Humiliation Phone Sex with Simone

Maybe because as a little fat girl I was laughed at and made fun of, or maybe not. But for whatever reason I really get into humiliation phone sex. Something about bringing a grown man to tears as I tear him a new asshole, figuratively. Literally if he’s into that sort of thing? I’m easy. You are one of two types of guys who need my brand of humiliation. Most of you are little dick losers who know it and know you deserve to be humiliated, used, abused and whatever the fuck else I want. The rest of you think you’re some strong masculine guy who knows everything. Well I’ve got news for you, just because you have a dick doesn’t mean you have to be a dick. And those are the fucks I love humiliating the most.

humiliation phone sex

You think you’re so smart and just because you’re good looking every girl is going to want you. Most girls probably do want you, they’ll do anything to get your attention and you know those sluts are going to give up that pussy any time you want it. But we both know that’s too fucking easy isn’t it? Sure if you’re into easy lays and sport fucking. That isn’t what makes your dick hard though. I’m not your typical girl, in fact you probably wouldn’t pay me a second look most days. Today isn’t most days. You’re captivated by my huge tits. My fleshy round belly. My thick thighs. And I’m going to laugh in your face and tell you no.

The only reason we’re even talking today is the fact that you’re paying me to do that. I don’t give guys like you a single minute of my attention because I just don’t care. Let’s face it, you probably don’t care much either, except that “no” of rejection is almost too much for you to handle. When you find yourself begging to kiss my ass or rub my feet, I will be laughing my ass off. You think I’d be hard up to find a guy like you, but that’s a big fat lie too. Big beautiful women like me get the best of everything. No matter who we humiliate to get it.

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Fat Ass Fetish Phone Sex with Simone

Calling all you ass guys out there! Why aren’t you calling me for fat ass fetish phone sex?! Take a good hard look at my perfect round full fat derriere. It’s a beauty isn’t it? I know it’s making your cock hard just thinking about what it would be like to have your hands on my ass. Hah. I know it’s not just your hands, but your lips, your tongue, and of course, that cock on my ass. Patience my dear, this ass ain’t going any fucking where.

fat ass fetish phone sex

Take your time. Feel my body pressed against yours, my big tits and soft belly. Your hands on my big bum squeezing and fondling my cheeks and feeling me grinding into your hands for me. I’m one of those girls who really does get off with guys who have an ass fetish. Yep, I’m an anal girl and can cum when you’re lickin’ and kissin’ and makin’ love my to butthole with your happy hungry tongue.

Are you a submissive one who needs to feel the power of a BBW Goddess like myself? Your admiration of my fat ass means a healthy dose of smothering and face sitting. My pussy juices dripping to my sweet starhole and plastered right on your face. The only thing you can do is lick and taste and smell my stinky shithole. Inhale deeply because it might be the only air you get under my big fat bottom. I’m happy to take it even further if you are, just tell me so!

No need to feel left out if all your looking for is a big beautiful fanny to fuck either. I told you I get off on anal play and that includes some major league butt fucking too. Just make sure my rosebud is lubed up and quivering for your throbbing cock and have your way with me. Time it right and I’ll be cumming while you blow your fucking load deep in my ass.

Fat ass fetish phone sex, anyway you want it, I’m your girl.

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Erotic Phone Sex with Simone

One of the best parts about doing erotic phone sex is learning and getting to know you. I love that you feel safe to share with me all your fantasies, no matter what they are. A lot of guys think phone sex is just a fantasy experience, but it can be so much more than that. If you’re anything like me, I get all turned on talking about sexy or sensual. When I tell you about the new panties I just bought and how silky they feel against my full round ass. I’ll admit I had to play with myself when you were talking about your secretary’s stockings and super short skirt. Erotic and sensual phone conversation will make my drop my panties every single time!

erotic phone sex

Tell me how hard your cock is getting when I tell you about my latest BBC lover and how many times I came on that black dick. Listen to me suckle on my own nipples and fat titties when you tell me how you watched your own wife get fucked by another man (whether it happened in real life or just your fantasy). For me, there is no one thing that gets me off every time. I like to talk and share with you all the different fantasies, no matter how tame or taboo. Nothing wrong with finding the erotic in situations and with people you shouldn’t. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Yes, twisted and taboo erotic phone sex is one of my specialties.

Let’s talk about our first times. And our last times. Some things are better left in fantasy than reality, I want to experience those erotic and kinky experiences and conversations. I’m smart, intelligent, funny, and extremely sexual. No judgements here. If it gets you off I want to know it.

