Kinky Phone Sex Shemale Whisper

Why hello! As you can see from my very sexy thick cock I am a hot and kinky phone sex shemale. Ok perhaps the kinky part isnt that obvious as of yet. That is something you discover once you phone me for a kinky and erotic role play.

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I do enjoy letting that cat out of the bag so to speak for its always nice to know what your about to get into before you call someone. See I am a phone sex shemale that has zero limits. NO taboos! Which means our time together can be extremely steamy. There is absolutely nothing that I wont do and well wont make you do either. Now considering that other tidbit of info I do appreciate if you tell me what sort of things you enjoy in the way of taboo fantasies. For I hate to scare you off the very first time we chat.

Mean sure I enjoy the taboo fantasies but this kinky phone sex shemale does enjoy taking the more sensual route too. Yes I want you to suck my cock but I dont have to slam it down you throat. Unless you want me too.

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Anyways this is just a quick little blog to let you know that I am around when you are craving something a bit different. You know when you have moved on from girls with faux dicks and want a chick with a real dick.

Just ask for Whisper when you reach the dispatcher, 1-888-662-6482