Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Spencer

I might look sweet and innocent, but I can be a bit of a brat. I found that out when I started having bratty domme phone sex with all you losers. See, the thing I have going for me is that nobody ever really believes that I can be mean and cruel. I am tiny, adorable, and have the sweetest voice, so I can fool a lot of people. It always makes me laugh and feel so satisfied when a loser says “Wow, I had no idea that you would be so mean.” It always makes it so much more fun.

bratty domme phone sex

I love all kinds of bratty fun, but one of my favorites is small penis humiliation. I mean, what’s not to love about making fun of a loser with a small dick and telling him how he’s just not good enough for you?! I love it when they try to make a case for how they totally could please me, even though their dick isn’t very big. Contrary to what you may have heard, it IS the size that matters. If you can’t fill me up and stretch out my tiny cunt, then I want nothing to do with your teeny weenie. Well, other than making tons of fun of it!

In addition to that, I love CBT, financial domination, strap on play and so much more. I’m getting excited just thinking about all the things I can do to you. Is your pathetic dick getting excited, too? Of course it is, because you’re pathetic and only someone like you would get excited thinking about someone being mean to you.

But you know what that means? It means you need to pick up your phone and call me now! Dial 1 888 662 6482 and ask to talk to Spencer for bratty domme phone sex now!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Spencer

There is no way I would ever fuck someone like you. Not with a dick that small. I think some small penis humiliation phone sex is in order for you, loser. Don’t act so surprised, loser. I know very well that I am not the first girl to tell you that your dick is useless. I know you’ve had more than one girl ask you the dreaded question – “Is it in yet?”. So it cannot be a surprise to you that you’re seriously lacking in the dick department.

humiliation phone sex

The bad news for you is that it just isn’t going to grow anymore. You’re stuck with what you have…or don’t have, as the case may be. But the good news is that I will still let you fuck me. Wait, don’t get so excited. You aren’t going to fuck me with your pathetic excuse for a dick. I WILL let you fuck me with my giant black strap on cock, though. Oh, I love thinking about how humiliated you will be when you walk over to me with that strap on and get between my legs and start fucking me. I bet it’s going to make your teeny little dick hard, even though right now you think it might not. This will be the only chance you ever have to fuck me, so I would suggest that you take full advantage of it. I won’t offer it to you again. It’s a one and done for you, loser. But that doesn’t mean you get to cum. If you start getting so excited that you think your little dick might explode, you will stop fucking me immediately. That’s just not going to happen for you.

If you are reading this and you have a tiny dick, I want you to grab your phone right now and call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Spencer for small penis humiliation phone sex.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Olivia

Hey there, all you sexy guys. How do you feel about having a sexy mutual masturbation phone sex session today? I would LOVE to hear you jerk your cock off while I am rubbing my horny pussy. And boy have I been horny lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Sometimes it just hits me and I have to reach down and start fucking my pussy with fingers or sometimes even a big fat toy. It would be perfect if I had you on the line to listen to me touch myself. And I know that it would make your dick hard and then I could listen to you stroking your cock. Make sure you put lots of lube on it so I can hear it. Mmm. That turns me on so much.

mutual masturbation phone sex

What would you like to talk about while we touch ourselves? Do you maybe have a hot fantasy that you want to tell someone about? I hope so because I love hearing the dirty things that get your cock hard as a rock. Every man is different in that regard, so it always interests me to hear what the thing is that gets YOU excited. And if you’re lucky, I will tell you what makes my perfect pussy throb. I can promise you that it’s even more naughty and taboo that you probably imagined it would be. Guys don’t think perfect women like me can be as dirty as them, but that’s just simply not true – far from it, actually.

Are you ready for the perfect mutual masturbation phone sex? Do you want to hear what gets me excited? All you have to do to get that and more is to call me at 1 888 662 6482 and ask the dispatcher to talk to Olivia.

Creampie Phone Sex with Georgie

It’s been a long time since I’ve truly had my pussy pumped full of all the cream that I crave. I’m not going to complain, of course. I’ve been fucked and filled by some fantastic cocks recently, but sometimes a girl just needs some creampie phone sex to top her off! So what do you say? What to make my dreams come true and help fill me up with all the cum I could ever want?

creampie phone sex

I hope you’ve got some friends in mind because I’m not kidding when I say that I like a lot of cream filling! I’m ready to come on over and get the whole gang together for whatever fun you have in mind. There’s no shame in getting crazy with me! All I want, all I need, is getting hard in my mouth one at a time.

