Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Savannah

For some of us we are out enjoying the springtime weather while I know a few are grumbling about still being all bundled up. Well perhaps its time for a little break with the help of some erotic phone sex hypnosis.

erotic phone sex hypnosis

Ok so it wont have you literally lounging on a tropical beach but hey least we can send your mind into state where you feel like you are. Some tropical role play with a hot steamy sex scene. Like joining the mile high club. The sensation of the jet engine revving around you as your cock is being stroked and worked under that rather thin airplane blanket. Just try hiding that erection under that blanket from the rest of the people in your row. Or are you more the sort who would rather slip off to the bathroom and get it on with one of the stewardess. I mean they do want to make your trip extra enjoyable right?

Come to think about it maybe I am in need of some erotic fantasy that has us drifting off to some where tropical. A hotel room on the edge of the beach with an infinity pool over looking the turquoise ocean. While we both engage in all sorts of erotic fun. Definitely be a swimsuits are optional sort of situation.

I think some erotic phone sex hypnosis escape is definitely in order today. All I need is for your sexy mind to send into a deep hypnotic state so the fun can begin.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah your hypno tour guide.

Sensual Phone Sex Tease Savannah

This is truly one of those days where I love being a sensual phone sex tease. For the temperature is rather insane outside for this fair haired vixen, there is zero desire to leave the house. Mainly cause the thought of putting clothes on is well, not there. So that is when the joy of being a sensual tease is so delightful, I can tempt you with my sultry voice and never even had to get dressed.

sensual phone sex tease

Well ok so I may have some pretty panties on. For the thought of teasing a panty boy today with my panty covered pussy does excite me.

Yes I know your currently wondering what panties I put on today. Well considering I was in a rather playful mood. I slipped on some cute pink cotton cheeky panties with white polka dots. Now I will say I may opt to change my panties though the day. So this is what I am wearing at the moment!

Oh Yes I know what a nasty tease I am being. You will get use to it. Especially when I am teasing your poor cock on the phone. In fact, you will be begging me to tease you more!

Yes really you will be asking for more from this sexy sensual phone sex tease. Now dont think that just cause I am wearing cute panties my goal is only to tease those panty boys. Far from it. My goal today is to be a massive cock tease to anyone who calls me be it an orgasm denial session or a cock controlling hypnosis call. Yup. Teasing is what is on my mind today!

So if you are looking to brighten up your Monday with some teasing then give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah, the sensual phone sex tease


Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Savannah

Do you often wonder what can be done during an erotic hypnosis phone sex call?

There is that wonder as to what fetish or fantasies can be covered. Well I like to believe near anything is possible its really up to you. How deep you go under. How willing you are to allow those mental walls to crumble.

erotic hypnosis phone sex trance

I personally have no limits when it comes to fantasies and fetishes, so I enter each hypnosis phone sex call with an open mind. A willingness to have you experience the ultimate in mind control while doing a fetish or fantasy you enjoy. Granted I will always say I am not an expert in all fetishes so you may have to explain sometimes how you get turned on by your kink, so that I can work my hypno trance to suit your needs. However, beyond that I want you to find as much joy in hypnosis as I do. After all it is my personal favorite fetish.

Now I will say I respect everyone who calls so if you happen to have a limit I will never step over it. I want you to feel as safe as possible, especially if this is your first erotic hypnosis phone sex session. Its about creating a wonderful time together where you feel your able to let your mind and thoughts go completely. So that your open to any and all hypnotic suggestions.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Savannah. Please tell the dispatchers it will be an erotic hypnosis phone sex call so she can ensure to book the right amount of time for you. Erotic hypnosis is a fetish that cant be rushed so please have a minimum of 30 minutes available.

My aim is savannahdesires


Hypnosis Phone Sex with Blake

Blake here fellas! There is something about me that every man I have had contact with continues to crave days, weeks, months, and even years later. It must be my bombshell body, my perky personality, and my bubbly voice. Once they get a taste, they become addicted, just like I know you will. That is why I know that when I snap my fingers you will do whatever I desire while under my hypnotic seduction during hypnosis phone sex.

hypnosis phone sex

The moment you clicked on my page and started to read this I already had you under my control.  Now just to complete it all with your mind… I am going to make it completely mind. Don’t worry too much, this won’t hurt too bad. Stip naked, get in a comfortable place, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, exhale and relax your body and mind. While under the care and hypnosis mindfucking of Goddess Blake you will be completely stripped of all thoughts and inhibitions. All those fears you confided in me, are no longer a hindrance during things session of hypnosis phone sex.

