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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Quinn

When done properly, tease and denial phone sex really can change the way you think. When you see a sexy lady and you don’t think about fucking her, but just jerking your cock as she teases you instead, you know you got it bad. That is when you know that your brain has been greatly […]

Phone Sex Tease Harlow

So, I took a part time job as a legal secretary JUST so I could go there and be the hot phone sex tease that I am. Yes, I do love teasing you guys over the phone, but sometimes I just need to see the look on a man’s face when I am teasing him […]

Big Tit Phone Sex Worship with Kassidy

As a girl with blonde hair and big tits, I tend to attract a fair amount of attention. Be it when I am all dressed up trying to show off my assets and even when I am going out pretty natural. There is no hiding my big, beautiful, bouncy tits. Ok so I dont really […]

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Eliza

Just because I am a smoking hot barely legal coed, doesn’t meant that I don’t like to get kinky from time to time.  And what I have learned about being built like every man’s wet dream, is that I have a lot of power over certain men.  I often like to use that power for […]

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Ariel

Hiya there! A-MA-ZING Ariel here! All of my callers know I am a naughty, sultry, seductive tease. I just love to tease and then I love to deny pathetic losers. I am a girl that knows what she wants. I know how to get what I want, and I know how to use what I’ve […]

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Skye

I love tease and denial phone sex so fucking much. In my opinion, all men deserve it because I know that at some point in their lives, they have felt like they were entitled and that they could have any woman they wanted. Oh, you foolish fucks. You all need an attitude adjustment. When a […]

tease and denial phone sex with winter

As long as I can remember, guys have been calling me a prick tease.  I have to admit that I love to get them all hot and bothered and leave them hanging.  I’m famous for dancing up on guys in the club and rubbing my ass against their cocks.  They buy me drink after drink, […]

tease and denial phone sex with bailey

Oh hey, there you are! Whining as usual for me to help you to hold off on your orgasm for as long as possible. My young age and voice, controlling your every move makes you feel so helpless. I love hearing the sound of a man who begs for tease and denial phone sex. There’s […]

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Jennifer

Oh, this tease and denial phone sex session is going to be so much fun. The best part of it is how reluctant you are about it. You were so sure you would win the bet we made, but you totally underestimated me. Now you are going to be at my mercy for a good […]

tease and denial phone sex with spencer

I don’t know if we have “met” yet, but if we haven’t, there is something I should probably tell you about me. I’m a cock tease and I don’t give away this pussy to just anyone, but I do like to make men think they have a chance with me. I guess that’s why I […]

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