Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Ivy

Sometimes I touch myself so much I think I might have a real addiction to masturbating! I do it for hours a day in my dorm room, in my car when I’m stuck in traffic, in a movie theatre when I get bored, but best of all… when I am on the phone! I absolutely love mutual masturbation phone sex! Hearing your voice and the sexy sounds you make as you give yourself pleasure, knowing how hard your dick is as you slide your hand around it and thinking about the ways you could pleasure yourself with my body if you were here with me, it’s almost going to make me cum just thinking about it!

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And the best part is that the pleasure will be mutual because you will hear my soft voice beg for your cock and hear me moan and whimper breathlessly as I cum for you! And for a really good time maybe we can helping each other with some sexy instructions! You can tell me how touch my body or how many fingers to use! And if you are feeling adventurous maybe we can even use some toys… you could tell me to fill all my holes, you can hear me slurp on a dildo, and you can hear my wet pussy as I finger myself! It makes me so horny taking direction from a man that knows how to please and of course I will please you in return! I can tell you how to wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it at just the right pace. Tell you to tease yourself and edge your way closer to the final release!

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Harlow

I’m home all day with not much to do. Being a Princess like me is nice, but it can be so boring! There’s only so many books you can read and so much online shopping you can do before you feel like you’re going insane. I get so antsy it makes my skin crawl. The only thing that seems to sooth me is touching my pussy, but even that is not so much fun alone. I want to play with someone who can appreciate mutual masturbation phone sex. Hearing you stroking your cock gets me all excited and my sexy juices start flowing. I’m very much an audiophile, so when you start talking dirty to me I almost can’t hold back. But don’t worry, if I cum our mutual masturbation phone sex fun doesn’t have to end. I’m a multiple orgasm kind of girl. I can cum over and over again if you put me in the right frame of mind. I bet every time you hear me explode it makes your cock swell a little more. In the end, it’ll be you exploding which will probably make me cum again. You make my day so much better when we play together. I’m sure I’ll need a little nap once we’re done.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I like to have mutual masturbation phone sex as often as I possibly can. Every day is good, many times a day is ideal. My pussy just won’t stop yearning for a little more play time. So when you’re stuck in the office thinking dirty thoughts and your cock is straining against your pants, just remember that I’m only a phone call away. Or when you’re working from home and you need a little break, a nice juicy orgasm can clear your head and make you much more productive. Even if your wife is in the house, you just have to sneak off to the bathroom and lock the door. Hearing you whisper and the thrill of you getting caught just makes our time together much more exciting.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Emily

Hey guys, Emily here. I’m really in the mood to have mutual masturbation phone sex right now. I’ve been so horny lately and I don’t know why. I mean, I’ve always been a horny woman, but lately it’s just been out of control. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting so many hot phone sex calls lately and they have just been getting me so turned on. I love all kinds of fantasies and fetishes, so don’t worry – we will find something that we have in common to get us both horny.

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Do you have a roleplay idea that gets your dick hard? I LOVE roleplays and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. I have so many to tell you about, but I want to hear yours, too. Maybe you even have a taboo idea that you’ve been dying to talk about but have been afraid to tell someone. Please don’t be worried that you’re going to offend me. Honestly, the more taboo you get with me, the wetter my pussy gets. Let’s get down and dirty, baby!

I also love when guys call for mutual masturbation phone sex and tell me about real experiences they’ve had. Oh, I have heard some really wild stories and I never get tired of it. I want to hear more. I love fucking my pussy with my fingers or a dildo while you tell me all the nasty things you’ve done. And of course, I’ll be telling you about all the sexy fun I’ve had. I can’t wait to cum with you, baby!

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Jade

Sometimes I get so turned on when I have mutual masturbation phone sex. I think it is so hot when a guy wants to listen to me play with my pussy with my favorite toys. Then with him on the other side of the phone masturbating his cock makes it even more better. They are so many things we can do while we are in heaven with each other.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I imagine you on the phone with me with that hard cock in your hand. You have so much lube on your cock that I can hear you slide your hand up and down and only wish that it was my sweet cunt juice spilling all over you as you penetrate me. But just because we wont be in front of each other it will be almost like we are. I want to have my favorite toy and thrust it slowly on my g spot while i hear you moan and ask me how I want you to stroke on your manhood. Mmm, you can even tell me how you want me to play with my pretty pink pussy. Do you want me to cum while playing with my clit, or while I have 11 inches of cock in me? What will be even better is if I cum pleasing both spots at the same time. Maybe I should insert my cute butt plug I just got so elevate my mood even more. That would make me explode like crazy and you should be there.

