Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex with Georgie

My parents raised me to be a good Christian girl, that much is true. Unluckily for them, as soon as I got to high school I was unrelentingly tempted by the dark arts. I just didn’t trust a word that came out of the churches teachings anymore! Can you blame me? The bible is just an outdated, bullshit piece of fiction. There are so many good things in life that those religious crocks try to make you swear off and it soon became my goal to twist all of those commandments so I could enjoy them to the fullest. Maybe that’s where I got my taste for religious blasphemy phone sex!

religious blasphemy phone sex

My one of my first real boyfriends was a Satanist. So, you could say my descent into Hell was a swift one. I was glued to him and he taught me all the ways to dedicate myself blood, body, and soul to the great Lucifer. Now, at the bright age of eighteen, I’m a full-blown conduit to Satan on Earth. I’ve got draining souls down to an art. The guys I hook up with rarely even notice that their life energy is being drained away as I fuck them senseless!

The best part about religious blasphemy phone sex, in my opinion, is getting you guys to admit that you’re willing to sell your soul off bit by bit in exchange for mindblowing pleasure. It’s second nature for me to take you through a little ritual, but it’s always fun to spice things up! You know, some bible desecration here, cursing each and every point of the cross there. Doing the devil’s work is meant to be fun after all! Take that stick out of your ass and put your cock in mine while we hail Satan together in bliss!

I know religious blasphemy phone sex isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is for these black souls! Try it out and damn us both. 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie

BBC Phone Sex with Autumn

All women love big black cock. If they say they don’t, they are most definitely lying. I’ve always been into BBC in real life and that’s how my love of BBC phone sex came to be.  There are a lot of guys out there who love big black cock and I am here for it. It’s fun to tell a submissive cock sucking slut to get down and choke on a big black dick.

I know you aren’t a woman, but do YOU deny that you like BBC? Or that you want it? Well, you really shouldn’t. Let that freak flag fly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting down on your knees and wrapping your hungry lips right around that big black piece of meat. You crave the hell out of it, don’t you? And there are times when you would do just about anything to get it. I know about your type. You are most likely going down to the glory hole late at night because you need a fix. Don’t you worry. There will always be plenty of throbbing hard black cock down at the glory hole ready and waiting for you. You might even get lucky enough to get more than one in a night.

BBC phone sex

Don’t worry – if you’re a BBC phone sex virgin, you can still go down to the glory hole. I actually think that’s a really good place for you to learn to suck cock if you’ve never done it. Do you think you have the guts to actually go through with it and not just talk about it? Well, I think if you have me on your side, I can talk totally talk you into doing it pretty easily.

Are you ready for BBC phone sex fun? All you have to do is call me at 1 888 662 6482 and make sure you ask to talk to Autumn.

Size Queen Phone Sex with Annaliese

Large, throbbing, thick and meaty are just a few words that come to mind when it comes to size queen phone sex. I like them big and I like them to know how to take control. Alpha men and those who are truly dominate are the ones who know how to take control when it comes to a woman like myself. I am a total and complete slut and will get on my knees in a heartbeat. Thinking about a man with a thick meaty long dick makes my fucking panties so wet. In fact when I think about having my very experienced mouth sliding down on a long thick pole I can’t help but start masturbating. I love to also not only deep throat it but look up and say “yes use my mouth as your own personal fuck station. I’ll gag all over that big dick.”

size queen phone sex

Find me dressed in something very revealing and form fitting. Because I love showing off my big mouth watering tits. I love showing a man my cleavage. I love wearing very short skirts that show off my sexy long legs. I love it tight fitting so it clings to the shape of my ass. I love having it so short that when I go to bend over you can see the way my panties grab a hold of my pretty pussy and tight ass. If i’m feeling like a slut then a lot of times you may catch me in a thong or maybe nothing at all! Does that make your dick really hard for me? Does it throb knowing that my pussy is very wet for you right now? Just think about walking in seeing me like this. Me reedy to make your dick happier than any other woman can. And why do you think that is? Because I am all yours.

Something that makes my pussy dripping wet is knowing that you are in the mood to push your cock in all of my fuck holes. Are you stroking now fantasizing about feeling my addicting pussy grabbing and choking your dick? Are you thinking about how turned on I am for you and your big fat dick? Don’t worry either because I’ve had some very large ones push in my fuck walls. You can dominate and take control with this size queen phone sex lover. I won’t ever say no to you. The only time I say those words are to small dick submissives and cuckolds. They get the pleasure of being my clean up boys. I just love cream pie boys, fluffers and those who love sloppy seconds. Cuckolds also love sluts like me who love taking a big fat dick in my mouth, pussy and ass.. MMMM I love cum too. I love it deep in my fucking pussy, in my tight kinky ass, shot all over my big tits, on my face and down my throat.

Put me in your favorite position and grab a hold of my hips and get ready to give it to me anyway you like. I must confess that one thing that makes my pussy very wet is making you cum like no other woman can.Does the thought of hearing me beg for your cum make you want to start stroking right now? Do you love it when I talk dirty to you? I just love having the kind of sexy voice and dirty imagination that makes you want to rip my fucking clothes off and give it to me so good I never forget you. Do you have all kinds of fantasies that make you drip pre cum for me? You may get even harder when you hear my sexy voice calling out your name and then beg for all that delicious cum.

