ll let you be my next loser subbie.


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Girl Next Door Phone Sex with Presley

I saw you watching me today while I was helping put up Halloween decorations. Cum to think of it I always notice you watching me when I’m outside. I know I know you can’t help looking cause I live right across the street. I bet your one of the older guys that call me for some girl next door phone sex but lower your voice LOL.

girl next door phone sex

So let me be clear with you, I know your looking. I love you looking at me. I sat on the bottom step with that plain jane beige dress from church on. I knew you were watching when I spread my legs as far as they could and pretended to be stretching. I hope you got a good view of my teal parties that barely covered my puffy pussy lips. I hoped for your sake they moved over a bit and showed you some of my forbidden fruit. Sorry if I made you rock hard and you had company over, I’m sure if you didn’t you would have gone in and jerked off over me.

Who knew when you moved in I would be such a naughty neighbor and girl next door! I really have no shame. Go ask Marc next door to me just last week I went running over there really short shorts and a tank top with no bra on and told him I needed to help my toilet wouldn’t stop running……. there was nothing wrong with it LOL. I teased and teased until he had me over the bathtub ramming my pussy til he screamed as he came inside me. I wonder if his wife heard him since she was home from work?

I know what your thinking boy shes such a bad girl !! Yes, I am 🙂 I would love to be naughty with you and spread this soft legs and let you see my sweet pussy and touch myself until you can’t take any more and just have to touch it for yourself. Cum play with me!

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Big Tits Phone Sex with Eliza

Are you into big tits phone sex? Duh, right? My tits are all natural and can keep you busy for hours. I know just how fortunate I am to be an authentically busty chick. Lots of women have to pay a shit load of cash to rock even a fraction of what I’ve got. I come from a long line of big tittied women. So I realize I won the genetic lottery. As a result, I had to get used the effect my bodacious ta-tas had on most men.

big tits phone sex

When I meet a man, it takes him a while to even notice that I have a face. I don’t think it is disrespectful. As a matter of fact, I love it. I have always been a big flirt and when you factor these massive melons in, I pretty much get whatever I want whenever I want it. Sometimes all it takes is a tight shirt and, boom. I could throw in a jiggle or even a cold wind so my nipples get hard and that guy is in my pocket to use whenever I feel like it. Just the idea or suggestion that they might get to see or touch my fun bags makes a horny guys imagination run wild. You want to motorboat them, don’t you? That could be an all day job! Just think of kneading them and putting your mouth all over them while I moan and whimper for more. My boobs were made for titty fucking. It takes a big cock not to get lost in there. But come and give it a try anyway. I want to feel your balls drag across my chest while you pump that cock through my penis squeezers.

Can you just see them bouncing and jiggling as you pound your cock into me? You know you need some big tits phone sex to help empty your balls. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for sexy stacked Eliza.

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