I know you want a warmup in the form of my throat and I’m more than happy to give it to you. I absolutely love sucking cock, I just happen to like you emptying your balls in my pussy more. You have my permission to fulfill that pussy stuffing fantasy you’ve always had. Nothing between us, skin to skin, just slick and primal fucking. This is creampie phone sex after all!

Here’s the deal. You can fuck me however you want and you bet your balls that I’m going to enjoy it…as long as when you cum you are buried deep in my pussy. That goes for you and every friend that you bring in on this. I want to feel pulse after pulse of hot jizz shooting into me. Make it happen.

My pussy is wet and waiting. Are you ready to stuff me full and give me the creampie phone sex that I need? You know what to do. 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Georgie!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Tamra

Don’t call me a bitch for being a size queen phone sex slut! I mean, sure, I am a bitch. But you’re only calling me that because you’re ashamed of your tiny pathetic excuse for a cock. You think you’re embarrassed now? Wait until this size queen phone sex ‘bitch’ is done with you. You have to know that your wee pinky dick is going to get you nothing but constant berating and humiliation from me and other real women just like me. You need to get used to being called a pussy because you are practically walking around with one! Sad thing is, honestly no one would want you even if you did have a pussy.

size queen phone sex

I’ll tell you what this size queen phone sex slut would do though. I’d put you in a cute diaper with little teddy bears on them and nothing else. Well, maybe booties. And I’d stick a cock shaped pacifier in your mouth and put a sweet bonnet on your head. Then I’d put a leash and collar on you and drag you into a bar packed full of big, strong, muscular guys and let them all have their way with your tight boy pussy. THAT is more like what you’re life is destined to be like. Then we’ll see who calls who a bitch! I’m pretty sure they would all love making you be their pretty sissy fag. And I won’t let them stop using and abusing you until you get down on your knees and beg me to make them stop. It’s going to take a lot of begging for this size queen phone sex slut to have a change of heart though…so make it good! So call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Size Queen Tamra.

Big Tits Phone Sex with Caroline

Well hey there, sugar plum! I bet right now you’re staring at my big, beautiful tits. Am I right? I mean, look at them – you can’t help yourself, can you? When I stand in front of the mirror in the right tight blouse, even I can’t help but stare at them. They’re voluptuous and milky white, so full and soft and ready for your attention. Well, ready for any attention they can get! Maybe now that you’ve seen them up close, it’s time for you to give them some attention by calling for some big tits phone sex with me, Sweet Caroline!

big tits phone sex

These creamy milk jugs are just waiting for you to quench your thirst for big tit lovin’, sweetie pie. I get so lonely when my hubby is away, and he’s always away, so there’s almost never a time when my big beautiful melons aren’t dying to be squeezed. My nipples are super sensitive, so the second a stiff breeze blows, those torpedoes are alert! I love to have them played with – suck them, pinch them, bite them…just as long as you’re touching them in some way, I’m a happy little slut! My favorite big tits phone sex activity is talking about how much cum you can spray all over them, and if you’re into cum eating, how much you can lick right off of them! Rubbing your sticky seed all over my big tits sounds like it could be cum loads of fun, don’t you think, baby? I’d just love to give it a try…

So tell me, what kinds of things would you like to try with these big beauties? I’d love to have some tit bondage, or maybe you could pour some hot wax all over them. I love to have them whipped and spanked, or you can just bury your face in them and let me smother you with them. You decide when you call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Sweet Caroline for some hot big tits phone sex tonight! <3 <3

Interracial Phone Sex with Naomi

Most of the time when the phone rings, it’s some pathetic loser calling me for some kind of femdom humiliation session, but then there are those times when the caller is simply some honky white boy looking for some interracial phone sex with an ebony goddess like me. Boy, do I love when I can charm a cool cracker with my chocolate cooch, especially when one of my favorite white boys wants to talk about breeding with my black ass. A little chocolate and vanilla swirl is always the most delicious choice, don’t you think, baby? So does he, when he calls me in the middle of the night for interracial phone sex and tells me that he’s naked in bed, ready to fuck me all night long, until he’s filled me with enough cum to get me pregnant with his beautiful biracial baby.

