Giantess Phone Sex with Goddess Shiva

Yes as a phone sex femdom there are a few fantasies I really have no desire in doing. The ones that have you pleasuring me with your penial inserted into me are definitely off the table. For lets face it your submissive cock is not the type that will bring me any sexual pleasure. You have one purpose which is being my submissive and well its rather debatable if you can or will be able to please.

giantess phone sex

However, stating that fact I am more than up for some giantess phone sex fantasies. You may wonder what makes this fantasy different than most. Well simply me being 10 feet or 50 feet taller than you is most appealing. To be that tall would have you cowarding and that does bring a smile to my face.

To be that gigantic gives me the ultimate control over you. For you can run and hide but with one stomp of my foot your hide out will be ruined. Do you see where this is going?

Surely hope you do for I hate having to explain things to the most basic of levels. Being a giantess phone sex femdom would be the ultimate of pleasures for me. Which you do what to please me. So if you have a fondness for gigantic woman who love being in control then you simply must call me.

For slipping you between my massive breasts for what seems like safe keeping is bringing a smile to my face. Mind you it might be the idea that your so pint size I will most likely squish you once my corset is adjusted.

Something to ponder before calling your giantess phone sex femdom, just ask for Shiva 1-888-662-6482

Boot Worship Phone Sex Fantasies with Shiva

The weather has changed in my section of the world. The rains have come. There are fall storms approaching and the begging for boot worship phone sex fantasies to begin.

boot worship phone sex

Please take not that there was not a single mention of Pumpkin Spice in that beginning paragraph. You will not find my shiny boots stepping anywhere near that spiced latte crap. You will find me indulging on some lovely herbal tea or hot chocolate, as your phone mistress does have a sweet tooth.

However, you will find me getting my boots mucky in the trails behind my home. For I love wandering the woods in the fall. The scent of smoke from chimneys and the decay of leaves under foot.

See its in those walks as I step in puddles and well leaves that I realize I need someone with a boot fetish who will adore cleaning them and polishing them. Sure you may start with the traditional sense but really we both know that your here to push yourself beyond polishing my boot with a rag.

You wish to have a phone mistress push you into cleaning every speck of dirty and grim with your tongue. Yes act shocked and what not but I know your secretly reading that line with a hard on in your pants.

So now that we got that out of the way sort of. You may call me with your boot worship phone sex fantasies at 1-888-662-6482 ask for Mistress Shiva.


Strapon Phone Sex Submissive with Shiva

Love how men describe their “equipment” to me like this Domina will suddenly be interested in fucking a phone sex submissive.

Sorry you could be hung like a well you know and I wouldn’t be interested in you one little fucking bit. See your a submissive. There fore I have no interest in you. Can careless if you have a body built like a Greek god and trust me that is my type the moment you open you mouth and that submissive bitch exits your lips my domina pussy is drying up faster than the Sahara dessert.

phone sex submissive

See your unfuckable in the sense of how a woman “should” crave a man to fuck her. You are fuckable in the sense of how a true Domina wants to fuck her submissive though.

Having you bend over and take my thick long attachable dick. Oh yes. My strap on loves phone sex submissive’s. Cant get enough of you. I reach for my plastic dick and start stroking it the minute you say “How can I please my Goddess Shiva, today?”

Oh the ways in which you can please me. Well there is one way you wont be pleasing me but minor detail. Today you will be pleasing your phone Mistress by bending over and taking a long thick shaft up that ass. For I am in need of fucking a worthless phone sex submissive.

Congratulations you get to be the lucky ass that shall be violated by my lubed up cock. Now be a good boy and call before I find some other use for you which maybe less pleasurable. You know the routine call 1-888-662-6482 ask for Domina Shiva and have your ass fucking toys ready.


Domination Phone Sex with Mistress Shiva

Yes I know your rather shocked to see me available for domination phone sex calls this evening. Now I could sit here and tell you my plans fell though but well all know no one ever cancels on me. What has occurred is my desire to stay home. Rather than get caught up with the drunk assholes out there at some party I will stay home and talk to you.

domination phone sex mistress

Rather deal with you losers that some drooling incoherent fuck that thinks he is being Mr Casanova. Least you losers have to pay for my attention and I do enjoy that. Opening those wallets and paying for my time. Does almost bring a smile to my ruby red lips. If you tip me well enough that is.

