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Cum Eating Phone Sex with Bree

hey fuckers! who out there spent the weekend just waiting for some alone time? not so you could masturbate. ok so you could masturbate but so you could call your favorite bratty princess and do a cum eating phone sex call! well i figured that is what happened cause its been over 4 days since […]

Directed Masturbation Phone Sex with Lexi

Do you ever have the need for directed masturbation phone sex? You know the type of sex where I guide you to a mind blowing orgasm that you can’t get anywhere else. You can’t focus on anything else but getting your nut and hearing me moan in your ear as I explode soon after. I […]

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Harlow

I know that there are men out there who enjoy lying back and giving up control to a beautiful woman like me. If that sounds like you, then you’re the perfect man for guided masturbation phone sex. I know that maybe you’ve never just called up and let someone tell you how to stroke your […]

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with GFE Kassidy

Mother nature was a bit of a tease with the first day of spring on the west coast. I am not use to being on the receiving end of some tease and denial. Generally I am dishing out the T&D during some orgasm denial phone sex fantasies. Oh please dont let this girl next door […]

guided masturbation phone sex with emily

Hey baby! Do you like being told what to do? I hope the answer to that question is yes, because I am pretty good at being bossy and telling people what to do. That makes guided masturbation phone sex perfect because it will benefit both of us. Does that excite you as much as it […]

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Savannah

Go ahead. You can admit it. You love it when I tell you how to stroke your cock, don’t you? You love guided masturbation and tease and denial phone sex, whether you get to have it while in a hypnotic trance or not. There’s nothing that both humiliates you and turns you on more than […]

hot phone sex with gretchen

You want hot phone sex that can get you off right now ?   We all deserve to cum hard when we are in need anytime and anywhere.  I mean when you are ready for a good messy cum I am here with you to help you and myself of course.  I am ready for […]

guided masturbation phone sex with bella

Have you ever had a guided masturbation phone sex session? I know that you might not like being told what to do, but trust me… sometimes giving up control and letting go is just exactly what you need to have a really satisfying orgasm. I mean, really… don’t you get tired of having to be […]

stocking fetish phone sex with jennifer

There really isn’t a more sensuous feeling than slipping a pair of silky stockings over my smooth and freshly shaved legs. Gently pulling them up over my shapely calves and my strong, sexy thighs. Watch me reach back and carefully hook the garter to my stocking top and see how they frame my perfect round, […]

mutual masturbation phone sex

I don’t like to masturbate by myself any longer.  Don’t leave me here all alone on my bed !   My orgasms won’t be the same without you.  You see, once I started to do mutual masturbation phone sex calls, I realized getting off by my lonesome was not as satisfying as getting off with you.  […]

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