Fat Ass Fetish Phone Sex with Simone

Calling all you ass guys out there! Why aren’t you calling me for fat ass fetish phone sex?! Take a good hard look at my perfect round full fat derriere. It’s a beauty isn’t it? I know it’s making your cock hard just thinking about what it would be like to have your hands on my ass. Hah. I know it’s not just your hands, but your lips, your tongue, and of course, that cock on my ass. Patience my dear, this ass ain’t going any fucking where.

fat ass fetish phone sex

Take your time. Feel my body pressed against yours, my big tits and soft belly. Your hands on my big bum squeezing and fondling my cheeks and feeling me grinding into your hands for me. I’m one of those girls who really does get off with guys who have an ass fetish. Yep, I’m an anal girl and can cum when you’re lickin’ and kissin’ and makin’ love my to butthole with your happy hungry tongue.

Are you a submissive one who needs to feel the power of a BBW Goddess like myself? Your admiration of my fat ass means a healthy dose of smothering and face sitting. My pussy juices dripping to my sweet starhole and plastered right on your face. The only thing you can do is lick and taste and smell my stinky shithole. Inhale deeply because it might be the only air you get under my big fat bottom. I’m happy to take it even further if you are, just tell me so!

No need to feel left out if all your looking for is a big beautiful fanny to fuck either. I told you I get off on anal play and that includes some major league butt fucking too. Just make sure my rosebud is lubed up and quivering for your throbbing cock and have your way with me. Time it right and I’ll be cumming while you blow your fucking load deep in my ass.

Fat ass fetish phone sex, anyway you want it, I’m your girl.

Call 1 888 662 6482 and ask for Simone. I’m ready willing and able!

BBW Phone Sex

Hey, babies, how y’all doing today? Your BBW phone sex Goddess Mz Diamond is doing good, like always. I wanna talk to y’all today about one of my favorite fantasies and see what y’all think about it.

I don’t know about y’all, but I love me some facesitting. I tell you what, anytime I can plop my big, black ass down on some li’l white boy’s face is a good day to me. Especially if y’all get y’all’s tongues up in there just right? That’s the best way to spend time that I can think of.

‘Cause I’m a big girl, you might experience some smothering under there. But I guess if you gotta be breathless, there ain’t no better place to lose your breath than under Mz Diamond’s perfect ebony ass, haha! I’ma rub myself all up on your nose and mouth. You need to get you a good smell and a good taste of this black phone sex girl.

Why don’t you just go ahead on and call Mz Diamond right now for some cheap phone sex, baby?


Queening Phonesex


Facesitting, queening, smothering —- whatever you call it, it’s a powerful expression of FemDom Mistress’ control. You watch a woman walking away from you and your eyes are immediately drawn to the sexy sway of her ass. Your balls ache with blue balls as your imagination begins to play a Sadistic game of tease and denial as you imagine her lowering that perfect ass onto you and pressing her cheeks against your face, forcing you to perform the task of ass worship or pussy worship. You nuzzle your nose between her cheeks and inhale the scent of her. And your cock nearly explodes as she grinds against your face and as you hear her say “Start licking, slut. That tongue belongs to me.”

Queening Phonesex —-     Tease and Denial —- Ass Worship

If you are a pathetic, worthless little slave boy that loves to beg for permission from you taboo phonesex Facesitting Queen you should pick up the phone now . . .

Your Sadistic Cock Tease will have your blue balls bursting once you hear her sexy and seductive voice  commanding you to lick her clean, cream pie and all during ass worship phone sex.


Remember to ask the dispatchers nicely to speak to Mistress Tatianna.



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