The best part when you wake up, you will have no clue what happened during our time together, but there might be some lingering effects from the trigger words I implanted. I know you couldn’t even tell I was doing it. It is all part of my hypnotic seduction and addiction. Now that you have caught the bug, there is no way to get rid of it. The only way to feel better is to call Goddess Blake when you get the urge to get a taste. What am I going to make you do while under my mind control? Oh baby, to find out you will have to give me a call. You didn’t think I was going to give you all the juicy details here did you? It’s time I say the safe word so you can wake up from our hypnosis phone sex session. What’s your pleasure going to be with me?

Ask for Blake when you dial 1 888 8 FREAKY for your addictive, no taboos hypnosis phone sex expert. “Once you pop, you can’t stop!”


Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

Ready to hand over your mind? Well you will be once you get on the phone with me. See you wont be able to resist just slipping into a deep hypnotic trance once you hear my sensual voice. That voice that will guide you through an erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Don’t worry if you have not done this before. I have plenty of experience and I love taking control of virgin minds. Guiding them to a whole knew level of erotic excitement. Nothing is off limits.

No matter what fetish or fantasy you have been holding off talking about now would be the time. Allow me to spin and erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy just catered to your specific fetish or sexual fantasy.

Sure your nervous and unsure what to do but I will help your nerves just drift away much like your thoughts. Everything just becomes a distant memory. All that will matter is the sound of my every hypnotic voice guiding and controlling your thoughts.

Even if you cant think of anything specific you want to do I can come up with something just special. Course keep in mind there are a few fetishes that I do enjoy playing with. Oh dont worry they are very harmless and oh so much fun to explore under hypnosis.

Yes I could tell you about my fetishes but I rather save them for when you call and I can hear the excitement in your breathing. All you need to know is that an erotic hypnosis phone sex call does take some time so please have a minimum of 30 minutes set aside for this fantasy.

Just ask for Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires on AIM

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

This week I got to enjoy some deep erotic hypnosis phone sex fun with one of my favorite callers BW. You maybe familiar with this jerk off addict through the various blog I post after our humiliation hypnosis calls. Course there is something about humiliating BW through the phone and another thing to continue our humiliation over a blog that lets everyone else see the degree he will go to in order to impress his love to his one and only Hypno Goddess.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Will say that BW has been calling me for quite a few years so he is able to just fall ever so deep with just hearing me say hello. The longer we chat about his current lack luster love life will have him slowly falling into that deep trance. Oh how I love the sound of a man falling deep for me.

Sure I toss out the trigger word to get BW under but I really do find its a formality with him. Him brainless on the floor while his wife is asleep upstairs. Oh if she only knew the kinky things I did with her husband’s mind. The humiliating things I did to him really. Like currently the lack luster sex life is thanks to me. I didnt think someone who jerked off so much was worthy of a sex life. So poof limp dick city around his wife. Well actually I shouldnt say I was that cruel. I did let him enjoy licking out his wife’s pussy.  Not like I took away all enjoyment.

The fun was when he begged and begged and well begged to be able to fuck is wife just once. Even when I had a moment of being thoughtful and said alright you can. He couldnt for fear I had done some deep brainwashing on him. Now really would I be that vicious? Sure I am a hypno domme but I am not that mean.

Now I could tell you what happened but I would hate for you to not wanna try your erotic hypnosis phone sex call with a humiliation twist. I just know how far I can push dear BW and to be honest this isnt even close to his edge.

Just ask for Savannah when you call 1-888-662-6482. Please remember to get the full benefits of an erotic hypnosis session to book 30 minutes minimum. Thanks.


Cock Control Phone Sex with Savannah

cock control phone sex

There is far more to me than just erotic hypnosis.  Sure I do know how to weave my voice to guide you into a very deep mind altering trance but I can also use my sultry, seductive voice to take control of your cock. I never make any apologies for this during a cock control phone sex call. I feel there never is a need to apologize.