This size queen phone sex slut is so turned on for you right now. So please stop stroking that big dick and give me a call. I’ll make you feel so good and cum so hard that you can’t help but come back for more.

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Domination Phone Sex with Eliza

It’s funny how the world makes it seem like men are so tough, so macho…when really most of you are little sissies needing a domination phone sex mistress to control you and own you. You’re just scared fellas who need to be reminded that you’re nothing but a worthless subbie bitch. All I have to do is strip you down, put you in a cock harness, and make you crawl on all fours to put you back in your place. But there’s so much more fun to be had on our domination phone sex call than that. You’re my pet. My plaything. And when I need to relieve my stress, you’re my boy toy to abuse and use in any way I wish.

domination phone sex

Don’t think I don’t know you get complete pleasure from all of it. That’s what makes it more fun for me. If you’re responsive that makes me enjoy it more. Let’s start with a spanking. Bend over the table as I whip you with my flogger. Every time I swat you I want you to say, “Thank you, Mistress.” After I have covered your ass with red welts, I’m going to punish your hole with my biggest strap-on. Squeal and beg for your domination phone sex mistress! The more you beg, the harder I’ll fuck you. Good boy. Now lay down so I can ride your throbbing cock and satisfy myself. I’ll tell you when you are allowed to cum. Not until I have had my fun.

You’ve been such a good boy for our domination phone sex session, but you can’t cum inside me. Shoot it on your hand and lick it up. Now kiss my pussy and tell your domination phone sex mistress thank you for letting you be my fuck slave today. You just might bet lucky again *wink*.

Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Eliza

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Georgie

Did I hear that someone around here is wasting perfectly good jizz? Tell me it’s not true! Why would you do such a thing when all that hot cum you just spilled is so fucking delicious? Do you know how many whores would be crawling on their knees and begging to get a mouthful? You must not, or you wouldn’t be pumping and dumping like that. If you don’t understand why someone would want it, then you need to sample it yourself! We both know you will once you agree to cum eating phone sex with me.

cum eating phone sex

You have to be at least a little bit curious about what that nectar of the balls tastes like, particularly with how popular blow jobs are. Don’t lie, you’ve watched plenty of porn with sexy bitches begging for a hot load directly on their tongues. I’m sure you’ve caught yourself staring at that cock with far more curiosity than you expected to as well. You may not be ready to be a cock sucking slut yourself yet, but tasting cum is perfectly harmless. All you need is a load of it ready to lick up.

Imagine it. That hot and salty cream dripping on to your tongue from your fingertips. Don’t be discouraged by the first taste, either. Cum eating phone sex gives me the chance to encourage you to get in the mood and keep lapping it up. Cum can be a bit of an acquired taste, but you’ll learn to like it soon enough. The more times you taste it, the more quickly you’ll find yourself addicted. Let me guide you in spilling that load and pouring it down your throat. I can’t wait to hear that you’re craving cum for your next meal!

Don’t think you’ll like cum eating phone sex? I’d be thrilled to prove you wrong! All you have to do is dial 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie to do the rest! You’ll be a bitch for jizz in no time.

BBC Phone Sex with Kassidy

Usually when I get asked what is on my mind its only one topic big black cock! Seems this week I am not the only one who is obsessed with some large dark dick with the amount of BBC phone sex calls coming my way.

bbc phone sex

Course its not that its even just guys wanting to talk about big chocolate cocks but the desire to suck them. I am in no way judging this cause you all know that when I see a dark skin man walk by I am fighting back the urge to be his bitch. Seriously, they have this special pheromone that has me wanting to drop down to my knees and open my mouth so that I can be their dirty cum slut. So it would only make sense that you being a small dick man feel that ultimate power a BBC man has.

Perhaps we should both be dropping down to our knees and worshiping that dark dick. Letting its wonderful powers of seduction wash all over us with each lick.

Just thinking about it really does have me craving more cock.

Big. Thick. Throbbing. Dark. Dick.

Who else out there wants to explore a bbc phone sex fantasy where you help get that cock ready for my pussy. Lets take our cuckold fantasy to a new level. You know you have been thinking about it. Now is the time. Your already licking your lips thinking about that big chocolate cock filling my pussy. Why not fluff up his cock for me.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Kassidy


Occult Fetish Phone Sex with Delilah

Hey baby, why don’t you take a chance and step with me into the dark side of things? I know you’re fascinated, even turned on by the temptation. I can tell by the way your breath is quickening as you read this. You’re tired of being a good boy, going to church and pretending to care about spiritual cleanliness. You feel like you’re on the outside, looking in at the party, and you’re just dying to join the rest of us proud sinners. Well, look no further, sunshine, because I’m here to wipe that light right out of your skull and give your cock a new and dark experience. I’m here to open your eyes with some truly dark occult fetish phone sex that will have your mind and your cock throbbing with the vibrations of truly enlightened sin.

occult fetish phone sex

Just look into my eyes. Can’t you see the evil sin that resides there? I’m a seasoned witch, flowing with feminine power, which I use to tap into otherworldly things, like the deck of tarot cards I always have handy for when you call. We can scry and see what the fates have in store for your sinful soul. I’ll pull a card while you pull your dick, and together we can tell the future. We can get even darker and say prayers to Satan while we renounce the church and offer ourselves to the Dark King of Sin. Occult fetish phone sex with me means we can roam into many dark realms, exploring the hedonistic secrets of true sin.

