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Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Gretchen

I love talking to cross dressers! I love comparing notes on trendy makeup tips and where to find the best deals on clothes, and it’s amazing learning all the ways they make themselves look so feminine and pretty. When a guy calls for cross dressing phone sex, it’s like talking to one of your best girlfriends! I love hearing about their preferences for fabrics and colors – do they prefer silky panties or lacy ones? Red? Pink? And I always ask what color their toes are painted. A lot of times a cross dresser will keep his toes painted so he can always feel pretty, even at work, since his shoes cover up his dirty little secret. Yes, by the end of a cross dressing phone sex conversation, we’re like the best of friends, doing exactly what best girl friends do – sharing all our darkest secrets with each other!

cross drssing phone sex

Mmmm, those are definitely not all makeup tips being shared. Once those big boys turn into gorgeous gurls, they love to go out and get into trouble, and afterwards they dial the phone for some cross dressing phone sex with Gretchen, and they confess all the dirty deeds they did while wearing sexy lingerie. I love hearing about all the men they get to play with, all the blowjobs they gave and all the times they let a man fuck them because those men were so turned on by the idea of being with a beautiful woman who also has a cock! These gorgeous gurls get more dick than a lot of women, sometimes several dicks at one time! They know they’ve got just what a lot of men want, and they have learned exactly how to use it, and Miss Gretchen just loves hearing about every sordid detail. So cum on gurls, call Gretchen for some hot cross dressing phone sex and let’s share all of our naughtiest stories with each other!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen for cross dressing phone sex!

AIM: MILF_Gretchen
Twitter: @MILFGretchen
Tumblr: milfgretchen

Phone Sex Slut Emily

You know what they say about redheads, right? That we are wild in bed? Let me just tell you that nothing could be more true than that stereotype. I mean, it’s not really even a stereotype if it’s true, right? I’m a wild cum guzzling phone sex slut and I would love nothing more than for you to call me for a wild phone fuck session.

phone sex slut

I’m not really for the faint of heart, just to warn you. I am a no taboos phone sex slut and I like it sick and twisted. Think of the most nasty fetish or fantasy that you can think of and I’ll do that and more. I will up the ante on any fantasy you have. You will think that you’ve died and gone to heaven when you call me. I know how to please you in ways that not very many women do. Like I said, I have no limits and so that means you can have whatever you want. I know some girls SAY they are limitless but then when you call them, they tell you no. That’ll never happen with me – I can promise you that. I just want to phone fuck you and have a screaming orgasm with you. Isn’t that what you want, too?

So, if you think you’re ready for this hot redheaded phone sex slut, go ahead and call me. I will make your wildest dreams come true. I am ready for your wildest fantasy, fetish, or roleplay. Do you think you can shock me? I doubt it, but I think it’s cute when guys call me to try to push my limits. So do it, baby! What is keeping you? Call me now at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Emily, your kinky phone sex slut!

Yahoo: sluttyemily

Erotic Phone Sex with Lexi

I have a confession when it comes to erotic phone sex. I simply can’t get enough of hearing you cum and finding new ways to bring you to that special sexual place. You came to me not being that experienced but you knew you wanted more. Your body ached for the touch that only I could give it. Your mind wanted to taste the mind fuck I offered. Your soul wanted me to give you the sexual spiritual healing it craved. I knew that in order for me to capture your entire being, I would need to entice you more.

erotic phone sex

We went on a vacation together at a resort where anything goes. There were couples walking around naked and some even were fucking in the jacuzzi. We both felt free to do anything our heart desired. At dinner we ate clams and oysters and even sipped on some champagne before we noticed a couple nearby eating their own type of kinky dinner. The guy was licking away at the sweet spot of his partner for everyone to see. The sight of it all made us both give into our erotic phone sex needs.

I grabbed your hand and led you to the resorts magical pool of desires. The legend was that anyone who stepped foot into the pool would reach their sexual peak and have all of their kinky wishes fulfilled. I took off my clothes before stepping foot inside of the pool with you right behind me. Bringing you close to me, I felt your cock poking me letting me know that you wanted a taste. I turned around and allowed you entrance into my sweet center. Your cock filled me up in erotic phone sex as we both gave into our sexual cravings. We spent the entire night giving one another orgasms as the heated pool heightened our experience.

Ready for an erotic phone sex experience you wony ever forget? Then call me Sexi Lexi at 1888-662-6482

Phone Sex Tease Harlow

So, I took a part time job as a legal secretary JUST so I could go there and be the hot phone sex tease that I am. Yes, I do love teasing you guys over the phone, but sometimes I just need to see the look on a man’s face when I am teasing him mercilessly. As a bonus, I have fun teasing stories to tell you when you call me. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

phone sex tease

I found my intended target during my first day on the job. He was an older man, but not too old. I could just tell that he thought he was hot shit and thought he was God’s gift to women. Was he attractive? Yes, but he wasn’t hot enough to that kind of attitude. He walked over to me and asked me if he could see me in his office and I just laughed to myself and thought “Well, that didn’t take long at all.”

