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Cuckold Phone Sex with Quinn

My husband has really taken to our cuckold phone sex lifestyle. Sure, he was nervous about it at first, but I told him, if you want to keep me around, then you better get on board with all the big cock I am going to be fucking and sucking. Of course, he wants me to […]

Interracial Cuckolding Phone Sex with Hot Wife Karen

Hello there, Cuckold. Looking at me and wondering just what I get up to when I am left to my own devices? You know that I am cuckolding you with big black cock every chance I get, don’t you? Look at me, why I wouldn’t fuck bbc? I started with just one, but when it […]

Taboo Cuckold Phone Sex with Simone

Aren’t you the naughty boy who not only wants to be a cuckold, but engage in some very kinky taboo cuckold phone sex with me. I have seen you peeking in my bedroom late at night when you’re supposed to be in bed. You stand in the doorway peeking through the crack watching me on […]

humiliation phone sex with Sandy

I like hearing from you subbie guys and hearing about your fetishes, do you know why? Well part of it is because you humiliation junkies make my day.. What better way to assault your ego than with some viscous verbal humiliation phone sex. I could be wrong, maybe you’re not that much of a jack […]

cuckold phone sex with august

Make no mistake, for a petite woman my libido burns hot and deep.  The one thing that can fan the flame to make me hotter is a scandalous cuckold phone sex story.  I just suck the sweet, honey nectar out of every last word when a client calls me to give me goods on his […]

cuckold phone sex with august

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, I always wonder if I should put another greeting in since some of the stores I hear so kinky that they make me sweat, get really wet and make cum really hard and that usually is not very gentlemanly  or lady like or so I was always taught, but then […]

cuckold phone sex with mysti

It’s so natural for me to cuckold men .  I’m even cuckolding one of my ex boyfriends.  If you are my cuckie, you will truly feel like a cuck, it won’t just be a fantasy !  Ok, hold your hand in front of your face, do it now.  Now kiss the palm of your hand, […]

cuckold phone sex with olivia

That is one sad looking dick. I bet you don’t even remember the last time you got off from having a woman touch you or have sex with you, do you? But you aren’t limited to just jerking off all alone. You should give me a call for cuckold phone sex. Never done anything like […]

BBC phone sex with BBW simone

It’s no secret that black men are attracted to my big fat booty and it’s even less of a secret that I fucking love the attention! A girl like me needs a big cock to satisfy and what is better than a big black cock?! When it comes to BBC phone sex there are so […]

Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex with Jennifer

Hey there, sissies! My name is Jennifer and you know what I find to be a lot of fun? I love cuckold humiliation sissy phone sex! You know your little clit isn’t enough to please a woman. That’s why you wear panties and tuck that tiny dicklet inside them. You haven’t even tried to be […]

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