Be prepared. You’re at the crossroads, and it’s time to sell your soul for absolute satisfaction. Can you sign the contract and seal it with cum?

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Delilah for occult fetish phone sex with that dark and evil temptress you’ve been waiting for! See much nastier photos of me at Twitter @DelilahDirty too!

Small Penis Humiliation with Poppy

I always get a muckle good laugh in when I find a bloke who doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy a slapper like me. You know what I’m on about. When a man barely has any manhood to distinguish him from bugger all then all he’s really good for is small penis humilation innit love?

small penis humiliation

I cannot tell you how much I love to have meself a laugh to hear a man with nowt but a peanut and two berries between his legs try and impress anyone. He better mix a bloody good drink have a fat wallet and come ready to serve if a teeny weeny type chap wants to get even a moment of me time.

Sometimes I like to have meself a good time making a wee fellow really embarrass himself. There’s nowt quite like having a dick and two bollocks smaller than a pea to make a bloke look proper only wearing women’s knickers innit love? And if he’s already wearing pretty little skivvies why not add a bustier to make it matchy matchy? Might even make him dance around in a pair of pointy heels too high enough to make him wobble! Oh aye that’ll do it to make me cackle aloud during small penis humiliation.

Or maybe a twee bell-end like yours needs some real punishment love. Torturing a cock and bollocks adds quite a right bit of spice to small penis humiliation innit? If it’s that itty bitty than there is all the more reason to make it feel a bloody lot innit? Maybe if you’re lucky it’ll even swell a bit and get a wee bit bigger aye.

If you think you’re a chap who can take small penis humiliation dealt out by a bird who knows her business ring me 1-888-662-6482 and let’s give it a bloody good go!

Taboo Phone Sex with Georgie

Look at you, you naughty fucker! At first glance, I wouldn’t have thought that you had it in you to be that kinky. I guess it’s a good thing that I can admit that I’m wrong because you are one hell of a fan of taboo phone sex and exploring all things fucked up. Are you going to explore that fucked up brain of yours with me? I hope so!

taboo phone sex

What is crawling to the surface of your dirty mind today? Honest, some of the stuff that you dirty men dredge up manages to surprise me every once in a while. There’s such a long list of options. Are you into blasphemy? Is it ABDL? Or are you a storytelling sissy? I wouldn’t be surprised by any of those, but try your best!

Come on, what’s your secret fantasy? With taboo phone sex it could be anything! I aim to please but I can’t do anything if you don’t tell me. Is it racial humiliation and you’re just too embarrassed to say it? Let this be a safe space to play out those kinky things that really turn you on even though you would never tell any of your family and friends.

You’ve got a dark side, I can already tell. I just want to dig inside your brain and discover all the fucked up dreams you have. Whatever it is that you want, make me your cum dumpster, please! I love the dirty things that you’re dying to try out. Don’t you want to have that one particular fantasy come true? I’m so ready to dream it up with you.

I want to be your taboo phone sex girl and that’s no secret. Are you ready to get fucked up with me? You know what to do. 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie!

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Caroline

I really do get lonely in this big ol’ house by myself. I’m alone far too often. My husband feels bad that he has to go out of town so often, but he can’t help it. It’s business, and that’s how I have this big, beautiful home to enjoy, so I can’t complain. It just seems so much bigger when I’m by myself, so I do whatever I can to get some pleasure while he’s gone. I mean, really, what else is a girl to do? It’s ok – hubby knows what I do when he’s away. He loves hearing about it because he has some really hot black cock white wife fantasies, and you can bet I do everything I can to fulfill his fantasies. I mean, after all – I have to be a good wife, don’t I? Sometimes, if I remember to set things up ahead of time, I will even provide him with photos of my dirty deeds – that’s if he’s not actually there, of course.

black cock white wife fantasies

Yes, I’m a lucky girl. Because my husband has such intense black cock white wife fantasies, I get to have all the BBC I want. He absolutely loves to be there if he can, sitting in a quiet and dark corner, quietly stroking his cock while he watches me get stretched out and pleasured by a big black cock. Sometimes I think he’s blown more loads from watching us than the delicious chocolate cock that’s been fucking me has blown deep inside of me…somewhere 😉

But even when he’s away on business, he’s thrilled to find out I’ve been having a good time without him. I imagine him sitting in his hotel room, watching interracial porn, and stroking that cock of his while he looks in his phone at the photos I’ve sent him. As long as his black cock white wife fantasies are satiated, he doesn’t care how his hunger gets fed. And I get to reap the benefits every time….

Do you also have black cock white wife fantasies? Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Sweet Caroline, and we can get off together! <3 <3 <3

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