I walked in and sat down and he told me that he liked to have a special relationship with all the hot girls in the office. I said I understood and walked over and sat right down on his desk in front of him. I spread my legs and that’s when he saw that I was wearing no panties. I asked if he wanted to touch me and he didn’t answer with words. He just put his hand right up against my pussy and cupped it in the palm of his hand.

That’s when I hopped off his desk and told him that I didn’t know what the other girls in the office did for him, but that I’m not easy and he’d have to work harder if he wanted me. What he didn’t know is that I had a whole lot of teasing planned for him and not any satisfaction at all.

Do you want to hear about all my teasing ways? Call me, your phone sex tease, at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow.

CBT Phone Sex with Alyx

I heard the hottest CBT phone sex story the other day. Fuck! Even though I’m only 18, I’m really into CBT…especially, with older men with tiny little dicks. They’re just so much fun to tease & fuck with. I am always thinking of new methods & ways to torture a guy who is into CBT. The more devious the better. Well, for me that is.

CBT phone sex

Now, I must confess, as much as I would like to take credit for this…it was actually one of my girlfriends who told me about it. So here’s what happened, one of my girlfriends was talking to this guy & he told her that his wife was really into CBT. I guess the poor thing cums extremely fast & so she likes to torture & humiliate him. Makes perfect sense to me! Fuck! One night the guy came home from work & his wife decided to have him get naked & then she put a blindfold on him. She then led him to their garage. She handcuffed him to one of the beams in the garage & attached a bungee cord to his dick & then also to the door too. Every time she opened the door…well, I’m sure you can imagine what happened. Open & close – over & over again! It tortured the fuck right out of him! Sounds incredible! Oh & it gets even better…as he’s moaning, screaming, & crying out like the pathetic little fuck that he is – she takes off his blindfold to see all of her girlfriends watching. How humiliating is that! Of course, each of the girls took turns fucking with him too! Fuck, I love CBT phone sex. Now, here’s the question…which one of you little itty bitty dick losers wants to try it out first. Don’t keep me waiting. Fuck, that’s hot!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Alyx

Yahoo: kinkygirl_alyx

Barely Legal Phone Sex Submissive Dani

your wondering what your weekend needs? well to make it a kinky fun weekend? ME!!! a taboo talking barely legal phone sex girl.

yup thats it!

a super cute barely legal phone sex teen with an even better taboo sounding voice. oh wait can i say that? well i did. probably get spankings for it later. eeekkk!

barely legal phone sex submissive

jokes on you i love spankings. well not a lot of them but you know enough to make my bum pink. not sure how many spankings that is but its a lot. well might not be that many if you spank hard. do you like to punish  your girl?

i wasnt planning on talking about spankings or being punished but maybe cause i have been super naughty thing week on the phone i need a punishment role play.

hmm i would say what i am thinking but i am pretty sure its extremely taboo and well i would get a umm dick in my mouth  ya thats it.

see how i turned things around like that?

ok no more messing around. if you like taboo talking barely legal phone sex girls who are like super naughty and well love to be punished for being naughty then call me DANI!!!  the blond submissive girl with a cute bum.

i know you cant see me right now but i am totally dancing and trying to type so if there is typos its my bootys fault. this wont be very funny in a few minutes when i have a pink bum and its too sore to sit on. but its fun now!!!!

just ask for dani the one you probably gonna have to put in her place cause she is being super cheeky today. 1-888-662-6482 is my number.


Roleplay Phone Sex with Simone

I get asked all the time if I do roleplay phone sex calls and every time the answer is yes! It seems weird to say that one of my favorite role-play scenarios is when we are just being ourselves, putting us in sexy, kinky scenes. Late night strangers at the bar who go for a quickie in the back room. No need to exchange names, fast and dirty is the way tonight. Let us be younger lovers exploring our bodies for the first time, or even explore younger guy older woman (and vice versa) fantasies. Be the pervy policeman who pulls me over late at night who suggests that a blow job might get me out of the ticket.

roleplay phone sex

The best part of roleplay phone sex is being anyone anywhere at anytime. I love taboo fantasies that are so twisted they won’t even let me talk about it here. Ever since you can remember you have fantasized about sneaking in her bedroom and sniffing and playing with her panties. Your ex was a bitch and I just the woman to exploit your revenge fuck fantasies. And if those taboo desires go even further, I will help push your limits to making it all happen on the phone.There are no limits to what we can talk about on the phone.