interracial phone sex

Are you having a little craving for some dark chocolate tonight? A hot cocoa truffle to slide your lily white dick into, all smooth and creamy in the center, just the way you like it, right baby? I know you love seeing the contrast – that milky white rod sliding in and out of my dark brown pussy lips…you want it so badly that I don’t have to dominate you to get you to worship my ebony snatch! You just end up doing it, your face buried deep in my chocolate cunt, lapping it up like that fat kid in the chocolate factory movie! Mmm yeah baby – you want to taste what’s in this box of chocoloate, don’t you? Then you’d better take that little white fuck stick of a finger and call for some interracial phone sex, honey, and call now. I’m feeling super horny tonight, and I’m dying for some sweet marshmallow cream on top of this hot fudge sundae!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Naomi. Follow me on Twitter @naomi_nasty and on BDSMLR at naominastyqueen!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Jade

Hi there sexy guy you must be searching for a nice explosion. Why don’t we get together and have steamy guided masturbation phone sex. There is nothing better that I would rather do than to have you jack off your cock for me just the way I want you to. I know when to tell you to stop, start, and pause to have you going crazy and begging me to let you release. Don’t worry because it will be at the perfect time when I grant you your wish. It gets me so turned on and wet to get you as hard as I can and get your juices flowing. I wish I could take my warm tongue and swirl it around your mushroom head while you stroke up and down for me. Your sweet pre cum in my mouth would make me suck so much harder to get more out and, I am sure you will keep dripping.

guided masturbation phone sex

Since I am not there with you like I would like to be how about we have guided masturbation phone sex while you admire me and use your hand like it is my tight cock hungry hole that needs to be penetrated so deep and hard. Imagine your face right between my legs from behind while you lick and suck on me. I would be pulling your head closer into my ass while I tell you how to squeeze and stroke. I control how much comes out of that cock. It would be even better if you want me to watch you on cam stroke that swollen dick. Your last question to me will be where do you want me to cum? Ha ha that is so funny wouldn’t you like to know?

Call-888-662-6482 and ask for Jade. Guided masturbation phone sex is going to be so good right now.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Quinn

Before you snub your nose at me for being a cheating wife phone sex slut, think about how many times you have wanted to fuck your best friend’s wife. Yeah…see that? Fucking is a basic, carnal animal driven instinct in us and we can’t fight nature, can we? Sure, I love my husband. But that has nothing to do with me wanting dick 24/7. I just need to have cocks buried in all my holes, fucking me, filling me and make me squirt!

cheating wife phone sex

When I got married, I never thought that I would be a cheating wife phone sex slut. In fact, he satisfies me well enough. I just have an appetite that is not easily quenched. Even after he makes me cum I’m needing more but he is literally drained and can’t help me out. I’ve tried talking him into threesomes but he’s not down for that. Especially if it’s with another guy. So…he leaves me no choice really. What’s that’s saying? If you can’t get what you need at home, you’ll find it somewhere else? Well, that’s my exact situation. I need to be fucked several times a day. And I am tired of riding my dildos and vibrators to get the orgasms my poor body craves. This is why I’ve succumbed to being the immoral cheating wife phone sex slut that I am. And honestly, I don’t really feel guilty about it. I get cock all hours of the day and when hubby comes home I fuck him too. So I still take care of my man…I just take care of my needs more! Now, why don’t you grab that big fat dick and call me? You know you want to fuck this cheating wife phone sex slut too!

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Quinn

Impregnation Phone Sex with Georgie

Oh, baby baby! And I mean that literally. Don’t bother with the condom, because I want to feel that amazing cock spilling straight into my womb. That’s right, babe, I want to be your baby mama! That’s what sex is for, after all. It’s just biology to want to get me pregnant. And I want it, too! I want to have impregnation phone sex with you!

impregnation phone sex

I’ve been thinking about it non-stop for the last week. My body is craving and I’m ovulating. I can’t wait to feel you plant your seed inside me. Don’t you want it, too? It’s not like making a baby is a chore! While it’s totally possible to get me pregnant on the first try, we might as well fuck again and again until we’re sure. It could take a while, but I think we’re both up for the challenge.

Oh, baby! Don’t you want me with your child inside of me? With impregnation phone sex, it’s not necessarily just your fantasy! You’re fulfilling my wants and needs, too. You know I want you to fuck me and fill me. It may start out sweet, but it’s animal need at the end of it all.

Come on, baby daddy! Don’t be ashamed, neither of us can help it. It’s fun and dangerous, and so, so delicious! If it was 200 years ago, I’d have been impregnated at least once by now, so it’s time to get on it! You putting a baby in me would make me so happy. Pump me full of your delicious cream. I’m the fertile earth for you to plant your seed in. There’s no form of birth control in this partnering.

I can’t wait to have impregnation phone sex with you. Make me a mommy! 1-888-662-6482 mmm-mmm, you know what to do!

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