We should indulge in some sexy mutual masturbation phone sex. You tell me how you want it and I will tell you how I want it. That will be super nasty and kinky of course baby. Let’s have some phone together and both get off. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade.

Anything Goes Phone Sex MILF Porscha

Well I must admit that I am one rather upset MILF right now. For my hot lawn guy is back at university. My days spent watching him mow the lawn in nothing more than jeans and work boots are over. This hot and horny phone sex MILF is left with nothing more than naughty fantasies to masturbate too.

anything goes phone sex milf

Sure you have a few taboo thoughts that help you get in a playful mood and reaching for that rather hard cock. I know I am definitely not alone when it comes to extreme role plays. Yes I know its not something we would act on but man is it ever hot to share those naughty thoughts with someone and well masturbate.

As a mature woman I have my own fair share of taboo desires and well being a phone sex MILF I get to share those naughty fantasies with men like yourself who have a fondness for a more mature woman.

Must say currently I would love to explore you being my lawn boy though truth be told that has been an on going sexual fantasy of mine. So if you dont mine being man handled by an older woman. Teased by a horny housewife then by all means call me so we can indulge in my taboo role play.

No need to be shy with your sinful sexual desires either I really am an anything goes phone sex MILF. Nothing excites me more than knowing your sharing your deepest darkest more sinful secret. I mean I have already told you I wanted to pounce my lawn boy and never did. I believe its time you share something with me.

You may reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Porscha the anything goes phone sex MILF.

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with GFE Kassidy

Mother nature was a bit of a tease with the first day of spring on the west coast. I am not use to being on the receiving end of some tease and denial. Generally I am dishing out the T&D during some orgasm denial phone sex fantasies. Oh please dont let this girl next door look fool you. I am all vixen underneath the blond hair. Well suppose the boobs arent quite girl next door but we can pretend right?

orgasm denial phone sex fantasy

So back to mother nature’t teasing. I woke up to a glorious day. The sun shining. Very few clouds in the sky and instantly felt the need to break out my dresses. The bright vibrant hello spring dresses. The one that show off my long legs and no need for any stockings or leggings underneath either. Talking bare legged.

Oh did it feel great to be out walking along the beach path. I know where is the tease and denial aspect of this story. Well its nothing but rain now for the next week. So I am pouting sitting in my house. Curled up under a blanket watching netflix and well thinking of how I found some oh so hot spots to get naughty later on in the summer.

Now that I am rather bummed out that spring was merely a tease I am gonna have to take it out on you and well your balls. No not blue balls but some orgasm denial phone sex fun. Ok so the fun is more for me and less you but you know how that goes.

With the weather forecast I could be in an orgasm denial state for a really long time. Which means your gonna be teased and denied for well awhile.

Think your up for it? The ultimate in orgasm denial phone sex with a sexy girl next door type. I know you are. Just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Kassidy when you call. 1-888-662-6482

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Simone

mutual masturbation phone sex

I have been so fucking horny lately, I just can’t cum enough. I get plenty of cock, and pussy, but it’s mutual masturbation phone sex that gets me thru the rest of the days and nights! I love sex in real life and phone sex too!! I love to cum and cum, over and over again, all day long with you on my phone. Sitting in my chair, laying on my couch, in my bed, in the kitchen, I love playing with my hot dripping pussy.

I have a 10″ dildo that I love to fuck my fat cunt with; I have plugs for my tight asshole and my favorite vibrating egg for my clit and all my holes. I love listening to you when you stroke your cock and masturbate with me and get as loud as I do (I am very very loud!) the moans of pleasure, sucking, fucking, and cumming together. I also love to direct your masturbation, tell you how to stroke it for me, I love to watch and listen. If you have a cam, set up a call with me and let me know, I’ll play with my creamy wet pussy as I watch you stroke that hard cock for me. Will you cum twice for me??

The only thing better than playing with myself is indulging in some hot mutual masturbation phone sex fun. I get so much hotter and wetter when I know that you are getting off at the same time I am. And when we both cum together, that is just what makes me cum again! Tell me how you stroke as you listen to me getting off to you. Listen to me suck on my own tits and hear me scream as I squirt my juices all over. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m touching myself to get you even more excited!