Something else I find really erotic and a turn on when playing different roles on the phone is the exchange of power. Not necessarily Domination and submission, although I definitely am into all that, but the switch of power in every day situations. Maybe you are the boss and I am your secretary. I am the teacher who finds herself at the sexual mercy of her prized student. You’re married and desperately want to see your wife be a total slut for another man. The possibilities are limitless, so don’t be shy.

Call me and tell me your favorite roleplay phone sex fantasies! Simone 1-888-662-6482

aim – sensualbbwsimone

Interracial Cuckold Phonesex With Cheating Wife Karen

Are you curious about interracial cuckold phonesex with a real life hot wife?
Cuckold Phone Sex
I’ve always been fascinated by big black cock, and this snow bunny always cuckolded all her white boyfriends, from the time I started dating.
And I know you are curious, does anyone ever set out to become a cheating wife?
This cheating wife loves big black cock, and I have a lot of interracial cuckold phonesex stories to tell you, and hopefully we can both play out your cuckold husband fantasies.
Just recently, my husband was up for a big promotion at work, and I’ve been curious about his boss ever since I saw a picture of him up on the company site, big, black, bald, and I just knew he’d be perfect to star in my white wife black cock phone sex fantasies, while giving my husband a much needed boost, see, I am a very good wife 😉
My cuckold husband knows I am a slut for black cock, that his little white penis isn’t enough for me in any way, and that this slut wife has decided, he’s just going to have to accept that fact that he’s a cuckold, the more bbc orgams that I have, the better for us both!
What could be hotter than a white wife who loves getting fucked by huge black cock, right in front of you?
Just ask my husband, it’s the one thing that will always get him off.
And this slut wife aims to please, want me to tell you exactly how I seduced my husband’s boss into a promotion?
When you call me for cuckold phone sex, I know what you want, how about I describe for you exactly how much I love getting fucked by big bull cock?
I can tell you how white cuckold cock can’t satisfy me, never will, even though I love the benefits of being married.
And you can tell me how you suspect your wife is just like me, want to swap cuckold phone sex stories?
Call me for the best interracial cuckolding stories, I can’t wait for the both of us to explode!
Yahoo: KarenRides

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

Listen – I don’t care how much you go into debt when you call me for financial domination phone sex. If you are that worried about it, you wouldn’t be calling me. So if you aren’t worried, why should I be? I mean, not that you being worried would have any effect on me. I’m the prettiest Princess around and I deserve everything. And that’s what you are going to give me – everything.

financial domination phone sex

I hope you enjoy living a very basic life because that’s what you’re going to need to do once you start calling me for financial domination phone sex. All of the luxuries you maybe have gotten used to are going to be a thing of the past. The only person who will be living a luxurious life from now on is ME. But the thing is – I deserve it. Why? I mean, come on. Look at me. Don’t you think a girl who looks like me deserves every luxury that life has to offer? I’m way better than you or any woman you could ever manage to get, so you might as well just accept that and spend all of your hard earned money on me.

And speaking of earning money – you are going to need to make sure you can give me everything I need, so you might even have to get a part time job to supplement. And unless you have paid days off, I better not ever find out that you took a day off from work. If I do, I am not going to be happy because that means there will be less money for me. I want more, not less.

Stop dicking around and call me right now for financial domination phone sex now. Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Princess Harlow.

GFE Phone Sex with Gretchen

You work damn hard, and you want to play equally hard. You crave the attention of a beautiful, kind woman, but you don’t have much time to actually put into a real relationship. That’s why GFE phone sex is perfect for you, and I’m the girl to call for it. I mean, look at me. Those full red lips, that hot round ass, those creamy thighs and bulging tits – I make a great trophy, and an even better fuck toy. I’m horny all the time, so I’m always ready when you have the time.

GFE phone sex

I’m great to talk to – I really listen to what you have to say, and I’ve got an excellent memory, so every time you call me for GFE phone sex I’ll be able to talk with you about the things you’ve spoken about before. Your life, your career, your hopes and dreams – I’m here to follow the story and encourage you, like only the best girlfriends do. Why wouldn’t I? You deserve only top shelf!

I’d especially like to be the freak in bed you want to play with every night. – the one girl that knows exactly what you like, and how to make you feel ooohhh sooo good. I want to send you to bed smiling wickedly and thinking about the next time you will talk to me, and hopefully you’ll be planning what naughty things you want to do to me next. I want to give you this hot, delicious body, and the best GFE phone sex experience you’ve ever had. I’d love to wear sexy lingerie for you, rub your back when you’ve had a long day, and tell you that you’re my man. The best part is you don’t have to buy me jewelry and candy, or take me out for expensive meals. I’m just here for you whenever you need me to be. Not a bad arrangement, huh?

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen for the GFE phone sex caress you need!

AIM: MILF_Gretchen
Twitter: @MILFGretchen
Tumblr: milfgretchen

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