CBT Phone Sex with Harlow

Honestly, if you think you’re going to get anything other than CBT phone sex from me, you’re sadly mistaken. I know what kind of loser you are. I know that you have a tiny little dick that’s not good for anything other than the torture you’re going to inflict on it. A dick that small could not do anything for a real woman. I don’t think anyone would even let you try to fuck her with that thing. Well, okay, there might be some women who would let you pity fuck them. But is that what you really want? I guess maybe a pity fuck would be better than nothing to a loser like you.  But let’s get one thing clear. The ONLY thing you can ever do that will actually bring pleasure to a woman is, like I said, cock and ball torture.

CBT phone sex

Have you ever actually had a CBT phone sex call? If not, you’re in for a real treat and also a lot of pain. But a loser like you probably gets off on physical pain the same way you get off on the emotional pain of being humiliated. You are a real piece of work – and I do NOT mean that in a good way. I can’t wait to laugh at you endlessly and tell you how worthless you are. And then I can’t wait to tell you what to use to torture your cock and balls. I can’t wait to hear your cries of pain. That’s going to be SO much fun. I think you are even going to get addicted to being in pain – or you’ll at least put up with it just so you can talk to me.

Call me now for CBT phone sex at 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Harlow. I can’t wait to cause you some pain! 😉

CBT Phone Sex with Eliza

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t get some pleasure from CBT phone sex. I know that my sweet face and sexy body may lead most men to believe that that sugar wouldn’t melt in my mouth. But I do have an evil side that like to let come out and play from time to time. CBT is just the thing to help me with that goal. Why do we refer to people who we think are being babies as “pussies?” A pussy can withstand quite a pounding and all kinds of tough shit. We should call these people balls instead. Balls can’t take much punishment at all. And I should know, I do love to inflict it.

CBT phone sex

Of course, I always start with the old favorites. Give those balls a bit of a slap. I do love the sound that makes. It is like music to my ears. I always have a wooden spoon on hand so that my delicate hands don’t get hurt while I am having my fun. Then I move to to squeezing. This is always fun because the guy thinks that I might actually give him a bit of a handy, but NO! I am going to put both of my hands on that cock and then twist them in different directions. Then cup that scrotum and dig my nails right into the base. I think that will leave a mark, don’t you? I will move on to some pinching, possibly with tweezers. And then I will find my weights or other tools that I use to really enjoy a serious and prolonged CBT phone sex session.

So are you the right pain slut for me to go to work on today? Call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Eliza.

Yahoo & GMAIL: BustyCoedEliza

Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex with Gretchen

Wanna know what’s in my lucky toy bag tonight? I’m feeling especially evil and sadistic, and I’m dying to get into some cock and ball torture NOW! I’ve got clothespins, my cock-beating crop, a nice long piece of scratchy cord, fishing weights, my wooden humbler, and my metal screw-down cock clamp. And that’s just for when I’m feeling nice. I’m also wearing 6 inch heels that will crush those balls of yours like a cigarette butt if you get even a little snarky with me! Cocks are made to be tortured – every good woman knows this. And it’s one of my favorite things to do.

cock and ball torture phone sex

That toy bag of mine is a wonderland of cock and ball torture devices. I can tie up those balls tight and then smack them with my crop, hang weights from the cord and pull, maybe even clip some clothespins to that tight ball sack. And oh, the fun I can have with the humbler. You can’t resist the urge to feel your balls crushed and bruised, and you know that all it will take is just a little back talk to get my knee to shove your balls up in your gut – I’ll have you doubled over in sweet, satisfying agony.

You’re mine. You know it. You want to give yourself to me because you crave my cock and ball torture. You want to feel the teeth in my humbler chewing on your nut sack, the weight of the metal cock clamp pulling you down to your knees in front of your Queen, where you belong. The intense shocking pain as I yank off the cord I wrapped tightly around your scared, shivering dick. You cannot resist my evil hand, and because of that I own you. Now give me a call so you can give me what I want!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Gretchen for cock and ball torture!

AIM: MILF_Gretchen

CBT Phone Sex with Blake

Hey fellas! I am Blake, a blonde bombshell with an excessive need for control. Do you know what you need, baby? You need to be my pain slut. I recently had a caller who was very disobedient, so he had to be punished. Instead of waiting to cum like he was told, he did it anyway. Can you believe he disobeyed his Goddess? I know, me either! He was a very naughty pain slut, just like I know you are, aren’t you? Don’t try to deny it, I will find out! Just like my caller, you really enjoy having your cock and balls tortured. You know they belong in the control of a superior woman. It is great entertainment and an extreme turn on to see you all tied up. Seriously though, you look so pathetic I just can’t control the giggles that want to erupt! I really do believe that CBT phone sex is an art form because there are so many methods that can be used to cause pain and torture.

