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Phone Sex Brat Skye

Hi losers! I’m Skye and I’m pretty much the perfect phone sex brat. I like to fuck, but there is no way I would ever fuck the likes of you. Why? Oh, I don’t know… maybe it’s because you’re a fat and ugly loser who still plays video games in his underwear while you eat […]

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

Listen – I don’t care how much you go into debt when you call me for financial domination phone sex. If you are that worried about it, you wouldn’t be calling me. So if you aren’t worried, why should I be? I mean, not that you being worried would have any effect on me. I’m […]

Roleplay Phone Sex with Eliza

I love roleplay phone sex.  I do it all the time in my personal life, so you can bet that I am a down to take your fantasy and run with it.  It is so much fun to take a vacation from your regular every day life and pretend to be someone else for a […]

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Spencer

Valentine’s Day just passed and let’s just say that I spent the day being quite the bratty domme phone sex Princess. See, I’ve been financially dominating this guy over the phone and a week before Valentine’s Day, he told me that he wouldn’t be able to call me because he had to save money in […]

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Harlow

Look at me. I am the woman who deserves everything you have. That’s why I love financial domination phone sex so damn much. It’s the perfect opportunity for losers like you to give me everything I deserve. A woman who looks like me should never have to work or do anything to earn money. My […]

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

When you look at me I bet your mind runs wild with so many naughty thoughts and possibilities of the filthy things we can get into together. My bratty domme phone sex fineness should inspire all kinds of fantasies and ways you could take care of me.  You can be a good boy and buy […]

Barely Legal Phone Sex Brat Spencer

LOL OMG you would not believe the number of guys who hit on me every day. It’s seriously so annoying. I mean, yeah…it’s nice when guys notice what a barely legal phone sex brat I am, but so many of them are losers that I would never have anything to do with. But I have […]

Princess Phone Sex with Winter

My Sugar Daddy is always so good to me.  If I ask for anything, he’ll get it for me.  Many people ask me what my secret is.  All I can say is you have to know how to treat a man.  You have to give him what he didn’t even know he wanted.  You have […]

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Eliza

I know that I am a bratty domme phone sex princess. I know that I have a certain power over men. When they look at me, their cocks just get hard and their minds just wander into filthy territory.   I just love thinking about all the men who come to my page every day just […]

financial domination phone sex with luciee

Financial domination phone sex is a fetish that only a certain type of men are into and love taking care of a princess like me. I love draining men like you and spending all your money on me for whatever I want. If you think this is something that would rock your cock call me […]

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