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You know why the black guy always dies in the movies?  Because African-American actors are more interested in pussy than staying on set all day long and not fucking.  When you’re born with a big black cock, you’ve got not choice.  You’ve got to feed it.  And that means allocating your time properly.  No matter what kind of job you’ve got or extra curricular shit you’ve got going on, the dick must be kept satisfied.  It’s considerations like this that keep your brain in charge of your cock, and not the other way around.

What happens when a big black cock is denied white pussy?  If it goes too long, it starts to remain in a perpetually hard state, leading around its owner until it finds an open fuckhole.  Mouth, pussy or ass, it doesn’t matter to a big black cock.  As long as it’s warm and wet, a big black cock will be satisfied.  Interracial phone sex can only help so much.  I and a lot of other lucky and wise women were put on this earth to give black men as many orgasms as they can handle.  And for every black guy that dies in the movies, that’s one more smile on a white woman’s face, because that actor punched out for the day, and clocked into some tight, white girl next door.

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