CBT phone sex

What’s my favorite way cause you pain and torture? I have several favorites, but one of them is to tie your cock and balls up and make them my puppet. *Evil laughter* Having that much control is like having your hand in the cookie jar. I love that I own you, your cock and balls are my property! Oh, how I love to have control over your cock and balls. After all I am a woman; that makes me the superior species. Disobey me, and this is what happens to naughty sissy sluts!  How tight will the rope be around your cock and balls? Will you barely feel it, or will it be so tight that you get blue balls, literally? You like that, don’t you? Your shaft is rock hard just thinking about CBT phone sex with me!

If you are anything like my caller you call me because you want more than just vanilla sex. Your significant other doesn’t know about your pain slut fantasies or our CBT phone sex sessions, now does she? So many ways to show you who is in control. Just thinking about it makes my tight pink pussy creamy wet. Our sessions will continue being so hot, you will be coming back for more to feed your addiction and the pain I cause. When I’m done with you, you’ll be crying for more! I know you want to know what else I’m going to do to you, now don’t you? Just give me a call to feed your pain addiction and ask for Blake when you call 1 (888) 662-6482.

Yahoo: bubblyblake
AIM: bubblyblake4u
Twitter: @bubblyblake4u

CBT Phone Sex with Arizona

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. You owe me, you pathetic loser! I don’t mean you owe me money. I mean you pissed me off, and I get revenge when I am pissed. This fierce fresh, and fabulous bitch knows exactly how I’m going to make you pay me back, too! By the end of our cbt phone sex session I’ll have you begging for more. More what, you ask? More pain and torture under the heel of my black stilettos. My kind of pain isn’t for meek bitches either. When you call me you best be bringing anything and everything that can cause your pathetic ass pain. The thought of you screaming out makes me laugh! . Be sure to have tinfoil, ice, clothespins, rope, and clamps, and an elastic, too. Nothing is off limits during our cbt phone sex session. If you don’t intend on following my every demand, don’t bother picking up the phone I mean really- if I’m not going to be able to hear you scream in pain, it isn’t worth my precious time.

CBT phone sex

During our cbt phone sex session I won’t hesitate to take it to the next level. I won’t be the one causing your pain- you will. Doesn’t that just make it that much hotter? I won’t have to lift a fucking finger, boo! I love the way the words feel falling from my lips. *giggles* Let’s see what falls from my lips next. I am sure to leave you wondering..wondering what I was doing while you were causing yourself all that pain, boo. You’ll be wondering where I came up with all those evil ideas. We both know that I have a vivid imagination, and it will be put to use to benefit us both during our cbt phone sex session. Want to know what my plans are for you? Just call 1-888-662-6482, and beg for your cbt phone sex bitch, Arizona.

CBT phone sex with emily

CBT phone sex

I adore a true pain slut.  Nothing puts a smile on my red headed body more then CBT Phone Sex.  I know you enjoy the pain and torture just as much as I do.  I have my paddle ready, but not for your ass.  Those nipple claps you see hanging from my bedroom door, well they are going on your balls.  My goal is to have you in complete tears, complete fear, your face to be 5 shades redder then my hair!  I will take full control of you and your cock and balls.  Has your cock been lacking some attention lately….I will give it just the attention it needs.  I have a box of sand paper right there on the side of the chair for you.  Sit your ass up nice and straight in that hard metal chair.  Now, grab 2 sheets of sand paper, and wrap them around your cock.  I want you to start stroking your cock nice and slowly, feeling every bit of that sand paper against your cock’s skin.  How does that feel…I’m sure it feels terrible! *giggles* I love it! Now, remember those nipple clamps I had, let me grab them.  I take them and clamp them to your testicles! Is that screaming and moaning I hear? Oh well, get over it! Now, a few more things for you to do.  I’m going to take this q-tip, and dip it in this bottle of tabasco sauce.  Then, I am going to insert the q-tip into your pee hole. Hmmm…How does that feel, as you squirm, scream and yell.  I grab your balls with the nipple clamps on them an take my paddle and slam it down on them! I know, I’m so mean and I love it my pain slut!

Looking to be my pain slut and enjoy some CBT Phone Sex, then give me a call @ 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Emily!

AIM: redhead_emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

bratty domme phone sex with harlow

bratty domme phone sex

Are you looking for the most perfect bratty phone sex Princess out there? Look no further, loser! Let’s be honest, you don’t even deserve to talk to a woman as perfect as me, but for the right price, we can talk. I guess we can talk about whatever you want, as long as you realize you are always going to be the submissive one in this phone sex relationship. I would never submit to the likes of you.