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Cream Pie Phone Sex with Simone

Fat juicy pussy filled with cum, so much creamy white jizz for cream pie phone sex. Eat me. You know you want it. It’s early Saturday morning and my favorite BBC lover just left after a long night of fucking. My pussy is so swollen and red from his pounding. Man, he knows how to fuck. Almost 11 inches of thick black dick ramming right up inside my thick wet lips. Don’t you wish you were there watching up close and personal? Maybe next time. This morning I need you between my thighs eating my thick cream pie. Freshly shaved and freshly fucked. Two loads of cum for your breakfast.

cream pie phone sex

My clean up boy lives for the mornings he gets a text from me. He knows what his purpose is in my life and his mouth is already watering. I don’t even have to get out of bed, he knows where I keep the spare key. He’s quiet when he comes in, strips to his panties and gently crawls under the cover between my thick thighs. The smell of sex is lingering in the air and I hear him inhale deeply and moan. Taking his time he starts licking the dried cum on my legs and my round tummy. He’s very thorough because he knows there will be punishment if he’s not.

I spread my legs wider and that’s his cue to start on the main course. His favorite cream pie is from my BBC lover, he can always tell who has fucked my cunt from the smell and taste. I can’t help but laugh when I see him try and hump the bed, I know he’s got a hardon in his panties. Gently licking my fat lips making sure to clean up every single drop. I thrust my hips up into his face as his tongue reaches deep in my fuckhole slurping every creamy drop. He knows he’s done his job when I cum for the second time in his face and he’s cleaned up every drop.

He’s earned his reward and I let him jerk himself off into his soaking wet panties. Hand them to me, I say and he does. His mouth open wide, I stuff his cum filled in his mouth and tell him to go home. He’s gone as quietly as he arrived.

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BBW Phone Sex Slut Simone

I’m Simone, your sexy and voluptuous BBW phone sex slut. I may not be cheap, but I sure am easy! I am one horny bitch and I don’t know what it means to have “enough”. I’m a size queen, a BBC lover, and I love pussy just as much as I love big fat dick. I love to share cock with my girlfriends and I tend to be more on the Dominant side with other chicks. With guys, I can go either way, as long as I’m getting fucked and you’re making me cum, I do it all. Not only am I a phone sex slut, I get off on those nasty taboo slutty fantasies too.

bbw phone sex slut

When my late booty call texted me last night wanting to come over, you know I said yes. What I didn’t know was he wasn’t alone. 2:30am and in he walks with 2 of his friends that I had never met. Should I tell you that I was laying on my couch, legs spread, fingering my fat cunt, when they first saw me? In less than a minute I had a fat dick slapping my face and strong hands on my thighs pushing them up and back. I was so fucking wet and ready that I swear I came as soon as he pumped that BBC deep in my pussy? Three hours later my pussy and ass are sore and swollen and still dripping with cum. My favorite sissy boy is on his way over for his cream pie breakfast!

Want to know how much of a phone sex slut I really am? When one of my regulars told me he was having a couple buddies over for poker, he asked if he called me if he could put me on speaker and just let them listen to the nasty things that come out of my mouth. While I fucked my cunt with my vibrating dildo. Fuck yes!! That must have been one of the hottest calls I ever did, for real.

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Simone

I get asked all the time if I do roleplay phone sex calls and every time the answer is yes! It seems weird to say that one of my favorite role-play scenarios is when we are just being ourselves, putting us in sexy, kinky scenes. Late night strangers at the bar who go for a quickie in the back room. No need to exchange names, fast and dirty is the way tonight. Let us be younger lovers exploring our bodies for the first time, or even explore younger guy older woman (and vice versa) fantasies. Be the pervy policeman who pulls me over late at night who suggests that a blow job might get me out of the ticket.

roleplay phone sex

The best part of roleplay phone sex is being anyone anywhere at anytime. I love taboo fantasies that are so twisted they won’t even let me talk about it here. Ever since you can remember you have fantasized about sneaking in her bedroom and sniffing and playing with her panties. Your ex was a bitch and I just the woman to exploit your revenge fuck fantasies. And if those taboo desires go even further, I will help push your limits to making it all happen on the phone.There are no limits to what we can talk about on the phone.

Something else I find really erotic and a turn on when playing different roles on the phone is the exchange of power. Not necessarily Domination and submission, although I definitely am into all that, but the switch of power in every day situations. Maybe you are the boss and I am your secretary. I am the teacher who finds herself at the sexual mercy of her prized student. You’re married and desperately want to see your wife be a total slut for another man. The possibilities are limitless, so don’t be shy.

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Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Simone

Put on your panties, pick up your phone, and call me for sissy boy phone sex. Don’t stop with just panties either. I have silky stockings for you with a sexy garter belt to frame your sissy ass so pretty. We aren’t going to stop there either. I think a sexy bra stuffed with titties or a soft camisole that will rub your sensitive nips all day will only add to the look and that sissy boy feeling. Add a pair of 5″ heeled cum fuck me pumps and bright red shiny lipstick to really make you feel like the sissy slut you are.

sissy phone sex

Now that you are all dressed up with no place to go, it’s time to talk about your life as a sissy boy. We both know that no real woman would ever want to be with a sissy like; at least not in the traditional sense. Your dick is too small to please me and you’re wearing panties! I’m even willing to bet that you already have a wet spot in your panties just thinking about all of this. Get on your knees and crawl right between my voluptuous thighs. I’m going to rub your sissy face all over my wet panty pussy. Not only will you look like a sissy boy, you are going to smell like a pussy boy too.

