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fetish phone sex with jennifer

My name is Jennifer, I am a fetish Goddess and that means I specialize in all kinds of fetish phone sex. And by all kinds, I mean ALL! If you have a weird or unusual or freaky fetish, I am your girl. Really, if I am not familiar with your fetish, which is highly unlikely, […]

stocking fetish phone sex with jennifer

There really isn’t a more sensuous feeling than slipping a pair of silky stockings over my smooth and freshly shaved legs. Gently pulling them up over my shapely calves and my strong, sexy thighs. Watch me reach back and carefully hook the garter to my stocking top and see how they frame my perfect round, […]

stocking fetish phone sex

Have you ever looked at a women with stockings and been so fucking turned on ?   The thought of her silky long legs rubbing up on you .  I never understood why anyone would not want to wear them and be bare legged.  I mean you know you are more then likely  one of […]

Kinky Phone Sex Girl

I would like to discuss that most noble of vag-tastic expressions, the pussy fart.  The queef if you will.  Some girls are embarrassed, but it’s not like a real actual stinky fart, it’s like a HOLY CRAP SOMETHING SO BIG JUST FORCED OUT ALL THE AIR IN MY VAG OMG happy sound.  You know how […]

pantyhose fetish phone sex

Oh I know just what is on your naughty, little mind!  You are the kind of kinky guy who loves a woman’s pantyhose.  Sometimes you like to hear the way the sound on my sexy, shapely legs when I cross them and even better when I uncross them.  Other times you wonder how they will […]

Dirty Panties Phonesex

What would you do to get into my dirty panties? That hot little barely legal teen body makes you so hard, and you know you shouldn’t be even looking at me, but that ass is making you so horny! But I know what really makes you hard! Digging through my dirty clothes hamper, and finding […]

Leg Fetish Phone Sex

Hello Hypno Lovers Possibly one of the best thing about summer is being able to go outside with near nothing on. Now being some what of a phone tease wearing layers of clothing works to my benefit but I know the men out there that have fetishes for certain body parts don’t share in my […]

Feminization Phone Sex

Pretty pink lipstick, frilly pink ruffled panties, oh yes and pretty pink stockings. Slide these pink patent leather maryjanes on with the pretty shiny buckle. Now aren’t you a pretty little sissy fetishbaby. All we have to do is fasten the laces on this pretty little sundress and you are ready to be presented to […]

Sacrilegious Phone Sex

College was where I got introduced to big cock.  I don’t advertise myself as a size queen, but bigger is definitely better.  Sorry, tiny boys. No, I love sex more than I love big dicks, so I’ve fucked tiny ones too, and during taboo phone sex, you’re as big as you want to be, anyway.  […]

Phone Sex Size Queen

I’ve been looking into a safari.  I and the cock that owns me want to travel to his homeland, the Dark Continentitself, Africa.  He wants to reconnect with his roots, and I want to connect with the roots of some big black cock. New cock is harder to come by than you think, especially for […]

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