So what to do tonight for domination phone sex is a rather broad category. I am thinking something in the pain department for you all know I am a sadist as heart. Nothing would make me happier than bringing in 2017 with some cries of agony, begs of stopping and well red welts.

If you dont know me then this is your chance to know I adore chastity and castration fantasies. Especially today for some reason denying you the right to cum is well bringing a delightful blush to my other wise porcelain cheeks.

So call me before you head out or after you return. Though its doubtful you have any plans. Give me a call if you think you can handle it 1-888-662-6482 ask for Shiva the domination phone sex mistress.

Boot Worship Phone Sex with Shiva

The wind is howling outside my home which leaves me little desire to go out in it. So lucky for you worthless shits I shall be home this miserable night to punish you. Perhaps the rain pelting on the window has worn me down at this time of the evening or its the chill upon my feet but your in luck for your “punishment” per say will be to engage in some boot worship phone sex with me. Well worshiping anything that adorns me is not a punishment but only a true boot fetish man would attempt to worship my old boots.

boot worship phone sex

See this phone mistress happens to have a very favorite pair of boots that I found a few years ago and well I can not part with them. They are black leather with a stiletto style heel about 4 inches. There are scuff marks where the sole meets the upper part of the boot and well the sole is worn near thin in some areas. Yet I can not toss them out. The silver grommets where the laces intertwine with the boot just look far too sexy with any outfit I wear.

So as your thinking of all the ways you will be en-trawled in a boot worship phone sex call over my sexy black boots. That is where I shall tell you the dirty details of my boots for these well worn boots have been to a lot of places. Places I am very much looking forward to tell you as your tongue is tracing along each seam.

Should remind you that those who are of an anything goes mentality with most likely enjoy where the boot worship phone sex call with go. Those that are not… Well you will wanna go elsewhere for I am not in the mood to tone things down tonight.

When you call 1-888-662-6482 just ask for Shiva.

dommeshiva on aim

Forced Bi Phone Sex with Shiva

forced bi phone sex

Oh, you never wanted this for yourself, did you? You never imagined that you’d be in this position. But let Me remind you that you gave up any choice you might have had over this situation when you threw yourself at My feet and begged to become My slave.

Mistress Shiva’s slaves do what Mistress Shiva tells them to do, and they do it unquestioningly. And today, what Mistress Shiva wants is forced bi phone sex…and that She will get, one way or another. There is no question about that.

The only question is, will we do this the easy way or the hard way?

The easy way is for you to accept My will–as you should always do–and get on your knees like a good little pet. If you please Me enough in this way, I might even reward you. Perhaps.

The hard way is for you to be a naughty pet and displease Me. You will still be sucking cock and being fucked, regardless, but choosing the hard way will result it in being much more brutal and painful for you. You surely don’t want that, do you?

So what will you choose when I tell you that I expect a forced bi phone sex call with you tonight? The easy way or the hard way? The easy way may even teach you something about yourself, like your ability to cum with a cock buried in your ass. But the hard way is something that not even the staunchest of masochists would hope to have wished upon them….

Shiva 1-888-662-6482

Chastity Phone Sex with Shiva

chastity phone sex goddess

minions. Would you like to know what your Goddess Shiva is in the mood for today?

I’m in the mood for locking up your dicks. Chastity phone sex, to be precise.

Where’s the fun in that, you ask? There’s plenty of fun…for Me. Your cock and your pleasure and certainly your pathetic little orgasm is of no concern to Me. And that is why I’m locking you up.

But don’t think I’m going to lock you up and forget about you, however. That really would be no fun at all. I’m going to lock you into a cage, rather than a full-coverage device, because it’s much easier to torment you that way.

Ah, yes. Here you are, all locked up, on all fours atop My medical table while I slip into a pair of latex gloves. You were probably expecting the fingers up your ass, but I doubt you were expecting Me to wrap the other hand around your caged cock. You’ve always longed for Me to touch it, haven’t you? But this, I suppose, was not quite what you had in mind. The first time I’ve ever touched it in a way meant to be pleasurable, and it’s to torture you with what you know you can’t have.