Happy you called for sissy boy phone sex today because I’m having some friends over and it’s going to be your coming out party. My girlfriends and their boyfriends will watch as you shake your little sissy ass for them. When I get out my strap-on and demonstrate your cock sucking ability for them, a couple of the guys decide you need to practice on the real thing. Yes, you read that right, as part of being my sissy boy, you’re going to learn how to be the best cocksucker there is. Might as well make the guys happy since you’re too sissy for the girls.

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BBC Phone Sex with Simone

bbc phone sex

I love big black cock and BBC phone sex gives me the chance to share my love of black dick with all of you! I mean, look at my milky white tits and imagine a thick black pole sliding right between them. My g0d that is so fucking hot. I can’t help but slide my tongue out to taste that magnificent Mandingo cock. Are you a BBC lover too? I can’t believe the number of guys who call me who are bigger sluts for that black dick than I am!

Admit it, you jerk your white dick off and fantasize about your wife or girlfriend being pounded like only a BBC can do. Not only is his dick bigger than yours, he knows just how to fuck her to make her cum and cum over and over again. I bet she doesn’t cum when you fuck her does she? I love when white guys watch me get fucked. I know how jealous they are that he gets to fuck this BBW Goddess pussy. Or maybe they are jealous of me and wish they were getting fucked like a dirty white bitch?! Which is it white boy?

I’ve never had kids but I imagine if I do it will be result of being a white breeder slut for my black dicked lover. How fucking hot is that fantasy? Your wife comes home one day and tells you she’s pregnant, but you know it’s not yours. That’s right, everyone is going to know she fucks around on you and with BBC! It won’t be long before you become their sissy white slut hubby. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used your pussy ass while your wife was recovering from childbirth either. That superior black cock needs to be taken care of.

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Taboo Cuckold Phone Sex with Simone

taboo cuckold phone sex

Aren’t you the naughty boy who not only wants to be a cuckold, but engage in some very kinky taboo cuckold phone sex with me. I have seen you peeking in my bedroom late at night when you’re supposed to be in bed. You stand in the doorway peeking through the crack watching me on my hands and knees getting pounded by my BBC lover. I know you put your hands inside your pants to touch yourself while you watch my lover’s huge cock fucking my pretty taboo pussy.

I see how you look at me, adoringly at my big tits and my fat round ass. If you are like most boys you are thinking about what it would be like to fuck this hot MILF  just like her lover does. There is only one problem here baby, my lover needs to have a huge cock to satisfy me and you are just a little dicked sissy.

That’s right, I said a sissy. Now that we both know the truth, some things are going to change around here. I am going to put you in pretty sissy panties from now on and I’m going to teach you what it means to be my cuckold boy. I might tie you to a chair with your hands pulled back – no touching that little dick without my permission – as I  teach you to be my fluffer and make my big black lover’s cock all hard for me. You will learn to love my sweet cream pie and be my clean up boy. You will be my taboo phone sex cuckold and I will be your sexy MILF Cuckoldress.

Your lessons won’t even stop there. When you open your closet and see your boy clothes gone and replaced with sissy dresses and more, there’s no doubt what my intentions are. When I say taboo cuckold phone sex, I mean it. Call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Simone. You know you want to hear more!

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Simone

humiliation phone sex

Hello to all you little dick losers!! You’re totally in the right place for some cruel humiliation phone sex. You deserve nothing but laughter and to be humiliated in the worst ways possible. Don’t even try to reason with me and say that it’s not your fault your dick is so little. I don’t care WHY it’s little. All I know is that it is small and the likes of you is NEVER going to touch my hot Goddess pussy with your tiny dick.

Have you ever even had sex with a woman, a real woman like me? No, hookers do not count. Has anyone ever actually wanted to have sex with you? I didn’t think so. Why would a woman want to let you try to fuck her? I say try because you are so small that you probably can’t even get your dick all the way inside.

Do you want to know what you are good for? Not much, but there are a few things. One is watching me get my fat pussy pounded by real men. My favorite dicks are big black ones… the kind that stretch my pussy out and fill me up so much more than you ever could. And when he is done with me, you can crawl over on your knees, spread my legs to look at my gaping pussy and start to lick that black creampie out of me. I want you to lick until I am totally clean. While you’re doing that, you do not dare touch your tiny dick. But my constant verbal humiliation is going to make you want to. Fucked up, huh?

When you’re ready for some intense humiliation phone sex, pick up that phone and call me. I can’t wait to tell you how inferior you are and how you’re never going to be good enough for ANY woman.

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