Sissyboy Phone Sex


I’m so glad I have you, baby.  My boyfriend just will not wear my panties AT ALL.  I have tried and tried, but damn if the closest I can get is wrapping my panties around his cock while sucking him off.  He’s just not into the sissyboy crossdressing fetish like you are.

It would be disappointing if I didn’t have you as an outlet for my pantyboy fantasies.  And make no mistake, it’s my fetish too!  You look so pretty in them, baby.  It’s like you were made for them.

I’ve got a special pair for you to wear!  Are you excited?  I just got the idea last night, as a matter of fact.  No, don’t freak out, because they’re a little crunchy, but I didn’t think you’d mind that my BBC dropped a load in my mouth, and when it oozed out of my mouth it landed on the panties I had laid on his crotch.

What?  I just told you that sometimes I wrap the lacy cotton things around his enormous dick for fun.  I figured you had already connected the two.  Honey, don’t look at me like that.  You’ve already worn underwear that he’s done all sorts of things to.  You never knew?




This must be a fucking first.  Now be a good sissyboy, and call me.  But put this on, because I think you’ll look great in it.  And see if you can tell me if it was the first or second cumshot that you feel in there….

Call 1-888-662-6482 and tell the sweetie that answers that you want to talk to Quinn!

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