Oh, yes, I’m going to stroke and tease and milk your prostate and feed your own precum to you and just otherwise get you so turned on that you don’t know what to do with yourself. But you won’t even be able to get fully hard inside that device, and there’s certainly no way you’d be able to cum, not with it acting like a cock ring around the base of your pathetic dick.

But it’s not going to stop. Not at all. This torturous chastity phone sex teasing is going to go on…and on…and on….

Call Me, Goddess Shiva at 1-888-662-6482 so the torturous fun can begin.

DommeShiva on AIM

Crushing Phone Sex with Shiva

crushing phone sex fetish

There is just something about watching a woman crush things beneath her feet or her ass, isn’t there?

It’s just such a raw demonstration of her power. She is literally judging things inferior, putting them beneath her, and then exerting her inherent strength and dominance by destroying these things. And that demonstration of power is what makes crushing and crushing phone sex so very attractive, isn’t it?

Let me share with you a little something about your Goddess. My enjoyment of crushing actually began when I was rather young. It was innocent then–unlike now. One spring, I stepped on an errant Easter egg by accident. But even then, I felt enormously strong simply by virtue of having done so. So that poor little egg started a lifelong obsession with crushing things beneath me.

I’m certain there’s some sort of metaphor in that, don’t you think?

When I got older, my obsession grew. I began fantasizing about shrinking men and crushing them, too. Under my feet, under my ass, it didn’t matter. So long as I was the one doing the crushing, it made no difference how I went about it.

So, little crushing phone sex lovers, I just have one question for you. Do you want to watch me crush other things–eggs, for example, or insects, perhaps–or would you rather be shrunken down to tremble in fear until I finally crush YOU? Or I suppose both could be arranged if you can’t decide.

So come on, little worms. Give your Goddess Shiva a call 1-888-662-6482.

dommeshiva aim

fetishdomina yim

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Shiva

ass worship phone sex

It concerns me a bit when I realize that many men seem to think that ass worship is simply a matter of them shoving their heads between my legs and sticking their tongues up my asshole. That’s something akin to just stuffing your dick in some poor woman’s pussy without any foreplay or even any advance notice. It’s not something we’ll enjoy at all, and it’s rude, to boot.

So from now on, in order to combat this problem, any man who wants to worship my ass on an ass worship phone sex call is going to have to take his instructions on how to do it directly from me. I won’t be allowing you to show off your skills until I’m certain that you know exactly what to do to please me. It’s unfortunate that I can’t trust you slaves to do it correctly, but there it is.

You’ll begin your ass worship phone sex session with me by kissing my ass cheeks and the backs of my thighs, making sure to cover every single inch of skin. I also like when you blow lightly between my cheeks, for your information. Then, after you have done everything I’ve told you to do, I’ll allow you to lick my hole. If you manage to do all of that satisfactorily, after I have led you through your ass worship journey, then I may let you finally slide your greedy little tongue inside me.

Domina Shiva 1-888-662-6482


Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

orgasm denial phone sex

minions. Must admit it almost makes Me smile at how you think I will let you cum. I would say its almost cute,Ā  but really cute isnt in my vocabulary, how you continue to beg during an orgasm denial phone sex call. However, I am not like the other girls you call. I am all about the denial! Making you edge so that your balls are aching so much you feel like your walking like a cowboy who just got off a horse after an 18 day ride. Oh you know the walk I am talking about all bow legged for your afraid if your legs touch, hell your pants touch your cock in any fashion you will get a raging hard on.

Yes that denial.

I am all about giving you the bluest of the blue balls. Well really its all about your suffering that I enjoy. That brings a smile to my crimson lips. There are a few ways to keep Me amuse and well this is one of them. Edging your orgasm repeatedly. Not just for some 30 minute call either. I am talking full on weekend of orgasm denial where you call your Denial Mistress for repeat masturbation sessions. Building and building the cum stored with in your balls. Letting them swell and swell.

How many orgasm teasing sessions do you think you could go before your begging for that jizz to be let go?

Well the weekend is in full effect and your Orgasm Denial Mistress is here, so let the orgasm edging begin shall we?

Really what are you waiting for?

Come entertain Me!

Shiva 1-888-6662-6482