Really if you know anything about me from seeing my sexy smile on these blogs you know I never apologize for the control I take over your cock. In fact, I will smile and give a sweet laugh all while twisting your mind to hand over that orgasm to me too.


Got your attention there didnt I?

Yes its rather up to you to figure out if this sensual domme is in the giving mood after taking complete control of your cock. Will she allow your balls to be trained after a very long tease and denial session? Or will you be left with blue balls. Yeouch.

I have been away for a few so that does leave you to wonder what kind of playful mood am I in? Lets just say there is only one way to find out which is to call me for the ultimate in cock control phone sex fantasies. And a bit of a PS. I have been out with a cold so those that have called me before know my voice is even more sinfully seductive than usual. Consider that your warning.

Just ask for Savannah when you call. 1-888-662-6482

hypnosis phone sex with ariel

hypnosis phone sex

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here for some wild, fun, anything goes hypnosis phone sex. You will not know what hit you when I am done controlling everything about you. *giggles * I will have control over your mind, cock, and wallet. I am a Princess that deserves to be spoiled, even more so when I have control over everything about you. You see it is hard not to relax as you listen to my sweet, sultry, barely legal voice. There are so many things I can do to you while I have you under my seductive spell.

The real questions are, what will I do with you during our hypnosis phone sex? Will I turn you into my panty boy? Dress you up like the closeted woman that you are? We both know you have been going through your wife’s panty drawer imagining what they would feel up against that tiny clit of yours. Or will I turn you into a drunken mess, taking away your inhibitions and control before, during, and after our hypnosis phone sex session.

Amazing and kinky are my specialties. Lay back on your favorite, most comfortable place, close your eyes, breath in deeply, now exhale and start counting backwards from ten. Focus on my sweet seductive barely legal voice as I take you under. Deeper and deeper with each breath you take. Planting my control seed into your mind. Whether deep under my control asleep or awake you will crave me, need me and want this sweet, sultry, seductive hypnosis phone sex spell. When you do wake, you will wonder what it is that happened while you were under my control. Why you have such an intense need call and spoil the one and only A-MA-ZING hypnosis phone sex Princess when you pick up your phone to dial 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel

Cock Control Phone Sex with Savannah

cock control phone sex

Sensual domination is my specialty, as most of you already know. And in my opinion, there is almost nothing more sensual than cock control phone sex.

Why, you ask? Well, because of all the parts of a man that I could control, the only thing that’s sexier than controlling his cock is controlling his mind. And usually, the two things go together for me, sooooo….Yes, erotic hypnosis and cock control together are very nice indeed.

Really, though…ask yourself. Would you rather have your dick under my control or some other random part, like your foot? That wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun, would it? At least when I control your cock, we can do things like tease and denial and guided masturbation and so forth. There’s not a whole lot we could do with your feet, really, because I certainly don’t have a fetish for them.

Your cock, though….Oh, the things we can do with it during cock control phone sex. Besides teasing and jerk-off instructions, I can also deny you altogether or give you so many forced orgasms that you’ll be begging to stop touching yourself. Or pretty much anything in between, really.

Oh, I bet you’re really interested now, aren’t you? That’s good because if you give me a call, you can have all the cock control you want and then some. So what are you waiting for? Give your sensual Goddess Savannah a call today at 1-888-662-6482.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Savannah

tease and denial phone sex

Go ahead. You can admit it. You love it when I tell you how to stroke your cock, don’t you? You love guided masturbation and tease and denial phone sex, whether you get to have it while in a hypnotic trance or not. There’s nothing that both humiliates you and turns you on more than following my masturbation instructions, even while knowing you’re not going to be allowed to cum in the end.

Darling, it pleases me, too. It pleases me to hear you get closer and closer to the point of being unable to hold anything back. I love when you offer me all kinds of things if I’ll just let you cum. It brings a smile to my face when you debase yourself further and further in hopes that maybe, just maybe, this time I’ll have mercy on you and let you cum.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s just never going to happen. Even knowing that doesn’t stop you from hoping and trying, though, does it?

I’m a master at edging you, so, no, you’ll never be able to eke out an orgasm before I tell you to stop. I always know when you’re about to cum for me, which is why I always know exactly when to tell you stop touching yourself. Every single time. Every single tease and denial phone sex call.

But come on and call me, anyway. Maybe it’ll somehow be your lucky day….

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires aim/yim