Tranny Phone Sex Goddess Whisper

Go on look at my sexy body. Admire my curves. Course let your eyes feast upon the 8 inches that throb between my thighs. Yes if you didnt crave a tranny phone sex goddess before eyeing up my body you are about too when you find out that I am a no limits, taboo loving shemale.

Yes you read that right!

Absolutely no limits anything goes in the way of phone sex fantasies.

tranny phone sex goddess

After all your imagination is running while with all the bisexual role plays and cock sucking fantasies, it would be a shame to limit your imagination. So go on baby you think about what it would be like to drop down to your knees and become a cock hungry whore for this tranny phone sex goddess. To look up an admire my sexy tits bouncing over your head while my cock is thrusting in and out of your mouth.

Yes that it you think about becoming my cock whore.

Sexy isnt it?

I know its getting my hand wandering and exploring all my sexy shemale curves right now. Course when you are on the phone with me it will give me an even better reason to let this hand fondle what is between my legs. I like to build up the anticipation. Tease myself if you will. Save my load for you.

So how about you grab your phone and give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 my name is Whisper soon to be your favorite tranny phone sex goddess. My cock is already throbbing thinking of how I will be fucking your sweet mouth.


Slutty Phone Sex Sissy with Whisper

So who all dressed up as a sexy what ever this weekend? Let your inner sissy out to play? Course those of you who had to work and werent allowed to play dont worry for I am here to help you out with a little slutty phone sex sissy play.

Yes I did say slutty sissy play.

We both know that your inner phone sex sissy is nothing more than a cum craving whore that wishes to dress like a tramp and go out and suck as much cock as humanly possible. So let me help you out.

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No. I am not gonna help you out in the sense of getting you dressed up. Well yes. I will ensure you look your slutty best but actually I am gonna make sure that while your in the process of dressing up all slutty your sucking back a few loads of cum from my shemale cock.

Now your get the idea!

See I want to make sure that before I unleash you into the streets that my slutty phone sex sissy is well prepared in actually being a cum whore. That your not gonna ruin your make up.

Actually scratch that its more that your not gonna gag on some scrumptious jizz filled cock. The ruined make up from being glazed all over does sound rather sexy if you ask me. Kind of adds to your slutty appearance so go on lets ruin your lipsticks and let the world know who exactly you are.

A cum craving slutty phone sex sissy bitch!

Now all you need to do to embrace your inner slut is call me ~ Whisper the hot tranny ready to give you a pearl necklace. 1-888-662-6482

Kinky Phone Sex Shemale Whisper

Why hello! As you can see from my very sexy thick cock I am a hot and kinky phone sex shemale. Ok perhaps the kinky part isnt that obvious as of yet. That is something you discover once you phone me for a kinky and erotic role play.

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I do enjoy letting that cat out of the bag so to speak for its always nice to know what your about to get into before you call someone. See I am a phone sex shemale that has zero limits. NO taboos! Which means our time together can be extremely steamy. There is absolutely nothing that I wont do and well wont make you do either. Now considering that other tidbit of info I do appreciate if you tell me what sort of things you enjoy in the way of taboo fantasies. For I hate to scare you off the very first time we chat.

Mean sure I enjoy the taboo fantasies but this kinky phone sex shemale does enjoy taking the more sensual route too. Yes I want you to suck my cock but I dont have to slam it down you throat. Unless you want me too.

Do you want to gag on my tranny cock?

Anyways this is just a quick little blog to let you know that I am around when you are craving something a bit different. You know when you have moved on from girls with faux dicks and want a chick with a real dick.

Just ask for Whisper when you reach the dispatcher, 1-888-662-6482

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