Ready to cum with me? Call Simone for mutual masturbation phone sex 1-888-662-6482

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Masturbation Phone Sex Fun with Kassidy

masturbation phone sex gfe

There is a whole vast array of fantasies and fetishes out there enough to make your head spin. Most I do truly enjoy talking about on the phone but I gotta say when it comes down to things masturbation phone sex is what really brings me enjoyment.

Yes really its a simple sensual masturbation session that has me all excited. Probably cause you tie that in with some long time callers and well its the perfect mix of all things amazing. The gfe aspect of knowing just what makes you stroke faster or have  you stopping to catch your breath. Its knowing you on such an intimate level that I can make you do that with just a simple giggle at that right moment in our time together.

Some times its getting you to masturbate through an erotic fantasy or through the discussion of a fetish. Often times its the simple enjoyment of a mutual masturbation session. What makes masturbation phone sex calls so much fun is that its whatever we want them to be. There is no specific way to enjoy them. I can direct your touch or heat things up to some tease n denial (dont worry I know  you well enough that I know exactly how far I can push you in that denial).

Ok so maybe its not so much the masturbation but more the girlfriend experience that comes from those times together but either way  ya got to admit it is pretty hot.

If you havent called me for some masturbation phone sex fun then how about calling and developing that gfe connection. 1-888-662-6482 ask for Kassidy


Fat Girl Phone Sex with Simone

fat girl phone sex

Just look at my curves! I am a sexy BBW who loves sex and I love talking to guys who get off on fat girl phone sex. What’s fat girl phone sex you ask? Well besides the obvious fucking and sucking, when you’re with a fat girl it’s all about her curves too. More cushion to the pushin’ as they say. Let’s talk about my bodacious 44DD boobs and my 46″ hips and ass. Grab a hold of jiggly belly and thick thighs and show me that you love every inch of my sexy sensual and curvaceous body.

Imagine being smothered between my tits as I wrap my fat thighs around you. I’m incredibly flexible for a fat girl. Lots of guys who call me have a huge ass fetish. Lay back on the bed, baby, and watch me lower my full round ass right on your face. Look at my red manicured fingers gently pull my ass cheeks apart so I can rest my asshole right on your nose! You are going to sniff my sweaty musky deep ass crack before I let you work your tongue up my tight little rosebud butthole. If you’re into it, catch me in the mornings before I shower and be my personal ass cleaner too!

One of my favorite fat girl phone sex callers loves to fuck the folds of my fat. My warm arm pits and the soft fatty wings of my arms slapping on his cock. Lay back on the bed and I’ll rub my fat tummy over your cock before I lift up my belly and let you fuck that warm special spot underneath. It’s incredibly sensitive for me too under there. I’m a big girl and I can take your weight, I love when you’re laying right on top of me rolling all comfy on my soft body. And what better way to fall asleep then with your head resting on my big titty pillows?

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mutual masturbation phone sex

phone sexI don’t like to masturbate by myself any longer.  Don’t leave me here all alone on my bed !   My orgasms won’t be the same without you.  You see, once I started to do mutual masturbation phone sex calls, I realized getting off by my lonesome was not as satisfying as getting off with you.  It’s like friends with benefits or fuck buddies, except we do it on the phone together.  All you have  to do is grab your cock when you see me available online and call me.  I’m always in the mood to masturbate and cum over and over.  I think mutual masturbation has made me addicted to orgasms , but I’m never going to  stop cumming with horny guys like you who want to get their rocks off with me.  I love moaning, finger banging, using my toys, whatever it takes to get all worked up and go over the edge to the land of orgasm.  I hope you feel the same about mutual masturbation phone sex.  Have you reached the point where you don’t want to get off alone anymore ?  Don’t you want to be with me while you stroke your hard dick and tell me what you’d do to me if we were together ?  I’d love to tell you how I’d suck you and then ride you or get on all fours and beg you to fuck me hard from behind.  Go ahead, pull my hair, spank me, let’s get nasty  !!   Your voice in my ear will drive me week.  The phone always seems to ring at the moments where I’m horniest, I think there must be some cosmic reason why men are drawn to me when I need to climax.  Could it be the law of sexual attraction ?  Why don’t you find out how horny I am to get off with you right now !

Call Gretchen for mutual masturbation phone sex


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