Our bratty domme phone sex call can go in any number of directions. Of course, there will be some humilation because that’s exactly what someone like you deserves. There might be some feminization. There might even be some CBT (cock and ball torture). There are so many things I can do to you.. I guess it just depends on what your cup of tea is. You can choose your method of torture, but your any little bit of power you have stops there. You are weak, pathetic and you will never be anything more than that. I promise you this.

If you think you are ready to worship this bratty phone sex Princess, then give me a call at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Harlow

CBT phone sex with arizona

CBT phone sex

Hey boo! It’s your boss ass bitch, Arizona. One of the things I hate the most is tiny dicked losers like you who think their dick is worth anything to someone as fierce fresh and fabulous as me. I don’t want anything to do with them. Infact when I find out a loser has a tiny tic-tac between their legs I like to have fun with them. Infact, the kind of fun I like to have with them, CBT Phone Sex is one of my favorite kinds to have because it allows me to relieve some of my pent up aggressions. I love to watch the tears fall down your face, especially when I was the cause of those tears, boo!  All I  want is to hear you begging me to stop. All I will do is laugh at how pathetically weak you are, and continue coming up with new and worse ways to cause you pain.  I’m sure it will be intense, but if you beg and plead to stop it will only get worse for you, I promise.

I think that during our CBT phone sex session we will come up with a woman’s name for you, because a real man has a real dick, not a tic-tac I have to use a magnifying glass to find. You don’t deserve the right to use any other name than the one I give you, and you will love it. Don’t expect me to take it easy on you, loser, because I won’t. I may only be nineteen, but I have learned what is worth my time, and what isn’t. want to hear all about what I would do to you Call 1-888-662-6482, and ask for Arizona.

AIM and Yahoo: ebonyqueenarizona

CBT phone sex Goddess

CBT phone sex*Giggles* Hiya there all you pathetic pain sluts! That is right I know your secret losers! It is okay though because I love the thought of taking my stiletto heels and digging them right into your balls. I enjoy causing pain, and I do not ease up when I hear the screams coming out of your meek mouth. No! Instead I continue…*giggles* Just the thought of making you cry like the pathetic fucking baby that you are… it makes my honey pot drip with nectar. Unfortunately for you, you don’t get to lap it up, instead….*giggles* you are at my mercy during CBT phone sex.

Maybe you are one of those pathetic losers that is just starting out learning your limits as a pain slut. Just stick with me, and I will find your limits quite quickly. Sometimes I like to start off “nice”…. Ha ha ha ha ha.. if there is such a thing. With cock and ball torture you have to be ready for whatever comes your way. *wink* Being nice could consist of making you put ice on your balls to make them cold or having you apply clothespins to your nipples, clit and balls. My favorite part in causing pain is watching the performance on cam. Seeing it is always better than just listening. Fuck! The thought of causing you pain makes me hot and ready right now for an extreme CBT phone sex session.

Some items I really enjoy using on pitiful souls such as yourself are my nails, my stilettos, doors *giggles,* tinfoil, and ice cubes to name a few. Of course I have quite the list that goes on and on. Oh baby! Do not run away scared, we are both going to enjoy what I have cooked up! *wink* So ask for Ariel for some amazing anything goes CBT phone sex. You will not be disappointed, and you will cum back for more! *wink*

Just dial 1 (888) 662-6482 & ask for Ariel

Yahoo: amazingariel
AIM: amazing_ariel
Twitter: brattyprncssAri

CBT phone sex fetish

CBT phone sex

I know exactly what you want. You love CBT phone sex. You like it when I take control, teasing and torturing you, and your cock and balls. You love having me in control, using and abusing you. Call me today and we will discuss what I will do next.

I love teasing and torturing guys who are always up to no good and making sure they know who is in charge. Now, Ronny, he is a husband who is always getting himself in trouble, cheated on his wife. So what do we do when someone has been bad and is in trouble? We start with the small stuff. Wrap his cock up in aluminum foil, nice and tight. While his cock gets hard, and the pressure from the aluminum foil makes him horny, I’ll make him start jacking off his cock, with the aluminum foil on. If he wants to masturbate, then he has to use the aluminum foil, he has no choice. The aluminum foil squeezing around his cock, and just as he starts to cum, the aluminum foil rips from him busting his load. Just because he is finished, does not mean I am. I take off the aluminum foil and one by one, I slowly clip 10 clothespins to his cock and balls. Now the first one, I’m sure it hurts, but in a good way. But as I slowly add more, he winces in the pain. But he’s not allowed to remove them. He needs to endure the pain. Because as his cock starts to harden again from the pleasure, the skin getting tighter, the clothespins holding onto his skin, I can see it driving him crazy. Have you been a bad boy?

Call me today so we can have fun, and I can teach you how to be a good boy an we can have some CBT phone sex at 1-888-642-6682.

AIM: Redhead_Emily
Yahoo: sluttyemily

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