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Fat juicy pussy filled with cum, so much creamy white jizz for cream pie phone sex. Eat me. You know you want it. It’s early Saturday morning and my favorite BBC lover just left after a long night of fucking. My pussy is so swollen and red from his pounding. Man, he knows how to fuck. Almost 11 inches of thick black dick ramming right up inside my thick wet lips. Don’t you wish you were there watching up close and personal? Maybe next time. This morning I need you between my thighs eating my thick cream pie. Freshly shaved and freshly fucked. Two loads of cum for your breakfast.

cream pie phone sex

My clean up boy lives for the mornings he gets a text from me. He knows what his purpose is in my life and his mouth is already watering. I don’t even have to get out of bed, he knows where I keep the spare key. He’s quiet when he comes in, strips to his panties and gently crawls under the cover between my thick thighs. The smell of sex is lingering in the air and I hear him inhale deeply and moan. Taking his time he starts licking the dried cum on my legs and my round tummy. He’s very thorough because he knows there will be punishment if he’s not.

I spread my legs wider and that’s his cue to start on the main course. His favorite cream pie is from my BBC lover, he can always tell who has fucked my cunt from the smell and taste. I can’t help but laugh when I see him try and hump the bed, I know he’s got a hardon in his panties. Gently licking my fat lips making sure to clean up every single drop. I thrust my hips up into his face as his tongue reaches deep in my fuckhole slurping every creamy drop. He knows he’s done his job when I cum for the second time in his face and he’s cleaned up every drop.

He’s earned his reward and I let him jerk himself off into his soaking wet panties. Hand them to me, I say and he does. His mouth open wide, I stuff his cum filled in his mouth and tell him to go home. He’s gone as quietly as he arrived.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Top 5

Phone Sex Freaks its that time of the week again where the weekend is upon us. OF course what is a weekend without a little fetish phone sex kick off. So what is better than a little cuckold phone sex top 5.
#5 Panty Licking Phone Sex. While I am out getting my pussy filled that cuckold his at home licking and stroking to my dirty panties.
#4 Interracial Phone Sex. Knowing that big black cocks are entering my tight white pussy. Going where your dick will not be.
#3 Humiliation Phone Sex. Its all laughs when looking at your small dicks.
#2 Orgasm Denial. Really when your that small and pathetic do you really think an orgasm is in your future?

#1 Pussy Worship Phone Sex. Those cucks knowing all they got to do was eat the cream pies from the sweet pink lips of my pussy.
There is the cuckold phone sex top 5.
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